The Simple Reality: Conservatives Are Destroying Christianity

jesusphilosophyConservatives like to champion themselves as the party for “Christian values.”  If by “Christian values” they mean a bunch of people who base being a “Christian” on church attendance, how many copies of the Bible they own and how often they judge others.  That’s essentially the extent of the “Christian values” I see from these people.

But it’s like I’ve said before, I’ve never met someone who’s abandoned their faith because of liberals or liberal beliefs.  Though I have met quite a few people who’ve been turned away from Christianity because of the ignorance of those “conservative Christians” who seem determined to force everyone to follow their specific brand of ignorance.

I don’t get why these people think that by trying to force everyone to adhere to their brand of “Christianity” (which isn’t Christianity at all), somehow this will “bring people into the fold.”

The reality is that conservative “Christians” are actually driving people away from Christianity in droves and seemingly doing their best to destroy the faith altogether.

See, while they claim liberals are out to destroy Christian values, they are the ones who are actually doing that.  By justifying their ignorance towards society in general by claiming “it’s in the Bible,” they’ve turned a faith that’s based on a man who stood for acceptance, love and hope into one of judgement, hate and fear.

By the way, saying “it’s in the Bible” when you don’t follow every word that’s in the Bible simply makes you a hypocrite.  I love when I meet someone who “doesn’t approve of them gays” while they’re wearing blended fabrics, tatted up with few tattoos and enjoy eating shellfish – all a big “no-no” in the Bible.

Oh, and if you want to say our laws should be based on the Bible, who’s the first one who wants to stand up and advocate for stoning women who commit adultery?  Anyone?

But when it comes to conservatives and religion, it’s an endless cycle of hypocrisy and ignorance.  They claim to be advocates for “Christian values,” yet they’re driving people away from Christianity in record numbers because of their intolerance and hate.  Two values that are completely opposite of the values for which Jesus Christ stood.

So the next time a conservative says that liberals are out to destroy Christianity, tell them to go take a good long look in the mirror.  Because while they claim liberals are destroying Christianity, they’re actually the ones doing it.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jerome

    how are they doing it? This is a good first draft but lacks any foundation or facts to the broad claims.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      How are they driving people away from religion? Easily explained. I had a very close friend who decided at a late age to become a “Christian”. At that point he began to spout bible verses at me, tell me that the church I had been raised and baptized in was no good, called me a baby killer because I happened to believe in planned parenthood, called me a Muslim lover because I had voted for Obama. It went on and on. I am almost 75 years old and have never seen anything like this type of “Christianity” that seems to be going on today. Politicians tell us that the Constitution tells us that God made all of us Christians and that’s the way our country should be run and no exceptions. Anyone else should be tossed out with the garbage. I am sick of it. My religion and beliefs are my own business and no one else’s. If these people want to believe every word in the Bible that’s fine with me, just don’t force your ideas and beliefs on me.

      • Kain

        If I remember right, when I wasn’t sleeping thru history class, Europeans immigrated here to escape religious persecution, right? They desired to worship without fear of punishment. Well, looks like there’s not many more places to go that’re empty. So what’s going on?? Looks like we’re all doing it again, slinging vitriolic character assassination at anyone who refuses to conform or even agree.

      • Joseph W. Egan

        Then why do you people consistently force your beliefs on others?

      • TheRealSocialmedic

        5. “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
        ~1797 Treaty of Tripoli signed by Founding Father John Adams

    • Jesse Dooley

      I agree with your criticism. This is a great post that expresses the author’s frustration with “conservative” Christianity, but that’s about all it is. Almost every paragraph speaks of “ignorance” in some way or another, but the author needs to build a stronger foundation. I say this as a Christian who used to be conservative but who is now progressive and definitely more liberal. I agree with the author’s sentiments but I just wish they would expound a little more. We need to be careful we aren’t simply finger-pointing and name-calling. I’m definitely not one to say that one cannot be conservative and still be Christian. However, I am against people telling me that I or anyone else is outside the love of God, which I believe is known in Jesus.

  • uuberdude

    For instance, you cannot find a bible passage that prohibits or condemns abortion. But you can find explicit instructions with instruction for and commanding abortion in Numbers 5:12-31, and Hosea 13:16.

    • Gladys

      The scripture Numbers 5:12-31 is not referring to abortion but to jealousy of her husband and the curse that would come about if his jealousy was found to be be true don’t quote the word if you haven really read it .. just saying I’m neither judging but stating a fact

      • uuberdude

        The fact is that women were made to drink a septic solution that caused an intended miscarriage, a.k.a, abortion if a child had been conceived Gladys. If one puts barley meal (the required sacrificial offering), water, and dirt from the temple floor, where desert people who rarely washed and wore sandals or went barefoot walked and where livestock were brought for live animal sacrifice, dragging in and dropping manure and any number of pathogens, vast colonies of bacteria are the result. To drink it causes internal infection of the bowels and reproductive organs, causing them, like the passage says, to rot.

    • Humma Kavula

      And that passage the Christian Right loves to trot out? “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew Thee”? That was God speaking to Gabriel, the Prophet.

      Guess the fundies think we’re all born prophets.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Of course, the Old Testament prophets bitterly condemned the hypocrisy of the religious. Then Jesus really lit into the Scribes and Pharisees (the religious of the day. Albeit mostly in Matthew which shows an obvious animosity between the Jews and Christians).

  • Cathryn Sykes

    I’m not a Christian, but I am a big fan of Jesus. And I see very little of his teachings being followed by right-wing “Christians.” In Matthew 25: 34-46, for example, he states very clearly who will get into heaven and who will go to hell. His criteria? Did you feed the hungry? Did you clothe those who were naked? Did you take in the stranger? Tend the sick? Visit those in prison? In short, did you help those who needed help? If you did, you go to heaven. If you didn’t, you go to hell. And there’s not single word in those passages about who has prayed the loudest or the most often, who gives their local church or temple the biggest donaton, or who has most zealously persecuted “sinners.” Just the “Did you help those who were hungry, alone, sick or poor?”

    • Humma Kavula

      The Christian Right of today has more in common with the Pharisees and the Sadducees of Christ’s day, than Christ Himself. Most of the pastors in these ridiculously opulent Megachurches are only in it to milk the gullible for money and riches.

      • suziel813

        i just said the same thing. thank god there are people who do see it for the real that it is. “like the republican party, the pharisees had done the same. they used the word for their rich life style and their law became the word.”

    • 2lassie3

      There is only one thing that can keep us out of heaven and that is blasphemy. Rejecting Christ.

    • Joseph W. Egan

      That’s why were really big on doing that stuff. You guys should give it a try.

    • Sydney

      You can’t believe in Jesus but not be Christian.

      • bimotarich

        I don’t see why not… you can like the things he said, and believe he was a real person with out believing he was the son of god or any other supernatural nonsense… Just like you can respect Confucius and appreciate many of his teachings with out praying to your ancestors…

      • Sydney

        But if you reject that He is the Son of God, then His walk on earth is irrelevant. He came to die for us. He came to spread God’s word. He came to reach about heaven, salvation, and loving God. All of His teachings focus on how to love God. If you ignore every teaching meant to shed light on our walk with God, what is left? And why even bother?

        Confucius was not the Son of God. He was an imperfect man.

  • Suburban Ennui

    “I love when I meet someone who “doesn’t approve of them gays” while they’re wearing blended fabrics, tatted up with few tattoos and enjoy eating shellfish – all a big “no-no” in the Bible.” – Correction, those are all big “no-nos” in the Old Testament. Now, there’s not way I’m wading into the whole “gay” argument, as I don’t think it very productive. But, bringing up Levitical law to support your argument is just nonsensical as the entire point of the New Testament is doing away with “The Law” and replacing it with the Christ’s sacrificial work on the cross.

  • Oh yeah them liberal Christians are certainly building up the kingdom of God with the teachings on tolerance and acceptance and updating them old fashioned ten commandments. We much rather follow an easy going Jesus who does not judge anyone about anything and lets us all live and let live as we see fit. Got to apologize to them money changers though that he tossed out of the temple that day. Oh and that comment about whited sepulchers and tombs filled with dead man’s bones that wasn’t too loving either. OH WHAT about all that driving out demons stuff? I mean where does Jesus get off saying anyone is possessed of the devil.
    Oh and about adultery and this whole thing with marriage and all; wasn’t it Jesus himself who said that a man shall leave his mother and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh? And he went on to say that what God has joined together let NO MAN put asunder, so much for tolerating all that adultery and divorcing going on.

    Seems to me Jesus excluded a whole lot of couplings too when he spoke about marriage. Jesus either was not aware of or dismissed any notion of a man leaving his mother and cleaving to his husband and there is no mention of a woman leaving her father to cleave to anyone let alone another woman.

    It would appear Jesus really loved the old testament too, since he did a great deal of preaching from that OLD BOOK. He is always quoting something from the book of Moses or the prophets or Psalms or even a proverb. Doesn’t he know that all that OLD STUFF was supposed to be done away with now that the COOL JESUS was on the scene?

    OH and let us not forget how much love he showed for the rich man when he told him to sell everything he had and give it to the poor. Now I ask you how many liberal ministers do you know that tells the RICH folk in their congregations to sell everything they have and give to the poor and then come back and follow me? HANDS ANYONE? How many of you rich folks are willing to give everything you have to the poor? Any takers? Or is that TOO CONSERVATIVE for you? What would a liberal Jesus say? Oh I know go gather from your neighbor and then give what you gathered to the folks I say are poor but while you are at it take some for yourself as a service fee.

    The writer of this post seems to think that EVERYONE LOVED JESUS because JESUS was such a fun loving and easy going swell guy to hang around, have they forgotten that the people CRUCIFIED him because they did not like what he was teaching? YEAH THEY did not like what JESUS was teaching, they wanted to stone him and they did have him put to death because of all the love he was putting down.

    What turned the people against JESUS then as it does now is the same. His presence convicted them of their own shortcomings and their own sin. The SELF RIGHTEOUS tenure of the writer of this post sounds very much like the self-righteous religious folks back in the day. Of course the write of this post seems to think the speck in his brothers eye is bigger than the huge log he got in his own, but hey what can you expect from a loving liberal like Allen Clifton. It is just too bad that we share the same first name, we certainly do not share the same Jesus.

    Just remember Jesus was the one who said: there will be many who will enter in at the broad gate because wide is the gate that leads to destruction, but straight and narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life and FEW will find that way. SO many are not willing to walk the straight and narrow that does not surprise me because that too is IN THE BIBLE. I would be careful if I were you if you are looking for a huge crowd though. WHEN JESUS DIED BECAUSE HE LOVED US SO MUCH there were no HUGE CROWDS there to support him. In fact most of his disciples left him once he started to preach about them having to TAKE UP A CROSS to follow him. THE HUGE CROWDS were gathered not to take up THEIR OWN CROSS but to cry out for JESUS to be put on one!

    • adcbeast

      Eagle DOOOSH .. What you quoted was NEVER said by Jesus …

      since nothing in the bible was written or said by Jesus …

      • How would you know? Where you there? Are you saying the witnesses of Jesus didn’t see what they saw or hear what they heard? I could just as easily say that anything you say isn’t so since you have never said or written anything. Now that I think about it your comment really isn’t anything worthwhile so I guess it does count as nothing. Good day

      • adcbeast

        @OnEagleWings:disqus .. I didn’t have to be .. we call it a RECORD RECORD which Jesus was NEVER recorded talking about almost any of the crp that American “christians” think Jesus talked about

        NEXT !!!

      • The record is the sacred writs which you dismiss. Since people lived at the time of Christ many wrote about their encounters with this said CHRIST. Many are found in the sacred texts of the Jewish people and preserved in the bible record.

      • bigremo

        Since neither of us were there, neither of us should pretend to know what happened. You godites go so far as to put words in the mouth of people whose existence has never been proven. The bible is historical fiction, like Titanic, Jesus was king of the world and later died sacrificing himself upon the door of holiness, just like in Titanic.

      • Yes but unlike Jack Jesus rose from the dead and is alive and well today, just ask anyone who has had an encounter with Him. But like Jesus said even if someone came back from the dead you naysayers wouldn’t believe them anyway.

        So then here’s to you and yours EAT, Drink, Be Merry for tomorrow you shall die!

  • Becky

    I am learning a lot these days by just listening more. I have seriously been praying and asking God for direction and I feel that conservatism is not what Jesus had in mind at all. I believe what the Bible says and I try to follow Jesus teaching the best I can. I must look at myself first and remove the beam from my own eye. We need to pray more and stop looking to politics and Men to save our country. I like blogs like this because as Christians we should never stop learning and listening. We need to stop judging non believers and show them more grace. After all that is how I came to believe. Jesus showed be love and grace.

    • Joe

      Another thing it sounds like you might enjoy, if you have Sirius XM is on channel 121 between 2 and 5 PM. John Fugelsang’s “Tell Me Everything”. If you’re not familiar hes a standup comedian. His mom was a nun and dad was a monk, so he’s got some solid religious views. His show is all about music, pop culture, politics, religion, truckers, really whatever comes up. I swear I don’t work for him but I LOVE his show. Personally was raised Roman Catholic, the turned atheist in disgust of the religion’s actions toward gay people and the intolerance as a whole and people’s hypocrisy and not being able to get past the science. His discussions have brought me back to at least wanting to follow the teachings from religion and to respect those, even without believing in a deity.

    • Joe

      Damn. Thread necromancy. Just noticed the age. But my comment still applies

  • adcbeast

    PEOPLE …. there is nothing in the bible written or said by Jesus …. there are no known writings by Jesus

    The bible was written by bad religious philosophers 2000 years ago … the evidence in the the bible is full of the social prejudices they had at the time the books of the bible were written …

    It is impossible to know if Jesus said anything attributed to Jesus .. we just don’t have the evidence to support it

    • Except the evidence of Jesus himself who is very much alive today. Yep he has risen from the dead just like HE SAID HE WOULD and lives today and you can know him if you only humble yourself and bother to seek him.

  • Diomasach

    Jesus said – Heal the sick and feed the hungry.
    That means YOU heal the sick and YOU feed the hungry.
    Not what Democrats do, which is use the power of government to stick a gun in the face of thier neighbors and take thier money to hire other people to do it for you. That’s not compassion, that’s not charity. That’s force.

    • Humma Kavula

      Apparently, you’ve never heard of the Dominionist movement. Google it and read about it.

      No Democrats there, that’s for sure.

      • The Dominionist are a scary group that want to cram their own interpretation of Christianity down our throats. They have amassed great wealth that they are using to gain political power. Read up on the Koch brothers. This is the Christian agenda that needs to be exposed to the sleeping masses that follow them. Rupert Murdock is another one to study. He has pledged his media empire (Fox News ) to this movement. They gain power from the ignorant by fanning the flames of hatred and division among the ‘believers’. People vote against their own interests in support of the Dominionist diabolical plan because they have been brainwashed to believe that is what Jesus taught. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is time to wake up spiritually and see that what Jesus and all the other profits were trying to tell us, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within’. People need to learn discernment so that they can see the truth for themselves instead of listening to false prophets like the Dominionist. These people rely on your fear to control you. There is a reason Jesus cautioned us to “Fear not”. Wake up to the truth and you shall be free. The truth being that a part of God resides within you and if you listen to the God within, you can discern for yourself what is truth.

      • DougNTexas

        Well Republicans use the power of the government to take my money so they can invade another sovereign government thousands of miles away with young men and women who lose their lives and limbs just so they can make a lot of money in the oil business.

      • suziel813

        very true. they profit with war.

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
      ~1797 Treaty of Tripoli signed by Founding Father John Adams

  • uuberdude

    It has to happen, there being no rational or reasonable premise to support it. The embarrassing spin conservatives put on it can’t last. The species is evolving. Who knew?