Sean Hannity Makes Fool of Himself Responding to Jon Stewart About Cliven Bundy (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 3.18.06 AMBy now most people have heard about the Cliven Bundy situation in Nevada.  Bundy’s only “reason” for not paying the fees that he owes is that he doesn’t recognize the federal government.  Imagine if everyone who violated a federal law got away with it simply because they claimed, “I don’t recognize the federal government.”  Luckily laws are laws, whether someone wants to recognize them or not.  In the instance where someone decides not to recognize them, that’s when they become criminals.

Well, Jon Stewart took Sean Hannity’s defense of Bundy’s criminal behavior to task by pointing out several of Hannity’s hypocrisies when it came to other issues such as immigration or the separation of church and state.  In the past, Hannity’s accused immigrants of “picking and choosing” which laws they want to follow, and in the case involving separation of church and state he mocked an atheist group who had lost a court battle in Utah over the public display of crosses.

Hannity thought he would be clever by showing parts of Stewart’s clip from the night before (though he edited out the clips where Stewart showed what an absolute hypocrite he is) in a pathetic attempt to try to slam Stewart for attacking his position on Bundy’s fees.

Basically, Sean Hannity’s entire argument rests on his belief that it’s just “cattle eating government grass.”  Essentially he doesn’t see what the big deal is, so he doesn’t understand why the government is trying to make Bundy pay these fees.

For those of us who understand how laws work, he has to pay those fees because he’s breaking the law.  Talk like this is ironic coming from someone like Hannity who often says people should take “personal responsibility” for their actions, and often slams people on welfare. Yet here he’s defending Bundy who’s feeding his cattle on land he doesn’t own.  Which, again, is against the law.  He’s basically defending a moocher who doesn’t want to take personal responsibility.

He also tried to emphasize the armed federal officers who converged on the Bundy ranch – without once mentioning the numerous Bundy supporters who showed up brazenly displaying their firearms.  One of his supporters even admitted that they had planned to use women as human shields.

Maybe that’s why the government officials showed up armed?  Just a hunch.

He also asked what Jon Stewart’s “real” feelings were about Bundy, though he made them pretty clear the other night when he mocked the validity of Bundy’s “patriotism” by saying, “Dude, you’re a welfare rancher trying to pull off the world’s largest cattle dine and dash.”

But Hannity made an absolute fool out of himself trying desperately to slam Stewart (someone who’s far more intelligent and educated than he is) by “cleverly” editing out the part where Stewart showed Hannity proving himself to be an absolute hypocrite.  He repeatedly left out fact after fact about the issue the federal government has had with Cliven Bundy, while essentially basing his argument on the premise of, “It’s just grass, who cares about the law?”

Hannity is by far one of the biggest blowhards in all of right-wing media.  His shtick is so worn out and blatantly lazy that I’ve moved past the point of feeling angry when I watch his show.  I just laugh most of the time because of how ridiculous he is.

But in this case of Hannity trying to “one up” Jon Stewart, all he did was showcase what an absolute hypocrite he really is.

Here’s the segment:

Allen Clifton

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