SC Restaurant Owner Refuses To Serve Blacks, Cites Religious Beliefs

pp-bbqIn South Carolina, a BBQ restaurant owner claimed that he was within his rights to refuse service to blacks based on his religious beliefs. In the case brought before the Supreme Court, Maurice Bessinger stated that his religion required him to keep black people from eating in his restaurant, although he was perfectly OK with taking their money, so long as they ordered their food to-go.

The attorney representing the petitioners suing Piggie Park also addressed in court the “First Amendment religious privilege claim that petitioner asserted that his religion required him” to deny service to black customers.

“I’m just a fair man. I want to be known as a hard-working, Christian man that loves God and wants to further (God’s) work throughout the world as I have been doing throughout the last 25 years.” (Source)

And now for you who actually took the time to read the story instead of basing your outrage solely off a headline before sharing with an ALL CAPS blurb of “SEE? I TOLD YOU THE SOUTH WAS FULL OF RACISTS!!!”, this case was heard by the Supreme Court in 1968.

50 years ago, Mr. Bessinger used a similar argument as Hobby Lobby to say that despite laws outlawing segregation, his religious beliefs trumped federal law under the 1st Amendment. Maurice Bessinger also lost his appeal to the Supreme Court, in an unanimous decision of 8-0. Like Hobby Lobby, Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ wanted to use the 1st Amendment in order to claim freedom of religion to impose the out of touch views of the owner on others. Not only content to discriminate against blacks at his own establishments, Maurice Bessinger also then used his influence against another restaurant owner who integrated his business. Oh yeah, and then he ran for office, lost and blamed intellectuals and liberals. Sound familiar?

In 1963, Bessinger became angry at a Spartanburg restaurant owner who had integrated his restaurant. Bessinger met with other restaurant owners to force the man to resign as president of the S.C. Restaurant Association — a group he later led as president.

In 1964, Bessinger ran for the S.C. House. He lost by about 100 votes and blamed his defeat on what he called the “Shandon Mafia” – an “exclusive elite section of Columbia” that had “large numbers of out-of-staters, college professors, government officials and other liberals,” according to his biography.

Even Mr. Bessinger’s own brother turned on him when the NAACP threatened a boycott after it was revealed that he was distributing pro-slavery literature in his restaurants, causing almost every grocery chain, including Wal-Mart, to yank his product from the shelves. Yet, he stood by his racism even though it cost him almost 98 percent of his business.

Maurice Bessinger died earlier this year and his children took over the restaurant chain in 2010 with no interest in using the business to engage in the angry, racial politics of their father. The Confederate pictures and the pro-slavery literature are now gone, and the Stars and Bars that used to fly over each Piggie Park location have been taken down as well.

Like Maurice Bessinger, Hobby Lobby represents another, less blatant generation of people who still want to shove their prejudices and ignorance down the throats of others behind the guise of “religious freedom.” Fortunately, just as Mr. Bessinger and his racism shuffled off this mortal coil and into the dustbin history, so will the owners of Hobby Lobby and their religious bigotry.

By the way, if you ever find yourself in the Columbia, SC area, do stop in and try some BBQ at Piggie Park, and let me know how it was. I passed on multiple opportunities to eat there in my many journeys throughout the South because of the blatant racism of their now deceased owner. According to my mother, it’s damn good stuff, even if it is South Carolina style, mustard-based sauce. I prefer East Carolina, vinegar-based sauce, just in case you were wondering.


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  • xnerd

    And so it begins

    • FauxFiveNewts

      It helps to read more then the title and scroll down to the comment section and conclude.

      • For some, not for all.

        BTW, *than.

      • xnerd

        How do you know wtf I was referring to when I said “it”?

  • langranny

    The owner is now deceased? Well I guess by now he knows what God really thinks about people who use religion to further their own bigotry.

    • BD

      Probably not… he’s just gone… lights out… into oblivion like the contents of the RAM when you turn off a computer.

      • Chip Curry

        Good luck with that.

      • originalmouse

        be sure to write if your sky daddy allows outgoing mail from his celestial north korea.

      • Ray Ward

        I love how atheists are every bit as annoying know it all pricks just like their theist cousins.

        I ~ am agnostic. “We don’t know. And neither do you.”

      • Tanya


      • RickyWW

        Look up the definitions for “knowledge” and “belief.” We (atheists) claim lack of belief, not absolute knowledge. Now, whenever you would like to come down off your imaginary high-horse…

      • Ray Ward

        You peddle a religion just like the theists. I’m not sure if it’s a horse or not. Like I said, we don’t know ~ and neither do you.

      • RickyWW

        Again, you have a misunderstanding of… well… a lot apparently. Theism and atheism are about beliefs, not knowledge. I don’t believe that Bigfoot exists, but it’s impossible for me to have enough knowledge to say there’s 100% chance that no previously undiscovered overgrown ape men exist. That is the atheist position toward gods.

        I can make absolute claims that the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and any other god I’ve heard defined do not exist… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ones. I just don’t believe in them because speculation is not a good reason.

    • Frank J Schneider

      It may not be a big change for him because he may be used to the heat after all those years making BBQ!

      • Cam O L Huard

        Satan does love its’ Barbeque!

      • DavidD

        Has the best bands too.

    • FD Brian

      you’re assuming he went to heaven

      • langranny

        Only for a very short time…

      • dimepeice55

        OH NO, that was not his destination by any means!

      • whitecanopy

        just long enough for GOD to inform him on why he isnt STAYING….

    • Lawana

      God gets the last laugh. No matter which place he ended up he will share it with people of every color.

      • John Carter

        And Texas BBQ.

  • Gran Pam

    I pause to post in support of East Carolina BBQ. Mustard! Really – people be cra-cra. That said, I am not content to wait until the religious bigots die of old age. I want to kick somebody’s ass today.

    • Roslyn Holloway

      No mustard, no vinegar either. I like a spicy-sweet tomato-based sauce. Don’t know where it originates, but it is YUM good!

      • Persephone Zielkie Hagen

        it has to have tomatoe vinegar and capsacin

      • Rhonda Thissen

        YES, Lord. *drooool*

      • Oldilocks

        Western BBQ — YES!

      • katietaylor

        Kansas City barbecue is thicker and spicy-sweet.

      • DavidD

        Central Texas German grocery stores and migrant workers.During cotton chopping and picking migrant workers needed something to eat.
        The German meat markets had lots of cheap briskets left over as it is a tough meat to cook and didn’t sell well.They got together with the black folks who like to take pains with thier food and produced Texas Bar B Que.
        Served on newspaper with cheese and crakers.
        Any other kind of meat could be and was used according to season.Spring fryers,pork in the winter and German and Czech sausage and wild game.
        Poor people have poor ways but we aren’t stupid because we are poor.A lot of really great food came about because we had to fill a need and since we had to cook for the rich folks and they wern’t about working and we loved our families and had respect for ourselves we came up with some really good food for ourselves and then word got around.

    • Johnny

      I, for one, love the diversity of ALL BBQ styles and sauces. Each and every one is beautiful, wonderful and delicious. I dream of a day when I can have plate full of Memphis, Kansas City, Carolina – North, South, East and West – and all others in harmony, with a side of Texas toast.

      • ThyGeekGoddess

        Blackwell beat Gate’s sauce by galaxies!
        The meat was good, but I always got the sauce on the side! For the taste test.

      • henri_cervantes

        some people think BBQ doesn’t even have sauce, just smoke. i am not one of them.

      • Shayla

        I prefer biscuits to Texas toasts, but second your love for all sauces.

      • Now that, sir, is the spirit that makes a great country!! And I suddenly feel like ribs for dinner!! Amen!

      • nikflorida

        I am not prejudiced against any barbecue. I am definitely an equal-opportunity barbecue gourmand.

      • Ole Buck

        Actually you are an idiot.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        I wouldn’t buy from a racist on purpose but if I heard about good BBQ before, yes. after no. I will never eat Chick Fillet now because they are anti-gay.

      • Ole Buck

        Julie, where and when did anybody connected with Chick-Fil-A say they are anti gay?

        The truth is, nobody said anything one way of the other, and people like heard a lie and continue to repeat it. By the way, last year was the best sales year (by far) in company history for Chick-Fil-A, and they did it without you!!!!

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Were you asleep? Google Chick-Fil-A gay. They publicly made remarks that caused pro-gay protests for the comments against gay marriage. I would pick McDonalds over it (I avoid McDonalds, I have only eaten their food a few times in the last ten years because there wasn’t a gas station sandwich available. I go years without eating their food.) As far as Chick-Fil-A ‘s popularity, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen one but wouldn’t bother to try it if it did come to my area.

      • Ole Buck

        Julie, who is “they”? What you have typed is not true. people like you just cannot tell the truth.

      • Chris Woodward

        Julie is speaking truths. Use that google search, Ole Buck. Then, you’ll learn the facts. Though, I’m guessing, you won’t really care…. Trolls like you rarely seek facts.

      • Ole Buck

        I cannot find anything that states Chick-Fil-A does not serve or employ gays. If you have it, show it to me, otherwise, shut your pie hole.

      • will

        So- now its only serve and employ? LOL….

      • nekbbew

        Truth. All franchises pay into the corporate headquarters that do not support equality for gay people. The CEO who has passed has always and continually helps support anti-gay religious organizations. WinShape and the other Chic-Fil-a organizations specifically exclude gay couples from participating in its programs,.. They support the FOCUS ON THE FAMILY anti-gay group as well as the NOM anti-gay religious group as well. They also use other means of support for anti-gay groups via its restaurants- but by not actually giving money directly but by providing services like catering and using their media and print services to help anti-gay organizations. The Resturants in California will specifically say the WELCOME GAY CUSTOMERS- because its illegal to discriminate. But a little bit of research will show that. Refusing to acknowledge that this company is anti-gay is silly. They just are. Owners do it in their churches,…corporate does it and has done it and continues to support groups that are vocally anti-gay. Most of these people and religions even believe in the murder of all gay people by stoning them to death (like Shria law). Just ask them. It’s not so hard. They either believe that they must adhere to all the religious standards that they “Cherry Pick”. Or the do not – I for one find that the belief that all gay people must be murdered to be some pretty serious “Anti-Gay ideals.

      • Peggi

        Nekbbrew > “Most of these people and religions even believe in the murder of all gay people by stoning them to death (like Shria law). Just ask them. It’s not so hard. They either believe that they must adhere to all the religious standards that they “Cherry Pick”. Or the do not – I for one find that the belief that all gay people must be murdered to be some pretty serious “Anti-Gay ideals. ”

        Seriously, you don’t really believe that, do you? I don’t know a single Christian (and I know quite a few) who think that gay people should be murdered. Quit spreading lies.

      • nekbbew

        Actually,… Of every evangelical I know that believes the bible to be God breathed,….they believe in the actual validity of every passage in the bible. Every single one. For any conservative evangelical to admit that any part of the bible is not accurate or that it is not to be actually taken on a serious note,… That would invalidate their religion if they decide that any portion of it should not be enforced or that it in fact is not morally or ethically correct. But then,….that is where they have to “Cherry Pick” to protect their own desires or their religious ideals and not feel compromised on the ones they ignore. The notion that because they don’t vocalize it still doesn’t make it not so,… The good thing is that there ARE MANY Christians out there that know and realize that the bible is not completely applicable to life. They now and understand that many of the rules and standards practiced or enforced are actually morally and ethically reprehensible and therefore are disregarded. The smart christians understand this and they are not right-wing conservatives. They do not applaud or approve of recent anti-gay legislation that a governor recently supported. Neither do they play the war against Christmas because everyone doesn’t demand the merry Christmas greeting and they don’t poo themselves because someone says happy holidays. But to outright deny that many conservatives and evangelicals do not believe that all of the bible is accurate and is to be followed – is a lie. Currently there is a ballot initiative in California where it is called “Shoot The Gays”. Where it is demanded that gay people be shot or murderd. With the current death threats against churches because they choose to respect and honor gay people,…. Read up on it,..and follow the stories,…. There are HUGE SWATHS OF CRAZY ASS CHRISTIANS OUT THERE WHO ARE PERFECTLY FINE WITH MURDERING OR THE BIBLICAL STONING OF GAY PEOPLE.

        The whole thing is there are 2 basic groups of Christians. Those who believe that every word of the bible is accurate and to be followed and taught,….. And those who choose to follow more closely the teachings of Jesus and they do not believe that many parts of the bible are in any way applicable to our lives now,…and that many parts are actually morally unacceptable.

        It’s pretty easy. Ask the Christians you know if the believe in the entire bible that 100% of it is valid and to be followed and taught,…. Or that much of the bible is not applicable to our lives in today’s society and that the bible is to be looked at with an open mind. Knowing full well that many parts – like stoning gays – is absolutely not even an option.

        If you are one of those Christians who don’t feel if believe that all of the bible is to be followed,… Than good for you. Go have a shrimp cocktail and enjoy your running shorts or mixed fabric lulumen yoga pants,…enjoy having any seat of authority,…wearing pant suits and jeans and having short haircuts,…enjoy the use of makeup and not having your head covered.

      • Ced Truz

        Then they would believe in the “new law” of Jesus to love one another. No Christian, a follower of Christ, follows the old laws of the OT that Christ fulfilled.

      • nekbbew

        True. The actual truth is that a Christian is a follower of what Chist said and did. The part that we do not like is the use or blanket term Christian used to describe anyone with any sort of biblical affiliation.

        I was hoping a person with an ounce of back-bone would admit the truth about all of the bible being “God breathed” and all of it is not o be used. The truth is,… It is not. The issues on slavery,….sex slaves,….child brides,….killing of children,…murdering of women,…. Etc etc,…including the passages that call for the stoning of gays or women who have sex,… These things that are not acceptable behavior by society.

        I am waiting for Christians to admit that many parts of the Old Testament are not applicable in any way in our society. Ever. But all I ever get is short winded [email protected] I get pitiful rants of spreading lies,… Which of course is not true.

        I wish people would just do a tiny bit of research on their beliefs and admit that all of the bible is not to be used and or taken literally. There needs to be an honest and frank discussion on the issues with the bible. Either slavery is fine or it is not. Murdering people by stoning is ok or is it is not.

        The truth is – I am waiting for for those who say I am lying,… To say that they do not believe the whole bible is to be used for instructions for life. They refuse to admit that they quietly approve of the stoning and murdering of gay people. Because if they dont,..then they would be fine to admit that many parts of the bible are not to be followed.

        All the lies jeeeezus people use to support any manner of evil is just crazy. I think that if the truth was researched – most right winger who identify with the conservative value system of the Old Testament are not ,… Nor have they ever been Christians and as such there needs to be a conscious effort to identify this and be honest about it.

      • Ember1

        Peggi, some of the organizations which Chic Fil A did/does support supported laws in places like Uganda that call for people to be put to death for being gay. Many of them now have tried to back away from their support of such bills and claim they were not exactly supporting death, but earlier comments show that that is a lie.

        So, at least based on who they give their money to, a LOT of self proclaimed Christians do believe gay people should be murdered. Or, rather, they wish for gay people to be legally killed.

      • youmustbejoking

        Peggi, I think you should perhaps expand your horizons or at least read more. I can’t even count the number of times of the past few years that I haven’t heard of another pastor extolling the virtue of putting gays to death and those pastors have an audience. I have provided about 4 links to articles that speak of these pastors. This is just a small sampling.

      • Ced Truz

        And by small sampling you mean small garage sized congregations.

      • mark.saylor
      • mark.saylor
      • will

        I have seen videos lately of pastors advocating this sadly.

      • Scooter Livingston

        Chick-Fil-A’s “food” has a massively high sodium content. I ENCOURAGE all the teabaggers and their fellow bigots to stuff themselves on Chick-Fil-A 24/7 (except Sundays, of course). The resulting strokes and/or heart attacks will thusly thin out the bigoted herd.

      • SusieQue

        Wendy’s salad is better than chick’s and costs less.

      • Scooter Livingston

        You got that right. I get one with no dressing; take i home and use Newman’s Own Olive Oil & Vinegar original dressing on it.

      • Love America

        Julie, I love you putting racial slurs and bigotry into your response, calling them “Rednecks” I guess this elevates you to champion more non-issues to waste a day

      • Michelle Klein-Hass

        Chick-fil-A is also absolutely GROSS. I’ve had it…ONCE. And it could double as a salt lick if it weren’t for all the grease. No big freaking loss.

      • Desirae Seltzer

        I’m below the bible belt and was initially in agreement with you. Not sure why you resulted to insulting people to drive your point home when it was well stated without it.

      • Ole Buck. They have to say that, but did you check? No. You read what they posted as gospel. This is what you guys do. These people breaking even is a success. It’s surviving, not thriving.

      • Jody Pussycat

        Good. They’re going to need it as old hateful fuckers like you die off.

      • Ole Buck
      • will

        Thats patently false

      • Ole Buck

        Just what is false?

      • TJ Ford
      • Ole Buck

        There is nothing in here that proves the company is anti-gay. People like you like to twist and turn the truth to suit your facts. here is the truth: Chic-fil-A (the corporation) has never given a penny to any anti- gay outfit. because they are pro-family, does not mean anything but they are pro traditional family. Now tell me what is wrong with that?

      • Hvnly

        I also haven’t spent money with Chik-Fil-a also. I have no problem with freedom of speech, but I recognize the freedom and power of my dollar as well.

      • What fun that would be… yum!

    • Matt Lupo

      If you haven’t tried great mustard-based BBQ sauce then Bessinger’s is the gold standard. It’s perfect on grilled chicken and ribs.

      There’s a place in Orangeburg, SC (right down the road from SC State University and one block off Hwy. 301) named Dukes. It’s out of this world with their simple buffet menu. The sauce is a mustard/ketchup-based BBQ sauce combo and is really perfect with pulled pork. It’s only open Thursday through Saturday but worth a trip.

    • disqus_FWQPdRlVU8

      I don’t know what it is you guys are trying to hide, but here in Texas we don’t need to slather our glorious meat with sauce. That’s strictly for amateurs.

      • DavidD

        Dry rub with sauce on the side .Slow smoked at low tempature.Brisket but pork ,sausage and chicken is ok too.
        Wild pig is really tasty but it has a lot less fat so you might have to mop a little no sugar sop in there.Pre sear to keep it juicy.
        Let the low temp smoke slow cook it.Have some beers and listen to some tunes and smell that meat cook.

      • LuMace

        I’m coming over for dinner.

      • Michael49forlife

        I just ate lunch and already I’m hungry for some wild pig bbq…

      • DavidD

        Like my Chef friend says,”If God had not wanted them eaten he would not have made them so yummy.”

      • messickc

        “If god didn’t want us to eat animals, he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.”

      • Trundle

        Humans evolved to have canines. Clearly, we are designed to eat flesh.

      • Rick Kritzer

        I hope you’re not serious. Do your “canines” really look like a dog or a cats? Sharp and larger than all the other teeth in your mouth. What do you think all your molars are for? Cats and dogs don’t have them, but cows and horses do. And then there’s our intestines which are like a ruminant, not at all like a carnivore

      • Brandon Harris-Faison

        Actually our teeth and digestive system is most similar to that of bears. An animal that consumes both meat and plants, plus our appendix are now vestigial because humans gave up on a full plant diet.

      • angie497

        Actually, my canines do.

        Incidentally, dogs and cats *do* have molars, although they’re different in design than those of a cow or a horse. And our digestive system bears very little resemblance to that of ruminants (cows) or pseudo-ruminants (horses). It is, in fact, far more similar to the digestive systems of hard-core carnivores.

        Sorry, but scientifically speaking, humans are most definitely omnivores.

      • JohnFMayer

        Dead wrong. No, we don’t have four-chambered stomachs like ruminants. We don’t have long necks like giraffes so as to more easily get at all the leaves in the trees. So what? Our digestive system bears NO resemblance to carnivores (I think the word you’re looking for is “obligate”) OR omnivores.

      • nikflorida

        Humans are omnivorous of course… and of the eleven essential amino acids for humans, ALL are present in animal protein, but they’re only available in a careful balance of plant proteins. We’re not obligate carnivores like cats (thank goodness), but it’s a silly argument about whether people should eat meat or not. Murkins, I think we can agree, should eat more VEGETABLES than they do, sure… but I’m not gonna advocate giving up meat.

      • Morgan Farrelle

        I think the real argument is factory farming versus eating meat… I will never advocate against eating meat either but I do indeed think that us Humans as a so-called intelligent species could treat our food with a more diligent preservation and with less cruelty involved.

      • Rick Kritzer

        are able to eat lots of things, but that doesn’t mean it was or is the best diet for us. Mostly people had to eat was available, before supermarkets! Then there’s custom. We don’t eat dogs or insects but many do. Insects are nutritious and low fat.  Further, what
        we have eaten and now do eat, isn’t what’s best for us! I urge you to update your info about protein (“only in a careful balance of plant proteins” – not accurate). Thank you for your comments and consideration

      • Rekka Riley

        Got any actual PROOF of what you’re saying? You know, like, actual science?

        I respect your CHOICE of what you choose to eat for YOURSELF, but if you’re going to try and dictate what the rest of us should be eating, than I would appreciate it if you stopped using bad “science” to back it up.

        Also, by the way, the only people who have any right to an opinion on what anyone besides themselves is eating (or not eating) are doctors and medically licensed nutritionists. So, that being said…where’d you get YOUR medical degree, sir?

      • JohnFMayer

        Well, I got my nursing degree from a college (with consortium classes at a university). My courses in such things as nutrition, physiology and microbiology served to confirm what my investigations before those studies had already indicated: humans not only don’t need meat or dairy, it’s actually bad for us. The scientific evidence is more than ample, bolstered further on an ongoing basis. I’m not going to present any here as nutritional research can take up an entire library. I can quote reams of it, but you could find the same data yourself if your goal was to enlighten yourself on human nutritional needs and not simply to reinforce the familiar diet with which you are comfortable. Btw, nutritionists require no license in most states; anyone can pronounce him or herself a nutritionist. Dieticians are another matter, requiring a four-year degree and an internship to be credentialed.

      • JohnFMayer

        Pointless to argue with people whose “knowledge” is received from stuff picked up chatting at the bar. There is absolutely NO need for a “careful balance” of plant proteins; that’s a long debunked myth. Getting a little variety in your plant diet is all that’s required, and maybe not even that (according to a new book by Dr. McDougall). I sure as hell don’t bother with any such tedious process and I don’t take protein supplements. Yet I’m still participating in combat sports well into what would ordinarily be my declining years. Your unfounded claims are what is silly. And, btw, a normal adult human needs only nine amino acids it cannot synthesize, not 11. And we don’t need meat to acquire them.

      • Morgan Farrelle

        We are actually an omnivorous species, our biological make up requires that we gain sustenance from both animal and plant proteins as well as mineral and vitamins found both in each respectively. We evolved from predators that had to outsmart their prey. Ancient Humans had longer and broader canines and and more pointed edged incisors. We have evolved past the need to run down prey and kill it with our hands and teeth. When Humans started developing larger brains the teeth and “claws” became shorter and certain qualities of the our ancestors completely disappeared all together. Nature adapts even to us.

      • Rekka Riley

        Not entirely accurate, but I do agree with you’re basic point. Hominids have never had “claws” the way other predators do, and the oldest species were less predatory and more equal-opportunity scavengers (more likely to eat bugs). It was when our ancestors figured out how easy it was to get nutrients from kills other, larger predators had made that the wheels started turning and they started figuring out how to get that meat without sitting around and waiting for a lion to finish eating first (which also risked ending up as the lion’s meal). Because animal products contain many nutrients in whole form (thanks to herbivores being more able to bio-synthesize those nutrients from their component parts in plant matter), they provide a much bigger nutritional value for much less metabolic effort, making a bit of a win-win scenario for hominids looking for food. In a survival scenario, you always want to be consuming more calories and nutrients than what you are spending to find and digest those same calories. So humans evolved to be flexible above all else, and consume BOTH animal and plant products depending on what happened to be available in any given environment.

      • JohnFMayer

        More claims without a shred of science behind them. We evolved from Australopithecus, an herbivore. But I’m always open to new data that might require reassessing. Please send links to photos of those fossils of humans with long, broad canines (no vampire images, please). Gorillas, of course, DO have powerful canines in the males, which they use for competing for mates (gorillas are also vegan, despite the occasional grub worm they might gather up with their plant foods). See, canine teeth is a descriptive term; it doesn’t actually mean dogs are our genetic brothers.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        I read about our intestines in Hindu literature I purchased on the street. I agree with Brandon though. We can eat everything. Eating less meat is, however, better for our farm acreage and efficiency. I still eat meat but try eating plant based food the most when I’m not too lazy. I don’t feel like you have to think like me just like to eat the way I eat. LOVE well prepared meat though.

      • OMG LMAO. I love that one and will be stealing it.

      • firstlast

        Oh, Shut Up….A few real beers to go with that and we can sit horses together

      • DavidD

        Shiner bock please.

      • Richard L Mckinney

        PBR for me

      • Richard L Mckinney

        But for a realist deer dry rubbed wrapped in bacon and then smoked for hours is also great. That is not a texas but Oklahoma thing.

      • DavidD

        I had that up around Durant.A guy taught me that trick who waS working a work over rig with me.It was really moist and tender and out of this world good.

      • nikflorida

        meh– not enough fat. Too tough.

      • Richard L Mckinney

        it seems that you did not read what I wrote. What part of wrapped in BACON did you not get, and as far as toughness if you get a nice doe it will not be tough

      • shmaesh

        Listen, don’t convince fools to try venison again. Just send their shares my way. Anyone who doesn’t like deer just leaves more for me.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Oh, yum. Never had deer in bacon! This might need to turn into a recipe thread.

      • Jacquelyn Yvette Cook

        Texas barbecue is dry and horrible too!

      • Catey Hamilton

        Could not agree more, and I’m Texan. You couldn’t pay me to eat our BBQ ’cause they ALWAYS overcook it and dry it out.

      • James Ritchie

        You’ve never tasted Texas BBQ, if you think it’s dry. Or you had it at a lousy place. Texas BBQ is as juicy as it gets, but it’s meat juice, not vinegar.

      • messickc

        Drowned in the resinous odor of mesquite.

      • JamieHaman

        lol, mesquite is the absolute worst thing to put on meat. Or smell.

      • Emily Porterfield

        Not everywhere. Some places use oak or other woods. It’s unbelievable the overgeneralizations and negativity and myths about Texas barbecue.

      • forest wall

        AMEN James… I Agree… Them Say BBQ Is Dry In Texas Is Full Of SHIT!!!!

      • Emily Porterfield


      • Brandy Jean Evans

        That’s why you’re supposed to do it yourself.

      • Emily Porterfield

        Catey your statement is so wrong in so many ways. I agree that especially among the chains it can be dessicated, but there are some great places in Texas.

      • shayla

        Yes it is!

      • kdmathison

        I live near San Antonio, TX and have great BBQ. You just have to find the right place. I also love BBQ sauce.

      • James Ritchie

        Texas never makes anything horrible. SC must have poor tasting meat because they hide it’s taste by pouring vinegar all over it.

      • Thumbgumby

        You southerners are starting to sound like the tea party vs the regular conservatives lol. Let’s enjoy them all folks! This discussion for some reason reminds me of a Portuguese brisket dish I remember from this annual party in the town I grew up in. Although it wasn’t tomato based sauce I still considered it more of a bbq than a stew. Man I wish I had some of that.

      • Emily Porterfield

        Now the Brazilians and Argentinians know how to barbecue!

      • Jonathan Coen

        That’s just how we do it down here in the Great State of South Carolina, The meat is some of the best in the land, but that MUSTARD not VINEGAR based sauce is just too dang good not to put it on the BBQ. To each their own though, and yes yall are right, you can go to any BBQ place and if they don’t know what they’re doin it aint gonna be any good. I personally like a little place called Hites BBQ right down the road from several Piggie Parks. Ill admit that Piggie Park aint that bad either though, but expensive. For those of yall in Batesburg-Leesville SC, Shealy’s BBQ is where its at, Its just too far of a drive from outside of Columbia for me to go there too often.

      • Deec

        First off, lets get one thing straight, down here, BBQ is like religion. Everyone’s got an opinion on the matter, and that opinion can quite likely start a fight.

        For me, I’ll take Hudson’s Barbeque in Lexington (just outside of Columbia,SC) ANYday, it needs no sauce (but goes damned fine with any sauce, ESPECIALLY mustard base)! Shealy’s and Hite’s are both fairly good.

        Maurice’s though… ehh.. it is only ok. The sauce is fine, but the meat is dry. Plus, I admit, Maurice’s bigotry and zealous evangelism tainted it for me.

        When I worked in one of his stores ~20 years ago,
        the main store in Cayce had a 15′ electric advertising sign in the shape of a cross belting out dinner specials and scripture at equal speed. Furthermore, religious pamphlets were stocked on the tables like napkins. As a man exploring questions of faith, I found both of these to be distasteful and mildly offensive. I believe the crass cross has since come down, but the memory of it still irks me.

        But, when I learned about his “old south” politics, that turned his food sour in my mouth ever since. Even now that he’s gone, I can’t quite feel right about eating at a Piggie Park. I’m told his surviving family have worked to distance themselves from Papa Maurice’s politics; but, those politics are like a bbq stain that just won’t completely wash away…

      • Jimmy

        I guess Mr Manny Is just whacked to bring up something that happened so long ago. Check the facts, it was a different nation at the time as well as different beliefs. Why don’t you check out your own heritage and see the way they were treated as well as they way they treated others not in their faith. I think the Jewish sector still shows preferential treatment to what they consider “the chosen”. Crawl back under your rock and do us all a favor

      • Tiffany

        Yum! Yum! Shealy’s is the best!!

      • joe

        SC is mustard based, NC is vinegar, gotta get u’r facts straight..

      • Ryan Burgess

        If you’re gonna get on him about his facts, then you should make sure yours are correct too! EASTERN NC uses a vinegar based sauce, WESTERN NC uses a tomato based sauce, ad SC uses a mustard based sauce. I happen to like them all, but I prefer the Eastern NC style. And the stuff they make in Memphis and KC and Texas and wherever else is pretty good if it’s from the right place. No offense meant, just want to set the record straight!

      • Ole Buck

        You got your “facts” wrong Joe. NC has two distinct styles. Eastern NC barbecue is the vinegar based. Lexington style is the ketchup based style. BIG difference.

      • DavidD

        I liked Carolina que allright.A lot of it was pretty good.The pork ribs were very good.

      • Ole Buck

        In SC they cover it with mustard.

      • angie497

        Not all parts of SC. There’s a big chunk of the northern part that goes with eastern NC-style vinegar sauces. You don’t want to know how old I was when I first realized that there were people that made sauce with anything other than cider vinegar, salt, black pepper & red pepper. (I still don’t understand why they would want to, though.)

      • nikflorida

        I live in piedmont SC (very close to the state line south of Charlotte) and I have a wonderful BBQ sauce recipe that involves tomatoes, vinegar, AND mustard (and a bunch of other things: I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you)

      • forest wall

        WOW!!! Really!!! Guess You Never Been To A Good BBQ Place In Texas…. Your An Idiot Just Talking Out Her ASS!!!!

      • Mike Posey

        Texas BBQ is cow and everyone knows that the only actual BBQ is pig. Screw Texas and their fake BBQ.

      • Kimmy64

        Listen… the best BBQ is pig.. and I am from the South

        The South Bronx.. and we do it up!

      • Emily Porterfield

        Really? How many barbecue places have you been in Texas? Do you even live in Texas? Pork is a staple but so is beef because Texas is a beef cattle state. You could stand to be a bit more open-minded.

      • Nate Hoffman

        KC baby! They best!

      • Emily Porterfield

        Jacquelyn, I believe you are overgeneralizing. There is some great barbecue in Texas and there is also some that is not good. But that is true of barbecue any place you go. Some of the best: Pecan Lodge in Dallas’ Farmer’s Market; about any place in Lockhart, TX and Franklin’s in Austin. And a few dives and shacks scattered throughout the state. I’m a native Texan and have had great barbecue in many different states, including my own. I’m not an expert but I know what I like, and it’s gotta be moist, and not overcooked.

      • messickc

        Sorry, Texas, but beef is NOT barbequeue.

        Only pork!

      • blindman

        so what is BBQ chicken?

      • Steve Wilner


      • Breekachu

        A lie

      • messickc

        Gross. Gross is what it is.

      • David Coates

        Lunch, if I’m lucky.

      • Arliss Arbeau

        If it’s meat and can be cooked on a barbecue then it is BBQ.

      • James Ritchie

        And pork is for little girls, not men.

      • Robert Bridson

        Truer words never spoken!

      • John Carter

        Typical Yankee nonsense. Probably a Massachusetts thing.

      • messickc

        Nope. I couldn’t be any more Southern. Born in MS, raised in AL.

      • angie497

        Um, Yankee nonsense? Not even. Sorry, but Texas stands alone amongst southern states with its belief in beef as an appropriate media for BBQ. Of course, Texas is just weird anyway.

        And just for the record, my family is a walking, talking example of Carolina born and Carolina bred, and when we die we’ll be Carolina dead. (And I love them all, even if most of them make Lindsey Graham look progressive. One of them seriously has campaigned against Graham as being ‘too liberal.’ I think he was dropped on his head too often as a child.)

      • Chip Curry

        I never met a BBQ I didn’t like.

      • Ole Buck

        I have tried barbecue in Texas, KC, Chicago, Oklahoma, Virginia, SC and North Carolina NC has two distinct styles. The very best I ever had was in North Carolina, in Goldsboro to be exact. Wilber’s Barbecue serves up the best you can buy. Nothing in Texas or KC comes close. Maurice’s has to be the most unusual I ever had, I was really surprised to see it served yellow. I suppose it is an acquired taste. The hash is also very unusual, but Columbia is such a charming place, when in Columbia do as the Sandlappers do!

      • nikflorida

        They’re called “Sandlappers,” you know, because of eating dirt.

      • Ole Buck

        Nik, just stay in Florida will ya? Decorum prevents me from telling you what to eat.

      • nikflorida

        Just so you know, Buck, I haven’t lived in Florida for more than 5 years now… I live in SC. And I know a bit about SC history, which obviously you don’t. Good thing I don’t have to actually deal with you in real life… you are a gratuitously, unnecessarily nasty person.

      • Ole Buck

        Then you must know it has nothing to do with eating dirt.

        By the way, you are the one who started the nastiness. I simply responded in kind. If you cannot take it, don’t dish it out.

      • Candice Staebell

        Wilber’s and Parkers in Wilson are the best, to me. Also Prosser’s in Murrells Inlet SC. Vinegar base all the way.

      • kdog_wnc

        The best hash hands down is at Midway BBQ, midway between Union and Buffalo, in Union County, SC.

      • Yehudah ben Shlomo

        So why does HEB have a few dozen varieties of BBQ sauce on the shelves?

      • Boofalicious Washington


      • Larry Hall

        Sauce on Bar B Que is perfectly allowable in Texas. Most major restaurants make and sell their own sauce. Cooking the meat in sauce is a no no. Real Bar-B-Que is slow cooked and smokedin a big pit. Not grilled on your Weber. Good Texas Bar B Que is known for the delicate smoky flavor of the meat, to which you can add sauce if you like. If your meat is overcooked and dry, you’re eating at the wrong place. Don’t damn all Texas Bar-B-Que because you’ve to a couple of bad places. That can happen in any state.

      • Tom

        Strange combination of BBQ and Barbeque comes down to Bar B Que? Learn the (Americanized) English language, please.

      • Emily Porterfield

        Tommy, I think we can do without the grammar police, thank you very much! :=)

      • Emily Porterfield

        Tell it Larry!

      • Sujata Subramanian

        Agreed! Texas BBQ is the only kind worth having. Can’t stand all that other sickly sweet stuff!

      • Jennifer McHugh-Vaughn

        Phhht – This KC girl begs to differ – You haven’t A CLUE what you’re talking about 😉

      • dukecityjim

        I prefer to slater my glorious meat with some KY and go to town.

      • Beth

        Um…care to clarify that? KY is a sex-lube. Really? Pork or beef, KY has no business on either. And what the hell word is “slater?” Please, bother to get an education.

      • Charlie Sommers

        Um…read dukecityjim’s post again, slowly. LOL

      • smartypants

        Not to offend but “slather” is a word. Look it up. KY for BBQ is hilarious.

      • Beth

        Yes. YOU read the original post: Slather is a word…”slater” is not. Unless you’re talking about Christian Slater, the actor. And even then, it doesn’t make sense.

      • Beth

        Whoops, I’m wrong.

        slat·er [sley-ter] Show IPA noun

        a person who lays slates, as for roofing.

        I stand corrected. NOT.

      • Slide it in me

        I’d watch AC Slater go to town, with it dry. No KY.

      • logarithmiclove

        Maybe you need some meat and some ky, and fill that hole you call a mouth. Fucking Christ you pretentious cunt. Take a god damn joke.

      • tallron


      • Phoenix

        Well, I’m glad SOMEBODY finally said it!

      • Emily Porterfield

        Naughty. Not nice to curse a lady…… we’re just trash-talkin’ here but not being trashy about it. Please clean up your language – your uncouthness is showing.

      • jills2014

        Are you a prude? A man’s “meat” slathered with KY? And yes, a small typo made the word “slather” into “slater.”

        Am I the only person that got the joke?

      • jelun


      • Shelli Dill

        He misspelled slather, but the rest was exactly as he intended. He was being dirty and referred to KY jelly on his meat. Emotional maturity of a 12 year old.

      • jelun

        Oh c’mon. You smirked.

      • jelun

        Jim said meat, I took that to mean sausage.

      • Charlie Sommers

        Sausage as in “pork sword” LOL

      • Skip Patterson

        Is that the stuff from the Kentucky Jelly Company?

      • Charlie Sommers

        A meat without sauce is barbaric, just ask the Chinese who are without doubt the world’s best cooks. You haven’t eaten good barbecue until you try some in Tennessee. With a good mouth scorching sauce. Texas barbecue is only good if you get drunk before you eat it. 🙂

      • James Ritchie

        The Chinese are lousy cooks. They hide the taste of everything they make with hot pepper. You can’t taste anything.

      • Charlie Sommers

        You obviously have only tried Szechuan or Hunan cuisine both of which use chilies and garlic liberally. If your taste runs to more subdued flavors try: Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, or Cantonese cuisines.

        The TV chef Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) once commented that if he had to narrow his choices of food down to the dishes of one country he would pick China because of the tremendous variety available.

      • messickc

        Cajun >> French >> Italian >> Anything Asian

      • Kevin Keeling

        That is because people in Texas do not know how to cook.
        I moved here for work 20 years ago and have never had decent BBQ

      • John Carter

        Not much of a tribute to your BBQing ability.

      • Kevin Keeling

        I don’t BBQ. That is not my cooking forte.

      • messickc

        Mesquite is yuck.

      • Emily Porterfield

        Well Kevin then you have obviously had limited experience with Texas Barbecue. Must be you’ve been too parochial and/or your taste buds need adjusting! :=)

      • Muffin Man

        I often slather my glorious meat with sauce.

      • James Ritchie

        You got that right.

      • John Carter

        Those Carolinians are always trying to pretend their pulled pork is actually BBQ. It isn’t. Vinegar drenched pork is inspired by those Yankee Carpetbaggers and scalawags with their fish and chips. Mustard is a lame attempt to cover up the taste of unclean cloven hoofed beasties. Only Texas has real BBQ. I don’t even live there and I know that.

      • messickc

        Barbeque is not beef.

      • DavidD

        I prefer pecan or applewood over mesquite.Mesquite doesn’t grow here in East Texas and I like to follow local tradition.I’ve had good que in a lot of good places.
        Smoked barracuda and tuna with a dry rub was very tasty fresh caught off Baja California.Kept moist with the local citrus and herbs.
        It was so good I hurt myself eating it as I had trouble stopping.
        If you eat and cook with the local folks who really know what they are doing and keep the meat juicy many places can produce great que using the meat and wood they got.

      • Emily Porterfield

        The best barbecue places do not cook with mesquite but mesquite barbecue has it’s place. It’s what you are raised with.

      • Emily Porterfield

        I was with you until you said “only Texas.” Let’s be open-minded. Other states try real hard.

      • kiki2u

        You’re killin’ me. I want BBQ NOW!

      • I want it tender. If the person has mastered tender, they’ve got me for life. I would return for the food alone.

    • JW

      NC native!

    • LL11

      I had some mustard based BBQ passing through Colombia SC recently. Blah. I doused it in good vinegar based sauce that was still on the table. And some hot sauce for good measure.

    • dimepeice55

      I hope he suffered and died like the dog he was, when the time for him to meet his maker came. This is my wish, for all evil white people that are like him. It’s really sad, knowing that there are people like this, in God’s perfect world.

      These people were thrown out of their own countries of origin, found their way here and with the help of the original settlers (Indians), who showed taught them how to grow their own food as well as how to hunt for game as well, these ungrateful folks turned on these Indians, and took their land. This is why to this day, the federal government pay every person of Indian heritage because, of the way they mistreated their ancestors.

      But, they will never do the same for the descendants, of those who they stole from their homeland, to bring them here to use for free labor. They too were mistreated in ways worse than those who are being compensated, for the wrong, that was done to their ancestors. Those of the stolen ancestors are still to this day, being mistreated. Friday is July fourth and to me, it’s just another day!!!!!!

      • whitecanopy


      • bg

        “… there are people like this, in God’s perfect world.” Isn’t that an oxymoron?

      • Lawana

        No, God created something pure and good. People messed up, not God. Same for the water. Used to be good to drink, now look at it. We have to clean it with chemicals to even be able to use it. And it tastes awful. God made NO mistakes, people do.

      • p

        God created ALL angels… But didn’t give them free will… So you tell me how the devil rebelled?? All a part of the plan??

      • Jay

        Because God was created by man in order to keep man in line.

      • Larry Hall

        Gosh, didn’t God have something to do with Cancer, and Leprosy, and birth defects. Tell me again about how perfect he is? And please, please don’t tell me that “Gawd has a plan for those he takes by Cancer and other painful heart breaking diseases.”

        How perfect can a God be that lets an innocent little diseased child suffer a slow and miserable death?

      • Gawdzila

        This reasoning makes no sense at all. God is all-knowing. Therefore he must know exactly what every person will do throughout their lives before they are even born, AND he created those people anyway. He is, after all, the ultimate creator of everything, right?

        If we messed up God’s creation it was God that caused it. Free will is a nonsense cop-out; it is no different than you letting a homicidal maniac out of a mental ward when he has told you he is going to kill someone, and then claiming that you aren’t responsible for the murders because you didn’t kill people yourself. If you KNOW with 100% certainty that something bad is going to happen when you do something, YOU are culpable if you do it anyway.

        It is the same with God. It makes no sense to say that there is something that is an all-knowing and all-powerful creator of everything, and then claim that it is not responsible for the doings of the things that they create. If God exists, God is responsible for *everything* — good AND evil.

      • Christian Forsythe

        “If God exists, God is responsible for *everything* — good AND evil.”

        Well there’s a very simple answer to your point — there is no “God”. See how easy that was?

      • dimepeice55

        NO, BUT YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

      • Keith Bummed

        Well for those that still feel the ancestry calling them, may go back, it is a free country in that respect.

      • jomama

        Yes, because evil ONLY comes in white.

      • Kyle

        The Federal Government does not pay every person of Indian heritage. They pay tribes on reservations, as that was the agreements, but not the 5 Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma. The Natives here have earned their own wealth, not paid by the Government at all. I am of the Choctaw Tribe, and my fiancee and her family are Chickasaw. All money they receive for school, etc. comes strictly from their tribe, nowhere else. Some tribes in Oklahoma offer Casino shares to their tribe members as well.

      • Lawana

        Not sure about every one, but I grew up in Central Okla and attended a largely populated Indian school. I know a lot of Indian people there that received rent, utilities, medical, dental, and food; not the usual give away variety but steaks, etc. Indidans do get extra help. Same with the schools; everything was paid for them.

      • John Carter

        I doubt the veracity of your story, knowing many of the same. Whatever has come from our government has been too little, too late for the crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide and theft of land.

      • reality check

        They weren’t stolen, they were sold by there own people! And they do not pay EVERY person of Indian heritage! First get your facts and history right. The world is not perfect. It is in fact a very dangerous yet majestic place. Every race has people who have actually been stolen and forced into slavery even to this day. Today most of them are actually children. Those that took the land felt they had every right to take from others just like the Democrats of today. Don’t believe me look at all the handout programs. Take from those that have and give to others that want

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        “reality check”? You might look up “reality”; I don’t think it means what you think it means.

      • Do you hear yourself?

        Based on facts, what part of it isn’t true?

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        I was with you right up to “just like the Democrats of today.” That’s when you fell screaming off the rightwing cliff into Delusion Canyon. You were surprisingly reasonable up to that point.

      • blukup

        You’re name is dimepeice. Your argument is invalid.

      • Debbie Williams

        Finally, someone who actually cares what this article is about and isn’t talking about stupid barbque!

      • John Carter

        You hate BBQ. Your argument is invalid.

      • John Dillinger

        The human brain is
        an amazing organ. It keeps working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks
        a year, from before you leave the womb, right up until you find religion.


      I want to kick some ones ass that uses cra cra as a substitute for crazy!

      • StephanieAndDavid

        I agree.

    • Daen de Leon

      I’m very happy that the most popular thread in this discussion is about BBQ sauce, with some good-natured ribbing (pun intended). Sounds like Bessinger’s kids turned out to be good people, in spite of having a loopy bigot for a dad, so good luck to them.

      • MauiShadow

        I was thinking the same thing! Nice to just debate the merits of different styles of BBQ!

      • Michael49forlife

        The next story is gotta be about a bigoted chili maker….

      • Mike Niebauer

        This is AMERICA! The next story BETTER be about a bigoted corn dog/fried food maker at a county fair. #’Murica!

      • I don’t give a damn about how prejudice and racist and bigoted these people are…Southerners have got it right on food. Barbecue it, fry it, and slather it in pork fat they bring tears of joy to your eyes and pounds to your ass. I love it all.

      • Joyce

        Amen to that. The only reason I haven’t left the south is the food. Nowhere else can compete.

      • adam

        Try the southwest

      • Southwest has good food, too. However, the south is special and they all seem to have their own ways of doing the same things. Foodies really seem to enjoy themselves down South.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Start a restaurant to give you an excuse. We have country kitchen in the NW (the pie is like my mom and grandma’s) and some other places (po boy’s with crawdad that drips with goodness from LA). I think you can find good food in the north if you look. If that is the only reason, get recipes.

      • Lev Tolstoi

        You think like a dumb ass,uneducated, fat asss ,Jerry Springer show reject! You SHOULD give a damn, moron, is more important than food! That’s why our healthcare is bankrupt,because of iddiots like you
        eating so much crap and ending up with heart attacks and strokes!!!

      • Actually, I chose to respond the way I did, so as to not give oxygen to idiocy. Next time you may recognize this once you’ve removed your own filters.

      • nekbbew

        YES YES YES! Lol. How true. It is the BEST!

      • I would have loved to be a food critic, but I’m such a damn scaredy cat and germaphobe. I eat only at places where I know the staff and since I’m not some lucky millionaire…my selections are few.

      • nikflorida

        There should be an upcoming story about Paula Deen. 🙂

      • Eescapers

        The only bad BBQ is one I haven’t had yet

      • Tim Giangiobbe

        The most important thread needs to be GOD “How we can all get along without elevating the hatred level any higher than it already is” AMEN

      • Sungoddess

        God is the reason behind all the bigotry .

    • Robyn Ryan

      The Joint. Bywater, New Orleans.

    • Michael

      East Carolina BBQ is vinegar based. I moved here back in 1998 and like the taste of it

    • Jennifer

      Gotta put in a vote for the east, vinegar, and Cheerwine! No I’m gonna fire up the grill. These longings must be satisfied!

    • suzyq2

      Thank you, my Mom was named Pam, she died in 2010; she would be kicking the ass of the idiots in my family today…. This made my evening….

    • AnswersOnTheT

      If it’s cooked right, there is no sauce needed.

    • joeboken

      Unfortunately that’s going to take a lot longer than anyone of us would anticipate. I actually thought we were growing up as a Country before the election of Barack Obama when this Country had a wake up call of just how much racism still exists in this Country. The people who feel strongly about their bigotry pass it down to their children, and this is why it’s going to take a long, long time until this Country matures and get’s over this ignorance.

    • HappyHumanist

      Mmmm Mmmm Memphis barbecue. Pork shoulder, brisket, St. Louis-cut ribs slow-cooked over a hickory wood fire. *drooling*
      But hey, what do I know? I’m from Jersey. Now if you wanna talk pizza …..

      • angie497

        Mmm…you can get some pretty good BBQ in KC (even if they think that ketchup-based sauces are ‘real BBQ’, poor misguided souls that they are) but good pizza is hard to come by.

      • BillStewart2012

        I’m a vegetarian these days, and the one thing BBQ really requires to be good is melting animal fat dripping on a fire; BBQ tofu just doesn’t cut it, even with a good sauce. (BBQ eggplant is great, but even it’s not worth making a fire for.)

    • dr. angelface

      will you be my gran?

    • Deskrider

      Sorry guys, but when it comes to BBQ, I am truly bigoted. Kansas City BBQ is extra-worldly and has been one of the more pleasant experiences in my life. Some, not all, of other BBQs are pleasant, and will do as a change of pace from McDs, or Burger King, but there is only one style that is head and shoulders above the rest and it is dead center of the country.

    • Ron Shawver

      Me, being a professional musician for 19 years on the road with nationally known pro country artists, and I mean “known”, have had the opportunity to eat on record labels’ food per diem per day, and I have to say that “I have enjoyed BBQ from the east to the west! (mouth watering right now as I type) Love Carolina BBQ including Lexington….. the red stuff with a little tomato paste in the sauce “and” cole slaw. Kinston NC! King’s! Greensboro! Stamey’s! But, there’s something to be said for South Carolina mustard base. Nothing like it anywhere. It’s like the difference between Memphis ribs and St. Louis ribs. It’s different, but man…. IT’S ALL GOOD! And, I wanna kick somebody’s ass, too! lol Take care. (I think we’re off topic, but….. oh well! lol)

    • Tim Giangiobbe


    • JT Sturgell

      South Carolina and North Carolina arguing over whose BBQ is better

      is like Piggie Pies and “South of the Border” arguing about who’s establishment is more racist. Give me just-south-of-Austin BBQ over and all comers – any day of the week.

    • Love America

      So becoming a bigot makes you better then a bigot!

  • okichewy1

    So where is East Carolina? I thought the US has a North and South, but never seen an East. Is he talking about Eastern North Carolina or Eastern South Carolina? But wouldn’t that still be South Carolina if it was the Eastern part of the state?

    • BennyD

      Not in BBQ language!

    • Roger

      Don’t know much about BBQ do you?

    • Phil Young

      Do the majority of America really care about BBQ language. I think not.

    • Clif

      There is a divide between NC and SC BBQ, furthermore, there is indeed a divide between Eastern and Western NC BBQs. The Eastern style is primarily chopped BBQ pork with peppers and vinegar mixed in the meat- traditionally served with hush puppies and Brunswick stew. This style is prevalent in towns such as Wilson, Rocky Mount, Garner… Western style is pulled pork, traditionally served plain or with red slaw and dip on a sandwich. The red slaw and dip have sugar, ketchup, vinegar, and typically proprietary spices that vary slightly from each BBQ joint. Lexington is the home of Western Carolina BBQ, there is a huge celebration with parade every October that should NOT be missed. Things to look for when choosing a BBQ joint- there should be lots of cars in the parking lot, and smoke from a chimney with cords of Hickory wood stacked. NO Propane!!!

  • I really don’t appreciate the author’s attempt to trick people into sharing this article in the name of showing up everyone who assumes that all the people in the American South are racist. We have enough issues right now without turning on our fellow progressives in this manner. And I frankly expected more honest reporting from this blog.

    • Roslyn Holloway

      What’s not honest about the article? You just don’t like the way it made Southerners of that era look.

      • I could give a damn about portraying the Southerners of the 60s as racist boobs. Honestly, I could give a damn about it happening today save for the people who presume that just because I’m a Texan I must be some boot-scooting drugstore cowboy.

        The headline is written in a way to make it sound like this is current news rather than a historical piece and the author freely admits to trying to trick the people who only see the headline and immediately start going “See! See! The floodgates are opening! The war has begun!” without reading the article.

        This is the sort of thing conservatives do. Not us. We should be above such games.

      • Pierre O’Toole

        Its not what conservatives do, its what a holes from all political parties do.

    • Sam Brosenberg

      You’re missing the point. He didn’t put a ridiculous headline there to trick people into sharing it, he put a ridiculous headline to mock people that comment without actually reading the article.

      • And how is that productive?

      • Phil Young

        It is only productive in his head. The fact remains this. In the south, less than a generation ago racism was still being fueled. The KKK did not just vanish from the south. Where did the cloaks go? They are still in the same place that they have always been. In churches. I lived across the street from one of the premier churches in my little florida town. On a Sunday morning you could watch them walking into church. The attitudes and prejudices also do not disappear in that one generation. Sure! It is better than it used to be, but in reality if it had completely been eradicated you would not have trucks running around with stars and bars on them. A symbol of white supremacy from the 1800’s. The color may no longer be black, it is more aimed at Latinos and blacks now. The fear amongst older white people losing their majority in this country is fueling the bigotry and racism.

      • Lye

        To the whole “whites losing their majority” thing… my bigotted stepfather says this all the time… I just say “well… maybe if the trashy white girls didn’t use abortions as a form of birth control (I knew plenty who did because it was “cheaper” than birth control or codoms) then maybe white people would be keeping up” but besides that I’m all for diversity. I know far too many white people who belong on jerry springer or maury povitch…. if that’s the white legacy I’d love to see it die.
        I would love for people to stop using faith and their freedom of religion as a way to harm others. It doesn’t matter what faith the owner of a company is… it should matter what faith the EMPLOYEE is. If they want birth control cover it… if they want to have 10 babies… cover it… if they want to have a gender reassignment… cover it.

      • blagos

        Well, I guess you can’t expect much from Protestants. That’s why I look down on them. Being a Catholic, I consider them heretics.

      • Keith Bummed

        Which makes you just as bad for pre- judging them. God is the only one whom may judge, not you nor any person walking this earth, you insult your own religion by such a statement.

      • Josh Thompson

        Because it is a lesson we all need to learn? I know I’ve knee-jerk re-tweeted or re-shared something and later found out it was bubkis.

      • Chip Curry

        Yeah, never rely a Nigerian news source.

      • mrtapeguy

        Sounds like a Rush Limbaugh tactic!

      • Paul

        No, he put a ridiculous headline in there as clickbait. It’s weaksauce and undermines an otherwise valid point IMO.

      • Chip Curry

        Haha! Weaksauce (BBQ) – good play on words.

    • Roger

      Ok, so the article went right over your head.

    • mrtapeguy

      You shouldn’t.

    • CTN3

      I live in the South and their are plenty of racist people.

      • Phil Young

        There are plenty of racist people everywhere, not just whites. Ours is just much more overt than others.

      • Daniel Axe

        It’s not like that in LA.

      • James Martin

        I’ve read the articles on the police there. That’s bullshit.

      • Finnegan A Lemerian

        Really? Lived in LA from 1998-2002, it is just as overt and present.

      • Ga Girl

        BOTH white AND black!!! I know a couple of black people who are the biggest racist I have ever met!!!

      • blukup

        Finally somebody said it. There’s racism of all colors. It’s just apparently more satisfying for the whites to be blamed for everything.

    • dimepeice55

      The truth hurts, right?

    • Jarid Moon

      I live 50 minutes from that hell hole of a place, the South is FULL of hateful bigots and assholes. I can’t go one day without running into one. The only thing that has changed, is their way of performing their racism and hatred. If you live in the south and aren’t one of them, you know what I mean, I shouldn’t have to explain.

      • John Carter

        The risk of getting lynched is much less today even with the Stand-Your-Ground wingnuts. I suppose that’s something. But I’ll never travel to the deep South.

      • DavidD

        That’s a shame ,we have our faults but there are a lots of all kinds of really nice friendly people in the Deep South.
        I think White Sumpremacy is very strong nationwide.It’s more open here but it is in our National DNA and has been from the beginning.Most white people whether they admit it are not practice it every day.Most white people are not comfortable with a person of color having authority over them .That does not make them all evil but human and all humans are subject to error.We are one species and we all came out of Africa
        New York school. system is the most segregated in the country.Southern white people do not have a monopoly on racist fears and hatred.We are as badly flawed as the rest of the people on the planet.We need to get over it quick because the International economy is pushing all of us to get along and we have been left behind too much allready hobbled by our hatreds and fears.

  • JamesStripes

    Mustard based sauce! Why have I avoided South Carolina? I’m adding Piggie Park to my bucket list.

  • stopracism

    Way to promote racism for all of the people who don’t actually read the article! Way to go!!! I am sooo tired of people talking about race…this is 2014, not 1950!!

    • Mark

      Gonna guess you’re white.

  • EM_Gumby

    My one objection to the article is the use of the present tense in the headline. I understand what the author was trying to do, but the headline is misleading, which reduces the integrity of the article from something with interesting implications down towards the level of click bait.

    • whitecanopy

      thats the media for you…..this was done for a reason……$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      • StephanieAndDavid

        Oh, yeah…it’s the $$$$$$$$$. Do you have any idea how much journalists are paid? No, you think it’s a living wage. For most of us, it’s not.

      • whitecanopy

        GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! i didnt know that….i thought journalists made good money…wow….actually though i was talking of the ones that own the media…..the big corps, the republicans/gop…….

    • Jarid Moon

      As Jan R. Matthew • 4 hours ago
      Perfectly proper wording even with respect to the tense. Saying “refused” indicates a one-time, limited incident.

      • EM_Gumby

        It was a limited incident because the court made him stop. It also occurred in the past, and is not occurring in the present.

      • John Carter

        The Trail of Tears will continue in the present as long as crimes against nature such as using vinegar and mustard on BBQ persist.

    • Jarid Moon

      He still refused and hated Blacks up until the day he died. If the Feds didn’t force him (I’m sure no self respecting AA would have set a foot in there) but if they did he was forced to serve them.

      • EM_Gumby

        General Lee is not marching on Gettysburg. George Washington is not wearing false teeth. Henry the VIII is not killing one of his wives. Like the incidents portrayed in this article, all of these are past events and should be referred to in the past tense. That’s what we have a past tense for-to indicate events that happened in the past.

      • StephanieAndDavid

        Actually, in the 1980s and 1990s, I saw plenty of Black people in his restaurant both as customers and behind the counter, working there.

  • Matthew

    “And now for you who actually took the time to read the story instead of basing your outrage solely off a headline before sharing”

    To be fair, your headline was misleading: “SC Restaurant Owner Refuses To Serve Blacks, Cites Religious Beliefs” should probably read “Refused” instead of “Refuses.”

    • moonkat51

      And there should have been more about how his family members have taken away all the nasty crap from the walls and welcome all.

    • Jan R.

      Perfectly proper wording even with respect to the tense. Saying “refused” indicates a one-time, limited incident.

      • blagos

        For an action that continued for more than one instance in the past you would say “was refusing”. However, since the person is dead, can you say Refuses or do you have to say Refused? Hmmmmm. . .

      • blagos

        For an action that continued for more than one instance in the past you would say “was refusing”. However, since the person is dead, can you say Refuses or do you have to say Refused? Hmmmmm. . .

      • dimepeice55

        Jan R. Is 100% right (refuses) because, he owned it up until the day he left here and, I’m pretty sure he was still in control of it.

      • b l

        Not at all. You do not use present tense for an action that is no longer occurring. That’s why we call the tense “present”.

        Acceptable alternatives include:

        “had been refusing” (as opposed to “has been refusing,” which would indicate “was and still is”)
        “consistently refused”
        “refused for decades”
        or “was refusing”.

        Or, simply “refused”. The past tense does not indicate a one time event. “Ships traversed the canal” does not mean they did it just once. If you need to specify just once, you do it through context.

        Rightness in cause is no excuse for wrongness in language.

      • StephanieAndDavid

        No, not necessarily. “All his life, he refused to drink milk, even from his mother’s breast,” indicates repeated refusals.

    • dimepeice55

      Didn’t he own it, up until his racist bigoted @$$ left here?

      • John Carter

        I’m pretty sure he died and went to the Carolinas. Which is a shame since it belongs to the Cherokees.

  • mrtapeguy

    What an absurdly stupid attempt at pseudo-journalism. Denying a black person equal rights 50 years ago is equivalent to not wanting to pay for an abortifacient HOW? #DERP

    Hobby Lobby has been paying for health insurance for its employees INCLUDING birth control LONG before Obamacare mandated it. They also pay their full time employees $14/hour and part time $9. They are willing to pay for 16 out of 20 birth control medicines that don’t induce abortions and employees who want and abortion pill are free to buy one on their own.

    The ruling was VERY narrow and it’s clear you haven’t read it or you wouldn’t be using the same idiotic “slippery slope” argument that homophobes use to justify denying gays equal rights. It’s amazing how the far left and the far right are equally far stupid.

    • Tabitha Dowling

      Homosexuals have rights. Please, hold off on the ignorance. Thanks.

      • mrtapeguy

        Apparently the ignorance is yours. Homosexuals do not have the right to marry in many states – DUH – and as long as govt-sanctioned marriage provides special legal rights, that is unconstitutional.

        I’m guessing you’re one of the slippery-slope folks who thinks if we do that, what’s to stop someone from marrying his dog? It’s the same argument as liberals who claim this decision will lead to all kinds of religion over the law BS.

      • Gary Smith

        They have the exact same rights as everyone else everywhere in this nation. Some states unconstitutionally and unjustly deny them the rights that they are guaranteed, though.

      • Sandy

        Yes it will, this isnt ONLY about HL, there are 80+ companies that are in the playground waiting for this to demand “their religious beliefs.” The SC over stepped their ruling by letting a corporation have a religious belief, by going AGAINST the 1st Amendment which said they couldnt favor 1 religion over another. We have NO idea what these “other” companies want in their cases, & how can you only say b/c, when another religion will demand their “beliefs,” & by the ruling they will have every right to expect it. They opened a can of worms that will have a far reaching hand, longer than you it seems cant imagine.

      • lye

        Homosexuals have the same rights as any other human being. There are dozens of states that still outlaw gay marriage or civil unions, but the number of states that ARE granting the basic human right of marrying or having the same legal rights as a married couple via civil unions… is steadily growing.
        I don’t think anyone said anything about someone marrying their dog.
        As far as the supreme court ruling that a CORPORATION has religious freedom… YES that can give corporations an excuse to reject covering certain PERSONAL healthcare needs and medication. A few years ago republicans were ranting and raving that Obamacare was going to impede the right to privacy for a patients personal care. This ruling basically says that EMPLOYERS can impede on someones right to privacy and access to their personal care.
        For those people not aware, there are dozens of reasons for women to take birth control… a lot of them have NOTHING to do with family planning. Some people have to take them to regulate their bodies hormones… some people have to take them because without them menstruation is completely debilitating… some people have bleeding disorders and it helps them control it… the list goes on and on.

      • James

        Your one of those idiots that never read the full story lye. So many of you. Hobby Lobby only excludes a small few birth control methods and ones that typically have no medical purposes outside of strictly for birth control. For those that have medical reasons, they tend to take methods that are more hormonal hormonal and effective the menstrual cycle as a whole. Hobby Lobby covers that. Also it should not be up to ANYONE else but you to pay for some things like the morning after. I’m sorry but if some one gets drunk and makes a bad choice, no one else should have to pay for it. Also want to add you “progressive” types sound 100 times more intolerant and hateful than Hobby Lobby or many religious people ever could.

    • xnerd

      How stupid can YOU BE?
      The SCOTUS wiping their asss with the consitution in this ruling has just set a precedence that would ALLOW FOR THIS!

      I dont care if they pay 15 out of 16 berth control methods.
      How do you not understand the concept of the term LEGAL PRECEDENCE?

      And more over they are basing this on a religion which is a slap in the face to our founders intent

      Wow some people just don’t think

      • Phil Young

        The question is what would these 5 Supreme Court justices have done if the lawsuit would have been about Viagra and Cialis? The company seems to be more worried about what comes from having a hard dick then what makes it hard enough to ejaculate in the first place and producing a child. The other argument against the company is that it actually purchases much of its merchandise from China where the number of abortions are high. THat is not an opinion, that is a fact. So the question then becomes if it is your Christian belief that abortion is bad, then why do you purchase your merchandise from a country that has as many abortions as it does? Ahhhhh! The dollar in China buys a lot more than it would here. Therefore, a companies Christian beliefs are not allowed to interfere with their profit margin. That is where the real BS lies.

      • Tanoan

        Yes, but they aren’t being required by law to PAY for the abortions in China.

      • lumenatrix

        China has government subsidized healthcare and until very recently required, and still encourages abortions for women who already have a child. Try again.

    • Mark

      So they’re fine with investing in companies that make abortifacient drugs but not paying for health insurance that provides them. Sounds like hypocrisy to me, probably why religitards love it.

    • Frank J Schneider

      Preventing a fertilized egg from being implanted is most certainly not “abortion!” At least not by any factual definition of the word.

      • Rose McFrog

        The two procedures to which Hobby Lobby objects does indeed abort an implanted egg. The procedures are used when it’s determined that a fetus is damaged. Perhaps Hobby Lobby should step forward and offer to pay for these children’s care.

      • VeggieTart

        No, it doesn’t. The morning after pill prevents an egg from being released or prevents an egg from implanting. The IUD prevents implantation as well. It’s not a fetus until eight weeks of pregnancy anyway.

      • Chip Curry

        Not a fetus, but a human zygote. A human being.

      • VeggieTart

        The way an acorn is an oak tree?

      • Chip Curry

        You can’t distinguish?

      • Chip Curry

        Once the acorn is in the ground, gets watered and sprouts – it is an oak tree that never quits growing.

      • Frank J Schneider

        That may be true, but they are against IUDs as well as “post coitus” drugs which prevent fertilized eggs from being implanted.

      • lye

        agreed… fertilized eggs don’t always implant anyways… so taking a birth control pill that creates an inhospitable environment where it can’t implant doesn’t really seem less humane than what the body does naturally.

    • lumenatrix

      Plan B is NOT an abortion pill. Seriously. Fertilized eggs don’t attach all the time, that is by no medical definition an abortion.

      Plus, while their relgious beliefs have been “protected” the beliefs and rights of every single woman who works for them who doesn’t feel the exact same way have been ground into the dust. God save the almighty dollar.

  • hmmmm

    It’s just another straw man argument that the liberals always use. I
    see no correlation between blatant racism and forcing a company to GIVE
    it’s employees something.

    • Rob

      The argument of the time would be that the company was being forced to serve someone.

      Employers never GIVE anything. Insurance is part of compensation. You are no more GIVEN insurance than you are GIVEN a paycheck.

      • Kate

        So HL compensated much better than the average employer of its kind. 14/hour and 9/hour and excellent (the ACA said that their plan was as good as, if not BETTER, than the ACA requirements) insurance. Hip Hip Hurray!

      • hmmmm

        Unless we’re in the former USSR, employers decide what employees earn. Anything beyond that that is forcing them to GIVE employees something.

        I suppose that’s a concept that the Handout Generations can’t

      • cvaughn

        Of course employers have to provide certain things. Your argument is absurd. Minimum wage, overtime pay, job safety, breaks, unemployment insurance….all mandated. We can now add health insurance (for large corporation like HL).

        In those cases – health insurance is in fact part of a compensation package which is earned by the employees – furthermore – it has been written in every employment contract I have ever seen as the “benefits” within the compensation package. It is not given as a gift or handout.

      • hmmmm

        Then you agree. This is government forcing them to GIVE employees something. It is not the company deciding what the employee has earned.

        That fact that they are FORCED to give them other things does not change that.

    • Kate

      Especially when Hobby Lobby IS giving 16 forms of birth control. Liberals or atheists, or garden variety nominally religious people just cannot understand, nor accept, that people like the Greenes and ME truly, truly believe that life begins at conception, and that those FOUR measly forms of birth control that HL won’t pay for, work in the manner of killing off an *already* fertilized egg. WE feel in our hearts, and by common sense logic, that that *is* murder. Why vilify someone who stands up against murder. When did that become a horrible thing? If you don’t agree, then use the other 16 forms of birth control provided, yes PROVIDED. It’s not a war against women. I AM a woman. I love women and men, and CHILDREN. It really is about my conscience, and life and death, to me. I read that God creates life. If you don’t believe in God or a Creator, fine. Go along your way and have some understanding for people who do. That is true tolerance. Please people, don’t make this more than it is. It is not creating a Sheria law state?!?!? It is not a war on women?!? it is not discrimination. People like me who are not out to get anyone, but sincerely, with my whole heart only want to protect life, and also have USED contraception, but the kind that isn’t an abortifaciev sp? We do not stand up against the FOUR kinds of BC to be intolerant jerks, I promise you. Thanks for listening, if you read all the way to the end of my comment.

      • Concerned

        So Kat, care to explain why the doctors start counting weeks 2 weeks before conception? So that means life starts before sex?

      • Kate

        Do you mean when you go to the OB/GYN and they give your due date? If not that, I have no idea what you are referring to. Thanks.

    • Phil Young


      • hmmmm

        Typical. Nice way
        to promote a civil dialog except you’re missing the name-calling and bigoted stereotyping
        that liberals try to use when they have no argument.

        The courts ruled that the mandated which was not voted on by Congress violated
        the Freedom of Religion Restoration Act of 1993. Passed by Democrats and singed by Bill
        Clinton. Sorry to point out more inconvenient

    • sandy

      How is it “giving” something if it is a EARNED benefit to their employees? So the women who work for an employer is receiving LESS than the man who IS receiving viagra from the same employer. That is nice woman making less YET AGAIN. (hope you understand this is sarcasm). We call it GENDER RACISM, (racism comes in many forms) & the whole thing comes down to is, certain plp want to CONTROL what woman do with THEIR BODIES. How would YOU feel if it was all reversed & it was men that these plp wanted to control? That rubbers were taken off the market & YOU were not allowed to use them, or viagra b/c some yoho said you shouldnt, YOU were causing an abortion by using them, b/c YOU dont know if a baby would have been made at that time. This isnt a “straw man” it is showing how stupid it was then & now. Our great & grandparents didnt have the choices of b/c that we have. Their families were how many kids any where to 14/19 kids, YOU want to support that many? Well I didnt want to HAVE that many & NOT be able to afford them, not make the older kids raise the little ones (which they do, look at 19 kids & counting see it in every show.). We woman are given NOTHING, we EARN it just like YOU do, so WHY do we have to fight for EVERY THING WE GET? From owning property, voting, b/c, going to school, being what we wanted, etc. & now our HEALTH DECISIONS, they want to take away.

      • Mark

        “Gender racism”? Nobody calls it that because that’s not a real term. You’re looking for “sexism” or perhaps “misogyny” – being female isn’t a race. Leave the stupidity to the religitards, please.

      • Sandy

        isnt it a “real term” why not? I dont care what color someone is but I do care that I am NOT treated as an equal, just as different races were. So I made a new term, who cares? It isnt stupidity it is saying what it is, plp understand “racisim” they take offense if it is called sexism & most wouldnt understand misogyny (especially the R/T’s).

      • hmmmm

        what an employee “EARNS” is defined by the employer unless you’re in the former USSR!

      • hmmmm

        plus Hobby Lobby provides 16 forms of birth control (before ObamaCare). I bet they do not provide 16 forms of viagra so based on your illogic the men should sue.

      • hmmmm

        I disagree that government should decide what employees
        earn. This isn’t the former USSR

        Hobby Lobby provides 16 forms of birth control (before ObamaCare). I bet they do not provide 16 forms of viagra so based on your illogic the men should sue.

    • cvaughn

      Health benefits are not a “gift” from an employer – they are part of a pay package which the employees earn. The employer is paying for health insurance in the name of the employee – it is only done his way to attain group insurance rates. Just as the employer has no right to tell their employees that they cannot buy condoms with their duly earned paycheck, they also have no right to tell their employees they cannot obtain legal forms of birth control with their duly earned insurance.

      • hmmmm

        Benefits are part of the salary that employees earned as decided by the employer. Anything beyond what the employer and employ agreed upon is a FORCED handout.

      • hmmmm

        This is not a case where an employer is telling an employee that they cannot obtain insurance to cover whatever the employee wants! Employees are free to buy any type of contraception or any type of insurance they want.

        Forcing company to GIVE employees something only makes sense to the Handout Generations. Not to me.

  • RJ12

    I wonder how many others will twist the truth of their bigotry using the 1st amendment. One more is too many.

    • Mark

      It’s the beauty of having an imaginary friend who tells you what to do. You can twist it every which way.

  • No time for drama

    Knowing how people act, and with little time to read, you are doing a disservice by posting this story in this manner. The information is relevant but the way you present it is damaging. You will make a lot of hard working progressives look like fools, which isn’t helping the cause.
    Taking “Forward Progressives” off my list of reads. (Fool me once… won’t get fooled again.)

  • rsz

    This is the type of hyperbole that clearly shows what is wrong with America. Shame on you for trying to tie a groups clear religious conscious to racism and backward thinking. If a group or family clearly define the drugs that were involved in this Supreme Court decision as abortion agents they should have that right. No one is required to work for Lobby Hobby and if you are in disagreement with their views it is your right to not shop there or work for them. This argument that the flood gates have been opened is garbage. This was a very limited decision concerning the use of certain drugs and devices that stop a fetus from developing.

    • xnerd

      What do you not get about the first amendment? We have just created a law that is based in religion.

      And you don’t find anything wrong with that ?? lol!

      It does NOT MATER HOW LIMITED the decision is or isn’t.
      It is irrelevant !

      A legal precedent has been set. and it opens the doors for every manor of greed based supreme court aca exclusion case imaginable.

      How can people miss the point so dramatically?

    • Kate

      well said.

    • Mark

      What’s wrong with America is that we need to burn down churches and build schools in their places.

    • Josh Geurian

      You should look at the fact that 80+ other companies refuse to provide any BC period. Heck some think using a condom is a sin. You are taking 1 of the 80+ cases and then disregarding the legal precedent the case made: that companies can opt out of providing legally required services because of their religion. It was not a very limited decision because clearly you didn’t even bother to read it.

  • Dave

    When did not paying for something become “outlawing” it? Silly libs

  • James Bixby

    I’m a Kansas City Man through and through, so no thank you on the Carolina stuff. Besides Barbecue just isn’t Barbecue unless an overweight black woman is shouting “Hi! May I Help You?” at the top of her lungs

    • Kalcen

      I’m from Missouri and have been to Kansas City quite often. And I agree, the best BBQ i’ve ever had is Kansas City style

  • Oburg native

    The stars and bars still fly proudly over the Orangeburg Maurice’s BBQ establishment.

  • Seyedibar

    Well, the man was right about his religion embracing racism. Twice Jesus calls black women dogs, and in Matthew 15, he straight up denies his public services to a black woman.
    The moral of this story is to stop putting faith (and legal power) in the words of a primitive bronze age religion.

  • ericscottmartin

    Interesting that you report a discrimination after the fact that the man is dead how does this resolve anything??

  • hmmmm

    The court ruled that the mandated, which was not voted on by Congress, violated the Freedom of Religion Restoration Act of 1993. Passed by Democrats and singed by Bill Clinton. Sorry to point out more inconvenient

  • Kevin Hitsman

    The Stars and Bars are NOT a symbol of racism or oppression! This is the flag of a section of the country that wanted to succede from our country. I can fly the confederate flag without being racist at all!

    • Seyedibar

      … said every white American racist ever.

    • Steve

      Actually, that’s not the “flag of a section of the country.” Educate yourself about the history of the flag, and while you’re at it, read the Articles of Secession, and come back and tell us why those states tried to secede. They did not succeed (Freudian slip or malfunctioning spell check?), Before you utter the phrase “states’ rights,” explain the south’s overwhelming support of the Fugitive Slave Act, as well as fraudulent voters flooding into what became known as “bleeding Kansas.” Want to take a guess what the vote was about?. Sure, you can fly the flag without being racist, but there’s no reason any decent person would. It is your right to look like an idiot, if you want to, though.

  • Danny Wade

    Good barbecue has nothing to do with sauce. NOTHING, YOU HEATHEN!!!!!!!(!!!)!

  • Charles

    He would have done better just putting up a sign, pointing Blacks to the rear, and people thought racism was dead.

  • Eitan

    I get the point. But the headline is deceptive in more than one way. It was written in the present tense. What followed was not a reprint of an article from the 60s. It is a current article. The title is deceptive if not written like this: SC Restaurant Owner Refused To Serve Blacks, Citing Religious Beliefs. Kind of a weak “gotcha”.

  • Anne Borsick Sweeney

    Read full article and from the title “The Political Garbage Chute” …..satire???
    Not trying to get a flame going but people really need to get over the past and move on and try to make the world a better place instead of rehashing what our forefathers did/didn’t do. Truth be told I do believe some of my forefathers owned slaves since they lived on big plantations in the Deep South.
    And this story is relevant now because he was racial in 1968…..he’s dead and hopefully his racists attitudes died too.
    All that political rebel rousing I did from the time I was 15-16 was for what?
    But seriously I can take you to places in the south where they still have signs posted to the effect of “nigg** don’t let the sun set on your black ass” and. The klan is still alive and kicking …..

  • gremmie69

    well there it is – the tea-baggers worship the religion of HATE. Jesus has left the building.

  • CappyJames

    Here’s the true positive in this: The Hobby Lobby decision relied at least to a large degree – on statute, not the First Amendment. And that statute, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, as misapplied as it obviously was, post-dated this decision based entirely on the First Amendment. Clarify the law, remove the precedent.

  • Serendipity

    I read the entire story, Mr. Schewitz. I wanted to know exactly what I would be sharing before hitting the send button.


    You know that marked for failure…you cannot have that attitude this day and time…and expect to be prosperous…it takes communities that are very diverse …because white folks like myself are outraged as well… at the neanderthal behavior in such modern times…Just get the hell over it and take your money to the bank…thats what i say !!!!….DONT LIKE BLACK FOLKS ??? THEN I SAY DONT MARRY ONE…then you wont have to sleep with one…if thats not good enough…. then move your business to Afghanistan…I hear theres not that many Black folks over there…only the ones in the military…the ones that will lay their life on the line for your sorry ass !!! HAVING SAID THAT…. …HAVE A NICE DAY ….

    • Rusty Shackelford

      Looks like somebody didn’t read the entire article….

  • Cathy Moore Casper

    Thank you Manny Schewitz! I, too, am a Progressive from the “Dirty South”, as you say it. I grew up in Alabama (Yeah, Crimson Tide fan and all!) and have lived in Georgia and North Carolina (presently) and completely enjoyed your article. As far as BBQ sauce, depends on the mustard and the vinegar. Give me some spicy brown mustard or some spiced up vinegar and I am there. Tomato based? BLAH!

  • Jim Longo

    Intellectual dishonesty in the name of liberalism is still intellectual dishonesty. If the events happened 46 years ago, the headline should have used the past tense, not the present. What you did here is worthy of Fox News.

    So count me as one who won’t bother with your page again, Forward Progressives. Fool me once, and all that…

  • NewsJunkie1112

    I hear that he’s trying to say, but the comparison is a bit false. It’s all well and good when we’re talking about a small restaurant like this, but a national corporate establishment with thousands of diverse employees in this day and age is pretty different. Also, the willingness to let the market sort itself out over a period of decades and say “no big deal guys progress will eventually happen” is a luxury enjoyed by those with options that don’t feel they will really suffer during that time. Must be nice to be part of the ‘haves,’ eh Manny? Just wait until your company’s religion comes for something of importance to YOU.

  • Dick Marti

    Christian hypocrite.

  • VeggieTart

    So if there was already precedent that your religious beliefs cannot trump the law, why didn’t the Supreme Court take that into account?

  • WilmRoget

    Now, if he were still alive, still practicing his racism, he could use the Hobby Lobby decision to defend his “right” to discriminate against black customers. I grew up hearing how bad it was that people were reluctant to vote for Catholic candidates, how JFK had to overcome that prejudice, and now as five Catholic justices have endorsed the imposition of Catholic dogma, I wonder if we’ll see a resurgence in anti-papist bias, knowing that the Supreme Court has made it legal to discriminate against Catholics, as long as the reasoning is ‘my religious beliefs’?

  • speaksthetruth

    Have more respect for yourselves people, I’m not even offended. I would just leave. I’m not the one that has to pay for his mortgage and feeding his family. Why would you eat at his restaurant? Now if they spat in your food, good for you.

  • incogman

    It’s America still….barely. He pays his taxes he should have the right to refuse service just like BET choosing not to air the country music awards.

    • bugster1

      Cut the semantics!!

      • incogman

        Because I built my own business I should have the right to choose my customers. Not everyone wants to dine with obnoxious foul mouthed animals with buck wild offspring terrorizing a establishment. ….thats not a guvment entitlemeant.

  • surfjac

    And so it begins….
    I wrote my bank and other creditors today…I told them my religious beliefs make it impossible to continue to pay my bills. And, in the book I get my beliefs from, it says, debts should be forgiven every 7 years. As such, I told them thank you very much and I will no longer be paying the bills.

    Every person in America with a credit card, mortgage or student loan should do this. Heads would explode!
    You know, if
    One person, just one person does it they may think he’s really sick and
    They won’t take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony,
    They may think they’re both (deleted) and they won’t take either of them.
    And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in
    Singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. They may think it’s an
    Organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said
    Fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and
    Walking out. And friends they may thinks it’s a movement.
    h/t Arlo Guthrie

    • jonjstrine42

      Love the Arlo reference.

      • surfjac

        45 years and it still is true

  • TTAS

    Come on into the 21st century.

    OBTW: The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, Pub. L. No. 103-141, 107 Stat. 1488 (November 16, 1993) passed by both the House and the Senate unanimously except for 4 Dems in the Senate and signed into law by Bill Clinton.

  • Carol Clinch

    This item is from 1968..

  • ummmmm

    My issue with your logic is that the supreme court REJECTED Mr. Bessinger’s argument- something they did not do in the case of Hobby Lobby. You say Hobby Lobby will become ephemeral just like Bessinger, but they have the law on their side now! We can’t just assume that everything will work itself out, especially when dealing with increasingly sophisticated and powerful religious lobby groups (something that didn’t exist in the political sphere of the 1960’s). How do we fight this to make sure it really does fade into nothingness??

  • Doc

    The headline suggests that this is something currently happening, not in the 1960s, to a restaurant that has apparently discontinued the policy years ago. This is link-baiting in one of its worst forms and it’s bad and the editor should feel bad.

  • DD

    I think many of you are missing the point here. The point is that fifty years ago the SCOTUS ruled against this guy trying to use his religious beliefs as a reason to discriminate and he lost. Yet here we are fifty years later and SCOTUS has done an about face and ruled in favor of discriminatory practices based on religious beliefs.

    And BBQ is BBQ, it’s all delicious!!!

  • LaurenV

    I would eat there now that I know that the racist owner is dead. If his defendants have good inclusive practices I would but their BBQ. I like all kinds

  • stanwill2

    Interesting article about how a racist business attitude was changed. But does anyone know how good ribs are with just a sprinkling of pepper and not drenched in sauce or covered with 57 herbs and spices? I enjoy the taste of the meat and not a bunch of spices that kill the taste buds.

  • Disconn3ct

    I fell in love with mustard sauce there. We call it the racist BBQ place – when we were there last, all of the “southern heritage” crap was still on display.

  • blagos

    “owners of Hobby Lobby and their religious bigotry” While you can agree or disagree with the court ruling, I would hardly consider the views of the Hobby Lobby owners “bigotry”. Since when is being pro-life a bigoted position? The only type of birth control that they wanted to not fund were types like the RU486 pill, causes spontaneous abortions.

  • blagos

    “owners of Hobby Lobby and their religious bigotry” While you can agree or disagree with the court ruling, I would hardly consider the views of the Hobby Lobby owners “bigotry”. Since when is being pro-life a bigoted position? The only type of birth control that they wanted to not fund were types like the RU486 pill, causes spontaneous abortions.

    • Not about being anti-abortion; it IS very much about imposing religious beliefs on others. They demand big government enforce where their arguments cannot convince

  • People forget that state segregation laws were often justified by religious beliefs; they did the same banning interracial marriage

  • People forget that state segregation laws were often justified by religious beliefs; they did the same banning interracial marriage

  • Random Guy

    No, the BBQ owner did not raise similar legal arguments to those that Hobby Lobby did, because RFRA did not exist in 1968. Hobby Lobby was not a First Amendment case.

    • you do have a point the RFRA should be taken to the court

  • Hard Little Machine

    I refuse to serve Muslims in my Pork store. Allahu Porqchop!!

  • AJ Vourakis

    Are you postulating that refusing to serve blacks and refusing to pay for someone elses birth control are comparable to each other? Stupid.

  • danny b

    The problem with analysis is that this was all before the Restoration of Religious Freedom Act. He might actually succeed today.

  • bugster1

    Question is: Who in the HELL would want to eat at that NASTY OL’ restaurant???!!!!! I’d venture to guess a good number of people (many of whom are black or members of other minorities) could, on their worst day, easily and quickly put together a barbecue feast that would outshine the slop “Piggie Park” (What a name! I mean, DID YOU EVER??!!!!) passes off as “food,” any time; any day! Again: DID YOU EVER?!!!!!!

  • Suitor #3

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Cola_BBQ_Lover

    It is very good BBQ, and the current generation of the family do not harbor any of the racist views of the past. In fact, they are supporters of the programs and have made donations to the Columbia Jewish Federation. They are good people, and have made a clean break with their history.

  • JohnEightThirtyTwo

    The article’s reference to the “Stars and Bars” prompts me to share what I recently learned: The Confederate States of America did have a flag called “the Stars and Bars”, and it looked nothing like what you saw on The Dukes of Hazzard. (To put things simply, if it has any diagonal lines, it isn’t the Stars and Bars.)

    Also, it turns out that the flag that Bo and Luke (and, probably, the guy we’re talking about here) flew was never the national flag of the CSA, though some military units used it.

    We now return to our discussion of different barbecue sauces and their relative merits.

  • Nunya

    I’ll never understand why people use sauce on ribs… a dry rub with simple spices is so much better. It also forces the restaurant to use a better cut and quality since sauce hides imperfections.

  • BorrowedSuits

    The bigots may die, but the bigotry lives on and on. The price of progress is the same price as the freedom that might make it possible: vigilance.

  • Judy Ornella

    I’m curious as to where it says in the Bible that Christians should refuse to serve black people in a restaurant? I haven’t read the Bible in years but I don’t even remember skin color being mentioned.

    • george

      It’s in the same place that abortion is mentioned

      • Judy Ornella

        Pretty much what I thought, George.

  • Piggie Park may make a tasty sandwich, but Eastern Carolina BBQ is BBQ

  • Markus

    How “Christian” of him.

  • SandyTodd

    I wish Carolina would keep all their BBQ and let us in the west have our traditional carmelized grill back. Anyhoo – the point is the difference in the court. This is why you vote. Who knows what today’s court would do. Put LGBT in the place of black, and this court just might decide it’s too big of a religious burden on the business to accommodate the random queer who can go get good bbq in California.

  • Jeff Henderson

    What was it we were all told after the 5-4 ruling on ACA? They ruled – deal with it. How is the Hobby Lobby ruling supporting bigotry in any sense of the word?

    • JHL

      Hobby Lobby isn’t bigotry: it’s misogyny and sexism labeled as religious freedom for closely held corporations. Of course, a genius such as yo

      • Jeff Henderson

        You are right – I do understand all of the words you most likely had to look up. I see you add a lot to the discussion and provide very cogent arguments. How is it misogynistic to not want to pay for someone else’s abortion? HL does not ask for the right to persecute women that use abortifacients – they just don’t want to be the one paying for them. How sexist! LOL

      • JHL

        I’m pleased that you apparently can use a dictionary! Yay! Progress!

        Again though, why would I engage someone like you, a dimwitted, racist, sexist, misogynistic mutt? It’s not a trick question.

      • Jeff Henderson

        Hide behind your initials and make your comments private so we can’t read your other brilliant retorts. Come out from behind your skirt and let’s debate something using facts and logic and we will see who has more cogent arguments.

      • JHL

        What continues to surprise me is the fact that dimwitted, racist, sexist, misogynist mutts such as you somehow think that there has to be egalitarianism between someone such as you and me.
        We would never interact socially and I wouldn’t continue a conversation with you once it became clear how uneducated you are and how far to the right you lean.
        It’s funny though, when I used to have clients such as you, I’d always tell them to plead out

      • Jeff Henderson

        You write words but they don’t seem to represent reality on any level. Do you know what the word “self-admitted” means? Because you use it incorrectly. You can copy and paste the DRSMM insult over and over, but none of it applies to me, so who gives a rats hind arse? You also don’t seem to know what the word ‘bigotry’ means – it is ‘intolerance to others that hold different opinions than yours’ and you dear friend are a class A bigot.

      • JHL

        I like acronyms DRSMM it is! Let’s pronounce that “drism”!

        So, the way it shakes out drsmm is that you don’t know the law, don’t understand legal opinions, don’t understand the holdings in this case, etc.; yet. that hasn’t stopped you from spewing forth your brand of ignorant DRSMM bile.

        And still you want to engage folks in some kind of “discussion” about your DRSM views.

        Save your views for the next Klan meeting. You can use them to rally the troops.

        God, how your family must hate it when you walk through the door. Hi honey, I’m home!

      • Jeff Henderson

        Although I am a self-admitted non-lawyer – I have beaten a couple of them representing myself in court. I despise the Klan, since they were nothing but a bunch of hate-spewing Democrats. The decision was made because the SCOTUS screwed up their previous ruling about the constitutionality of ACA. Requiring people and companies to make a purchase and mandating what they must purchase was and is bound to conflict with other inalienable rights. They are demonstrating with this ruling that their prior decision was wrong and they need a case brought to reverse that decision.

      • JHL

        Imagine my surprise in learning that you have no legal training or understanding of the Constitution. Who would have guessed, your DRSM moronic analyses notwithstanding?
        Oh, so you beat some attorneys representing yourself? It underscores the saying that folks who represent themselves have a fool for an attorney and a fool for a client. I assume your neighbor sued you because you parked your double-wide on a corner of his lot and you claimed adverse possession.
        As to your comprehension of the ACA, do you understand or have you even read the Commerce Clause? You also didn’t read the SCOTUS opinion, did you? Let me guess: that would be a resounding “NO.”
        As with the rest of your analyses, this is another product of your dimwitted, racist, sexist, misogynistic, redneck, moronic views.
        And your family really does cringe. look close and you’ll see them flinch as you enter or they’ll stop talking. They hate you and what you stand for but you don’t realize it. Word.

  • H20

    Was this a failed attempt to link racism to protection of innocent life….or was the intent of the article to show that SCOTUS could tell the difference?

    • Heather

      What innocent life are you referring to? The innocent lives of the women who want to be allowed to be in charge of their own reproductive health? Because those are the only lives that are being harmed by this ridiculous supreme court decision.

      Also, prejudiced behavior is prejudice behavior. If this court case had dealt with medications that are mainly used to treat, say, Sickle Cell disease, which is more prevalent in black communities, this would be a race issue. But since conservatives look at women as less than humans, I guess it doesn’t matter that their rights are being infringed upon.

      • ExSF

        Heather, do you honestly believe that female employees of Hobby Lobby will no longer be “in charge of their own reproductive health” as you put it, as a result of this decision? If so, isn’t that rather insulting to those employees, characterizing them as being so pitifully weak and helpless that total control of their “reproductive health” has been ceded over to someone else who now has the power to decide whether or not they’re able to get an abortion? You seem to be the one who’s looking at women as less than humans.

  • thatdigiguy

    not sure who this idiot author is, but he abandoned almost ALL the facts by the second paragraph of this article. Calling this a blatant lie-filled attack piece is really giving him the benefit of doubt….

  • buttholepunch

    Sauce type is irrelevent, it’s the meat that counts

  • Terryl

    Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Oh, and for great BBQ, Rudy’s is the best.

  • Meri Justus

    well Ill be we can all get along when it comes to a conversation about BBQ, aint that AWESOME!!!! I kinda like that Jack Daniels pulled chicken BBQ my self, not much on the pork BBQ, but since i moved here to Va, i also like a little slaw on my BBQ (and hot dogs to) glad we can all come together and be friends over some god OL BBQ, we should all get together and bring our fav. BBQ and have a good time together.

  • Colleen Faler

    I love me some “Q”! Smoked or sauced like my Nana used to make! Throw me some slaw on that sammich and it’s a win!

  • zchris87v

    Though I did not agree with his beliefs, I’ve worked there before and can say that a good 50-75% of this story is exaggeration of facts. Glad to see his kids are making progress. Oh and go ahead and tell me I’m wrong, what would I know? I was only present first-hand.

    • Mickie Lynn Halley

      please do tell which parts are exaggerated?

      • zchris87v

        The part about 98% of his business being lost. And perhaps there were more omissions than anything – his “employee of the year” for 12 years (and I’ll agree, she was excellent) was a black woman. The customer base being about 10% black, and indifferent to his views. The fact he treated every employee so well (really, I myself was surprised). The NAACP boycotts leading to people smashing bottles of his sauce on the floor of major grocery chains. The point is that this does misconstrue his beliefs as his personal behavior.

      • Mickie Lynn Halley

        yeah so you missed the stunt he pulled handing out pro slavery tracts in 2002? I know when walmart, piggly wiggly and bilo pulled his sauces off the shelf it did hit him hard. and his business might not have taken such a big hit in Columbia but in Charleston it did, so much so his college park road restaurant closed. yeah he did take a big hit. and he acted a damn fool before he did it.

      • Mickie Lynn Halley

        yeah so you missed the stunt he pulled handing out pro slavery tracts in 2002? I know when walmart, piggly wiggly and bilo pulled his sauces off the shelf it did hit him hard. and his business might not have taken such a big hit in Columbia but in Charleston it did, so much so his college park road restaurant closed. yeah he did take a big hit. and he acted a damn fool before he did it.

      • Mickie Lynn Halley

        so how did you excuse his handing out proslavery leaflets? just an aberration of his behavior? oh, that was 2002

  • LC

    Difference is, the 5 justices who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby PERSONALLY AGREE with Hobby Lobby. They are all Catholic men.

  • StephanieAndDavid

    I used to visit Piggy Park quite often. If you like SC Style BBQ – mustard BBQ – this is the place to go.The old man was crazy – he had pamphlets on the table advocating attacking N. Korea, but, no one paid attention to his ranting. They just paid attention to the BBQ pork, chicken and bricket. So, so good! I didn’t know about this BBQ style until I visited and now it’s my favorite.
    I was there in the 1980s and 1990s and there were plenty of Black people being served as well as working behind the counter.

  • Jeff Henderson

    Wasn’t the theory of evolution also used to argue that blacks were inferior and also used by the Nazi’s to justify the extermination of Jews and Poles? Hasn’t our own constitution been used to justify male dominance in society? Should we then discount any argument that finds a basis in evolution or in our Constitution? Just because some source of knowledge has been used incorrectly does not nullify it from ever being used correctly. Every case must be judged on its own merits.

  • Silky Maranzano

    i am sorry (But I cannot see ANY REMOTE reason a Christian would be prohibited from serving “blacks” in their restaurant??? Hasd anyone spelled this out for us why at is relevant?

  • ateo

    Damn intellectuals, stop figuring things out and making it hard for shitty people to use religion to discriminate, avoid taxes, or to steal money on employees’ healthcare.

  • Hope I am not deleted

    Excuse me – how are these 2 related. One is from bigotry and has NO BIBLE or CHRISTIAN basis. HobbyL was truly a religious issue – killing a child. Again, only 4 “contraception” drugs were in question…there are 16 more that women can choose.

    PLUS THE ISSUE IS REQUIRING THE COMPANY TO PAY FOR THOSE DRUGS -not saying women cannot get access to those drugs.

    You say people want
    to shove their prejudices and ignorance down the throats of others
    behind the guise of “religious freedom.” –

    Is that not exactly what you are doing by misleading people.

    People please please please get some sense and think about what you are saying.

    • Tappy Mcwidestance

      Sorry to disappoint you, but God sanctions abortion and gave direction on how to do it in the Bible. Check out Numbers Chapter 5 verses 11-31 for instructions on how to properly abort your baby.

      • Hope I am not deleted

        Sorry to disappoint you but it says
        The Lord make thee a curse, and an example for all among his people: may
        he make thy thigh to rot, and may thy belly swell and burst asunder. Let the cursed waters enter into thy belly, and may thy womb swell and thy thigh rot. .”

        It does not say YOU it says the Lord. The entire passages is about God’s judgement on a sin – not on a woman’s choice.

      • Tappy Mcwidestance

        No it’s not about the woman’s choice it is about her husband’s choice. Just another example of men trying to control women just like the owners of Hobby Lobby. Abortion is fine with them when they are making money off it, but God forbid a woman should be allowed to make any decisions for herself.

  • rossbro

    Surprised the old bastard lived so long.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Hey, way to make sure I never come back here again! Ridiculous.

  • James L Johnson

    LMBO…discussion on racism and politics devolved into one on BBQ
    I heard about him. In S.C. he serves blacks cause he has too..but then give the money to the KKK! They talked about him on the Tom Joyner Morning show. Jay Anthony admitted he ate it! Everyone was like NO JAY.. But Jay said, it’s good BBQ. Do you know how hard it is to find good BBQ!? LOL That part he’s right…but still shouldn’t be eating there! I just need my BBQ sauce which is TOMATO BASED.

  • Karen Serenity Swan

    You’re making me hungry with this BBQ talk!

  • Edmund Robinson

    My family has lived in South Carolina for fifteen generations; I don’t care for Bessinger’s Mustard-based barbecue, and it doesn’t represent SC. There are better BBQs by far. But the point of this comparison between Hobby Lobby and the Piggie Park case of 1968 is misplaced. The Hobby Lobby case was decided not under the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom but under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. That act was a reaction to the Smith case, which held that one could not exempt oneself from a law of general application by citing religious practice. Congress, with few dissents, passed a law that tried to change that rule by saying that where one objects on religious grounds to a law’s application to oneself, the government must show that the law serves a compelling governmental interest and uses the least restrictive mans to further that interest. That was what was at stake in Hobby Lobby and the majority opinion found that, since the Obama Administration had made an exemption for churches and explicitly religious organizations, application of the ACA mandate for contraceptive coverage to a closely held corporation was not the least restrictive means. None of this has anything to do with Maurice Bessinger and little to do with the First Amendment. I don’t like the Hobby Lobby decision, but there is a lot of misinformation being spread about it.

  • Randee Head

    It won’t be long before this kind of thing starts happening again. The difference now is that the bigots will be successful.

  • paprtowl

    “WE reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” business STUPID , but protected .

  • Jesus didn’t say, “You can’t have black people sitting in your restaurant.” But he did say, “Life begins at conception.” See how the Supreme Court distinguishes these two cases?

    Seriously, the Supreme Court should reject ANY argument based on religion, because your religion means whatever you want it to mean. I can’t wait for the case involving Islamic beliefs….

  • phantomath

    You are a jackass. Headlines serve a purpose. Unlike your writing.

  • BeansNRice

    Why should I stop in SC? I’m told it is an extremely racist place and a RED STATE!!!

  • Sarah Stravinska

    What religion is he talking about?

  • Penarrow

    This business should

  • Bobbala

    13th Amendment
    Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
    Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
    … unless a black demands your good and/ or services.

  • MarcusSun

    Blacks and others who object to this silliness, let your feet and wallet do the talking.
    As Marcus Garvey taught us, beggin another man who doesn’t want you to take your money is foolishness/

  • Skip Patterson

    I’m down with the vinegar based sauce as well.

  • TropiChris

    This isn’t news, it’s left-wing propaganda.

  • MarcusSun

    Great story

  • John Koepfler

    You’re comparison is ridiculous. Hobby Lobby is not discriminating against anyone, or treating anyone different than anyone else, they are simply stating that as per FEDERAL LAW they cannot be forced to do something against their clear and common religious beliefs.

  • MlleCheree

    Bessinger BBQ (all of the Bessingers, but Melvin especially) is tasty. While vinegar-based dip/sauce remains my least favorite BBQ, mustard-based is currently ahead of tomato-based.

  • kimmy sassmachine

    south carolina, you are disgusting for giving this greasy shithole enough business to keep it open this long because of all the generally well known racism it stands for. and that is why i refuse to move to the south. backwards, antiquated, dumb and gross.

  • ThyGeekGoddess

    If they’re that bigoted, imagine what else they’ll claim religious rights to. Imagine what those “people” do religiously.
    Do ya want them near your food?

  • regaltwo .

    Vinegar based sauce. Only way to go.

  • Tom O’Neill

    This has got to be some of the most convoluted thinking to date. The Piggie Park case was dismissed. It was frivolous. It tried to use one constitutional guarantee to dismiss another. That has no merit, normal people don’t think like that. The only reason it went to the Supreme Court was because of the way the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and. The Supreme Court shot it down by upholding the CRA of 1964 to mean drive throughs as well as indoor restaurants.
    How you can think this relates to Hobby Lobby requires some imagination.
    Hobby Lobby was about government making a law that violated a Constitutional guarantee.

  • Allen Lambert

    There is a big difference between refusing service to someone because of there race and not providing the morning after pill to someone.

  • Williams Rhea

    Hobby Lobby did not argue religious freedom under the first amendment. In fact, the case had little to do with the first amendment. The majority based its opinion on the protections of the little known, but potent Religious Freedom Restoration Act. If you want to change the court’s ruling, lobby your representatives to amend the law. You have the power to make Hobby Lobby provide contraceptives. Let’s exercise it!

    • Williams Rhea

      Little was an overstatement–nothing to do with the first amendment

  • David L. Kern

    Got ya all beat. Philippine pork BBQ. You cut the meat into 1/2-1 inch sections, marinade it over night in a combo soy sauce/apple cider vinegar with a little pepper and maybe a drop or two of dave’s insanity sauce. The next day put the meat onto bamboo skewer’s, up to 5 piece’s per skewer. As you cook it on the BBQ, make sure you bast it with oil. Lastly, right before you take it off the grill, brush on your favorite BBQ sauce. We sold 5,000 sticks of it in 2 days this year at the Asian fest here in Columbus at $4.00 a stick! In fact, they were ordering it faster than we could cook it!

    • Istenno

      sounds yummy

  • Alan

    That’s ok; I don’t eat blacks.

  • Kevin Ansel

    Great BBQ, horrible man but their carolina gold sauce is amazing. Mustard based is the only way.

  • NoneYa!

    B.I.H. Maurice Bessinger!!

  • TexasRedbud

    Hobby Lobby is prejudice? And ignorant? because they do not want to pay for abortions? And somehow this is related to people who do not like blacks? I am not a big fan of childish insults, but I can not help myself. You are an idiot.

    • jonjstrine42

      Except that Hobby Lobby wasn’t being asked to pay for abortions. Nor, as I suspect you’ll follow up with, were they being asked to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. The things they objected to do not allow a fertilized egg to implant along the wall of the uterus. This is something that can happen naturally when a woman has her period. Not every fertilized egg becomes a baby, you know.
      So, please get the facts before you call someone an idiot. When you just spout off like this, it kinda makes you look like… well, an idiot.

      • Wesley Bullock

        Your wrong on all counts…Ocare includes coverage for abortion pills….do your homework……

      • TexasRedbud

        You are correct, H-L was objecting to drugs that they believed terminated life. So, back to my original point, how does this relate to people who do not like blacks? The author went way out of his way to play the race card. And for that a$$hat move, he is an idiot.

  • allan montgomery

    my father took me there in 1983 he was a kkk grand dragon … ( he would have killed me if he ever found out about my first girlfriend.). he died before i got married ,, he probably would have had a significant problem with my wife of now 11 years… but none the less… i remember the food was terrible and i seem to remember having the shits for several days afterwards…. i hope the kids have improved the product and hope they can get past their fathers reputation.. i did eventually… what is funny, in my fathers attempt to teach me bigotry.. he only succeeded in showing me the true wonders of the world… people.. from everywhere… remove the religious,color,ethnic,educational, and linguistic barriers.. we are pretty much the same ,…

  • Mike

    So what you’re saying…basically admitting, right from the start, is that this story is nothing more than bullshit click bait with a sensationalized headline to get traffic to your site.

    Well. at least you sort of admitted it, which is more than Fox or CNN does. If only just barely.

  • Julia Howe

    There you go.

  • Angel

    Believe I’ll stick with my Christianity that teaches me to love everyone and to not kill. Throughout history a lot of evil has been done in the name of “religion”, starting with the Pharisees and Sadducees. I can claim that I am a lamppost and truely believe I am, standing in my yard holding a light for all to see. But the simple TRUTH is that I am not a lamppost and never will be. Anyone can claim anything they want in the name of “religion”, and even believe their claim, but that doesn’t make their claim truth. Christianity is LOVE and TRUTH for ALL.

  • Today’s SCOTUS would side with Bessinger.

    We’ve devolved that far thanks to the Roberts Court.

  • Ralph

    Except that in this scenario, Hobby Lobby is being discriminated against based on what the court called the governments advancement of a legitimate interest that *does not use te least restrictive means to further that interest.* Not sure if you actually read the opinion if the Court. I don’t think you did if you think this is about anything more than a closely held corporations right to run it’s business in a way that allows it to promote its religious beliefs without the government using overbearing means in implementing a law. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is much different than the AHA.

    • lumenatrix

      If you read RBG’s decent you would know the judges who voted against do not think that is at all true. It passed, but it was close, and in no way black and white.

  • larry

    I re-posted this 22 hours ago and a friend of a friend was the first to read this post ALL the way to the end to catch the my true meaning. Only one out of hundreds and hundreds that read this to the very end. Yes this was 1968 and now 2014 we are right back to the same boat that is sinking! We now have a Supreme Court controlled by 5 republican judges primed and ready to sent us back to 1968. So business owners now have the same racial rights of the early 1900’s! This was a sad day for people of color, Gays, Christians, & Americans when these 5 republicans unleashed their hate on America.

  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    Apples and oranges. Now, if the BBQ owner were refusing to serve, say, pork for his religious beliefs, you’d have an actual point. The owners of Hobby Lobby are refusing to provide a very select few types of chemical treatment for pregnancy. They are happy to pay for you to not *get* pregnant. They are happy to pay for your health care once you *are* pregnant. But their religious convictions (clearly stated in their religious text and through centuries of practice) forbids abortion, which violates the Hippocratic oath anyway.

  • James Ritchie

    To get serious for a minute, I really don’t care if a private business excludes blacks, whites, or anyone else. Let the customers decide if they want to eat at such a place. I sure don’t care if it flies the Stars and Bars. I don’t have to agree with what others do, and they don’t have to agree with what I do.

  • Michael Arnold

    amazing what i read on a liberal sight. BUY YOUR OWN contraception! and, what about the muslims forcing themselves on business and communities. where is the outcry about this?

  • August

    You progressives need to understand the difference between the Hobby Lobby case and the racism in this 1968 case, because apparently that is too difficult a concept for your tiny minds. This isn’t the same thing at all. How is an employer not wanting to pay for 4 types of birth control (while they pay for another 16 types) the same in any way as refusing the right to serve an entire section of the population? You are so far off the beaten path on your comparisons, it’s hard to find any intelligence in your arguments whatsoever. You’re setting yourselves up to be made fun of for your stupidity.

  • snarlos

    The only real BBQ is made in Puerto Rico, where the tiano’s invented barbacoa, or sacred fire pit. If you haven’t eaten PR BBQ you haven’t had real BBQ yet–nothing in the states even comes close to the real thing!

  • Edward C

    Sorry this is long but it’s not really a great comparison. There are already millions of women whose employers were granted birth control exemption for religious reasons. These women have their birth control managed by the HHS already. It was already accounted for in the ACA. The Hobby Lobby case was never about the first amendment. Zero women lost access to anything because of the HL ruling.

    I wondered how the court that has refused any challenges to Roe vs. Wade and still hear this case and come to this conclusion. So I did the unthinkable and waded through all 95 pages on the court ruling, the concurring opinion and the dissenting opinions.

    First off the only reason why the court even heard the case was the RFRA of 1993 which says when government interests and someone’s religious interests clash the government must use the “least restrictive way in which to further the government interest”. The HHS wanted to fine HL $475 million per year when HL could have dumped all insurance and paid a $26 million fine per year. The HHS refused to give HL a hearing on either their religious claim or the size of the fine. Had the fine been low enough to meet “least restrictive” there would have been no court case.

    The HHS refused to disclose to the Supreme Court what their cost would be if they picked up these four services for HL. They said revealing that might create a challenge to their right to decide how much to fine people who only partially complied with the ACA. {Congress anticipated companies partially complying and then trying to avoid a fine. So they created a fine for total non-compliance of $2,000 per year per employee and gave the executive branch powers to decide how to fine partial compliers}.

    The Supreme Court also asked the HHS how many people could potentially be effected if they ruled in the plaintiff’s favor. The HHS did not respond. The court asked for clarification if they were unable to get a good estimate or if they were refusing to respond. The HHS said they were refusing because the case should be decide on its merits and not the cost to the government.

    In the SCOTUS decision it mentioned that the female employees of HL would not lose any services because the mechanism was already provided for through the ACA and already set up and running by the HHS. It would also not cause the HHS to create any new departments or divisions or create an “undue burden” on the HHS because they were already doing it. Then since the HHS insisted there was no way to compromise on the $475 million per year fine and that level of fine violated the RFRA they found in favor of HL.

    I was a bit shocked when i read it all. Maybe I’m a bit paranoid but perhaps someone from the HHS wanted to lose the case.

  • themercenary

    Pointless clickbait.At least there is a good discussion about BBQ.

  • Ko lrabi

    “I prefer East Carolina, vinegar-based sauce, just in case you were wondering.” Of course you do, The Bible is very clear on this matter.

  • V

    Seems like most missed the whole point of the article. …The Hobby Lobby cannot use freedom of religion to persecute others…hey!!! look over there! BBQ!

  • Robert Bridson

    I guess it’s a good point to remain optimistic about that stuff… but that’s cultural, and I think most liberals are fairly optimistic about cultural change over time… assuming we survive without a massive civilizational collapse in the meantime.

    The ruling however is still troubling because it isn’t about one specific form of bigotry. IT will work for any kind of bigotry that people decide is a “sincere religious belief.” Unless you believe all bigotry will be gone in the foreseeable future, this doesn’t really make the ruling itself any less troubling. And that’s not mentioning the real horror of the ruling in how it defines benefits as corporate rather than employee property, and determines that corporations are somehow morally culpable (and thus given the right to control) how employees use them.

  • jelun

    Since I won’t be setting foot in SC any time soon, as much as I might like to help you out. NOPE, can’t do it.

  • Ector Rodriquez


  • Grits & Sweet Tea

    Please don’t leave out the sweet and tangy taste of St. Louis BBQ!

    Btw, Manny, I too passed on the Piggie Park BBQ during my time in SC. I never touched their sauce either.

  • MrPresidentCFO

    My question is, “Is this man related to the Bessinger Family” that own the chain of BBQ restaurants throughout South Carolina. I ask this question because if you research the HISTORY of how BBQ got started, The Bessinger name is already mentioned. So if this man feels that way, what about the rest of the family? We need to know. Quite frankly, I never liked the Bessinger BBQ.

    • mike black

      yes, he is the father of it all.

      • MrPresidentCFO

        Then there’s no question the entire institution needs to be punished. This needs to be BROADCAST in OUR COMMUNITY and all of their locations should be BOYCOTTED!

  • Dude abides

    Sorry not even close…they do not force any sort of religion on anyone. They choose to run their company based on moral and ethical principles that many religions are based on. Hobby Lobby pays its employees 14 per hour for FT and 9.50 for PT and all their employees had health insurance. Hobby Lobby’s contention was that they were being forced to pay for coverage that included several types of contraception that are considered to be abortifacients that TERMINATE a pregnancy not PREVENT one. They covered all standard forms birth control. I’m a pro choice person however the owners of a private company that are providing health care including standard forms of birth control is in their rights to not offer those particular options. They can choose to go work somewhere else and we can choose to shop somewhere else. Don’t like the music change the channel we don’t sue the station to play what we want. World has gone crazy

  • Ken

    Pretty good BBQ and sauces. Was sad to see him lose his mind and the sauce disappeared from the local shelves….

  • It’s a poor product. Much prefer the down East style.

  • Mustard is for Hot Dogs

    Apple cider vinegar is the way to go!

  • So you wanted us to NOT read your article, just base our reaction on the headline? I for one read it to see if it was a real story, worthy of my outrage, or a satirical piece. But by all means, if in the future I click on an article and see your byline, I will read the headline and nothing else.

    • Michael49forlife

      I agree that the “reporters” approach was narrowly formed but i’m gonna guess that 50 years ago when this was NEW news, that some found it to be extremely appalling while others held up signs in support of this restaurant owners “freedom”…

  • GodsGadfly

    I fail to his supporting racism on made up grounds compares to opposing chemical abortion.

    • Michael49forlife

      made up grounds? maybe you should go back to history class and learn how those that supported slavery/racism used the bible as their pedestal for segregation. i also don’t see why you care if someone wants to do whatever they want to THEIR bodies. doesn’t hurt YOU. i don’t support abortion but I will support ANYONES right to it because it is called freedom of choice.

      • GodsGadfly

        1. But that interpretation of Scripture is made-up, with no grounding in the Apostolic tradition before maybe the 1700s.
        2. How don’t you support abortion, then? You support the “freedom of choice” (I’d like to see someone who can identify those words in the Constitution). You support, apparently, forcing employers to pay for (support) abortions. How is that not supporting?
        3. It’s not just about a woman’s body; it’s about her baby’s body. However, where does the “freedom to do what you want” end? Drugs? Suicide? Suicide bombing? All involve people “doing what they want with their bodies.” It would be too far afield to talk about the Gnostic lie that our bodies are property.
        4. What about the “freedom of choice” of business owners to do what they like with their businesses? You can’t have it both ways. Either you believe in “freedom of choice” or you don’t.

  • Peter Russell Elfvin

    OK, let me get this straight. If the state passes rules that unconstitutionally conflict with religious beliefs, it is up to religion to just sigh and turn the other cheek? What does the free exercise clause MEAN anyway?

  • Patrick Garrison

    “Maurice Bessinger also lost his appeal to the Supreme Court, in an unanimous decision of 8-0…” I wonder who the 9th Justice was who decided not to voice an opinion.

  • Matthew

    Hobby Lobby didn’t use the First Amendment. It used RFRA. So each of these claims are wrong (“Mr. Bessinger used a similar argument as Hobby Lobby to say that despite laws outlawing segregation, his religious beliefs trumped federal law under the 1st Amendment. Maurice Bessinger also lost his appeal to the Supreme Court, in an unanimous decision of 8-0. Like Hobby Lobby, Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ wanted to use the 1st Amendment in order to claim freedom of religion to impose the out of touch views of the owner on others.”) That ruling is still right; the First Amendment doesn’t protect this kind of idiocy. But Congress (unanimous in the House, nearly so in the Senate, signed by Clinton) enacted this kind of idiocy in 1993. The case would still turn out the same way under the First Amendment, for both this restaurant and Hobby Lobby (see O Centro, a dozen other cases).

  • tomclancy

    I’m sure Maurice was a Republican and there still are many more out there just like him today.

    • rlion

      Back in 1968 he was more than likely a Democrat. Most white southern men were at that time.

      • tomclancy

        Possibly, but Democrats did the fighting for civil rights back then not Republicans and they didn’t hang blacks and mostly were not members of the KKK either. I was 23 years old back in 1968 and remember the signs on nearly all business as I traveled from the Northeast through the south that said WHITE ONLY on drinking fountains, rest rooms, motels, restaurants, etc. It was a terrible time and i couldn’t believe that was going on.

      • rlion

        I live in Alabama and my grandfather was a pull one lever democrat voter. He was the superintendent of a rural county during segregation and helped raise 50K to build a new school for black students. He lost his next election. I was not around then so I do not know who was in the KKK or not. I am not sure membership was based on party lines. I have read when Johnson was trying to get the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed he had a hard time from his home state of Texas and most were democrats. The platforms and ideals of each party has shifted to me. Lincoln was a Republican but he does not fit description of most Republicans today. The superintendent of the county today is Republican as most of the local offices. Very conservative area. I just keep my mouth shut about politics around certain people as I know I am wasting my breath 🙂

  • Gonzosz Voice

    I’m from the Netherlands….. we are raised with tolerance!

    • GodsGadfly

      Except for the disabled.

    • dougtheavenger

      I have been to the Netherlands. They are all a bunch of fascists who think they’re liberal.

  • Carrie

    I think this articles compares apples and oranges. Racisim is not a commandment in the bible, a commandment against killing is very much present. Hobby Lobby isn’t against birth control, they are against a government that requires one to support the morning after pill. A pill designed to terminate life, also known as killing. The first amendment supports the freedom of all citizen to religion and speech. Don’t silence people with valid religious views. Silence those who make uneducated arguements against things of which they aren’t knowledgeable.

    • Are you serious? You need to seriously educate yourself. RU 46 is an abortion pill, Plan B is not. Before a woman is even given Plan B, she undergoes a pregnancy test. If she is pregnant, no pill is provided.

      Where do you guys get this stuff????

  • Ken E Taylor

    The first and only time I was in Columbia, SC (1999), I ended up at Maurice’s Piggy Park based on the reputation of the food… and had heard nothing prior about the owner’s politics. The BBQ was spectacular, and the restaurant’s patrons were pretty evenly divided racially… despite the rack displaying “The South’s Gonna Rise Again” literature near the cash register. I guess the African Americans eating there weren’t going to let the old man’s overt racism stop them from enjoying a fine meal. I am very glad to learn that his kids have removed all vestiges of Klannishness from the premises. If I’m ever in
    Columbia again, I’ll go there for sure.

    • mike black

      ken, interestingly, it was a yr later (2000) that Bessinger’s beliefs became known to the general public, when he joined the fight to keep the confederate flag atop the State Capitol Bldg. prior to that point, many of his black customers did not know about his “views”. he was very vocal with his bigoted and discriminatory beliefs, proudly talked about the racist literature that he displayed inside the store, and even added the confederate flag to the label of his BBQ sauce. all but one S.C. retailer promptly pulled his products from their shelves, and most black patrons stopped going to the restaurant, many never to return.

  • Tim Basham

    If it’s hot mustard, I’d have to give that a run-go. Love me some hot mustard.

  • dougtheavenger

    The “Equal Accomodations” law was meant to be temporary and should have been allowed to expire. Forcing people to serve other people they choose not to serve is a form of involuntary servitude. The vast majority of public accomodations are happy to serve black customers and take their money. That was the original goal of the 1964 law. As for the few who refuse to tap into the black customer base, let it go.

  • masilver

    Am I reading the decision wrong? It appears Maurice lost in the lower courts but the Supreme Court had to weigh in on whether the attorney’s fees would have to be reimbursed by the losing party, not whether he violated the Civil Rights (which the lower courts said he did).

  • dougtheavenger

    Hobby Lobby pays it’s workers $1.50/hour or more. Nancy Pelosi pays her workers in American Samoa less than $7/hour and she used her position as House speaker back in 2009 to prevent the extension of the $7.25/hour min wage to American Samoa.
    What does that tell you?

  • Dave DeCaro

    I can think of two local businesses where I am not welcome, one because of my race and the other because of my gender. I think the owners are stupid to forego my money but if they want to discriminate against straight white males I figure they are within their rights.

  • Sunshine1011

    Vinegar based BBQ is TERRIBLE.

  • ghiggins1958

    hobby lobby decision was based on the religious freedom restoration act of 1993.

  • Jack’son

    You all are funny! I was reading this and the song “Piggies” by the Beatles came on the radio. I have never even heard of that song but I am sure it means I need to eat some BBQ. Peace.

  • Blake Rivers

    What’s funny is all the comments are only about barbecue.

  • Rob

    Sorry to disappoint, but this is far from the same issue. The piggy dude in the 1960s wanted to prevent people from doing what others could do — i.e. eat in his restaurant. That is discrimination. The Greens (Hobby Lobby owners) made no effort to prevent access to abortion-inducing medicines to their employees. They simply choose not to pay for it. It should be noted that they already provided access to 16 forms of birth control, long before the ACA was thought of. However, they oppose abortion (including abortion-inducing drugs), and simply refused to pay for it. If their employees wish to purchase them, they do not risk losing their employment.

    To make such a comparison is the equivalent of you telling me that I’m somehow discriminatory if I were a Muslim and I took you to a restaurant and said I’d buy you dinner, but declined to buy you a beer with it — but still said, “you’re welcome to buy a beer for yourself.” That’s not discrimination; it’s simply following your beliefs on what you spend money on. Not preventing you from doing something, simply declining to pay for it.

    • Mark Choi

      Sorry to disappoint, but it is NOT far from the same issue. The issue is NOT the specifics of what was done (otherwise nothing but the same case would satisfy) but rather what the excuse for the behavior was, which was EXACTLY the same.

      • Rob

        Well … if you consider religious beliefs to be an insufficient reason to do anything, then there is no point in religion. People feed the poor because it is what their religion leads them to believe they should do. They pray for peace; they fight against war; many great things are done in the name of religion, as well as many bad things.
        What action is being supported by religion DOES matter. So there is, and always will be, a difference between using religion to justify discrimination and using religion to justify how you spend your own money.

      • Mark Choi

        Good job entirely missing the point, and further obfuscating the issue.
        Again, while those THINGS might matter, they do NOT matter as to the point. You claimed they were far from the same issue, and again, they are not, because those things are NOT the issue. The issue is the motivating factor, not the thing that was motivated.

        That said, there IS no point to religion.

      • Rob

        Starting with the headline, the author stated, it was expected that people would be up in arms over the discrimination of pigman. It is disingenuous to claim that discrimination, then, is not, at the very least, a significant part of the issue. And insofar as discrimination goes, Hobby Lobby treated all employees the same, so there was no discrimination. Whereas, Mr. Piggles did NOT treat all of his customers the same, so there WAS discrimination.

        I’ll grant you that discrimination wasnt the entire point here, and where motivation is concerned, there are similarities. But this article was written in such a way (by focusing on a racial – discrimination case in the title and then comparing the two) as to imply discrimination on Hobby Lobby ‘ part, thus riling the readership up. My comment was simply meant to point out that such an implication is false.

      • Mark Choi

        Which, AGAIN, has nothing to do with “the issue”. Again, the issue is whether religion in ANY for, and for any reason can be the rationale for such behavior. It has nothing to do with the personal, societal, or moral ramifications of those behaviors. As such, both issues are exactly the same.
        You can restate your “objection” in as many ways as you’d like. Restating it with different words or different exemplars does NOT make it any more relevant.

      • Rob

        Wow, it’s like talking to a wall. It’s PART of the issue. It factors into the discussion. And I was addressing THAT ASPECT of “the issue.”

        You took something different fro I’m the article, apparently, than I did. That’s fair, as we are different people. As a conservative, I’m open-minded enough to acknowledge that people can interpret things differently, so I’ll acknowledge that you saw different things here as important, as compared to my interpretation. That said, blasting me as missing the point because I interpreted the point differently does not serve to advance dialog.

        However, to answer your issue, of course religion can be used to justify actions and behavior. All people have values and ideas of what is moral. And these values are shaped by their personal influences — different influences for different people. Different philosophies, different experiences, different beliefs. These things all influence behavior as a matter of human nature. So it seems rather moot to ask whether religion can be the impetus for a particular behavior. It has, does, and will, by its (and our) nature.

      • Rob

        Sorry for the double (now triple) post. I looked through here again and my first post didn’t show up, so I thought I hadn’t hit “Post,” so I re-did it. Now I see they’re both here. Sorry ’bout that.

      • Rob

        Wow, this is like talking to a wall. I am dealing with ONE ASPECT of the issue, not the entire issue of the article. If I haven’t dealt with what you think is important, that’s simply attributable to the fact that we have different values.
        You apparently interpreted the article differently than I am, and as an open-minded conservative, I understand that people can read the same thing and take different ideas from it to be important. It is obvious that this has happened here. You have a different interpretation than I do, and that’s fair. But accusing me of missing “the point” as if I don’t understand the article at all — especially when I’ve stated my reasons for my interpretations (and you have said nothing to back up your assertion that my thoughts do not match with the actual “issue”), instead of acknowledging that we read different things into it, does nothing to advance the cause of open dialog.

        I would like to address what you consider to be “the issue,” and I’ll do my best to do so. However, you seem to be taking issue with the very idea of religion as a rationale, but you still use the phrase “such behavior.” Since you said that the nature of the behavior (i.e. whether or not it is discriminatory) is irrelevant, I am forced to assume that the word “such” is a typographical error, and that you are questioning the validity of religion as a rationale for ANY behavior, not just the two (very different) behaviors mentioned here. So I’ll proceed under that assumption, and if my assumption is wrong, please let me know.
        So the question is whether religion can be used as a rationale for human behavior. There are some, such as Ayn Rand, who make a case that all human behavior is truly based only on self-interest, and that religion is a fallacy that is only used by weak humans to cover up their weaknesses and allow them to feel better about themselves. I love Rand’s writing, but I happen to disagree on this point (and I’m sure that’s a place where my conservative ass can actually agree with most progressives — I have yet to meet a progressive who agrees with Ayn Rand).
        So if self-interest is not the only true motivator of human behavior, there must be some sort of a value system — a system of morality, of right and wrong, that serves to motivate a person to behave in a certain way.
        These values come from our experiences, our philosophies, and yes, our beliefs. And as long as beliefs are involved, then those beliefs (whether religious, scientific, or just plain gut-based) will and should influence our behavior.
        Religious beliefs always have, currently do, and always will, serve as a guide to determine what is moral, especially in gray areas. And since we are all individuals, we all will have different beliefs and different values, so we all will make different decisions and display different behaviors. It’s part of what makes the world interesting.
        So yes, yes, and yes again, religion is absolutely a rationale for behavior. Some people use it as a rationale for what I would call good behavior, and some for bad/evil. But you have stated that we are not in this conversation to judge the behavior, only the rationale, and whether it can exist as a rationale. It can, it has, it does, and it will. And the suppression of such ideas in some religions, is what led many of our founders to flee the kingdoms in which they lived before, and as such, it is an integral part of how our society is built — ensuring that we have the ability to remain a diverse society.

  • Wow, the Wingnut short bus made a very wrong left turn and ended up at Forward Progressive. You need to continue south and make a hard Reicht—Go now!

  • barefootrev

    I attended graduate school in Columbia. I was ignorant of the
    hate-filled and offensive position of the then owner and proprietor.
    The food wasn’t fit to feed to a maggot.
    I ate there once. This pitiable soul got one meal profit from me.

    am thankful that his children do not continue his racist legacy.
    However, a better tribute to the bigot known as Maurice would be to
    shutter the entire chain, sell all the property, and give it to an
    organization dedicated to diversity and equality.

    As far as styles go: Eastern Carolina is the designated name of the style [apple cider vinegar, distilled vinegar, and pepper] which is my favorite. However, as a Virginian born and bred [from south side/tidewater area] I must point out that the recipe dates to the colonial period in the Jamestown, Williamsburg, Smithfield area. The recipe predates any permanent settlement of the North Carolina region of the Virginia Colony. Whatever you call it, when you slow smoke a hog over wood coals and sop the beast with vinegar and pepper, it produces the most amazing pork barbeque you will ever taste. There is no need to slather it in a sweet ketchup based sauce. By-the-way, mustard is a wonderful condiment, but has no business being used in the same sentence with the mouth watering word “Barbeque”.

    But as far as Barbeque goes, to each his/her own. But not bigotry.

  • John B. Greet

    Quite *unlike* the author in this so-called “forward thinking” website, I will mention that the Hobby Lobby case was decided as a direct result of a federal law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was authored by a House Democrat, passed unanimously by all Democrats in the House and by all but one Democrat in the Senate, and then signed into law by a Democrat president.

    Strange how he omitted mentioning that part.

  • onlyduh

    I didn’t eat there until this year after he died.
    Barbecue is really good. Especially without the foul taste of the confederacy.

  • onlyduh

    BTW, best barbecue in the country is KC barbecue…

  • ecupir8

    I also support East Carolina style bbq;)

  • Jesse

    Racism & food don’t mix; don’t belong in the restaurants or in kitchens!

  • Frank Donahue

    Great story, but like Gran Pam below I am not patient enough to let them die off first. I’d like to be around to dance on their ignorant graves. Just why did you feel it necessary to post a misleading, almost fifty year old story? Just as easy to,lead with the current truth, the evolution of a restaurant.

  • Foggen

    SC mustard barbecue us fucking great. Maurice’s Piggy Park is a little sweet, but good.

  • Jeff Davis

    Why don’t you liberals grow up and if you are so “liberal”, what different does it makes what anyone else believes. Seems here you’re for “LIBERAL” meaning as long as it doesn’t conflict with your sick state of mind!!

    • Clark Baylor

      Jefferson Davis: What’s sick about thinking that bigotry is unacceptable in 21st century America? C’mon man, get on the program, you twisted, sick redneck fuck.

    • mike black

      this has GOT to be a trollie. well played, jeffy :-/

      • Clark Baylor

        Heah, shit for brains, this is a progressive website. Y’all are the fucking trolls.

      • mike black

        seems u mis-read my comment there, buddy….jeff IS the troll in my comment 😉

      • mike black

        clark buddy- uhhh, i think u mis-read my post.
        jeffy IS the troll. i’m saying he did a good job of trolling this comment section.

    • Guest

      Clark Baylor’s comment shows exactly what i’m talking about…hmmmph :-/

  • Winfred ‘Fred’ Cartwright

    I can think of a couple of other BBQ joints in Spartanburg, SC that are whole lot better like Bubba’s BBQ and Smoky Blues BBQ

  • agFinder

    I’m glad to see you understand barbeque (I’m from NC) :). Nice article. Thanks :).

  • Jon Noltie

    The case was in 1968, 25 years before the law was passed that Hobby Lobby case was based on, the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

    Now that we have resources such as google and wikipedia that even nonlawyers can easily access, there’s no excuse for this sort of sloppy reporting.

    • mike black

      not sloppy reporting at alllll.

  • Tim H.

    Look I don’t want to sound like a sauceist but everybody with any sense knows both Carolina sauce styles, vinegar & nustard are un-natural and influenced by outside agitators from the north who simply don’t understand Southern Bar-B-Que culture.

  • brewster

    He forgot to end the last paragraph with, “fuck you, mom”

  • Tammy Mills

    Biscuits and mustard…..mmm hmmmm

  • tmaster

    I fail to see how this relates to Obama Violating a law that democrats passed?

    I also know that in the 60s that this guy was a democrat and the democrat party was 100% with him .

    The Democrats and the KKK they created were fighting against blacks every steep of the way.

    Don’t revise history.

    • ktrav

      and now all those same racists are Republican. Talk about revisionism. You’re just spouting the same racist nonsense from every right wing racist radio show and newspaper. Your ignorance and your hatred is reflected in your nonsense post.

  • Absalom1643

    That’s some weak cheese.

  • Grady Smith

    As a southerner (daddy’s family came to colonial GA), I have to say the south is full of racists and people who don’t oppose them. I did not think the article was recent however. In general there are many parallels between the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s and the one from today. I often find the rhetoric of opposition to be most telling. Thank you for the article

  • Alan Barta

    Pierce’s outside of Billburg, VA with splash of vinegary sauce. Put some South in your Mouth. But they get shy when they see license plates from Northern states. New Englanders like BBQ, as do Arcadians and Canadians, who invented it.

  • Marko

    I don’t believe this story for a minute. He’d be out of business in a year. Really? A BBQ restaurant in the south that doesn’t serve Blacks? Nobody could ever successfully argue that Christianity requires staying away from other races.

    • kellymitch

      Ah, so here are 2 things that you are incorrect about. This was in the 60’s, and businesses could certainly stay in business without serving blacks. and 2. the court said in the HL case, that the point wasn’t if the plaintiff’s motives/beliefs were genuine. So, it won’t matter if Christianity requires anything….just if the person/company argues that they believe it. Just like the argument that the 4 forms of birth control hobby lobby objected to were “abortifactants”. Multiple sources, doctors, etc said they are not abortifactants. The courts said it didn’t matter, just that the plaintiff believed they were.

  • briancarnell

    Except the case the Supreme Court heard was not about the discrimination itself but whether or not Bessinger had to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees or not after the plaintiff in the case received an injunction from a lawyer court banning the discrimination.

  • joeboken

    I commend all the comments that actually address the real subject of this article, and I think the comments about BBQ point to a large part of the problem this country has with racism, that many of us choose to turn a blind eye and discuss an aside to the real story instead of what the story was actually about.

  • bobberino65

    Seeing as how Hobby lobby gives women 16 other forms of birth control, (which it has supported well before obama care) and the only ones that will not be accessible are ones that would terminate a pregnancy, i think people are going off the deepend.

    Hobby Lobby has not said 5hat 5hey will punish anyone that gets an abortion, or uses the morning after pill, just that they will not pay for it. You are still more than welcome to go get the stuff on your own.

    If you dont want to get pregnant, there are still condoms, birth control ect. They just do not beleive in abortion, which is a religious issue to 5hem. Get over it,

    • Ann Smith

      None terminate pregnanct.. not one of the 20. Facts should matter..

  • Jay

    Hobby Lobby and piggies park cases are no where near the same vicinity as each other. One is discrimination against a group of people. The other is against being forced by the government to provide abortive contraception. Not the same stop equating. And stop overlooking the fact that they still pay for 16 out of the 20 contraceptions. And they didn’t BAN them the employee can still get them.

  • NeoconsNailed

    Well, Manny, thanks for parading the “liberal” hatred of freedom and truth all over again. You see what your audience thinks of your contrived guilt trip — they’re swapping recipes for miles down the page.

    I knew Maurice Bessinger. Reading and reviewing his autobio for publication, I found his logic unassailable: “civil rights” was an all-out assault on small business and freedom generally. People have the right (presently buried 6 feet under) to serve and contract with whomever they wish, whether for 10 airplanes or a Coke. That’s supposed to be the real American way of life.

    As Maurice pointed out, the real solution would have been for those wanting desegregated shops to have them, and those wanting it monoracial (any race) to have that. But for the fedgov to FORCE people to mix when it’s not mutually desired, that is TYRANNY, pure and simple, and always will be.

    You’ve bought the big lie that Maurice was distributing pro-slavery materials, criminally perpetrated by the daily hate rag in Columbia. Care to buy some oceanfront property I’ve got in Arizona? The leaflets contained the words of actual former slaves about how good they had it before being “liberated” by Lincoln, how much they loved their masters etc. They were RECORDED first hand as a make-work federal project during the depression. I knew the patriot who gave him those leaflets — retiree from Ohio. I’m an escapee from Jew Jersey myself.

    Your perceptions are mattoid and simplistic — in short, political correctness on crack. You may have Maurice’s relatives on your side along with DC, NYC and LA, but not the Constitution, the founding fathers (and mothers) or basic logic. If you’re trying to frame Hobby Lobby you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

    “Progressives,” hah! Where’d the L-word go? That wasn’t the correct term either……

    • Moe Larryandjesus

      Hey, Neokkklans, can you let me know where your shabby racist ass is going to be buried? I want to add your future grave to my list of future piss stops.

    • Rickster Rickster

      go burn a cross in your yard.

    • DJ whiskee81

      Those recordings you speak of are famous because when some historical journalists interviewed the same people, the stories were different…the suspicion is that the interviewed people were still so afraid of the establishment that they told the government interviewers what they [the former slaves] thought they [the govt] would want to hear….btw, you’re entire post is incorrect; and obviously you’re a horrible person….the job of a govt is to protect its people from the you’s out there

  • Mary Leyendecker

    patronize the Black-owned BBQ pits if you want gooood

  • Jeremy Rawley

    Equality always trumps religion, and so does the science clause (Article I, Section 8).

  • Nate Lloyd Watkins

    wonder what religion he’s part of that makes him discriminate against people of another race?!?!?!

  • four_right_one_left

    Good story, the public by their spending made clear that his discriminating was unacceptable, and nearly bankrupted him. This is proof that the free market itself is the best regulator of commerce.

  • Lewis Musick

    I’m with the majority of your respondents. I prefer the vinegar based Eastern North Carolina Bar-B-Que. I tried the other style at Toby Keith’s restaurant the other week and thought I was going to regurgitate.

    • Jehovah Jones

      I have the same reaction every time I hear the name Toby Keith.

  • Elizabeth

    you mean there’s a difference?!

  • 12Feliciene

    This guy is a racist & wants to use religion to protect him, nothing like Hobby Lobby. The word racism is used to freely nowadays but in this case, he is one & doesn’t stand a chance to win.

  • Teddy Simon

    50 years ago things were much different than today , racism came from both sides just as it does today only more openly .If you are white and don’t think blacks are just as racist and in some cases much more violent to whites , go to a black housing project a walk around and see what happens .

  • LeahMira

    In 1968, Loving v. Virginia had only just passed the Supreme Court and, in some states, intermarriage between African Americans and European Americans was still outlawed. Loving v. Virginia was decided in 1967. Although slaves were emancipated in 1863, and the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified in 1865, we still had a long way to go before full equality. Have we even reached it yet?

  • Iris

    Manny you are comparing apples to oranges . Hobby Lobby disagreed with 4 out of 20 forms of contraception ( ie the morning after pill) due to their prolife stance. Your entitled to your opinion as I’m entitled to mine. Your an idiot. Get your facts strait . Your kind of blogs cause dissension and prejudices.

    • Ann Smith


  • nikflorida

    FWIW: the Piggie Park (no longer an offensively racist establishment) is where I was first introduced to a really neat meat called a “beefalo.” It’s a cross between a cow and a bison, and it tastes a lot less ‘gamey’ than bison while retaining its healthier fat profile. Order a “beefalo burger” if you’re ever there.

  • jaybird

    The author of this article doesn’t seem to have his act together. First, there is no comparison of racial discrimination and the Hobby Lobby case.

    Hobby lobby, contrary to the word twisting of the Left, is not refusing to pay for contraception. They only hold beliefs against 4 out of 20 drugs that cause the death of an embryo. The other drugs simply prevent the conception of an egg, thus preventing the creation of an embryo.

    And, let’s not forget the fact that if the first 16 are used properly, there would rarely be a need for the last 4.

  • There’s a huge difference between refusing to serve someone because of their skin color and a business owner choosing not to cover Plan B pills as part of a compensation package for employees.

    • silkay

      May as well be – the event happened 50 years ago. Maybe something a bit more recent next time, say within this century maybe?

  • jtkennedy

    The author is right about the justice of this case turning on the same principle as the Hobby Lobby case, he’s just on the wrong side of both decisions, the authoritarian side which advocates violence against peaceful dissenters.

  • Mark Unruh Sr.

    I don’t care what your sauce is made of, as long as you serve it on the side and not in my meat.

  • Jedi Dale

    The south was controlled by Boss Hog CONservative RepubliCONS. They conned their constituents into believing they had no power. Pacifying resistance with tactics up to, and including murder, Cons sowed the seeds of societal discontent. Those of us who openly proclaim “I’m a Liberal Democrat” are proof of the fruition.

  • Zhaliberty

    And what does this have to do with Hobby Lobby? Really, nothing.

  • Kemet

    For a sec i thought damn i click on the wrong post, not another racist fuck head until i read the comment and i might add that the comments are sometimes worst then the post itself, not this one, i heard no one calling put N words except BBQ sauces and which is better so i thank you all for your maturity we are growing and soon this racist man will die and his racisim will NO longer continue..

  • MaryMactavish

    Do they have a vegetarian option?

  • Timothy Arnold

    Apples and oranges. The Hobby Lobby case wasn’t a discrimination case and no one was denied thier rights. I hope the author is just a lying propagandists and really doesn’t believe his own arguments.

  • steve

    Im a little confused? This happened in 1968, but he had products on the shelves of Wal-Mart. Please elaborate on the time line.

  • Tom

    Really? Comparing a company who doesn’t want to be forced to supply medicine they disagree with to someone who wanted to re-institute slavery.

    You simply didn’t make your case.

    There was nothing about the Hobby lobby case that was bigoted, I suggest you re-check your premises.

    Last I checked working for Hobby Lobby was voluntary and not coerced.

  • harmonikasavingsbond

    Their Jesus hates black people. How’s faith working out for you?

  • Sandra Leigh

    it is kinda vinegary. Best barbque I ever had. I loved it when I lived in Columbia in 1991-1994. Never noticed any of said racism, but then, the restaurant I frequented didn’t have much in the way of tablespace. Glad his kids are trying to reverse all this. That was some BBQ worth crossing state lines for.

  • X

    Kansas City has the best BBQ hands down.

  • Clark Baylor


  • wcatfish

    I feel sorry for the writer. Although both of these owners are in the wrong be being bigots but not patronizing a restaurant just because the previous owner was a bigot is doing nothing but spreading the prejudice. You need to forgive the past and move forward. I feel sorry for people like you who cannot move forward. The past is the past and we need to forgive and move forward.

    • Jennifer Fisher

      You do realize the writer encourages people to go to the restaurant? You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

  • JustMe

    I won’t debate the BBQ aspects of the story, but the part about Hobby Lobby is factually incorrect. Hobby Lobby’s case was built around the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, not the First Amendment. The RFRA grants rights that may be considered above and beyond the protections of the Constitution. And as a passed law, if Congress doesn’t like it, they can amend or repeal. And yes, that DOES make a difference.

  • Austin Benson

    did y’all even read the article? this was 50 years ago

    • silkay

      No, they do not read the articles – obviously. most have below average IQ.

  • Deborah Anderson-Gaiser

    Absolute best bar-be-que I have ever had was Wilber’s in Goldsboro, North Carolina!

  • NelsonRobison

    We may see this type of “religiously based belief” system wending its way through the court system again. Religiously based discrimination is once again coming to the fore and the court system will be hard pressed to justify why owners of businesses cannot discriminate based on the Hobby Lobby decision.

  • koolaidyarn

    His sons have Melvin’s and Bessinger’s in Charleston, SC. Same mustard-based bbq sauce at both, from what I can tell, and supposedly Maurice’s recipe. Good stuff, even if crazypants Melvin’s does insist on printing the ten commandments on their drink cups. Melvin’s also does some amazingly huge (like size of a donut) onion rings that are to die for.

  • jkld

    Happened 50 years ago.

  • JustBeth

    I have eaten at Piggy Park and it was very good. I realize most people will call the mustard sauce heresy but its an excellent sauce and a nice change up from tomato based sauces.

  • Tim Giangiobbe

    This is the Year 2014 RIGHT ?
    This kind of hatred seems to be popular in the rural south
    The City folks have better ethics and higher IQs

    • silkay

      But the article cites an event from 1968. Pathetic.

  • Dan Keene

    Ahhh, yes… the consequences of the Hobby Lobby decision are starting to show up in court rooms around the nation.

  • Jan Swan

    His business… so don’t serve black people.
    I, as a customer, can take my business else where. When I inflict my
    opinion on him by force or law, then I become the problem. So hit him
    where it hurts. Don’t give him one thin cent. Have your opinion and beliefs. This is your right and freedom. It is my right and freedom to take my business elsewhere.

    Start legislating and forcing what I think is right on others. It is
    just another form of persecution. Then the villain becomes the victim, and I am what I say I am against..

    Respect his right to walk his path. It is his freedom. Mine is to be
    sure not to give him any cash from my pocket. I won’t support him or his
    bigotry; however, I respect his right to be an ignorant fool, if he so
    That is what freedom means.
    Business is business, I don’t care what someone thinks, feels or believes: UNTIL, they make it public drama or harm others. Then I can hit them in their public pocket.
    That is part of the price of true freedom. How I react to their ignorance either makes me just as ignorant or proves the point. You don’t have to like everyone or their beliefs. Democracy respects everyone. Individual thought, feelings and beliefs.
    Mind your own business and respect other people enough to let them be.
    Keep your private life and thoughts just that… PRIVATE.

  • Scott Gee

    He claims to be a Christian but he is just a racist. There is nothing in the Bible that advocates racism against any race or ethnicity. This article also tries to compare the racism of this man to the Hobby Lobby case and there is no comparison. the owners of Hobby Lobby cannot violate their sacred beliefs that all life is precious, born or unborn. They already allow and pay for 16 types of birth control, the ones they object to based on religious beliefs are those Meds that take life, such as the morning after pill.

  • LOL. I love you guys…well, most of you. The evolution of conversation is fascinating. Reading through from top to bottom is an education in and of itself. Thank you.

    What the restaurant owner believes isn’t anything against our love of food. Phenomenal. Don’t tell me Americans pulling together isn’t worth the effort. To hell with the ignorant.

    Back to the food talk.

  • Hvnly

    I miss the sauce. I don’t live in sc but became aware of the sauce in the 90’s and would order it by the case for home cooking. I haven’t eaten since I found out about the behavior. Would love to go back. Hope I can find some sort of issued statement.

  • ltneid

    Grew up in Columbia, in Shandon until I was seven. Saw the headline and thought, “This arsehole can’t still be spouting this nonsense, can he?” Glad to see it was oldnews, but I remember it well. RIP, you piece of garbage.

  • Skip Bradley

    It appears that many don’t believe in the Bill of Rights, specifically the 1st Amendment – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”

    I don’t profess to be a Bible scholar and really don’t care what the LGBT community does or doesn’t do in the privacy of their homes, but to be against a company, e.g. Hobby Lobby that follows the dogma of their religion is anti-American – it goes against the 1st Amendment.

    You, of different or of no faith don’t need to agree with what Chick-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby practice in their faith, but you should agree that it is within their Right to do so.

  • SusieQue

    In my view eating pork is immoral.

  • Benjamin Heeter

    Not like it’s really worth going anyway.

  • Aaron Springer

    Indiana is about to pass a law dragging us back to the era where this kind of bigotry was legal.

  • Mark McCauley

    THIS is where your “religious liberty” laws lead us….back to pre-1964 and pre-civil rights. Screw these bigots.

    • silkay

      Well, seeing as how this whole event happened in 1968. Get a clue.

      • Mark McCauley

        And it was just as illegal, bigoted and racist then as it is now. And perhaps YOU are, too 😉

  • 02Dave12345

    This illustrates that any bigotry based on religious belief is just plain old bigotry, irrational and very ugly.

    “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” Anne Lamott

  • Angelo

    Hey… What happened to the sign: “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”?

    What discrimination can possibly be done if you can have a sign like that?

    • GodwinsLawyer

      that sign was made illegal around the same time the sign that said “colored fountain” was.

  • John Rosnick

    Does hobby lobby impose its ideals on its customers? I thought it was about providing coverage for Abortion and birth control. That would be impacting employees, who are free to seek employment elsewhere. My employer does not provide coverage for weight loss surgery, so are they discriminating against people with weight issues?

  • To this day, I still don’t think I will ever understand some ‘religious beliefs’.

  • Elissa Franklin-Ataklo

    i fail to see how Hobby Lobby is compared to this bigot

  • Tony W

    So not wanting to pay for someones birth control is now the same as refusing service to a certain race? Thats really grasping for straws. The uneducated responses here are totally mind boggling.

    • GodwinsLawyer

      they pay for viagra. that’s forbidden and unnatural.

    • silkay

      How did you miss that this event happened in 1968?

  • Love America

    Funny to me that the politicians are selling out our nation and the only F-king Discussion is about Gay rights, really? This back and forth, who cares what you do behind closed doors. I am not “Anti-Gay” or even Pro “Christian” but I am tired of all this side taking and no real solutions being presented. I see a lot of opinion but no real discussion and a lot of people with an agenda. I am tired of hearing about everyone’s agenda.

    Let’s face it, the new witch hunt is White Middle Aged men.
    Wake Up America – The world wants to kick our ass, gay, christian or atheist.

    Let’s see how much hates comes my way….

  • Twyon Humphries

    He made it clear he’s a republican he fit right in
    with the devil.

  • Jackie Chiles

    You are not good at reading caselaw. Maurice didn’t argue that it interfered with his religion. Rather, the Supreme Court said that Maurice’s denial that he discriminated against blacks in the case despite clear evidence that he had was just as frivolous of a defense as the defendants in Katzenbach v. McClung claiming that their religion caused them to discriminate against blacks when there is literally no such evidence of a religious belief supporting that.

  • Jeff Jordan

    I’m confused by this article. It likens Hobby Lobby to Maurice Bessigner, a sad pathetic individual indeed. But the article makes it sound like Hobby Lobby is doing the same thing as Bessigner. Did I miss a news story? Or is this still about the Company’s stance on certain Birth Controls? Those are not the same thing. The author shows obvious bias and malice towards Hobby Lobby and the writing is clearly meant mislead the reader into believing that Hobby Lobby is a racist company.

  • Ebony

    Welcome to 21st Century Jim Crow.

    • silkay

      Again – this was in the 20th century – 1968 in fact. Get a clue.

  • Sean Dalovedr Adams

    As a black man, I appreciate their honesty with not wanting me to eat there, because at least I’ll know not to let them prepare my food. The law will take care of their ignorance..
    Black people, you are crazy if you eat from their drive through.. #realtalkBEINreal

    • silkay

      As a black man, do you even realize that this took place long before you were even born? Be REALLY real.

      • Sean Dalovedr Adams

        Of course I know, but as a black man from the south, I also know that this is still going on today. But these people are forced to serve us. Back then, they didn’t hide the hate, so I sarcastically appreciated their ignorance . I’m 46 and trust me I’ve experienced a lot.’re the one with the IQ right? You read the article, now read between the lines. … selah ( think on that ) #realtalkBEINreal

  • Wolfman

    Abe and Martin had a dream that turned into a nightmare

  • Emily Porterfield

    I find it sad that hate and ignorance are still alive and well in the world; also the propensity to overgeneralize or exaggerate about a group of people. I am a heterosexual married woman who lives in a community of gays and lesbians. Religion is a man-made institution. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience; and isn’t it great that many of us “humans” love barbeque (except for our vegetarian friends). I know this may come as a shock to some but did you know that there are actually members of the LGBT community who are Christians and follow’s the Christ’s spiritual principles. The Old Testament is not a “Christian” tome. And Jesus has very little to say directly in the New Testament, except through his parables. Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian and is probably appalled at what has been done in his name vis-a-vis the more fundamentalist proclaimed Christians. But the same could be said for those who practice under radical fundamentalist ideas in other religions. The fact is Jesus’ message was one of love, compassion, serving others as the pathway to enlightenment. In our humanity we have corrupted that message to suit our belief systems. I won’t frequent any place of business which I know discriminates against any of us. We are all connected spiritually. One thing I would like to believe is that were Jesus alive today, despite being very distressed about the direction of humanity, I think He would love barbeque, as long as it was kosher!

  • Marshall McFarlin

    Fuck that , pork is unclean food He are not Africans we are the real Jews according to GOD’S MARK OF 54 CURSES HE ONLY PLACED ON US FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT!!! DEUTERONOMY 28:15-68. IDENTIFIES THE REAL HEBREW ISRAELITES- GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  • James Lynn Carey

    Uh what religion is he in because I know it’s not Christianity. I’m anti gay marriage but if you get into public service you should stick with making cakes for everyone or serving all races.