Sean Hannity: A Right-Wing Prostitute Willing to Say Practically Anything to Kiss Trump’s Ass

The term “prostitute” is usually used when referring to those who dabble in trading sexual favors for financial gain. However, that term actually has a few different definitions, one of which happens to be the following:

Prostitute: a person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, for money.

In my opinion, Fox News’ Sean Hannity is nothing but a right-wing prostitute willing to say or do practically anything just as long as he’s using his talents as a con artist for financial benefit.

While I might despise Hannity, I don’t think he’s a stupid person. A fraud and disgusting human being? Sure, I will agree with all of that, but I don’t think he’s an idiot. Though he most definitely treats supporters of Donald Trump like they’re morons — and they absolutely love him for it.

Despite the fact that Hannity portrays himself as some sort of “journalist reporting the news,” he’s nothing of the sort. The truth is, he’s a conservative entertainer who dresses up and tries to act like a journalist on a “news” network that’s really nothing more than 98 percent conservative fan fiction.

For Hannity, this is about ratings and pandering to his audience. He can’t tell them the truth, because the truth isn’t what his viewers and listeners want to hear. His audience is almost entirely pro-Trump, right-wing radical lunatics who honestly believe there’s some sort of “deep state conspiracy led by the FBI to take down Trump.”

I have absolutely no doubt that Hannity knows that’s all bullshit.

Deep down, Fox News’ most well-known con man almost certainly knows Trump’s unfit for office — he just doesn’t care. He sees Trump as his “golden ticket”; a man who’s tapped into, and drawn out, the true crazy among the Republican Party. He’s a fraud who’s created a cult that will believe anything you tell them just as long as what you’re telling them is pro-Trump.

It reminds me of this guy a few months ago who wanted to prove that Trump supporters would believe practically anything, so he started a fake website based on pandering to pro-Trump propaganda that saw an insane amount of growth in only a couple of weeks. All it took was a few outrageous headlines that fed right into what Trump supporters wanted to hear and, poof, this blatantly fake website took off, receiving tons of traffic.

Here’s a direct quote from the guy who created the site:

“I was surprised by how gullible the people in the Trump groups were, but as I continued to write ridiculous things they just kept getting shared and I kept drawing more viewers. I saw how many fake ridiculous stories were making rounds in these groups and just wanted to see how ridiculous they could get.”

If some random 28-year-old could recognize this, does anyone reading not think Hannity is aware of this as well?

Like Trump, Hannity has no shame. He’ll defend this “president” for some of the very same things he’s attacked Democrats for doing. Once upon a time he claimed Wikileaks and Julian Assange were threats and enemies to the United States that were going to get Americans killed — now he sings their praises, all because they spent the better part of 2016 helping bring down Clinton.

Sean Hannity is the ultimate hypocrite.

That’s why I say he’s effectively a prostitute who’s willing to say or do damn near anything just as long as the “price is right.” And by price I mean whatever he feels will get him the best ratings, thus helping make him a lot more money. Currently that’s being Trump’s head cheerleader and propagandist; a shameless clown who obsesses about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama because he knows that’s what his sheepish audience still does, as well. He pushes unfounded, ridiculous conspiracies he knows aren’t true because that’s the sort of anti-Clinton/anti-Obama hysteria the right-wing thrives on.

As I’ve said before, conservatives wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t have people or groups to hate, fear, push conspiracies about, or vilify.

Though make no mistake about it, if for some reason Trump’s popularity takes an incredible dive among most conservatives, and Hannity’s audience decides they no longer want to be part of the “Trump Train,” he’ll turn on this “president” in an instant. He’ll attack him for many of the same things for which he now defends him. He’ll act like he was never one of Trump’s biggest supporters. He’ll claim he was duped and fooled by someone he thought was sincere but turned out to be nothing but another “establishment Republican.” He’ll simply pivot away from Trump and continue to say or do whatever he feels that he needs to do in order to pander to whatever insanity conservatives feel like believing at that particular moment.

Sean Hannity’s a fraud, con man, and vile piece of crap who treats his supporters like idiots, and they absolutely love him for it — just like Donald Trump. 

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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