Sean Hannity Gets Humiliated After Pushing Absurd Debunked Benghazi Conspiracy

With the recent release of the GOP’s “findings” from their Benghazi political stunt “investigation,” the 2012 terrorist attack that took the lives of four Americans was, once again, back in the news. Ultimately, this 800 page report turned out to be a whole lot of information we’ve already know about for years mixed with the Republican opinion that more could have been done to prevent the attack — even though their own hand-picked military expert literally said that there was probably nothing which could have been done differently to prevent the attack.

No matter what this report ultimately said, Republicans were going to come to the conclusion that these four lives could have been saved, even if there wasn’t any factual evidence to support that claim — which there wasn’t.

Either way, the release of this report should mark the end of a partisan witch hunt to slander the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton that’s been going on for nearly four years. Sadly, we knew Republicans weren’t going to let this report go without doing their best to make a non-story into something “shocking” and “controversial.”

Such as Fox News’ Sean Hannity who, on Thursday, pushed the ridiculous “stand down” conspiracy that’s been debunked for years.

“During the attack, a stand-down order was given, and our troops were told to change their clothes four times, and we needed, you know, permission from the Libyans to actually save Americans, and that’s what they were discussing,” Hannity said.

Yeah, that’s not remotely true now, nor has it been true the countless times Republicans have tried to claim it was over the last 3+ years.

Here’s what Politifact said about Hannity’s comment:

Hannity is mashing up two different incidents.

There was no order to give up on the rescue effort altogether; rather, security personnel held their position about a mile away for 23 minutes as they gathered equipment and attempted to make contact with personnel on the ground.

Separately, several hours later and in Spain, Marines did get in and out of uniform over a period of three hours as officials debated how they should respond. The delay occurred after the surviving Americans and those who had been killed already had been evacuated to Tripoli.

Sean Hannity’s no novice when it comes to politics. He damn well knows that his statement was a blatant lie. Not only that, but he’s mixing together two entirely different stories to fabricate his fictional one.

The ironic thing to all of this is, while Republicans like Sean Hannity continue to exploit this attack for political gains, the late Ambassador Chris Stevens’ family has said that they don’t blame Hillary Clinton; that it’s “unjust” to continue to criticize her; that they’re disgusted that their loved one’s death has been exploited by some (Republicans); and that Chris Stevens actually admired and respected Hillary Clinton.

What I’ve actually seen is conservatives bashing the Stevens family, accusing them of lying for Clinton. I’ve even seen some claim that the family was paid off by the Clintons to say the things that they’ve said.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t even know what to say to that other than those who actually believe it are absolutely disgusting.

Thankfully, Politifact was quick to call out Hannity by fact-checking him almost immediately after this soundly debunked lie came out of his mouth on Thursday night.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    Screw Hannity. He isn’t the real problem. The real problem is Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes who gave this ass hat a job. Hannity wouldn’t be working in network news were it not for Faux Noise. He’d be, at best, a small town, small time, crank.

    • PMC

      He’d probably be working for WHEC in Rochester.

      • Alex Paylor

        Even WKRP wouldn’t hire him. Makes Les Nessman seem like a genius.

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  • Phil Cuchetti

    when was it debunked ? clinton/obama stood by and let all these brave Americans die while they begged for help. The facts are true, the event happened and it all was lied about. They will do ANYTHING to keep power. clinton and obama should be in jail.

    • TexasDem

      Youre a poor uninformed idiot. Turn off your fox noise and talk propaganda radio and check things out for yourself, if able….

      • Phil Cuchetti

        Who’s the idiot Texasdem? You can’t even use your own name here? Are you embarrassed ? How could you possibly know if I watch TV at all? And you site snope’s as your source ? Could you be any more stupid ?
        So it’s ok with you ,4 brave Americans where left to die while clinton and obama made up a scheme to lie to the American people about it ? Sent out their slimy operative on 5 Sunday talk shows to lie that it was a video ? Why don’t YOU turn off YOUR propaganda tv and radio , be a real American and turn against this fraud and corruption going on with the far left disgusting politicians YOU support. Get off your high horse you IDIOT.

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      • Phil Cuchetti

        snope’s REALLY ?