Second Largest Radio Distributor in the Country to Drop Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity

hannity-limbaughIn what might be the biggest blow to Rush Limbaugh’s career as a radio personality as of yet, the second largest radio distributor in the country, Cumulus Media, is set to drop Limbaugh’s show from its airways at the end of the year.

But not just Limbaugh’s show—Cumulus Media will drop Sean Hannity’s show as well.

Politico is reporting that Cumulus Media has decided not to renew the contracts of either host, effectively removing both media personalities from 40 stations in major markets.

The split apparently comes as negotiations between Clear Channel and Premiere Networks, the division of Clear Channel which handles both shows, broke down.

It seems Cumulus Media is known to be very frugal when it comes to negotiations and Premiere Networks is famous for asking for top dollar for its talent.

The problem is, when you have a toxic host such as Rush Limbaugh, asking “top dollar” is a little absurd.  Advertisers have been abandoning his show in droves for a while now, and while his name still gets headlines—his antics have actually been blamed for a decrease in revenue.

Following Rush Limbaugh’s controversial remarks about Sandra Fluke, Cumulus Media CEO Lew Dickey held an earnings call a few days later where he reported a $2.4 million loss in revenue related to talk programming.  He apparently insinuated this loss was caused by Limbaugh’s remarks about the Georgetown Law student who had become a national celebrity following the big “contraceptives scandal” Republicans made a big deal about a while back.

What this says to me is Rush Limbaugh’s days as a media personality are nearly over.  While Sean Hannity I’m sure will be fine, as he’ll always have Fox News as the driving force behind his rhetoric, Limbaugh is essentially just a radio personality.

Unfortunately, even as Rush Limbaugh begins to quickly (though not quickly enough) fade into obscurity, I’m sure there will be a host of other right-wing radicals who are eagerly standing in line waiting to take his place.

But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth with this good news.  The “why’s” don’t concern me for the moment—I’ll worry about who might take his place another day.

However, for right now, I’m going to simply celebrate this good news and enjoy the thought that by the end of this year, Rush Limbaugh’s hate-filled, racist, bigoted ignorance will be spewed to far fewer Americans.

And in that one simple move, our nation has already improved.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Tristan

    Hey Rush, and Sean …. don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Stryder51

      You do realize that Clear Channel has already come out and said they’d sign both of them immediately. Cumulus can’t afford them anymore.

      • peterpun

        Then Clear Channel can lose the money, nothing changes

      • Defiant

        Yeah…looks like Sean and Rush are really in the poor house…

      • Danny Adams

        Clear Channel already carries Limbaugh in numerous markets (including my own), so at least in his case it’s not that big a deal.

      • ktrav

        Then Clear Channel can lose money on them. A really stupid business move, if true.

      • Stryder51

        I don’t think you grasp what’s going on. Cumulus can’t afford the syndication fees. You might try getting your news from a legitimate news site.

      • deja-view

        When you want the best you have to pay for it. Limbaugh and Hannity aren’t going away until they decide to retire. Bogus opinion piece using half of the real story. Nothing new here.

  • Jon

    YESSSSS! Less pollution on the airwaves!!

  • M-W-T

    they can take O’Reilly with them for all I care

    • earldumarest

      doesn’t have a radio show idiot.

      • Feb thirteen

        yeah, they already cancelled his radio show

      • So for awhile, he had his own radio show idiot? What did he feed the idiot? Who was the idiot and what was the show the idiot was on?

  • Joseph Sacramento

    Good news indeed

  • Reconnector

    C ya ass clowns Limpdick we are not done humiliating your fat ass yet !!!
    Day comes that you are totally done, a fork in your silverback, opening that steaming pile of poo that you are made of !! Sandra Fluke will be singing sha na na na hey hey goodbye !! Over and over !!!!

  • MickeyP.

    Karma, baby,at it’s finest! Yay!

    • Stryder51

      Clear Channel’s going to sign them. You knuckleheads are getting all excited over nothing.

      • peterpun


      • Stryder51

        We just wanted to make you sure understood the point. 😉

    • Defiant

      You goofs amuse me more than you anger me. Karma? You celebrate some imaginary victory as I sit here listening to Rush…who’s in a great mood. What Karma? Has something happened to Rush or Sean that I don’t know about? Nothing has changed!

  • It’s just Pat

    Hopefully they will be replaced by radio personalities who will make Americans want to listen to what they say because it won’t be hate filled, racist, bigoted rhetoric. I am so sick of the negative comments that these type of individuals have spewed across the airwaves for far too long. Good riddance to Rush!

    • Defiant


  • ss

    His days as a radio personality may be done soon, but not media personality. Fox will add them to their cast of characters so fast if he leaves talk radio. Unfortunately.

    • Shalom

      Solution right there. Fox News takes him. Those of us who don’t watch Fox News never have to deal with his bullshit again.

  • walkingstick5

    Sadly Rush may do worse and run for office. He has the arrogance and stupidity to fit right in with the tea party.

    • Kate

      LET HIM!! Most republicans can’t even stand him

    • Larry Mccarty

      But he is a convicted felon

      • Defiant

        So are the majority of Dem office holders…

      • Larry Mccarty

        You are SPECULATING Defiant, something the Teapocrites seem to excel at regardless of how often they are wrong (Most of the time), while with Douchebaugh, it is a FACT he is a convicted felon

    • Stryder51

      He won’t run for office. Why would he? He’s making too much money doing what he does now. As he has even stated “I don’t want to take the pay cut.”.

  • Jude

    Woot! The end of the year isn’t soon enough!

  • skittle_eater

    Stations and sponsors are lining up to BEG them to come aboard. What all of you liberal racists fail to understand (between bong hits, abortions, and butt sex) is they are wanted by the public. Hence the SKY HIGH ratings. At MSNBC….not so much.

    • LiberalGrandma

      Skittle – What a hateful little twit you appear to be. So sad.

      • skittle_eater

        I didn’t write anything hateful, just the truth. Now, stop molesting your grandson.

      • Roger Marshal Chamberlain

        Skittle, please go give Limbaugh his nightly meds, take some yourself, then proceed to find a bridge and leap from it.

      • Shalom

        No, no, no, Roger…let Skittle continue. I find the idiocy Skittle produces very entertaining. It’s almost as funny as South Park.

    • Bob

      Wanted by people like “you” maybe. I think your types are losing more ground every single day in America. I heard Fox News is losing more and more viewers every day, because people are getting wise to all of their BS! The way I see it, the GOP is going down in flames! Just wait and see while you keep munching those Skittles!!!

      • skittle_eater

        You heard? What an Ass Clown. Look at the ratings.

      • Bob

        Where did you get your ratings from………..Fox News?Awwwwww, 🙁 I think somebody’s really sad that his buddy, Rush, isn’t going to be giving his hate-filled rants over the radio much longer. Too bad, so sad!

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        skittle apparently doesn’t understand how ratings work. Nor does he understand that ratings have nothing to do with accuracy. It merely means that they appeal to the LOWEST common denominator, which describes skittle perfectly; low and common.

      • Viv Arney

        Spongebob has higher ratings that Bill O’ the Clown. Stop drinking the tea and come out of your basement.

    • Larry Williams

      Wow you’re a SPECIAL kind of stupid Skittle..Go take your meds.

    • Greg Weaver

      I’m gonna have to call “satire” on you dude. Nice try, though, but you went a little too far over the top.

      I mean, Poe’s Law and all, but you should have held back a bit for the followup responses.

    • It’s just Pat

      Maybe the “sugar high” you’re getting from eating all those Skittles is deluding your thoughts.

      • Shalom

        I think the name is a reference to Trayvon Martin actually…which makes me think this whole thing is satire that wasn’t properly labeled.

      • It’s just Pat

        I don’t think it’s satire, Shalom, I think he’s a real hater. Who, if he hates all liberals, why is he even on this site, except to try to provoke. Ignore his ignorant posts and he will go away.

    • Michael

      1. Using the name of Skittle_eater to make a racist joke about a deceased 17-year-old kid shows your intelligence.
      2. You make a stupid statement about “molesting” without using your real name shows how big of a coward you are.
      3. SKY HIGH ratings doesn’t mean people of intelligence are watching. The Simpsons and Family Guy get high ratings too. Just like Fox News, people laugh at those shows and the people on there are cartoon figures.
      4. I repeat – you’re a coward who’s hiding. You want to call people names, use your real name.
      5. If they were wanted by the public, then don’t you think Cumulus Media would STILL pay Limburger? Wealthy people don’t turn down a person who will make them more money.
      6. See numbers 2 & 4
      High school starts in August. Once you graduate in 4 years, then come back and talk to REAL adults son…

      • Amazed4Oncce

        Thank You Michael for a very thoughtful (and true) response to skittle.

      • Bianca Bradley

        Except sky high ratings equals revenues. Corporations don’t give much of a rats patootie if it meets your intellectual qualifications. The fat lady hasn’t song it’s song, it’s over for Rush. He didn’t get to be where he was in radio by being dumb.

    • Gipper1015

      What a dickless, little hater you have truly become, skittle. You must truly have led a very sad life to be so filled with hate and racism as you are. Plus, it’s quite obvious that your behind is still hurting badly from the kicking it received last November. Don’t worry, there is much, much more in store for your types in the years and elections to come. You earned it…

      • skittle_eater

        Yup, lost in November. On the plus side Travon is STILL dead!

      • Bob

        Aren’t you just the “golden boy of tea party d-bags”! (That’s a statement, not a question). Expressing glee that a 17 year old boy was wrongly murdered just shows what a classless, evil, vile, disgusting piece of work you are. I bet you made/make your momma real proud.

    • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

      Wow – what are you smoking, and why aren’t you sharing? Limbaugh’s show is losing sponsors every single day, because people are speaking up and telling those sponsors that they DON’T WANT LIMBAUGH’S LIES ANYMORE. We are tired of his hateful, misogynistic, racist bile, and since sponsors WANT people to buy their goods and services, they are dropping Limbaugh like a bad habit. Ratings? You fail to understand that liberals usually go to numerous sources for their information; MSNBC, CNN, and of course, any network news station is eating Limbaugh, and FOX “News” for breakfast, and shitting them out at lunch. Conservatives ONLY get their news from FOX. While Limbaugh isn’t a FOX employee, that will be the only place that might touch him when he is finally kicked off the air for good. BTW, you also seem to have need of a dictionary; accusing someone of molesting their grandson is certainly hateful. But, self delusion is what you guys do best. M-W-T is absolutely correct; you are a sad, hateful twit, and as such, are best ignored. Go peddle your crap on a rightwing site, where your fellow trolls might be entertained. We aren’t.

    • deb

      “Liberal racists”??? That’s pretty much an oxymoron, but then you probably don’t even know what an oxymoron is. Anyone who actually likes Rush or Sean is an idiot in my book.

    • Larry Mccarty

      I used to want to be a troll like Skittle but then i turned 10 years old and developed my intelligence

  • nancy

    All right!!!!

  • DowntownCM

    There goes half of the Daily Show’s news items. Oh well, there will more bigots, dolts and haters to come, there’s always more…

    • Defiant

      That’s part of the problem with you Lefties…you do realize, don’t you, that the Daily Show is a comedy program, right? I mean, it’s not actually a news show. No, REALLY!

      • Larry Mccarty

        And yet….. being a comedy channel, it is still FAR MORE accurate and honest than FAUX news

  • mary

    It’s about time, we are sick of you and Sean Polluting t

    he airwaves

  • Susana Martinez Casal


    • Defiant

      It’s “hallelujah”. Jesus. You know how to collect your free food, free money, free phones…why not take advantage of the free education too?

      • Patrick

        And the left spews hate? Do you know Susana? You right wingers are so insulting and close minded, funny, most of you go to church too, give to the church even, but you complain about families needing assistance? You know that churches run solely on welfare (the collection baskets, I know it’s obvious but I didn’t want to confuse you, I can tell by your other posts that you have not taken advantage of any free education yourself). Meanwhile, yeah go to church and learn that God hates fags and that even though you learn in church about fishes and loaves you still don’t want to ever help anyone but yourselves. Don’t get mad, I’m showing you how a statement reads when all the writer has done is assume, like yours. God bless you, now go get your guns and hate some fags. And love thy neighbor.

  • Joseph Malbrough

    The problem I see is that when people talk about the truth the rest of you start hating well I am sure someone will pick them up. To bad for Cumulus media they will lose even more money.

    • Zak Zebra-Pants

      Haha nice joke. The right wing has you nestled away perfectly into their dwindling masses if you think people like Limbaugh are speaking the truth.

    • Gipper1015

      Since when did Limbaugh or Hannity ever speak the truth??? The REAL problem for you, Joseph, is that you can only see what is being spoon fed to you by right wing hate filled nutjobs. I would suggest you sample a different cuisine.

      I guarantee that Cumulus will be better off in the long run with this move, unless, of course, they replace these two nutjobs with other nutjobs like them.

    • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

      It’s called the Free Market; enough people have had enough of Limbaugh’s hateful lies and rhetoric, and he has been losing sponsors at an accelerated rate. I think Cumulus will do just fine without Limbaugh’s verbal vomit. Truth? Only for the deluded, and the right wing. Facts, unfortunately for you, have a liberal bias.

  • Eric

    What do you want to bet that Rush will land on Foxnews if he gets driven off the air? It seems to be the place that extreme right wingers go to get paid top dollar to throw out red meat constantly.

    • YouKnowMe

      Rush tried TV–he really wanted to be a sportscaster, but he’s such a fool he lost that gig. TV owes Rush Limbaugh exactly nothing–nothing much to gain by putting him on. Rush has never done live face-to-face interviews he can’t completely control. He’ll shrivel up like a vampire in the desert sunshine.

      But it would be amusing to see Rush try to fit his fat foot in the glass slipper of TV celebrity. He’ll cut off a heel, he’ll cut off a toe, he’ll hop on one bloody stump trying to “fit in” on television, and it will be a wonderful thing to watch. What color can you shit and how high can you jump, fatso?

    • Defiant

      Sooo funny! You guys are all popping the champagne…I’m listening to Rush; NOW. There are plenty of advertisers and it’s business as usual. I don’t get why one cheap carrier deciding not to carry Rush (which won’t last when the fans start calling) seems to indicate he won’t have a show anymore and is going off the air. News to me. News to Rush too, I’m sure. I guess I trust him to know his situation better I trust a bunch of REALLY vitriolic Libs to know what’s up. Odd…

      • Larry Mccarty

        Congratulations! You are one of the 1/10th of 1% of Republicans that can do 2 things at one time.

      • Patrick

        LOL Larry, that is SO funny and true, wow, good one!

  • Stephen

    Ha…Ha…Ha…. No more needs to be said. We are free of you…. Jackasses…

  • katherine norton malek

    It’s good news no doubt but not good enough. Until RL is panhandling & looking for those “liberal entitlements” to keep his mouth stuffed with expensive cuban ‘ceegars’, I will not be satisfied. I want to see him spiral into an abyss of obscurity. Next up, gold diggin’ wife #4 files for divorce. YES!!

    • Viv Arney

      Shrug, she’s just a beard anyway.

      • Defiant

        Then you should LOVE Rush…gays are a protected class in your circles, right?

      • Viv Arney

        Nope – he’s a nasty pile of anal cysts. I thought he was going to move to Costa Rica to chase underage cabana boys. When’s he leaving? I’m sure there are PLENTY of people who would help him pack.

    • Defiant

      Then you’ll never be satisfied. It’s Socialists who end up that way. Capitalists provide for themselves. Rush will NEVER be in that situation because he WORKS. He’s driven. The proof is in the putting…

      • Anonymous

        Pudding, not putting. Put that up your…………..

    • Stryder51

      Do you really think he’ll be poor after signing a $400 mil contract? Never gonna happen. But no worries. Keep living the liberal dream.

  • Marie Agnes Mcclintock

    Bill O’Reilly you’re next.

  • Kendall Martin

    Now if folks will only stop buying products produced by the Koch Brothers.

    • Larry Mccarty

      I just saw an ad for a new phone app that tracks bar codes all the way to the top of the manufacturing chain so you can know if its a Koch or Monsanto product.. I’m getting it tomorrow!

      • Junoh315

        Something like that might have a bias. If it makes enough to place an ad then there might be some kind of corporate sponsor.

      • Defiant

        Good for you! What a difference you’ll make…depriving yourself of goods and services to make ZERO impact the the Koch bottom-line.

      • Michael Peterson


    • Defiant

      Yeah! Let’s DESTROY anyone we don’t agree with! The LIBERAL WAY!

      • Larry Mccarty

        That is HILARIOUS coming from a teapocrite (feminazi, slut, etc….) I would call it irony but to a reich winger that means a freshly pressed shirt (all clean and irony)

      • So CAL Snowman

        The Nazis were LEFT WING you dolt!

      • Larry Mccarty

        Re read your history books (or read them a first time)…. the FIRST group Hitler attacked was the liberal thinkers, LONG BEFORE he started rounding up the Jews

      • deja-view

        Because he knew how stupid and worthless they were?

      • Patrick

        That’s what churches and the Koch brothers are for you silly uneducated “Defiant” lol 😉 We liberals merely try to show people how they are being manipulated by the rich, especially since the rich anonymously fund politicians who help those very same rich earn more while trying to chase people out of this country who came here the same way our founding fathers did, who try to chase away gays (because they don’t agree with them), who turn a blind eye to all the science behind climate change for money (and fund intentionally misleading “studies”), who pray to a God who included “Thou shalt not kill” in his short list of 10 commandments but who fight for the right to own guns SO strongly (why? I don’t know…), etc. I’d say “The CONSERVATIVE WAY!” were the words you were looking for…

      • Stryder51

        Are you aware that your progressive posterboy, Obama, received more donations in the 20008 & 2012 campaigns from Wall Street than any other candidate in history. That kinda blows your theory out of the water. As far as your comment regarding climate change? LMAO!

      • deja-view

        BS! George Soros. Union thugs. Big money from the banks. Hypocrites!

    • deja-view

      And, be sure to stop supporting all the charitable giving they do. Pathetic hicks believing anything that’s fed to you. Try looking up who really gives the big bucks to candidates. The Koch Bros were #93. Your DNC under a disguised PAC and all your union thugs donated far, far more. Hell, can you even say “George Soros” and not throw up?

  • Jim Tarvin

    Two jackasses out….now get rid of that other idiot Alex Jones.

    • Shalom

      Fingers crossed.

    • Jimmy

      Alex Jones is going nowhere! He’s only growing, and so is liberty! Alex Jones isn’t part of the fake liberal vs conservative narrative the establishment gets the American sheeple like yourself to buy into.

      • DWS

        Bwahahahahaha Sure skippy, sure.

      • YouKnowMe

        Yeah, Alex is fat, bald, probably impotent–he’ll do for the upcoming generation of fattening, balding, ED-fearing morons. But he’ll never get where Rush went, he went Full Crazy too soon.

      • arnieus

        Is it really bliss?

      • Jim Tarvin

        Um….ok. I am not sure what you think I was saying but let me be more clear….I don’t like Alex Jones. I think he is a fear monger at best, with just a touch of crazy.

    • stonehillady

      Alex Jones ?
      Limbaugh & Hannity are losing it’s listening audience because of people like Alex Jones. At least Alex is waking the people up, while the other two are hiding everything under the rug. It’s time you divide & Conquer people realize that both parties are exactly the same, they do as their Corporate campaign contributors tell them how to vote and get them tax breaks and contracts so they can continue to profit.
      Alex has exposed this wicked corrupt corporate world that has done so much to undermind the middle-class, the taking away of rights, and the new Police state and all the false flags our government has committed to attain the Police State not only here but, around the world.
      It is people like you that keep your head in the sand.

      • stephen

        Alex has his place and while he has exposed many truths, his presentation persona only hurts him, his extremist paranoid behavior takes away his credibility, and that’s a shame. While there is truth in your “divide and conquer” premise, i.e. that there is a bigger picture going on here, 9-11>patriot act etc, and that both parties are subserviant to corporate interests, the Federal Reserve bankers cabal etc., when it comes to issues, the parties are not the same at all. Issues that matter to the people, jobs, health care, abortion rights, immigration reform etc etc will continue to be debated, resolved and acted upon based on the will of the people through elected officials, though it is a slow painful process, and unfortunately, you are correct, the wicked corrupt corporate world has hijacked that process, making it painfully slower.

      • stonehillady

        Those differences are the social issues, they are both the same when it comes to the big Issues as they both bow down to the Mega Corporations & their lawyers that write the Bills for them. Like Pelosi said, “We won’t know wants in the bill, till we vote for it.”

      • Jim Tarvin

        Alex Jones is a lunatic and babbles the silliest crap I have ever heard. He prays on ignorant people and is a conspiracy nut job.

    • DmaxD

      Alex Jones is on Internet and short wave radio. Although not perfect, he’s closer to the truth then anything coming out of the lame stream media.


    Hopefully they will decide to run for President and Vice President and have Ann Coulter be Secretary of State.

    • Shalom

      Where exactly would they run for public office? Some newly-discovered land called the State of Delusion?

      Honestly, if those three even considered running for government, it would be like slander to the whole institution.

      • I LUV RUSH

        We all fell for the Land of Hopes and Dreams scam, but it turned out to be the land of Unemployment and uncontrolled spending. However, I do give Obama credit for getting the US out of the war that Bush started. Now if we would stop giving away money to all the foreign countries and deport all the illegals who are funneling their money back to their home countries to support their families then we would be OK. We need to stop being the Sugar Daddy for the rest fo the world.

      • haloadora

        Where exactly would they run for public office you ask? Why in the Republic of Glennbeckistan of course! Where else??

    • deb

      Is this some kind of sick joke??? LOL – In your dreams, buddy!

    • Larry Mccarty

      He is a CONVICTED FELON from the Oxycontin scandal

  • Shalom

    Tonight, on Word of Shalom, the most opinionated news source in New York City: Air pollution in the city is still a major problem. However, the levels of airwave pollution this city sees are set to decrease dramatically, as a major producer of airwave pollution is going to drop the use of its two most toxic sources.

    • Defiant

      You mean Bloomberg is gone, and Cuomo won’t visit anymore?

  • Viv Arney

    How the door hits RL in his cyst encrusted azz.

  • Adamlangfelder

    Rush Limbaugh: The failure of the republican party. May he rot in hell

  • SiaraDelyn

    It sure would be nice to never hear his disgusting, willfully uninformed bile coming out of a radio ever again.

    Thank God the Teabag Era is ending.

    • Defiant

      It’s easy…if you don’t like his voice, don’t listen! That’s how I deal with that RAVING LUNATIC Bill Mahar. I just don’t tune in and torture myself with his hate.

  • Jay

    It’s about time. They should have been dropped before they even started. But what evil lurks around the corner ready to fill their shoes?

  • Doy Bowers

    This is like Little Green Men from Outer Space. I hear people talking about them but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Let’s just hope it comes to pass but as you say there’s plenty more Reich Wing mouth pieces coming from the same “CAT BOX” as these two clowns.

    • Defiant

      God willing…you’re right!

      • Bob

        Anyone who agrees with the hate Rush Limpdick puts out there is one sick d’bag, so I think that means Y_O_U, Mr. Tough Guy Defiant, (Reagan Lover). Your time is done, and down the toilet you will go with all your POS tea party losers! Ha-ha, enjoy the slide down! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  • Eclectic Art

    You lefties are clueless. Neither of these guys are going anywhere. Please educate yourselves as to how business works.

    • Eclectic Art

      Its like saying Derek Jeter will never play ball again because he couldn’t reach a deal with his current agent.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        That’s pretty funny; sponsors want people to buy their goods and services. People have been calling, writing, signing petitions, all in an effort to get Limbaugh off the air. Thus, the sponsors, not wanting to lose any more of their profits, are dropping Limbaugh like a hot rock. It’s called free market, the people are speaking and the sponsors are listening. You really need to stop taking whatever drugs you’re sniffing/shooting/smoking.

      • Eclectic Art

        Where do you get your info? From sites like this? His sponsors almost all came back and he has picked up new one’s. He has the most listened to radio show in history and a 400 MILLION dollar contract. Advertisers get TURNED DOWN because there are so many. Some of the advertisers who left last year took huge financial hits because the Limbaugh audience boycotted them!!
        You can’t just type what you hope is the truth and pass it off as fact. READ!!!!!

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Wow – clearly delusional. Hope you aren’t violent, too. Should I be looking for that insane looking picture in the papers soon, as a suspect in a mass murder? Won’t surprise me; ignoring you now, as I do all idiots. Have a nice life once your hero goes down in flames. I’ll be having a nice chuckle at your expense.

      • Eclectic Art

        That’s the extent of your intellect? Just run and shove your head back into whatever hole you pulled it out of.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Hee, hee, hee…..that’s okay, “electic art”, you’re more to be pitied than censured. You can be forgiven for not wanting to recognize that you and yours are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Does your mom know that you are spreading your idiocy into the internet from her basement? You wouldn’t know what to do with “the extent of my intellect.” MY IQ is higher than my shoe size…….and I’m guessing you wear, oh,maybe a size 8. Buh-bye now, little boy. It must be past your bedtime.

      • Eclectic Art

        Wow. What a mind in that skull, huh? Every cliche hit on the sweet spot. Nice work.

      • Larry Mccarty

        And YOU are in a fantasy world, Douchebaugh has lost over 2200 sponsors since the first of the year and that is a FACT and it is also the reason he is getting dropped by Cumulus

      • Eclectic Art

        Ah yes, the Daily Kos study. So inept and shalow that they counted local advertisers who bought limited spots and used them all then didn’t re-up..yet. All have been replaced by other local advertisers. Tha’s what happens for every national radio show. Maybe a little to complex for your greasy skull.
        There isn’t a long strecth of dead air between Limbaugh segments. Commercials. Lots of them . Too many.
        And HE is leaving cumulus for the same reason Hannity is. They want more money. And they will get it.

      • Eclectic Art

        btw- cumulus is trying to save face because Limbaugh said HE wanted out a month ago.

      • Larry Mccarty

        And he wanted out because….. HE IS LOSING SPONSORS RIGHT AND LEFT!

      • Eclectic Art

        How does that make sense, you ignorant prick? He would want to hold on like grim death if was losing sponsors. IDIOT!!!

      • Larry Mccarty

        Ohhhh name calling, the last vestige of a weak mind in a losing argument.

      • Larry Mccarty

        I better watch out before you go all caps lock on me!

      • Eclectic Art

        Someone has to tell you.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        “eclectic” is best ignored, Larry; while no one enjoys a good battle of wits more than I do, it’s just really no fun with an unarmed opponent. Off to bed now; unlike “eclectic” I have useful things to do tomorrow.

    • Larry Mccarty

      We are just happy they will be spewing their idiocy in fewer markets

      • Eclectic Art

        THEY WON’T, YOU IDIOT!! ALMOST NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!!Stop getting news from fringe loon websites and read book. And take a shower. And get a job.

      • Larry Mccarty

        eclectic? you sound more like a typical teapocrite cliche regurgitator. stick to the Blaze lozer!

      • Eclectic Art

        I am an artist in New York city with a degree in english lit. I am a libertarian leaning conservative. How many cliches/assumptions have you broken to pieces in your life?
        I bet I already know everything about you. I know every thought you have ever had or will ever have.

      • Larry Mccarty

        I could really care less what you are or what you THINK you know. As far as I’m concerned your just another loudmouthed Teapocrite who thinks he knows everything but in reality, knows very little.

      • Eclectic Art

        Rush Limbaugh does more for cancer research in one day thaan you will ever do for anyone in your entire life. For that reason alone you should just ignore it and say “lots of different views in the world.” BUT you are so vile and ignorant that you only see your own immediate emotional response. Well it doesn’t matter, because he will be on the air for many more years making horrible sub-humans like yourself suffer.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Couldn’t resist this one; a libertarian/conservative artist? With a degree in English Lit? Seriously, that’s like saying you are a vegetarian butcher. And also evidently, psychic. Sad to be so delusional, so sad….

      • Eclectic Art

        Someone not being a constant cliche must be a mindbender for you. YOU think I’M sad? You are just a stupid, pathetic cardboard cut-out who will never do anything great. You will die alone and I am sure you are burden on everyone in your life. See, I AM a psychic. Take that one to the bank. You are a cancer AND a parasite. Shame on you. Shame on your disgusting mother for pushing you out of that diseased cave between its legs.

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Hi-larious; evidently your psychic ability doesn’t extend to reality. Such a pity. No wonder you have such love for Limbaugh; he speaks your language. Ugly.

      • Larry Mccarty

        His “art” must be designer tinfoil hats, my friend!

      • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

        Then claiming psychic abilities; he just went from delusional to full-on nutbaggery! I won’t engage him anymore, it’s just cruel to toy with the mentally deficient.

  • Eclectic Art

    So LIMBAUGH and HANNITY announce they want out of their cumulus contracts, and cumulus says they aren’t renewing their contracts three weeks later and you idiots think you won something? LOL!!! OMG you are stupid.

    • Peege

      your assertions are based on what Rush backers said, which was after the Sandra Fluke mess and losing advertisers. So you take what they say at face value and slam others who do from the other side? And calling them idiots, that’s surely a sign of reasoned thinking…

      • Eclectic Art

        Yes- I see lots of “reasoned thinking” from the comments in here. Like

        “C ya ass clowns Limpdick we are not done humiliating your fat ass yet !!!”


        “It sure would be nice to never hear his disgusting, willfully uninformed bile coming out of a radio ever again.”
        Oh that’s different though!
        I guess you have a bit of a blind spot there, huh, Peege?

  • Amazement4Once

    Maybe they finally figured out that the biggest Rush Limbaugh fans have no money as most of them are the poorest of the whites. I knew many who lived in single wides in the South, no money, no brains, but lots of beer and uneducated opinions.

    • Defiant

      No Liberal enlightenment down there then, huh? If only a bunch of superior Socialists could set up some reeducation camps…

  • GDHJ

    Meh… Everyone celebrated the end of Glen Beck and he just launched his own pay site and now makes 80 million per year. So… Clearly there are plenty of fools willing to buy their bullshit.

  • kpassah

    With this and Anthony Weiner, it’s not a good week for the dicks in politics…

  • Miguel

    Who wants to bet that Rush lands his own show on Fox?

  • qiranger

    Good news in deed.

  • S9

    It’s time for AARP to drop Limbaugh too! No reason they should continue to support his show.

    • Larry Mccarty

      And the Armed Forces Network!

  • Cris Littrell

    any improvement is still improvement…good riddance to bad rubbish spewing pricks.

  • Junoh315

    I don’t use that radio distributor but it is good to know that Ron L. and Hannity are going to have less income now.

  • imntacrook

    I’d say its bad news for the stations, not much reason to turn on the radio if Rush isn’t there.

  • Lefty Green

    Just goes to show… culture war, it’s all about money.

  • koz

    You dolts are funny. Rush is on over 500 stations nationwide. His show will get picked up by a competing station in each Cumulus market. You can start wringing your hands again. Rush and Sean are here to stay.

    • peterpun

      sweet dreams..

  • Dan Haney

    how the so called mighty have fallen

  • Wayne Johnson

    i dont believe it. Liberals lie.

    • peterpun

      Not nearly so much as that party of NO

  • fdp1968

    FAUX News should be banned from the airways. Canada did.

  • Tommy Lee Maddox

    Keep wishing.

  • Ricardo Head

    Rush is just a comedian. His show is satire. Give him a break.

  • Dr, JK

    How unfortunate (but ever so revealing) that you folks can’t only hurl insults rather than oppose or challenge Rush Limbaugh on real issues in a substantive way!

    • Paul

      That would be fun to do, but then again, Rush never discusses real issues in a substantive way. Instead, he makes up shit and knocks it down. He is the king of the straw-man argument.

    • Defiant

      That’s the HALLMARK of the fanatical Left.

    • Larry Mccarty

      That is because any time a guest appears on his show (or any of the Reich wing hosts for that matter) as soon as they express an opposing view point that the host has no answer for, they find their microphone cut off… this is a FACT!

  • gwm68

    Guess they can fill the time slots with lefty/socialist/progressive/communist idiots or the writer of this idiotic article. “It’s a very serious discussion, because Dickey keeps blaming Rush for his own revenue problems,” Politico’s source reportedly said. “Dickey’s talk stations underperform talk stations owned by other operators in generating revenue by a substantial margin. It’s not a single show issue… it’s a failure of the entire station. And trying to blame Rush for that is not much of a business partnership.”

    Cumulus Media CEO Lew Dickey’s scheduled earnings call set for Tuesday morning. “The Rush Limbaugh Show” is the company’s most valuable program, and losing it could be devastating.

  • Truth Teller

    Who are the haters and bigots? I think this blog tells it all!

  • killer3000ad

    Pretty Rush will scream it’s all part of the lefty liberal plot to censor him, rather than the fact that a majority of sane-minded people don’t like listening to him.

  • al

    Yes but they will still have 5 times the listeners as MSNBC. When this bargaining ploy ends and both get renewed I look forward to your ranting drivel about that.

  • ShoreBudMike

    I couldn’t be happier. However, these two anuses-with-teeth are like antibiotic-resistant viruses. They will indeed continue to spew their ignorant hate-filled rhetoric on other stations that are eager for ratings and don’t care how they get them.

  • couchtripper

    I heard that Limbaugh and Hannity were involved in the 1990 rape and murder of a young black girl. I can’t confirm this to be true though.

  • Dod

    The sad part is this, as bad as Rush and Hannity are and as wrong headed as they are on many issues, they make more sense than the entire progressive movement. You would think progressives would look at history and the current world around them and grasp the failure of Government’s ability to create a nirvana state.

    If progressives really wanted what they think they want, they would be supporting the traditional values and promoting the traditional family instead of trying to redefine the definitions of words to support their warped and twisted perspectives.

    The old progressives at least had their heart in the right place and made some valid points on issues like corporatism. Today’s progressives seek to be social engineers. Today’s progressive’s sue public schools for not allowing a 6 year old boy, who dresses like a girl, to use the girls bathroom.

    Rush and Hannity are just idiots in many respects, Progressives are just sick.

    • couchtripper

      that was the most verbose derp I’ve seen in a long while

      • Dod

        Thanks for the unimpressive grammatically incorrect response. In other words, I really got under your skin!

      • couchtripper

        Your perception of your own impact is massively overrated. Derpers like you are ten a penny.

      • ElrohirLand

        1) Marriage today as opposed to what marriage has been for the last two-thousand years is an anomaly…it wasn’t supposed to be what it is to you Dod. In the Bible, and in cultures across the world during those ancient times, marriage was anything but “traditional” as you so put it today. What you call “traditional” is actually the anomaly. Read all about it, google it, you’ll see for yourself.

        2) Your bigotry and prejudice against homosexuals/transgender folk will be viewed in much the same way in the next 20 years by kids today who read about the bible-thumpers who proclaimed that it was “against God’s Law” for blacks to marry whites back in the 40’s and 50’s, Jim Crow laws, etc. Know that your brand of prejudice and bigotry will fade, as it always will, and you’ll be looked at as a bigoted, old-fashioned dinosaur. Congratulations for that by the way. I’m looking forward to seeing kids’ history texts detailing your wrongness, so that subsequent generations can point and laugh hysterically at you and your antiquated notions.

        3) You already lost before you even started Dod. If you honestly can’t see that, if you honestly think peoples’ children will tolerate anything less than equality, then you don’t know which way the wind is blowing.

        Welcome to the 21st Century there tough-guy, where the majority of today’s newest generation are social-progressives. Good-bye dinosaurs of the past…good-bye.

  • chinesebandit

    If only they’d start running the Ed Show, the world might rotate the other way

  • Christine Young

    Limbaugh will have a show on Fox faster than you can say “gas bag.”

  • W.L. Sakowski

    It’s about time!

  • Dave Pavlatos

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stryder51

    I love how this article distorts the facts to fit the alternate reality of the progs.

  • Jeanette Le


  • DmaxD

    No more Limblab or great Ah-merican. These neocon phonies won’t be missed.

  • if they do it, it won’t be near the blow to Rush or Sean that it will be to cumulus media

  • Italics Mine

    Rush has always sung the praises of the free marketplace, and he’s well aware of the rise and fall based upon audience participation.

  • Geri Robel

    Clear channel is extremely powerful and has either designed this purchase or taking advantage of a situation. Clear channel owns large shares of many of the companies that pulled their advertising from Cumulus. This was done to drive Cumulus into negative profits and Clear Channel can pick up their prime shows for nearly nothing. Limbaugh and Hannity are not going away, they have millions of loyal listeners every day. Far more than any of liberal socialists programs.

  • Freedom

    Yes we should discourage free speech at all cost!!!

  • Toolg

    Rush Limbaugh is not the problem. Neither is his inevitable replacement nor is Sean Hannity. The problem is all the listeners that consume the bigoted, ignorant drivel these hacks spew forth. They will always exist as long as the audience exists. They just capitalize on the fears and insecurities of the weak-minded out there.

    • peterpun

      paranoia strikes deep..

  • Danny Adams

    As Rush would say…I know because he’s said it many times before about things like this happening to other people…this is just capitalism at work.

  • Cynic

    Limbaugh–never listened to him, but I’d say his “racist” stuff is the least of it. No celebrity (white that is) gets away with being racist. The mass media stations only keeps the occasional white on black crimes front & center, while the endless tsunami of black on white horrors flicker across and disappear. So one really need not cry a river over Limbaugh’s “racist” sins. I never listened to him, but I don’t need to in order to know he didn’t say the half of it.

  • Defiant

    LOL! Typical liberal spin. It’s not their politics or their opinions. The problem is they aren’t socialists like all you guys. They demand a premium, which they totally deserve, and some networks won’t pay. They’ll see the light when they realize they have no listeners left. Anyway, you libs are always trumpeting about how many advertisers leave Rush…and how nobody likes him and he’s a “toxic” “bigot”…and yet he’s the most popular guy on the radio! LOL! You guys made fun of GW for his “Mission Accomplished” banner…but you Libs are hoisting the same banner each time you hear some Socialists won’t advertise on Rush’s show! LOL! You keep celebrating…but Rush hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s got more listeners than ever…but haters gonna hate…

  • earldumarest

    What an idiot. They are putting on Michael Savage on instead of Rush. You know him? The guy who makes gay slurs on tv and has a tenth of the audience of Rush? So Cumulus loses the number one and number two shows in the nation and that’s good for them? Complete idiot.

  • Zot

    You are smoking too much MJ. If the one syndicator drops them they will be back on the air in a NY minute because they have a huge audience – something no progressive has ever been able to achieve – and that audience is worth big $.

  • That the liberals cannot deal with the likes of Rush just shows how pathetically intellectual they are.

  • David Blessman

    You silly rabbit ….LOL LOL LO Llibtard much ?

  • You’re a dumbass

    fuck you idiot libtards “bigoted, hate-filled”, etc..really? give an example… how about arguing the facts instead of throwing a hissy fit for once?!

    • So CAL Snowman

      Liberals do not like facts as facts tend to screw up their delusional vision of the future. Also facts are racist and the truth hurts, therefore liberals avoid both like the minorities they claim to love!

  • Jay-mo

    Thank goodness!!


    See how GOD works. all the hurtful and negative things they said behind the death of Trayvon Benjamin Martin. GOD doesn’t like ugly

    • So CAL Snowman

      LOL a liberal opining on GOD!

  • realvillenews

    They are not losing markets, new stations are picking up for those areas. What a biased and dream like article. Rush’s audience is way up in past few years, it has not declined at all.

  • mp


  • Mike

    GOOD!!!! Hopefully someday ALL the RePUKElican loud mouths will be slapped by this station!!! 🙂

  • JustAnAubie

    “Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. ”
    Seriously…does any libtard actually have a real degree or a real job that isn’t the Govt or have the word “progress” in its title? Do any of y’all have real jobs or is it more fun to live off the Govt teat? You can trash Limbaugh all you want. The man is a millionaire and you hate him because he’s wealthy. You, of course, hate all the rich EXCEPT…well… Michael Moore, Al Gore, pretty much every Democrat in Congress, lest we forget multimillionaire Barry Oblama, pick any Hollywood celebrity as they all tell us what they want us to think, George Soros, Bill & Hillary….you get my point. Hate him all you want. He was smarter than you.

  • So CAL Snowman

    The best part about Rush is that he’s wealthier than all of you liberals posting here put together. He could buy and sell each and every one of your souls, but then again liberals have no souls, so I guess not.

  • John

    Its about time….What took so long?

  • Mac Gardner

    Now Limbaugh can keep his promise to America when he said that if Obama won re election, he would move to Costa Rica. I’ll bet Limbaugh lost 10 inches off his waist today. He must have passed about 100 pounds of gas out of his fat bag full of it. Today, he is blowing a hole in the ozone layer, so he can’t blame all the CO 2 in the atmosphere on “farting cows in California” anymore.

  • jasonthompson

    That’s all fine and dandy, but getting rid of Rush and his cronies doesn’t ultimately change the minds of his fans, who are ultimately the core of the problem.

  • Patrick Garrison

    The real issue is that silencing Rush is striking a blow against the freedom of speech that we purportedly all hold dear. If you don’t like what the man says, don’t tune in. Simple. But unless we allow all voices to be heard, even those we disagree with, we do ourselves no service in the long run. – a message from the Ministry of Truth.

  • deja-view

    A liberal’s wet dream…..but only a dream.