Shocker: Ohio Police Chief Admits To Profiling & Quotas

AP_Brimfield_police_dept_facebook_David_Oliver_thg_130617_wmainAn Ohio Police Department openly announced an operation in which they would be actively targeting and profiling children appearing to be under the age of 15 and issuing tickets. Chief David Oliver issued this announcement on the police department’s website on June 17th, 2013:

With all of the talk about writing tickets, all of you have heard me say numerous times… I do not care about tickets. I have changed my mind.

Effective next week, my officers will have a quota for tickets….at least one per shift. We are going to be profiling, too. We will target a specific group, with the express purpose of writing as many tickets as possible. I am strongly encouraging my officers to write as many as they can, every shift, every day…it is called operation Safe Summer.

They followed up with this admission again today on their Facebook page:

Good Morning….

Please read the following carefully. Read the entire offering before making a knee-jerk comment. It will save us all a lot of headaches.

Under my command, we have always been an agency which has not issued a lot of tickets. We make a good amount traffic stops and arrests, yet we issue few citations. That all changes on Monday, June 9th, 2014. For the summer, we will become an agency with a mission to write tons of tickets. We are not doing this for the revenue. I know, you have all heard that one before. It is truly the case here. We are doing it for your own good, to keep people safe during the summer months.

As part of this mission, we will be profiling a certain group of people. If you belong to this group of people, I will not apologize for the inconvenience if you are stopped. It is not harassment, so don’t go there. I am ordering my officers to stop anyone (using expert profiling techniques taught to us by an ancient order of Shaolin monk police officers) who is a member of this group of people. When my officers observe anyone belonging to this specific group, we will immediately stop the person or persons (sometimes they travel in groups) and give them a ticket. Yes, it is true. My persona on Facebook has been a lie. The Brimfield Police are like “all the other cops.” Don’t poke the bear.

Effective June 9th, 2014 we begin “Operation Safe Summer.” My officers are ordered to stop anyone appearing to be 15 years of age or under who is riding a bicycle and wearing a helmet while doing so. My officers will then issue the youthful offender a ticket for a free ice cream cone from Frank’s Drive-in. Last year we gave away nearly 200 free ice cream treats. It sent a strong message… and we are sending one again this year.

Thank-you to Frank’s for the support again this year!

Have a great day….Chief Oliver.

Now, how many people actually read past the sensationalized title, the picture of a white police officer and still had the sense to read an article all the way through before coming to an opinion? If you did, congratulations. You see, far too often the media focuses on the bad things that police officers do because, you know, outrage sells. There’s at least a couple of websites that make their living just by pushing negative stories about police and profiling, the page “” being the most prominent. Over and over again, we hear about bad officers profiling minorities, shooting pets and using excessive force. And while these abuses should certainly be reported on and brought to the public’s attention, I feel that far too often, the good things that police officers do are overlooked.

Chief David Oliver is an example of the good men and women who carry a gun and a badge that do the job the right way. In fact, the small town police department has the second most “liked” Facebook page of any department in the country, trailing only the gigantic NYPD in fans according to Chief Oliver. He’s also quite the internet celebrity by his own admission, having taken on internet trolls, and even ripped Kanye West for comparing the dangers of being an egotistical douchebag a celebrity to the dangers of being a cop. Chief Oliver has even written a book, “No Mopes Allowed,” with the proceeds going to his charity that helps abused children.

Not all police officers are good people, but not all of them are the power-drunk assholes that many like to make those who wear the badge out to be. Let’s have more stories about people like Chief Oliver who go above and beyond while still keeping a watchful eye on those who are failing their oath to serve and protect.


Facebook comments

  • Karen

    What right does this cop have to stop my kid for no reason, just to promote local businesses at taxpayer expense?

    • kurt

      Yeah because promoting good community relations while giving the kid a coupon for a free ice cream is such a bothersome nuisance. Especially since the kid must be going to perform life saving surgery and that bike is the fastest way there, so stopping the kid is unreasonable I am sure. . And ice cream coupons are such a burden on tax payers. Your tax dollars go to giving the rich subsidies (mucho ice cream coupons there). Are you seriously bitching because a cop stops a kid while having fun to give them a free ice cream coupon? I guess you rather the way they interact with police officers is when they actually get pulled over. Wow. What a sorry state we are in when cops do something for the kids and community they live in and someone still finds a way to bitch about it.

      • Mitch McDowell

        I’m glad you typed all of that.

    • kurt

      You know, it really burns my butt to read your comments. Police duties are to protect and serve. Establishing good community relations and giving a youngster a good perspective on cops instead of only.seeing them in a negative light is a part.of serving the community. It teaches kids not to fear a police officer but to appreciate them and respect them. He didn’t say that this is the only.thing they will do its outreach and thats part of what they are paid to do. I would be proud if the police in my area did this kind of act. I would say that this is what my tax dollars pay for? About damn time! This is a heartwarming act and you found a way to shit on it. Shame on you.

    • LilahJ

      I kinda got the picture that the restaurant didn’t charge for the tickets.But this might be fake outrage. Not really funny, sorry.

    • medcannabis1

      I will hope this is a snark..otherwise you missed the whole point of a positive role for law enforcement and respect of the community…. If you are bothered by this… then may I suggest some counseling for that obvious personality disorder….

  • Sandy Greer

    Manny is fast becoming one of my favorite writers here.

  • Ian Davis

    Now I feel really bad

  • Dan Doverspike

    The cops in Brimfield really are the worst. Don’t let his cutesy blog fool you. Im not an anti-law enforcement guy but yeah these guys are your typical small town asshole cops. The definition of power drunk assholes.

    • DLD

      Dan Did you read the full post? They are supporting safe bike riding. about 20 years ago helmets were not needed as much but now with more stupid people driving out there they are very much needed. not to mention this has an upside to it. the kids in the town will be looking for cops to get a free ice cream. and cops will be looking for kids specifically thus keeping them from getting kidnapped, raped and murdered. so how are they the worst?

  • medcannabis1

    bet no one in his town lives in fear of the local police…. community involvement is critical for a police department that ‘ protects and serves” and not ” kick and kill”… it’s all about management and compassion

    • No, I live here and since it’s so small the cops are everywhere. It’s like you have to remember every law or you’re going to be stopped and inconvenienced. However, I have never been issued a ticket.

      • Because its right in between kent and the highway I believe they stop people so much to check for DWI and drugs. Which makes sense.

      • Josh

        no it doesn’t make sense! have you not heard of the 4th amendment? Any traffic ticket in truth needs a warrant, fuck probable cause – probable cause only allows you to attain a warrant with A SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR. When they pull you over, they are searching for nothing more than your name ergo it’s unconstitutional. Also the second clause of article 6 us constitution says this assclown law doesn’t withstand article 6’s supremacy clause….get to reading..

      • They don’t just search our cars. I’m saying they do stop us more than normal and it’s basically to see if they can visually see anything wrong with the driver or in the car.

      • Josh

        which is also unconstitutional because the scope of the search cannot exceed the scope of the original pull over, ie when the lights started, and the sirens. If they attempt to follow before this and then turn on lights, in a sense, it is harassment.

      • John.Q.Public

        Your interpretation of the Constitution remains myopic and flat out wrong.

      • John.Q.Public

        Wow. It’s always amazing to read the rantings of a self-educated “constitutional scholar.” A traffic ticket does not need a warrant. A traffic ticket is issued for violation of a strict liability offense. Perhaps YOU need to get to reading….

      • Josh

        Perhaps you need to get to reading. A traffic stop is a search and seizure, and the “case” of not needing a warrant for this is known as precedent. Unfortunately, 2nd Clause of article 6 clearly says “any thing in the constitution, or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.” That means no warrant=unconstitutional, being unconstitutional=illegal.
        And any precedent, law, or action that contradicts the constitution is illegal. When they take your name or id, you are seized as you are not allowed to leave. Just saying, it’s called a 2nd grade education. Reading=powerful.

        And the preamble says

        RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring, that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States, as amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all, or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution; viz.

        Glad you learned to read smart guy.

      • John.Q.Public

        I will make this short and sweet and then be done engaging you, as trying to speak to you about constitutional law is the equivalent of teaching pigs to sing. Clearly, a judge, police officer, or lawyer you are not, and your interpretation of the Constitution is flat out wrong. ’nuff said.

      • DLD

        They are not searching your car or seizing anything without cause. and thanks to Obama they don’t need a warrant anymore.

    • Josh

      WOW you’re an idiot. just wow. it’s unconstitutional. who gives a shit how safe something is when it’s 100% illegal? retard obama lover

    • Josh

      on one hand you think cop abuse is wrong like the stun grenade thrown in the toddlers crib, yet the citizens have no right to do shit about it, because cops can pull you over for no reason. It’s all about legal, it’s illegal. fuck management and compassion, you should probably go where that is state law, if you don’t like guns and want free healthcare, go to cuba, they’ve been doing that dig for 50 years…odd, cubans flee to come here though…

      • DLD

        Josh your an Idiot you didn’t read he full post. I don’t like cops myself mainly because I have seen some pretty stupid ones but these ones I like.

    • Debra Diroll

      He’s actually a pretty nice guy and keeps his department involved in the community. Brimfield is just a few miles from here.

  • BD

    Awesome! 🙂

  • Josh

    I live in ohio, hope to god I don’t live close to this clown, see some dead pigs showing up on the 11 oclock news…

  • rossbro

    There isn’t a teenager alive who would think this action is ‘cool’. Why waste their time giving a citation? Just have free ice cream days at the station.

    • Nancy B

      Sometimes it helps to read articles in their entirety. Wearing a helmet is often perceived as not cool. It’s a way to encourage safe biking. And there are many kids in that age group (under 15, not all “teenagers”)who will wear a helmet for the chance of free ice cream. 200 last summer in that town, unless he’s lying.