Science, Math and History vs. the Conservative Hypocritical Delusion About Religion

paul-ryan-churchHi, I’m Allen, and I’m a Christian.  I’m also a Christian who believes in science, math, history and reality.  Yes, Christians who believe in those things do exist.  In fact, there are millions of Christians who believe in all of those things.

We’re able to decipher the difference between faith, science, history, math and reality.

Faith is believing in something that basically has no proof of its system of beliefs.  And no, saying, “Well, the Bible says…” is not “evidence” of anything.

It might be a basis for which a faith is derived, but simply saying, “It’s in this book” is not proving anything.

In fact, if a Christian says that the Bible “proves” something, they’re no longer talking about faith, but fact – and facts need to be proven.  And as far as I know, we’ve yet to have anyone prove the existence of God.

My faith, and my personal beliefs, lead me to the choice of being a Christian.  If science could prove the existence of God, Christianity would no longer be considered a faith.

But it seems this is what conservatives fail to understand.

Scientific theories aren’t based on a book filled with stories that have absolutely no concrete evidence that any of the stories inside of it actually happened.  Scientific theories are based off of countless hours of scientific research, conducted by some of the brightest minds living on this planet, leading to conclusions that are either directly provable (and repeatable) or are the only plausible answer based off verifiable (and repeatable) data.

The Bible, even in its current form, is a book that’s been translated over many centuries.  It’s been rewritten by different civilizations, forms of leadership, religions and languages.  For anyone to read the current version of the Bible, then take it 100% literally, is about as far-fetched as someone can get.

If anything, the Bible should be considered a history book.  Except, even history is often supported by evidence.  Though, at times, history can be distorted more by legend rather than fact.  Then when it comes to “accepted” history – information accepted by actual historians – that too is often based off of countless hours of research and information.

Christian conservative faith utilizes none of this.

Conservatives have this delusional, cult-like mindset when it comes to their religion.  Even when it comes to the Bible they’re incapable of being honest with themselves.  A simple childhood game like the “Telephone Game” which easily proves how a story, told from one person to another, can easily be distorted as it’s passed around, doesn’t impact their belief that somehow the Bible is a literal depiction of events.

But the real difference between those who believe in science, history and math vs. those who believe in the literal translation of the Bible is that people like scientists (the vast majority anyway) do believe in the literal text of science books and research.  Because those have usually been studied and proven. 

Not only do they believe in it, everything they believe in their lives is based on it.

Yet when it comes to the Bible, I’ve never met a single Christian who lives their life based on every aspect of the Bible.  Sure, they cherry-pick what they want to follow – but they don’t literally follow everything.

Which doesn’t make any sense.  They believe so wholeheartedly in the Bible, yet violate most of its rules.

Scientists don’t do this.  When a scientist is studying the biology of an animal, they don’t ignore parts of the theory of evolution (or other scientific theories) while doing their research.

Yet conservative Christians do this all the time.  They cite the Bible as “proof” that the world is 6,000 years old and an untrained man named Noah built a giant ark – then ignore the vast majority of the other things the Bible says they should and shouldn’t do.  They claim that homosexuality is a sin, therefore they fiercely oppose same-sex marriage.  Yet the Bible also says we shouldn’t eat shellfish, yet I don’t see them picketing seafood restaurants or trying to ban the fishing industry.

So what it boils down to when it comes to the battle of science, math and history vs. Christian conservatism is this: it’s really a battle between those who believe in the books that support their ideas vs. those who like to pick and choose what they feel like following from theirs.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • shopper

    Have to agree…………the Bible may be inspired by God but has been manipulated by man and everyone knows that mankind is not perfect and makes mistakes. I use the New Testament as a guide on how a Christian should help his fellow man and the Old Testament as the possible history of ancient times not found in other ancient writings.

    • Sandy Greer


      New Testament is the ‘guide’ to Christianity
      Old Testament is BC (before Christ)

      Further, my understanding is the New Testament supercedes the Old; the Wrath of God depicted in the Old (rape, pillage, murder, stonings, et al) is laid to rest by the Love of God for this World (Sacrificial Lamb)

      Author is correct: Believers (ALL of us, whether Right/Left) fall short of the ‘guide’.

      • Gwynnyd

        Believers (ALL of us, whether Right/Left) fall short of the ‘guide’.

        What does that even mean in this context? The bible is a book of stories, originally inspired by god … or not. None of them are ‘real’ the way that the information in a textbook on physics or biology, or even philosophy, is real. As the OP says, the bible has been mistranslated and reinterpreted and cherry-picked for millennia. How can one ‘fall short’ of something like that and why would it matter if one did? You might as well just cherry-pick and reinterpret another set of ‘guides’ for yourself that work better for the times in which you live. It’s certainly been done that way before; many, many times, even within the Christian tradition. I don’t spend time worrying that I will ‘fall short’ of some set of rules you like any more than you spend time worrying that you will ‘fall short’ of other theologies’ texts. Wouldn’t we all be better off figuring out a set of rules that work in the context of the culture and times in which we live without having to necessarily wedge them into a text written in and for a different time and culture?

      • Sandy Greer

        >What does that even mean?

        It means ALL fall short of the ‘ideal’. Not just those on the Right. Lefties fall short too.

        ^^^Something to remember when we point our fingers.

        It’s not a matter of ‘worry’ about ‘rules’. Just something to bear in mind, when our eagerness to find fault with others gets the best of us.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      manipulated by (hu)man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Sgt Dew

    I read a great book years ago called “The Autobiography of the Angel of Death.” One of the many stories in it was about Mo. Mo helped lead his people out of Egypt, and eventually settled down to be an arbitrator for his people. Everyone brought their disputes to him to see “what Mo says.” This happened so much, that eventually his name was remembered in history as Moses.

  • noone

    The best that the Bible is is mythology, like the Bahagravita, the Mabinogion, the collected stories of the Norse, and more. They should believe that God is a crossdresser who kills giants and carrys a big hammer, but that would mean that their god died nailed to a cross.

  • H

    The bible is a fable. a story that is told to potentially give a “moral to the story”. AT BEST. But as to believing its stories as truth and basing how I live my life, hell no. And science, while it has its facts and theories, in the face of NEW evidence, SCIENCE is willing to CHANGE its stories. In this way religion and the bible fail miserably.

  • Mason

    The problem I have with this piece, and others like it, is the use of the idea that something can be “proven.” Specifically when talking about science, one can’t prove anything. That I aside, of course I agree with what the author is saying.

    • buricco

      The fundies will go screaming “But faith is evidence of things not seen!” – and that says a lot about their mindset.

  • Mark Strange

    I thought you consider yourself christian Allen? Are you claiming to cherry pick also? Why then do you even consider yourself christian, why not join us Atheist?

    • Chris Wyatt

      Some of us Christians can easily tolerate ambiguity.

      • Mark Strange

        I should have ended my post with XD or 😀 because I only tease. Allen is a great writer and I agree on most things.

      • Mark Strange

        Cherry Picking, however isn’t ambiguity. It’s picking only things you like and throwing the rest away. Not honest study.

  • smarterboy13

    I wish more “christians” felt the same way. God gave you a brain, I think he wants you to use it sometimes —

  • Jjfriel

    God to see reasonable religious folks speaking up. I’m an atheist myself, but I had a Catholic education, and I have respect for thinking people who are also religious. I have to disagree, thiugh, when you say that if the existence of a deity could be proven, Christianity would cease to be a faith. There are many possibilities that could follow from the existence of a god or gods, and the Christian interpretation, with original sin, the need for redemption, etc, is only one littl corner of them.

  • Kazuya Darklight

    I enjoy how, even with this pro progressive bent etc, the trolls still feel the need to be heard.

  • whotookmymittens?

    It is true that cherry picking the bible is a favorite game of the “Religious” people. I find it just as absurd as using “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” as my life guide. Just do unto others as you would have done to you and shut the hell up about everything else.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      grimms fairy tales was UNTRUE???

  • RUkiddingme

    God is the creator of everything from black holes to babies toes and for anyone to not believe that that same God could place into your hands the perfect, divinely inspired Bible, as he wants you to receive it today doesn’t have much faith at all. Do they?

  • Jim

    If you are living your life according to “The New Testament” then you are PAULISTS.. The apostle Paul wrote ALMOST everything after the four Gospels.. PAUL is the guy who decided that all that is necessary for salvation was FAITH that Jesus actually was “The One True Messiah” and NOT “just another prophet”.. PAUL is the guy who decided that “salvation” was for EVERYONE, even tho Jesus SPECIFICALLY says, “Do NOT take my word to any city of the Samaritans..or unto the Gentiles..” (the actual word used is “goyem” which loosely translates as “the unwashed cattle”.. You guys are PAULISTS.. not “Christians”, cuz you DON’T follow the teachings of He who is called “The Christ”…

  • EasyEight

    Strawman attack — only a fractional minority believe that “the world is 6,000 years old.” And once having defined his adversaries as insane, he brings in the Gay Marriage issue.

  • disqus_PXzgTV7lWI

    Are you guys really arguing over mythology? Can’t think of a greater waste of time!?

  • Diane Win

    Um, let me get this straight, let me try and figure this out. The author professes xtianity, YET, he admits that no one has been able to prove the existence of god or anything the bible claims? WOW, that’s the strangest one yet.

  • JCNow

    All the moral teachings in the Bible existed a millenia before the Bible was supposedly written. Long before the musings of Isaiah, mankind understood that to survive together in community, it wasn’t a good idea to bludgeon each other to death or to steal other’s property. “Do unto others…” exists in every religion, and existed well before religion. God is a myth, people. Time to grow up.