Sen. Lindsey Graham Exposes Just How Little Many Republicans Care About Women’s Rights (Video)

lindsey-graham-5When Republicans talk about women’s rights, I’m always amazed at their absurdity and ignorance. Where in the GOP platform is there anything that remotely seems “pro-women”? Sure, they claim many of their anti-abortion measures are about protecting women’s health (such as those passed here in Texas that set ridiculously stringent standards that abortion clinics must meet in order to stay open), but anyone with even the slightest bit of common senses recognizes that these laws are nothing more than loopholes that they’re trying to exploit to eventually ban abortions everywhere possible. Since Republicans can’t outright ban abortions, they’re simply trying to make it nearly impossible for a woman to get one.

This is also the party that opposed equal pay for women in the workplace and voted against the Violence Against Women Act in 2012. In fact, I’m willing to be that if I went out and asked 100 Republican voters to name a piece of legislation that their party supports that’s pro-women, they couldn’t do it.

It always makes me laugh whenever there’s a debate raging in Congress about women’s rights and all I see from the Republican side are men talking about the reproductive rights of women. As if John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham are the best “experts” to discuss legislation pertaining to the rights women should have over their own bodies.

Graham recently gave a speech where he basically exposed just how little his own party actually cares about women. While talking about this bill that Republicans are trying to get passed (though it would clearly be vetoed by the president), Graham’s focus wasn’t on women’s rights – but on how concerned he was that this bill might once again turn into an argument over “legitimate rape.”

“I’m going to do more than bring my bill up. I’m going to need your help to find a way out of this definitional problem of rape,” Graham said.

He also went on to tip-toe around the issue, continually emphasizing his worry that the idiocy of quite a few members of his party might be exposed as they try to define what is or isn’t a “legitimate” sexual assault.

The truth is, they’re not concerned with women’s rights, they’re simply worried about the perception of their party as this debate moves forward. Graham knows that there are quite a few Republicans in Congress who don’t believe that a woman should have the right to an abortion even in the cases of sexual assault, incest or the mother’s life being in jeopardy. And he knows that debate can quickly turn into members of his party trying to define what is or isn’t sexual assault as they push for provisions banning any exceptions on abortions.

In fact, they’ve already had to pull a measure in this bill that would have required women who were sexually assaulted to go to the police before having an abortion after several female members of the GOP staged a revolt against party leadership. Just think about that for a moment. There was a decent amount of support within the GOP for a provision in this bill that would have forced any woman who was the victim of a sexual assault to go to the police before exercising her Constitutional right to an abortion. You want to talk about “government overreach,” that’s some of the biggest government invasion of privacy you will ever witness, and it took a small revolt from GOP women for it to be taken out of the bill.

But it says enough about the GOP that someone like Sen. Graham has to even make comments such as these. It’s ridiculous that there are enough members of his party who care so little about women’s health that the debate over what is or isn’t “legitimate” sexual assault might end up being a focal point as this bill is debated in the Senate.

And, in my opinion, that exposes just how little the GOP really cares about women’s rights. It also shows that for many within the Republican party, this bill has nothing to do with protecting women and everything to do with trying to control them.

Watch Graham’s comments below via Right Wing Watch:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    The Equal Pay Act for women was passed in 1963. This latest Democratic Party theatrical production on the issue was just a political ploy to manipulate dumb people.

    “The Equal Pay Act [of 1963] requires that men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. The jobs need not be identical, but they must be substantially equal. Job content (not job titles) determines whether jobs are substantially equal. All forms of pay are covered by this law, including salary, overtime pay, bonuses, stock options, profit sharing and bonus plans, life insurance, vacation and holiday pay, cleaning or gasoline allowances, hotel accommodations, reimbursement for travel expenses, and benefits. If there is an inequality in wages between men and women, employers may not reduce the wages of either sex to equalize their pay.”

    9 Democrats voted against it compared to zero Republicans voting against it.

    45 Democrats voted ‘present’ compared to 17 Pubs.

    • 503me

      Women still make only 75 cents per dollar thst men make. Maybe you should do some more research – see they keep wages secret so that then women don’t know they get paid less – course wouldn’t expect a MAN to know that. I read the bills which it appears you haven’t done since 63.

      • Jim Bean

        It’s not because the proper legislation isn’t in place. I just proved to you that is. The problem is that responsibility for enforcing it was given to government bureaucrats who get paid, including their bonuses, regardless of whether they do their jobs or not.

        As for my research, I’ve done much more than that. I’ve actually used another section of the EEOC law that applies to age discrimination though I did it via a state agency that enforces their own version of the law. I won – not a lot, but a reasonable amount – thanks to a kind black lady who took her job seriously. During the same incident however, I had the opportunity to coordinate with some Fed bureaucrats who wanted nothing more than for me to go away.

      • sherry06053

        A lot of us can relate to “wanted nothing more than for ” you to go away…

      • Jim Bean

        Why? You’d prefer to exchange ideas with only those people who have exactly the same ideas you do? Where’s the potential for growth in that? That would just be like a pep rally for soothing insecurities and building egos, I’d think.

      • sherry06053

        I think you get paid to go on this site. If you do, I want IN! How do I go about getting a job like that? You really think “exchanging ideas” is what you are doing? Often, you aren’t even on the same topic. You go off subject and on tangents. I think you do that because there is no justification for the attitude of GOP, and especially THIS topic – where no man has the right to even have their opinion taken seriously.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,james goes silent again

    • deedee2die4

      Reality check: When ten of thousands of women tried to sue Walmart for unfair wages due to being female a 5-4 conservative SCotUS vote said that women could sue! But the court maintained they had to sue individually and not with the strength of class action. So women making hand-to-mouth wages had to go one on one against Walmart and their lawyers.

      BTW- Comparing pre-Civil Rights Act era Dems to today’s Dems is a joke. After LBJ passed the CRA the anti-women’s/civil rights Dems became Dixiecrats and later Republicans.

      • Jim Bean

        Reality check; Whether its women/WalMart or Wilson/Brown, its evidence, not Left-wing whimsy that dictates what happens in the justice system. Class action suits are just extortion schemes cooked up by unscrupulous lawyers with unscrupulous clients, in many instances.

      • The Postman

        Reality check: Jim Bean is a moms basement dwelling, sister-fisting, knuckle-dragging troll. I can smell his Cheeto dust-stained funk from here.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        hes not a troll; he is an alcohol-marinated 70 yr old who attempts to tell us he is a democrat and still “believes” that JE$U$ should be in all of our (USA) legislation as America is a “Christian” nation.
        my favorite? ask jimbo what regressives (see: conservatives) are actually conserving; as the past 30 yrs proves they “AINT: conserving finances or equality for ALL americans

      • Pipercat

        Big straw man.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        jimbos favorite movies are (a) wizard of OZ -ray bolger his idol here– (b) the wicker man (c) straw dogs (d) straw man
        I love jimbo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he amazes me with the severity of his ( poor) conviction. Seriously: he seems to buy the BS the regressives put out as “fact”

      • sherry06053

        If that were true, lawyers would be in favor of the individual suit, as opposed to the class action. But, of course it’s not true. Class Action is the “union” of large corporations getting called out for their illegal policies.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jimbo goes silent

    • Pipercat

      Straw man.

    • sherry06053

      I get it now – you do the slight of hand to get off topic so that people are no longer commenting on the much more controversial aspect of the article and on one that, although equally important, much less contested but has a stronger argument. The topic is women’s reproductive rights, abortion and how old white republicans think that they know what’s best for us. Their problem is that the more it’s debated, the more stupid comments will come out of our politicians, as in the past. Because redefining rape is something THEY need to accomplish to be able to continue to try to control women and their bodies.

    • Jason

      reality check: southern strategy

      Mic drop

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        james goes distinctively silent,,,,,,,,,again

  • crabjack

    How the hell did this discussion get turned to The Equal Pay Act?
    Oh, never mind. I see the bean-er is here…

  • FD Brian

    when it comes to abortion it always amazes me how the republicans, who hate poor people and democrats so much, don’t want to pay for their abortions which in turn will lead to less poor people and less democrats. Seems like a no brainer.

  • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

    PRAI$E JE$U$,!!!! VOTE REEEE-PUBLICAN!!! (especially u ladies out there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and U gays,,,,,,,,and u minorities)