Satanic Group Responds to Religious Freedom Court Ruling in Perfect Way

satanic-temple-pamphletI’ve said it numerous times before, I’m a big believer in the cliché saying “be careful what you wish for.” In my time on this earth I’ve learned plenty of times that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Apparently last month in Orange County, Florida, a judge ruled that religious pamphlets could be handed out in a local school district in the area.

Big “win” for Christians who are constantly trying to interject religion in places it doesn’t belong, right?

Well, not so fast. Because, remember, when you say “religious materials” that means all religions.

Including Satanism.

It seems the Satanic Temple has decided to get in on this offer to hand out religious materials to school children by making some pamphlets of their own.

Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said, “If a public school board is going to allow religious pamphlets and full Bibles to be distributed to students, as is the case in Orange County, Florida, we think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth.”

“I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and it’s Bible,” Greaves continued. “And this might be the first exposure these children have to the actual practice of Satanism. We think many students will be very curious to see what we offer.”

You can check out the materials here, where Damian and other satanic figures are featured in such things as puzzles and a word search.

Some of you might recall a story I covered a few months ago where the Satanic Temple fought to get a satanic statue placed at an Oklahoma courthouse.

Though we all know the truth. When conservatives talk about “religious freedom,” they’re only referring to their religion. They sure as heck aren’t supporting the right for the Satanic Temple to hand out material to school children.

But that’s exactly what you get when you fight to have religion interjected into places that it doesn’t belong. Because a judge can’t constitutionally rule that only one specific religion can be allowed this access. So it has to be all or nothing.

And the moment these right-wing conservatives began using the legal system to try to interject their religion in places that it didn’t belong, that opened the door for every religion to have that same access. Which, much to their dismay I’m sure, includes the folks over at the Satanic Temple.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • John Masters

    Gotta love it.

  • deedee2die4

    I can only hope that local Flying Spaghetti Monster worshipers start speeding the word of Noodlely Goodness.

    In the name of the Pasta, Sauce and Garlic Toast, R’amen and R’amen.

    • Steve Brains

      hehehe BRAVO!

    • Stephen Barlow


    • EugeneAnthroMan

      Pasta Vobiscum!

  • Jon Harris

    Get those copies of the Koran ready, too!

  • Kawika Mac

    But, but, but …. that ruling was only for right wing, born again, christian groups!! They are the only ones actually allowed to have religious freedom in this country !!
    Look it up~~

    • Pick a name

      What happens when someone invents a god of porn and spreads religious pamphlets of said religion in these schools?

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        God of porn, so pretty much like a third of the Greco/Roman gods?

      • Doctor CatGod

        Well they would me charged with showing porn to a minor , you can’t just go oh my religion allows me to kill either

      • Flory Toto

        Actually no. There are famous pieces of art that display nudity, that underage children are exposed to (At the very least in High School). So a religion that actually champions nudity and promoting ‘free love’ could still be considered protected under free speech and freedom of religion… if handled properly.

      • Doctor CatGod

        Nudity and porn are completely different ball parks lol,

      • Ryan

        That’s it, we need to get Ron Jeremy involved on this idea, he’d do it. he can be the head of the church….if there’s a god of porn, it’s Ron Jeremy.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        I met him,,,,,,,,,,, he is gross. god of porn? todays porn is akin to eating at mcdonalds

  • Boat Drynx

    Not related to the article, but why is the first thing I see on the Forward Progressives site an ad for Scott Walker?

  • giankeys loves shemale porn

    funny how the constitutional “patriots” regarding LIBERTY and FREE speech who work over at FOX “news” and rightwing outlets don’t mention this; but they DID promote CLIVEN BUNDY quite a bit!

  • VeteranMom


  • Etta Helm

    Poetic justice.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      the woman in that photo is sexy

  • DavidD

    This looks like it might be fun to watch.

  • Eg Kbbs

    I’m no legal scholar and even I knew that groups other than protestant Christians would respond, as soon as I saw “judge ruled that religious pamphlets could be handed out in a local school district “

  • gwaz4766

    This is simply outstanding.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Why do I suspect that if the Satanists distribute information there will be articles on conservative sites complaining that even though liberals like to say “seperation of church and state” they allow the distribution of Satanist propaganda in schools. Spin it as proof of the war on Christianity.

    • Matt

      The only thing wrong in your statement is the word “if”.

  • TMeservey

    At the risk of offending anyone’s religious beliefs, Satanism is especially good for one thing: Pissing off the adults around you when you are a powerless and sexually frustrated teenager. So, I expect that the fine teenagers of Orange County, Florida will soon be developing some serious interest in Satan worship if they have not already.

  • MFlick

    not an Oklahoma courthouse, THE Oklahoma State House.

  • Skyhollower

    I am a Christian, but I also believe in a complete separation of Church and state. This and the statue crack me up, I may not agree with them distributing this type of material to children, but as an American I support their right to do so.

  • Drake Chambers

    well if we are going to shove reiligios crap into kids face and make them belive in something before they are old enough to reason or grow facial or armpit hair why not let them have a selection heck lets go all out and have a class in 2nd grade about every religion and let them choose knowledge is have the battle ** GO JOE**

  • Kien Tran

    You see what happens, Lebowski?

  • Deborah Calhoun

    what is good for the goose is also good for the gander…can’t have it both ways, ring wingers. did you think of this when Hobby Lobby got what they wanted from the supreme court. this is exactly why religion should have no place in government/schools

  • Betty

    This is awesome. Just wish the link that shows the pamphlet still worked 🙁 I wanna see what it looks like. I bet it’s hilarious, as is everything the satanist temple seems to do.

    • Matt

      Try it again, it just worked for me. It’s pretty funny, harmless, and actually quite nice for kids. NOT a joke.

  • ncvike

    I am a Christian and I think if you allow Christian pamphlets you should allow any religion. Jesus is about free will and choice. I do have a problem with schools allowing any outside soliciting including BSA, circus tickets, camps, after school activities, religious materials,etc. Schools are for academic education not a venue for advertisers.

  • Matt




  • Where does religion “not belong?” You keep referencing the Constitution, I’m not sure that means what you think it means.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      where does religion NOT belong??? REALLY???
      let us start with politics and legislation. Religion should be kept PRIVATE. all religions are garbage as there is NO tangible “god” which can be identified. GOD? YES! religion?? NOOOOOOOO