Sarah Palin Uses Edward Snowden to Degrade Muslims and Attack President Obama

sarahpalin1I don’t believe there are many people who prove the line “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse” more accurately than Sarah Palin.

Every speech or interview she gives is such a right-wing cliche’ it’s laughable.  No matter what the topic, President Obama will be wrong and the government will be bad.  Honestly, everything she’s coached to say, or script she’s given to speak from, seems like her handlers just did a survey to poll which talking points the most ignorant conservatives like hearing most—then they just give her the rundown to spew out with some kind of lame “you betcha” style shtick.

This was on full display recently when she did an interview where she basically defended Edward Snowden, while of course blaming everything on President Obama.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Our government spied on every one of your phone calls, but they couldn’t find two pot-smoking deadbeat Bostonians with a hotline to terrorist central in Chechnya.  And it’s built an apparatus to sneak into all of the good guy’s communications, but whoopsie daisy, it missed the Fort Hood mass murder of our troops despite this Islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous Army counseling sessions and even on his own business cards.”

Also included in some of her remarks she decided to ignore the fact that the IRS conspiracy Republicans have tried to levy against Obama has been debunked, continuing to perpetuate that the whole ordeal is a “symptom of a bigger disease.”  And she claimed the Obama administration has been tagged with “scandal after scandal,” referencing Benghazi—another “conspiracy” that fell apart for Republicans.

But who cares about facts, right?  She’s not speaking to rational people who care about things such as reality, she’s pandering to the far-right ignorant folks who still think Obama isn’t American, the recession started after he took office and our economy is worse off than it was in 2008.

But beyond that, I don’t even know how to begin to respond about her ridiculous comments.

First, they didn’t “spy on every one of our phone calls.”  They tracked the numbers dialed, and length of the phone call, for millions of Americans.  But they didn’t “track every call.”  Her comments are clearly meant to mislead the public into thinking that the government was caught recording every phone call in the country.

Then in her assessment about the Boston Marathon bombing, she makes a completely ignorant comment by implying that even in their surveillance the government was too inept to prevent an attack perpetuated by 2 “pot-heads.”  (Oh, by the way, I guess she’s implying that if you smoke weed, you’re too ignorant and lazy to accomplish anything.)

Then when she references the Fort Hood shooting, a shooting that wasn’t classified as an act of terror, she does a couple of things:

  • Only targets acts of violence perpetuated by Muslims, openly displaying her anti-Muslim bias.
  • Apparently believes that Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, should have been arrested before committing any crime simply based on comments he made to Army counselors—even though he never directly said he planned to murder anyone.

And by the way, wouldn’t that second one be her supporting a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights, the very rights she’s trying to say Obama has violated?  You know what, I’m not even going to go there, she’s not bright enough to understand that complete contradiction in her statements.

See, by her failure to mention how the NSA also “failed to prevent” the Aurora, Colorado or Sandy Hook shootings, she apparently only sees violence that was perpetrated by Muslims as something with which she can use to try and attack President Obama.  Who cares about those other shootings, right?  They weren’t committed by “scary Muslims,” so her mentioning those wouldn’t help perpetuate that Islamaphobia many conservatives suffer from.

Then of course she says nothing about the possibility that the NSA surveillance might have actually prevented terrorist attacks.  But then again, we wouldn’t know if they have—because they never happened.

By the way, wasn’t she an ex-VP candidate for John McCain?  A staunch supporter of the Patriot Act.  And isn’t she a member of the Republican party—the architects of the Patriot Act?

You know, the whole piece of legislation which gave the NSA permission to severely toe the line with our Fourth Amendment rights.

I highly doubt she would be attacking the federal government had she actually been elected to represent it—but thankfully that never happened.

This is just another instance where this woman feels the need to exploit a situation going on in this country to wield some kind of pathetic attack on our government, and more specifically President Obama, just so she can still feel relevant.

But even in her feeble attempt to attack the president and stay relevant, all she really did was contradict herself, display her disdain for Muslims and prove once again she doesn’t have a damn clue what she’s talking about.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Common sense

    I wonder how much the republicans pay her by the hour to whore herself out to them. I guess she’s too stupid to feel cheap and used..

    • otis

      oh she loves to whore herself out….. now she is doing celebrity wife swap!!!

      • Nathan Buchanan

        Pretty sure it is Bristol doing Celeb wife swap. Exchanging with Melissa Rivers. Other than that, yeah she is a complete twit and not worth the money she makes.

      • hiatt111

        And otis, you present yourself as one who would be stupid enough to watch those “reality” shows. Otis ma man!

      • otis

        first it is otis my woman,,,, and i saw it on a commercial… i don’t watch reality shows cuz we all know how “real” they are and yes it is bristol and joan rivers daughter melissa that swapped but sarah makes appearances on the show… and thanks for calling me stupid very sad face 🙁

    • mojones1

      She is too egotistical to feel cheap and used. This woman is a publicity hound who really doesn’t care at all about the subject matter. She works off of a script most likely written for her by someone else. If anyone other than a Fox commentator interviews her she folds like a house of cards. As long as she has Greta and Sean to toss her softball questions she can cope.

    • hiatt111

      We usually use your Mom.

      • oldvirginian41

        As usual for rabid right wing twits, hiatt111, you are an idiot, a trashy mouthed dirt bag and even worse, you probably are a registered GOPer.

      • hiatt111

        What about the post I responded to? You are mindless blind lemming oldvirginian41. Can you even read? Silly question. Carry on.

      • oldvirginian41

        Actually twit, you apparently allow your alligator mouth to overload your humming bird butt. Most folks who slam a posters relatives, like their Mother, are identified as the lowest level of Tea Party/GOPer scum. But then one has to consider the source and the upbringing.

      • hiatt111

        You mean like the Mother of Bristol Palin? Surely you would not slam her Mother. Don’t say because Mrs. Palin was the poster, she was not. Your hypocrisy pales only in comparison to your dark heart.

  • Aaron Childers

    Sarah Palin is an idiot that shouldn’t be given credibility by being on tv. If the republicans had any sense they would disown her and all the other loud, ignorant right wing nut jobs. Probably how Obama won in the first place. Think about it, Bush was awful for too many reasons to mention, McCain was dumb enough to have this broad as a running mate, and then they put a bunch of morons up in the primaries with Romney coming out looking like a polished turd. The worst part being that all the republican party has done is fight Obama every step of the way out of bitterness from losing two elections. It’s way too easy to criticize Obama but they’re just too dumb to get it right.

    • Ron

      Ha ha, polished turd. That fits Romney to a tee.

    • Betty Caron

      She’s part of the problem with the GOP and why they will have to clean up their act before they completely lose any credibility in a National election.

      • hiatt111

        Why is she a problem Betty? Because she is pretty and SMART like most conservative women. Wonder if you just say that to try and fit in the the lowest common denominators on the left. I suppose yall love each others company. You basically can’t look too stupid when you are comparing yourselves to each other….lol

      • Aaron Childers

        name one intelligent thing she has ever said. i’ll wait. post a link as proof.

      • openlyblack

        You have an interestingly absurd, albeit bizarre, view of beauty and intelligence.

        I’m with Aaron … please … just one thing (with proof)!

      • Common sense

        You’re an arrogant retard.. yeah i saw your attack about my mom.. i like people like you.. gives me reason to stay in shape..

      • hiatt111

        I’m sorry, for a minute there, I thought your post was referring to Sarah Palin being a whore. She to is someone’s Mom. Yeh, you need to stay in shape pal, but not sure that will help your mental capacity. Good Luck with that.

      • shawn f

        Did you really say smart?

    • hiatt111

      Aaron, you received 55 likes from your lemming brothers and sisters for a post that has no substance whatsoever. Simply name calling and baseless insults with NOTHING to back them up. Just the usual mean spirited ugliness as utilized so often by you self-loathing libs. Back it up or shut up.

      • openlyblack

        hiatt111: calling someone who asks another for proof that Sarah Palin is “intelligent” mean spirited … then describing that someone as “self loathing” … then demanding they “back up” that request (huh?) is simply sad.

      • Aaron Childers

        still waiting on those links hiatt111

      • Aaron Childers

        by the way i posted some links of sarah palin but apparently the site wont allow it. not that it matters, your eyes and ears would probably bleed so there’s no point in taking the initiative to see what i mean. the contents of the videos were her not only not knowing who paul revere was but making up her own version of paul revere riding (equipped with bells) to warn the british that the americans weren’t going down without a fight. in another video she is asked if she agrees with the bush doctrine, in response she rambles on for a whole 60 seconds about terrorism without ever answering the question or showing she even understood it. yet another video has her claiming that global warming is a natural phenomenon having little or nothing to do with humans. and another where it is her belief that dinosaurs are only 4,000 years old. this goes on forever. you tube is a wonderful thing.

        “Why is she a problem Betty? Because she is pretty and SMART like most conservative women.”

        These two lines gave me cancer. what does pretty have to do with anything? the republican party uses her as a prop. nothing she says has any meaning. her job is based on republicans desire to pander to the retard population. yet half of your defense is that she’s pretty? the other half was smart. well, looks like you’re just going to have to settle for pretty because we both know you can’t make an argument for smart. now let’s look at the next piece of your splattered fecal matter of a quote. “-SMART like most conservative women.” notice i didn’t capitalize the word smart, you did. oh the irony. what may i ask makes conservative women smarter than any other woman? please tell me what puts them above ANYBODY in any social class, race, or sex? is it because they’re conservative? is it because they’re women? obviously you were offended because you are both which shouldn’t be an issue for someone with average intelligence. but you felt like you were being attacked personally. is it because you identify yourself to sarah palin; the marketing tool used to gain the respect of women and dumb people everywhere? somebody that can excrement random stupidity at any given moment? that’s who you wanna look up to?

      • hiatt111

        You are an expert about Sarah Palin’s history failings, but you failed to mention Obama who admits to not know what is going on in his own administration. That is, until he sees on the news. His words, not mine or yours.

      • hiatt111

        Remember Aaron, remove the log from your eye before attempting to remove the splinter from mine. If you keep reading and writing, one day you will work your way up to the level of average intelligence. Keep up the good work.

      • Aaron Childers

        i didn’t mention obama because he was not the subject of my post.

      • Aaron Childers

        just for the record, you haven’t answered any of my questions yet you want to change the subject to obama. fine, here’s my take. obama does know what is going on, he is simply trying to dodge responsibility which is despicable. edward snowden is one hell of a patriot because he made an infinitely tough decision and ultimately his loyalties lay with the american people and not his government employer. obama is full of shit and a liar, yet he is competent, unlike sarah palin. to be honest i’ve become disenchanted with obama and democrats’ unwavering support for a member of their party over the citizens they represent. this isn’t about political alliances so your obama jab is pathetic and misplaced. like i said, obama deserves criticism but at least have the criticism be justified. sarah palin running her d!ck suckers about obama not preventing the boston bombings is just a bunch of self righteous unpatriotic bull. if palin really cared about america she would want obama to succeed so the country can heal. not bash everything he does without merit or even the slightest sliver of knowledge of the situation before she runs her mouth. she is a moronic jizz dumpster of a human being. my beef is not with the republican party but all politicians. they should be judged on their performance on a case by case basis. even though i disagree with mccain on this issue at least he had the respect to not attempt to trash obama for political gain.

      • hiatt111

        Okay, although I don’t agree with you about Palin, I do agree that I should not have changed the subject to Obama. I stand corrected. I do wonder how a woman who is not even in office could intimidate the libs so drastically. Back to Obama, I agree that he is competent. Competency without character does little to improve the issues facing this country. We tried character without competence (Bush) and that didn’t work either. NOTHING will ever change unless we get the “good ole boys” out of Washington. You know, the elite ones that are supposed to be serving the people. Instead, we work all year long to serve them. Something is quite rotten in the state of Denmark.

      • Aaron Childers

        im impressed.

      • John McMillan

        Palin does NOT “intimidate” us…we LAUGH at her! And you think GW Bush had CHARACTER?? LOLOL…but I do agree with you, we need to get a lot of people OUT of Washington, they are not serving the public, only themselves.

      • shawn f

        Kind of like Regan , in Iran Contra.

  • Dissenter13a

    One wonders if ECHELON could tell the difference between Osama and Obama….

  • lior

    !!!Sarah Palin is an idiot that shouldn’t be given credibility!!!! why you give her some much exposure!!! remember even bad press is press exposure!!!

    • Barbara DeWitt

      Exactly! The more the legitimate press covers her, the more she will say. If you ignore her, she will be seen less and less.

  • Tgmoore

    Woah! Woah! How the first little paragraph was framed I thought she was going to be on the treason wagon. While what Snowden did was illegal in a sense what was being done by the NSA was also illegal in accordance with the the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    Now I really don’t like Sarah Palin, but for once in I agree with the general sentiment, not her Muslim bashing. I think the forecast for Hell today is a balmy 31 degrees.

  • Riddlehat

    Ailes just likes his pet monkey.

    • Nathan Buchanan

      I hear they both like giving blumpkins. Just a rumor…

  • Dean Anderson

    Shes still around because of the collective I.Q. of repugliKKKan voters.They EAT UP ANYTHING NEGATIVE about PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! Im 75 years old & have never seen a politician look worse than her in an interview.She is an air head.

    • hiatt111

      If you are 75 you are old enough to know that these are not the same democrats you grew up knowing and obviously related to. If they are, you need to go back over the 75 years and see when it was you decided to be associated with such mean, tree hugging, baby killing “tolerant” folks.

      • openlyblack

        haitt111 … you don’t get out much, huh?

      • hiatt111

        Just enough to know whats what.

      • John Cross

        Hiatt, u sure earned your nickle per post on this thread. That’s about what your posts are worth. But if u knew anything about US history you would know that both the Democrat and Republican parties have changed dramatically over the last 75 years. Specifically, all the RACISTS went from the Democratic to the Republican party. Now before u get all hot and bothered, note I did not call YOU a racist, but just suggest u look at who u r associating with.

  • jim

    I don’t particularly like her but she is dead on right, If you survival everyone you can’t actually focus on the high priority targets as effective security would dictate.

    • Jake Criss

      Did you speak English or just have a small seizure?

  • Guile Williams

    *sigh* Someone please put her out of our misery…

  • mojones1

    Oh but doesn’t she love being in the limelight? As always she is not letting facts deter her from spewing her nit-witticisms. Sadly there is a faction of Americans who prefer to believe the nonsensical rantings of their dopey idol rather than truth, facts and all of those other bothersome statements that sane commentators make.

  • JonesRobynj

    aNo doubt we dogged not only a bullet but a huge asteroid, then McCain was not elected. This woman is so stupid, I see her more an a comedic figure than anything else. She is an anarchist pure and simple. Personally I think they should cut her off at the knees and arrest her for plotting to over throw the government and an enemy of our country, all by herself. She is a disgrace to woman kind and if there was a way to take away her rights, I’d do it. I mean she sure doesn’t respect anyone elses right’s, right? To bad we can’t go back to the 1700’s like she wants us to. Tar and feathering would be legal! What a piece of work she is.

  • gailillly

    This woman has got to be one of the most ignorant people on the face of this earth. She will do anything say anything for attention. she don’t give a dam about America or the American people. She just wants to hurt Obama any way she thinks she can and keep herself in the limelight. She is not intelligent and that voice of her’s goes right through you. I couldn’t be bothered listening to anything this moron has to say for it is of no substance whatsoever.

  • EatShit

    Get up off your knees, back away from Obama’ cock, and clean your face off.

  • EatShit

    Muslims are SOOOOO WONDERFUL and “progressive”! Oh wait, no they aren’t. You obviously NEVER read any actual news from any Muslim country.

    • Alan W.

      There isn’t “news” from any extremist country, regardless of their religious base. But to lump an entire culture of millions of people together based on what their government does…That’s like saying all Germans hate Jews, all Chinese people want to run students over with tanks, and all Americans want to kill the indigenous denizens of the North American continent. Furthermore, can you really see the dividing line between extremist Muslims and extremist Christians? Assholes on different animals, but assholes nonetheless.

    • carterfan

      is that your christian name?

  • Vicky Smith

    Fox News you need to hire credible people…and guess what Sarah Palin …is a nut job. And anything she says is in no way NEWS worthy. Please send her back to Alaska where they like her. (They do like her …RIGHT)

    • sassieakadeb

      No I read an article that they are glad she’s gone!!!!

    • Bad Kitty of the North

      No, we HATE her here. If for no other reason, than she quit half way through her term, on to “bigger and better” things. She thinks she’s too good for Alaska, and that message has not been lost up here. Plus, she is dumber than a rock, and only put Alaska on the map as a punch-line.

      If you read the Anchorage Daily News you’ll see how fed up everyone is with her and her family. Just mention Sarah, Bristol, or her baby-daddy, what’s-his-name, and you will get rolled eyes and groans. Please, send her somewhere a bit more remote – the moon, perhaps?

    • hiatt111

      Yeh we should probably go with someone more like Maddow. You people need to clean up your own side of the street before making such rude and shallow comments.

      • openlyblack

        Having read your posts, I’m forced to wonder if you even know what “rude and shallow” actually means.

      • hiatt111

        My posts are designed in a way to aid in the ability of numbnuts like you to comprehend. Conservatives have just about had enough of you lib/lip service. I have never met a lib that wasn’t mean as hell. I am simply trying to relate to your kind.

      • Vicky Smith

        Being mean as hell keeps us in shape for the crap we have to put up from the republicans!

    • Jake Criss

      That is the problem in a nutshell. Fox news CAN’T hire anyone credible because intelligent people can’t be bought by stupid.

  • Grandma M.

    Just when you think it’s safe to go back into the water……..I don’t have to worry about this brainless wonder. I very seldom watch FOX. When I do I detect the lies and distortions immediately. Sarah Palin fits right in with FOX.

  • Cheechako42

    Actually she needs to change her name to Sara Phailin.

  • dboomer1

    More read meat for her ever shrinking base, put a sock in it and shut your pie hole Sarah…

  • Guy Gabois

    Six little words: Sarah Palin is a fucking idiot.

    • hiatt111

      You are such a stud.

      • carterfan

        hiatt 111 that certainly is not your I.Q. you just might be as stupid as sister sarah herself what a loser

      • hiatt111

        Now that really cuts deep. You know carterfan, your attempt to ridicule me is only as effective as you the ears/eyes it falls upon. In this case you are pissing up a tree.

  • Alex Paylor

    Somebody please stick this stupid bitch on an ice floe and let her disappear over the horizon. How anyone can, or ever did, take this woman seriously need a psychiatrist’s help. Immediate help.

    • hiatt111

      Your are such a gentleman Alex. What would possess a man to speak in such a manner. What did she do that upset you so? Will be interesting to read your response (after you ask somebody what to type).

      • Jake Criss

        She uses Oxygen. Is that enough? Now get back in your stinky recliner that sits in your trailer in the holler, pulled up your depends and STFU. You bring nothing to the table but right wing rhetoric. Your Republican math (1+1=5) is as geriatric as your failed attempts at providing 1 fact that proves Pathetic Palin is anything more than a Fox whore who puts it out for anyone with a buck.

      • hiatt111

        Jake, your hypocrisy is a beautiful example of liberalism at its finest. You do your best to portray me as your father. Keep looking, I am not him.

      • Jake Criss

        You couldn’t be my Father if you spent 250 years trying. My Father is noble, has character, intelligence and the ability to have compassion, integrity and action. Back under your bridge troll.

      • hiatt111

        and you spend you days making him proud, right?

      • Jake Criss

        Yes and I don’t even have to try. You see, being raised with parents who have class, intelligence and integrity rub off. Shame you never have known that. I believe your Three Billy Goats Gruff are approaching your bridge. G’Day.

  • Quiet One

    Unfortunately, as Lindsey Graham admitted in an article in the New Yorker this week, 80% of his constituents get all their news from Fox News. This is the audience Palin is addressing. She knows they will eat it up and does not give a hoot about anybody else. She is paid well for her propaganda speeches.

  • Robin

    She certainly gives us all something to write about, if nothing else.

  • Belle Ziggy

    I never understood any bit of it at all.

  • WGAF

    They hate Obama more than they love America.

  • Jim Tarvin

    Just let her keep rambling on and on….the more they verbally masterbate each other the quicker they loose ground.

  • Rudewaitress

    It is so easy for her to tell so many crazy lies…when you have base that is too stupid or too lazy to check out what the facts really are or ….just don’t care about facts…it takes nothing to stir the nut base!!!!!

  • CMS

    Can Sarah not figure out (yet) how stupid she sounds…or is she just that stupid ?

  • openlyblack

    Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet, dammit!?!?!

  • John Waters

    The fact that she is on FOX News only serves to prove how bad FOX News really is. She was “cute” 5 years ago… now? Not so much!

  • aggregation

    Her and her whole family are sickening, I watched them on wife swap and they are the most shallow, hypocritical, so called “Christians’ in the World.

  • aggregation

    Sarah Palin was the one reason I didn’t vote for McCain.

  • Christina McDonald

    She rents her skull out by the hour.

  • John Cross

    Bored stiff of any stuff on Palin. Please just ignore her unless she admits that she is the ambassador of Al Qaeda to the US.