Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Sick of Debating These Social Issues Like it’s 1913, Not 2013.”

elizabeth-warren-3Where has Elizabeth Warren been all my life?  In her short time in the Senate I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her.  While newly elected senators like Ted Cruz have made national fools of themselves, Elizabeth Warren has made a name as someone who seems to say what a lot of Americans are thinking.

“Americans” being the keyword in that.  Cruz might say he’s “listening to the American people,” but he’s really only listening to a small fraction of Americans represented by the tea party.

Well, Senator Warren decided to weigh in on the Virginia gubernatorial race where she lashed out at Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s stance against women’s rights.  The Massachusetts Senator didn’t mince words, calling Cuccinelli’s beliefs “backward-looking ideologies.”

She also went on to say in her email that she’s, “sick of debating these social issues like it’s 1913, not 2013.”

Which is something many liberals have been saying for quite some time.

It’s honestly unbelievable that it’s 2013 and we’re still having discussions over basic rights for Americans.  Whether it’s religious freedoms, women’s rights or gay rights, Republicans often act as if they want to take us back a century in our nation’s evolution.

But are they really acting?  I really believe that’s exactly what many of them are trying to do.  Republicans often talk about “getting back to traditional American values,” but when were those, exactly?  For most, they’d probably cite the 1950s.  Which, sure, that was a great time to be an American…

As long as you were a straight, white Christian male.  For everyone else things weren’t that spectacular.

You’d think that with evolution we wouldn’t still be debating basic human rights like health care or someone’s right to marry who they love.  And for many of us we have evolved on these issues.  Yet, even in 2013, there still remains millions of Americans (mostly conservatives) who cling to these outdated ideological beliefs that resemble something from a century ago.

And with the emergence of the tea party, these backwards ideological pushes have become more prevalent than ever.  The tea party seems determined to drive this country backwards about 60 (or more) years and revert us back to the days of segregation, women being subservient to men and homosexuals being outcast from society.

There’s a reason why the “good ol’ days” are no more.  While they were great for some, they were terrible for others.  And as a society evolves, so should its ideological stances on key social issues.

But then that’s really the problem.  Many Republicans don’t believe in evolution of any kind.  They still cling to some warped biblical set of beliefs that even their own religion can’t agree upon.

But thankfully as a society we are evolving, whether Republicans want to believe that or not.  Women are pushing forward closer to true equal rights, homosexuality is more accepted than ever before and liberalism is sweeping across the nation while conservatism seems to be creeping into obscurity, only popular in the most rural and uneducated parts of our nation.

And while the demise of conservatism won’t happen overnight, it is happening.  In the meantime, liberals across this nation have to continue to keep fighting to expedite it’s downfall.

However, until then, I feel there will be many times where we all experience moments just like Senator Warren expressed.  Times where you just get sick and tired of debating these issues like we’re living in a society that existed a century ago instead of present day.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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