Senator Vitter’s Anti-Obamacare Obsession Provokes An Amendment — About Prostitutes.

vitterWhile it’s safe to say I’m no fan of the majority of the members of both the House and Senate, only a select few have the dubious honor of my “9th level of hell” designation. This very exclusive club includes my own United States Senator, David Vitter.

You see, David Vitter is one of those hypocritical types who likes to harp on about “traditional family values” as a reason to oppose marriage equality, even though he was forced to apologize for his encounters with prostitutes back in 2007. He opposes the Affordable Care Act and continues to take every opportunity to defund it, even though Louisiana was ranked 49th in the nation for health in 2012. His latest effort was to propose cutting any healthcare subsidies for members of Congress and their staff members, and even members of the GOP decided he went too far.

Politico reported that GOP staffers have tried to work with their Democratic colleagues to stop this bit of madness:

Senate Republican staffers are reaching out to Democratic aides to ensure that an amendment that would alter their health care coverage goes down in flames, Democratic sources said Friday.

The amendment from Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) would cut health care subsidies for members of Congress and their staff who will be forced onto Obamacare-created exchanges.

Senator Vitter isn’t alone in this — some tea party Senate members have also lent their support to his amendment, which was tacked on to a completely unrelated energy bill. It’s gotten so out of hand that some members of the Senate have proposed their own creative amendments to his amendment — which include denying subsidized healthcare to anyone who has been suspected of soliciting prostitutes. Which is, of course, a deliciously perfect middle finger to Vitter. Yes, you heard that right, under this amendment if there is “probable cause” to believe a politician has engaged in sexual acts with prostitutes (including diaper fetishes), they would not receive any federal subsidies for their own insurance.

Of course, Senator Vitter was so incensed about this, he demanded an ethics investigation. The letter is quite long, but I found this part to be extremely amusing:

I respectfully request that the Senate Select Committee on Ethics investigate whether Senator Harry Reid, Senator Barbara Boxer, and their respective staffs violated the Committee’s Rules by proposing and circulating through the press legislation that ties Members’ personal healthcare benefits to their performance of specific acts and votes. This is attempted bribery, and the exact sort of behavior that the Senate Ethics Committee has previously condemned.

News reports indicate that Senator Reid, Senator Boxer, and their staffs took the above concrete actions, thereby threatening their colleagues in the Senate with increased personal healthcare costs if they do not vote a certain way on a particular amendment proposed by me concerning the 2010 Affordable Care Act. As more fully explained below, Senator Reid’s and Senator Boxer’s offering of such a quid pro quo arrangement to their Senate colleagues is a violation of this Committee’s Rules and flies in the face of its enforcement policies articulated in previous ethics matters.

I take this to be one of two things; either he’s incredibly chafed about this clever amendment to his amendment to an unrelated and important energy bill – or he’s accidentally admitting other members of the House and Senate have also been committing hanky panky with ladies of the evening. Yes folks, this is my current US Senator David Vitter. Sadly, too many people here are very comfortable with letting him make Louisiana the laughing stock of the nation.


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