Sen. Tom Cotton’s Reason Why We Should Trust Trump About His Taxes is Comically Absurd (Video)

Being under audit has absolutely nothing to do with the ability for Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Again, being under audit by the IRS does not-at-all impact Trump’s ability to release his tax returns. In other words, Trump’s insistence that he can’t release his tax returns because he’s currently under a “routine audit” is total bullshit.

That being said, we’re nearly 100 days into Trump’s administration, and he continues to insist that he can’t release his tax returns while they’re under audit. It’s a good thing he’s supported by gullible fools who believe anything he tells them.

What’s even more pathetic than the tens of millions of Trumpsters who eagerly devour the spoonful after spoonful of b.s. he constantly feeds them are the hypocrites within his own party who continue to defend his fictional excuse for why he hasn’t released his tax returns — just like every other president has done for the last 40+ years.

I can’t even imagine the right-wing freak out we’d currently be watching if Hillary Clinton had been elected president while refusing to show her tax returns. Especially if there were allegations that she was compromised by Vladimir Putin who was using financial vulnerabilities to blackmail her.

They. Would. Be. Flipping. The. Hell. Out.

Hell, they still think the Clinton Foundation is some sort of international crime syndicate even though its financial records are public knowledge and it’s been given an A-rating by a charity watchdog organization.

Then again, Trump’s tax returns are just one of many scandals and controversies surrounding him that the GOP, conservatives, and the right-wing media would be losing their damns over if they were linked to a Democrat.

Though if you ask Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Trump has absolutely nothing to hide in his tax returns because he puts his names on buildings.

No, that’s not a joke, he actually said that during a town hall meeting.

“It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find out where Donald Trump has connections overseas,” Cotton said. “He normally puts his name on buildings when he has them.”

Ohhhhhh, okay! I feel much better now. Since Trump puts his name on buildings, that proves he has nothing to hide. Obviously that must mean he’s one of the most transparent businessmen ever because he puts his name on damn near everything.

Normally I would explain why that excuse is preposterous, but I don’t think need to. That level of mind-boggling idiocy speaks for itself.

Can Republicans at least pretend like don’t blatantly treat their supporters like complete idiots? If that’s the best defense Cotton can come up with for Trump’s clearly shady behavior surrounding his tax returns, that proves two things:

  • He feels conservative voters and Trump defenders are stupid enough to believe that.
  • Deep down he knows Trump’s hiding something in his returns.

This is another example why I tell conservatives that I’ll start showing them more respect when they demand that the politicians they support do the same. There’s absolutely no way these Republicans have even the slightest bit of respect for their supporters when they don’t even attempt to conceal the fact that they treat them like hapless fools who are stupid enough to believe anything.

Watch Cotton’s comments below:

Allen Clifton

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