Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Sick of Debating These Social Issues Like it’s 1913, Not 2013.”

elizabeth-warren-3Where has Elizabeth Warren been all my life?  In her short time in the Senate I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her.  While newly elected senators like Ted Cruz have made national fools of themselves, Elizabeth Warren has made a name as someone who seems to say what a lot of Americans are thinking.

“Americans” being the keyword in that.  Cruz might say he’s “listening to the American people,” but he’s really only listening to a small fraction of Americans represented by the tea party.

Well, Senator Warren decided to weigh in on the Virginia gubernatorial race where she lashed out at Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s stance against women’s rights.  The Massachusetts Senator didn’t mince words, calling Cuccinelli’s beliefs “backward-looking ideologies.”

She also went on to say in her email that she’s, “sick of debating these social issues like it’s 1913, not 2013.”

Which is something many liberals have been saying for quite some time.

It’s honestly unbelievable that it’s 2013 and we’re still having discussions over basic rights for Americans.  Whether it’s religious freedoms, women’s rights or gay rights, Republicans often act as if they want to take us back a century in our nation’s evolution.

But are they really acting?  I really believe that’s exactly what many of them are trying to do.  Republicans often talk about “getting back to traditional American values,” but when were those, exactly?  For most, they’d probably cite the 1950s.  Which, sure, that was a great time to be an American…

As long as you were a straight, white Christian male.  For everyone else things weren’t that spectacular.

You’d think that with evolution we wouldn’t still be debating basic human rights like health care or someone’s right to marry who they love.  And for many of us we have evolved on these issues.  Yet, even in 2013, there still remains millions of Americans (mostly conservatives) who cling to these outdated ideological beliefs that resemble something from a century ago.

And with the emergence of the tea party, these backwards ideological pushes have become more prevalent than ever.  The tea party seems determined to drive this country backwards about 60 (or more) years and revert us back to the days of segregation, women being subservient to men and homosexuals being outcast from society.

There’s a reason why the “good ol’ days” are no more.  While they were great for some, they were terrible for others.  And as a society evolves, so should its ideological stances on key social issues.

But then that’s really the problem.  Many Republicans don’t believe in evolution of any kind.  They still cling to some warped biblical set of beliefs that even their own religion can’t agree upon.

But thankfully as a society we are evolving, whether Republicans want to believe that or not.  Women are pushing forward closer to true equal rights, homosexuality is more accepted than ever before and liberalism is sweeping across the nation while conservatism seems to be creeping into obscurity, only popular in the most rural and uneducated parts of our nation.

And while the demise of conservatism won’t happen overnight, it is happening.  In the meantime, liberals across this nation have to continue to keep fighting to expedite it’s downfall.

However, until then, I feel there will be many times where we all experience moments just like Senator Warren expressed.  Times where you just get sick and tired of debating these issues like we’re living in a society that existed a century ago instead of present day.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mike Williams

    Don’t forget the greatest invention of the 21st century.

    The Magical Anti-Rape Procreation Vagina*.

    * The Magical Anti-Rape Procreation Vagina is only effective against legitimate rape.

    Since legitimate rapes can only occur outside the city walls, it is important that the life support/ transport system for the vagina be sure she has her adulteress legs covered whilst walking in the city.

    • Pipercat

      Aspirins, all around!!!

  • David Sanchez

    She would make a GREAT President.

    • ShibumiMC

      In the 22nd century – when the country catches up to her.

      • David Sanchez

        Now! 🙂

    • joecooling


  • Suzie

    Clinton/ Warren in 2016! This is my dream team for Pres. and Vice-Pres. These two would make a great combination! Fairness and common sense would come back to politics!

    • James Bruce

      What the F are you smoking?

  • cmmalice

    Why must I agree with and embrace same sex marriage? Does any law require that of me? Does our Constitution now suddenly protect same sex marriage such that my belief against its approval must be suppressed as a shameful position against the rights of mankind? Should my expression of that belief be denied and disallowed as socially unacceptable so that voicing same is lawfully prohibited speech? If I do not agree that it is right, do I commit an unlawfull wrong when I say so? Must I be silenced as to that belief? If so, by what right, law or principle am I no longer permitted to hold and express the view that marriage is for the ages a bond only between a man and a woman? Must my right to freedom of expression be curbed to the extent that it departs from the same sex marriage embrace? What else does evolution require that I no longer lawfully believe? Is the free exercise of my faith next?

    • Larry

      You have a right to believe any thing you want. What you do not have a right to,is to infringe on someone else’s right to their beliefs.

    • Suzie

      Freedom of speech is still allowed. You can still say you disagree with same sex marriage, yet many others agree with it. What about the rights of those who feel differently from you? You, and they, have a right to your/their opinion. You are really not affected if same sex marriage becomes legal in your State or the entire Country. It would be a law that you just happen to disagree with. You act as if you are going to be completely suppressed in your speech and opinion if same sex marriage is allowed, and that is just nonsense.

    • Aaron Childers

      Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean you have the right to condemn it. This country was based on the freedom of religious persecution so shouldn’t it also defend the persecution of non religious people too? It has to work both ways or it doesn’t work at all.

      • Charles A Moore

        Is Mr. Clifton’s statement that those who hold such views “cling to some warped biblical set of beliefs” a condemnation, or something less judgemental?

      • Aaron Childers

        They can’t have it both ways. They can’t use religion as an engine for their bigotry and discriminatory nature when they can pick and choose which of their religious laws to uphold.

    • Lawrence Mintz

      If you don’t want to embrace same sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex. You seem to think that allowing same sex marriage infringes on your right somehow. But in reality you are the one who is infringing on anyone’s rights and freedoms.,

      • Charles A Moore

        How do I infringe on any person’s right or freedom simply by stating my belief that it is wrong? Acting only by my expression of that position denies no one of any choice, including the voices condemning my views and promoting their own. Why must my opinion be muted? Why can there be no openly expressed opposition to the rightness of same sex marriage?

      • Lawrence Mintz

        I never said you can’t express your opposition. But your opposition to the rightness of same sex marriage which is probably a religious belief should never be public policy enforced by governmental law. In this country every citizen has the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness especially two consenting adults who are just expressing their love for one another.

      • Charles A Moore

        If my belief that we should all pay our lawful share of taxes is based, in part, on principles of my faith, does that render enforcement of the tax code an infringement of the rights of other citizens? Is holding a belief based on one’s faith a disqualifier in any and every area of public policy? Must we forsake our faith in order to rightfully exercise our vote or political expression? Is the vast majority of our citizenry so ashamed of any faith, that we must now leave it behind in order to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

      • Lawrence Mintz

        You don’t have to forsake your faith. But you have to leave your faith out of public policy because other people in this country have a different faith than you and don’t want your faith to be their laws. No one’s faith should be public policy otherwise this country with be no different than Iran or the Taliban just a different book instead of the constitution.

      • Charles A Moore

        If, along with every other citizen, I share First Amendment rights including the free exercise of religion and freedom of expression, why must I mute or curtail my beliefs when voicing or voting on views of public policy? Why does a non-believer have greater rights simply because his or her position is void of any basis of faith?

      • Lawrence Mintz

        You don’t have to you can express whatever you want but I am not interested in being guided by your faith. Somehow you don’t understand that. I have no interest in your faith you can have it express it do whatever you want with it except legislated it. I want public policy to be guided by the constitution. You want it to be guided by your bible just like the Ayatollahs guide public policy in Iran by the Koran. I want to live in a democracy you want to live in a theocracy. Be guided by your faith but don’t try to guide me by it. I have no interest in it I could care less about but you can have it. I and millions of Americans don’t want it. I am done. Since I believe in science and your believe in creationism there is not need to go any further. So I will end this. But I would bet you have a driving need to get the last word. So get the last but THIS IS MY LAST WORD!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tom Keith

        One problem Lawrence. Please leave the word believe out of science. It is not based on belief.

      • Those are all extreme non-sequitors. There is a thin line between expressing your opinion and legislating your opinion on others. What Americans want is Free Speech and Equal Rights. If you don’t think that one group who has views different to your own should be allowed to live according to their own views, you are propagating a moral fascism which has no place in America where church or personal moral views and state are kept separate. Now to prove your point, you don’t have to come up with another example that does not follow the logic of this argument nor do you need to state an extreme example such as many self-righteous people do with slippery-slope notions of gay actions leading to bestiality. I’ve heard that one from Christians for 30 years and it makes me sick. Equal marriage rights and homosexuality are not “gateway behaviors” as so many pseudo-intellectual Christians seem to think. And before you object and ask me how I know that you are a Christian, I don’t. You just sound like one.

      • Pipercat

        Really more of a false-dilemma-fest.

      • Because, no one really wants to hear what you think is right and what you think is wrong. When you have an opinion about the finer points of morality, just do like Christ did and keep it to yourself while hanging out with sinners, prostitutes, and tax collectors.

    • Staalhjerte

      You have that right, you do not have the right to FORCE your beliefs on others. Also, just as you have the right to say anything you want, I, also have the right to say what I feel about YOU and YOUR statements. So, if you are going to have extreme anti-whatever views, you better grow a thick skin and get used to people voicing THEIR opinions regarding YOU. I can’t force your Church to close (and would never ever even want that), but I might force it to pay taxes when it tries again and again to corrupt public policy.

    • DonnB

      Who said you had to “embrace” same sex marriage” No one is telling you to have one. They are just saying your personal beliefs don’t entitle you to interfere with the rights of ANYONE else to have one because you “don’t like it”. Trying to pass laws that trounce others’ rights to live their lives is not free speech.

    • Er, YES!

    • Brad

      Nope. You can believe what you want. You can say what you want. But when you try to enshrine your terrible views in law, that’s when you have a problem. I don’t approve of lots of people’s relationships, marriages, and decisions. But I don’t fight to make it illegal to make those decisions. Do I approve of 90 year old men marrying 20 year old women? No. But it’s their right. Get over it.

    • Phil the observer

      Larry is right, YOU can believe in anything,,,BUT, you may not force those beliefs on others, nor may you make it unlawful for those others to hold those beliefs, as long as they are not endangering others.

    • cjmarley

      Your constant insisting on how allowing it happen is somehow suppressing you and your beliefs is getting old. You sound about intelligent as those yahoo’s from the Westboro church.

    • Kim

      I presume your questions are rhetorical, as there are no laws that say you can’t think or say whatever you want about anything. You also have the right NOT to marry a gay person, if that is not your choice. So, relax. But in 2013 in the USA, in a growing number of states, those who want to CAN. They can also marry a person of another race (once illegal, as well) or religion or nationality. God Bless the USA!

    • TheDivineMisterM

      You needn’t agree with it in the slightest, nor embrace it. Express yourself any way you wish, however shallow. That’s your right under the First Amendment. It wasn’t long ago in our history that people felt the same way about interracial marriage, after all. So please just keep clinging to your backwards little view, and suck it up when anybody can marry whomever they love. Case closed.

    • Russ

      You really don’t have to agree with, support, nor surrender, your beliefs about any of these matters…It’s simply that you (or anyone else for that matter) just cannot impose your beliefs on others with whom you disagree.
      Protecting the rights of others is not tacit acceptance of the beliefs of those ‘others’, it is simply giving them the selfsame rights that you, and I have.
      I have many friends, and family members, who do not agree with these issues you mention, but fortunately, they do believe in the right for all human beings to fair and equal treatment under the law.

  • qnetter

    It’s not disbelief in social change, so much. It’s a belief that the changes of the Roosevelts’ eras and subsequent Democratic administrations were failed evolutionary sidetracks.

    • TerriGeer

      Which is ironic since they are the result of those Administrations and people.

  • Eddie

    What I don’t get is why the teabillies even care? What exactly do they gain out of repressing society? Gay people and women are tax payers too!

    • Shadow Laviolette

      a repressed society is a subservient society. if no one fights back, they can keep raping and pillaging the planet and the population forever.
      Their motto should be “he who dies with the most toys, wins!”

    • TerriGeer


  • Susanna_J_Sturgis

    I’m proud to say that Elizabeth Warren is my senior senator, and that I made monthly contributions to her campaign — in all my long life I’d never been moved to do that before. She’s done so much since she took office, but maybe #1 on the list is making us realize that we can expect so much more from our elected senators and representatives than we’ve been getting. Intelligence! Courage! Tact! I’ve got her campaign poster up on my apartment wall.

  • Shadow Laviolette

    I would vote on a Clinton/ Warren presidential ticket in a heartbeat.

  • Will Lipscomb

    Those who are the minority represented by the TP are also the ones that make up mobs. It’s funny that Mass. was the heart of repressive religion and thought when it was run by the Congregationalist when founded. Ben Franklin when to Pennsylvania, founded by Quakers, to have freedom of thought and expression. Now it’s progressive. History has a way of correcting the players.

  • Stephen Sano

    Tea Party aside, the Libertarians are idealizing the seventeenth century. We aren’t hearing much about them much and their ideals are just a dream. More backwards thinking at work. I am all for progressive politics!

  • umbrarchist

    What is the point of being an expert in bankruptcy if she does not advocate making double-entry accounting mandatory in our high schools? If that had been done 50 years ago would there be a lot less need for bankruptcy?

  • James Bruce

    Anyone for homosexuality…………….I will NEVER vote for, and yes we need to have God placed back in our schools and live a moral life! Our country is so immoral with all the crime, drugs, gay people, etc…..Our country is so corrupt with sin it makes me puke!