Sarah Palin Pathetically Tries to Exploit Christ for Money (Video)

sarah-palin-channel-christmasChristmas is just around the corner, which means that Republicans are out in force with their fictional “war on Christmas” nonsense that they churn out every year. It’s really quite comical. As if there’s some active push to remove Christ from Christmas. The only removal of Christ most liberals I know want is from places where religion doesn’t belong (government, public schools, legislation and forced on people who aren’t religious or follow other religions other than Christianity).

And every year like clockwork, one of the biggest pushers of this absurdity is Sarah Palin.

Well, it seems this year she’s taking her absurdity to another level by essentially trying to exploit Jesus Christ to sell her book.

“Oh, I am so excited for people to get to read this Christmas book, while protecting the heart of Christmas,” Palin says.

Yes, because nothing says you’re trying to save the “heart of Christmas” quite like exploiting the holiday season to try to push people to buy a Christmas book.

“What we believe in is freedom of expressing our faith and what our beliefs are, not allowing just a few angry atheists with attorneys perhaps to tell us that we can’t celebrate the birth of Christ the way that we would like to,” she continued. “And it’s not an in-your-face political lecture, it’s a fun book that incorporates the solution to the challenge that is the war on Christmas that we see taking place right now.”

So, it’s not an “in-your-face political lecture” – says the woman who just used very politically divisive phrases like “angry atheists with attorneys” and “the war on Christmas” when describing said book.

She also thinks the book will hopefully “spark some inspiration in other people to allow them, no matter what faith anyone is, allow them some Christmas joy to spread.”

Unless, of course, you’re “an angry atheist” or any number of other groups of people she probably insults in the book.

She’s just the worst. I understand that people often use this time of year to promote and push products hoping to benefit off the holiday season, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for her to sit there and tell people that this book is about “protecting the heart of Christmas” when it’s blatantly obvious that it’s about “exploiting the holiday season to hopefully make a lot of money from book sales” is laughable.

Let’s call this what this is – it’s Palin exploiting Christ’s name to sell a Christmas book hoping that she can make a lot of money from it. Because if she were really concerned with “protecting the heart of Christmas,” she wouldn’t be trying to profit from doing it.

Watch her comments below via Sarah Palin Channel:

Allen Clifton

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