Sarah Palin Mocks Diabetic Pregnant Woman Who Fainted During Obama Speech, Calls it “Hilarious”

palin-laughingHow anyone can call themselves a fan of Sarah Palin baffles me.  Sure, I get the hardcore conservatives who’ll cheer almost anything a Republican public figure says, but Sarah Palin is nothing more than a babbling idiot.

During her few years of fame, there’s been no shortage of material showing just how reprehensible she really is as a human being.

But her mocking of a Type 1 diabetic pregnant woman on her Facebook Page just might be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen her say.  

Let me paste part of what she said, then I’ll continue:

“Whether accurate or not, for some reason I found this hilarious! Am I out of bounds for cracking up when I saw this take on a nauseated Obama fan, her absentminded pal, and our President’s heroics this week?  If so, penance paying I’ll accept.”

Honestly, you know the worst part?   By the last part of what I just posted, she knew what she posted was disgusting—she just didn’t care.  Now I don’t care who you are, or what you believe in politically, mocking the severe health conditions of another human being is inexcusable.

Which is especially pathetic in Palin’s case considering she has a young son who has Down Syndrome.  A situation in her personal life some people have actually made jokes about, which she fiercely denounced — and we even sided with Palin against the disgusting attacks veiled as “jokes” levied by some people like Bill Maher.

Then she has the gall to come out on Facebook mocking Karmel Allison, a woman who’s lived with Type 1 diabetes and is currently pregnant, for fainting during the president’s speech.

She even went a bit further by saying she understood why some might feel the whole ordeal was staged, and linked to a conspiracy theorist’s ridiculous article about it.  Feeding into the right-wing whack jobs who believe anything and everything to do with President Obama is some kind of “false flag” or conspiracy.

Because when you mock a pregnant woman’s health, why not compound it by feeding into the absurd conspiracy theory being pushed by quite a few on the right that the whole thing was staged?

And if you really want to vomit a little in your mouth, have a look at the comments on her page about this post.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find any of these “right-wing Christians” calling her out for her terrible remarks.

Oh, no—they agreed with her.  Most of the comments I read on there fully believe the whole thing was staged.  That is how far Republicans have fallen.  That is how much they hate the president.  They really believe he would go to such lengths to make himself look good that he’d stage something such as this?  I mean really?  That’s how petty these people are?

I guess so.

But at the end of the day what we have is just another prime example of Palin “being Palin.”  Which means she was being a disgusting babbling idiot who wouldn’t know how to behave like a decent human being if it was written step by step on her hand.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • MK03

    So all those (rude) jokes about her son with Down Syndrome were over the line and unacceptable, but it’s totes cool to laugh at a pregnant woman almost fainting? What a see-you-next-Tuesday.

    • Jason Faria

      Whoops… I totally didnt read you correctly, my bad. 🙂

    • TksABunchJohn

      What rude jokes about Trig? I remember jokes about Bristol, but hey, when you crave fame so much you are willing to prance around a stage in a gorilla suit, you’re fair game.

      • Moeco2

        Bill Maher I believe it was that made a joke about Trig

      • Scott Plumer

        There was a reference on Family Guy, too, but it wasn’t really making fun of her son.

    • DannyEastVillage

      i dont remember any rude jokes about the child either. I do, however, remember a lot of suspicion attaching to the question of who is the child’s mother.

      • CherMoe

        Those questions have never been answered, and her “doctor’s report” on her health wasn’t anything to write home about and didn’t become public until the DAY of the election, half-way through. No one anywhere has been able to verify the true parent or the birthplace of the little boy. How sad for him to have to grow up this way. It appears all her children have suffered from parental neglect. I’d love to know WHO is “minding the store” over at their house. The two older ones had multitudes of problems as teenagers. And it appears she’s still not around to guide and raise her kids.

      • Here’s what I think: Her daughter home-birthed Sarah’s grandchild Trig at the home of Aunty & Uncle in Wasilla. That’s why there is no hospital record of Trig being born at the Mat-Su hospital where Sarah said she gave birth. Sarah adopted Trig to make it look like her own child.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        ya and what have you done for any child in that situation? HUH? quit just quit you people disgust me!
        again she does something you don’t agree with and you drag her and this child along with her! so if you really care JUST STOP….

      • She’s deceitful and you support that! Good for you!

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        no! what I don’t support is the idiotic comments shared about her and the wrong that people do here… how do you know you only follow what everyone says anyway.. OBAMA is not deceitful? again you don’t even know how to read.. I support nothing here .. I am appalled by (so they say) educated people can be so dumb, rude, and ignorant!

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        and remember your the one that started out your post as to ” here’s what “I” think!” you know what they say about opinions!

      • Bible Spice is an idiot, she’s deceitful, she’s a liar, and she and her husband want Alaska to secede from the nation they say they love. I detest them. You? You love them! They’re right up your alley! Good for you!

      • pennyroyal

        no one is joking–we’re all dissing Sarah Pour Mother.

      • pennyroyal

        don’t get your knickers in a twist. We all care about the child and know he’s innocent. Why do you make out that we’re callous?

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        REALLY parent Neglect! HOW RICH I love that one… you must not have kids and I can surely say they didn’t grow up in ALASKA! Come people wake up its all for you just to sit here and make rude comments about things you have no evidence of. or nothing about. and how could you IF YOU ARE A MOTHER pretend to know anything about what she deals with with that child HERS OR NOT! PROVE THAT THAT A HOLE IN PRESIDENTS SPOT WAS BORN HERE!!!! she is not a bad person she’s just doing things YOU don’t like.. what gives you the right to judge her or anyone .. especially by this statement .. you LIVE WITH HER?

      • pennyroyal

        ah ‘a birther’ — your ignorance is showing.
        There is ample evidence that Sarah Palin neglected her children, that they were ill fed and she was never there for them. Bristol was the only one to care for the younger ones. The McCain campaign did a very sketchy job of vetting her.

        She’s a raging Tea Potty, poor me, Evangelical. Her church has leaders from Uganda or some African country that persecutes people for being witches. Or anyway, some country where gays are persecuted and women and children are slain for supposedly being witches. It’s all so barbaric.

        I can just see her leaning out of a helicopter following a family of wolves through the snow. She’s got her high powered rifle and she’s shooting them. And she bragged about this and invited others to come up and do the shame.

        She’s an excuse for a human being. She derailed the progress of the health care with her ‘death panel’ claptrap. She excels only in making inflammatory statements to scare people, mostly the ill informed.

        Don’t call the President a foul name. I survived 8 years of BushBaby and you can survive Obama, if you don’t choke on your hate first. At the very least have respect for the Office the President holds. I never once, for all the idiocies of the Bush II presidency, disparaged the Office.

        We don’t like her for very good reasons. Your hatred of Obama is irrational.

      • Kevin

        You have good reasons to dislike Palin, but Conservatives don’t have good reasons to dislike Obama? That is patently illogical, even lunacy. But it’s easy to build a straw man argument with your own misconceptions…that’s unproductive and delusional.

        I dislike Obama because he is a phony, lying, self absorbed, childish, and arrogant Socialist/Progressive whose remake of America into the image of his Communist mentors (read his books…you’ll find out their names) Utopian workers paradise will do exactly what others have done…lead us into bankruptcy and despair. If you don’t believe me, read a little history of Soviet Socialism, the Iron Curtain, and the testimonies of the lives that escaped the hell hole that is Socialism.

        East Germany, Cuba, Romania, China, North Korea…Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro….good places to start to get an education on where Obama is headed.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        You know, I
        voted for Obama. I seriously disagree with some things he has done, and I’ve
        always been vocal about those.

        No one said you don’t have reasons to dislike Obama. pennyroyal merely made a
        valid comment about the “birther” BS. That stuff is delusional.

        However – you really need to look up the definition of socialism. Obama is no
        socialist. I’ve read critiques of him by socialists. And the ACA is not
        socialist in the least. People buy insurance from private companies through the

        Most European countries have single payer healthcare that you would probably
        consider to be socialist. Read a bit of the article on MSN money about US outsize healthcare costs dated 9/9/13, entered at 2 PM. I can’t post the URL – every time I try to post a comment with a URL, it goes into moderation and doesn’t get posted.

        “For example U.S. life expectancy is well below that of Japan, Canada, Israel and most Western European countries, according to the CIA’s World Factbook.

        Similarly the U.S. infant mortality rate of 5.9 per 1,000 live births is higher than the rate in dozens of countries including Japan, which has a rate of about
        2.2 per 1,000.”

        Seriously – if you think Obama is trying to remake the US into anything that resembles any of
        the countries you mentioned, that is merely personal bias talking. The man is a major capitalist, and is worth a sizable chunk of change. You need to get
        your facts straight.

        I don’t see how you can say he’s childish – but that just sounds like an ad hominem attack.

      • Kevin

        Ms. Nadler, I am encouraged that you’re willing to address issues in an objective manner; most on this site aren’t.

        Pennyroyal stated in the last line of her thread upon which I based my reply that, “Your hatred of Obama is irrational.” I take that as meaning Conservatives don’t have rational (ie: good) reasons for disliking Obama. Not true.

        Obamacare (ACA) is, by virtually all estimations, the Federal Gov’t administering, managing, facilitating the function of the American healthcare system. Americans are being FORCED to purchase a commodity under penalty of law and, although the SCOTUS ruled it a tax (broken promise #1-no raised taxes) and not a fee or penalty, people are still “penalized” with a tax for not buying it.

        Healthcare insurance is a good thing. Some people can afford it, some cannot. Some can afford to buy a house, some cannot. That applies to virtually any commodity. However, when the Fed. Gov’t mandates, facilitates, operates, and enforces compliance with the healthcare system, that is the very definition of Socialist/Communist action. Socialism is usually defined (although there is a broad expression to Socialism) as “Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.” This is exactly what is being done.

        Although the Exchanges are populated by “Private Sector” companies, the products they offer MUST meet a narrowly defined set of requirements “established” by Gov’t on a website “administered” by the Fed. Gov’t.

        As we’ve seen, many health plans that Americans have loved and purchased for years are now being cancelled or no longer offered; ones that Mr. Obama said they could keep if they so desired (broken promise #2). These Americans MUST now buy from Obamacare, facilitated ONLY by the Gov’t., at a higher cost in virtually all cases (broken promise #3), many including features the do not need (ie: Seniors must have birth control and maternity).

        The claim that Mr. Obama is a Capitalist is, frankly, silly. He plays with social business engineering using other peoples money, with no accountability as to outcome or performance (ie: failed Green Energy Jobs), which NO CAPITALIST CEO would survive. Simply because he has wealth, does not automatically make him a Capitalist. (Look at Russell Brand: Worth over 15 Million and he stated that profit is a “filthy word”. Definitely NOT a Capitalist mantra.)

        Mr. Obama was brought up in a household where his mother, grandparents, and life mentors were all self-described Communists (it’s in his books). His community organizer background is a function of Social Action (Socialism/Communism).

        When he said he wanted to “…fundamentally transform America”, what did that mean? That statement was purposely ambiguous, to most, that is. Break it down: fundamentally transforming infers an action of “remaking” something from its foundation, or basic structure, or rudimentary elements, into something completely different. And that’s what he’s trying to do. Changing our country from a Capitalistic Constitutional Republic, into a Socialist system where Gov’t controls and administers almost EVERYTHING.

        Now, some may agree with that, but that’s not our system. That’s some societies in Europe. That’s Cuba. That’s not what has made us the world leader in business and the country whose currency is the one by which all others are measured. People literally risked their lives to leave Communist/Socialist countries, like Cuba, for what we built here….not the other way around.

        Healthcare costs are truly too high, as you rightly state. But, why? Many doctors I know, both personally and anecdotally, claim that costs in their industry are driven, in large part, by the effect of lawsuits against them, their practice, or through those who insure them, and, with those who produce pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Even the cost of Gov’t imposed rules and regulations raise their costs which are passed along to patients. See a study by the Mass. Medical Society on why medical costs are so high….”Malpractice” costs.

        As to infant mortality, I’ll give you a title to an article which explains what I think is a reasonable counterpoint to what some would say is a compelling reason for Universal Healthcare: “Infant mortality”. The article is entitled, “The Truth About Health Care and Infant Mortality”.

        As to my characterization of him as childish, I can only say that that is the impression he projects. He does not like criticism (nor do his minions at the W.H.), he constantly “blame shifts” and rarely accepts responsibility for his actions, and from pundits all over D.C., it’s no secret that he’s very thin-skinned. Those are, generally, characteristics of juveniles.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler


        I find that conservatives are at least equally unwilling to address issues in an objective manner. The willingness to be objective has to do with a person’s maturity, not so much with his/her political affiliation. The implication of your statement, although meant to be complimentary, is actually a bit of an insult.

        Show me a President who has not broken a promise, and I’ll show you an exercise in delusion. They all break promises, whether intentionally, or by virtue of circumstances. It’s not possible for any of them to keep all of their promises. They have to deal with political opponents, with obstructionists, with bills that are unable to pass houses of Congress…And then some of them blatantly lie – as we now know Bush did to get us into the Iraq war.

        Do you object to the laws that force you to purchase car insurance? No – I’m not going to have a discussion about the penalty people have to pay for not buying health insurance. There are a host of penalties for driving without insurance, from having your license suspended, to monetary penalties.

        Plenty of people cannot afford their car insurance, either. They still have to buy it. BTW, the means of producing and distributing health insurance is not owned by the government, unless you consider that government enforcement of any law or regulation is socialism. OSHA sets and enforces safety rules, the SCOTUS determines constitutionality, the EPA enforces environmental regulations, the court system manages the process that determines legal guilt or innocence, and determines sentencing. The government, of course, enforces laws and regulations that govern all types of insurance. Are you bothered that we have to go to a department of motor vehicles to get licenses to drive and to register our cars? How about that when the police stop you they ask for your registration and insurance cards? The argument that the ACA is socialism in operation is a specious argument, and completely untrue and unsupported by facts.

        If we had single payer healthcare, that would have socialist leanings. Frankly, although our healthcare costs are remarkably higher than those of countries that offer single payer healthcare, such as England and most, if not all, of western Europe, etc., our healthcare outcomes are no better. Financially, we would be much better off if we had single payer healthcare. And anyway, try as you might, you cannot tell me that England, Canada, or Norway, etc. are socialist countries. They are democracies with a greater number of services offered by the government.

        Again, Obama is a capitalist. Regardless of what Russell Brand may say, he still earns his money freely, keeps it, and does profit. In some circumstances, the word “profit” is a filthy word. It depends on the moral compass of the person who is profiting, how they have earned that profit, how they treat those who work for them, what kind of attitude they have toward those who don’t have as much as they do, and a host of other things. Companies that have outsourced their work to countries where they pay slave wages to local workers to avoid paying “American” wages, who manipulate their revenue so that large parts of their revenues are generated or listed as being earned in other countries to avoid corporate taxes – for them profit is a dirty word. When huge corporations that earn billions in profits get their accountants to “work” the system so that they pay $0 in taxes, while the person who earns $20K or $50K has to cough up a sizable portion of their earnings for taxes…for those people, profits are a dirty word – in my opinion.

        I don’t think you are able to look at Obama objectively at all. He’s as much of a socialist as my cat. I think that you have made it clear that you dislike him intensely, and the arguments you make tow the typical conservative line.

        I can admit that their are things I don’t like about Obama, even though I generally support him. I don’t like the drone program, I don’t like his lack of transparency on certain issues, I don’t like his endorsement of the Patriot Act, I don’t believe in indefinite detention with no charges – it violates the constitution, and I certainly don’t like the NSA powers of spying on people, and I don’t believe the FISA courts are legal entities either. I support a lot of other things he has done though.

        The US is far behind many other nations in numerous areas. Infant mortality is just one of many. The discussion regarding universal healthcare is immaterial because we don’t have it. We have nothing even close to it.

        Your characterization of Obama as childish is just that – your personal opinion/characterization. I don’t see him projecting what you see, I think he accepts responsibility for his actions, and I don’t think he shifts blame. The fact is, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have admitted to blocking him at every turn. Their STATED objective during his first term was solely to keep him from having a second term. The 112th Congress has accomplished practically nothing. Following is a quote from a New York Times article from September 18th, 2013:

        “The 112th Congress is set to enter the Congressional record books as the least productive body in a generation, passing a mere 173 public laws as of last month. That was well below the 906 enacted from January 1947 through December 1948 by the body President Harry S. Truman referred to as the “do-nothing” Congress, and far fewer than even a single session of many prior Congresses.”

        I disagree with you on just about everything, point by point, Kevin.

      • Kevin

        Ms. Nadler,

        Lying politicians: Certainly you were troubled, if not infuriated by the lie you say Mr Bush told inabling the entry into war. Then those Republicans and Democrats alike, who saw the same Intel, and came to the same conclusions as Mr. Bush, also lied. Fine.

        Knowing that, I would expect that your disgust with knowing that Mr. Obama lied when he said repeatedly, over 3 years, that those who wanted to keep their health plans, could do so. Period.

        And he did lie, NBC and CBS have reported on an internal WH document stating he knew upwards of 60% of “grandfathered plans” would, at some point, become unsustainable under new guidlines from the ACA. We were promised one thing and given another. The cost is not going down, as Obama promised, it’s going up…way up. Another lie.

        I don’t like being lied to…whether it was Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 (of whom I was NOT a big fan), or now with Obama. And I’m sure you don’t like being lied to either.

        We were sold one car in the showroom, and picked up a jalopy out in the parking lot. You may love what they’re doing, but that’s not a choice made from free, informed, honest consent.

        Auto Insurance: I do not believe the State has the Right to make anyone buy car insurance, or health insurance, or life insurance. However, there is, at least, a compelling reason to make the issue of a drivers license dependent upon possessing and maintaining a minimum liability coverage. But, no, I don’t think it should be compulsory. The policy I’ve had for years includes coverage for Uninsured Drivers.

        Congress: Not a big fan of Congress, either. Frankly, we have enough legislation and regulation, and plenty of laws on the books, so I’m not disturbed that few laws have been passed. The measure of a Congress should be the quality of laws passed, not the quantity. My problem is in the Senate. The House has sent them, time and again, Budget Bills that have been ignored by the party in power there. Passing Budgets was the way we did business before Mr. Reid and Mr. Obama took control, and CR’s should not be our way going forward.

        From my Conservative POV, blocking Barack is and was a good thing. Sen. Sanders (D-VT) is a self described Socialist. here’s a web post from 2008 that describes Mr. Obama: “Obama is THE MOST liberal member of the U. S. Senate. He is more liberal than 94% of the Senate on economic issues; 94% of the Senate on social issues; and 92% of the Senate on foreign issues. His composite “Liberal” score is 95.5%.

        Biden is the 3RD MOST liberal member of the U. S. Senate. He is more liberal than 94% of the Senate on economic issues; 88% of the Senate on social issues; and 94% of the Senate on foreign issues. His composite “Liberal” score is 94.2%.

        Both Obama and Biden are further to the left than Bernie Sanders, who comes in fourth. He is more liberal than 90% of the Senate on economic issues; 88% of the Senate on social issues; and 98% of the Senate on foreign issues. His composite “Liberal” score is 93.7% — and Bernie Sanders identifies himself as a Socialist.”

        Good fortune to you.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Well Kevin – you are obviously extremely conservative. You want as little government involvement in our lives as possible. The hell with people who don’t have enough money for food, healthcare.

        Whatever web post you got your information from regarding this liberal rating score means nothing to me. How is the amount of liberalism being judged? Who sets the criteria? What statistical procedures did they use?

        Here is how Bernie Sanders, who is probably my favorite person in Congress, defines his socialism (from a 2006 interview):

        “REP. BERNIE SANDERS: Well, I think it means the government has got to play a very important role in making sure that as a right of citizenship, all of our people have healthcare; that as a right, all of our kids, regardless of income, have quality childcare, are able to go to college without going deeply into debt; that it means we do not allow large corporations and moneyed interests to destroy our environment; that we create a government in which it is not dominated by big money interest. I mean, to me, it means democracy, frankly. That’s all it means. And we are living in an increasingly undemocratic society in which decisions are made by people who have huge sums of money. And that’s the goal that we have to achieve.”

        He identifies socialism as democracy, where people can be self-determined combined with certain rights inherent in citizenship. I don’t care how your web post rates Obama and Joe Biden on liberalism. People I know who are serious liberals and progressives would consider neither of them to much to the left, and from the POV of serious socialists, Obama doesn’t cut it at all. If you recognize that Bernie Sanders is a social democrat, then you must also recognize that it is not possible for Obama and Biden to be further to the left than Sanders.
        About the Senate “ignoring” budget plans, the real story is this (from a Feb. 2012 article in The Economist about why the Senate did not pass a budget:

        “It is true that the Senate can pass a budget resolution with a simple majority vote. But for that budget resolution to take effect, it must have either the cooperation of the house, or at least 60 votes in the Senate. Only someone intimately familiar with Parliamentary procedure can explain this. Jim Horney of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is such a person. The following are his edited remarks from our email conversation:

        “It’s true that you cannot filibuster a budget resolution in the Senate, because the Budget Act provides special rules for consideration of a budget resolution, including a time limit on debate. So the Senate can pass a resolution with only a majority vote. However, the resolution does not take effect when the Senate passes it. It takes effect in one of two ways: if the House and Senate pass an identical resolution, usually in the form of a conference report; or if the Senate passes a separate Senate Resolution (as opposed to a concurrent resolution, which is what a budget resolution is) that says the House is “deemed” to have agreed to the budget resolution passed by the Senate.

        But there are no special procedures for the simple Senate Resolution required by this second, “deeming” process, so it is subject to the unlimited debate allowed on almost everything in the Senate. If you do not have the support of 60 Senators to invoke cloture and end a filibuster, or prevent a filibuster from even starting (because everyone knows 60 Senators support cloture), you cannot pass such a deeming resolution in the Senate.

        Because its rules are different, the House with a simple majority can pass a resolution deeming that the House and Senate have agreed to the House resolution so that it can take effect. This means the allocations in the resolution, such as for appropriations, are in effect in the House and anybody can raise a point-of-order against legislation that would cause a committee to exceed its allocation.

        But this is for purposes of enforcement in the House only. What the House does has no effect whatsoever on the Senate or its budget enforcement. And vice versa, if the Senate deems that its budget resolution has been agreed to.”

        Does the lack of a budget resolution matter? Jim notes that budget resolutions are supposed to set limits on discretionary spending in appropriations bills and facilitate changes in taxes and entitlements via reconciliation instructions or via allocations to authorizing committees. But nowadays, discretionary spending caps have already been set by the Budget Control Act (which ended the debt ceiling standoff) and there is little or no prospect of cross-party agreement on tax or entitlement policies. Moreover:

        With the exception of reconciliation legislation, it effectively takes 60 votes to consider any legislation in the Senate so it really does not matter whether the resolution has been adopted; if you have 60, you can consider the legislation, if you don’t, you can’t.

        The bottom line is the budget process set out in the Budget Act works pretty well when the Congress can agree on budget policies. When they cannot, no process in the world can make things work smoothly, but Congress muddles through and does what absolutely has to be done (like keeping the government from shutting down or defaulting on the debt). Not having a budget resolution in place is a symptom of the inability to reach agreement – not the cause of Congress not being able to accomplish things.
        Perhaps the Senate also punted the budget bills offered by the House because they were BS budgets.


        If you know about the WH memo regarding the grandfathering of health plans, then you will also be aware of the fact that it was the health insurance companies that made the decision to cancel plans and offer new ones, rather than make adjustments to the plans that were already in existence. They had that option.

        You will also note that while premiums for some will go up, premiums for some will go down. And the price of premiums will in large part be dependent on the percentage of young, healthy people who decide to purchase health insurance. The greater those numbers, the more premiums will also come down in price because this system depends on what happens in the market.

        Kevin – you and I will never agree on most things. We have extremely different points of view. And we view the responsibilities that governments and people have toward one another very differently.

        I don’t like being lied to, and I never said that Obama has been honest about everything. I already told you that I really don’t like the lack of transparency, when that was clearly promised. I would simply say that we are very different people, and we will probably never agree on most things.

        But I found your comment about most people on this site being unwilling to be objective (with the implicit message being that they are that way because they are liberals / progressives to be condescending and offensive. I don’t find you willing to be objective.

        Good fortune to you.

      • Kevin

        On last refrain and I’ll go.

        I apologize for offending you. It was not my intent to come off as condescending. I was commenting on the harsh tones I see being thrown at people I see in such a different light….by commentators who appear to me to hold those views in error.

        I am Conservative…unapologetically so. I have been face to face with people in need…hungry, homeless, and hurting. I have been on ministry trips to Mexico, just south of where I live in CA, serving those in abject poverty. I was a part of the S.H.A.R.E program in my community, serving low income families with lost cost food supplementation. I’ve been to Peru, where we worked for weeks at orphanages, battered womens’ shelters, state run hospitals (where few would venture) to bring comfort to children in conditions that would turn your stomach. My wife has done the same, with me, and more…with my 2 oldest boys in Kosovo, and other European countries…personally, face to face, helping those in real need. I know their faces.

        Gov’t tends, more so, to be faceless…giving money. When charitable organizations like the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Feed the Children, etc., go to these places with people, too, more of those in need are helped, and fewer dictators skim off the top, enriching themselves with millions at US taxpayer expense.

        Welfare was done better when the private sector had a much larger role….and Gov’t had a much smaller role. That’s the direction we need.

        I enjoyed the discussion.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        The problem with doing everything privately is that it is haphazard. Although it’s marvelous that you invest time and energy into helping others, when you leave, what happens? What happens to the people who have troubles in that location that arise after you go? There has to be regular ongoing help for people.

        I am unapologetically liberal. I feel that government needs to have a real role in these situations. What bothers me is that government bureaucracies tend to bloat pretty quickly. I would personally rather have that than aid that depends solely on whenever someone in the private sector decides they want to do something.

    • Guest

      Anyone who would do that about her son is just as bad. I never saw any of those jokes, anywhere. But I don’t hang out with scumbags, and I take it you do.

      • MK03

        Sweetie, if you’re going to throw shade, you’ll have to do better than that.

    • sandralynnsparks

      Only one that I know of: Bill Maher made a joke about Sarah talking to people who can’t really understand a thing she’s saying, but no, he shouldn’t
      have mentioned Trig. I don’t like Bill Maher because he is also extreme. Yet – she blasted him for making an offensive joke – and is blocking anyone from her fb page who doesn’t like that she basically did the same thing. Over 4000 posts from people agreeing with her? Obnoxious.

    • berriesandblood

      they weren’t jokes….they were facts. still not sure if Trig is really hers….the whole pregnancy thing was a bit squirrely.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        what is it any of your business?

      • pennyroyal

        because if true, she’s a liar. There was much said about this at the time. She was going around in big clothes and then suddenly was thin.

        I suppose you believe that Dick Cheney wasn’t drunk when he went Quail hunting and hit his ‘friend’ with a load of buckshot. Cause there’s a credible report from Secret Security officers that he was roaring drunk. The parallel is that there were witnesses to both occasions.

        If a Rethuglican lies it’s okay. They get a pass.
        If a Democrat lies it’s evidence that all democrats are evil, un-American, and not trustworthy.

    • FranSpencer

      I don’t care for Ms. Palin, but I would agree that any humor at the expense of children — special needs or not — should be unacceptable in an evolved society. We have decided that all is fair for laughs and votes. What an easy excuse to be mean and uncompassionate. I think Ms. Palin is a horrible person and public figure, but I pray she’s a loving and patience parent to her children. All children need/deserve that.

      • pennyroyal

        all children deserve and need a loving and patient parent, so true. If the Rethugs like Palin had their way, children in the USA would get no healthcare and food stamps would be cut–public education would be gutted and low income parents and those who can’t find work, would get little to no job retraining or financial support while they look for work.
        Pray all you want but that’s not going to help the kids in the ghetto or the growing numbers of those in poverty in the suburbs.

      • FranSpencer

        I was praying she was a good/decent parent to her children. My child, however, has something better — a strong enabled parent who grew up between housing projects, moved forward and never looked back. Each child needs an advocate, a guide through this difficult time. I wish I could change the world for all of them, but I know I can impact my immediate world. I think we agree. When all is said and none, the war between the classes or the political strive will only serve to harm the youngest of our society. It’s a shame. Many of them won’t be helped while they are children and then they will be despised when they become adults with unmet needs. We could meet those needs, but something selfish in our society keeps telling the masses that it’s someone else’s responsibility and it’s someone else’s fault. People are blind and misguided into believing that food and healthcare for a poor child will be at *their* expense. We aren’t in the lifeboat yet, but we are making those lifeboat decisions. Shame on us.

    • Jennifer Griffin

      Catch You Next Tuesday

    • genielindsey

      She uses her children like she uses everyone else. She is a sociopath and now she has a alrge audience to play to….her dream come true…endless attention.

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      mmmmm ……..Tuesdays

    • pennyroyal

      she was a terrible mother. Read her daughter’s writings. She neglected her children terribly.

    • KMiller

      I didn’t know anyone who made fun of Trig. Our objection was to Quitter dragging her “son” around to her book signings, without glasses or hearing aids, half-dressed in inclement weather, as a special-needs prop.

    • Jane M Hildbold Rice

      she wasn’t laughing at that, she was responding to the way it played out.. “the comment” … but the whole thing was rigged! even if it wasn’t why didn’t he help her … he didn’t do anything.. if it were real.. he would have reacted much differently..

      • MK03


      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        He did help her. What video were you watching?

  • Mama

    MK03 – directly from the article, “A situation in her personal life some people have actually made jokes about, which she fiercely denounced – and we even sided with Palin against the disgusting attacks veiled as “jokes” levied by some people like Bill Maher.” Did you not read the article?

    • MK03

      Did you not read my comment? I was pointing out the hypocrisy of her deeming any jokes about her pregnant daughter or son with Down Syndrome to be reprehensible, but she apparently takes great joy in making fun of a pregnant woman with diabetes fainting, because she happened to be at Obama’s speech. It should be abundantly clear that I was not talking about anybody but Palin.

    • Robin DeAnne Lowry Seer

      Reread Mk03 remarks…she’s agreeing! Just didn’t have her sarcasm font on! 🙂

    • Michael Doyle

      Bill Maher didn’t make jokes about the child with Downs Syndrome. He made jokes about her. He also made jokes about her adult daughter’s behavior.

      • Michael McHale

        As a faithful watcher of Real Time I believe the only mocking of Trig was the belief that he was more used as a prop by his “mother” just like the daughter ,disgusting people ..Maher never attacked the kid

  • idlovely1

    When reading her quote, we must consider the source. She’s a person of little or no class.

    • DannyEastVillage

      she’s basically a barnyard animal.

      • Cristina Guenther

        thats a insults to barnyard animals!!!

      • Paul Julian Gould

        I’ve known barnyard animals… barnyard animals were friends of mine… and she, sir, is no barnyard animal…

        (She’s dumber than Quayle, which takes some doing)

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        oh than that must have hurt your ASS

      • Joe

        I think she is what is left behind the barnyard animals…

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        no that’s your breath blowing back in your face! FOLLOW THAT!

      • gemma liar

        nope— she is clean and sexy— and a GREAT American as she is smart ENOUGH 2 capitalize financially on the sheer lemming stupidity of the regressive rightwing white trash

      • estfar

        She is that regressive rightwing white trash – she is smart probably among the vermin that eat the stuff the barnyard animals leave behind. Yeah, I’ll give you that she is probably an Einstein among that group of living organism.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        takes one to know one!

      • deminthered

        You’re just blastin’ those zingers left and right, Guest.

    • sjb1126mn

      She has never matured past being a middle school mean girl, and a psychopathic one!

    • Margaret Sturman

      and even less compassion.

  • Jamie Kaye

    Bill Maher ugh

  • Stephanie Strong

    Sarah better watch it..the pregnant woman may be Bristol!

    • barbaralee12

      This is a person who has lost everything she thought she was going to have and that was VP of the USA and losing that she has also lost her mind .She needs to be careful as to what she says because it will come back on her .

      • D. A. Isley

        Kharma is a bitch . . .

      • Michael McHale

        Lost it ? She was unhinged during the campaign !

  • Pat

    Nothing Mrs. Palin says or does is relevant anymore. She is just a big ham looking to make a buck off of her “supposed celebrity”. She isn’t even intelligent enough to know when to shut her big mouth, much less be the Vice President of the United States. (Thank goodness McCain lost that year). We need to stop giving her ANY press at all. The sooner we ignore her the sooner she will go away.

    • Michael Doyle

      She is WHY McCain lost. I would have voted for him if not for her.

      • Pat

        I’m not sure that she is why he lost, (Pres. Obama would have been tough to beat by anyone), but I have wondered why McCain agreed to have her as his VP running mate. I know he is very intelligent, and he should have seen what a BIG mistake she would be.

      • Larry Williams

        Oh I wonder if she gonna support McCain getting a primary attack, since she said everyone that voted to reopen the Gov, should get a primary attack and taken out of office.

      • pennyroyal

        in McCain’s last election, the GOP ran a Tea Party candidate against him and he barely won. He had to move far to the Right to win his old seat.

      • tjshire

        McCain chose Palin because  he felt like he needed to reset the race. He knew he was behind, so he threw a long ball in the hopes that it would connect. It was a gamble on McCain’s part (and he is a gambler), but as we all know, it didn’t pay off.

        Anyway, that’s why he did it. He felt like he needed to mix up the race so he’d have a shot. I doubt he realized at the time what a disaster she would turn out to be.

      • berriesandblood

        she was picked for him….he had little to do with the choice…she was sold to him by campaign staffers as the little known bombshell from Alaska.

      • pennyroyal

        McCain used poor judgement and yes, he had the final say. His was a desperate move to enliven a dull campaign. He went against his instinct. His poor decision-making, this disastrous choice, showed the country and the world that he was not presidential timber.

      • JOHN KLINE

        Unfortunately, for him, his name will always be linked to Palin’s. And that is not a good thing.

      • genielindsey

        All he had to do was have a conversation with her. When he did finally see what she was about it was too late….Plan ahead.

      • pennyroyal

        they avoided each other on the campaign trail.

      • pennyroyal

        he listened to his advisors and he was desperate.
        Spare me from wanna-bes who are desperate for power and control.

      • timmmahhhh

        I agree. McCain was losing before she came on biard. Palin energized the Christiofascists and gave McCain a temporary lead. But like a sugar buzz it eventually wore off when people saw that she was political junk food.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        it was a horrific injustice that he was voted in !

      • Jeff Morrison

        McCain lost to Obama. Palin was irrelevant and still is for any decent minded person. The redneck rubes like her are destroying America. Please get out and vote this kind of shit into history!!

      • Subee

        I don’t agree, Jeff. My own circle of Republican friends said they would have gone with McCain, but had to back away with the roll out of Palin. McCain might not have won if he picked another another (sane, smart) running mate but the election might have been much closer.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        you have done what for this country?

      • Brenda Yoder

        And that is the only thing I like about her.

      • pennyroyal

        McCain would have been a disaster as President.

      • Margaret Sturman

        Thank you Michael.

    • CherMoe

      She is no different than the Rush Limbaugh’s or the Ann Coulter’s or Sean Hannity’s or Glen Beck’s of this country. Making their money off the spreading of hatred for profit. I think they need to be careful what they wish for … the end result could be very ugly in this country when things come to a full boil.

      • Devil_Dinosaur

        None of the apostrophes in this post should be there.

      • pj

        Devil, who cares?

      • JMT-edit

        I agree with Devil. And Palin is an idiot.

      • pennyroyal

        it matters. It’s a little thing but spoils your writing. Learn when to use and not use apostrophes.

      • JessieB

        Not that it matters- but why not? Ever heard of possessive? CherMoe is correct in what she says and how she says it. Don’t call someone out for supposed grammatical mistakes when you don’t know what grammar is in the first place.

      • RMF

        Yes, an apostrophe after a noun indicates possession but it is still used incorrectly here. It would be correct usage if the lady indicated what possession to what she was referring ( Ann Coulter’s what or Sean Hannity’s what?) If she means to indicate plural as in the people who share the beliefs of the people she mentioned then there should be no apostrophe. I DO, however, agree the sentiments she expressed.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        looks like you all have found another subject…..move on!!!

      • pennyroyal

        ah, guestie, “the medium is the message”
        If you don’t write well, it means you’re not thinking well.

      • Margaret Sturman

        It happens way too often and too many people are making the mistake. Correction must start somewhere.

      • Margaret Sturman

        the writer was naming people, he was not using the possessive form so the apostrophes were used incorrectly. Devil is correct, it was not a supposed grammatical mistake, it was a grammatical mistake. Do you teach grammar Jessie?

      • Ringo Caderousse

        You should see Germany. They’ve abolished apostrophies (don’t know who came up with that harebrained idea) and it causes some serious confusion, apart from taking sentences out of context and making them sound silly.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Where did you get that idea? I just read an article about punctuation in German, including a section on the use of apostrophes. I can’t put the URL here because this site doesn’t seem to allow them in comments, but it was on about dot com

      • Ringo Caderousse

        I got the idea by observing. I live in Germany. How about “Andrews mother”, or “Franks car”. Yes, they do use apostrophes… mostly wrongly. “CD’s”, “Dart’s”, etc.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Yep – the article mentioned what it calls a disturbing trend among Germans of using apostrophes for plurals, as you commented. But there are still proper uses for them that many do observe. They haven’t been abolished. Grammar is kind of shot to hell here in the US. From punctuation to there, their, they’re issues…and of course, your, you’re, etc. I would say that an overly portion of what I see online is wrong, and sadly, even in professional publications like the New York Times, etc.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Who cares? This is merely a distraction, an attempt to pull attention away from the content of the post. Yes – the apostrophes were incorrectly used. However, it’s true that Sarah Palin is just as reprehensible as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck. Making grammatical mistakes doesn’t change that.

      • Guest

        But it distracts so totally from the content that the message becomes irrelevant. The discussion becomes the writer’s inability to punctuate the point of the comment is lost. Those of us who respect and value our language find it difficult to take seriously someone who does not bother to use it correctly.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        I take my language quite seriously. I receive some grammar newsletters, etc. If it distracts you so totally from the content that you think it becomes irrelevant, then I submit that you are overemphasizing it. I also noted that the apostrophes were incorrectly used – I can’t help it, I always see those things. But a mistake in form does not render content irrelevant. A comment is not a photograph, a painting, a drawing. And this is merely an online discussion forum. Let’s look at at what is truly important here. At worst, a mistake with apostrophes should be a minor annoyance.

      • pennyroyal

        it’s often not a matter of going through the”bother” of punctuating well. It’s that the person may never have used grammar rules regularly. To point someone’s error out to them is not to shame them into silence or ignore them. It’s calling them to the community standard here.

      • CJC

        Hey, Guest – maybe you just need practice on focusing on the subject instead of picking apart what another person wrote. I “respect and value our language” at least as much as you do, so I try to correctly use it. Thankfully, I’m secure enough in myself to feel no need to point out others’ mistakes.

      • deminthered

        But it distracts so totally from the content that the message becomes irrelevant. The discussion becomes the writer’s inability to punctuate and the point of the comment is lost. Those of us who respect and value our language find it difficult to take seriously someone who does not bother to use it correctly.

      • CJC

        Did those apostrophes make you miss the point of the post? Or are you just showing off how brilliant you are?

      • gemma liar

        the one difference is she is very very sexy,,,,,,the aforementioned cretins (above) are as sexy as a coelecanth

      • KarenJ

        She’s a 50 year old menopausal Botoxed Wonderbra-wearing methhead (how else do you suppose she’s gotten and stayed skinny after years of being zaftig?). If you think that’s sexy, you have low standards.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        I agree that Gemma has low standards, and obviously I can’t stand Palin, but I don’t agree with you criticising any woman because she may be menopausal. That is completely irrelevant to anything here, and not a particularly nice way to criticise your fellow females.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        I have to leave this page your to hard to even look at UGH where does your face start and your chin begin… now how’s that for reality check lady! this is the truth HOWS THAT FEEL… not nice is it but this is the truth what you say has no bases except for what your read that someone else said! BUT I CAN SEE YOU IN THIS PHOTO!

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Your comments show your level of maturity. My weight has no bearing on what is being discussed here. And the fact that you choose to make fun of someone because of how she looks demonstrates quite clearly that you are just as lacking in sympathy, empathy and compassion as Palin. When people with small minds and lack of critical thinking skills know what what to say, they resort to “mean girls” tactics – making fun of other’s personally. Welcome to middle school “Guest”.

      • gemma liar

        hey lardass,,when u claim ( with no data) I have poor standards in my ability to recognize an anatomically succulent woman ( palin) then all people on this thread can go after your miserable behemoth ass. Any questions?

      • Margaret Sturman

        Gemma, dear…did you actually read Elizabeth’s post regarding Palin before you went off with your insults? No wonder we still don’t have a female president. Women are each other’s worst enemies.

      • gemma liar

        awwww,,,,cmon- I get to eviscerate her as she claimed I have LOW standareds ( implying my taste in women) as I said sarah palin is sexy– she IS!! eliz nader is a typical steatopygous micromastial virago who last had sex ( with a man) during the Reagan era

      • Margaret Sturman

        Dear Guest, when you have to resort to personal insult it only means that you have no valid argument. Pity.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Well “Guest”. That comment made absolutely no sense. Didn’t you learn anything last year in your 4th grade grammar class?

      • gemma liar

        hey lard ass,,,,,,,,,, wanna see my standards? Hmmmm,,,tell me how to attach my photos as well as my current and former LOW STANDARD gals—- NOTE: as I have been a self employed chef catering exclusively to the south florida ( broward country; north dade county) adult strip clubs ( no boss; 88K avg net for past 11 yrs) I can assure U that the low standard I engulf are pretty easy to define and identify: allow me! white/latina ONLY,,,,, NOT steatopygous such as YOU are You wildebeast,,,,, all my women have a terrific anatomical characteristic- d cup or LARGER breasts( no boob-jobs either; did enough of THAT crap in my youth) so when U wanna act so high and mighty remember that 6’2 210 athletically built NON drug/non alcohol/ non smoking men have a weird proclivity for attracting and entering the nubile bodies of willing wet women.
        ,,,also– please attempt to refrain from poorly spelling such lexiphanic words as CRITICIZE

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        No one, including me, said that you can’t recognize an attractive woman. Attractive is in the eye of the beholder. Low standards = wanting to sleep with someone who may be attractive but has an ugly personality.

        Who cares if you are a chef, and if you earn 2 billion/year? Why would anyone in this discussion care who you sleep with, how big their breasts are, and whether you drink, take drugs or like nubile bodies? No one cares about your sex life or how much you earn.

        The discussion is about people who treat others with health problems poorly. Go to your strip clubs and talk to someone who gives a crap about your sex life.

        Oh – criticise is spelled with an “s” in Britain, not a “z”. Most words where the US uses the “z” in that context are spelled with an “s” in England. It’s not wrong, just different.

      • gemma liar

        OUR dictionary has it spelled with a Z.. perhaps your paucity of any sex life ( with the exception of onanism) is interfering with AMERICAN dialogue; syntax and SPELLING. This is NOT new Zealand,,,nor is it wales ( in your case whales/ cetaceans) or London. My income and ability to physically engage in appealing macromastial women is NOT for this thread- its to remind u of the haunt that is indeed yours; namely that U are NOT wanted by any man bereft of alcohol intoxication. I simply wish to continue hassling a c*nt who initiated this verbosity. U started this– im simply returning serve. Nest time mind your own business

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Well gemma liar – you obviously have some serious problems with mental illness or you wouldn’t feel any need to “remind” me of something in my life that you don’t know anything about, nor would you need to “prove” your masculinity by discussing your sexual prowess. No one gives a shit. I don’t give a shit. And I’m neither impressed nor saddened by anything you say. So, I won’t be bothering to respond to you after this – it’s simply not worth my time.

      • gemma liar

        a typical reply when confronted by facts,,,especially that you initiated this. GOOGLE the words “steatopygous” “virago” and ”anile”…………..feel free to wear that trilogy of definitions

      • Sam

        Your comments are completely uncalled for, and you sound like a complete idiot. What is your problem, dude? Shut up about all this other BS and stick to the topic of the article! You are SERIOUSLY RUDE and should not even be allowed to comment on here unless you can stick to the topic.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Sam – don’t waste your time. He’s had it in for me since I called him out on all of his sexist comments. Those who can think critically say something of value – even if we don’t agree with them. Those who are driven by their emotions engage in personal attacks. He’s rude and disturbed, and should not be allowed to comment here, but since he does and they let him, the best thing is just to ignore him. It’s a waste of time.

      • pennyroyal

        talk about tirade….

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        it’s called hard work and dedication… not your sitting at the computer.. at 900lbs LOLLOLLLLMAO KARENJ

      • gemma liar

        678,,,,did the nutrisystem dance

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        PS you wish you looked so GOOOOOOd!yes hear it as it comes out GOOOOOOOd

      • Kevin

        It appears the hate is coming from you.

      • gemma liar

        well; if U could see what Ive been dumping my balls in for over 25 yrs U might jes’ recant that idiocy….then again: I don’t care

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        The thing is – no one cares where you have been dumping any part of your anatomy. No one cares who you want to go have oral sex with, or any other kind of sex. The discussion here is about someone mocking a person with a health issue.

      • Dominic Milan

        And your boasting how you are willing to bed down with anyone who will have you somehow justifies Palin mocking someone with a medical condition? What a maroon (and no, I did not misspell it. I used the proper word for you).

      • gemma liar

        hey duminic ( returning “service” with thy WITTY spelling) My point was total parody as waaaaaay 2 many dum-inics place too much emphasis upon these threads. I didn’t say she would have me— I said Id “do” her. As its highly likely U do NOt carry any thelyphthoric tendencies I will simply fade away and allow U to keep to your onanistic quotidian practices

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Dominic – don’t bother. Gemma (which is a female name by the way) is clearly a disturbed person ( as evidenced by the amount of vituperative BS thrown my way). Don’t waste your time on someone who has nothing better to do than make deprecatory remarks to everyone else. It’s literally not worth it.

      • Margaret Sturman

        Wow, Karen…all that coming from a woman. I am a liberal Democrat and disagree with Ms. Palin politically. I still think she is pretty. Women have to stop piling on each other if we are to progress in politics, we have a lot of catching up to do.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Margaret – I’m also a liberal Democrat, and I agree with you completely here. I don’t think that Palin is pretty – that’s my only divergence from your opinion. I also said something to Karen about her earlier post criticising Palin for being menopausal. It’s a somewhat misogynist type of criticism. We need to keep our criticisms content-based. We need to refrain from engaging in ad hominem attacks. And women certainly need to stop engaging in this with one another. I dislike many things about Sarah Palin, but criticising someone for being menopausal is like objecting to the person for being female, or criticizing someone for aging. It happens to all of us. Would anyone criticise a man for having an enlarged prostate?

      • gemma liar

        criticize??? no,,,,,, mock? maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
        (NOTE: U owe me a DOLLA’ for assimilating the correct spelling of CRITICIzE),,,,but what makes it better???? U F*CKING spelled it BOTH ways within a few words of each other!! duality of persona transposition???

      • estfar

        Just like Miley Cyrus, these a-holes have learned that the more extreme you are, the more a certain non-evolved sector of the population will support you. I would be insulting neanderthals by calling these whack-jobs neanderthals. Palin and Coulter prostitute themselves each time they are needed to defend the crap the right likes to call fact – in other words the lies and they do it for a few shinny pieces of silver.

      • pennyroyal

        they are narcissists. They will do and SAY anything to get noticed, to get attention. They are sociopaths, too. They only care about themselves and their precious ideology.

      • Kevin

        And Liberal/Progressives aren’t, won’t, aren’t, and don’t?

      • lestye

        estfar…I agree completely…it’s all about the money. Fund-raising is especially critical now for the Republicans as they’ve lost a bunch of their big-money business supporters after the devastating (to them) election in 2012. They are counting on making up for some of that loss by riling up the extreme-right sector of the population, who are more likely, through righteous anger and fear, to send in their hard-earned cash.
        Some far-left folks are doing the same.

    • Devil_Dinosaur

      Don’t you think calling celebrity “supposed” AND putting it in sarcasti-quotes is a bit of over-kill?

      • Pat

        No, I don’t think it’s over-kill at all, and evidently a number of people agree with me.

    • Jane M Hildbold Rice

      ya you wish! think again! she’s coming for him!

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Coming for him? That’s rich. She doesn’t have the clout of a flea. She’s neither going nor coming for anyone or anything. She has no power, influence, intelligence or knowledge.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        maybe you should look in the mirror once in a while and get up off that large ass of your and do something ..

      • pennyroyal

        that’s not polite. I don’t think you’re addressing me but bet your mother taught you better than to make comments like that.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        No – she’s responding to me. Mocking people is a weapon of those with intellectual deficits who cannot think of anything relevant to say. Ad hominem attacks: used by those guided solely by their emotions who have no critical thinking skills. This is exactly what Sarah Palin does. No wonder this person likes Palin.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        I fail to see how the size of my ass or what I do or don’t do have anything to do with Sarah Palin’s qualifications as a human being or political person. So, what does “do something” mean? LOL

      • Pat

        Grow up, Guest. You sound like another Sarah Palin idiot!

      • pennyroyal

        but the Tea-vangelicals scare me. The religious right is keeping the US in the Dark Ages.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        I completely agree with that pennyroyal.

      • pennyroyal

        They scare me. I know what they are doing, I keep up with it. The press is scared to cover it. And when they do cover it, they don’t get it right. It’s not all Christians, just the gonzo ones who want to turn this country into a “Christian nation” which it never was. They’re called Domionists, in that they want God’s dominion over the whole nation. In other words, a theocracy.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Yep – the Dominionists are a scary bunch. The RWNJ Christians are creepy. Ted Cruz was raised with Dominionism – surprise, surprise. I don’t like fundamentalists of any stripe, whether religious or ideological. And isn’t it amazing how many people don’t know that most the founders of the US were not only not practicing Christians, but many of them didn’t even believe in any kind of God. The one things they were hard liners about was that they wanted religion completely divorced from government. People should try reading the Federalist papers. It would be an eye-opening experience.

    • pennyroyal

      didn’t you see her buddying up to Ted Cruz in the middle of the 16 day government shutdown? She’s not going away. And neither are the religious and political right.

      • She hates the US government. That’s why she supported it being shutdown. Funny….Alaska gets lots of federal money for all the loafers up there. Such a hypocrite she is. Alaska and Texas both need to secede from the nation!

      • Kevin

        You appear to believe the “Media built straw man” Conservative which Mrs. Palin represents. She (we) do not hate Gov’t. She (we) hate huge, overbearing, bloated, wasteful, dictatorial, over-regulatory, inept, incompetent, and abusive Gov’t. (which is what we have in D.C.). Alaska and Texas have abundant natural resources which contribute to their State coffers as well as to the Fed. Treasury. No hypocrisy here. (And yes, they would be wise to secede if this craziness continues.) Just reduce the size of our “Jabba the Hutt” Fed. Gov’t. (which is like a Heroin addict whose “fix” is our money) and watch our States grow and prosper. It makes no sense having a Fed. Gov’t that gets our tax dollars, removes its huge cut, and sends back pennies on the dollar. Cut out the middle man and make gov’t smaller.

      • No straw man. She hates this country. She hates that there are rules and laws. The only time she loves America is when she and her religious zealots start dreaming of it being a theocracy like Iran. They want to be the Mullahs of America.

      • Kevin

        To the contrary, your reply unequivocally proves that the straw man lives and you believe it. We Conservatives love America….the vision our Founding Fathers brought to life. To assert that an Iranian-style theocracy is our “dream” is a position only the brainwashed and politically intolerant espouse. No wonder political detente is nearly impossible between the parties at this day and time….as an MSNBC-style mis-characterization of the Conservative position is so prevalent. In a world of failed Liberal/Progressive/Socialist societal/governmental experiments, our pre-Clinton political system is the best hope for people on earth….and the flood of legal (and illegal) immigrants proves it.

      • You confederates are TRAITORS TO AMERICA!

      • Kevin

        It’s hard to believe that your reply came from someone with greater than a 3rd Grade temperament.

      • tjshire

        Kevin, you might not be a theocrat, but that doesn’t mean theocrats don’t exist. Google ‘dominionism’ and do a little exploring. Dominionists are here, and they are politically engaged. Also, people who may not consider themselves Dominionists, but share their values and goals, constitute a large chunk of the Republican Party. Wake up and smell the tea leaves.

      • tjshire

        Kevin, your critique of “bloated” government would carry more weight if you specified precisely what you want to cut. Broad generalities are talking points, not remedies.

      • Kevin

        Gov’t needs to be decentralized. Small gov’t works most efficiently at the local level, where accountability, for actions taken and money spent, can be most closely and efficiently monitored by the citizens. Watching a program like the “Biggest Loser”, you realize that you can’t put the patient on a starvation diet…shrinking the Fed. Gov’t is a gradual task, necessary in order not to kill it…I do not want to kill the Fed. Gov’t. It has a Constitutionally important role in our lives. Conservatives believe this contrary to how we’re portrayed on MSNBC.

        Many departments, however, are not necessary, and others can be streamlined or merged. This takes time. Eliminating the Dept of Education is a good start. We can survive without it. Individual States have a good handle on their citizens needs in that area. Besides I thought that Liberals liked local participation in their schools…am I wrong?

        When the Fed. Gov’t shrinks, so does the money it requires, which will be kept in the States, and used more efficiently.

        I would also slowly get rid of the Dept. of Energy and HUD.

        All this will be tough since the Fed. Gov’t workforce under Mr. Obama has grow substantially….11.4% since 2008.

        The biggest problem, that I see, with our Jabba the Hutt Fed. Gov’t, is that it’s not run like a business. Money is spent with little or no accountability, making it’s easy to “lose” 67 million dollars, as was done at the IRS…in its Obamacare fund. Is that acceptable?

        I remember the days when Liberals complained that a toilet seat, purchased for the Air Force, cost $500! That happened during, I recall, the Reagan Adm., and the press hit the roof! Now, Billions are wasted through fraud, abuse, misappropriation, and outright theft.

        It’s easier to do when the Gov’t is so big…it just gets overlooked.

        Has the federal War on Poverty, started under Johnson, really made things appreciably better for those it was intended to help? Statistics say no…especially for the Billions spent in its’ pursuit.

        Make it smaller, more efficient, more responsive at the local level….that’s how you fix it….you just don’t keep over-feeding the already obese entity…that makes no sense.

      • tjshire

        You seem to have misunderstood my request. I asked for specifics, not a long list of talking points everyone has heard before. So far, your specifics include three agencies you’d like to do away with: the Departments of Education and Energy, and HUD.

        Do you know that more than half of the Department of Energy’s budget goes to maintaining our nuclear industrial complex? Are you certain that you would like to get rid of our nuclear weapons programs?

      • Kevin

        Nuclear weapons programs can be consolidated to a different agency….let’s say Defense Dept.?

        There is so much redundancy and operational overlap between agencies…it’s not a loss to pair down the size of Gov’t.

        I’m informed on many subjects, but do not make my living by heavily scrutinizing governmental agencies to find waste, fraud, abuse, overlap, and redundancy….it’s not even a hobby. However, as a 56 year old self-employed businessman, I do know what works, if something is really necessary, and why and how things can be done more efficiently and cheaper.

        There are probably a 100,000 Federal grants, gifts, projects, and programs that can be eliminated, returning the money back to taxpayers, and we’d all be better off.

        That’s one of the many reasons we needed a business brain in the White House, and not a community organizer.

      • tjshire

        Moving nuclear programs to another department doesn’t eliminate the need for funding, Kevin. It only moves the fiscal need to another department.

        Again, you are full of broad generalizations and talking points about how much you hate government, but light on specifics concerning what you would cut.

        Let me help you out a little bit. Senators Coburn and Shaheen recently introduced S.1820 (House companion bill HR 1594) that will eliminate spending on oil paintings for many government officials. Sure, it will only save a few hundred thousand dollars, but it’s something, right?

        Why don’t you call your Senators and Representative, and encourage them to co-sponsor these bills. And feel free to come up with some specific suggestions of your own.

        But if all you have is generalized frustration and hatred for anything to do with “the government,” your rants amount to little more than the venting of an old fart who watches too much Fox News.

      • Kevin

        Nor should they. History teaches us that a vibrant opposition is a necessary tension in our Constitutional form of Gov’t….still the best the world has known. I am a Christian, and a Conservative, and my opinion and voice has as much weight in our country as yours. What should be anathema to you on the Left is what the IRS is doing to subvert political opposition. It is just as wrong under a Dem. Adm. as it would be under a Rep. Adm.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Yes Kevin – but more information about what was going on at the IRS was revealed a bit late in that game. It turned out that they were also targeting liberal groups, simultaneously. Any targeting by the IRS is wrong.

      • Kevin

        To say they targeted Liberal groups is a canard. There may have been a handful, at best….while hundreds of groups are still, to this date, over 3 years in the process, being delayed or denied tax-exempt status. I don’t just get news from right leaning sources, and, to create a fair assessment of any news story, neither should you.

      • tjshire

        Kevin, Google “Republicans cut IRS funding” to get a sense of what ‘fiscal conservatism’ really means. For modern-day Republicans, it means underfunding an agency so it can’t collect the taxes that are legally due. I guess it’s what Republicans consider ‘good governance.’

      • Kevin

        I would love to see the IRS budget cut!

        Not only is that agency used to intimidate citizens and confiscate property and earnings, but now, Obamacare is tapping it’s prosecutorial and compliance capabilities.

        Unfortunately, they’re the pit bull in the hands of an overreaching Federal Government….and they get action no matter which party controls the White House…just remember that when Liberalism drops out of favor with the “mob”.

        Simplify the tax system…Flat Tax, Consumption Tax, or a mixture of the two. But make it easy to file and send in money to do the work of Government….then reduce the size of Gov’t by at least 50% over the next 10 years. Not a starvation diet, but a Nutri-System approach.

      • pennyroyal

        you are totally misinformed or willfully ignorant

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Actually, you are both in error, and so was I. There was a total of 298 groups that applied for tax exempt status. It appears that there were more conservative groups that applied. On the whole, the conservative groups received more in depth scrutiny than the liberal groups, although there were also a number of liberal groups that were turned down. Interesting to note, the word “progressive” was definitely one of the keywords that triggered scrutiny.

        I’ve been doing some research since Kevin and I first touched on the subject. What is particularly interesting to me is that there are so many points of view about this – I’m being sarcastic. Numerous different sets of “facts” have been reported, and no more so on one particular side of the political aisle. This just demonstrates that people need to do a fair amount of their own research, and to tap a number of sources before drawing conclusions about any issue in the news.

        One conclusion I have drawn is that the administration was not involved in this, despite allegations from conservatives. Another conclusion is that this kind of targeting should not occur under any circumstances.

        I finally found an article from Politico (a well known non-partisan news source that explains the situation very well). I will include the URL in “long hand” because you can’t submit comments that contain regular URLS on this site with any expectation that they will be approved.

        I would suggest that both of you read this article.

        www dot politico dot com / story / 2013/07/ irs-scrutinized-liberal-groups-94556 dot html

      • Kevin

        I know one thing for certain…we can both read. here’s something via NPR:

        “A House Ways and Means Committee staff analysis of the applications of 111 conservative and progressive groups applying for tax exempt status found conservative applicants faced, “more questions, more denials, more delays,” says committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich. That is, when the IRS sent groups letters asking for further information, conservative groups were asked more questions — on average, three times more. All of the groups with “progressive” in their name were ultimately approved, while only 46 percent of conservative groups won approval. Others are still waiting for an answer or gave up.”

        Certainly groups, both Conservative and Liberal, without code names in their titles applied and were scrutinized. But, the numbers from this sample are CLEAR. 104 Conservative groups scrutinized of which only 48 were approved …7 Liberal groups scrutinized….ALL were APPROVED.

        From this sample, you are 15 times MORE LIKELY to be SCRUTINIZED if you are Conservative.

        There is no question the IRS under Obama is attempting to silence opponents by delaying and denying them status.

        You do all of us a disservice by not reading beyond you own partisan propaganda.

      • pennyroyal

        you are making assumptions that this proves the scrutiny was done out political or religious concerns. All were approved. These were low level bureaucrats. Stop blaming Obama, that just doesn’t make sense.

      • Kevin

        You may have misread my post….

        Only the Liberal groups were all approved….all 7 of them. Less than 50% of the Conservative groups were approved. The rest (as of the time of the publication of the article) are either still awaiting approval/denial, or they simply gave up in frustration due to the delay and are moving on in some other fashion.

        The ACLJ has filed a Federal lawsuit suing the IRS over this. Dated 6/25/2013

        “The American Center for Law and Justice Tuesday added 16 additional tea party and conservative groups to their original 25 organization lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service — bringing the number of groups in their court challenge to 41.

        “The floodgates opened after we filed our initial lawsuit,” ACLJ chief counsel Jay Sekulow said. “We have been contacted by many additional organizations that have been unlawfully targeted by the IRS — revealing that this unconstitutional scheme was pervasive and damaging to our clients.”

        If you read from other than Liberal/Progressive sources, you’ll see that this is not as you’ve been lead to believe.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Kevin – try reading the article I just posted a link for.

        Your numbers are off. While it’s true that many of the conservative groups received greater scrutiny, there were quite a few more liberal groups than 7. There were liberal groups scrutinized that did not have the word “progressive” in their names. There were a number of keywords that triggered scrutiny for both liberal and conservative groups. There were liberal groups that were not approved.

        If you take the time to read the article I posted a link to, you will see that. My link is written out the long way – for example I wrote out the word “dot” rather than posting a “.” because when you submit a comment with a standard URL on this site, it doesn’t seem to get approved.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Kevin – I posted the following in response to pennyroyal about this whole IRS thing on October 31st. I guess you didn’t see it, so I’ll re-post it for you. I realize that you believe the administration is using the IRS politically. You believe a lot of things I don’t believe. But here goes….


        Oct. 31, 2013

        Actually, you are both in error, and so was I. There was a total of 298 groups that applied for tax exempt status. It appears that there were more conservative groups that applied. On the whole, the conservative groups received more in depth scrutiny than the liberal groups, although there were also a number of liberal groups that were turned down. Interesting to note, the word “progressive” was definitely one of the keywords that triggered scrutiny.

        I’ve been doing some research since Kevin and I first touched on the subject. What is particularly interesting to me is that there are so many points of view about this – I’m being sarcastic. Numerous different sets of “facts” have been reported, and no more so on one particular side of the political aisle. This just demonstrates that people need to do a fair amount of their own research, and to tap a number of sources before drawing conclusions about any issue in the news.

        One conclusion I have drawn is that the administration was not involved in this, despite allegations from conservatives. Another conclusion is that this kind of targeting should not occur under any circumstances.

        I finally found an article from Politico (a well known non-partisan news source that explains the situation very well). I will include the URL in “long hand” because you can’t submit comments that contain regular URLS on this site with any expectation that they will be approved.

        I would suggest that both of you read this article.

        www dot politico dot com / story / 2013/07/ irs-scrutinized-liberal-groups-94556 dot html

    • KarenJ

      No, we must NOT ignore her. Her kind of evil needs to be watched, and ridiculed or condemned whenever she erupts with another horrid ugly comment.

      • Jane M Hildbold Rice

        and OBAMA is doing better? this is the type of people that are on welfare and sit and wait for a handout! get off my computer …I’m paying for you to be here and watch you post this crap?

  • Pipercat

    Click the first link and read some of the comments. I did, now I feel faint and definitely nauseated…

  • Mystie

    I just left a comment on her thread about how reprehensible I feel she is for this. It boggles my mind that she and her buddies don’t even try to hide their nastiness any longer.

    • KarenJ

      Is it still there? Her moderator sweeps the site for negative comments 24/7/365.

  • Ted Cruise

    Haha, Damn it. They blocked me. They really dont want her cronies seeing her get called out.

  • Ken

    Snow Snooki is nothing but an attention whore brought to life by a desperate John McCain. How’d that fake homespun female candidate thing go for ya, John? Not well as I recall. This Wicked Witch of Wasilla left her credibility in Alaska when she quit as governor to pursue dollars by maligning POTUS and others to her uneducated supporters. Amazing. Were any Dem to spew the type of foul bullcrap she and her blowhard ilk do, it would be labeled as “treason.” But that is just what she is: a treasonous fame whore who brings her own armored vehicle when she speaks to assure the money she pockets can be deposited before smarter “supporters” demand its return.

    • Paul Julian Gould

      Someone once got me into a state of uncontrollable laughter by the designation of that harridan as “Trixie Klondike.”

    • CK

      Well said.

  • klhayes

    I am sure she will come up with more vitriol after church on Sunday.

  • Catie Mccarthy

    Did you expect better?

    • barbaralee12

      She has lost her mind over losing to Obama.She needs to be careful as to what she is saying and doing it will come back to her full circle .She forgets she has a son with a problem.

  • Papa Lonestar

    She said she thought it was funny. Barack Obama made a joke about it. Pipercat made a joke about it. I don’t get it

    • DannyEastVillage

      The president make a joke about himself–a joke at his own expense. you are deliberately misrepresenting him.

    • jrleftfoot

      you probably don`t get a lot of things

  • scrzbill

    Doesn’t she have retarded children? Not the kid with downs syndrome, I’m talking about the ones that got pregos before junior high or something.

    • Moeco2

      And you are perfect?? I suppose in your life you never knew a pregnant teen??

  • D. A. Isley

    Palin is a . . . should I dare say the “C” word.

    • Cristina Guenther


      • pennyroyal

        I can’t forgive her her ignorance of basic facts about the rest of the world, her knowing no history, no science, no social graces. Can you imagine her a heartbeat away from the presidency??? We dodged a bullet on that one.

    • Pipercat


    • Nefarious Wheel

      Sorry, my first thought was “disgusting, perverted little mole of a sick joke” didn’t start with C.
      I have no further time for Sarah Palin.

  • Jackie Frost


  • D. A. Isley

    You see, this is why aliens won’t talk to us . . . fucktards like her.

  • No Class
    No intelligence
    No Clue

    • Mr. Q

      You said it. We give her too much credit and she is
      definitely thriving on such. We need to ignore her completely. Thanks

    • gemma liar

      but sexy quadregenarian!

      • KarenJ

        She’ll be 50 in February, all 100 Botoxed methheaded pounds of her.

  • Kay Napier

    It’s somewhat amusing that McCain is now complaining about the idiot teabaggers when he brought one of it’s leaders to the forefront. Clearly he helped to create this beast.

  • Ultraorient

    She has been stuck in her beauty contest mode forever. I don’t expect anything better from her.

  • ReadMore

    Palin has shown herself to be not that bright, incredibly mean, and deluded many times and since it’s her natural way of being, whenever she is in public, she will continue to say this shit. If we ignore her she will fade back into the Alaskan tundra and we’ll be good and rid of her and her kin.

    So, no more press, no more analysis of her stupidity, just no more. She can slink on her belly like a snake back to Alaska and drive those people nuts. I’ve love to to be there the moment that the wench realizes just how unimportant she and the rest of her crack ass family is, and that she is cliche and completely unacceptable, she is and hope sped some significant money on a good therapist.

  • Cheryl Ann Tomlin

    The Queen of Homo Stultus strikes again! Is her IQ as high as her shoe size? I very much doubt it!! This confirms my convictions that those with small minds ALWAYS have big mouths!!!

  • Mr Smith

    She needs to go back to grade school and learn punctuation, grammar and sentence structure skills.

    • Pipercat


  • Dick Marti

    Palin is mentally ill and mentally deficient, all in one.

  • Sharon

    Speaks volumes of the type of person Palin is. Evil, disrespectful, come to mind.

  • The Impotent Elephant

    Basically a snarking, snarling, brainless, attention-whoring CINO (Christian in Name Only). What a disgusting excuse for a human being.

    • gemma liar

      agreed,,,,,,but I would go down on her in a second! ( as long as she bought me some cold YOO HOOs first)

      • KarenJ

        It’d be like ****ing a dead fish. Just ask Todd. He’s spent the last 10 years on a recliner in the living room. And yes, the rumors about Trig’s parentage are true. He’s almost certainly Todd’s, but he wasn’t conceived in that house or in the nether regions of Sarah Palin. She had her tubes tied after birthing Piper (her 12 year old daughter).

      • KMiller

        in the recliner? Last I heard he was wandering off to Anchorage.

    • pennyroyal

      she paraded Trig around to suck up to the anti-abortion cretins. they love Ted Cruz. Just saw a clip of him in June at some anti-abortion convention saying, ‘you’re my kind of people’ sticking up for the ‘unborn.’ Anytime I hear of the ‘unborn’ I think of the zombie term: the ‘undead.’ It’s not a child till it’s born.

      • Kevin

        So…the fetus magically changes to human at birth? Scientist are you? What is it, if not human, while in the womb? A cat? Dog? Petunia?

      • pennyroyal

        well, duh. A fetus. I said that. That’s the medical definition. Don’t be obtuse.

      • Kevin

        You didn’t answer the question….What is it before it’s born if “…not a child…” (ie: human)?

      • pennyroyal

        you are using rigid Catholic dogma. In some cultures, once a baby is born, it’s not a human being until it’s a year old. A fetus, zygote, fertilized egg is a ‘potential human life.’ A woman miscarries, often before she would have missed her first period or during a ‘heavy’ period. This is completely ‘natural.’ One could say then that god is the greatest abortionist!

        Not every conception gets to make it. Women need the choice to abort or continue the pregnancy. You can’t force a woman to continue a pregnancy or you’ll end up with women imprisoned for 9 months. Already women who miscarried are jailed by zealots like you.

      • Kevin

        And, again, you avoided a simple “Yes” or “No” question. It’s either human or it’s not. And if not, then what? Please, put your spin machine away for a second and answer this easy question.

      • pennyroyal

        an acorn is not an oak tree, it’s a potential oak tree

      • Kevin

        I can sense that you want to answer my question, but, at the same time, you don’t… or won’t, because answering it with “Yes, it’s human.”, would beg the question, “Then how can you justify killing a human life so vulnerable, defenseless, and innocent in such a brutal manner?” AND, if you answer, “No, it’s not human.”, then you have to explain and prove the proposition that it’s a tree, or a frog, or a horse, and it magically changes into a human at the moment of birth…a scientific folly. So, as many do, you play semantic games, like the one above, to mollify your conscience and claim an intellectual victory thinking it will shield you from “crazy zealots” like me. How sad for you, when true intellectual and emotional freedom awaits you on the other side of this simple question. I know this, because, as a 56 year old father of 4, I was once on your side of this argument.

      • pennyroyal

        “Someone else’s body is growing in a woman’s body. Landlord retains all rights to evict tenant is they choose to. If the body is so independent, it should be able to survive on its own.”

        Your argument is invalid.

      • Kevin

        Using your analogy, can the Landlord kill the tenant in order to evict (remove) them from the property?

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Kevin – she answered your question. A fetus. A potential person. She’s not avoiding anything. Give it up. She, and a lot of scientists disagree with you. When a fetus is born, if it is viable, it’s a person, a human.

      • Kevin

        With all due respect Ms. Nadler, she has not.

        She has not responded to definitively state the fetus (offspring), in utero, is “Human”…it’s an easy yes or no question…and if it’s not Human, then what?

        She also did not answer my question to the analogy she proposed: “”…can the Landlord kill the tenant…”.

        Why are these 2 questions seemingly so difficult to answer?

        Would you like to give them a try?

        (And I did not ask if the fetus [offspring] is a “Person” or “Potential Person”….I asked if the fetus is “Human”.)

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Kevin – if you weren’t so anal about your questions, answers, comments and everything else, you would see that she has answered your question. She just hasn’t answered it in a way that you deem acceptable. You seem to only be comfortable when you have control over everything, or are trying to assert control. You post a lot of statistics that are merely conclusions that you have reached. You like exact numbers, so you reach conclusions based on non-random samples. You like exact answers, so anything that is not exacting in the manner that you find to be acceptable is a non-answer to you. Perhaps you see something as yes or no. It may not be that way to others. You are not very accepting of differing opinions. You imply that you are, but then you take immediate exception to the response, or say it isn’t a response. You are very difficult to discuss things with.

      • Kevin

        Ms. Nadler,

        No amount of focus/blame shifting or philosophical gamesmanship will divert attention from what neither you nor Ms. pennyroyal have not done, which is, answer the most basic question of the abortion debate. The overall debate may contain shades of grey, but this basic question doesn’t; human offspring is either human or it’s not.

        I am keenly aware that some are unable to attribute humanity to the unborn…others may be unwilling.

        It is well proven that dehumanizing women makes it easier to abuse and sexually objectify them. Slaves were, and are to this day, considered less than human in order to strip them of basic human freedoms. Jews were dehumanized in 20th century Germany and the world witnessed unspeakable brutality at their expense.

        Not attributing humanity to the fetus, the Latin word meaning “offspring”, makes it easier to abort them. After all, if it’s not really a human being….if it’s only “potentially” a human, well then, who can blame anyone for the abortion…certainly not the woman who aborts it.

        So, as we’ve just witnessed, you both have not, for whatever reason, attributed humanity, true humanity, full humanity, to the offspring in utero. In the light of history, a sad commentary indeed.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Wow – you most definitely consider yourself to be morally superior. You’re really just self-righteous. I’m Jewish – I know what being dehumanized is. There is no blame/focus shifting. I don’t blame you or anyone or anything else for my answer, you smug prick.

        I am pro-choice – always have been. To me ,abortion is not murder. If carried out before the fetus is viable, I find no moral blame. I have never known anyone to take the decision lightly.


        Humans are primates of the family Hominidae, and the only extant species of the genus Homo. Humans are distinguished from other primates by their bipedal locomotion, and especially by their relatively …

        Scientific name: Homo sapiens

        Rank: Species

        Higher classification: Homo

        A member of the genus Homo and especially of the species H. sapiens


        From…biology online dot org:


        noun, plural: humans

        A bipedal primate belonging to the genus Homo, especially Homo sapiens.


        Of, pertaining to, having the attributes of, a being belonging to the species of the Homo sapiens.


        In taxonomy, humans belong to the family Hominidae, of the Primates, under class Mammalia of phylumChordata. They are identified by the highly developed brain that confers advanced skills in abstractreasoning, articulate language, self-awareness, problem solving, and sapience. They are bipedal primates in having an erect carriage. They are skillful in handling objects with their hands.

        Humans may also be described as social animals capable of showing sympathy with other beings, and living life with (inherent) values and ethics.

        Word origin: from Latin hūmānus, of homō meaning “man”


        I’m not engaging in the abortion debate with you. No amount of gamesmanship on your part can induce me to do so.

        I have no interest in converting you to my POV, or trying to change yours. I have no interest in playing your games. You don’t get to define the abortion debate for me, or any other debate for that matter. You are trying to push me and pennyroyal to say something one way or the other so you can either tell us what horrible people we are, or so that you can grant us your special dispensation for being liberals who are the exception to the rules, the rules of course being whatever you define them to be.

        There is no sad commentary on me in light of any history – just you sitting in judgement, a perch you apparently occupy a great deal of the time.

        I’ve wasted enough time in my life on so-called “discussions” with narrow-minded, self-righteous people like you. I don’t plan to spend one more second doing so.

      • Kevin

        Also, please tell us the name of the “culture” that considers a less than year old child, as you call it, not human?

  • omega queen

    i claim no political affiliation, but your blanket statement/generalization referring to republicans is offensive. you speak as if you know “ALL” of them are bad, and they most assuredly are not. perhaps you might want to quality your statements with words like most, or many of them. that would be far more accurate.

    • Lance W.

      I have yet to hear a Republican put Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz or Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter in their place. Until I do, my statement stands. The ‘nice Republicans’ I know….all defend Palin and the others. I have cut most of them out of my life.

      • ND

        Your loss, I’m sure. Ignorance is bliss.

      • Nick Wride

        Any Republican who momentarily grows a ball and says something about the Vulgar Junkie PigBoy comes crawling back to El Lardo, to kiss his ring and beg forgiveness. That’s a fact.

      • pennyroyal

        The decent Republicans are gutless. They won’t stand up against the party. The political costs to them would be too high. Oh, sure, McCain said things against the Shutdown of the government but he won’t be running for election again. After he lost his bid for the Presidency in 2008, the Tea Potty ran an ultra-conservative against him for the Senate primary in AZ. He had to move to the right to win. He’s still rattled by that.

  • Trugar

    This woman lives in California. Why was she at the WH standing behind Obama? She is a known diabetic that has had an insulin pump since 2005. Diabetic pregnancies have the potential for difficulties. Why would anyone have her stand outside with nearby medical available. She did not faint. Her blood sugar was probably changing & the insulin pump adjusted it. IMO, she should not have been there. What was the point?

    • annicka

      You obviously haven’t a clue about diabetics. Those are some lame generalizations.

    • Kelly Glover

      Yes, you’re right anyone with a medical condition of any sort thatmight have complecations should stay in their house where they belong on the off chance that something bad might happen. How dare she?

      • pennyroyal

        yeah, let’s lock up all pregnant women until they deliver….

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Sure, and while the Rethugs are at it they may as well keep us barefoot and chained in the kitchen, block all access to contraception, take the vote from us, prevent us from driving and stop us from getting an education. The Tea Party – the American Taliban. Welcome to Hell.

    • Michael McHale

      There are often people from all over the country in the Rose Garden for these ceremonies , so what if she is from Cali ,I am sure she was smart enough to have a competent doctor who said she could be there

    • Nick Johnson

      Trugar, where did this attitude come from? She was at the White House as a representative for the American Diabetes Association. Also, if you watched the video – you would see that within literally seconds there was someone to take her to get medical attention. I hope you were trolling and not serious when you posted this.

    • a_leah

      That’s still no reason to laugh at her.

    • KarenJ

      I think she, her family, and her doctor are capable of making decisions regarding her health, flying, and attending a function at the White House. It’s really no one else’s business.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      I suppose you think that all pregnant, diabetic women should spend 9 months sitting on their sofas watching television. We live in an era where people with various diseases can actually go to work, exercise, talk with others, and vote. Yes they are even allowed to vote.

      What a ridiculously dumb statement to make.

    • pennyroyal

      always blame the victim….. her supposed poor judgment. Why do you think you know better than the woman herself? Your judgmentalism is just arrogance on your part.

  • Benjamin Spider

    Considering she has people that delete anything that contradicts her off Facebook she is one to talk about anything being staged.

  • Larry Williams

    The woman, just like Ted Cruz is a parasite, she has the nerve to constantly mock people when her illiterate, can’t hold a job lying ass, couldn’t remember her own name without it written on her damn hand. Anytime I hear about her judging someone on something that is sooo “Un American” in her eyes, you can bet somewhere on the net you can find a pic of her doing the same thing..Remember the whole “Some of us hold our own umbrellas” then we see her coming off a plane with someone holding an umbrella for her..She’s trash and I’m sorry anyone that believes anything she says is a Special Kind of Stupid!

  • Mrs.A

    What is worse is that the idiots on her page actually believe the nonsense she is peddling and have said things as bad or worse in the comments under the posting. I wish this horrible woman would fade back into obscurity where she belongs.

  • Lance W.

    The Republican party has devolved into a small petty pathetic group of disgusting people, and those who won’t repudiate them and so inherit their mantle of digest. It gets worse day by day, and its showing in the polls. Just pray the Democrats stay respectable and keep their heads above the manure.

  • Arimenthe

    Stop talking about her.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      Are you telling people to stop talking about Sarah Palin?

  • Jeff Morrison

    Good choice McCain!!! Vice fucking President!??? What were you thinking?

  • Unknown Patriot

    Left, right, up, down, forward, behind, what if every single one of you people stopped pointing fingers at everybody else and started worrying more about what it is that YOU personally are doing to help this country recover and move in a better direction? All of this political B.S. is the reason why America has become a joke to every other country on this planet! You want money? Highjack an American freighter! Start a civil war! Kidnap an American citizen! Kill an American Ambassador! Or, just threaten to do so and America will cave in and start sending the money, the weapons, the food! And the whole time the people we put in Washington (Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Tea-Party, or whatever you want to call them) to do their job of running this country spend all of their time trying to figure out who to blame for the last political screw-up that cost the country a trillion dollars! And when they can’t figure out how to make it all work, they just don’t show up for work, but they still take home the paycheck! What ever happened to “no taxation without representation” by the way?? Are we all going to get a reprieve on our income taxes for the time the government was “shutdown”??? Hell no were not!! It is time erase the line in the sand and pull together as one voice for the common good of all of the people in this country, not just the political party that YOU think should be in power!!

    • pennyroyal

      24 billion lost to a rightwing takeover of the government by the Tea Potty and you dare to say my criticisms of Sarah Palin are out of line. Go tell it to the Koch Brothers.

  • Bernard_Gui

    Three words: Joe Biden. “Stand up! God love ya. You’re in a wheel chair.”

  • Gatorman3

    Wondering if she would have said the same thing if it had been her daughter. On second thought….

  • Mary

    Keepin’ it classy!

  • Cathy Moore Casper

    Unbelievable! As a woman who had a difficult pregnancy, I take great issue with what this babbling idiot said.

    Thank you, John McCain. You will never again be considered for anything serious politically again for you thrust this trenchmouth upon us!

  • Why pay attention to anything Palin says? Ignore her!

  • Annette Pensenti-Venditti

    I am not surprised as Palin and her idiotic groupies are false representatives if what is good in humans. They love to criticize and preach Christian beliefs and the right to bear arms, but on a daily basis they break every rule of sympathy, respect, honor, integrity, not to mention, many Christian rules and beliefs on helping others, compassion, no judgement, etc.

    I ignore these comments and any followers as I truly believe their judgement day will come, may it be sooner than later.

  • NO

    In case you folks missed it, Ms. Palin referenced a website that took a different view of the incident. She did not mock the fainting pregnant lady. The writer of this article is, himself, out of bounds. I would suggest looking for truth outside of the boundary of partisanship. This site offers nothing outside of rabble rousing. However, if that’s what keeps you going, enjoy. Remember – the truth is out there…not here, though.

  • Jane Ryan

    She is nothing but a media whore. She thrives on attention. Her so called Christian morals are sadly missing. She delights in spreading lies and mean stupid comments. Just who is caring for her child she tried so hard to use for more publicity? She has those crazy eyes that light up when she defends high powered guns and dismisses the deaths of children. Coulter and Palin are both after as much money as they can rake in. Greed is their God.

    • pennyroyal

      let’s include Michelle Bachmann here, too.

  • justjane

    Like Ann Coulter, this person realizes that she will only get press coverage when she makes outrageous comments – imagine how she embarrasses her children every time she speaks. She doesn’t have the good sens to go away.

  • Jeremy Noyes

    I am a progressive liberal democrat…I am non-religious and live my life guilt free. How do they not know they are the subjects of mockery? The fact that they do not even comprehend how unhinged their beliefs are makes it even worse. I know it is bad to hate but I have a hard time not hating them with a a healthy dose of pity. Pathetic ignorant racist rednecks. Everything that is wrong with this country.

  • sandralynnsparks

    What’s more offensive is the thousands of posts of people laughing with her. Posts protesting what she did are immediately removed.


    Why was a diabetic pregnant women standing anyway. Stupid is as stupid does. I feel sorry for her but if you have health issues don’t put yourself in a situation that will make your condition worse. As for Sarah.. I have no words..

    • pennyroyal

      diabetic women who are pregnant stand all the time. They are in the checkouts of supermarkets. They are lawyers and surgeons standing at an operating room table. They are bakers and sales persons. Your ignorance is appalling. Women have to earn a living these days.

  • nousernamesavailable

    Why isn’t she home taking care of her own kid and family? Really people she is just another Kardashian, media ho

  • Nick Wride

    What a miserable, disgusting piece of trash this woman is. PayDay Palin, money whore, will say anything to keep the knuckle draggers happy.

  • Joy

    For it to not have been staged, I guess The President should have done like Bush did when a similar situation happened to him, and looked on in confused “WTF? It don’t concern me…” apathy. Which is the difference, he didn’t care about the American People, President Obama does.

  • ModerateFromIL

    only one way to combat this. Push hard for her to become the nominee for 2016!! I’ll cross party lines during a primary if I have to. it’s the only way to bury this sham of a political party.

  • jeff zimmerman

    I am a diabetic and I know that look as well, it is not a fun issue, when your blood sugar gets so low..that is the look, and we don’t know what is going on…sarah palin is a pathetic piece of trash and a huge QUITTER..have her answer that question..”SARAH..WHY DO YOU QUIT ALL THE TIME WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH?”

  • Rudy Petross

    Ok, I can say this joke now in light of what she did, remember she has a down syndrome child. “What is the difference between Sarah Palin’s mouth and vagina? Only some of the things that come out of her vagina are retarded.”

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      That’s an ugly thing to say. It’s not funny. The whole point of the article was that you don’t make fun of people who are sick, regardless of their or their parents’ political orientation.

      • pennyroyal

        Rudy’s remark is misogynist, too. Maybe he needs to look pu the word. It’s spelled “Misogynist” –the hatred of all women.

  • Rich

    LMAO….that was hilarious! I hadn’t read anything about this “Heroic” act until this article so I had to Google the video. Talk about a staged incident. The news camera was already focused on her. Had her center screen while the President was off to the left of screen giving his speech. Standing directly behind the President where he couldn’t see her. On cue in the middle of a sentence using a keyword “Ones Illness” he turns completely around to her reaching out his arm to hold her up at which time she just happens to start collapsing. Then notice the people around her do nothing while help comes from the back. Not even the Secret Service stepped in to assist in a situation of unknown conditions in which the President is involved in. Then the humorous comment and then the long awkward pause of him just standing in front of the podium waiting for the applause. How about her Tweet afterwards “I’m ok world- just got a little lightheaded.Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me! And good thing this pregnant diabetic is pregnant 🙂 ” I guess it would be a good thing to be pregnant if you’re going to call yourself a “pregnant diabetic”. Otherwise you would have to call yourself just “diabetic”. We can see you are pregnant but why would one have to announce they are diabetic? How uncommon is it for someone to just blurt out that their diabetic much less saying ” Good thing I’m a pregnant diabetic”. If it wasn’t staged then Obviously she’s not taking care of herself if she let her condition get to the point where she would faint and endanger herself and her unborn. She’s one of those that needs the government to step in and take care of her. But of course the focus is Palin mocking her. Well I’d mock her too for taking part of such a staged event.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      Even diabetics who take care of themselves can have blood sugar issues. They can still have crises. If you knew anything about it, you would know that. Instead you just tow the company line and choose to make fun of someone who is sick. Obama doesn’t need to stage anything. You just don’t get that, do you?

      She was simply one of 13 people invited to be there – people who had issues that the ACA could help. She is someone who just happened to write a blog post about the ACA and how it opened her options. It made it’s way to the White House and so she was invited to be there.

      You can claim conspiracy ’til the cows come home – it just makes you look ridiculous. The ACA is here to stay. Despite something like 42 attempts to get rid of it by the GOP that cost millions of the taxpayers dollars, it’s a law. The President doesn’t need to stage anything.

      Paranoid much?

    • pennyroyal

      none so blind as those who will not see
      you looked but your mind was already made up
      It takes a lot of hate and a rigid mindset to ‘see’ in such a skewed way.

  • greg

    I do not like her.

  • George Blair

    Hmmm…let’s see. Her family was attacked unmercifully during the campaign. She had a slanderous book written about her. Claims regarding the actual PARENT of some of her kids and grand kids flew about. Meanwhile the Potus is treated with kid gloves.

    She is now a private citizen. I don’t know if she’s been to all 57 states or if she “bowls like a retard”, but I doubt it.

    This poor attempt at distraction (and I can see the source) does not mask the disaster that is the obamacare rollout.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      Uh – 57 states? What country are you living in?

      And if you think the POTUS has been treated with kid gloves, you obviously have not read or seen any news since about 2007.

      You obviously don’t know the difference between the ACA and the website, either. The problem with the website has to do with the way federal contracts for large IT projects are handled, and have been since before Obama had anything to do with the Presidency.

    • KarenJ

      I second what Elizabeth_Nadler said.

      And since when is Sarah Palin a private citizen? We WISH she was. But she keeps popping up like a Whack-a-Mole.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        If she wanted to be a private citizen she would keep her yap shut. She just can’t stop talking because she’s an attention whore. She just wants to stay relevant. She isn’t relevant now, and she never was. The woman couldn’t even give the name of one newspaper that she read in response to Katie Couric’s question. She’s genuinely stupid. And she’s mean-spirited. She’s a joke. But, then, with her stellar vocabulary, she may try to “refudiate” that. LOL

    • pennyroyal

      Repubs tried six ways to Sunday to stop ACA. They know once it gets fully implemented it will be very popular. Rethugs were also against Social Security and Medicare. They were against giving women the vote!!!! Every positive social initiative has been brought forward by Democrats. Learn some history.

      In England when the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher was slashing and burning through the economy there, ruining it like Bush43, she refused to cut the British healthcare system: “the pride of our nation,” she said. Too bad our cranks and conservatives are worse, far worse, than Thatcher. They care not at all the 46 million people who have been without access to health care, will finally get basic care.

      This anti-ACA is going to turn around and bite Rethugs in the arse, mark my words. I respect and approve of Obama most because he’s been stalwart in his defense of medical care for women and children, especially that the Right has not been able to take birth control away from women. Too bad Palin didn’t teach Bristol how not to get pregnant. That is what responsible parents do.

      • Kevin

        Except slavery…that was a Republican driven social initiative. Oh, and remember that Sen. from Illinois, Everett Dirksen, Republican, co-authored the 1964 Voting Rights Act, and that Southern Democrats threatened to filibuster it. You know, Democrats who were the founders, and supporters of the KKK….you do remember that, don’t you?

        As to a woman’s Right to Vote, and since you are such a scholar of History, you’ll be excited to know how the first vote turned out in Congress in Jan. 1915…I copied this out of the New York Times article describing the event…(It’s online if you would like to verify it’s veracity.)

        “The deliberations of the House of Representatives today were, of course, of the greatest importance because the final vote was such as to persuade the country forever that the National Congress will not undertake to dictate to the various States what they shall do in the regulation of their franchise.

        “In my opinion today’s work in the House demonstrated that from now on the wave of hysteria in which the suffragists have indulged or of which they have been the victims will be on the wane.”

        Voting for the resolution were 86 Democrats, 72 Republicans, 12 Progressives, 3 Progressive-Republicans and one independent, and against it 171 Democrats and 33 Republicans.”

        As you can see, the vote of Dems and Reps was fairly equal in the Affirmative for women getting the vote, HOWEVER, the tally was nearly a 5 to 1 Democrat Party majority keeping the vote from women.

        THAT is the history.

  • JustNosy

    They don’t care. They just don’t. Only if it affects them personally will they have some modicum of ‘care’ but otherwise? – nope, no care. So Sarah will empathize with Downs families and children but not diabetes. And senators with gay children will be more sympathetic to LBGT’s strive for equality, representatives with a son or daughter wounded in war will help veterans, etc. They’re “self” centered and selfish and they don’t care.

  • Ethnae

    I think Sarah Palin must be a Tea Party operative paid by the Koch brothers to be as fear-mongering, disgusting, and inane as possible. All her ignorant comments are meant to stir up the extreme right wingers. I really can’t see any other reason she is still in the limelight.

  • Deborah Davis Salzer

    Stupid bitch.

  • CK

    The movie ‘Game Change’ sums it up nicely. If you ever had any doubt(s) about bat-shit-crazy Klondike crazy pants’ education and IQ, please, watch the movie…

  • Itchyfinger

    An anarchist with a Lapua, locked and loaded just to many targets. Where are the space aliens when you need them to once again adjust our DNA?

  • geminijeanna

    I thank God every day for people like Sarah P as almost everything she says becomes comedy gold and I love to laugh!

  • PMIster14

    I’d rather listen to Lohan drama than anything Palin has to say…everything she says or does is ‘staged’. She caters to the lowest ‘fringe’.

  • gemma liar

    say what U want,,,,I still wanna blow a load in her sexy stupid regressive rightwing feminine body,,,,she is the ONLY woman on the right who has aesthetic value. so: get her to take me to dinner ( she pays) and then I get her until im done,,,,NOTE: she has to have very cold YOO HOOs in her fridge for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • KarenJ

      Flagged for being repetitious about coyote sex.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      sad gemma liar, very sad…

    • pennyroyal

      shut up gemma liar, take your porn elsewhere

  • Tom

    This is what inbreeding does

  • triplem

    If the author had bothered to actually read the whole post, it is clear that Palin was referring to the article as hilarious and was actually denouncing the crazy conspiracy theory; she was using it as a way to talk about lack of transparency. Don’t get me wrong – not a fan of Palin in the slightest – but come one. If you’re going to be a “journalist” then at least do your damn research.

    • KarenJ

      Oh, baloney. She wasn’t talking about the article, she was talking about the conspiracy theorist’s video. Why do you think she was so amused by the “absentminded pal” who was steadying the pregnant lady ?

      Did you notice Palin didn’t mention once that the woman was pregnant? Or that she was a type I diabetic (which is to say, she’s had it all her life and the condition is much riskier than if she had gestational diabetes)? She just thought it was “hilarious” that the woman was “nauseated” and “fainting”.

      Sarah Palin is an ignorant crass boob.

  • Dorothy Thomas

    Does anyone wonder how she has all this time to hob-nob with the lunatic fringe, yet have not seen any of her kids and her husband, TAAADD. She is a narcissist of the highest order, without brains or empathy for someone who has a serious medical condition. Send her back to Alaska and have the moose chase her.

  • hermanprovi

    Sarah is trying to outgross her mentor Ann Coulter! they both love wallowing in their own excrement!

  • jesus isnt real!

    The fact Mccain picked her shows how dumb he really is. Anyone that supports either of these people should just do the rest of us a favor and die.

  • Charlene Mambretti Wrisley

    I get really fearful when i think how close we were to having her for a VP, hope karma gets her!

  • genielindsey

    Palin is well known up in her neck of the woods..Wasila to be a racist. She talks openly using the N word and mocking others. SHe has no heart and is a vindictive person. She really looks like a personality disorder-narcissitic sociopath. So her recent rants should come as no surprise…Think about it LImbaugh, Cruz, Palin..they all share the same traits. They have no concern for others only in the benefits they gain from saying or being with a certain group which weilds money or power. They prey on fear and ignorance. This is not a new story. It seems twice as dissappointing when it invovles a woman with children. Her poor children

  • Elizabeth_Nadler

    I posted the following comment on her facebook page 6 times yesterday – and they kept deleting it:

    Yeah – you are out of bounds for laughing at a diabetic, pregnant woman fainting. You don’t like it too much when people make fun of your son for having Down Syndrome, do you? But you sure enjoy mocking a sick person who has been struggling with Type I diabetes her entire life, just because she was watching President Obama’s speech. Perhaps the reason you are considered to be a political joke and helped lose the election for both you and McCain is not because your level of intelligence is so low that you claim to have insight into foreign policy because Russia is a neighbor of Alaska, and can be seen from some parts of Alaskan soil. Perhaps the real reason is that you are so lacking in sympathy, empathy, and compassion that you don’t even understand basic human decency, and that, in reality, you really don’t comprehend what is reprehensible about mocking another human being’s health condition, regardless of that person’s political orientation.

  • Highly upset that someone would make a joke about her down’s syndrome child (which I don’t condone) but not so much when it comes to making fun of someone else’s health issue… hypocrisy knows no bounds with the WasillaWitch…

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      I wonder what the world would think about her fourth hairy nipple ?

    • SirIntegra

      Hey, that’s insulting to witches. She is nothing like us (lol)

  • Jane M Hildbold Rice

    this is what is wrong with you people! you believe all this CRAP!

  • Michael

    As Forrest Gump would say, “Stupid is as stupid does.” ‘Nuff said.

  • Denise Gragg Ryer

    OMG! After watching this, it is so obvious that it was a staged photo op. How could anyone really watch this and not laugh!

    • KarenJ

      Many DID watch, and did not laugh. Most of us recognized the situation for what it was, but a small segment of ignorant haters like you immediately thought the worst.

      As someone else observed, the lady (and no doubt, her husband) flew across the USA to be there at the WH, to represent the American Diabetic Association. Do you REALLY think a lifelong diabetic pregnant woman would go to all that trouble to engage in a conspiracy/photo-op?

      If POTUS wanted an incident, he could have just rounded up a WH aide to stand in the crowd and play-act.

  • 3bagmom

    If you haven’t seen the full clip of what happened..this looks bad…however…the supposed diabetic woman was staged…it was hilarious…and yudfols fell for it. Keep drinking the Obama Koolaid and love in your little world…you people are being played…go look at what really happened! (Or if it’s easier…keep your heads in the sand)

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      Saw the full clip. You’re the one with your head in the sand – or perhaps up your butt. The Pres doesn’t need a staged photo op. But, keep drinking the Tea Party/Palin Koolaid. Palin is dumber than a rock.

    • KarenJ

      Yeah, I saw the “conspiracy theory” video. It’s a good thing her friend had her arm around her, supporting her. And the conspiracy theorist thought the friend was “communicating” with someone in the audience. Yeah, it was probably the pregnant lady’s husband, and the friend was assuring him she was “on the job” keeping an eye on the guy’s wife. Trust a RWNJ to find a conspiracy in that.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Oh I like that – RWNJ. Very applicable.

  • Margie Logue

    Somebody very recently pointed out that what we find so reprehensible in Republicans is that they feel no shame what-so-ever of their shameless conduct. Their thinking is twisted. I think we’re in an age when some people are evolving and some aren’t. I’m looking forward to a new age of liberalism for that is how all positive change happens in this world.

  • KarenJ

    “…have a look at the comments on her page about this post. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any of these “right-wing Christians” calling her out for her terrible remarks. Oh, no—they agreed with her. Most of the comments I read on there fully believe the whole thing was staged.”

    That’s because Palin’s Facebook ghostwriter/moderator erases every comment that’s the least bit critical of Palin, and the commenter is unfriended and banned from ever commenting again.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      I posted my comment 6 times, and it was deleted 6 times in about 3 seconds. I guess they can’t stand any criticism. My guess is that neither she nor anyone else on her staff is intelligent enough to put together a cogent response.

  • Karen Lynn Suffern

    some people are just really dense. The ones who are claiming it was staged because “obama turned around at the right time.” obviously don’t know that the woman was swaying back and forth for several seconds which more than likely caught the attention of secret service (odd movement from so close to the POTUS) so it wouldnt surprise me that they alerted the President (they are in fact able to communicate) and that is why he turned around. But hey, why bother with common sense when you can get your “facts” from the woman who can see Russia from her house.

  • KMiller

    that’s okay. We laughed at her faked pregnancy too.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      Now you people think she faked her pregnancy? You really are paranoid. No wonder you like Sarah Palin.

    • pennyroyal

      What a despicable, vile comment.

  • Kevin

    I completely understand how so many people in decades past are able to embrace dictatorial and totalitarian regimes…the sheeple will believe things that are so obviously fraudulent. This event was staged. The fainting episode was faked. There is such overwhelming evidence, that only Mr. Obamas “true-believers” won’t acknowledge it. The real news is that Michelle Obamas classmate at Princeton is an executive with the software conglomerate that received the “No-bid” contract for the O’care website. After all is done, it’ll be worth about a Billion $’s. I guess that kind of fraud is OK…ain’t that right lefties? Si se puede!

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      Kevin – it’s your lack of knowledge about federal contracting regulations that makes you sound so ridiculous. Federal contracting regs mandate that any project such as developing the website for the ACA is not given to one contractor. It must be given to numerous contractors, with each working on a part of it. That is why the website is a mess. There wasn’t even one company in charge of the remaining contractors.

      The UK used to handle their IT contracting the same way. They changed the regulations (laws). Now they actually have a cabinet-level position in the government for all IT work. They have one relatively small group that does all the gov’t IT work, and now it is all streamlined, and everything from passports to driver’s licenses is all handled through one portal on the web; one department that handles doing all of the work. Consequently, there is one overarching method used for all of the government services that are accessed through the web.

      The US is still handling this the way the UK used to. It has nothing to do with one company getting a no-bid contract. That is 100% incorrect. The problem has been too many companies involved, with no one in charge. And that is not due to the Obama administration. That is due to government contracting laws in place before Obama became President.

      Do a little research. It’s amazing what you can find.

  • Kevin

    Question: Why would the W.H. have a pregnant woman who they KNEW had diabetes, stand, in direct sunlight, for that long a time while Mr. Obama went on, and on, and on….as he always does? They are either clueless, or careless, or setting up a phony scenario.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      No. I’m quite certain that the woman understands her situation far better than you as she has had diabetes her whole life. Her doctor would be the same. You obviously think that a pregnant woman who has diabetes is unable to stand for more than 5 minutes. Why don’t you do a little research on diabetes?

      • Kevin

        Ms. Nadler, thank you for proving my point. The W.H. staff was not clueless or careless, as you rightly state, a pregnant woman with or without diabetes should be able to stand for that short a time. Therefore, by process of elimination, this WAS a phony fainting scenario…a staged publicity stunt, which is blatantly obvious to any objective viewer. Certainly someone of your intelligence can see through the fraud. PS…I have a few family members who are afflicted with diabetes and I am well aware of its affects on the body.

      • Elizabeth_Nadler

        Kevin – I didn’t prove your point. Your logic is stunningly flawed. Yes a pregnant woman SHOULD be able to stand for that period of time. Teenagers should not have strokes; when driving down a street, a car’s brakes should not suddenly fail; I should not have ended up with permanent peripheral neuropathy after chemo; people who have asthma that is well controlled for a long time with proper medication should not die of an asthma attack. Yet, all of these things happen(ed). Shit happens Kevin. All the time, Every day. Your process of elimination has no legs and doesn’t work at all.

  • George Lovelace

    I asked Sarah to pay her penance by injecting herself with a fast insulin so she will know Exactly what a Type 1 deals with everyday (but I did tell her to have Paramedics on hand to keep her from dying, I would hate to miss her idiot humor on Faux)

  • john

    You people are all lemmings yourself

  • Kojo

    The difference between ‘conservative minds’ and everyone else is the ability to put yourself in other’s shoes for any given situation. Conservative people literally can not do that. They lack empathy and their only real goal when it comes to religion is to save themselves. If it were not mandated for them to bring others into the fold, they wouldn’t. These are the most selfish cold hearted people among us.

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      Kojo – as a very, very liberal person, I can see the temptation to paint all conservatives with the same brush and to characterize all of them as cold-hearted. But, it simply isn’t true. There are plenty of moderate Republicans who are kind people. The problem is that the Tea Party has hijacked the Republican Party. The right wing extremists have wrested control. Yeah – there are a lot of problems with how far to the right the conservative movement has shifted. but, it’s simply not true that all conservatives can be lumped into a monolithic whole and characterized as horrible human beings.

  • Rub

    maybe you don’t understand because your story intentionally perpetuates a lie. She was speaking oif a story printed in a publication, not about the woman. Her whole point was that these stories will happen because of the inherent dishonesty of the Whitehouse in almost everything they do. Anybody that reads the whole story instead of your maliciously edited quote would know that, but people on this site just want their uninformed biases (prejudices) confirmed. Ignorance is bliss to you people

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      In your dreams she was just discussing the story. Try reading it again.

  • fed up with progressives…

    when did she know that the lady had Type 1? Before or after she made the remark? In fact..when did any one know? I don’t remember it being up front and people rushing with anything for her to eat? Makes me smile that Sarah makes fun of someone and it’s a horrible insensitve rude callous thing to do yet making fun of Sarah and her family is somehow ok and sportlike!?

  • Arturo Rendon

    good looking woman,id still have sex with her,but i would not take her advice.look are only on the surface,npt all beavers eat wood

  • divamom

    She’s a disgusting, disrespectful, immature fool.

  • Corey

    Palin is the one who pissed off her god enuff he gave he a defective child

    • Elizabeth_Nadler

      That’s a disgusting thing to say. Now you sound like as much of a RWNJ as she is.

  • Alaska Kid

    As an Alaskan, I can tell you that every other Alaskan I’ve talked to has agreed that Palin should be kicked out of our state and prohibited from ever making a speech ever again

  • Axeman1009

    Sociopathic…and since she’s being mean,…why haven’t we ever seen her without makeup? Vain, homely without it, or both??