Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know When to Shut Up, Once Again References Slavery to Make Idiotic Point

palin-crazyPut a microphone in front of Sarah Palin and pure stupidity is bound to come spilling out.  She’s like a windup doll named “Idiot Barbie” that simply spits out one idiotic statement after another, with her favorite phrase being some reference to the federal government and slavery.

How about this rule: Nothing is “like” slavery unless it involves the ownership or selling of other human beings like property.

It’s a rule Sarah Palin really needs to abide by.

Speaking at a conservative fundraiser in Iowa, the tea party “darling” once again invoked the idea that something currently going on in our government is tantamount to slavery.

This time she said our federal debt is essentially slavery.  Well, I guess that makes Republicans “slave owners” according to Palin, as they’ve done nothing but grow our national debt every single time they’ve been in the White House.

I apologize, Sarah, I didn’t mean to use facts.  I know you struggle with comprehending anything truthful. 

But speaking at this fundraiser, Palin said:

“This free stuff, so seductive.  Why do you think marketers use free stuff to bring people in?  Free stuff is such a strong marketing ploy.  But didn’t you all learn too in Econ 101 there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch?  Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children and borrowing from China.  When that note comes due , and this isn’t racist, but it’s going to be like slavery when that note is due.  We are going to be beholden to a foreign master.  Because there is no plan coming out of Washington, D.C. to stop the incurrence of debt.”

Before moving on, here’s a fun fact: Since Obama has been president we’ve reduced our deficits from $1.4 trillion in 2009 to $680 billion for 2013.  So it would seem there’s some kind of a plan as our deficits continue to be reduced.

Now, on to her comment.  First, I love how she references Economics 101 like she’s trying to sound intelligent, followed by a saying “ain’t no” which is a double negative.

And don’t give me this whole “our children” will be paying for this.  Republicans sure didn’t mind spending trillions to give the rich massive tax breaks or to fund two wars.  It’s funny, only when we spend money helping Americans and helping “our children,” then we suddenly can’t afford it.

This woman’s absurdity seems to know no bounds.  And I absolutely hate giving this narcissist any kind of attention, but the sad truth of the matter is—she still has massive influence within the tea party, therefore she has influence over our government.

But as annoying as she is, and as much as I hate giving her attention, a part of me actually wants to keep people like her at the forefront of the Republican party.  Who better to show the utter stupidity and ignorance of the GOP than people like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Steve King and other right-wing radicals.

These are the people I really want on the front page of every story that involves the GOP.  The more Americans associate these buffoons with the Republican party, the better it is for the liberal movement.

Because it’s ridiculous comments like these from Sarah Palin which showcase the true ignorance of the Republican party as a whole.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • ViaChicago59

    “she still has massive influence within the tea party, therefore she has influence over our government.” Don’t fret over her influence to much Allen, It’s minimal and she’s basically ineffective.

  • Keith G. Cooper

    This lady is so stupid…that it would be best someone give her a free flight into space and leave her there permanently. She will never become President of the United States of America.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      “….lady….?” You are far too generous, sir; that’s no lady, that’s the Gubernatorial Quitter of Alaska.

    • estfar

      I agree – her mind is already in suspended animation anyway.

    • Artos90

      you want to waste an awesome thing as space flight on her!!!! are you insane id kill to go up there

      • Fill2

        I think Keith meant a one way ticket !

      • lindylou

        She is already floating very high on the hot air balloon of her own words, and the adulation she gets for them.

    • Kojo

      She’s already on one big ‘space flight’.

  • Chico Gonzalez

    “…followed by a saying “ain’t no” which is a double negative.”

    Are you even aware of the genesis of the saying? What she quoted was the way the original was stated. Look it up. I’m a Liberal, but I won’t put up with stupidity from other liberals.

    She was quoting Heinlein’s T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L,
    —-there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

    • Karlene Bradley

      I doubt that she has ever read Heinlein or even knows who he was.

      • Chico Gonzalez

        Heinlein’s quote is ubiquitous.

      • Adam Rosenfield

        eitherway, heinlein is not generally official econ 101 textbook material

    • free lunch

      Chico, maybe since her interview with Katie Couric she might be reading more! Ain’t that special? I bet she isn’t!! You betcha!!

      • I doubt it. She’s way too busy reading “all” the newspapers.

      • Either that, or monitoring for Russian activity from her house, dontcha know?

    • So she’s taken a page out of Rand Paul’s book and has plagiarized Heinlein?

  • Matthew Reece

    “How about this rule: Nothing is “like” slavery unless it involves the ownership or selling of other human beings like property.”
    Fair enough. That means military conscription is slavery, and that central banking and taxation are “like” slavery, in the same sense that free-range farms are “like” factory farms.

  • Matthew Reece

    “This time she said our federal debt is essentially slavery. Well, I
    guess that makes Republicans “slave owners” according to Palin, as
    they’ve done nothing but grow our national debt every single time
    they’ve been in the White House.”
    This is true, and it is one reason why libertarians need to move out of the Republican Party. (Libertarians should leave the Democratic Party for the same reason, but there aren’t many there to begin with.)

    • regressive rightwing trash

      liertairians are just as bad as they think (think??) privatizing everything is gonna save America,,,,,, on paper it workd but on PAPER communism works. Libertarians forget the most common human denominator: greed — which will render the ersatz “principles ” of libertarians totally defunct. They are not to be trusted

      • Matthew Reece

        There is no America to save. America is an idea, a concept. It does not exist as an independent form in physical reality. Only the landmass, each person, each building, each trade good, etc., actually exists.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        that I agree with

  • glt777

    I know that it is a really common right wing cliche that people vote liberal because the government gives them all this free stuff. I’ve been voting liberal along time, but how come I never got any free stuff? What kind of stuff are they giving out and when will mine be delivered? Would some reporter please ask these creeps what free stuff they are talking about?

    • Guest

      The free stuff your dumb ass is helping pay for for everyone else.

      • AlbertCat

        You aren’t helping pay for me that I know of. Who is this “everyone else” of which you speak? Kids who need something to eat? The nonexistent “welfare queens” Reagan lied about back in the ’80’s? Exxon/Mobil and Bank of America? Churches?

      • Socialmedic

        Ibid. When I worked my ass off to get into Harvard this goon didn’t step up to the plate to help me pay. These goons say hard work pays off but we know that only applies to rich kids. Hard work for people like me means a lifetime of servitude to student loan debt. Bright kids can only be rewarded for their hard work if their parent’s are rich. If you don’t know your lowly caste in life here Guest here will be sure to let you know your lowly place and how hard work in America really means nothing for anyone not born with a silver spoon in their mouth already. Find a job after graduating that will afford an inexperienced new graduate an executive salary to start to pay those six figure loans with. That too, only happens to kids whose parents footed the bill. The preservation of the status quo is built into every institution Americans trust for social mobiliby. Still the goons think they are going to be rich some day.

      • BackSeatJesus

        Well, Harvard is helping to level the playing field now. Low income (below $65K per year) are going to get free tuition. And there is lots of money for people who’s families make more than that, but aren’t stinking rich, who will pay around $12K per year. Good job Harvard and Harvard Alumni for making such generous donations.

      • Perhaps Guest was referencing the corporations who have been getting away with living on welfare by not paying taxes? I don’t know, but Guest most certainly comes across as being confused.

      • Ann Smith


      • Pith_n_Vinegar

        Right. Like our misbegotten adventure in Eye-Rack.

      • I just have to tell you how much I admire a person who calls another a “dumb ass,” behind the protection of posting as a Guest.

    • Mr Smith

      Ummmm correct me if i am wrong but isnt the bulk of our “debt” to China in the form of treasury bonds? Would that mean Sara Palin would support a ban on selling said bonds? And, would she also take the stand that Americans buying treasury bonds are contributing to the collapse of our nation by putting us further into debt?

      • surfjac

        Q: Who are the holders of U.S. debt?
        A: The biggest are the Social Security trust funds (16 percent), the Federal Reserve banks (12 percent), China (8 percent), Japan (7 percent) and mutual funds including money-market funds (6 percent).
        As of the end of March 2013 — the most recent period for which the Bulletin provides a breakdown — total federal debt stood at $16.8 trillion. It has since grown to nearly $17.2 trillion, but the share of debt held by various lenders cannot have shifted by much.
        The largest portion of the total debt — about 40 percent — was held by federal government accounts plus the Federal Reserve banks.
        Another 34 percent of total federal debt is owed to foreigners, including China (which owned nearly $1.3 trillion of the total debt, or about 8 percent), closely followed by Japan, which owned $1.1 trillion, or 7 percent.

  • ReadMore

    Her next speech should how she can see Alaska through the bars of her cell in Siberia.I’m not a big fan of outsourcing but I could make an exception in her case. The fewer absolutely stupid, incapable of learning, big mouthed people we have here, the better off we will all be.

  • Alecta

    “this isn’t racist but”? **headdesk** She is the best think to happen to Democrats in a while. But … how does she walk and breath at the same time?

    • Lisa Seng

      They’re hiding her ventilator in her shoulder pads and hair pouf!

    • Fill2

      And the best thing to happen to Tina Fey!

  • Pat

    No one, in their right mind, could possibly take this woman seriously. She’s never met a microphone she didn’t like. The longer the Tea Party, and Fox News, etc. let her speak, the more stupid she, and they, look to the normals among us. You are right Mr. Clifton, maybe it is a good thing for them to try to keep her relevant and in the forefront.

  • Ekaterina Kaverina

    I just understood why those people refuse to try free samples at the market…. East TN…. They really are brainwashed into believing free samples of hand cream are a liberal plot rather than a way to demonstrate the merchandise….. mmmph…

  • 53quicksilver53

    Go hide back under your Alaskan rock…quitter. Your relevance in the real world has long passed.

    • Katerina

      She never was relevant. She just desperately pretends to be.

  • Mike Minyen

    Not only have they increased the deficit every time they have been in power the last 50 years, their campaign slogan has always been vote for me and I’ll cut your taxes. Hell who doesn’t want to vote for tax cuts ?

  • dee

    Come on, youve written an entire article just to flame her for that!?? She used slavery to describe the debt we’re entrenched in? It’s completely true and HELLO, the word can be used in more than one context than just people owning people, people can be enslaved by many things—Like their own arrogant stupidity

    • Katerina

      She fails to admit that the country and world are enslaved to the same people she is enslaved to: the corporate masters who pay her kickbacks and give her free lunches to talk stupidity.

    • “Like their own arrogant stupidity.” Touche!

  • Grantkuper

    As I recall (look it up, this is true), Sarah Palin climbed to popularity in Alaska largely via promising (& delivering) every Alaskan a FREE CHECK from the Alaskan State Government’s share of oil revenues. While I find that laudibly appropriate, it is EXACTLY the same as the “giving people free stuff” she is whining about… Typical Tea Party Hippo-Crite, like the GOP Reptile Legislators who vote to cut Food Stamps from poor children at the same time they are slurping up hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars in Federal Farm Subsidies. ..

  • Fill2

    Our children, grands and the world wont be so worried about the deficit. They will be worried how to live with climate change.

  • Colico

    Fucking horrible, horrible psycho hose beast of a woman. Arrrrggggghhhh!!!

  • Katerina

    Funny when she talks about taking money from children, she is referring to her own party. And she gets LOTS of free lunches from the Koch Brothers for spewing nonsense, pandering to the basal emotions of the illiterate in a desperate attempt to create a voting block composed of racists. And who is Sarah fooling? She never took an Econ class a day in her life.

  • Don Walton

    Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman… Two peas in a pod!

    • regressive rightwing trash

      one is anatomically correct——–the other is as appealing as michelle “no tits & hating her life because of it” malkin

    • Yep! Dumb and Dumber! And, I really don’t know which order to place them in.

  • Robert Robinson

    What a dumb bitch.

  • Rolaine Mcgruder

    ugh-she is aging so very badly.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      I disagree———-Id “drill baby drill” in a heartbeat. AND— I have always had sexy women in my life. Trust me; shes totally YUm for her age

      • Pith_n_Vinegar

        Go for it, but it will cost you.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        only my mind,,,,,,,, and maybe I can get her to run for president again: which will insure democrats winning!!

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Your handle so, so describes you!

      • regressive rightwing trash

        actually it describes what I abhor. Sex with appealing women has rarely been a problem for me so I like to place nonsense such as what I wrote as it seems sooooo many people get way2serious on these posts. that being said– I would luv2 “drill baby drill” sarah palin. she is sexy and nice looking women in my age range who wear glasses do grab my attention. PLUS- she doesn’t have a booooob-job which I also abhore and avoid

  • maxiemom

    I saw “12 Years a Slave” this weekend. It’s a great movie based on an unfortunately, horribly true story. Anyone who thinks that our national debt can remotely compare to that is psychotic.

  • Ellen Sandbeck

    Since inane, idiotic and completely false analogies seem to be in fashion, I’d like to make my own: Sarah Palin is EXACTLY like a gigantic pile of pigshit.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    I would still go down on her and “drill baby drill” that sexy idiot all night long,,,,,,,then: I would insist she buys ne some cold YOO JOOs and upon that I would toss her out of my bed as Im done

    • Nicole Wilson

      You say that like you’d survive. Quite frankly unless you gag her I’d think she’d give you an aneurism after 10 minutes.

      • Nicole: Priceless!!! And true, because we all know she’s a maverick, right? LOLOL

      • regressive rightwing trash

        ahhhhhh,,, Nicole! I would survive as I have been an independent chef( contractor) exclusively working the adult strip clubs in broward county ( some north dade) in south FLA since 1989. I doubt she is more deranged than some I have met or been with. I bet she is a dynamo when she is lit up

  • AlbertCat

    Amazing, the empty hyperbole…. “Let’s see, I have to make liberalism, whatever that is, look bad. Slavery, whatever that is, is bad so I’m told. I know… I’ll see if I can use the two in a sentence. That should do the trick! Oh man, if I mention the deficit, whatever that is, it’ll really sound profound…”

  • Pith_n_Vinegar

    Broadcast journalism majors don’t take Econ 101, do they?

  • Sarah Palin apparently has not learned that if you have to preface a statement with “now this isn’t racist,” whatever is about to come out of your mouth is most likely premised on racial thoughts. She is nothing but a joke!

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Imagine if this woman had become Vice President. Now imagine that McCain had a heart attack. Yep, I won’ sleep tonight either. (I actually had die-hard Republican friends here in Texas say they’d vote for Obama because “We can not let that idiot be one heartbeat away from the presidency!”