Sick of voter suppression and underhanded GOP tactics? You CAN fight back.

Koch-ProductsWe’re seeing a lot of people sitting around and talking about how shocking and disturbing Republican actions like the recent voter suppression laws are, but what nobody seems to be talking about is what we need to do to stop them and the folks like the Koch brothers who fund the politicians who are pushing these laws. Even some of the pundits that I respect are just talking but not laying out any real course of action.

I know it seems like we’re powerless to stop what feels like a tsunami of unconstitutional legislation backed by deep-pocketed special interests. It does sometimes look hopeless and you want to just complain about it on social media, but you CAN fight back. Yes, I said it, you can fight back. It’s going to take a bit more effort than signing a useless or petition or just sharing some article to illustrate your frustration with the status quo.

Some of the issues are a little trickier to address personally. I am certainly not advocating that women should take up DIY (Do It Yourself) abortions or anything that is either completely illegal and/or stupidly dangerous. Yet, there are things that you can do to stand up and take some of the power back.

As I previously stated in my article about Rush Limbaugh, the greatest weapon besides your vote is your wallet. If you want to stop the Koch brothers and other backers of conservative SuperPACs, stop buying their products. Not sure what their products are? Look online — here’s a convenient list of some everyday products you might be buying that put money in the Koch brothers’ pockets.

Think of it like this — all the protesting and political action you partake in is being offset if you’re purchasing products from businesses who are then using the profits to undo all the good you did politically. Educate yourself on what company gives money to which organizations and candidates and then spend accordingly. If enough people vocalize their displeasure with a corporation and then actually back it up with a meaningful and sustained boycott, the board of directors will be forced to rethink who they fund. Hit them where it hurts, right smack in the bank account.

This will be the first of a series of articles in which I talk about how you can take action and do things that actually make a difference. The political elite, the lobbyists and the corporations who back them want you to think that you’re powerless to stop them, but you are not. Even if the actions that you take are small in the grand scheme of things, they still matter. Like the story of the boy and the starfish on the beach, making a change that only affects just a couple people is still a change. Multiply that by thousands of people doing the same thing and we’ll have a change we can truly believe in.


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  • Michael

    Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll have to find a different toilet paper to wipe my………….you know. On the other hand, it is comforting to know I was putting that on one of their products.

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      Cottonelle & Charmin are both good.. 7th Generation too.

      • lindylou

        they will clog your plumbing system.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        Haven’t had any problems with clogging with any of these… What do you use?

      • Craig Sherman

        Take smaller craps, or do a courtesy flush mid-poop.

      • Shari D

        I live in the country, and have a well and septic system. We have used either Cottonelle or Charmin for years, and have never had an issue with the system getting clogged – at least not with toilet paper!

      • farbarb

        Lived for 30 years on a septic system and if you don’t do a little maintenance once in a blue moon yes it will clog. Other than that always used Charmin and never had a toilet paper related problem.

  • Eric in Blue

    Just one question and this is now of a general question to the operators of this site. Why do you allow advertising space to go to the Yea Party? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of this site?

    • Eric in Blue

      Well two, I guess lol.

      • bdub

        Most of these sites have little or no control over what goes on the little flags. It’s done by outside companies who sell it to individual business, and it’s taylored to your viewing habits while you’re online.

    • louis

      if your seeing tea party adds, it means your frequenting tea part shit alot while online.for me my adds consist of ebay crap, and studio equipment. as others have said, the info is trackd in yuor cookies and browser history.

      • Correct Louis. Also, the Tea Party and the GOP have a ton of money to spend in advertising. Ad space is dictated by who is willing to bid the most to get ad placement, and they can usually outspend just about everyone else. In the run up to the 2012 election, Mitt Romney ads were all over my blog even though I think 95% of the people who read it had no interest in voting for him.

    • LBMHOU

      I sometimes read what the tea party has to say because it is usually a good laugh, since many of them are are so stupid.

      • Alexis Betancourt

        Me too, I read it to see what they are up to, and how stupid they are.

      • Russ Green

        I also like to keep track of what the GOP and Tea Party are up to, so I view lots of their crap…….

  • Bobee Padilla

    I wish somebody would start a Costo-like store stocked with items from small American manufacturers.

    • MrCAS

      What’s stopping you?

    • JLSR

      Such a good idea!

    • Dangergirl hope

      shop local and farmers markets. It takes big money to buy big amounts then ship them around like a Costco model, the only key is to keep it local. Support your neighbors.

  • K_ANN

    Voter suppression? Seriously, the only people suppressed by having to have an ID are illegals and dead people. Do you really need them to win an election? I wish you could put all your hate, energy and talent to solving some real issues

    • dave.lefevre

      The law in N.C. went to great lengths to cut out early voting and other innovations to make it easier for working people to vote. How exactly did that stop “illegals and dead people” from voting. You are obviously getting all your info from one POV.

    • Caitlin Heard

      Actually, many elderly people do not have current lisences or ID because they can no longer get them renewed. Back before birth records were taken so seriously, people often didn’t keep records like that. Especially in rural areas. Like my grandfather, born in 1929, an American citizen, but he was born at home, and neither parent could read..they knew when he was born, as is the case with several of my older family members from “the sticks” in KY. Not to mention paper records in courthouses not being properly maintained, flood damaged, etc. It also discourages poor people, to put it bluntly. If u have no car and ride a bike/take the bus, then u typically don’t need a lisence. Contrary to popular republican belief, they cost money to obtain usually about $10(replacement ID)-$21(six year DL in Indiana). That’s a lot of money to someone who barely makes ends meet. Several meals, a week of bus fare, much needed clothing, kids lunches/school supplies..seems like a million dollars when ur broke.

      • Russ Green

        Many people do not have a PICTURE ID or the cash and ability to purchase one……and there is no excuse for cutting early voting, cut voting places that are reachable, and cut voting hours, just to win an election that they would otherwise lose…..

    • Kari Elswick

      The laws in tx have also made it nearly impossible for a large percentage of married women to vote due to name and id requirements (take hubbys last name? Register to vote before that happened? Sorry!). You also forgot the elderly and ill. Ones not familiar with new tech, or with no means to get to a shelter or resource center for free ids. Unless there’s a dmv/id-mobile going door to door I’m unaware of…

  • Cynthia Clark

    I don’t buy any of those products-all too expensive

  • kehehj

    Thank you for reminding me that I can vote with my feet. I already refuse to shop at Walmart until they treat their staff decently or hell freezes over (my bet is on hell). Now I know what products to avoid as well.

  • Traci

    I think it’s interesting how quick people are to jump on a network tv boycott like the whole Paula Dean thing, but are too lazy when it comes to actually shopping

  • Ben Fischer


  • Tracey

    There’s an iPhone app called Buycott which allows you to look up products as you shop. It’s excellent!

    • paulsilvan

      I was going to say it’s too bad I boycott Apple and iPhone, but it’s also available on Android. Just downloaded it on your advice and am about to try it out.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        It’s pretty good when you have an item with a barcode in front of you. Not so good if you want to look up a restaurant group like Darden.

  • Nigel

    “the greatest weapon besides your vote is your wallet” Your vote is NOT the greatest weapon… Politicians are ALL the same!!! You don’t have to wait 4 years… A vote with your $ is far more powerful AND it is also listened to!


    Good…I don’t use any of those crappy products anyway but, if I did, I would stop immediately!

  • kidcat24

    Yes, but with many products saying “Distributed by” I wonder if many store brands are still made by these companies.

  • Calvert Butch Stewart

    NC residents need to add Pope industries and stores to this list. Art pope has bought and paid for control of the NC government.

  • Anna

    Of course by not buying these things you’re not adding money to their wallet, but…. Does it really matter since the Koch industries just bought a company who is responsible for parts that go into almost all the electronics in this country? So unless you are going to give up your cell phones, televisions, and computers, you are funding them anyways. Everyone has electronics, so in a way there’s not much you can do about not funding them at this point.

    • James Turner

      If that makes you feel better about doing nothing, than so be it. However, if you are simply feeling helpless when it comes to making a difference, I can understand, with all of the money, and pervasive manipulation of media, the masses, and laws, which continue to unfairly give radicals the advantage it can feel hopeless. However giving up is just what they want us to do, doing nothing further benefits their agenda.

  • JLSR

    I’m proud to say I don’t use ANY of these products, nor would I EVER!

  • wayne R Halverson

    I travel over 30 miles to shop at Costco. darn, an I am treated with great respect from employees too. That’s a plus, believe me.