Senator Ted Cruz Should Slither Back Into The Nefarious Cave He Escaped From

senatorcruzpicSpeaking at a FreedomWorks meeting this past weekend, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused President Obama of “taking grieving moms and dads who tragically lost their babies and treating them as political props.”  This is just the latest disgusting act of cowardice from Cruz, who is quickly becoming one of the most vile elected officials our nation has ever seen.  Thanks, Texas voters.

Of course, the only political prop Cruz should be talking about is himself.  Cruz is nothing more than a political prop for the rich, and for the brainless, gutless far right fringe who love being scared into thinking their guns are going to be confiscated by the government.

But the thing that makes Cruz even more dangerous is the fact that he’s smart.  Cruz is a brilliant thinker who knows exactly how to make a lie believable to suit his agenda.  He plays his cards effortlessly, knowing he only needs to cater to the easily manipulated for his hogwash to spread and be taken seriously.  Cruz is the Senate’s version of Paul Ryan—a middle-aged white male with the intelligence necessary to manufacture a load of crap and spoon-feed it to so-called “patriots” with ease.

I called out Republicans for proving how clueless they are a few weeks back, and proceeded to be called out by readers who stated ‘Republicans aren’t clueless, they’re just evil.’  It’s a valid point.  Most Republicans (sans loonies like Michele Bachmann) have at least a basic level of intelligence and know how to say what needs to be said to conjure fear in conservative voters.  Key words like “death panels” or “Muslim socialist” go a long way in unleashing the boogeyman and rounding up votes.  Who cares that the points being made are literally so off-base and absurd that rational thinkers would believe they came from The Onion?  As long as it succeeds in scaring conservatives into voting, that’s all that matters.

That’s pretty much what we saw with the gun control debate, which turned into nothing more than an NRA-fueled orgy of misinformation and scare tactics.  Talks of the Second Amendment being flushed down the toilet and secret police showing up in the middle of the night to execute searches and confiscations.  This is the kind of stuff the conservative fringe thrives on, like parasites leeching panic from the predators they elected.

Make no mistake about it, Senator Ted Cruz is a cold and calculating predator.  Not even a year into his first (and hopefully last) term as Senator, Cruz has already mastered his snake oil salesman technique.  It should come as no surprise, considering he credited Sarah Palin with helping him get elected.  Cruz has a lot in common with Palin—in fact, they share a lot of the exact same crazy ideas.  The difference is, Cruz is intellectually superior to Palin and knows how to use manipulative tactics to his benefit, rather than just for shock value and to “stay relevant.”  Of course this is even more concerning considering Cruz is actually in a position of power nationally, while Sarah Palin has been relegated to tweeting harmlessly in her jammies somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness.

That’s why it’s up to us to expose him for the fraud he is.  This is the same guy who warned of the dangers of George Soros conspiring with the United Nations to eliminate golf courses, as part of a grand liberal scheme to save the environment.  Yes, this was an actual “issue” he ran on last year.  And it’s up to us to expose him for the crooked hypocrite he is—like when he voted against “wasteful” aid for Hurricane Sandy victims, but immediately asked for aid for victims of the explosion in West, Texas.  Because what’s bad for victims of a natural disaster on the east coast is good for victims of a man-made disaster in Texas, apparently.  Oh, but those people  don’t have a voice in your reelection, do they Senator?  So who cares about them, right?

So while Cruz is painting himself as some sort of conservative hero to mindless FreedomWorks supporters, let’s not forget exactly what he said and why he said it.  Cruz said that President Obama used Newtown parents as “political props” to sell his gun control agenda.  In saying this, Cruz spit in the face of every single parent who lost a child at that school, and of every single person who lost a loved one to that tragedy.  God forbid they want some  sort of action to be taken on guns, right?  They’re just letting themselves be used as political props, shame on them for stomping on the Second Amendment!

Except, of course, for the fact that universal background checks did nothing to stomp on Second Amendment rights, and in fact would have strengthened them by assuring that all gun purchases were made legally by people who have the right to own a gun.  But who cares about that fact, let’s just scream about our guns being taken away, because that’s so much more fun.

In short, let me just say this directly to Senator Cruz—You disgust me.  I’d say you should apologize to the Newtown families who you called nothing more than “props,” but you couldn’t care less either way.  So go ahead and continue to sink to depths lower than what we thought to be humanly possible, because every time you do, you’re proving that you’re far from clueless—you’re much closer to pure evil incarnate.

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
Be sure to check out his archives on Forward Progressives for more of his viewpoints.
Thomas Barr


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  • phukk rightwing trash

    I also add that even if CRUZ is intellectually superior to PALIN it MUST be mentioned that PALIN is incredibly sexxxy and I would go down on her in a second ( as even left wing TV and radio hosts would fervently do) whilst CRUZ is as aesthetically appealing as a coelacanth- any women who have sex with CRUZ either are intoxicated by alcohol or delusions of getting some of whatever $$$ he has,,,, or those steatopygous/micromastial “women” are resembling a napiform body type that CRUZ possesses; thus be destined to ONLY have occasional sex with whatever they can find ( such as CRUZ) Even scumbags such as Joe ” no child support” Walsh and Alan ” they are all communists” West have SOME physical traits appealing to a woman……. NOTE: Im a 6’3 white male who has been intimate with 1000’s of women in my life,,, 99% of them are ALL NATURALLY large breasted and 95% are NOT overweight; my current ( and hopefully FOREVER) girl is a 5’4 119 lb “D” cup teacher of Italian descent . LONG LIVE SEXUALLY YUMMIE WOMEN!

    • lindylou

      Goes to show even creeps don’t like Cruz.

    • Pics or it didn’t happen. (Odds are good you’re really a 14-year-old virgin.)

      • its over

        nope,,,, go to plenty of fish and look up TEGUCHEF,,, that’s MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    • Surroundedbyfanatics

      Tell it to Penthouse perv.

  • Excellent article showing the whole and the parts with exquisite bevedad) but in its conceptual content, in which value judgments are given structured with facts of reality in perfect harmony.No record the name of the Scriptwriter, which is a shame .

    And if, Cruz is all that and infamy mas.La corporizada’alguien one that should be now the seventh circle of the Inferno.

    I have only a conceptual difference with the above, and is on the connotation given to the word “intelligence”. Believe that the best definition of this is: “The ability to solve problems.”

    It is claimed that Cruz is very intelligent but does the opposite of this definition strongly accepted by scholars mind.The is a seemingly endless source of trouble generation everything that moves on the planet … until that fateful time comes to create problems if they destroy themselves.Problems .. for, gentlemen;To every pig has his Waterloo.

    • Way to go Marco! I never laughed so hard in my life. Thomas Barr writes with “exquisite bevedad” absolutely. You are obviously incoherent in several languages.

      Mr. Barr’s article made one point: “taking grieving moms and dads who tragically lost their babies and treating them as political props.” was a poor choice of words. Senator Cruz is an intelligent bad guy. The end. The rest of his words were thrown in as needless garnish.

      I don’t want to discourage you Marco but you do tend to drowned in your own wordplay.

  • Surroundedbyfanatics

    I could not agree more!!! I can’t fathom what went through the minds of the people who voted for this vile man. This guy is truly a bottom feeder.

    • Green Two

      Well, we all disagreed with your bad ideas and decided to do something about it.

      • Surroundedbyfanatics

        More’s the pity. Small paranoid minds such as Cruz’s and yours just hurt our country and distract from doing any good for the future of our country. This selfish “I got mine” mentality is not what our forefathers had in mind.

  • JohnM

    Go Ted Cruz!! You tell those no ethics jerks like Obama and the Democrats who use the tragedy of Sandy Hook to further their political agenda on the graves of those children! Especially after they actually created a gun crisis with their “fast and furious” fiasco!!!! They were hoping for a disaster like that! What did Rhom Emanuel say? . . . “Never let a crisis go to waste!” Slime bags!! . . . and Obama’s fake crocodile tears were horrendous! Rachael Maddow has absolutely NO SHAME!!!

    • U2

      This is a joke, right?

    • Looks like the plan to keep Americans ignorant really worked well.

      • Surroundedbyfanatics

        Agreed Barbara! What is more horrifying is that most of the text books used by schools in this nation are written in Texas and are shamelessly being rewritten to reflect this teabag ideology.

  • rob

    so true, great job

  • BigTBone

    Currently the biggest pile of shite in the senate. He’s a filthy scumbag even by Texas standards. He should have been on a plant tour in West.

  • From the House of Slitherin…should have guessed!

  • But the hair, they voted for the hair!

    • Surroundedbyfanatics

      Some people like slime.

      • its over

        they vote republican and go to a tithing Christian church

  • kirsten zielinski

    everyone, every week should send emails to those people in congress/etc that they disagree with and they should let them know it.. not in too foul of a manner either because then they treat you like a nut job and ignore you. some times you have to make up address’ in their district because they won’t take emails from anyone else but since their crazyness and ideas effect us all i feel i have a right to tell them what i think. do it. stop doing nothing and do it.. oh, and put your money where your mouth is and give to those who agree with you.. the nra makes sure they do. so, if we don’t..whose fault is it that these people get elected over and over..

  • Green Two

    Wow, what a hateful article by a shameful little man. Ted Cruz is awesome.

    • Rita Wittwer

      He is awesome only if you are incapable of understanding that you, in fact, are being manipulated. He is feeding into every prejudice that you have, and he knows it. Unfortunately, since you are not able to or refuse to accept facts that may alter your preconceived notion of the truth, you will always be manipulated and led to places you, as a human being, shouldn’t go. I feel a great deal of sorrow for you because you, and people like you, wrap yourselves in the flag, but have no idea what patriotism is, why this country was established, or what the founding fathers had in mind with this great experiment. And, you do this country a great disservice by your very unenlightened views.

      • Guest

        Shut up, hippie.

      • Green Two

        Ted Cruz is awesome.

      • Rita, don’t waste your breath. Green is a bottom feeder also.

      • Rita Wittwer

        Apparently, since that was the most intelligent response he could come up with.

      • its over

        nope,,,just the most FUN one!

    • Surroundedbyfanatics

      Awesomely awful.

  • Raquel

    Wow! This was just so well said and written! Thank you for what we all needed to say!

  • CHall

    True as it gets

  • I watched in horror as my state elected him. I will work diligently to see that mistake is not repeated.