Seth Meyers Openly Mocks Ted Cruz to His Face During Appearance on ‘Late Night’ (Video)

seth-meyers-ted-cruzI’m actually a bit shocked that I never thought about Seth Meyers being a great replacement for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. While I doubt it will happen, watching a recent back and forth with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Late Night showed me that he could fill the role quite well. That can be said for any number of potential candidates, but I will say I was very impressed with his handling of the radical right-wing senator from Texas.

Of course, to be fair, it’s not exactly all that difficult to make Cruz look foolish on national television. He does that pretty well all on his own.

It’s no secret that Cruz doesn’t believe in climate change. Then again, that’s a growing trend among Republicans who either believe that God controls the weather, are paid shills for big oil, or both. I’ve likened this movement on the right to deny climate change to what we saw decades ago with big tobacco and the mounds of money they spent trying to discredit overwhelmingly accepted science that proved smoking was dangerous.

Well, Meyers took Cruz to task concerning climate change, openly mocking the senator right to his face.

After discussing the fact that Cruz terrified a young girl after screaming at her that the “world is on fire,” Meyers said, “First, I got excited, because I thought maybe you were coming around on global warming, but that’s not the case, right? Because I think the world’s on fire, literally. Hottest year on record! But you’re not there, right?”

Cruz went on to insist that over the last 17 years there’s been no warming.

“Satellite data demonstrate for the last 17 years there’s been zero warming – none whatsoever,” Cruz said. “It’s why, remember how it used to be called global warming? And then magically the theory changed to climate change? The reason is, it wasn’t warming, but the computer models still say it is, except the satellites show it’s not.”

“So you trust satellites more than computers?” Meyers said. “Because I have DirectTV, and I’d rather watch on my computer.”

Actually, the reason why the term went from “global warming” to “climate change” is because scientists realized that it’s not just about the temperature of the Earth warming, it’s about the impact that has on the overall climate of the planet. While the overall planet is warming, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see record snowfalls or abnormally low temperatures in some places. In fact, abnormal weather patterns are a sign of climate change, of which warming of the planet (aka “global warming”) is a part.

Oh, and speaking of satellites, according to NASA, 2014 was the warmest year on modern record.

While he was professional about it, it was obvious that Meyers was mocking Cruz throughout the entire interview. Though I’m not sure if the senator from Texas ever really picked up on it as he seemed in full “tea party mode” throughout.

There is one thing that’s for certain – Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is going to be one of the biggest sideshows this country has ever seen.

Watch the clip from the interview below via NBC:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • kristofer725

    He is such a joke that he should be sent back to Canada. However the truth is we don’t want him!!!!!!!

  • Nancy B

    No one magically changed “global warming” to “climate change”. We are all just using these old scientific terms more correctly to make the issue clearer.

  • OrderChaos

    I love how Senator Cruz actually mentions that we now say “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming”, as if this was some evidence based conclusion reached by climate scientists. When in reality, it was yet another piece of wool pulled over American’s eyes by GOP Strategist Frank Luntz. The same guy who brought us “death panels” and “the death tax”. In a 2002 memo to the incoming Bush administration he said: “We have spent the last seven years examining how best to communicate complicated ideas and controversial subjects. The terminology in the upcoming environmental debate needs refinement, starting with “global warming” and ending with “environmentalism.” It’s time for us to start talking about “climate change” instead of global warming and “conservation” instead of preservation.” Read more here:

  • Douglas Filter

    He believes in Satellites, but not computers. According to computer SCIENCE – satellites bring down information to computers, who run models and track statistics. So, really, whatever the satellites say, the computer believes and therefore uses that information to show that there has been warming over the last 17 (and more) years. Satellites cannot speak to humans with opinions. They only download data. And that data cannot be interpreted without computers.They would have explained this to him at NASA if he wanted to listen. Seth was trying to school him in this, but it went WAY over his head.