All Scandals Aside, There’s Really One Main Reason Why Trump’s in the White House

When it comes to the results of the 2016 election, there’s a seemingly endless list of reasons why Donald Trump ultimately “defeated” Hillary Clinton. From the fact that she ran a flawed campaign, the Russian cyber attack, or James Comey’s letter just before Election Day — those are all valid reasons, each figuring into why Trump is now considered this nation’s “president.”

Even though I supported Clinton before and during the primaries, I’ll be the first to admit she wasn’t my first choice. If it were up to me, the Democratic candidate would have either been Senator Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden. I liked both Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but I felt Warren and Biden were better choices.

That being said, it’s fairly ridiculous how Hillary Clinton’s been portrayed by the media before, during, and after the election. While it’s true she lost the electoral college vote to Trump, most folks seem to completely ignore the significance that, despite all of the external elements both domestically and internationally working against her, she still received three million more votes than he did.

Think about that for a moment. Going into last year’s election, Clinton was up against:

  • A quarter century of personal attacks against herself and her family.
  • Republicans dragging out the Benghazi conspiracies to ridiculous lengths since 2012, making up one lie after another about her role during that tragic attack.
  • A grueling primary battle against Sanders that turned many on the far-left against her, choosing to buy into unfounded conspiracies rather than face the indisputable fact that she defeated him because minority voters overwhelmingly sided with her.
  • An FBI investigation that lasted over a year.
  • The now-former head of the FBI sending a controversial letter to Congress about that investigation just days before the election.
  • A highly-sophisticated Russian cyber attack that methodically dumped tens of thousands of emails through WikiLeaks in a blatant attempt at hurting her chances last November, while simultaneously boosting fake news against her for months on social media.
  • A political opponent in Trump who was given billions of dollars worth of free publicity by major news networks, while being a person whose campaign wasn’t bound by the normal laws of reality since practically everything he said was a lie.

Yet, despite all of that, she still won the popular vote by 3 million.

But the truth of the matter is, to this day, most of the comments I get from people continuing to bash Clinton, both from the left and the right, are based on things that simply aren’t true or factual.

Here are a few of the main things I hear from these folks:

  • The Clinton Foundation is some evil, international criminal pay-for-play enterprise. (It’s actually an A-rated charity that donates 88 percent of the money it raises to charitable causes.)
  • The Clintons used their charity to make themselves rich. (The family never took a salary from the foundation.)
  • The Clintons have had multiple people killed. (Nope — it’s absolutely insane for anyone to believe this.)
  • The primaries were rigged and Sanders never stood a chance. (In practically every state she won the majority of minority voters, especially African Americans, which is why Sanders ultimately lost.)
  • Her email server was a criminal act that should have landed her in prison. (Not according to the FBI.)
  • She slept through the Benghazi attack. (That attack actually occurred mid-day in Washington [not 3 in the morning as her critics have frequently claimed] where she was at when it took place.)
  • The lives lost at Benghazi could have been saved had she not issued a stand-down order. (As Secretary of State, she didn’t actually have the authority to issue a stand-down order — even though one was never issued in the first place.)
  • She’s nothing but a shill for Wall Street. (Considering she spent eight years as a senator from New York, yet only has one pro-Wall Street vote on her record, plus she called for tighter financial regulations in 2007, I’m not sure how that makes her a “shill” of any kind.)
  • She sold uranium to Russia. (This was a deal that involved several government agencies that she played a very minor role in and didn’t even remotely involve selling U.S. uranium to Russia.)

Those are some of the most common things I’m told by people who oppose Clinton — and none of them are true.

Again, I’m not saying Clinton wasn’t flawed (she was in some ways), her campaign wasn’t poorly run (it was in some aspects), or that there weren’t a whole host of other issues that led to the embarrassment that is Trump being called this nation’s “president.” However, when you get right down to it, the one main reason why Donald Trump “won” is because so many people believed the lies and conspiracies about her, while ignoring the horrible and disgusting truths about him.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Pingy

    People believing the lies and conspiracy theories about Hillary is the ONLY reason Trump won. The rest of it is just fluff.

  • JackieIrish

    I think it was mainly just sexism. For every bad thing you could say about Clinton, you could say something even worse about Trump. Yet millions of Americans were willing to overlook the faults when talking about Trump, yet not willing to overlook the faults when talking about Clinton.

    Still even without the sexism, Clinton was far from a perfect candidate. And, even to this Democrat, it kind of felt like we were “expected” to support her, which was odd because Sanders had the groundswell of momentum.

    I think the lesson Democrats have to take away form this is, a National election is too important to simply ignore the reality of where we are as a country and who is running as our candidate.

  • IQhigherThan100

    Johnson and Green had a combined 7 million votes, more than enough to hand the Electoral College to Trump.

    • Mark Siltala

      You really need to know how many of those voters were in the three Midwest swing states; THAT is where they may have made the difference.

  • Julie Forestell

    It’s the voters who stayed home that got Trump elected. The media reported that Hillary had basically won the election … the polls were only based on total number of votes, so that rings true — she got more votes. But before voting day, all the media were talking about was Hillary would win. So people stayed home.

  • goscgal

    WHO among us isn’t flawed? Geez even Jesus admitted he was….

  • stevelittle

    I wonder what would have happened had she offered the VP slot to Bernie…

  • DB

    There are many “single” reasons why democrats didn’t win. SCOTUS and Abortion are two that are essentially connected. Watching the comments from my evangelical friends in the run up to election day it was seen as a moral imperative to vote for the republicans voting for Hillary was seen as a death sentence. And until there can be a reasoned discussion about the these issues it will always mobilize the evangelical base to vote red.

    • robingee

      People are that obsessed with abortion?

      • DB

        Obsessed is the wrong term. They see it on the same level as slavery and sex trafficking. A moral outrage. When the candidate said he thought women should be punished for having abortions that was enough for most.

      • Robyn Ryan

        Abortion is a civil right. Just like voting.

      • DB

        The counter argument would again reference slavery, also a legal right at one point.

      • Robyn Ryan

        The point is, women are human beings. Sperm aren’t.

      • DB

        Most on the religious right would agree sperm aren’t sacred. And most on the left would agree that fetuses at 8 and a half months are pretty close to human.
        An additional argument I hear a lot is that female fetuses are women too. And they need to be protected.

    • have your religious wrong friends adopted any black children lately?

      • DB

        My cousin did. They see it as a duty to present adoption as an alternative.

  • Mark Weinreb

    Very wise and true article. Trump and his family are treasonous narcissistic scumbags. Ok bill slept with his intern but it want Hillary’s fault. Trump has treated women far worse.

  • Tamara Baker

    The Trumpies chose to believe the lies because the one thing they most cared about was seeing Trump attack people who weren’t white or Christian.

  • Jung Chang

    Thank you for writing this. I agree totally. I had been in similar situations. Cliton was not my first choice, but call it the fate. There had been such strong expectation and ready for a female president, while the dark side of all kind of ideologies of suppression made the desperate lies to pull her down. It was unfair and unjust.

  • Joe Bax

    I guess the fraud perpetrated by the DNC on behalf of Clinton, against Sanders was just acceptable politics? Criminal originations posing as political ones are the problem with the US political system. Corporate citizenship has no place in politics…not do career criminal politicians.

    • Robyn Ryan

      Sanders never read the rules, but demanded they be changed me just for him.
      White male privilege at its finest.

  • Robyn Ryan

    Please list her ‘flaws.’
    Be specific.
    Her biggest ‘flaw’ is the one between her legs.
    The relentless stonewalling of the historical significance of a woman President was appalling.
    I’m a retired Psyops officer. Her gender was never put into play.
    Either the DNC PR is stuck in 1950, or misogynist.
    The greatest PR aspect. Ignored.

  • Mary Treacy

    Bedt piece of writing on thus issue I’ve seen for months. COULDN’T AGREE MORE!

  • Mary Treacy

    Best piece i’ve seen on this issue for months. Couldn’t agree more. So well written.

  • bf4444

    Sadly, very true.

  • mikeatle

    Another reason, perhaps the most important reason, is that so many Americans didn’t care enough about voting to get their lazy asses off their couches and into the voting booths.

  • Billb1957

    not insignificant was her speech giving skills. When being interviewed she speaks in a calm real sounding voice and comes across as the intelligent insightful woman that she is. Unfortunately her speech giving skill were horrible. She has a robotic style that featured a grating, stridently piercing tone that left people wondering if she’s ever had any speech giving coaching at all. Her style led to the GOP nickname of Shrillery and didn’t help her cause one bit. The message was just fine…the delivery was lacking.