Science, Math and History vs. the Conservative Hypocritical Delusion About Religion

paul-ryan-churchHi, I’m Allen, and I’m a Christian.  I’m also a Christian who believes in science, math, history and reality.  Yes, Christians who believe in those things do exist.  In fact, there are millions of Christians who believe in all of those things.

We’re able to decipher the difference between faith, science, history, math and reality.

Faith is believing in something that basically has no proof of its system of beliefs.  And no, saying, “Well, the Bible says…” is not “evidence” of anything.

It might be a basis for which a faith is derived, but simply saying, “It’s in this book” is not proving anything.

In fact, if a Christian says that the Bible “proves” something, they’re no longer talking about faith, but fact – and facts need to be proven.  And as far as I know, we’ve yet to have anyone prove the existence of God.

My faith, and my personal beliefs, lead me to the choice of being a Christian.  If science could prove the existence of God, Christianity would no longer be considered a faith.

But it seems this is what conservatives fail to understand.

Scientific theories aren’t based on a book filled with stories that have absolutely no concrete evidence that any of the stories inside of it actually happened.  Scientific theories are based off of countless hours of scientific research, conducted by some of the brightest minds living on this planet, leading to conclusions that are either directly provable (and repeatable) or are the only plausible answer based off verifiable (and repeatable) data.

The Bible, even in its current form, is a book that’s been translated over many centuries.  It’s been rewritten by different civilizations, forms of leadership, religions and languages.  For anyone to read the current version of the Bible, then take it 100% literally, is about as far-fetched as someone can get.

If anything, the Bible should be considered a history book.  Except, even history is often supported by evidence.  Though, at times, history can be distorted more by legend rather than fact.  Then when it comes to “accepted” history – information accepted by actual historians – that too is often based off of countless hours of research and information.

Christian conservative faith utilizes none of this.

Conservatives have this delusional, cult-like mindset when it comes to their religion.  Even when it comes to the Bible they’re incapable of being honest with themselves.  A simple childhood game like the “Telephone Game” which easily proves how a story, told from one person to another, can easily be distorted as it’s passed around, doesn’t impact their belief that somehow the Bible is a literal depiction of events.

But the real difference between those who believe in science, history and math vs. those who believe in the literal translation of the Bible is that people like scientists (the vast majority anyway) do believe in the literal text of science books and research.  Because those have usually been studied and proven. 

Not only do they believe in it, everything they believe in their lives is based on it.

Yet when it comes to the Bible, I’ve never met a single Christian who lives their life based on every aspect of the Bible.  Sure, they cherry-pick what they want to follow – but they don’t literally follow everything.

Which doesn’t make any sense.  They believe so wholeheartedly in the Bible, yet violate most of its rules.

Scientists don’t do this.  When a scientist is studying the biology of an animal, they don’t ignore parts of the theory of evolution (or other scientific theories) while doing their research.

Yet conservative Christians do this all the time.  They cite the Bible as “proof” that the world is 6,000 years old and an untrained man named Noah built a giant ark – then ignore the vast majority of the other things the Bible says they should and shouldn’t do.  They claim that homosexuality is a sin, therefore they fiercely oppose same-sex marriage.  Yet the Bible also says we shouldn’t eat shellfish, yet I don’t see them picketing seafood restaurants or trying to ban the fishing industry.

So what it boils down to when it comes to the battle of science, math and history vs. Christian conservatism is this: it’s really a battle between those who believe in the books that support their ideas vs. those who like to pick and choose what they feel like following from theirs.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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