Sarah Palin Chimes in on Syria — Proves Her Ignorance and Prejudice Once Again

spalinYou knew this was coming.  You just had to know Sarah Palin would offer her two cents about Syria and our possible military involvement in the country.

Well, the former Alaska Governor took to her Facebook page to express her opinion about the possibility that our military may soon become involved.  She posted:

“So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”

And at the top of her Facebook page she wrote the message, “LET ALLAH SORT IT OUT.”

Where to even begin.  First, “let allah sort it out” displays the depths of her ignorance.  Not to mention the comment itself is essentially prejudiced and a clear mocking of the Muslim religion.

But there’s nothing quite like a woman who claims to be a “good Christian” being so flippant about the horrific tragedies that have occurred in Syria the last 2+ years.

Then we have her, “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?” comment.

Well let me answer her question: Yes, Sarah, I’m calling you the idiot.  

If that is how simplistic you see war and what’s gone on in Syria with over 120,000 dead and strong evidence that chemical weapons were used, then yes—you’re a complete idiot if you break the whole situation down into a moronic joke like that.

But we shouldn’t ignore the irony of her previous support of George W. Bush, a man who got us involved in not one but two wars.  One of which was a direct invasion of a country that wasn’t at war, wasn’t threatening to attack us and posed literally no threat to the United States.

She also goes on later to talk about how we have “no interest in Syria.”  Oh, excuse me Sarah.  I’m sorry if the use of chemical weapons to commit genocide and the deaths of over 120,000 people doesn’t give “Americans any interest.”

I wasn’t aware that the prerequisite for defending human rights and opposing genocide was that the United State must have a vested interest in the country.

But believe me, if there were a Republican in the White House right now, you can bet we’d suddenly have a “vested interest” in Syria.  All you would be hearing from these people is the “threat to Israel” the civil war in Syria might pose.

The heart of Sarah Palin’s comments only goes to show just how ignorant this woman truly is.  Her mind — seemingly incapable of understanding the complexities of war or what’s going on in Syria — and her obsession with attacking President Obama on anything he does are put on full display as her rampant jealousy oozes from deep within her.  Because Obama is one thing she will never be…

President of the United States.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pamela Andersen

    This has been said so many times before but it holds true. Why are we even caring or talking about what Sarah Palin says or thinks?

    • Bert Drommond Farry

      because she is funny, and people like funny

      • gemma liar

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      • xnerd

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        So skanky

      • Kathy Doubleu

        chauvanist pig

      • J Ascher

        Sex with Sarah must be frustrating – she never finishes the job!

      • Sammy

        What a loser comment! I cannot stand Sarah Palin, but I cannot stand when people make idiotic comments like this even more. Grow up!

      • sprocket

        She has fake boobs that she takes on and off depending on who she is trying to impress at the moment. You may need to be vaccinated against skank disease before you touch her.

      • gemma liar

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      • kcponte

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      • cattnipp

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      • John McMillan

        omg…God has NOTHING to do with your life, or your nasty, self-obsessed self…

      • gemma liar

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      • BiteMyJihad

        Why are you even arguing with fat, ugly women and beta males? That’s not going to advance your game, broham.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        Now I just threw up in my mouth.

      • britchick292002

        she’s HARDLY funny, it’s more like SAD.

    • Dissenter13a

      Everybody stops to witness the train wreck.

      • Nancy McCarthy Baker

        Not everybody. And those that do, just f__k up traffic for those who know stopping to ogle will only cause another wreck.

      • MARTinNJ

        “There but for the grace of God, go I”
        That is why we are fascinated by Sarah Palin.

      • Tim Whitehead

        She thinks? wow never thought I would here that 😛

    • margieR

      same reason you can’t stop staring at a car wreck.

    • Neva Rae Powers

      Why? Because she is not alone in her thoughts and opinions. Gotta stay on top of the wingnuts. They attain power too often.

      • Timothy La Noir

        Is it those other people in her brain?

      • She has 3.6 million ‘likes’ on Facebook. It might be them.

      • J. REX CROUCH

        I’m sure “gemma liar” agrees…

    • JMINYC51

      I think her stupidity is being shown over and over again because it is so scary. The U.S. needs to wake up about the ignorance that is just too common overall of the citizens and people who hold office and should be our leaders. It is just too scary. And I don’t know what can be done about it, but by showing just how stupid she is, hopefully no one would ever want her in any office of power.

    • howlcat

      I think it’s because she offers very simplistic, isolationist views that allow people to just say, “Yep, you betcha,” and stay in their little shells without really trying to understand what is really happening.

    • Pipercat

      You are on to something. I think it would be prudent, after this year’s broadcast, to leave the channel on any other than MTV and thier 2014 VMA show!

    • Tommy Chris

      Because the media pays attention her.

    • Catherine Maxwell

      Her value as a commentator is about as credible as observations made by Paris Hilton….both are serious light weights in the brains department!

    • A significant percentage of the U.S. population (fortunately, not a majority) thinks she should be president. That makes even her most inane of ramblings worthy of our attention. It could still happen. Right-wing and white supremacist Tea Partiers still have a significant following, and if liberals are divided, disorganized or apathetic, someone like her (or George W. Bush or Dan Quayle or Ronald Reagan) has a real chance.

      • gemma liar

        and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, who pray tell will be the sacrificial lamb the tea BAG party throws at Hillary??? TED CRUZ? RAND PAUL? JEB BUSH????? yeah- those guys – and all righties — are SO gonna win! pat Paulsen would do better

    • Mase

      Is this the same P. Anderson who was on Boob Watch?

    • William Carr

      I thought it was a drinking game. You know, take a drink every time Sarah Palin says something stupid or callous?

      Excuse me, I need to fall down on the floor and rest for a while.e…e

    • William Carr

      I thought it was a drinking game. You know, take a drink every time Sarah Palin says something stupid or callous?

      Excuse me, I need to fall down on the floor and rest for a while.e…e

    • Kathleen Allen

      Just entertainment purposes.

  • James Brian Thomaston

    She stated it as an over simplification, but it is true. How will killing more innocents, help? If you the author, think that the rest of the world will sit by and let us bomb Syria, you are naive as the day is long. This will start a world war, and the death toll by Syria will pale in comparison to the death toll at the end of this world war.. but hey, don’t let your hate for Sarah Palin blind you to the facts, after all it is R against D right? And that is all that really matters….

    • Bronxgirl181

      True… because I hate play the ‘race card’ in the room, but when the atrocities were going on in Darfur and other African countries all you could hear were crickets… Sad but true… =/

    • stainpouch

      Ah….don’t kill the innocents? How’s that strike ya? The rest of the world be damned. You too.

    • km

      Can we please stop trying to give her credit. If you disagree with the President on EVERY issue, you’re bound to be right every once in awhile.

    • philip kirk

      I hardly think it is R against D since there is very little difference once the lobbyist are involved / we need a national media that is not controlled by the large corp. so we get true objective coverage of all world events

  • Andrew Wilson

    Sarah Palin can be really idiotic sometimes and the “let Allah sort it out” is an example of that. However her comment “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”, although not expressed brilliantly, is kind of spot on (for once). Syria has had human rights problems for years as have many other countries, but the west doesn’t go into every country with human rights issues. It only ever seems to be when there is a possible threat to oil or trade.

    • Randelamerican

      This is about not allowing the use of CW or WMD by anyone especially a sitting government according to international law. It is not about oil, or even humanitarian intervention, in this case it is all about the use of banned weaponry. Do not cloud the issue.

      • Slim 293

        There’s no evidence that the Assad government has used chemical weapons. Plus it doesn’t make a lot of sense that he would use chemical weapons considering he’s winning the war. Also, the Free Syrian Army is believed to have used chemical weapons back in May according to the UN. Sarah Palin may be an idiot, but she’s right that the US has no right to joining forces with the foreign mercenaries and al-Qaeda operatives that make up the Syrian opposition.

      • IctCowgrrl

        Slim, there is plenty of evidence he has used chemical weapons. Keep up with the findings. The US probably isn’t going in alone, this would be a UN deal. Chemical weapons are banned by the UN, not just the US. Do you suggest we look the other way again? We did that in Germany and in Bosnia. History has a horrible tendency to repeat itself.

      • Slim 293

        What evidence? There still hasn’t been any presented. And are you suggesting that the US join forces with al-Qaeda, and the Saudi backed mercenaries in overthrowing Assad and setting up an Islamist regime? I’m sure all the various ethnic and religious groups in Syria can’t wait for that to happen.

      • Slim 293

        Just to elaborate… there is still no evidence that the chemical weapons were used by Assad’s regime. They were most likely used by the FSA like they were in Aleppo earlier in the year.

      • Kiku Botura

        Russia is blocking the UN from passing this. If we do this, we do it without international support. The UK, Germany, and Italy are not willing to get involved. The UN can’t. There is a cost to going in as well, and that has to do with how the world views Americans. We are not being seen as the saviors on this.

      • Margarita Hinksoni

        The Arab League, neighbors of Assad who see the writing on the wall… we’re next… they are asking for the US to intervene. When your neighbors house is on fire, wet yours.

      • coreyartus

        The Arab League? REALLY? The ones who have refused to do anything about their own internal strife, al Queda, Hammas, and whoever? REALLY? Their just protecting their oil reserves. Their motives are as transparent as glass. You want THEM for allies?

      • coreyartus

        No, this would not be a UN deal. Keep up with the evidence. Their hands are tied.

      • philip kirk

        since we have no evidence of the Assad govt has used chemical weapons / how do we have evidence that all of the Syrian opposition is aligned with al-Qaeda ??

      • Aaron Childers

        but why is america jumping in like they have the right to police the world just weeks after they stood and watched what their ally egypt did to its people for protesting peacefully? they did nothing then. i think that until a country is a threat to the US or another country then military action should be avoided.

      • frillbot

        Do a YouTube SEARCH for the 2005 documentary: ‘Why We Fight’……….It opens with Eisenhower’s WARNING to the American people, on the eve of his leaving office……about the ‘military-industrial complex’. The film then documents how America has managed to stick it’s nose into one ‘conflict’ or another…..continuously…….pretty much since the end of WWII….right up to the present. When they start asking people, “What are we fighting for?”….their responses fall along the line of……”Freedom?”……..”Liberty & democracy?” No one can seem to come up with a friggin’ answer. They all recite the same line of crap about preserving our way of life. WHAT way of life? Perpetual ‘war’? The politicians say we’re trying to promote ‘peace’. America is probably the biggest promoter of death & war & destruction that’s EVER existed. We couldn’t exist without our war ‘industry’. Watch even just the first 10 minutes of that documentary. That’s what Eisenhower was trying to WARN us about. Nobody listened. If we’re not using them ourselves, we’re trying to sell our weapons systems to ANYONE else who will buy them. The big arms manufacturers in this country…rub their hands together in glee….We LOVE ‘war’. The politicians….( mostly old men ) lie to us. It’s all about making $$$$$$ for the war ‘industry’.

      • ggdiva

        EXACTLY… Well said. Its all just to continuously feed the “Military Industrial Complex” which in turn feeds those who work in the R&D departments and factories producing these weapons. Every state in the union manufacturers one part or several parts of these weapons so… no war, no jobs? It’s SUCKS, but it’s the reality of the US economy. Keep us afraid, VERY afraid.

      • HS English Teacher in MN

        Read Rachel Maddow’s book “Drift.” It was praised by both MSNBC AND FOXNews. She does a solid job of laying the issues out.

      • rock

        Some of us may not have the time to read a book.
        Can you give a synopsis?

      • HS English Teacher in MN

        Read Rachel Maddow’s book “Drift.” It was praised by both MSNBC AND FOXNews. She does a solid job of laying the issues out.

      • philip kirk

        yes we seem to run an economy based on that military industrial complex / while certain company’s / pols./ investors grow ever richer
        sad to have come to this / but has gone on for so long/
        we need a new revolution

      • Margarita Hinksoni

        “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing” that would be one good reason. It is both selfish and cowardly to stand idly by and allow a bully to abuse a victim. Assad is a bully. 1,429 victims have recently been murdered by gassing – the time for cowardice is over.

      • Cranium619

        The world is FULL of bullies. The US is considered a bully by most of the rest of the world. Margarita, you care so much–YOU do something about it. Don’t drag me into your conscience.

      • Kim T.

        i don’t see the US “jumping” into anything.In my opinion,if we were going to do something(read a limited missile attack),a “no boots on the ground response” as was stated on the news it should have been an immediate response.Not a ..give me a few weeks to think about this, test the waters of public opinion here in the U.S. and give them time to move children & other innocents into place as a shield so if & when we do decide to do something the body count of the innocent will be a huge tragedy. I’m not a war monger,nor would i want to send my children or anyone else’s into war,but if we don’t at least try to put a stop to the use of illegal chemical weapons now how soon will they be turned on us? We are not the only country with long range missile capabilities,think about one of the non- U. S. friendly countries with long range missile capabilities AND chemical weapons capabilities aiming them at us…then tell me we have no vested interest in sending a strong,unwavering and immediate message that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated ,to anyone that thinks they can thumb their noses at international law banning this type of chemical warfare. As long as it’s someone elses’ problem,far from our shores it’s not an issue,look at the long range implications of doing nothing.

      • Mark

        Yet the US can use WMD but nobody else can. The United States used depleted uranium and white phosphorus in Fulluja Iraq.

      • bailey78

        Lets not forget we are the leading manufature of WMD’s. and the chemicals used to create the very gas that is being used to kill the syrian people.

      • G. Michael Murphy

        depleted uranium and white phorphorous are not WMDs

      • gemma liar

        unless U watch FOX “news”

      • Linda Phillippi

        …and let’s not forget the massive use of chemicals used on us here in the U.S. everyday that are banned in other countries. Let’s do a war on Monsanto, clean up our own backyard first.

      • ashisbaby

        I’m all for the war on Monsanto but when a country is killing it’s own people including children there has to be a point where someone intervenes. I think the war against Monsanto can be fought by consumers rather than government.

      • Linda Phillippi

        Our country IS killing it’s people, including children, it’s just a slower, less obvious death, but death and ill health nonetheless, IMO. The least the government can do is quit supporting Monsanto at every turn, but there is an evil agenda afoot. At some point we HAVE to quit being the world’s police, and now that this country is so broke I say let it begin now.

      • Jes

        This is why the USA is the largest manufacturer, seller and stockpiler of CW & WMD… not to mention we used both in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan,… but it is different because when we use them we are heroes, when others use them they are terrorists.

      • Andrew Wilson

        “Do not cloud the issue” – The issue is already cloudy. Syria is by no means a simple bad vs good situation. There are at least 5 factions in Syria all of whom have good and bad points. If ownership or use of WMDs were the issue the US would be carrying out military action on almost all countries.

      • philip kirk

        very true thanks for clarifying the issue

      • Gus_Voss

        How does bombing Syrian civilians punish Assad?

    • Monad

      I totally agree with you!

    • Celeste Harrell

      We have human rights issues here. Get the mote out of your own eye…

    • gemma liar

      being such a LOVING Christian,,,Shouldn’t she say ” let JEEEEESUS sort it out???”

    • philip kirk

      yes other countries have human rights problems, and I am not an advocate of bombing every country with this issue happening/ in fact I am against war all together, But if you do some historical research we have been very involved in the outcome of elections of other countries/ the ruling parties / the military regimes etc…. and yes most of these have been for our own capitalist gain in one way or another.
      But when a country is using weapons of mass destruction against it’s own population it brings back too many memories of ww 2 , which we entered to late in my memory. And while I am on a rant about ww 2, how many people are aware that one of our giant corp. was involved illegally in laundering $$ through s america for germany, even though ewe had laws on the books against doing exactly that. Just google JP morgan chase / a long history of breaking american laws and getting away with it.
      bye for now

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Why is this woman even relevant ? Let her sit at home and keep an eye on Russia. Once again she has knocked everything down to a fourth grade level and proven how narrow her focus is.

    • Rules of debate

      How typically “Progressive” you all are. Where is your openmindedness and support of strong women? She has every right that you have to voice her opinion. If you would look beyond your narrow focus, you might see how much common sense she has. Your attack on Sarah Palin shows how desperate you all are. Stick to the issue.

      • Jeff Moulton

        I would ask that you give some evidence of her “common sense”. Put some cards on the table, some evidence that she’s not really as stupid as the rest of us have concluded, and I’ll consider it. But it has to be evidence, not opinion, conjecture, etc.

      • Celeste Harrell

        umm thinking.. blank stare.. thinking.. oh she retired as Gov. of Alaska? Perhaps. LOL..

      • Sean Jones

        actually, she quit. Big difference

      • Jerry Camp

        Like Obama did to run for president?

      • methat’swho

        She didn’t quit to run for office, she just quit.

      • Catherine Maxwell

        she is a fool, a quitter, a liar, and rabal rouser

      • gemma liar

        with a totally sexy body,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • chefsalad

        Actually she RAN for VP, lost, and THEN quit.

      • nolaredhead

        President Obama didn’t “quit”…he got PROMOTED.

        BIG difference from quitting.

      • gemma liar

        not if Ur a hater who is a scumbag “Christian” white supremist

      • Neva Rae Powers

        Retired??? The witch quit.

      • lyndaaquarius

        any of her speeches will do just fine. Her record of accomplishment as Alaska’s Governor is also impressive.

      • robingee

        Oh please with this boring noise. If you call an idiot an idiot we get “oh you’re intolerant!” That defense is lamer than thinking Sarah is a strong, common-sense woman.

      • Nick Johnson

        It is impossible to stick to when her comments are asinine. People here aren’t desperate, she’s an idiot. I wouldn’t care about her stupidity and general lack of understanding about the world, but she keeps trying to make herself relevant in politics. She is the one who is desperate. Thanks though.

      • Frank Hoffman

        She doesn’t have the common sense (or 5th-grade understanding) to know what a civil war is. Would she describe the U.S. Civil War as “America fighting America”? I doubt the unreconstructed admirers of the Confederacy who make up part of her fan base would appreciate that.

      • Jim D

        Unless I’m mistaken the Civil War was American fighting American. By definition that is what “civil war” is. Thank you for making Sarah’s point for her.

      • Frank Hoffman

        I haven’t. She described the current situation as “Syria is bombing Syria,” not Syrians bombing Syrians. There’s a difference between a state actor and its citizens. Yes, the Civil War was Americans fighting Americans, but would Palin — or you — describe it as America fighting America? Was the French Revolution a case of France storming France? Was the Russian Revolution a battle of Russia vs. Russia? See the difference? Palin doesn’t. She’s too busy trying to be snarky in her attempt to stay relevant to her anti-Obama base — which is very base indeed.

      • Elencas

        Just because she is a woman does not mean that she should not be held to a certain level of intelligence. She is stupidly arrogant about her ” opinions”.

      • Buddy James Fazzio

        We do like intelligent women on the left. She just doesn’t qualify… at all.

      • gemma liar

        but a great looking bitch! I would go down on her in a second

      • Boo Hoo

        That was…more information than I needed.

        But, thanks for your honesty.

      • Dave H.

        Enjoy the stretch marks she has after 5 kids.

      • John McMillan

        you’re nasty…can you think of anything but sex?

      • John McMillan

        oh, and to call a woman a “bitch”…shows your level of class…

      • Alecta

        So, you support her only because she’s a strong woman? You do women a great disservice. If you want a strong woman who also has a clue about the world, is vital and knowledgeable, I can provide a long list. Palin isn’t on it (duh). I give you Clinton, Warren, Giffords, Maddow, David and so many more.

        Palin certainly has a right to voice her opinion, but as a public figure, she also has an obligation and a responsibility to make certain that her opinions are informed and relevant.

      • elmoearl

        It totally offends me when $arah Palin is called a ‘strong woman.” WOW……please do not put ME or any other woman in the same category with this self servant quitter.

      • Crysta

        Don’t insult us actual women by referring to that stupid bratty girl as a woman! Maybe if she grew up about 10 years, and got a brain transplant…

      • Duncan

        transplant is reference to having a brain, she needs an implant.

      • Boo Hoo

        I see….so, according to your line of thinking, anyone “Progressive” has to be “tolerant” of anyone else’s viewpoint. I encounter your kind far too often in the Internet world.

        You’re the same type of yokel who insists that homosexuals take abuse from the Christians who are beating them to death with their Bibles, because to speak out against it would be “intolerant to religion” and blocking their “freedom of speech”, and other assorted B.S.

        Give it a rest. You’re wrong. “Progressive” doesn’t = putting up with anyone else’s tired-a$$ crap, and the faster you get that through your noggin, the happier we can all be.

      • Sandy Spence Cudmore

        The issue is her stupidity! There are plenty of strong women out there to represent of which Sarah Palin isn’t one!!! She really should STFU!!! Every time she opens her mouth stupidity spews forth!!!

      • ashisbaby

        Okay, so let us stick to the facts. Sarah Palin clearly does not show any sympathy for the innocent civilians being affected in Syria. It’s one thing to disagree but she needs to choose her words wisely. Also, to mention that we have no interest in Syria demonstrates her lack of compassion and quality of greed. Oh, and lets not forget her “womens rights group” trying to get birth control banned. Luckily the only state that put it on the ballots was Colorado and they shut that ban down. Then there was her “nature show” which involved aerial gunning of wolves. It doesn’t matter how strong of a woman she is. If she uses that strength in a negative manner then she clearly has no common sense. There is no desperation in this article. Her ignorance is cut and dry, black and white, and written in the sky.

      • J. REX CROUCH

        After all, it’s ALL so obvious, it’s pretty “fourth- grade”, really…

      • Chris Beeker

        The issue is that there are as many ignorant and unqualified women as there are men…we need to keep them out of politics. Its because pp have lowered their standards to the point where we have allowed idiots who cant string together a sentence without inciting laughter, that we are in the mess we’re in. 8 years of republican idiots running with unsustainable policies that only serve the rich created a tsunami of financial problems that has made us the object of derision and contempt around the world. So if you like, have Sarah tutor your kids but shes done enough harm spewing nonsense in our politics.

      • Melanie Adams

        are you kidding? it doesn’t matter if you’re a strong woman if you’re ignorant beyond belief! she doesn’t even understand half the things she comments on. you should be embarrassed by her, not proud of her!

      • hpeetiep

        Did you mean her Stupid Uninformed APATHETIC Opinion ???? She is as Vacant as they come.. She knows nothing.. Was she expressing her opinion when she ACTUALLY AUTOGRAPHED AN AMERICAN FLAG?? She has no Opinion…and if you think she has COMMON SENSE you are a few cards short in your deck too.

      • Ron

        Your comment :

        “Hey guys, she’s a woman. She deserves special treatment. It’s okay if she says stupid things, because look how cute she is.”

      • Neva Rae Powers

        Ha! Common sense and Sarah Palin do not belong in the same sentence. What a crock you talk.

    • Stephanie Gasior Danz

      I think fourth graders know more than she will ever know!

    • Catherine Maxwell

      a 4th grade level would be a step up for ms. palin…..

  • Kathryn Mccauley

    What good has she really done but give us a couple of laughs she quits everything and has the nerve to tell people what we are doing wrong big ass Moron ……

  • Tamaracboy

    I wish the media, Press, Internet & Broadcast alike, would finally be honest in referring to Ms Palin. The correct term is “FORMER HALF-GOVERNOR OF ALASKA” ! She never even served one full term. Enough already.

  • stainpouch

    Yes. You are still the idiot. Next.

  • Mike De Fleuriot

    I still can not understand how you Americans let a porn star have this much political say.

    • mcquestion5000

      If only she were just a porn star. She’s much better suited to that job, actually.

      • ggdiva

        Nah, she’d probably blow that job too. PUNN INTENDED.

      • gemma liar

        Ive been with hundreds of hot chix: my girlfriend NOW is slim with BIG BREASTS,,( natural) and I would “drill baby drill” palin in asecond

      • mcquestion5000

        Nothing sounds more like a lie than some dude on the internet bragging about being with “hundreds of hot chix.”

      • mikerush

        Read his name. He’s admitting he’s a liar. He’s just trying to yank some chains with his remarks?

      • mcquestion5000

        No doubt.

    • Name

      Comparing Former Half-Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to a porn star is an insult to porn stars everywhere.

      • Mike De Fleuriot

        What are you talking about? Governor? I am taking about Sarah Palin. I think you are mistaken….

  • mcquestion5000

    I love her when she’s played by Lisa Ann, otherwise, who cares?

  • Tj Bozeman

    Why is the media pushing for a war?
    Is there some kind of hidden agenda the American people aren’t aware of?
    What, there is not enough news worthy stories any more?
    The Media War Mongers

    • glassman

      The media is composed of multi-national corporations, and undoubtedly has ties to companies that benefit directly from war, including Haliburton and Lockheed Martin.

    • ggdiva

      Seriously, watching Martha Raddatz of ABC news and her over the top, DRAMATIC delivery about Syria is comical. So much for unbiased reporting. Fan the flames of war there Martha!

    • ggdiva

      Seriously, watching Martha Raddatz of ABC news and her over the top, DRAMATIC delivery about Syria is comical. So much for unbiased reporting. Fan the flames of war there Martha!

  • Annie

    Dear Sarah, Admitting that you’re an idiot is the first step to recovery…

    • gemma liar

      she is sexy and wealthy,,,,,,,,,,,,, who cares about her IQ?

      • Annie

        Can you say sexist?

  • Less Moore

    party politics is designed to divide. You liberals are too busy watching the right hand that you don’t even see the left. Follow the money. It’s not about anything else. The rest of the bickering is just that. Who controls the money? What are their interests? Certain stocks soared after the chemical attack. Why? You all need to quit bickering back and forth and do something about the real issue.

    • gemma liar

      so– should we do what U clowns on the “right” did about a decade ago?? lemme know

  • Andrew Sommer

    to think she could have been a heart beat away…



    • Alecta

      The fact that your only attacks are on her appearance show your ignorance. How she looks does not matter. Come up with some actual facts.

  • FireTwoSeven

    This is cute, but no, we really DON’T have a reason to go into Syria. The war and the deaths are a tragedy, but this is THEIR civil war, not ours. We shouldn’t bomb, we shouldn’t attack and we shouldn’t intervene. This falls on the shoulders of China and Russia to stop as they allowed it, through the cessation of UN sanctions, to continue.

    Sarah’s an idiot, but she’s also correct. As far as the “Allah” comment…well, she got you all talking, didn’t she? Learn how marketing works and people like her will go away.

    • ggdiva

      Likely China and Russia are assisting in this debacle.

      • FireTwoSeven

        Assisting? They’re the reason it’s necessary.

    • ggdiva

      Likely China and Russia are assisting in this debacle.

  • alan s

    Let’s just stop paying attention to this freak.

  • not worried

    why the rush to bomb? when no other country agrees,because when the facts come in it will be the US backed rebels that caused it supplied by our great friends in Saudi Arabia

  • bailey78

    caribou barbie is just as dumb as they come. she may have a education but I have meet many over the years that had book smarts or an education that were just as dumb as a box of rocks. She falls into that list.

    • BlackSharpiePen

      She doesn’t have an education. Five years at 4 crappy colleges does not an education make.

    • G. Michael Murphy

      maybe not. Michele Bachmann actually manages to make Palin look like she may have a working synapse or two (but only by comparison!)

    • Eric Vitelli

      Caribou Barbie– hilarious- will borrow! RATHER SHE WOULD GO AWAY!

  • katherine norton malek

    First dumb cluck from the Queen of Idiocy: We haven’t bombed Syria & I haven’t read anywhere anyone’s proposal to bomb Syria. “Getting involved” could mean many different things. “Let Allah sort it out”? Stupid is as stupid does – there are Christians in Syria also being poisoned. International Law, which WE instituted, prohibits any regime from using chemical weapons on its own citizens. We invaded a country & fought a war on the premise that Saddam Hussein was stock piling WMDs. WMDs ARE chemical weapons dumb ass. We never found them. Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld made it up. But that was okay. We have NO interest in Syria? Except perhaps humanitarian – the highest form of interest. SPalin’s opinion is based on pure stupidity & a grasp at some relevance. Let me see, Gov. of Alaska drop-out. Left her job to write a book & do a reality show. Failed as a VP candidate followed by some stand-up comedy gigs with sodas. Yeah, let’s listen to her?! Pfft.

  • Fawkesee

    Just who is going to be paying for this multimillion dollar bombing? Will it be the UN? No, it will be the USA taxpayer that is already trillions in debt. However, when all is said and done, we will owe China even more, and the Syrians will be just as grateful as the rest of the Middle East. Why is it we are always the ones responsible for righting the wrongs of the world? It is poor fiscal and foreign policy. China uses us to stabilize the region, and gets paid by us to do it.

  • Dissenter13a

    They don’t have enough oil for us to care.

    We didn’t do anything about Rwanda, the Sudan, or Cambodia, and I don’t see why we ought to do anything here. First, we can’t afford it. Second, we don’t have the moral high ground. And third, our Constitution doesn’t allow it.

    At this point, pretty much anyone can make crude chemical weapons in their bathtub. Their use does not a casus belli make.

  • Patek Calatrava

    Whoever wrote this piece is the biggest idiot of all.

  • Suzanne Longo

    This is a tough situation to be in, but we do have the capability to put a bomb down someone’s chimney. No one is saying anything about sending troops to Syria. It is about punishing the Syrian government for using weapons that are banned in every country. Obama is walking on a tight rope and he is following the Constitution to have Congress decide if we do anything or nothing. This Congress has become the worst Congress in history and they just keep making fools of themselves. This is serious stuff and they say they will take it up when they get back from vacation. They just “Benghazied” themselves. I truly believe that the GOP is imploding. If they were serious, they would be in DC right now, but finishing their 5 week vacation is more important. Obama has the fewest vacation days used since Jimmy Carter, but I’m sure Congress won’t comment on the number of weeks they go on vacation each year.

  • geminijeanna

    Despite her ignorance – America should not be involved

  • Common sense

    Why do we keep bringing up the “threat to Israel” issue? Why do we care? Did Israel suddenly become another state without our knowledge? If so, where are their taxes? Oh that’s right! We pay them aid and all interest on that aid while it’s in our banks. (our tax dollars) This whole this smells of propaganda because of Israel. First the gassings, same as Iraq, next there’ll be talk of WMD’s. We don’t even know who did the gassing.. was it the US backed rebels or the government? We need to stay out of it and let the UN handle it.. We don’t need another war tax bill.

    • ggdiva

      Because the US Jewish contingency and their $$$$$ make sure Isreal is continuously “brought up”.

    • ggdiva

      Because the US Jewish contingency and their $$$$$ make sure Isreal is continuously “brought up”.

  • Greg Andrews

    Syria is nothing but a proxy battleground between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the constant war between Sunni and Shia. And our young men and women are not pawns to be sent to die in this war while the Saudis sit at home and watch. Let them fight their own damn wars. As someone stated earlier, involvement by the U.S. is solely about war profiteering, and as McGovern said “I’ve had it up to my ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in”.

  • Russell

    I hope Palin never goes away. The lesser thinking in this country will remain loyal to her ideas and embrace them, many others do not like the association with her ilk.
    When you see the Palin, Bachman, Cruz…the people who turn your stomach in any media form, know that they chip away and divide the GOP with each new appearance.
    As for Syria, I don’t trust the info from the media at this point to be complete enough to draw a conclusion as to a proper course of action. When the fate of tens of thousands of people are at stake, I need more than a few paragraphs. In the end, their fate may be determined by posturing by American politicians during election season. I don’t envy the Syrian people.

  • Monad

    As a progressive, I hate most republicans with a passion, but I really think she has a point on this issue. We need to stay out of Syria.. Do you have any idea about Syria other than the shit you read on Wikipedia, and John Kerry’s intentional lies to carry us in to the war. Look what happened in Iraq. Do you think things will be better after we get rid of Assad regime? We don’t even really know who used those chemical weapons. And guess who will benefit from the removal of Assad regime? The answer is: OUR ENEMY AL QAEDA, who is already in Syria helping the rebels.We need to stay out of Syria In my eyes, anyone who is for intervention is as ignorant as Sarah Palin.

  • Monad

    As a progressive, I hate most republicans with a passion, but I really think she has a point on this issue. We need to stay out of Syria.. Do you have any idea about Syria other than the shit you read on Wikipedia, and John Kerry’s intentional lies to carry us in to the war. Look what happened in Iraq. Do you think things will be better after we get rid of Assad regime? We don’t even really know who used those chemical weapons. And guess who will benefit from the removal of Assad regime? The answer is: OUR ENEMY AL QAEDA, who is already in Syria helping the rebels.We need to stay out of Syria In my eyes, anyone who is for intervention is as ignorant as Sarah Palin.

  • ggdiva

    This is a NO WIN situation. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. We are ALL of us in this country financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally [email protected]#KING FED UP with the war mongering. We should MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS, it’s plenty f#$ked up as it is and should be the ONLY FOCUS.

  • Sharon

    Why do you always go back to W? He hasn’t been in office for 5 years and we are still at war, war, war and more war. You are the stupid one Clifton. You paid shill. Obama is W. on steroids. Why even bother to ask congress to approve a strike on Syria if he is going to do it anyway? We need to get this usurper out of office and into prison for treason and I hope you have an adjoining cell.


    • read a book, morons

      You are just as stupid as Palin. Your keyboard should be revoked.

  • GayAtheist64

    I see both sides. I see getting Congress involved, if for no other reason than formality. I also understand we’re not the world’s police & we have very little UN/NATO support. I understand (after Shrub’s WMD debacle) that we’d need more definite proof of what/where our targets would be, but there’d also be none of our boots on the ground. I understand Obama’s suggestion of involvement is limited and brief, but I also understand the ‘big-picture’ ramifications and that there could be backlash… YET… To allow Syria to think “oh, it’s ok, no one will do anything about it if we use chemicals or even commit genocide” is to also allow Iran and others to think likewise about nukes. These are the things we’ll hear debated and GEE, Sarah, I think even I’ve worded my thoughts more eloquently than you. Then again, that’s really not hard to do, is it? I wonder if you can even find Syria on a map, since you can’t “see it from your back yard” like you could Russia.

  • Lisa Lahr

    I would love to see this article presented to Sarah. It is too often that we are preaching to the choir.

  • Frank Hoffman

    Her two cents isn’t worth two cents. The answer to her question is “yes, you’re the idiot.” So why would any self-respecting journalism source be reporting what she says? (I’m looking at you, Forward Progressive.)

  • Rick

    OK, I’m on a site called Forward Progressives and I’m reading about how we should send missiles and bombs in to kill people (including inevitably innocent civilians) that we have never met, don’t know, in a sovereign nation that has done nothing to us, and does not threaten our security. You people are so slavishly in love with Obama that he can commit any crime, take away any freedom, and virtually do whatever he wants and you will still pander to him. Wake up! It’s not about Democrats and Republicans anymore, it’s about the coming tyranny that results from us losing our rights, and the government becoming more powerful. I am embarrassed sometimes to be the same species as the mindless sheep much of this nation has become.

    • mikerush

      Planes are leaving for foreign countries every day. Feel free to get on one.

  • Myles Astor

    She would have let the Germans kill the Jews too.

    • Pipercat

      Actually, we’re talking about Sarah Palin here, she’d have let the Japanese keep killin’ the jews; even after the Germans bombed Pearl Bailey!!!

  • Kiku Botura

    Call me an idiot, then. I agree with Palin. Killing to stop the killing? Does that ever work? It won’t change the tensions in the country.

    There are other things we should do first. Let’s try to find a peaceful resolution.

  • zedinbc

    It’s really too bad so much American media focuses so much attention on idiots. Nothing Palin has to say about anything is worth reading.

  • Arthur

    She isn’t the smartest but I agree with her that we shouldn’t bomb a country or get involved. We don’t need more war

  • MattySimmons

    I commented on her Facebook post. Of course, like the coward and true subverter of American ideals she is, her admin deleted my post and blocked me from commenting further. What a coward and a shill!

  • margieR

    You can’t fix stupid….[sigh]

  • AKPam

    She may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but what she said is true. Let “allah” sort it out….it’s none of our business. Why should we sacrifice our men and women in something that has nothing to do with us……everyone should respect everyone’s religious beliefs and not judge others and start wars over it and kill more people. So many have already sacrificed their lives for something we didn’t need to get involved in. The Middle East has never gotten along, and never will, we just need to stay clear of them……PERIOD!

  • Guest27

    Oops. You’ve got a typo in the article in the following sentence: “Then we have her, ‘So we’re bombing Syira because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?’ ” You spelled Syria incorrectly the first time. Beyond that, poor, dim-witted, simplistic, irrelevant Sarah.

  • Yonderthehill

    Once again, Backward Progs cannot appreciate the truth of Sarah Palin’s comment about Syria. We have no business in getting involved in another Islamic civil war (same reasons US troops stayed out of Sunni-Shia conflicts in Iraq). Let Allah sort them out.

  • steve

    She is an immoral piece of shit

    • gemma liar

      wealthy with a hot body

  • Scott Ramirez

    Yes, Sarah Palin is an idiot.

    That said, both sides of the aisle are not making sense or being consistent. Going to war with Iraq over pretend WMDs and going to war with Syria over real ones are equally bad ideas. We should not have started the war with Iraq and will be foolish if we start another with Syria. Make no mistake, the moment we actively get involved it will be war, possibly with the whole of the Middle East involved.

    I feel for the people of Syria, they have a multiplicity of bas options. This is claimed to be a humanitarian cause and yet many other countries in other parts of the world are doing equally horrendous things to their people and we turn a blind eye. Syria is no different than Iraq and at it’s roots comes down to oil and supporting Suadi interests.

  • Wes Danforth

    She is not educated in foreign policy.

  • ChicagoDave

    While I agree that Ms. Palin is an idiot, I think her basic comments are not too far away from what many on both sides of the political aisle actually feel. She just expresses them like the moron she is. But, regardless of the fact that there have been atrocities committed in Syria, I am personally tired of us trying to be the cowboy on the white horse, riding in to save the day, particularly when it is done on a seemingly random basis and without world support. Besides being costly, we often times make matters worse rather than better, and I’m not sure that helping the al Qieda-tied rebels in this conflict is going to make matters better for this country. My heart hurts for the innocent in Syria. But this is a war. While we may have an interest in getting Assad out, we’re not Syrians, and we’re not like a parent who has the right to punish a misbehaving child. We’re a separate country. Also, should the government go down, the “new boss” could be as bad as the “old boss”. And, for those of you ready to pounce about how we have a moral duty to punish those who committed this atrocity, or to help people you feel need our help, please tell me why we haven’t punished North Korea for their treatment of their citizens, or Myanmar (Burma) for their treatment of theirs? Why haven’t we driven the Chinese out of Tibet? What about Somalia, or the myriad of African countries that have been party to ethnic cleansing? The world is full of governments and people in conflict with each other and, yes, committing atrocities. And yes, I’m sure we have interests in Syria. But no, I don’t think we should bomb the government unless its alongside other countries of the world coming together and saying, “enough is enough”. And that is not going to happen. Assad may be as evil at Hitler, but he will never have the strength to threaten the world. We have no friends in Syria, on either side of the conflict. There are only people who either want to use our strength for their own purpose (the rebels) or people who are trying desperating to cling to power. There is no right move here that involves bombing a foreign country.

  • James Stephens

    There is strong evidence that the rebels have used chemical weapons which was supplied by the United States and its allies. If you believe Assad did it, then you believe lies.

  • philip kirk

    mrs oatmeal, i must disagree, ms. Palin has yet to show ANY common sense, on almost any issue she has tried to speak about / yes she has freedom of speech, it is just unfortunate that she does not think or investigate with experts before voicing an expression of that free speech. We are very lucky that Mr Mr Mcain did not win the election, ( of course at the rate she has been going even he probably would have removed her from her post as vep.
    yes very sad she does not even show compassion for people being slaughtered and having faiths other than her own (such good christian values)
    look forward to hearing what she says about the outcome of congressional decision regarding Syria and protection of it’s innocent people

  • Rick

    Bullets, grenades, bombs and gas all have pretty much the same result.
    Gas is a horrible way to die but why such a big deal about one and no the others?
    Why not ban all of them?

    • Aimee Barfield

      Such a simple world you live in! Must be nice, eh?

  • tosmarttobeamerican

    Sorry mate but if you think assad is responsible then you’re the idiot. Your government is funding the rebels and the chemical weapons they’re using. You Americans make us laugh… you believe whatever lies your president feeds you.

  • Rick Murdoch

    People like to see what she has to say because the republican party actually picked her to be in the WH…..yea make fun of the clueless batshit craszy lady but the republicans thought she was good enough to run the country..thats how serous the republican party thinks the job of running America is..

  • James Derheim

    I still want us to stay out of Syria. Let the Arab League handle it.

  • concerned citizen

    Just another wealthy peon of the Koch Brother’s and the Murdoch. Must be nice to be making money by being an ignorant ass. But, what does she care, she’s laughing all the way to the bank while we all moan and bitch about what is happening. I disagree about going to war but agree that Assad must be eliminated because a dictator will only look out for himself and his buddies. Take out the military installations and all their planes and the fighting should even out. But we don’t need to send any troops in to fight, just the rebels with better weapons. I’ve lived in a country that was ruled by a dictator and it’s not pretty!

  • just observing

    and she could have been one step away from the presidency, I shudder to think of the ramifications that entails. All the more reason to discredit anything that McCain has to say or do.

  • AKPam

    AKPam • 2 hours ago
    She may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but what she said is true. Let “allah” sort it out….it’s none of our business. Why should we sacrifice our men and women in something that has nothing to do with us……everyone should respect everyone’s religious beliefs and not judge others and start wars over it and kill more people. So many have already sacrificed their lives for something we didn’t need to get involved in. The Middle East has never gotten along, and never will, we just need to stay clear of them……PERIOD!

  • richardgleaves

    This dude is an idiot. We are not responsible for solving every problem in the world. it cannot be done and we should not try. American self interest is to protect OUR citizens and our strategic allies, not to go kick Assad off his pedestal so Al Quaeda and Free Syria can go in and impose Sharia. You’re a fool and I’m calling you an idiot.

  • BookMike

    I would say drop Sarah Palin on Syria, but I don’t believe in chemical warfare, and this cow is toxic! Oh, and yes, Sarah. you are The Idiot. Congratulations.

  • Robert Marcos

    There is some sense to her comment, “Syria bombing Syria”. I mean this is a civil war. Syria is one of many Middle Eastern nations which was thrown together after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. It’s clear that they’ll not maintain their unity without a powerful dictator at the helm.

  • Steven Wroblewski

    She’s not relevant.

  • Debbie Day

    You can’t defend what she said by calling her a strong woman. Strong at what…making silly statements that just show her ignorance. She was a total lost as to why John McCain didn’t win, but she felt so popular she quit as governor and got a show on Foxx. That didn’t last long! It’s one thing to be cute and funny, but the situation in Syria is anything but funny and she’s asking whose the idiot! If she is flippant with their religion and our countries interest in 120,000 women, men, and 1000’s of children killed with nerve gas, then where is her Christianity on the inhumane acts of this? She seems more like the idiot!!

  • So “the use of chemical weapons to commit genocide and the deaths of over
    120,000 people” [actually the figure of provocation is closer to 1400]
    gives Americans interest in Syria, but the death of 3000 US citizens on
    9/11 doesn’t give them interest in Afghanistan. No, the latter was
    simply one of two wars *Bush* (not the terrorists) got us involved in.
    Ah, I see the point.

  • Eustace Cromartie

    The only reason she posted that is it was a common meme going around Facebook and she probably thought it was profound. She is just one of many millions that see foolish things and passes it off as their own.

  • Margarita Hinksoni

    Thank you – This is the essence of why someone has to step up to the plate and stop the bullying and abuse of innocent people – quote: “I wasn’t aware that the prerequisite for defending human rights and
    opposing genocide was that the United State must have a vested interest
    in the country.”

  • openlyblack

    Yes Sarah, you are the “the idiot”.

  • Jack Neill

    Sarah Palin is a loser. She’s no stranger to low life pandering as she will sink to prostituting her daughter even to get what she wants. She’s no christian and from how fast she’s degrading in moral values I doubt she would classify as a human being currently.

  • Debra Keller

    Maybe all those years in the cold gave her a permanent brain freeze. Like, from age birth on.

  • Thatpaperkid

    Well if the Rebels would stop trying to overthrow the government it would probably lessen the loss off life by 119,000.

  • Lori_Price_CLG

    The only question I have for Sarah Palin: How many plastic surgeries, at Faux News’ expense, has this bimbo had? Note: This is not a vote of support for Obusha and his CIAciopaths’ agenda to invade more countries for Exxon Mobil and BP.

  • Stan Heck

    Why give her press about her stupid remarks. Just ignore her and maybe she will go away or better yet hang herself.

  • F-Man

    While I am not a Palin fan, surely you realize that your post is nearly as inflammatory and just ill-informed as what Palin wrote. A political leader should never make statements that have the potential to diminish another’s religion, but her view on the Syrian conflict is no more simplified than yours.

    Tell me this. Why should we suddenly go to war because chemical weapons were used? Approximately 100,000 civilians were killed using traditional weapons, and this didn’t merit a reaction. What is it about the killing of approximately 1,400 people with chemical weapons that is more horrific than the killing of the previous 100,000? Explain to me how mortar strikes and cluster bomb attacks are more discriminating than chemical weapons, assuming, of course, that you hate chemical weapons because they kill indiscriminately. If that’s not your problem with chemical weapons, explain why you choose to differentiate them from any other type of weapon?

    Explain why the U.S. has chosen to sit out many other conflicts where the civilian death toll was far higher? Explain to me how we have the money to take part in this conflict but don’t have the money to fund many programs in America?

    • mac

      i like your comment

    • Aimee Barfield

      The Geneva Convention banning use of WMD’s? The real question is why other signatories on this list are so willing to ignore it. Otherwise, frak it, right? It’s been a while since non-combatants were lined up and shipped into chemical warfare tombs.

      As an interesting aside, while most of you were lulled into not paying attention to *anything* before WMD’s were used we did try to take a stand before this got out hand.

      We have money to fund a all the programs in America we need, ask yourself, who is holding back those funds. It’s not the lack of having them, it’s cold hearted nastiness on the part of one party to say we don’t have them.

  • AKPam

    The only idiot I see is the one running our country…..he has no experience or intelligence to be in office more than Sarah Palin…..He’s a muslim and if you’ve noticed there are sure a lot more of them here in our OWN country than there used to be….they will take over the world eventually…..Mr. Obama certainly does not deserve to be the POTUS neither does Palin…..but we need to take of our own first……and not put more of them in harm’s way due to something that has nothing to do with us, but is all about islam!

  • journo

    Yes Sarah, you are an idiot!

  • Chris Beeker

    Ahahhaha….excellent article. Yes, I believe she was a part of the rally against Hussein because he gassed the Kurds, no? The republican party has transparently proven their lack of conviction concerning any policy at all. They treat politics the way most would treat their commitment to a football team. Democracy, our reputation, our citizens, American lives and the well being of the planet are interpreted as ploys to discredit their team rather than actual problems that truly need remedies. Thats why nothing, and I mean nothing, is serious enough or grave enough to interfere with GOP vacation time.

  • blill

    Yep, you’re the idiot, Sarah!

  • kevpatrick

    The should put her picture next to anywhere you can find the definition of idiot. She really is a walking joke and a bad one at that. Her 15 minutes was up long ago and I wish the media would acknowledge that and just let her fall into obscurity. If ignorance is bliss then this woman must be the most blissful person on the planet.

  • adam

    What a horrible article. I hope nobody got paid to write this article. ForwardProgressives should change it’s name to forward gossiping extreme leftists. Always writing about stupid shit, and specializes in writing about what any random dogcatcher republican puts on their FB page. Also I didn’t know this website, and author thought it was a good idea to help alqueada.

    • Darksnark

      Excuse me, but the “random dog-catcher Republican” in question was the GOP’s Vice Presidential candidate in 2008.

      • adam

        I wasn’t necessarily talking about this article. Just the trend I see from this website. This supposedly progressive site is not progressive. It’s leftist, and I wish people knew the difference. This is a shit website that pretends that opposing republicans and writing what they put on their facebook page has anything to do with being a liberal or progressive. I know a lot of you leftists think you’re liberal, but you’re not.

      • KarenJ

        Oh, go read World Nut Daily, if you don’t like what progressives or liberals think of your ilk.

      • adam

        I’m actually a real liberal. Web sites like this give us a bad name. Not to mention it has nothing to do with liberalism or the state. You guys and your leftists shit is so annoying. You guys don;t give a shit about governing or the state. Which is what progressivism is all about. It’s morphed into social issues like gay marriage, abortion, and you cheer on 99.5% of the bush tax cuts being permanantly enshrined into law. There is a big difference betweeen liberals, and leftists. Sadly many don’t get that. Keep caring about what any random republican puts on their facebook page, and wave your rainbow flags while the right defunds, and dismantles the state infrastructure set up by americas greatest generation. You are no liberal Karen. You’re a poser that thinks talking shit about mundane things republicans say makes you a liberal.

      • Aimee Barfield

        Que? Coherency, it is a friend of you and me!

      • Darksnark

        And yet here you are spending time on this “shit” website not only to read, but to post in response. Also, I’d love to hear your liberal vs. leftist definitions.

  • Darksnark

    If John McCain ever needs a reminder of why he ended up losing the 2008 election, he can log onto Sarah’s Facebook page and read the drivel his former running-mate posts on it….

  • Bill T.

    Oh well, at least we now know what the half term of 2 cents is.

  • DennyD

    she’s a dumb tw*t..

  • adam

    Another shit article from a shit web site that thinks it’s liberal. She is essentially right. We’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria. It’s someone’s internal civil war we shouldn’t be involved in at all. And this talk about genocide? There’s no genocide there yet. Hell, there’s no proof the government used chemical weapons. Independent journalists have reported they were given to the Rebels by the Saudis. All we have going for the idea Assad used chemical weapons is the word of the exact same people who said Iraq had WMD out the wazoo.

    But if you want genocide, topple Assad. You’ll get genocide, because the Assad regime is secular and protects religious minorities, while the rebels are dominated by the Al Nusrah Front, aka Al Qaeda, who have already been cutting out hearts and beheading Christians when they aren’t busy torching rooms full of Shiites. So As long as Palin is against al queda you fake liberals are for them.

    Looking forward to the next lame attempt to make a political point. Probably about what some random republican dogcatcher wrote on their FB page. Gossiping leftists are not liberals.

  • gailillly

    I don’t even think she is funny. I don’t find a god dam thing funny about her except maybe her looks. She is one PATHETIC MORON. she need to go back to Alaska and build herself and igloo and crawl in it and stay there. NO ONE WILL EVER MISS THE BITCH.

  • Tillmann Puschka


  • dre

    Please lock the ‘looney bin’, everyone knows this FOOL is a dummy. Lock her goofy a$# in the attic with the rest of the looneys.

  • Muncie Voice

    If Sarah Palin says something, yet nobody repeats it, did she really say it?

  • cherie

    Sara maide need a lush may be with help of Jesus! Jesus run!

  • katherine norton malek

    Sincerely wish ppl in media & on social network would stop making news of the BS that comes out the Queen of Dumbass’ mouth. It’s exactly what keeps her thinking she’s relevant when she’s NOT!! Failed Veep candidate, drop-out Gov. of an irrelevant State, reality TV & a luke warm book deal. Some speaking engagements whipping up the Teaparty. NOT an impressive resume. Okay, a pretty successful run as fodder for stand-up comics and thanks to Tina Fey, a few funny episodes of SNL. Fey does a better SP than SP herself. Most Americans are sick & bloody tired of her grasping for relevance & getting national attention everytime she says something stupid, acting like she’s an expert on topics she knows nothing about other than what she’s watched on TV or read in a newspaper online. If the media would ignore her, perhaps she’d slip away into obscurity where SHE BELONGS!!! She’s a nobody .. whose accomplished nothing noteworthy or successful whatsoever .. and yet, she’s still quoted as though she held office somewhere besides her own backyard. By putting her in the news, our whole country looks like bumbling fools to the rest of the world, except to her TP clique. “SP chimes in on Syria”??? Seriously? Does she even know where Syria is? Doubt it.

  • Scott F.

    Iraq used chemical weapons to kill at least 100,000 of its own in the north using chemical weapons, so the author’s argument that it comes down to threat to the U.S. when Bush is at the helm, but atrocity when Obama is at the helm … ???

    • Aimee Barfield

      Take it up with Reagan’s people, surely you know your history? That threat was clearly neutralized by GHWB and Clinton, long before GWB came into office. 1988 is a far cry from 2003, wouldn’t you say? 1982-83 also (recently unclassified info if Saddam’s first use of chemical weaponry, of which Reagan knew about).

  • artiofab

    “strong evidence that chemical weapons were used”

    I appreciate that the article makes no mention that there’s any strong evidence of who used chemical weapons.

  • kenken

    Just an observation, Mr Clifton mentions that both Afghanistan and Iraq (not by name mind you) were wars that “One of which was a direct invasion of a country that wasn’t at war, wasn’t threatening to attack us and posed literally no threat to the United States.” Ok, fair enough. However, just a little further below, the quote I read was,”I wasn’t aware that the prerequisite for defending human rights and opposing genocide was that the United State sic)must have a vested interest in the country.”

    Ok so let’s analyze, I am assuming that the author believes that the situation in Syria needs to have some level of intervention from the U.S. in the name of opposing genocide and defending human rights (which I am all for). But yet somehow, SOME.HOW, the progressives hate Bush because of his invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq because of the “vested interest” of oil. Again, fair enough. But what about taking out Saddam? I mean, he gassed the holy hell out of some Kurds in the 80’s, engaged in political repressive tyranny and was what some might call, a bit of an arse. I mean, didn’t the invasion of Iraq stop Saddam from continuing his human rights violations and practices? Answer me this all you lovely people (whom I am sure all of you will post thoughtful and very mature comments below), how is it that you (most, not all) can support one President with military intervention on one country that the U.S. is not being attacked by, but yet trash his predecessor (for those of you who went to graduate school, that is a word that describes the previous person, in this case,George W Bush) for, who did, in Mr Clifton’s words, do a very similar act?

    Again,just on observation 😉

    • Aimee Barfield

      Saddam used chemical warfare during the Reagan administration. Twice as a point of fact, both times with the knowledge of Reagan, one of those times only being de-classified in the last month. By the time Bush II invaded there was absolutely no proof the Saddam had any WDM’s much less was using them (it’s a joke to say otherwise). As a matter of fact after the Gulf War, Saddam was all but neutralized, with a pretty admirable mission of air defense to keep him so for nearly 10 years. The Kurd’s were all but isolated from the regime, Saddam had no influence or power over them. By the time Saddam first used chemical weapons over the Kurd’s two different administrations had neutralized him, GHW Bush and Bill Clinton. There was zero evidence that Saddam had WMD after this, none. So yes, GW Bush’s invasion of Iraq was completely unfounded. I am not saying any fight in Afghanistan was not unfounded and yet…after Iraq, Afghanistan slipped off the radar. Funny that, eh?

      GHW Bush and Bill Clinton had neutralized Saddam Hussein. He may have been an arse but he wasn’t an arse with a cache of WMD any longer.

      No dear, I did not got to ‘graduate school’ but I was alive, though relatively young, during GHW Bush’s administration (I just started high school) and the first half of Bill Clinton’s, but I have a keen memory.

  • Mr. Right

    No!! Hell NO to Clinton as President!!

  • John Baker

    Excellent article, Allen! But I would call your attention to the graph indicating “…the use of chemical weapons to commit genocide and the deaths of over 120,000 people…” leads one to believe that the most recent chemical attacks caused those deaths. I do believe the TOTAL death toll – rather shabby for a leader to cause so many deaths of his own people! – stands at 120,000. The chemical/gas raids in the northern sections of the country number at around 1,200… about half of those children. Still… Sarah still has NO clue as to what Assad has done nor does she give a rat’s ass that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them.

    Isn’t there a “Clueless” sequel we can cast her in?

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    I always have the impression that she is alcoholic….just the level of disorganization in her commentary and the lack of reality.


    This piece is nothing but red meat for the dumb masses and moonbats. But it does prove that Gov Palin is living rent-free in all your heads. LMAO!

  • Kirk welch

    I have never once agreed with this dim wit and yes her comments are simplistic and childish BUT, she has a point! 1. Do the atrocities going on in Syria directly threaten the US? Answer, NO. Is it a war that we can win? Answer NO. Do we do at least as much harm in collateral damage as the Syrian Gov. is already doing to innocents? Answer YES. Do we have a viable exit Strategy other than to bomb the crap out of a bunch of useless targets and then cut and run? Obama has already said he will not target the complexes where the gas is stored for fear of releasing more of it so what have we accomplished? Answers are two fold. NO and Nothing other than to kill more innocents.
    If you want to get self righteous ask yourself what we did about the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost in the still ongoing carnage in Darfur! Answer, absolutely nothing but sound concerned, ask yourself why. Answer, because the Chinese control 70% of the oil in Darfur and we’re not gonna screw with China’s oil not to mention the Russians are backing the Chinese. Can you say Syria?

  • Sarah Palin

    Make that two things. He’s also intelligent.

  • Got it

    1. Sarah Palin is wrong no matter what she says. Got it.

    2. Author defends Islam by letting us know that we should not dare to the mock the muslim religion. Got it.

    3. Bush. Got it.

    4. We need to defend somebody in Syria because of chemical weapons. Got it.

    5. But if a Republican wanted to go into Syria because of Israel, it would be wrong. Entirely evil reasons. Got it.

    6. Sarah Palin is no Obama. Got it.

    Lesson: Sarah Palin shouldn’t be allowed to speak or give an opinion, bow we all to the mighty name of the great moon-god, George Bush II should be hung in the town square, Syria needs the muslim brotherhood and never are we to mock the believers of the afore mentioned demigod, Republicans are for guns and oil, Democrats run to genocide wherever it is until not one good soldier or dollar is left in America, and Obama is to be praised and without peer. Got it.

    Insight: The author has love for only his political leaning. All of our troops and money are out of sight. Islam is moving into America. While he is complaining about leaders of the past, a new master is approaching, and the system he brings is heralded unknowingly by the same. But who and what is Obama?

  • John

    I’m sorry Allen Clifton, apparently you don’t watch the new’s at all, but that last statement about a republican in office and Israel, well guess what dumbass; that is exactly what it is about, and the oil, big money rules the world and our government is their puppet, wake up and see the real picture, can’t believe how stupid people can be.

  • melloe

    About the time she was making these comments, McCain and his soul mate warmonger were telling Obama they would not vote for the resolution unless it was open ended, ..allowed for all possible solutions including boots on the ground This makes her comments even more ludicrous.

  • Ukusa

    Do you think any Muslim state would help America? There are several countries around and near Syria so why the hell are they not doing anything?

  • Dennis

    Who keeps putting a microphone in front of this imbecile? Thankfully she’ll never win another election.

  • turtlemother

    look at what she is really saying< to mind our own business. She is not alone.
    There is question of who actually used the weapons, who funded the rebels,and why don't the Saudis take care of it, and that U.S.s hands aren't THAT clean….

  • stix282

    Despicable ! Palin cares about Palin; her bank account, her self importance and her affair with a camera. I doubt she understand what ‘chemical weapons to commit genocide’ even means.
    To call herself a Christian brings a new meaning to the word and not a nice meaning.

    As for those of you talking about sex with Palin, I feel sorry for your significant other. Grow up!

  • Rog

    Why do we even give SP any air time? The fact that the American political system “allows” fools like this to take part is why so many around the world have lost respect for America. I’m sorry, Washington is not Hollywood. Politics is for adults. People live and die by government decisions. I’m sure she has her strengths but politics (and speaking) is clearly not one of them. Maybe it is Hollywood?! Eg, Dumb and Dumber part III? Please, someone tell her to go away!

  • Andrew

    Maybe i am an idiot. But I am really having a hard time seeing the distinction between Syria in 2013 and Iraq in 2003.

    In both cases we have brutal dictators who committed genocidal crimes against humanity against their own people. If the war in Iraq was justified (the republican and/or neo conservative position) then bombing Syria is justified. If the war against Iraq was not justified (right now the liberal position) then bombing Syria is not justified.

    The party affiliation of the person in the white house really ought not to enter into it.

    I supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003 because of Saddam Hussein’s crimes against humanity (I represented some of the victims). I learned that I was wrong; war crimes are never the answer to war crimes. That is why I oppose any military action in Syria.

  • trackbackone

    Yeah, but Obama is flagrantly incompetent.

  • Jeffrey Kolakowski

    Geez, I hate to agree the Palin, but she is right in opposition to a military attack on Syria. Do some research on the current state of Libya to see how these things work out. Apparently, the “pwogwessives” on this page only dislike wars started by Republican presidents.

  • alana

    i am sorry I read this article because it does feed into giving Ms Palin credibility. Ignoring her would take away her power.

    Besides, what she says is true- we don’t currently have a vested interest in Syria- now if someone enough oil to feed our habit…

  • unknown

    OK Mr. Allen Clifton…This article is commpletely your opinion, there is no back up to any of the items you state above. What happened to responsible journisim???? Where does it state that the American’s have to come to the aid of everyone in this world? Yes it is distrubing that they “might” have used chemical weapons but what gives us the right to go in and bomb them??? People keep comparing this to granda? Totally different, our own Marines were killed in an attack, that gave us the right to go over there and bomb the heck out them. Syria is in the middle of a civil war, something we should stay out of. If we were having a civil war here in the states, do you think anyone would come to our aid????

  • Bob Muenchausen

    And, like, who cares what this attention whore has to say about anything??? She is like a fly at the dinner table.

  • JN really hate her! I don’t think she’s that far off. Before Iraq, I was gungho about the US stepping in to help those being oppressed, suppressed by a tyrant. But after seeing the lack of consideration we get from spilling blood and treasure, perhaps its best to let Allah do the sorting. Muslims hold anyone outside of their religion with contempt. If there was a way to take out Assad I’d be all for taking him out and letting the chips fall. Obama has approached this like an amateur. On top of the mess obamacare is making and the millions still without work 6 yrs in, the poor state of race relations, the growth of the entitlement mentality, and another 6 T in debt, I can’t imagine Sarah being a worse pres than Obama.

  • mrk

    Oh my put some meat on that politically correct wafer thin skin. You are the pathetic one. No matter where we go with this insane Overseas crisis we will lose. So just stay out of it period

  • pdquick

    Current events are proving two things: One, is that it is not necessary to have a Republican in the White House in order to have a rush to war based on weak evidence, especially if it will have the side effect of killing civilians and draw Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia into a wider war. Second, John McCain’s judgment should never, ever be trusted.

  • Lawless1

    Allen is stirring the pot, this is not an article that seems to be a vehicle for contempt. Palin’s inane comments are not worth wasting more than a passing thought.

  • Quackie Robinson

    Allen Clifton, did you enlist?

  • Gus_Voss

    She’s right though. I am not a Palin fan at all. I think she’s an idiot. But seriously, how does an air strike punish Assad for chemical weapons (which the world isn’t sure he’s responsible for)?

    So it goes like this:

    If Assad used the chemical weapons, he killed innocent civilians in Syria. If he didn’t use chemical weapons, he’s killed innocent civilians in Syria.

    If the United States launches an air strike, more innocent civilians will die, and Assad will remain in power until rebels win. However, there are factions within the rebellion which threaten to be as bad or worse for Syrian people.

    Also, why can’t we let the U.N. sort out a situation?

    If anything, there should be a covert strike against Assad himself, not the people of Syria.

  • David Weber

    Here’s the deal: she will post on Facebook. Her minions will press “Like.” And that will represent her total (and lessening) influence in the world. She will do this to her dying day. Just get used to it, realizing the depths of her irrelevance.

  • joecooling

    “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?” No, we are not bombing Syria. Yes. you are an idiot.

  • surfdal

    No WAR!!
    regardless of sarah palin’s opinion, it is yet just another path for milt. indus. comp. wealth. we gotta have somebody to kill, who will be next? we would be outraged at another countries interference in our tyrannical approaches! example: more citizens incarcerated than in any other country, either numerically or per capita. canadian liberators missile strike wash dc in protest of inhuman economic and social policy??
    lets go kill go some other people in punishment for their behavior!! WE be BIG !! thats why.
    buncha suckers paying for arms when we cant afford to feed, house and heal our own. ridiculous!!

  • lyndaaquarius

    she’s light years ahead of many in her thinking. “let Allah sort it out” is extremely profound. Ponder its Geopolitical implications.