This is How Sheepishly Blind Someone Has to Be to Deny Russia Helped Donald Trump

At this point, it’s practically undeniable that the Russian government, at the behest of its authoritarian president/dictator Vladimir Putin, was behind the hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign in a blatant attempt to help Donald Trump become our next president.

The only real questions that need to be answered relate to what extent (if any) was Donald Trump aware of this, was his campaign, in any way, working in coordination with the Russian government to influence a U.S. presidential election, and what might Russia be hoping to get out of Trump by helping him win.

Now I’m not saying that Trump has promised Putin anything or that he had any sort of ties to these Russian hacks. These situations need an in-depth investigation launched into them before definitively saying what actually happened. After all, Russia helping Trump with the assumption that he would be the best president for their own interests doesn’t mean that Trump had anything to do with it — it just means that Russia felt he was the president who’d benefit them the most.

However, the evidence we do currently have doesn’t look good for our president-elect.

I’m a firm believer that coincidences do happen. That being said, when “coincidences” begin to form a pattern, that’s when I start seeing red flags. A coincidence ceases to be a coincidence if a somewhat predictable pattern begins to emerge, such as Donald Trump being the most pro-Russia presidential candidate in U.S. history.

This is how sheepishly blind and ignorant someone has to be to still deny that Russia helped Trump.

Why does Trump have no problem bashing NATO, China, Mexico or Saudi Arabia — but flat-out refuses to condemn anything remotely related to Russia or Putin? And don’t give me this “he wants to improve relations with Russia” nonsense. If improving international relations with other nations (especially some of our adversaries, like Russia) was really a top goal of his, then he wouldn’t speak so poorly of Iran, constantly bash China, criticize Saudi Arabia, vilify Mexico, and question the usefulness of NATO.

Which begs the question: Why has Trump repeatedly gone out of his way to defend Russia, while often heaping praise on Putin, even going as far as to doubt the factual reality that the Russian president has had political rivals and journalists killed?

It makes absolutely no sense. But for the sake of argument let’s just say this has been Trump’s attempt to “reach out” to a long-time adversary of the United States to improve relations between the two nations. I don’t believe that for a minute, but let’s say that’s the case. If that were the only issue relating to Russia then I wouldn’t think this was all such a big deal.

But as we all know, it’s not. 

In September, a report came out concerning an investigation U.S. intelligence officials were conducting into Cater Page (a one-time informal foreign policy advisor to Trump) regarding links to Russians officials with close ties to Putin engaged in efforts to influence U.S. elections.

Now I know what some Trump people will say: Who cares? He was just an informal advisor, it means nothing! 

Okay, fine. That’s true. This individual being investigated for ties to Kremlin officials was just an informal advisor to the most pro-Russian presidential candidate in U.S. history — that could be a giant coincidence, right? After all, it’s just one person.

But then there’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort. Remember him? He abruptly resigned back in August (and was practically never spoken of again) after the Associated Press broke a story concerning Manafort’s ties to pro-Russian groups that had been actively trying to undermine U.S. policy in Europe.

Wait, I know, just another coincidence, right? The most pro-Russian presidential candidate in U.S. history having a former foreign policy advisor investigated for ties to Russia and had his second campaign manager abruptly resign following a report linking him to pro-Russian groups.

But what about reports that Trump’s only request at the GOP presidential convention was to have anti-Russian rhetoric removed from the party’s platform?

Just another coincidence?

Then what about Trump’s close ally, Roger Stone, actually admitting that he had connections to Wikileaks? Stone is someone who sent out a direct threat to Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta well before anyone knew his emails had been hacked.

So, you’re telling me that Stone happened to have what seemed like extremely close contact with an organization led by a man wanted by the United States government, a group many security experts believe is a political weapon of the Russian government — but he wasn’t, in any way, feeding his good buddy Donald Trump information that had been illegally obtained via the Russian government committing espionage against Americans?

Let’s not forget, Stone was the lead architect who worked with Trump to use blatant racism against Native Americans in a disgusting attempt to block a tribe’s ability to build a competing casino. So it’s not as if these two don’t have a rather pathetic history of doing “whatever it takes to win,” just as long as they thought they could get away with it.

Now the latest ties to Russia center around Trump’s apparent choice to be his secretary of state, Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, a man who has fairly close ties to Russia and Russian dictator/president Vladimir Putin.

Then there’s always the “elephant in the room,” the Wikileaks publications, themselves.

They had two very specific goals: Undermine Hillary Clinton, help elect Donald Trump. 

Let’s not forget that, while Wikileaks was clearly trying to “play to the Bernie crowd” as part of their plan to hurt Clinton, they didn’t release anything until it was too late for Sanders to win. While Wikileaks will obviously deny that they sat on information because they didn’t want to help Sanders win the primary, you have to be an absolute fool to not realize that’s exactly what they did.

Because that’s exactly what they did once they started releasing information. 

They didn’t release their first batch until right before the DNC presidential convention in what was a clear attempt to try to cause chaos prior to Clinton’s big moment. Then they sat on other emails until Trump’s “grab them by the p–sy” video came out. That’s the exact moment when, magically, Wikileaks began dumping thousands of Podesta’s emails — just like Roger Stone clearly seemed to threaten was going to happen over a month before anyone knew they had them.

And the only person these emails helped was Donald Trump — that’s it.

The same Donald Trump who:

  • Is the most pro-Russia presidential candidate (and now president-elect) in U.S. history.
  • Had as an informal foreign policy advisor a man who is being investigated for ties to Kremlin officials.
  • Chose as his second campaign manager someone who abruptly resigned following an AP report linking him to pro-Russian groups that sought to undermine U.S. policy in Europe.
  • Had his campaign force the removal of anti-Russian rhetoric from the party’s presidential convention.
  • Saw a close ally to him admit that he had connections to Wikileaks, a group many security experts feel works with the Russian government.
  • Has repeatedly, and defiantly, denied any report from our intelligent agencies that Russia was behind the hacks on the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
  • Chose as his secretary of state the CEO of Exxon, another person with close ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

A coincidence is a coincidence, but this is a pattern.

There’s absolutely no way that Donald Trump has this many ties to Russia and pro-Russian rhetoric, along with a clear desire by Putin to help elect him as our next president, without something being there that damn sure needs to be brought to light.

We’re not simply talking about the meddling of the Russian government in our election, that would be bad enough. This is a situation where a president-elect has some rather extensive ties to the very government most security experts believe illegally hacked an American political organization and presidential campaign with the clear intent on doing everything it could to help elect him as our next president — a man who’s gone out of his way to avoid saying anything negative against that very same government or its leader.

That makes anyone who’s still currently denying that Russia helped Donald Trump win — or that there could be much more going on here that we don’t even know about yet — someone who’s going out of their way to prove what a brainwashed, mindless sheep they are.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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