Senator Ted Cruz Directly Contradicts His Own Statements on Syria Threat

ted-cruzI love technology, but too many Republicans either seem unaware that it exists or can’t grasp the power it has.  How else can you explain the seemingly endless examples where a Republican has publicly made comments concerning a particular topic, then a few weeks later completely contradicts their previous statements?

They do this, apparently unaware that almost anyone can use Google to verify what they’ve previously said, which often contradicts what they’re currently saying.

Case in point — my old pal Senator Ted Cruz.

Just over two months ago, Senator Cruz called the situation in Syria a “threat” to the United States and our allies in the region:

“We know Assad has used these weapons, and there is good reason to suspect the al Qaida-affiliated rebels would use them as well if they could get their hands on them. This poses an intolerable threat not only to our friends in the region, but also to the United States. We need to be developing a clear, practical plan to go in, locate the weapons, secure or destroy them, and then get out. The United States should be firmly in the lead to make sure the job is done right.”

So, let me get this straight.  Two months ago, Ted Cruz calls the situation in Syria a threat to our national security and our allies in the region.  He then says we need to go in, locate and either secure or destroy them—then get out.

“Go in.”  So he means, send troops into Syria?  Because that’s pretty much what I gathered from these comments.  You can’t really “secure” chemical weapons with an aerial strike, so Cruz had to have meant that the United States needed to send troops into Syria to get these chemical weapons.

So what does Senator Cruz have to say now about the situation in Syria as it relates to U.S. national security?  Well, we don’t need to look any further than the op-ed he wrote for the Washington Post:

“Assad’s actions, however deplorable, are not a direct threat to U.S. national security. Many bad actors on the world stage have, tragically, oppressed and killed their citizens, even using chemical weapons to do so.”

Wait, come again?

In June, the situation in Syria did pose a threat to our allies and the United States (according to Cruz’s own words), but now it suddenly doesn’t pose a threat?

What’s changed?  Oh, I know, President Obama came out in support of a military strike in Syria—something Republicans weren’t expecting him to do.  Now they’re having to backtrack on their previous comments in a feverish dash to continue the Republican political philosophy of simply doing the opposite of whatever President Obama supports.

Oh, but Ted Cruz has an explanation for why he’s changed his mind:

“If the president’s proposed military strike against Assad succeeds, al-Qaeda could be strengthened and terrorists could seize control of Syria’s vast cache of chemical weapons.”

Basically, if President Obama is successful with his strikes, the rebels (some of which are backed by Islamic radicals) might seize control of Assad’s supply of chemical weapons.

Tell me this, Senator Cruz — what if the rebels are successful anyway?  Do we then invade Syria and go to war with them?  Because that would make much more sense, right?

Cruz’s “explanation” for his change in his position since June might sound right to those who want to support the tea party darling of the Republican party—it just doesn’t make any damn sense.

He first calls the situation in Syria a “threat” to the United States and our allies in the region, calling for the United States to go in to get these weapons.  Then he comes out and opposes a military strike because it might lead to the rebels getting their hands on Assad’s chemical weapons.

Except, in neither of his responses does he clarify exactly how we would keep them out of the hands of Islamic radicals.  Well I guess he does, but his “solution” would call for the United States to send troops into Syria.

So is that what Senator Cruz is calling for, sending ground forces into the middle of the Syrian civil war?

Because back in June that’s essentially what he said we needed to do.

Yet now he’s taken the stance that something should be done, just not what Obama has called for.  Meanwhile, the plan he has seemingly suggested in the past is even more costly and invasive than what Obama has proposed.

After reading both articles concerning Ted Cruz’s stance on Syria, he’s said in one that the situation in Syria is a threat to the United States, only now it’s not.  Then he seems to suggest that his plan for addressing the threat to the United States (in June when he called it a threat) is to send troops into Syria to “secure or destroy” the chemical weapons.

So, in June, Cruz saw this situation so dire that he would support sending our military into Syria to “secure or destroy” the chemical weapons.  A threat so prevalent he insinuated that it warranted putting our brave men and women in harms way to go into Syria and get these weapons.

Yet now there’s apparently no threat to the United States.

Make sense?  Because it sure as hell doesn’t to me.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bradford

    Damn. U. R. STOOPID…. Look at the facts: 2 months ago, Cruz stated that Syria was an INTOLERABLE threat…But NOW, Syria is ALSO ONLY NOT “a direct threat to U.S. National Security.”…Don’t you SEE the DIFFERENCE?…
    An “intolerable threat” need not be a “direct threat”…
    Why can’t you guys just learn to THINK like Republicrats DON’T…???…

    • Tony Phong Senser

      Then explain. “We need to be developing a clear, practical plan to go in, locate the weapons, secure or destroy them, and then get out. The United States should be firmly in the lead to make sure the job is done right.”

      • Bradford

        Looks like Obama’s current, clear, practical plan is to let Russia lead Syria into negotiations and treaties to locate, secure, and destroy / eliminate chemical weapons from Syria’s arsenal, which is a clear WIN for the U.S. We ain’t even going in…
        I guess Mr. Tony Phong Senser must have one of those brain-eating parasites we’ve been hearing about lately…
        Sux 2 B U, huh, Tony…???…

      • Tony Phong Senser

        Hey Bradford. Does it matter how the end of Syria’s chemical weapons comes from? The goal is to eliminate them. Read the article clearly fool. Guess the you know a thing or two about parasites. You and Ted Cruz have the same idiot troll syndrome.

      • Bradford

        Are you saying that the end justify the means, or that the means justifies the end?…You’re far more confused here, than you realize, kiddo…

      • wolfhounds27

        I guess your in the habit of totally ignoring the part when Obama said, “Under the control of the UN.”

    • Janice Pushinsky

      Yea explain that : We need to be developing a clear, practical plan to go in, locate the weapons, secure or destroy them, and then get out. The United States should be firmly in the lead to make sure the job is done right. Try reading whole statements before you yell at us .

      • Bradford

        Damn. It’s contagious. Janice Pushinsky has the SAME BRAIN-EATING parasite as Tony…In HER case, it’s making her deaf, too…

      • Janice Pushinsky

        Bradford are you blind? I got that from the article we both read or at least I did. And how do you know if I am deaf or not this is not a voice media this is written on the internet you imbecile of course I didn’t hear anything but my laptop humming along.

      • Bradford

        OK, Janice, but WHY do you agree that we need such a plan?…
        Is your laptop running?…Better go catch it!…

      • Janice Pushinsky

        That was what Ted Cruz said , didn’t you read the article Bradford?

      • Bradford

        Yes, Janice, i read the article, but I still don’t see why you are agreeing with Cruz?…why are you simply repeating what HE said?…
        Maybe you should go back to SQUARE ONE, and start over reading…I think your mind went off the track somewhere…You are making NO SENSE…

      • Tony Phong Senser

        Idiot Bradford troll can’t seem to comprehend the article for Cruz’ double talk. “Intolerable threat” is chicken shit rhetoric for “I’m just against anything the President does so I can get Tea Party votes.”… Dude, you’re so lame.

      • Bradford

        The really funny thing is, YOU really DO think you understand what I wrote..YOU have a serious case of cognitive dissonance, Tony…it’s a psychological term, and you will learn it in College, after you – maybe – graduate High school, kiddo…

      • Tony Phong Senser

        You’re not as brilliant as you think you are… boy in a box. By insulting people it shows you have low self esteem and IQ. Stay out where adults play little boy. -College Grad.

      • Bradford

        Tell us, Tony, WHERE DO “adults play little boy College Grad”…???…
        Or, don’t YOU know, EITHER…???…

      • Tony Phong Senser

        Lets see, you don’t have the guts enough to show yourself. Probably still living in your parents basement. Go back to playing with your dolls, little boy. LOL!!!

      • Bradford

        …isn’t the USUAL INSULT “mom’s basement”…???…
        …and “dolls”, and “little boy”…
        …you got NOTHING ELSE…???…
        …THAT’S IT…???…
        …lame-ass, garden-variety insults…???…
        Tony, you’re not even somewhat, mildly amusing…
        I will, however, give you a Brownie Point for being too STOOPID 2 quit…

  • Dave

    Hey Rafael Canadian Communist Cruz…..Obama just stated that we are all entitled to breathe……so in your typical fashion to oppose him…..start holding your breath.

  • BigTBone

    I would give two shits about what Pablo has to say but I’m scared to turn my back for a second. This guy is really fucking dangerous and scary.

    The bumpkins think he and Rand are some kind of genius.


      I agree!
      I’m just trying to visualize all the campaign
      commercials they are giving the DNC. It is
      really PRICELESS! I mean, we couldn’t
      script it better!

  • He looks like Tail gunner Joe Mc Carthy, he sounds like Joe Mc Carthy, he is delusional like Joe Mc Carthy, paranoid, warmonger, lier, racist, By God Big Joe Mc Carthy has returned from the grave!

    • Dale Mulkey

      that sounds like 80 percent of the republican party

    • Pipercat

      Hey, that’s my Senator you’re talking about… Senator Ted Herring!

    • Larry Dillon

      Yep the strung out Jesus Junkie has been reincarnated…I find that priceless.

    • wolfhounds27

      I wonder if mixes whiskey with his milk like the drunk “Tail gunner” Joe did?

  • He looks like Tail gunner Joe Mc Carthy, he sounds like Joe Mc Carthy, he is delusional like Joe Mc Carthy, paranoid, warmonger, lier, racist, By God Big Joe Mc Carthy has returned from the grave!

  • Dale Mulkey

    we should remember republicans dont have a concept of media or electronics other wise they would have learned that lesson during the last election run. after all of the foot in mouth disease caught on tape or tv, they still refuse to accept that they cant stop lying

  • Lori Nicocia

    Congress needs an in-house psychiatrist for all these people who desperately need psych meds

  • Larry Dillon

    “In the age of information ignorance is a choice”…Seems Teanuts have chosen to be blatant idiots

  • mike trottier

    I could not vote for this guy,…….an I can not figure out why anyone else would,…..just look at the guy!


    The Republican strategy continues.

    ‘Sink the ship to drown the Captain’


    Good luck with THAT fellas!!

    President Obama is ALWAYS 10 steps ahead

    of them. You need only look at the 2012 Election.


    He had called checkmate before they set up their pieces!

    (hehe) It was so much fun to watch! They never realized this,

    President Obama is a student of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.
    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” ? Sun Tzu