Sarah Palin’s Recent Bizarre Behavior Has Been Strange Even for Her (Videos)

sarah-palin-channel-1Now I’ve made it pretty clear that I am by no means a Sarah Palin fan.  While some of the things I’ve said about her have clearly been hyperbole, my genuine disdain for her is very real.  My honest opinion, without any kind of political bias whatsoever behind it, is that she’s a raving narcissist who has a desperate need to be the center of attention.

And I genuinely just don’t think she’s very intelligent.

All that being said, she’s been acting extremely bizarre lately.  Even for her.

I first noticed it in a speech she gave in Denver, Colorado a few weeks back.  She almost seemed intoxicated, or at least on something.  She was just randomly blabbering on in an even more erratic way than usual.

Just watch the first few minutes of her speech starting at 3:55 in the video below:

While she often comes off irrational and ridiculous, in this particular speech she just seemed much more “off” than usual.

At one point she goes off on some rant about “fat cats” and Obama rubbing purring kitten bellies.  It’s really just… odd.

Then I recently watched another video where she responded to a speech Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren gave at the Netroots Nation convention.  During that speech Senator Warren hit on an array of topics such as immigration and income inequality.

Warren also touched on the current battle many fast food workers are fighting in their push to be paid better wages from their employers.

This apparently motivated Palin to release a video in response to Warren’s comments.

The first bizarre thing about this video is the timing.  This is a speech Warren gave nearly a month ago.  Typically when you issue a response to a speech such as this, you do so pretty immediately.  And if you don’t notice it until a month later, you just let it go.

But even the odd timing of the video isn’t nearly as strange as Palin’s response to the video itself.

Here, take a look courtesy of the Sarah Palin Channel:

Normally I might type out some of the transcript of the speech for those who weren’t able to watch it, but I can’t.  It’s that erratic.

She just bounces around from one thing to the next, rambling off random words – with an awkward pause here and there, often not even finishing her current sentence before starting another one.

When people see another person acting strangely peculiar, often they’ll joke and say something like, “Wow, they must be on something.”

And that’s exactly what I said after watching each one of these videos.

I’ve seen plenty of Sarah Palin’s speeches throughout the years, but I’ve never seen her as incoherent and scatterbrained as this.

And that’s saying something considering this is Sarah Palin we’re talking about.  Easily one of the most ridiculous conservative personalities this country has ever seen.

But I’m curious what you all think.  Is it just me being partisan or does she really seem to be acting even more bizarre than normal?  Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Karen

    Wow…the latest one apparently shows that no one is writing her script, but she sounds medicated. Palin in free-fall?

  • worrierking

    Thank you Senator McCain!

    Your legacy should have been one of heroism and valor, but unfortunately, you’ll be remembered for releasing this Kraken on America and the English Language.

    • carol p byram

      Let’s not forget Bill Kristol, who discovered her and thought it would be a great idea if McCain…

    • JamieHaman

      After seeing Palin’s “interview” with Katie Couric, I knew I couldn’t vote for McCain, with this person only one heart beat away from the Presidency.

    • Cat Marcuri

      Or moreso lately, his desire to instantaneously bomb any country, for the hell of it…(speaking as a disabled vet, I don’t find him particularly heroic or valiant, given that he broke and spilled his guts to his captors, or the fact that he had to ditch so many planes in the first place. I’ll save my admiration for people who actually did heroic things, myself…just sayin’…)

    • jonathan

      Heroism and valor? The dude’s a war mongerer who was captured and spent the entire war as a POW… that’s not as honorable as one would think.

  • ML

    Sounds just as wacky as I remember her from 2008, when she had higher paid writers and which is pretty much when I stopped listening to/looking at/thinking about her. But I did check out your video clips today, and SOS (Same old Sarah).

  • TripleMoon

    Where to begin… I think she’s over acting and trying too hard to sound cute and folksy. Her timing is terrible. She appears to either be on medication or had a few drinks. I think she suffers from mental illness. Add that to her narcissism and stupidity, and you have one incoherent bizarre speech. We are witnessing her end.

    • Jo Clark

      Totally agree, except she’s always tried to be all folksy, starting with the “lipstick on a pig” crap from six years ago.

      She’s just a whole psych package to me, always has been, but I do think there is alcohol or drugs influencing her now, or maybe both. Her word salad has turned into slurry word salad and if you watch, it’s all short phrases that kind of drift off now instead of those long rambling responses she used to do.

      • Kahyt

        She IS the pig in lipstick!!

      • John Michael Hutton

        The Conservatives eat her crap up.

    • cab

      One can only hope!

    • Don Miller

      Me thinks Palin and Bachmann are drinking from the same water fountain.

    • jonathan

      I think she exhibits clear signs of being on Xanax and some sort of stimulant to counter act it’s sleepiness effects. When I was at a bad point in my life I knew a number of people who were JUST like this. Just so out there and apparently full of life that took a drug similar (or actual Xanax) and counter acted nodding out by drinking and/or taking some sort of amphetamine like Aderall or something.

      • Third_Party_Now

        Been there, and it’s a very bad place. I was thinking the exact same thing and just browsing around to see if anyone else picked up on it. Lots of us experienced benzo/alcohol/adderall people see it as very obvious.

        She might not even be abusing – following your doctor’s orders can cause this, believe it or not!

  • Margaret Elizabeth Deegear

    Perhaps she is bi-polar. Experiencing a manic episode

  • Imorrisey

    No. You’re right on, as usual. What’s really scary, are the people who think she’s smart and hang on to each and every word.

    • Donna in Rome

      Except that here, it’s hard to find a semi-coherent word to hang onto!

  • Anna York

    As I said on Twitter she seems almost WAY too erratic and incoherent for mere intoxication or just plain stupidity. It almost seems as if she had a stroke or some mini-strokes.

    • Marc Thomson

      Uh-oh, The Sarah-bot is…broken…

  • BobLoblaw

    OMG.. “In private, there’s a whole lotta fat cats purring and cuddling and tummy tickling…”
    LOL this woman is nuts! I think she is about to take Bachmann batshit crazy crown.

    • msshell

      They should have to share the crown because bats shit crazy describes them both to a T. They should also share a dunce cap. Actually they should come with a warning for those too stupid to know that everything that spews from their lips is contrary to sane, rational and intelligent speak.

      • Tamaracboy

        And contrary to FACTS, TRUTH, and LOGIC

    • John Michael Hutton

      She’s already the leader in the clubhouse for the batshit crazy queen of the world and she’s not even blonde. She is followed closely by Bachmann and Blackburn, both of them are nuttier than a fruit cake

  • Mainah

    There is something wrong with her. Her movements are off and so is her affect. It is rather bizarre. I would wonder if it maybe something neurological or she’s hitting the pipe.

  • Melanie Tolar

    “cuddlin’ and purrin’ and tummy-ticklin’ ” – – – if she isn’t drunk or medicated she’s certifiable – – – that is some crazy crap.

  • kim dyer

    What IS she taking? She needs her meds adjusted.

    • Chico Gonzalez

      She pushes her stances, and people (mostly men) agree with her. Were she butt-ugly and had small tits, she would never have been famous. However, she is pretty and possesses at least a D-cup, so men like her. Men are stupid, and live by their dicks……..

      • Chico Gonzalez

        OK, I’ll say what no (R) or (D) here will admit to: We all believe that Sarah is a moron, but every one of us would bang her. Hard. VERY hard. Until she squealed with delight!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Not that needy

        Son, either you’re new at sex, or extremely desperate to get laid,,,as a man, let me assure you there are many of us who would not be desperate enough to bang that broad….

  • Brett Taylor

    im sorry i could only make a minute of this; i want to barf, why does anyone take idiot seriously?

    • Avatar

      She is worthy for people who are wearing the t-shirt of her face on it.

  • Andrea Spande

    Palin is just a failure of a human being altogether. She may be realizing that the hate party is over and she’s just trying to get more outrageous to maximize her ROI.

    I hope her vile hate speech sucks her down with it.

    • Almon Stanley

      I should sue her, when I saw that evil bitch on my laptop screen I freaked out and threw holy water at it!
      All I can recall is screening the power of Christ compels you!
      I woke up on the floor and there were burn marks across my laptop screen forming the number is 666!

  • Mary Minor

    I feel sad for her. When she was governor she never spoke anything like this. As one legislator said when she was tapped by McCain in 2008, “If she had two thoughts about national politics, she kept it to herself.”. It would be a good thing to just stop posting this kind of thing. IMHO.

    • rowdy13

      The problem is not everyone recognizes her as a lunatic. She still has a lot of people who think what she says has weight. Those people are voters, and they should absolutely be well informed on the crazy she represents.

      • msshell

        How in the world did she ever get her own TV station? There is someone behind the curtain pulling strings to keep her in the public eye and for what purpose is beyond me. I suppose her cutesy, crazy appeals to enough of the GOP base that they keep using her.

      • rowdy13

        She is used as a distraction. She riles up enough of the craziest of the right wing that they make enough noise to distract from the stuff that matters. She is an entertainer, clearly she loves to put on a show.

      • Demo

        It’s not a TV station – it’s a website. That’s all.

      • docbets


  • Bud

    I guess her appearance fees must be pretty slim, as it’s obvious she isn’t paying a speech writer. I’m not sure which was more painful, listening to her or that introduction she had that dude read.

    • Avatar

      $99.95 per year is pretty steep. WWE’s own channel are much much cheaper and far more enjoyable.

      • gingerland62

        and obviously much better scripted.

      • Sean Jones

        Actually WWE Network is 119.88 per year (9.99 x 12)

  • Avatar

    I have greater respect for whoever had to sacrifice their sanity to watch Sarah Palin’s channel and taking the notes of predictable bizarre statements.

    I was also told about Bristol got her own blog in that channel and it was absolute cringeworthy and unbearable.

  • Anthony Barcellos

    Unscripted randomness. Palin has always been an undisciplined speaker and a word-salad spinner, but this crosses the line to incoherent babble. Is she ill?

  • vetch

    Mental illness? Brain aneurysm? Physical reaction to some serious illness? I could never stand that woman, but I tend to believe there is something else going on besides drunk or high.

  • Sandy Greer

    Ooh, Allen. I wish you hadn’t cut that second video – just when she spoke of ‘stepping stones’. Curiosity caused me to search out the whole clip:

    theminorityreportblog DOT com/2014/08/08/sarah-palin-gives-conservative-response-to-elizabeth-warrens-progressive-commandments/

    ^^^I shouldn’t have to go to Minority Report to get it, Allen. You should want me to hear the entirety of what she said. Why didn’t you want that, for me?

    If your intention is ridicule only – You will get your rote responses, easy enough. But don’t assume rote responses translate into rote votes.

    And why would you want rote votes, anyway?

    Have some respect for your readership. There are intelligent people here who wonder what is said when videos are abruptly cut off. And who don’t join parades of ridicule.

    Respect that – Respect us. You denigrate us all when you think we want no more than to feast on ridicule.

    Speak to the issues. Stop the ridicule. We are better than mindless ‘gotchas’ – and so should you be.

    • patsijean

      What is your point, Sandy. I do not know what you want us to hear. Don’t just talk around it, say it instead of repeating the same thing over and over.

      • Sandy Greer

        My point – is that Clifton appeals to the ‘worst’ among us. We rise by lifting others. But instead of lifting us, and bringing out the best in us – He drags us down, into a Sea of Negativity. And a negative mind leads not to a positive life.

        This thread – We are no better than our Opponents. In fact – We’re worse. Because we know better. Or we should. Used to be – Lefties stood for something more than a Pitchfork Brigade, with tar buckets, and feathers at the ready.

        We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
        ~ Mahatma Gandhi

        Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.
        ~ Jesse Jackson

        Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
        ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

      • Stacey

        Wow! You need to stop listening to Sara Palin because you sound just like her – a rambling, incoherent, nincompoop! All Palin does is look down on people who don’t agree with her. Who has this grifter ever helped up? Nobody – just herself.

      • Sandy Greer

        You assume I listen to Sarah Palin. Whatta laugh – Assumptions – and the people who make them. I gave you three quotes:

        1) Mahatma Gandhi
        2) Jesse Jackson
        3) Eleanor Roosevelt

        ^^^If you assume I listen to them – you’d be correct. I hold myself to higher standards. Question is:

        Why don’t you – hold yourself to higher standards?

        Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.
        ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

        ^^^There ya go. A fourth one. Must be your lucky day.

      • Charles Vincent

        Two points here.
        1) Are you a personal friend of Palin’s that you know details of her personal life that would inform you she looks down on people?
        2) How do you know she isn’t charitable?

        Seems to me you think charity is about getting a pat on the back because you helped someone… If that’s your idea of it you should be ashamed of yourself charity is an anonymous gesture and not about getting kudos from your peers.

        Perhaps you need to reevaluate how you deal with people because from where I see you your an ugly troll of a person, and a bigot to boot.

    • docbets

      I’m not.

  • John Louis Evans

    she is so repelant I can’t even watch her videos. She creeps me out more than almost anyone

    • Jim Valley

      I can WATCH, I suppose, but I cannot listen to that voice.

  • Evans Cedar Beehives

    Maybe she visited a pot shop in CO before the speech

    • gingerland62

      She would have made more sense.

  • FMA

    The most serious problem is that Sarah Palin is still smarter than the people who would vote for her.

    • gingerland62

      Everyone else in the world is smarter than the people who would vote for her.

    • Cat Marcuri

      Oh, gee, thank you for THAT warm fuzzy thought for the night, FMA! 😛

    • Third_Party_Now

      Not by much.

  • Dot

    If politics isn’t a money making thing, then why did she quit her low paying governor’s job to make more money with FOX?

  • Michelle Blackledge

    I agree with everything you state in this article. She is on something or boozing it up. Really weird even for her

  • 1000th_Monkey

    I’m getting a real sense that she’s trying (way too flippin’ hard) to come off as some sort of comedian here. Like a bad stand-up act that has absolutely no polish, wit or delivery skill. That whole “fast food” bit was just painful, she was obviously winging it as she went and, from her quieter and quieter delivery, even she knew it was bombing.

    Maybe this is just her sad attempt at keeping up with the likes of Jon Stewart or Bill Maher. Since she’s failed in politics, perhaps she thinks she can stay relevant with some “biting political satire”?

    I expect at this point no one could really talk her out of her desperate need to be in the spotlight. As long as there’s even a handful of right-wing fools who still love their Sarah, buy her books and pay to hear her talk, we’ll just keep seeing her crash and burn like an unending car wreck that she is.

  • UnrepentantLib

    Maybe she needs new glasses ,so she can read the teleprompter.

    • Marc Thomson

      or the crib notes she writes on her palm

  • Larry

    It may only be that she’s trying nowadays to be loose and funny and maybe do a bit of Jon Stewart with the little soft-spoken asides…And maybe we’re not getting it cuz she really isn’t funny. Too charitable?

  • Cindi Tupper Pottinger

    My first impression was, what anti-anxiety medication is she taking? She’s a bumbling idiot lately. Far worse than previously.

  • JDOG1

    The craziest part of the second video is that it’s on her own channel (apparently) and she had time to EDIT IT. That’s her chosen edit! This wasn’t a live shot. This was pre-taped.

  • Valance Collis

    This is what happens when you surround yourself with people that only tell you how right or great you are regardless of whether or not they truly believe it. She has surrounded herself with yes men and women for too long. She clearly needs help and no one in her circle will recommend that she seek it because they value their paychecks too much and she is not one to take criticism well. It’s sad really, I think she genuinely believes what she says.

  • Andrew Morris

    I have a feeling that she’s lost/losing all of her close confidants, speechwriters, and image crafters and this is Sarah – in the raw, lost, and with no clue or idea about what she wants to do, how she she should go about doing it, and what message to put out there other than “Obama sucks” and/or “Impeach Obama!”.

    She reminds me of some who here what other people say, then try and imitate them with the big words they use. Unfortunately, when you don’t know what those big words mean, or how they should be used, you end up looking even more foolish than you already do.

  • Marc Thomson

    She’s just too cheap to pay for writers and too lazy to rehearse a speech. Even with her best script and rehearsals, she made astounding gaffes, however.

  • exmotogo

    I have no respect for this woman, but watching just a few minutes of her behavior makes me think there might be something neurological going on here. I can’t find pleasure in others’ suffering and misfortune, no matter how much I disagree with their politics. Finding myself mostly feeling sorry for her, which is not something I ever thought would happen…

  • Julie Christopherson

    Oh Sarah!!! You have finally drifted into the abyss….thank God…..we have endured enough of this insanity.

  • ddconn

    The guy introducing her is nuts too.

  • Cab

    Sarah Palin has always been a fool and a joke. The frightening part is she actually had anyone believe she belongs anywhere near public office.

  • Garth Huels

    Clueless, and incoherent. But who is the idiot doing the introduction? She didn’t even complete 1 term as a governor, correct? If she is truly “the most influential Republican woman in history,” Republicans have a problem..

    • docbets

      Well, I can’t think of any. Including her. Anyone? Republican women of influence?

  • angelspeel

    Sarah Palin would make a good narrator for children’s books. In her Denver CO speech she sounds exactly like she is reading to a small child.

    • Sunnysmom

      I think even children would give her the “wtf?” look.

  • Daniel D Siders

    I find it ironic, see talks about the people making minimum wage, though republicans shot that down. She talks about the career politicians, isn’t that what she is? She talks about the forgetten ones, when she is part of the 1%. She talks about the troops when republicans voted down strengthing the consulate. (Also, no mention of the # of attacks that happened under bush) she talked about the illegal immigrants, but most people do not want those jobs, more so, the people employing them pay them LESS then the required minimum wage, and do not reflect that on their taxes. The republicans are backwards now a days, and with people like Sarah Palin at the helm, the republics will need to either crash and burn or turn around, and one of those will happen sooner vice later.

  • patsijean

    She is getting worse, and I too thought she was either drunk or on something during her Denver speech.

  • Tina Oliver

    somebody nudge me when the bitch pulls a Britney and shaves her head~ til then *yawn*

  • Shswn Stutz

    She seems to be exhibiting the mannerisms of someone who is using meth, just my opinion.

  • whoselineisitanyway


    • Sunnysmom

      lmao Um, after watching those painful videos of your Sarah girl it’s safe to say we’ve already been there.

  • Sunnysmom

    Sarah Palin rebutting Elizabeth Warren via the Sarah Palin Network is like watching a Beavis & Butthead episode. The only thing missing from that clip above was Beavis’ proverbial “heh heh, yeah, heh heh” after Sarah Butthead says something stupid.

    • Cemetery Girl

      I noticed this and cringed. Don’t ruin All the Small Things!!! I wonder if Blink-182 knows?

  • Bargain-Basement Howard Hughes

    Is it really too much to ask, that you people take the time to assassinate some of these disgraces to your great nation once in a while? It could prove a meaningful deterrent for others you know.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some well meaning lunatic will put the effort in and make sure the world gets to see that you cant get away with it anymore in America. I guess that’s too much to hope for..

  • Veronica Davis McInnis

    Precious time, I can never get back…*sniff, sniff

  • Danny Mathey

    Back in the day !…She would be known as a “BASKET CASE .”…..

  • Lizernst

    She is under the influence of something, making her lying rhetoric that much more difficult to listen to. I lasted about 90 seconds.

  • Cemetery Girl

    I was confused by the second clip. Is she trying to be funny? Is that it? I feel like she’s trying to be funny. Unfortunately, it just ends up very uncomfortable. It’s like watching really bad stand up. Watching the first clip, I felt like she watched Tina Fey impersonating her, realized people find that funny so she must be funny, and tried to add some humor (which just comes across as painful.)

  • katherine norton malek

    For sure, she’s either tipped the bottle or taking one of “mommy’s little helpers”. After watching the SP network video (2nd here) the first time I watched it again on an enlarged screen focusing only on her eyes. They are indeed, dialated. My guess, Valium or some tranqulizer or opiate based med. Could even be heroin, who knows. But she’s definitely on something. Looking forward to hearing about her checking into Betty Ford. At least we’d get a reprieve from her verbal vomit.

  • Peggy Fischer Kesler

    She just simply has nothing to say….so she babbles…

  • freethinker666

    Do I really have to listen to this moron.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Tumors in the brain do that. So do both psychotic drugs like acid and molly and Anti psychotics… which means she may actually be getting HELP!!!!

  • Tamaracboy

    Every style point by each vocal inflection she speaks EXACTLY like HITLER

  • .45StayAlive

    Hey thanks for putting Palin’s speech in Denver here. I realize now I’ve been letting my opinion of her be at least partially formed by the kinds of negative claims you and folks like you make. Now, after watching what she actually says and how she says it on that video, I realize why your kind feels the need to put her down – she’s actually brilliant, makes valid points and if the mainstream media hadn’t been so helpful to your type in assassinating her character and intellegence, she would still be a much larger threat to your illogical political views.

    • Sean Jones

      How amusing, you put a picture of your dick as your avi, and you support a woman who disarmed the militias in Alaska. Got that? SHE INFRINGED UPON THEIR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS. But hey, you think shes smart. So what does that say about you?

  • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

    doesn’t matter,,,,,I would still go down on her sexy body. Who cares what she says? I will always LOVE sexy appealing women. The OTHER women— (examples) coulter and malkin ( uggh) and pirro and Ingraham — are useless to me. They serve NO purpose on this planet other than to entertain rightwing low IQ lemmings

  • cealie

    Maybe it’s dawning on her that her career is circling the drain.

  • I was, for a mercifully short time, married to a verbally abusive alcoholic woman (like Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe, but not as funny) whose behavior and thought process looked EXACTLY like this! These videos, along with her family’s recent fracas, point in ONE direction: Sarah Palin is a DRUNK!

  • Jim Wiggin

    The moderator told us all we need to know at the outset: “Governor Palin is the most influential woman in the history of the Republican party.”

  • katherine norton malek

    Cannot even listen to her anymore. The very thought that ppl revere her and still cal her “Governor Palin” after she dropped out is just scary. If you drop out of school, you don’t get a degree. But if you drop out of a position you ran for, were elected to, took an oath of office for … you do not get to carry that title anymore than a school droo-out gets to say they have a degree. The dumming down of the American psyche. It’s at it’s lowest when this yahoo can fill a room with ppl who consider her “an influential politician”. She’s nothing more than a media whore, attention seeker & ex-everything & nothing at all.

  • Pieter Weir

    I think she is just trying so hard to legitimize her place within the GOP and has nothing to talk about. Mama grizzly has fewer and fewer points to criticize democrats about as the economy is growing, the deficit is falling, hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created monthly, The ACA is doing fantastic, etc, etc, etc. The GOP attack dog is out of criticisms. What is she good for if she can’t criticize?

  • SilverGuardian

    Absolutely strange, even for her! If she were related to me, I’d take her in for a checkup and if everything is physically okay with her, I’d take her to detox (unless I was the one doctoring her go juice).

  • Pelvic Sorcery

    I honestly think she’s started taking and abusing adderall.

  • Will B

    Palin’s bizzarre behavior is funny…..until you realize there are people who understand every word and send her their hard earned money to boot.