Sean Hannity Is Confused About Terrorism

seanhannityPoor Sean Hannity. He’s not exactly known for his sharp wit, so Hannity is confused trying to understand why Jon Stewart is targeting him like he’s so many Glenn Becks in a Barrel. This may be the price of such tsk-tsk slut-shaming that Hannity was involved in the other day. Or maybe just because Hannity is a loud, obnoxious, noxious bomb of White, Male Supremacy and needs to be taken down a notch or two. This time, Hannity is upset about the definition of “domestic terrorists” and his linking with them – specifically Clive Bundy.

So Hannity lays out the ol’ “President Obama Pals Around with Terrorists!” line, likening an early fundraiser at educator/Weatherman Underground member Bill Ayers’ house as some kind of deep friendship. First of all, let’s get something out of the way. Terrorism is a not a word to just throw around to anybody whom you desire to throw it around to. It’s a technique of fighting used to terrify common people under violence or very real threats of violence, usually in a fairly random manner. It is what the KKK and other White Supremacy groups do when they have night watches. They can pretend they are guarding the city from threats, but they are there to keep ethnic and racial minorities in line through threats of physical violence.

The Weathermen and the Weatherman Underground were a group of radical lefties who protested the US war against Vietnam. At their height of “violence,” they made and exploded bombs against buildings and properties, but were always careful to not harm people. So, only among a class of people who view buildings as more important than the lives of poor Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Americans can the Weathermen be properly labeled “terrorists.” But, you know, Hannity is confused.

Furthermore, as one who utterly despises the No Child Left Behind, the privatizing of schools, and worthless, expensive, stress-inducing and counter-productive tests, I wish that Obama was palling around with University of Illinois at Chicago’s education Professor William Ayers. His work is along the lines of Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed (pdf) – work that should be required reading of anybody in the least interested in education.

Now, Hannity is upset because Harry Reid and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile supposedly called Bundy a terrorist. I haven’t seen the transcript from Reid, but Hannity included Brazile’s spot in his show.

That was the right thing to do, to try to, you know, simmer things down. Remember, this is the 19th anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing. So this notion that Mr. Bundy has no other recourse but violence is — anti-government violence — is absolutely wrong. He’s been waging this battle for two decades. He’s lost. Everybody else is paying their grazing fees. He should pay his fees, as well.

Hannity is confused. What’s funny is that Brazile doesn’t call him a terrorist, at least not here. She makes an unnamed comparison to the Oklahoma City bombing, but only in relation to shared anti-government violence. Anti-government violence – and not just against buildings – is actually something that Hannity, Bundy and racist conspiracy weirdist Alex Jones talk about excitedly amongst each other, comparing the stand-off favorably to the bloody ones in Waco and Ruby Ridge. Of course, the stand-off in Waco itself inspired Timothy McVeigh in his Oklahoma City bombing. Ruby Ridge and Waco are also keywords among violent White Supremacists and domestic terrorists. Hannity is confused – it is he that is making the comparisons obvious between Bundy and McVeigh.

But it is Bundy himself that is threatening a civil war.

A. Freaking. Civil. War.

And Hannity is wondering why Jon Stewart is making fun of him. It may just be the tension of knowing that a major talking head approves of such wanton violence against the government and – abjectly – those the government is supposed to support (you know, minorities, etc). But Hannity is worried about some hippy professor and Yusuf Islam, aka the folk-artist-formerly-known-as Cat Stevens.

I’m not so sure that terrorist is the exact word to use here. But it may not be so far off. What’s more terrifying than a bunch of self-righteous narcissist racists threatening civil war?


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