Sarah Palin Embarrasses Herself With Incoherent Iowa Freedom Summit Gibberish (Video)

iowa-palinI remember back in 2008 when Sarah Palin was first thrust into the national spotlight, she worried me a little. Not because I thought she’d help John McCain win in 2008, but because she instantly became a right-wing superstar. And while I’ve never been able to stand the woman, nowadays I almost feel sorry for her. Clearly I can’t say for certain what she goes through personally, or what issues she might have, but watching several Palin speeches over the last year or so almost always leave me with the feeling that something just isn’t right upstairs. Last summer I even wrote about a couple of videos where something just seemed more off than usual with the former vice presidential nominee.

My personal theory is someone with as big of an ego as she has isn’t coping too well with the reality that she’s gone from governor of Alaska and VP hopeful – to reality TV actress and too unstable to be featured on Fox News regularly for political commentary.

The reality is, that’s a huge fall from grace. She’s in a strange place; she’s popular enough to still have influence over the political process, but loathed so greatly by everyone who isn’t a diehard Palin fan that she stands almost no chance at ever winning another meaningful election. So, while she has plenty of money, fame and national notoriety, she’ll never have the one thing that she wants more than anything.

Too bad.

Well, more of this bizarre behavior emerged once again during Palin’s recent speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit. Normally I would attempt to transcribe a few passages, except I really can’t. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. She rambled on for over 30 minutes, at times seeming as if she was literally reading right-wing talking points straight from a flash card. She would start a sentence, then change subjects midway through that sentence, pause for a moment, then pick up on the original subject on which she was speaking. It was like she had absolutely no ability to maintain her train of thought on anything and when she’d get derailed she reverted to random talking points she knew conservatives would applaud.

To call her speech an incoherent word salad would be an understatement. I honestly believe that I could down 12 beers and a half bottle of Jack Daniels and give a more coherent speech than what I just watched.

I know many conservatives who aren’t blinded by their fandom for Palin must be noticing this erratic behavior as well. There’s a reason why almost every mainstream Republican and conservative media entity seems to avoid her at all costs. Even Fox News seems to only have her on during rare occasions, and it’s usually on Sean Hannity’s show.

All I can say is if Palin is determined to make her presence felt in 2016, I personally cannot wait to wait to watch that train wreck. It’ll make the 2012 GOP primaries look absolutely tame by comparison.

If you really want the headache, watch her speech below via CSPAN:

Allen Clifton

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