Senator Mitch McConnell’s Facebook Poll Backfires Big Time

1009879_717432878279225_986754556_nSenator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) posted a poll to his Facebook page this weekend, in the form of a meme. The senate minority leader wanted to know, out of four choices, which was the most important to his constituents. Senator McConnell obviously didn’t pay attention to how well this worked for Ted Cruz when Cruz decided to ask his Facebook “fans” if the ACA had made people’s lives better or worse. Remember: this is the same guy who said the GOP’s most important task after President Obama was elected was to make him a one-term president. So, that obviously didn’t work, and now McConnell is focused on other things that he deems “critical.” McConnell’s text accompanying the meme:

If I am privileged to lead a Republican majority in the Senate in 2015 there are many critical issues that we plan to address. Comment below and tell me what issue is most important to you!

Here are your choices:

A: Repealing Obamacare

B: Ending the War on Coal

C: Protecting Life

D: Defending the Second Amendment

According to Mitch McConnell, these are the critical issues he and other members of the GOP will address if he wins reelection this fall. My favorite is C, and we’ll get into that in a bit. For now, let’s take a look at some of the comments that people posted in response to these critical issues.

Ditch Mitch come election day!

An investigation into your 6 year 24 million dollar increase in wealth during the recession would be nice.

If those are YOUR top 4 concerns, Mitch, MY top concern would be to make sure you don’t get reelected.

Wow, how about improving the economy, educating our state, and working with your other lawmakers to push this country forward. You are an idiot.

Seriously….THIS is your platform? Disgusting…. You do know what year it is right? I was denied health insurance for years because I was born with a preexisting condition…I am still denied civil rights today because I was born a lesbian… and apparently you want to take even more rights away from me because I was born a woman. I’ll be sure to do all I can to get you and yours voted out of office on the next election.

The object is to get you and your ilk out of office. You don’t care about life. If you did you wouldn’t be trying so hard to repeal the ACA.

Here is my list. 
-Take care of the military and our Veterans.
-More regulations on firearms than vaginas
-Close tax loopholes for the 1%
-Expansion of Medicaid so the ACA can work the way it is intended.
-Fair minimum wage, because we are tired of paying for corporate welfare. 
-Concentrate on real education. Forgive all student loans. Charge interests on Wall Street, Bank and other large corporate bail outs.
-Get out of the mysogeny, bigotry and racist business.

I could go on but I doubt your tiny mind can take too much information at once.

Oops. Now, there were folks on there who liked Sen. McConnell’s list, but there are over 3,000 comments as of Monday morning, and from my quick perusal, most of them are negative. As I wrote above, I responded to C, Protection of Life. Here’s my comment:

Protecting life, if by protecting life you mean providing low cost or free lunches to kids, making sure children have access to health care, promoting healthy eating and exercise for our children, protecting our veterans’ lives when they return from war, protecting the lives of our working poor, our elderly, our disabled, and our children by continuing to provide SNAP and WIC and other social programs that help the most vulnerable in our country survive. If by “protecting life,” you mean save the fetus, starve the child, then I choose E-everything you don’t stand for, like equality and fairness and higher taxes for the 1% and alternative energy and sensible gun laws and supporting the ACA. Have an ignorant day, Senator.

The good news is a lot of people in Mitch McConnell’s state seem to be interested in firing him this November, as evidenced by the number of folks from Kentucky pretty much slapping him around on this poll. The reason that matters is over the past few months, articles have come out stating Democrats are probably going to lose the Senate. Many of the articles are from staunchly conservative sites, but there some liberal-leaning pieces, detailing how this could happen in November. Republicans only need to gain six seats in order to “fire” Harry Reid, and if we (and by we, I mean the twits who didn’t vote in 2010, ushering in the Tea Party House, thank you so much) sit this one out, it could very likely happen.

Every time a Republican posts one of these polls, or questions, or Koch-sponsored rhetoric to his or her Facebook page, go comment. Start conversations with people who might be on the fence. Mitch McConnell’s poll was bombarded with comments from people all over the country, but most importantly, his own Kentucky voters. And they are tired of McConnell’s crap. That’s how we win. Yes, the Supreme Court took another huge shot at democracy last week. But keep this in mind: Sheldon Adelson spent $100 million on negative ads against President Obama, donated $10 million to Mitt Romney, and look what happened. All his money couldn’t change how the majority of Americans felt, and voted. Mitch McConnell is supported by Koch, the Tea Party, the fringe, and he’s got oodles of cash flowing in. We can’t beat the money, we just can’t. What we can do is stand up to the money, use our voices and our votes, and show these bastards that America is not for sale.

The poll is still up, by the way, if you’d like to tell Mitch McConnell what you think of his priorities. Tell Mitch McConnell he can’t buy his reelection, and that if these are the issues he deems critical, he does not have America’s – or Kentucky’s – best interests at heart.

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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  • Pipercat

    Yeah, they never consider that whole “backfire” thing. Any questions Mitch, ask my junior Senator, Ted Herring…

  • sfwmson

    he must have taken it down…

    • Emora

      I just clicked the link, and the meme/poll is still alive and kicking.

    • Pandra

      I clicked on it today and there are STILL loads of newly-posted, similar-thoughts-as-the-above comments. 😀

  • Jim Spillane

    He’s going down. Scumball.

    • disqus_I44fAYk6Gc

      I hope so.

  • Cory James Hinman

    Of Course the “mainstream” media is insisting the Republicans taking the Senate is a fait accompli. But I submit if the Democrats had the advantage on this very day, 04/08/2014, the “mainstream” media would be reminding us “but it’s 8 months to election day, and that’s a lifetime in politics”.
    There is delicious irony in the possibility of the Republicans winning control of the Senate, largely thanks to McConnell’s dedication to compounding the misery across the nation so as to make Obama a one-term president, only to have McConnell lose his own seat. It could be final proof there is a God as well.

  • Eddie Krebbs

    Must be endemic. Last week, my local TV station linked to poll by Sinclair Broadcasting (which owns a lot of stations throughout the US) on around 5 hot-button political topics. The entire poll was so biased. I remember one of the questions as being about the ACA : should it be a) delayed or b) abolished.
    To make it worse, a few days later they repeated the posting to the link as a “new” story.

  • gmartini

    Great comment, Erin! And thank you for reminding everyone how important it is to exercise our right to vote.

  • nicewolf64

    EVERY person in congress should have the same goal this year….GET A CLUE.

  • Kara Lynn Feeney

    Every comment I read , save 2, are all pro America and anti McConnell. I could say nothing any better than has already been posted!

  • Becky

    American should start a uprising and get these criminal out of office.Its not one thing its all of the crap common people have to endure because we cant change. And a proper pay scale would help. There is no Americian dream anymore.All we can do is hope to pay our bills and survive.

  • Tyler Terrell

    I can’t help but wonder if the people from Kentucky who commented were the only people in the state with internet, and the rest of them get their information directly from the intravenous television networks. I think the numbers are deceptive, because you have to remember that this is Kentucky – a southern state – and like all southern states, is permeated by bigotry and stupidity. Not to mention the cousin-lovin’.

    • Nick Wride

      Not defending the Chinless Chipmunk at all but I’ve been to Kentucky 3 times for classes related to my job. Kentucky is the South but it’s not the DEEP South. They actually have some intelligent people there but they are outnumbered by the hayseeds who voted Mitchy and Rancid Paul into the Senate.

      • Nicole Duvall

        We had no choice. It was either Rand Paul or Trey Grayson. McConnell had no challenger for years.
        Rand Paul started out okay, although I’ve never trusted him on certain issues. It is clear that all he ever wanted was to run for the presidency that eluded his father, and he has no interest in doing the job he was elected to do.
        After Trey lost his primary, he had no further use for this state, and McConnell’s “wife,” Elaine Chao, in league with Caroline Kennedy and others, managed to arrange a job for him at Harvard. Trey didn’t even finish his term as Secretary of State.
        After moving to Boston–Belmont, specifically–Trey and his snooty family discovered that the world doesn’t revolve around them, and he’s been trying to get back here ASAP. His latest failed job attempt that I know of was making a bid for the presidency of Transylvania University in Lexington.
        But anyway, please don’t act like this is our fault. Nobody knows who controls the party bosses here. The democrats formerly in charge have now become registered republicans, so it’s business as usual in Kentucky politics.

    • rebelbelle

      You are the stupid bigot. You’ve obviously never been to KY. Lately we’ve been much more progressive than our northern neighbor, Indiana. We’ve embraced the PPACA, and our state health insurance exchange website has been lauded by media and government folks across the country. We have a democrat as our governor and with the exception of Obama we have voted for the winner of every presidency since the 50s, democrat or republican. KY is much more purple than you’d think. And we’ve got a few big blue dots here, too.

    • Nicole Duvall

      I applaud the other comments against you. I will add that I have lived in KY for nearly 20 years and have seen no evidence of “cousin-lovin’,” as you so ignorantly put it. In fact, marriage between first cousins is illegal here (last time I checked). It is legal in traditional dem states, such as Michigan. It’s also legal in Harry Reid’s state of Nevada. I don’t know why you feel so superior to anyone in Kentucky–your mind is totally degenerate.
      Just what is the bigotry and stupidity you speak of? Could it be similar to your mindset of superiority and discrimination?

  • youmustgo

    Just read the report about the woman in Florida who died because she did not have access to Medicaid Expansion through Obamacare. This is serious, folks. They are fooling voters in red states by blocking real information. The same voters who would benefit Medicaid Expansion are HOWLING because they cannot “afford coverage” from that LIE, OBAMACARE. They do not even know that the ACA and OBAMACARE are the same thing and that IT IS JUST A LAW. NOT INSURANCE! I speak out each and every day, trying to educate facebook friends, hoping they will get it and tell their friends. They have me on “ignore.” They are literally helping the “least” in our state commit suicide. WE MUST HAVE BETTER INFORMATION THAT IS GIVEN RESPECTFULLY TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO CLUE. I’ve never been so passionate about anything before in my life. Speak out. Post. Be respectful. Don’t call names. Build a bridge. Get people to see you care about THEM and their well-being. WE MUST. And we must turn things around this NOVEMBER!!!

  • Jay Diamond

    I like you a lot, Erin, but all this is for naught if major Democratic constituencies continue to be too lame to show up for anything other than the election for president. And until Dems make getting out the vote in “off years” THE highest priority then any Democratic president who IS elected will always suffer the destruction of her/his presidency in their first mid-term.

    Dems have done a great ground game in 2008 and 2012, but blew it by not making equivalent efforts in what are incorrectly, and stupidly called “off years”.

    • shindigg

      They came out to vote in 2006 and we won. They can do it again.

      • Jay Diamond

        And so if they show up once every EIGHT years, you’re satisfied !

        It doesn’t concern you in the least that they DID NOT bother to show up in 2010 ??

        That is of no moment to you ??

        AND….What makes you so confident they will show up this year.

        And let’s see ya put yer money where your mouth is.

        Watch how core Dem constituencies won’t bother to vote in November, and watch the party not expend the effort and money for a real ground game.

        Glad you’re happy in your delusions. Delusions based on wishful thinking and contrary to all evidence and history.

        You’re soooo right, shindigg….Smile, Be Happy, everything is Great. NOT !

      • shindigg

        I didn’t say i was SATISFIED, you dummy! Where did I say that? All I did was point out accurately what happened in 2006. So why don’t you calm down, you overly negative and bitter old….! ….lmao….My bet would be they DON’T show up to vote in 2014.

        I bet that in 2006, too, and I turned out wrong. And I’m NOT confident at all about 2014.. Again, you put words in my mouth I didn’t say.

        Your rather obnoxious inaccurate attempts at scrutiny that contain false assumptions is frankly annoying…

        Now go watch your heroes Lawrence McDonnell and Chris Matthews on MSNBC and foment and circle jerk some Clinton hatred with them…Yuck….

      • Jay Diamond

        Hey, Douche….Get well soon. Things are lookin’ up for ya…..lots of folks lookin’ for cheap labor now !

  • Dustin Vaughan

    A lesbian who can’t spell “Misogyny”, thinks you have a sexuality at birth and wants to regulate my guns has no business condescending to anyone else about morality or intelligence.

  • Political Atheist aka Javaman

    mconnell is a pussbag of wonderment.

  • Lorie

    Remember the Canadian election of 1993. The Conservatives were the best financed and the biggest spender. They won two seats, a loss of 154 seats from the previous Parliament.

  • Hanna Barbera

    Wait – there’s a war on coal? I had no idea. I am going to go out and buy some coal right now and hide it under my bed and protect it forever.

  • Alison really needs to win the election. Mitch just needs to go.

  • Eric D. La Pointe

    Another Mitt Romney, thinks he’s awesome and did our state good, when in fact the people of Mass fired his ass and kicked him out for being so disconnect from the real issues, caring only about big business, and forgetting about the people that voted him into office. This Mitch guy is going to turn into the same class as old Mitty….Mr. Nobody real soon. Maybe they can start a tree house club and compare their binders of women.

  • therealamericanamerican

    I don’t like Alison or Mitch. They both are going to screw us. Keep picking your poison people. Until a serious third party comes along, you will keep drinking one of two flavors of Kool-Aid, laced with Rat Posion.