A Simple Guide Exposing the Ignorance Shown by Conservatives About Contraceptives

contraceptivesWhen it comes to contraceptives, and sex in general, the hypocrisy and ignorance so many conservatives display is utterly astounding.

I get that many of them have certain religious beliefs on which they base their life.  And that’s fine – for them.  

But it’s just absurd that these people who are so vehemently opposed to abortions seem to do everything they can to support policies which will undoubtedly result in Americans having more abortions.  

What are the leading causes of unplanned pregnancies?  Often it’s the lack of contraceptives, a general ignorance about the responsibilities of being a sexually active individual or both.

And what’s the leading cause of women choosing to have an abortion?

Unplanned pregnancies.  

So, that being said, what would logic then dictate?  Well, it’s pretty simple.

The best way to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and in turn lower abortion rates, would be to make contraceptives easily available (preferably free) and invest in quality sex education classes for young adults so that they learn about the responsibilities that come along with being a sexually active individual.

Except, many conservatives do exactly the opposite.

They’re against easily available access to contraceptives and young adults being taught proper sex education.

So they’re against policies that help reduce abortion rates – while being against abortions.

This is honestly one of the main issues that infuriates me most about conservatives.  They’ll go on and on about how anti-abortion they are, while literally making abortion rates higher by opposing contraceptives and proper sex education classes.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Millions of women use various forms of contraceptives for health related reasons not pertaining to sexual activity.  

Conservatives are completely obsessed with sex.  Even when it comes to same-sex marriage, it’s all about the sex to them.  Millions of homosexuals want to get married because they love each other, yet all conservatives obsess about is what homosexuals are doing in their bedrooms.

But when it comes to contraceptives it’s simply maddening to see these people talk about how much they’re against abortions, while opposing things that reduce abortion rates.

All because they stick to this unrealistic belief that “people should wait until marriage.”

Well, they don’t.  And instead of living in reality with the rest of us, they continue to cling to this delusion that by opposing contraceptives and sex education, somehow that will lead to people having less sex.

It doesn’t.  All it does is increase the likelihood that millions of Americans will be misinformed about the realities of sex and many will have unprotected sex.  Which, of course, leads to more unplanned pregnancies that result in higher abortion rates.

And, again, their opposition to contraceptives is entirely based on sex, not women’s health.

The fact that these people claim to be against abortions, while opposing measures that help reduce abortion rates, is a true testament to just how ignorant many of these conservatives truly are.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Candy Lutz Rosenbaum

    to me it seems that a lot of conservatives just hate Obama and they oppose anything that he has implemented and they especially hate Obamacare. If there was a new healthcare law under Obama that gave them everything they wanted, they would still oppose it.

    • TexMarine

      ” If there was a new healthcare law under Obama that gave them everything they wanted,” – really? Are you that ignorant of conservatism?

      • Peter

        But it’s true. This has nothing to do with Health Care being free or not. It’s about being that it comes from the Democrats and Pres. Obama.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Single payer options and complete tax funding for healthcare were off the table from the first week.

    • DevilsAdocate

      I disagree. The idea of Obamacare has been proposed many times over the years. He is just the first person to implement it. Conservatives are against it because of the spending tied to it. We can’t afford to just give people everything they want. On top of that, there are SO many problems with being able to stay with your same doctor and Obamacare can be a LOT more expensive for some people than their old healthcare was (which has now spiked in price because of Obamacare and all it’s pricing). And the fact that businesses are now making it very hard to let anyone work full time because they can’t afford to pay for the mandatory healthcare is probably the worst consequence. There are just a lot of things.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Then WHY are conservatives so gung ho for war, which is the most expensive, least productive waste of man hours, material and lives? it’s not about the money with them, that’s a fraud, a smokescreen. With Conservatives, it’s ALL about fear. FEAR of change. The challenge for them is to realize that for all the ‘Godspeak” they spit, their ‘God’ does NOT want them to remain the same. GOD wants them to evolve and they are terrified. Perhaps of hell and damnation if they fail or make an ungodly choice.

        But here are some truths for them to choke on.

        1) GOD invented Contraception. PROOF: Even a bad blow job is heavenly.

        2) GOD invented abortion. PROOF: You eat them everyday, with bacon, toast and hash browns. They are even the standard measure of protein for nutrition charts.

        3) GOD invented evolution, which is the long term development of changes over time. SO for Conservatives to fear what GOD planned for them from birth, is a sure one way ticket to hell.

      • BlueCornMoon

        You’re absolutely right about the FEAR! Fear of America’s changing demographics : a black president elected twice; Hispanics are now the largest minority, more Asians are coming here every day, as are people from Africa & the Middle East. Then there’s the acceptance of gay marriage. It’s the ” de whitening ” of America & insecure conservative whites are finding it hard to deal with,so out come the gun nuts hollering about “open carry”, “stand your ground” , arming & training teachers ( got money for that,but not for the schools in general), trying to take science out of schools & replace it with creationism & taking refuge in an ignorant narrowminded pseudo Christianity which has nothing to do with “love thy neighbor as thyself” but is all about power,control & forcing their twisted logic & beliefs on everyone else. Their campaigns are aimed at recruiting the most terrified & feral demographic

  • Catherine Grainger

    Millions of married women use birth control, and married women have abortions too. The “wait until marriage” argument is no longer relevant.

    • TexMarine

      Thanks for providing reams of evidence to support your facts.

      • Jason Pelloni

        TexMarine, since when do conservatives need evidence? Oh yeah, when the facts are against you evidence is just liberal bias. Ass.

      • Melinda Arlette Pace-Padfield

        You are so obviously a man. A man with his head in the sand.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Which means he likes his ass in the air…

      • Delia

        You must either live in a cave or out of the loop of your female friends lives. You know damn well married women and mistresses get abortions! Or maybe you just don’t pay attention to anything that doesn’t directly affect you!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Opinions don’t need evidence jarhead.

      • Catherine Grainger

        Google it, “do married women use birth control” – you’re unhinged if you believe that we don’t.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Marriage is irrelevant. I know many holds those sacred words, “you may now f*ck this bitch without the shame, chastisement and abuse of old farts.” I know that gay people clamor for a ceremony to ‘sanctify’ (and legalize) their union and love. When it comes right down to it, the ceremony, if it were important at ALL… would be exactly the same for everyone. Like a heartbeat or a breath.

      It is an appeasement, like “when you are older” to a child. An appeasement to a grandmother who stayed married to a bastard for’ the sake of the children”. An appeasement, to atone for choosing a life of your own and not what your parents had planned for you. WHY is “a big church wedding” so important to the parents?

      So, without mentioning the fact that weddings cost money and just like FOR PROFIT student loans, often saddle young couples with crippling debt for what, an elaborate few hours and a party dress… what does the contract of marriage say about the QUALITY of your love for each other?


      THAT’s what marriage is all about.

      But it has nothing to do with birth control! AT ALL!

  • Evelyn

    So how come we are always talking about people waiting or not waiting until marriage? I’m married and I STILL HAVE SEX, AND I DON’T WANT MORE CHILDREN! I don’t get why married people who want to plan their family so they can properly care for the children they have and space them out for the health of the mother always seem to not be mentioned in these discussions.

  • Evelyn

    No really when did
    getting married and BROOD MARE become synonymous?!! Oh
    golly, we better not cover contraceptives for all of those SINGLE SLUTS out
    there since any decent married woman wants nothing more than to tear up her
    body by cranking out a kid every 11 months.
    And nothing a man wants more than to come home to half a dozen noisy,
    messy kids, a tired and cranky wife and a pile of bills they can’t pay.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Excellent observation!!! Don’t forget that kids are a tax deduction, so they are all paid for…. LOL

  • Robert Hatch

    You should have lead with the “Conservatives believe less contraceptives lead to no sex” part because that is the root of this asinine debate. Also it shows that this is about one group shoving their “religious beliefs” down everyone else’s faces which is the real core of this issue IMO.

  • Matt_Terry

    Exactly. Could not have said it better myself. I would love to get a bunch of people with pro-life signs picket Hobby Lobby headquarters saying that they’re encouraging more abortions by making it more difficult for women to get access to free or low cost birth control.

  • Will Parker

    know, or have a pretty good idea, when they can get pregnant. Women
    have the responsibility to act responsible and if they don’t, should be
    held accountable. Women should have self-respect and not put themselves
    in a position to undesirably conceive. Finally, the original birth
    control method was abstinence, without any negative side effects.

    Men – all of the above apply to you as well, except knowing when a woman can conceive.

    There are things that I would like to do. However, I don’t want to be
    held accountable for those acts, so I don’t do them. If I decide that
    I’m going to go out and do these things, knowing full well the potential
    outcome, should I do them anyway and expect others to contribute to
    bailing me out?

    Birth control (not abortion) has nothing to do with
    religion, but everything to do with be responsible for our own
    decisions. Those of you who disagree, please send me your contact and
    bank account information and I’ll get to work on my list of things I
    want to do that I know are irresponsible, wrong, or illegal so you can
    bail me out of the situation. Also, I’d appreciate all of you taking
    your turn to do my time in prison for these things.

    • Drea

      You’re an idiot who obviously knows nothing about women’s reproductive systems… No we do not always know when we can conceive . I have a condition as do several women where I can go months without ovulating and then ovulate twice in a month. I am married, I am responsible and it is none of your damn business either way.

      • Will Parker

        Drea – I didn’t state that women absolutely know when they can conceive, but have a pretty good idea; this is a generality and not definite for all women, as you mentioned your specific case. I didn’t mention anything about a persons marital status in my comment, only that both parties involved need to be responsible. Would you like to be forced to be responsible for anything to do with me? I don’t want to be held responsible for the acts or decisions of anyone else.

      • Terri

        None. of. your. business.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I have met women who don’t even know when to expect their period! I would keep track of their calendars for them, to protect My self. Which is why banging sisters is a bad Idea. Women in the same house somehow synchonize their cycles so boinking the sister is not a pregnancy free alternative.

        Neither is doing their mom.

    • WTF?

      DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THE RHYTHM METHOD IS HIGHLY UNRELIABLE? THAT SOME WOMEN NEED THE PILL FOR HEALTH REASONS OTHER THAN BIRTH CONTROL? Married people also wish to use birth control. Using birth control IS being responsible. How about you post your bank account information and you can support all of the unwanted pregnancies. With your attitude you should be riding a horse everywhere you go rather than those new-fangled motor cars.

      • Will Parker

        I did not mention anything about the rhythm method or marital status. If someone doesn’t want to have a child, they have a choice of abstinence; the choice is made then to absolutely not conceive. I do not disagree that people should use birth control. However, the people shouldn’t have to be held responsible for acts and decisions of others. Would you be okay funding mine?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Your logic is:
        I never drive on Interstate 5, why should I pay for paving that?
        I never smoke cigarettes, why should I pay for cancer research?
        I never stole oil from Arabs, why should I pay for a war to steal it?

        OK, the last is undoubtedly NOT about you, but the point is clear.

        THE REASON you pay for what other AMERICAN’s need is that YOU, as an AMERICAN, are part and parcel of our ‘tribe’. You may choose self exile, but don’t come back asking for anything after you leave, because you give up any rights, the moment you selfishly deny rights to others of the tribe.

        The whole concept of Democracy is majority rule. But now as a minority, you are insisting that less than a penny a year of your tax money is an unbearable burden on your soul because is going towards intelligent preventative medicine, all because of a religious doctrine you blatantly and obviously do NOT believe in your self.

        How is denying any woman a choice, “Loving one another as you love yourself?” You VIOLATE Jesus with your stand, with your words, in both your heart and your mind. And Jesus told you to repent. To “go to your brother with whom you have a quarrel, and make it right before the sun sets.”

        Yet there you stand with your pile of rocks, pretending to be without sin.

      • Steven McCray

        Very well stated sir

  • AngelaQ

    It’s a fact that religious conservatives have more premarital sex, extramarital sex, and abortions. “Do as I say, and I’ll do whatever I feel like.”

    • Bine646

      Lets see that data

  • Eg Kbbs

    The folks against abortion are often against birth control.

    But here’s something that both sides should be able to agree to: Poverty (and even the milder poor economy, lack of safety net, etc) make the prospects of having a child bleaker. Even if it doesn’t lead to an abortion it leads to poor prenatal care leading to decreased opportunities for the child. Likewise poverty leads to poor school performance (including poor nutrition, lack of suitable opportunities to study, etc.).

    So why not respect all life by improving the economic opportunities ?

  • Jim Bean

    When I was 15, I already knew what a condom was for, where to purchase one without anyone knowing, and how to use it. Too bad our education system has deteriorated to such an extent.

    • wildwitchy

      Since you’re so smart, you obviously know that some people have allergies to latex, and to the spermicide used to make condoms more effective. Since you know that, you know that for people with these allergies, using condoms means that you can die. Being so terribly smart, you also know that the condom, as typically used, is effective about 76% of the time. Since you’re so good at math, being so smart and all, you’ll know that means that it is ineffective 24% of the time. Now, Oral Birth Control, when used in the typical fashion, is effective between 97-99.8% of the time. Meaning that, at worst, there is about a 3% fail rate. So, as a young woman, would you, with your superior intellect, take the 24% chance of getting pregnant, or the 3% chance? Go ahead, Jim. Think about it. I can wait….. {{{humming the theme from Jeopardy while I wait}}}

      • Jim Bean

        I’d use the oral. But, what’s your point? Its not like HL wasn’t, or won’t continue to, provide oral contraceptives. And, as a smart person, I recognize your own argument that Oral is effective 97-99.8% vaporizes the Left’s argument the HL decision represents a huge hardship for women to endure. Your argument also illustrates that irresponsible behavior is the precursor to most abortions and that only adds credence to the objections to it that many religious folks have. This never was about discrimination against women. It was about the Left sticking it to anyone not willing to give them everything they demand.

      • Stephen Barlow

        It is NOW!! SCOTUS pulled a fast one to avoid riots and death threats.

      • Stephen Barlow

        REAL Oral Contraception is 100% reliable. Unless the slut wipes her mouth before she rubs one out.

      • Jim Bean

        Now you’re creepin’ me out.

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu only like oral sex from guys?

    • Stephen Barlow

      Why was it imperative to keep “your shameful condom purchase” a secret?

      Education did NOT deteriorate, it was unfunded and sabotaged.

      • Jim Bean

        If the link posts, you can learn more about education and how funding has increased dramatically while school/teacher performance has deteriorated dramatically.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Then explain WHY “All Children Left BEhind” was 100% UNFUNDED, but MANDATED so school Districts HAD to take funds from books and building maintenance to pay for irrelevant testing.

        You also might also explain WHY that was coupled to the the drive towards vouchers so public funds can pay for religious home schooling and private schooling.

      • Jim Bean

        $56,000 ($36/hr) – average school teacher annual salary. $43,000 ($20/hr) – average annual salary of all workers in US w/teachers salaries included. (Hourly figures adjusted to reflect months worked per year to earn annual salary.) School teachers are securely fastened to a public teat from cradle grave and are the most spoiled rotten, ungrateful members of our society. I take offense to your delusional sense of indignation.

      • Stephen Barlow

        are you counting all the unpaid HOMETIME HOURS invested in class prep, grading papers and tests, record keeping? Do you subtract the actual cash investments of teachers in supplies NOT budgeted for by Republicans?

        Let’s see…

        “MYTH: Teachers make just as much as other, comparable professions.

        FACT: According to a recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the teaching profession has an average national starting salary of $30,377. Meanwhile, NACE finds that other college graduates who enter fields requiring similar training and responsibilities start at higher salaries:

        Computer programmers start at an average of $43,635,

        Public accounting professionals at $44,668, and

        Registered nurses at $45,570.

        Not only do teachers start lower than other professionals, but the more years they put into teaching, the wider the gap gets.

        A report from NEA Research, which is based on US census data, finds that annual pay for teachers has fallen sharply over the past 60 years in relation to the annual pay of other workers with college degrees. Throughout the nation the average earnings of workers with at least four years of college are now over 50 percent higher than the average earnings of a teacher.”

        So they are under paid to sTART, and the gap only gets’ WORSE. As if Romney had been President for HALF a century.

        “MYTH: The school day is only six or seven hours, so it’s only fair that teachers make less than “full-time” professionals.

        FACT: Other professionals hardly have the monopoly on the long workday, and many studies conclude that teachers work as long or longer than the typical 40-hour workweek.

        Six or seven hours is the “contracted” workday, but unlike in other professions, the expectation for teachers is that much required work will take place at home, at night and on weekends. For teachers, the day isn’t over when the dismissal bell rings.

        Teachers spend an average of 50 hours per week on instructional duties, including an average of 12 hours each week on non-compensated school-related activities such as grading papers, bus duty, and club advising.

        When the Center for Teaching Quality studied teachers’ workdays in Clark County, NV, it found that not only did most teachers work additional hours outside of the school day, but that “Very little of this time is spent working directly with students in activities such as tutoring or coaching; far more time is reported on preparation, grading papers, parent conferences, and attending meetings.”

        SO, a 32 hours paycheck for 50 hours of work, NOT calculated @ time& 1/2…. How Republican of the School Boards.

        “MYTH: Teachers have summers off.

        FACT: Students have summers off. Teachers spend summers working second jobs, teaching summer school, and taking classes for certification renewal or to advance their careers.

        Most full-time employees in the private sector receive training on company time at company expense, while many teachers spend the eight weeks of summer break earning college hours, at their own expense.

        School begins in late August or early September, but teachers are back before the start of school and are busy stocking supplies, setting up their classrooms, and preparing for the year’s curriculum.”

        AHEM! Did you SUBTRACT those REQUIRED EDUCATION EXPENSES in your snotty post?

        “MYTH: Thanks to tenure, teachers can never be fired, no matter how bad they are.

        FACT: Tenure does not mean a “job for life,” as many people believe. It means “just cause” for discipline and termination, be the reason incompetence or extreme misconduct. And it means “due process,” the right to a fair hearing to contest charges. Quite simply, any tenured teacher can be fired for a legitimate reason, after school administrators prove their case. That’s similar to what American citizens expect when charged with violation of a law.”

        WOW, I never met a bot what was programmed to spew FOUR LIES AT A TIME from the same post.

        My hat is off to you penchant for dishonesty!

      • Jim Bean

        Bull. When the roads are icy, you get to stay in the safety of your home. When its hot out, you get to spend all day in the A/C. When its cold out, you get to spend all day in a temperature controlled environment. The greatest on-the-job danger you are exposed to is a paper cut. You’re never laid off because of depressed economic conditions. You never have to get dirty. You never lose your job and have to start all over because the employer’s business failed to keep up with the competition. And when they take a summer job, they get additional money not counted in the 56,000. You’re a perfect example of what I mean by spoiled rotten. You live in a bubble and have no comprehension of what life is like outside the government institutional compound.

      • Jen

        You are out of touch if you think the greatest danger of a teacher is a paper cut. Have you heard of Columbine? How about Sandy Hook? Those are just the “big name” ones. Kid hits you? Don’t hit them back, their parents may sue, and you will lose your job.

        Get dirty? Young children do experience what the custodians call “body spills.” Guess who is holding their hand or their head while they vomit? Who gets a paper towel when a kid is bleeding before sending them to the nurse? Kindergarteners and possibly even 1st or 2nd graders have “accidents.”

        Air conditioning? Maybe so, but the schools here in the midwest where I live start the middle of August – that puts teachers in the schools at the beginning of August. You can bet those school buildings are hot.

        And, if your $56,000 a year is accurate, it is hardly what I would call a lavish lifestyle.

      • Stephen Barlow

        41% of Americans make more than a tenured teacher averages. GRocery managers make more, as do plumbers and grade 7 Government workers.

        But the real # is $43,000, which is exactly 50%. One of the hardest jobs requiring a master’s degree, a professional certificate and a dedication beyond most jobs makes what a McDonald’s manager makes BEFORE BONUSES.

      • Terri

        My spouse has been teaching high school for 20 years and doesn’t make that much. That number is a joke.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Thanks for the truth Jen!

      • Stephen Barlow

        NO, only for “no Child Left BEhind”. That’s right, they weren’t laid off, they were downsized to pay for unnecessary standardized testing.

        Most teacher do their job well enough that they are never at risk for firing.

        A second job is EVERY workers option. Just as holiday jobs. I thought you were FOR 3-4 job families because poverty isn’t enough ‘justice’ for you.

        I earned the space I made for My self in this world.

        Do your balls still hurt from being KICKED with SO MUCH TRUTH? I can’t tell because you ALWAYS have whined and cried like a little girl.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The greatest on the job danger a Teacher faces is a kid with a GUN NUT 2A parent and an unsupervised ARENSL in his home. Sandy Hook, Columbine…92 dead in school shootings in the las 20 years? Teachers don’t face daily danger like Narcotics cops do, but YOUR job as asshole in chief is much safer than a teacher’s.

      • Jim Bean

        Actually, teachers are in much greater danger of being struck by lightening or being killed in a motor vehicle accident on the way to work. The greatest danger I face comes, I think, from web stalkers. Giant keys who likes shemale porn was, I thought, the only one on my tail. But you’re going back two months. What’s up with that.

  • Matthew Reece

    Once again, government is the problem. Like all pharmaceuticals, birth control should be available over the counter, but this is prohibited by law.

  • Stephen Barlow

    These are the real perverts in society. You scratch a religious nut and you will not only find extreme willful ignorance about sex in general and panic about any sexual concept that is NOT exactly as your own. These are the most vile homophobes, the kinds of loving family that exiles pregnant and gay teens without a second or one second of thought. But they picket abortion clinics, bomb them on occassion and have even assassinated doctors in churches.

    These people are for defunding public education, school lunches, WIC, TANF and SNAP. They are the first to scream about parents tights to choose a curriculum for everyone else’s kids, and they scream the loudest about their own religious freedom while denying the majority any freedom at all.

    SO, WHY do these hateful hypocrites deserve special exemptions? Because decent people can’t stand to hear a baby cry.

  • Emma

    Many have no clue how contraceptives even work! Cause more you need more birth control pills to have more sex, right?

  • LeighB

    It is not about abortions, fetus or birth control.
    It is about power and the GOP/Christians have been losing this discussion for 40 years.
    Slut-shaming women does not work. Ask rush about his lack of advertisers.
    Ask Komen about imploding of their business.
    Make your own sandwiches, I have more important things to do. And – shut up.

  • vichin1 .

    1) Conservatives are NOT against contraceptives. We are ALL FOR IT. “Day after” pills are and iud’s is what we find offensive. Use a condom or get in the pill. There are no health benefirs to either.

    2) We are not against Sex education…we are against SCHOOLS teaching it. Families should be doing this at home. If your child is not comfortable talking to parents about it, they messed up along the way. Conservatives/Progressives alike.

  • James Cranford

    wow, tell a liberal a woman that you aint going to pay for their contraceptives, and boom! the hatred flows like lava from a volcano, consuming everything in its path.

    • Terri

      I pay for my health insurance. So do you. You get full coverage for your body. So should I.

  • Karen Willcox

    The opposition to birth control is easier to understand when you take into account that for conservatives, *birth control is equivalent to abortion.* If a drug or device prevents a zygote from implanting in the uterus, *that’s abortion,* as far as they’re concerned. Never mind that pregnancy begins with implantation, and that you can’t have an abortion in the absence of pregnancy.