Sick of voter suppression and underhanded GOP tactics? You CAN fight back.

Koch-ProductsWe’re seeing a lot of people sitting around and talking about how shocking and disturbing Republican actions like the recent voter suppression laws are, but what nobody seems to be talking about is what we need to do to stop them and the folks like the Koch brothers who fund the politicians who are pushing these laws. Even some of the pundits that I respect are just talking but not laying out any real course of action.

I know it seems like we’re powerless to stop what feels like a tsunami of unconstitutional legislation backed by deep-pocketed special interests. It does sometimes look hopeless and you want to just complain about it on social media, but you CAN fight back. Yes, I said it, you can fight back. It’s going to take a bit more effort than signing a useless or petition or just sharing some article to illustrate your frustration with the status quo.

Some of the issues are a little trickier to address personally. I am certainly not advocating that women should take up DIY (Do It Yourself) abortions or anything that is either completely illegal and/or stupidly dangerous. Yet, there are things that you can do to stand up and take some of the power back.

As I previously stated in my article about Rush Limbaugh, the greatest weapon besides your vote is your wallet. If you want to stop the Koch brothers and other backers of conservative SuperPACs, stop buying their products. Not sure what their products are? Look online — here’s a convenient list of some everyday products you might be buying that put money in the Koch brothers’ pockets.

Think of it like this — all the protesting and political action you partake in is being offset if you’re purchasing products from businesses who are then using the profits to undo all the good you did politically. Educate yourself on what company gives money to which organizations and candidates and then spend accordingly. If enough people vocalize their displeasure with a corporation and then actually back it up with a meaningful and sustained boycott, the board of directors will be forced to rethink who they fund. Hit them where it hurts, right smack in the bank account.

This will be the first of a series of articles in which I talk about how you can take action and do things that actually make a difference. The political elite, the lobbyists and the corporations who back them want you to think that you’re powerless to stop them, but you are not. Even if the actions that you take are small in the grand scheme of things, they still matter. Like the story of the boy and the starfish on the beach, making a change that only affects just a couple people is still a change. Multiply that by thousands of people doing the same thing and we’ll have a change we can truly believe in.


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