Sean Hannity Looks Ridiculous Trying to Distance Himself From Cliven Bundy Following Racist Comments

hannity-bundyUnfortunately I didn’t get a chance to catch Hannity on Fox News last night due to being on the road.  Not that I make it a point to always watch his show, but I was extremely curious to see what his reaction would be following Cliven Bundy’s racist comments about “Negros.”

Well, after watching a clip of his segment where he tried to pretend that he was never a Bundy supporter – just a critic of the government’s response – all I could do was laugh.  You don’t show videos of a guy riding around on a horse carrying an American flag if your only goal was to express your displeasure with the governments response to Bundy’s illegal grazing.

Let’s also not forget that Hannity never once mentioned how Bundy and his wife said that they were armed and willing to use force if need be.  Again, you don’t protect someone like that unless you’re trying to prop them up as some kind of right-wing hero.

But as expected he completely condemned Bundy’s comments, saying, “I believe those comments are downright racist, they are repugnant, they are bigoted, and it’s beyond disturbing. I find those comments to be deplorable, and I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Cliven Bundy holds those views.”

Big words from someone who was one of the biggest cheerleaders for Bundy and his “stance” against the federal government.  While Hannity tried to downplay his support, again insisting he was merely a critic of the government’s handling of the entire situation, that’s a cop-out from someone who was clearly trying to portray Bundy as some kind of right-wing hero.

While he tried to present himself with the usual arrogance and cockiness that defines his on-screen character, Hannity looked downright foolish bashing Bundy’s comments while glossing over the fact that he’s been quite possibly his biggest supporter the last several weeks.

And while Hannity condemned Bundy’s racial remarks, conservatives like to ignore the reality that racism and radical anti-government sentiment seem to often go hand in hand.  Which is something most of them deny simply because they don’t want to admit the truth, but it’s a reality I’ve experienced first hand.  Nearly every person I’ve met who’s racist is almost always very anti-government.  It’s an argument I’ve touched on some that this anti-government ideology that conservatives carry with them is actually rooted back to the days of slavery and the Civil War.

Though Hannity’s rejection of Bundy’s comments wasn’t a surprise, it was just embarrassing to see this usually arrogant and cocky individual try to backtrack his clear attempts to portray Bundy as a conservative hero by trying to spin his support as nothing more than an admonishment of the federal government’s response.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    Tonight on Hannity, Sean does his best rendition of Ray Bolger’s most famous role!

  • Why5ks

    Hannity is mad at Bundy because Bundy gets to say what Hannity wishes he could

    • SouthernPatriot55

      So if people who voted FOR Obama just because he IS black, does that not make them racist. It does in my book.

      • freethinker666

        And on what do you base your theory that people voted for Obama because is black? Your own racism? One more thing how does this make Bundy any less of an asshole.

      • JKess

        So you’re admitting that you didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black?

  • FactoryGuy

    The comical part of Hannitiy’s rant is that all but 1 of his examples of Government gone wild are from the Bush admin era and they are all local issues. He doesn’t mention Nebraska and Oklahoma where those state legislators have ceded their eminent domain powers to Trans Canada so they can fast track Keystone XL land acquisition, or how statehouses are enacting statutes that are clearly unconstitutional. And, of course, he ends it up with Benghazi which if anyone wants to dig into the facts they will find the Repub talking points are nothing more than lies and smears.

  • Finnsmom1

    Eat dirt Hannity!!

    • SouthernPatriot55

      The media eats Obama’s s*** every day.

      • Finnsmom1

        you didn’t have to actually write anything in your reply. Your very name “SouthernPatriot55” says it all. You Hillbilly.

      • JKess

        So sp proves that I have five year old cousins who are better behaved and wittier than he is….

  • Sandy Greer

    Woe is Hannity! He bet on the wrong pony. Again.

    He sure picks & chooses his Eminent Domain issues. Goes after Delta smelt – ’cause he hates Environmentalists. Ignores Nebraska – where TransCanada (not even our own govt, but a foreign corp) wants to seize land for Keystone Pipeline.

    ^^^I smell Hypocrisy – once again – emanating from Hannity. Wouldn’t be so bad – if he didn’t couch it in self-righteous indignation.

    Oh, and Hannity was better when his rants could be tempered by Alan Colmes. I haven’t been able to watch him since.

  • Koreen Eads

    I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall and see hannitys face when bundys comments came out..can you imagine?…not that hannity doesn’t feel the same..but to see them trying to spin things in the other direction would have been priceless..”he’s a patriot!..I support….wait…did he just say negros would be better off if they were still slaves?…someone get me some midol and a microphone!”..lmao…

  • hermanprovi

    The BEST commentary on the Bundy fiasco,came from the ex governor of Montana!. His depiction of a “skunk” and the odor that now permeates Fox News and their reuglycan political ilk, was right on! The’ Bundy as hero’, worshippers at ‘foul noise’, need to do a little bathing!

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Perhaps Hannity is angry with Bundy because Bundy refuses to consummate their relationship?

  • Jim Bean

    “You don’t show videos of a guy riding around on a horse carrying an American flag if your only goal was to express your displeasure with the governments response to Bundy’s illegal grazing.” If, however, you wanted to give the audience a comprehensive perspective of the guy your are talking about, then you WOULD show such video’s.

  • hthrsllvn

    As Jon Stewart put it, Hannity didn’t like the response the government gave yet calls himself a patriot. Stewart even played a clip where Hannity was giving his admiration to president Washington yet failed to put together Washington’s reaction to the whiskey rebellion being of equal proportion to Bundys. Hannity is a hack and a hypocrite.

  • a.mann

    Republicans is only speaking what their Conservative voting base DEMANDS to hear.

    And their shills….Fox News and the Right Wing radio hosts are there to feed into that deep rooted hatred, fear, paranoia, bigotry and rage

  • SouthernPatriot55

    Why does it look ridiculous to condemn the remarks? YOU are the one who look ridiculous.

    • JKess

      Because hannity had his lips firmly stuck to Bundy’s posterior before those remarks…

      That shouldn’t be that hard to understand.
      Anyone with half a functioning brain could have predicted that Bundy, after threatening to kill police and government authorities and going off on his little anti government crusade about ‘how dare the government expect me to pay to use land that doesn’t belong to me’ w’s going to, sooner or later, say something racist.
      The anti government hysteria is often hand in hand with the white supremacy movement. when your side preaches ‘we need to take our country back’ what it really means is ‘we need to put our country back under all white rule’
      After all..the ‘take our country back’ mantra started as a result of opposition to the civil rights movement