The Simple Truth About Creationists: They’re Too Stupid to Understand Science

tysonI really never thought I’d live to see the day where scientific evidence accepted by the vast majority of scientists would suddenly become “opinion” simply because some people don’t like what that science supports.

As if a fact isn’t a fact simply because someone doesn’t like what that fact reveals.  It’s like when Neal deGrasse Tyson said during Cosmos that the theory of evolution is as scientifically accepted as the theory of gravity.  His point essentially being that you’d be considered insane to deny the existence of gravity, and that’s as scientifically accepted as evolution – something which tens of millions of people don’t believe is real.

As frustrating as it is to hear these creationists like Ken Ham spout off their nonsense, I often find it amusing.  Even during his debate with Bill Nye, Ham never proved anything.  The basis for his entire “defense” of his position was, “Well, there’s this book…” and that was basically it.

Behind every vastly accepted scientific position lies countless hours of research done by some of the smartest people on the planet.  And within those scientific positions lie detailed, and often extremely complicated, explanations that prove whatever position they take.

It’s like Nye said during his debate, accepted science is something you can use to predict future certain events with accuracy – something the Bible cannot do.

The bottom line is, most creationists are simply too stupid to understand what science actually is.  They seem unable to grasp what goes into scientific research, study and ultimately acceptance.  They act like their blind faith (which isn’t provable at all), based on the Bible, is the same way scientists come up with their data.

As if the Bible and a Biology book stand on equal grounds.

They don’t understand that what they believe in is faith – not science.  Just because something is written inside of a book that has absolutely no provable methodology behind it, and they like what’s inside, doesn’t make that science.  A biology book isn’t comprised of random hopes written down by whomever felt like writing them.  They’re made up of information that’s been thought of, tested, retested and debated over by some of the brightest minds on earth.

It’s like Nye said, in science you thirst for new information and realize you don’t have all the answers.  To a creationist they believe that they have all the answers, yet have no proof for any of them.

These people are just too ignorant to get what science is.  They mistake belief for fact, confuse faith for science and act as if scientific research is nothing more than a random set of rules pulled out of thin air – you know, just like the Bible.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Charles Lomando

    I agree in the science presented but I take issue with the idea that those who believe are just too stupid to see science as fact. I have many friends who are people of faith and are some of the most intelligent people I know. As to why they find issue with science yes does confound me, but calling them stupid– is just– well stupid.

    • Amanda Hendsbee

      Absolutely agree. Calling someone stupid because they have faith is among the lowest things I can think of. Are there people who are fanatic and obsessive? Yes, of course. But to lump everyone who believes in creation into the category of “stupid” is just ridiculous.

      • Oliversarmy

        Stupid is as stupid does. And believing in bad evidence on faith alone is an act of stupidity.

      • Amanda Hendsbee

        No, actually, it’s an act of faith. Every person is, of course, entitled to their own beliefs- I’m just not sure why that has to include tearing down the beliefs of others.

      • Kiyoko Mori

        Faith is the problem. Because faith is putting your belief in the hands of someone else. You are simply doing what you are told. You aren’t using your mind nor are you leaving yourself open to the possibility of something else. The end to alot of arguments could be had if people would simply say or at least agree that if there is a god .. which none of us can truly know or disprove …than maybe he intended for evolution to work the way it did. Just because the universe can be explained by science it doesn’t actually discount the divine, if anything it reinforces it. Just because the universe runs more like a machine than a pile of pixie dust doesn’t mean someone didn’t set that machine in motion. I actually take comfort in the idea there was a plan (even if we can never truely know it) and not just an old beardy dude in a bath robe going “eh fuck it” and pooping out a universe.

      • Simon Cat Parnell

        “reinforces it” only to an idiot

      • rreppy

        They are entitled to their beliefs – UNTIL they start lobbying to insert their unsubstantiated beliefs into school curriculums and try to dumb my children down! At that point, they have declared war on my kids and on my country’s Constitution, and we are within our rights to take exception to that and fight back!

      • John D.

        Because beliefs are NOT facts.
        Never have been – and never, ever will be.
        Feel free to ‘believe’ whatever you want. But when the chips are down, nobody – NOBODY – gets to pass off their beliefs as facts, or teach them as such. That, in a very small nutshell, is the problem.

      • MrLightRail

        Rachael Maddow posted a picture today on Facebook from a sign of a Church of Christ, which said “A Free Thinker is Satan’s Slave”. That alone shows the promotion of ignorance as faith.

      • Brian David

        If someone jumped off of a building because they had “faith” that they could fly what would you call that person? IF someone simply believes in a higher power and has faith that there is life after death I wouldn’t call them stupid but those who want to teach creationism as an alternative to evolution are the same ones who the statement below written into the official Texas Republican platform. Stupid and willfully ignorant are perfect descriptions for them. Also keep in mind that these super Christians pick and chose the parts of the bible that they believe…. they wear there old testament hate for gay people like a badge of honor while they sit in a booth with their menstruating wife at Red Lobster getting the all you can eat shrimp special.

        Official Texas Republican party plank:
        Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

      • Kathy Stuart

        “… they wear there old testament hate for gay people like a badge of honor while they sit in a booth with their menstruating wife at Red Lobster getting the all you can eat shrimp special.”


      • Low Gear

        That was pretty good. Clever!

      • Gra Piken

        Some people hate gays and some people hate women.

      • surfjac

        I think that with all the evidence available to the contrary, to look at our universe and assume some mystical sky creature created it in 6 days is pretty stupid. If a person of faith accepts the bible for what it is, stories rewritten over time by religious men (not women), containing allegories for life, that’s one thing. Accepting some myth as truth? sorry, epic fail.

      • I’m sorry your feeling were hurt, but there’s just no other way to say it. A person who truly believes in the Christian creation myth, after knowing all of the evidence that exists against it, is stupid.

      • Amanda Hendsbee

        This isn’t about my personal feelings. It’s about the solid FACT that you don’t need to assume people you don’t know are stupid because they choose to believe differently than you do.

      • adults that believe in fairy tales are, in fact, stupid. i’m sorry

      • Basiclife1

        Believing in creationism doesn’t mean you’re stupid that’s a false assertion. What it does mean, by definition, is that you’re either unwilling or unable to use critical thinking skills to make unbiased, rational decisions in some areas.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Merriam Webster defines stupid as follows; “not intelligent: having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things. : not sensible or logical.” I think this adequately describes those who depend on faith for all things. Many show a lack of ability to accept things that scientists have proven to be true. They lacked the ability to learn, at some point in their lives that the Earth is much, much older than 6,000 years. Yeah, those people are stupid.

    • mrwitticism

      The article doesn’t say “those who believe” are stupid. It says “creationists” are stupid. There’s a difference. I’m sure there are many xtians who don’t literally believe the world was created in six days, AND do believe in evolution.

    • 1EdMeadows83

      I disagree with your premise. When it comes to the finer techniques of computer science, I am indeed stupid. In other words, I don’t have the quickness or acuity to grasp all the theories and functions of a computer that my grandson has. When it comes to knowledge of aircraft maintenance I leave my grandson at the starting gate. Creationists who refuse to take science seriously are, in fact, stupid on that point. They may have graduate degrees in Roman Classicism but complete ignorance in Political Science. In other words, they are stupid when it comes to politics.

      • Peter Laine

        I agree with you on your main point but the better word I believe is “ignorant” meaning innocent of that particular knowledge.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        I would agree with that.

      • xxsimmonsxx

        sorry. ignorance means you know nothing about a topic. these people know something, and refuse to believe it. they are not ignorant, they can not be, they are stupid. if you lead people to enlightenment and they ran back into medieval darkness, they are stupid.

    • surfjac

      ” I have many friends who are people of faith and are some of the most intelligent people I know. As to why they find issue with science yes does confound me…”

      It confounds you because supposedly “intelligent” people by your standards don’t understand science that you might understand because they are uneducated, simple, apathetic, misinformed and/or just not that bright if they can’t look at metaphoric snow and say that it is anything but white or the metaphoric sky and say it’s not blue.
      I am wondering how you can consider them “intelligent” at all.

  • terry63

    I am a Creationist. I also lean heavily on science. I also beleive in Evolution. I can look at a wooly Mammoth and see an elephant, How easy is that? I also know a little about DNA. DNA follows very strict rules and does not mutate. A Monkey is not a man nor is he a fish, nor has he ever been in a Million years. If A babies DNA is off one single tiny bit, it will be born with Downs syndrome or dead.
    This all came from some where. Does the Universe have a beggining? An end. Or do we just think that because we here on earth see everything with a sence of time or reason. The very fact that we are here on the world wide web discussing Creation, God, Science and Evolution tells me that Man is very different than the rest of the animals on this planet. Our bodies are the same but our minds are not earthly. We look into the stars and wonder.We enjoy Mathematics, Theater and Physics. No other animal here does that. Not even close. My guess is that those who hate the idea of any kind of Grand design for This planet do so because if they admitted to a God factor. Then they would need to aknowledge that there are certian rules set forth for humanity and that would find them guilty , their Ego’s could not bear it. Im not calling anyone stupid, Many of these people are quite intelligent .Calling someone stupid for Believing in a Grnad design is… well Unfortunate. I have known a few very wise people in my short 51 years on this planet. None of those people would ever admit to being Wise. Most of those professing to be intelligent all Knowing people are the biggest Dumb Ass’es you would ever want to meet. Book smart, is taught in a school. Common Sence and Wisdom are God givin. Man has no idea what lies out there in the Universe, he is just a Babe in the woods.

    • Phil Keast

      Interesting post, and I respect those who can embrace both science and faith, since they re not mutually exclusive. It is the extremists at either pole (“Science is no more than a poor theory, all I need to kow is in THE BOOK” versus “No-one true scientist could possibly believe in the fairy tale”) that cause so much unnecessary debate and contention on these issues.
      Having said that, Creationism is NOT science and has no place in a science curriculum or on a science program such as Cosmos. It fails the fundamental criteria that all forms of knowledge must meet to be considered Science. That’s OK, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Politics, and a while raft of other disciplines also fail the “Science Test”.
      I will take issue with one point you made, however. “I also know a little about DNA. DNA follows very strict rules and does not mutate.” Unfortunately, the process by which the sequence of the amino-acids which form DNA becomes disrupted and reconstructed in a difference sequence is well documented. This resequencing is mutation at the chemical level, with all the consequences on a macro-scale of mutation.

      • kafkaesque

        It depends what you define as faith. I am an atheist that is my belief. I believe that not just because of evidence, but mainly because it does not sit in my ‘heart’. If there is a God, why is he so cruel and petty etc. Atheism is faith as much as any religion. In other words I don’t think it is possible not to have faith. Everyone has faith, it’s the decision to temper it with science that makes us intelligent animals.

    • kurt cocking

      You state that DNA does not mutate then go on to say it does, debate over.

    • Kathy Stuart

      DNA mutates all the time; not always with negative results. Have you ever heard of blonde hair and blue eyes?

    • kilvehk

      actually DNA does mutate all the time you even eluded to that fact yourself. on top of that there is evolutionary reasons why we are sentient and self aware. also at one point there were at least 2 species on the planet with intelligence. the neanderthals actually had a larger brain than humans today. as for where it all came from in the most shorthand way i can put it went like this, big bang->cohesion->formation of heavy elements->formation of planets and other astral bodies-> primordial soup-> abiogenesis-> evolution.

    • Peter Laine

      I find beauty, grandeur, & awe in understanding my place in this progression of life. Knowing I am kin with ALL life on our planet, and that I am even in a way related to stars brings me wonder, and peace . It is harder to wage war against nature with this mind set. Knowledge, curiosity,and discovery are the defining attributes of our species. That which stifles these impulses is stagnant ,and is the true evil

    • Shari D

      “DNA follows very strict rules and does not mutate. … If a baby’s DNA is off one single tiny bit, it is born with Down’s syndrome or dead.”
      I had intended to read your entire response, but you lost my attention completely – and your credibility – when you made the first statement (which is patently, blatently, scientifically, medically false) and then proceeded to contradict yourself totally with the second (quoted from you, above.) The scenario you described is called mutation, and it happens ALL the time. Those two results you described are hardly the only results of DNA mutation.
      And you were almost right about one thing ~ you know a very little about DNA ~ if you can actually believe both statements you made.

    • kafkaesque

      You don’t really understand Down’s. It’s not DNA being off a tiny bit. It’s a whole chromosome. That’s a huge amount of DNA that has gone wrong. It’s not a tiny bit. It’s likely everyone commenting here has a mutation in their DNA of some sort. Sorry, but you don’t understand science.

  • Margaret Mills

    Love the article, but won’t share due to the title. I have a few creationist friends who I would like to remain friends with.

  • sleepswithcats

    “They don’t understand that what they believe in is faith – not science.”

    They don’t believe in faith; they have faith (lack of doubt) in what they believe.

    What they believe in is magic.

  • pixeloid

    Sure, lets give the stupid creationist lunatics equal time when one of THEIR so-called “Christian” networks gives science equal time. Never going to happen.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    When you have Fascist Christian Theocrats like psychopathic Con Georgia Rep. Paul Broun calling evolution and science “lies from the pit of hell”, Charles, that’s when you can ask the “stupid v. psychopathic” question…

  • badneolib

    “…the practical expression of faith is force.” – Ayn Rand, For The New Intellectual(Copyright 1961).

  • Bob Akimbo

    It’s interesting, funny, and discouraging all at the same time. Many of the same people who disparage creationists’ unscientific views, and accept the scientific consensus on climate change are the first to deny the scientific consensus on GMO, vaccine, and fluoride safety; and believe in a multitude of sham “medical” therapies from homeopathy to reflexology to acupuncture. Science is science, and if your world view determines what science you accept and what science you deny, then you have no credibility when criticizing someone else’s lack of scientific literacy.

    • PoppaDavid

      Science admits to limits on knowledge, and those limits may change with new discoveries or better methods of research. The science of GMO for example includes Bt corn which is supposed to reduce the need for pesticides against root worm. That resistance has failed because the industry marketing the product has refused to include the reserves identified by the science that is known.

      The safety question for GMO’s doesn’t arise because we don’t trust the science, we don’t trust that the proper tests have been run and we don’t trust that people with a vested interest in burying unfavorable results are willing to release information that would kill their golden goose. We have too many examples of unfavorable test results getting buried to facilitate corporate profits. Heard of Talidomide?

  • FD Brian

    The bible was written by men with very little understanding of science.

  • Skip Thomas

    “The world of poetry, mythology, and religion represents the world as a man would like to have it, while science represents the world as he gradually comes to discover it.”

    Joseph Wood Krutch

  • Frank Lazar

    Making statements like “most creationsists are too stupid to understand what science is.” misses the point. There are some very intelligent people who fully understand science, and Ken Ham is one of them. They just simply, perhaps pathologically refuse to accept conclusions which clash with a worldview they hold at a higher priority, in this case that the literal reading of the Bible is the be all and end all explanation to everything. So like the epicycles added to explain retrograde motion in the Earth centered Ptolemy model of the solar system, they will come up with arguments with the flavor of science that gives them in thier mind, and in the minds of those that follow them equal validity because they can technogibber their self-made fraud. Logic always comes second to emotion when it comes to winning an argument, unless it’s between two lawyers in court….. and not always then, either.

    • fred

      Frank, there are other conclusions(theories) that can be made from the observed facts.

    • Peter Bartholomew

      Ken Ham is simply in it for the money he can make from the gullible and willfully ignorant, he doesn’t believe a word of what is on his absurd AIG website, (recently given the award for “Most Extreme Craziness” in a poll of the wackiest sites on the internet) good luck to the man, he is very clever and laughing all the way to the bank.

  • MrLightRail

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Old Testament basically a history book, and the New Testament the book that Christians are supposed to live by? Just as our laws changed as time went by, so did the rules of the bible. But so-called Christians still use the Old Testament as if it is the law that they need to adhere to, and to use as a club against people that they don’t agree with.

    • Walter Bernhard

      Not really. Most Christians just cherry-picking the parts of the OT they like, like homosexuality being an abomination, or tattoos bei g sinful, and ignore the commandments that would be too inconvenient for them to follow. And if you ever want to make their heads spin, tell them about Matthew5;17-20, where Jesus says that the entire Mosaic Law must be obeyed by his followers, on pain of being barred from Heaven.

  • D.j. Maverick

    One of the problems that I have heard from the Creationists is that if they concede on the point of evolution, then they would have to call into question the entire book that Ham was talking about….the Bible. And that is not an option. So they really have no option BUT to deny the science.

  • Karen Hayes

    I have a lovely sister who is religious and she hates scientists and disbelieves everything they say. She says scientists are just trying to disprove everything she has always believed in. She is not stupid… but she is absolutely terrified of her own mortality and anything that threatens the comfort religion gives her “immortal soul”…. is the enemy.

  • NottiredofAmerica

    I believe it’s kind of stupid for people to really care that much whether evolution is true or nit. It can be proved to a point, that’s all. We have no missing link, and won’t ever find one. You can believe in the Big Bang or not. We can only prove it to a point, we don’t know how the infentessimal spot of matter that the big bang came from got there in the first place without coming upwith some fantastical idea. Either way, it just doesn’t really make a difference in anyone’s life except to get people really pissed off at each other.

    • Vineeth Philip

      we have a lot of milling links, we have found them and we’ve been finding them for years
      the only way you can’t know about it is trying to avoid finding out about it
      evolution has been proven to be undeniable fact/truth and don’t give me the “its just a theory” argument, gravity is also a theory

  • Jennifer

    Dear Allen Clifton
    I realise this post of yours is more than a few months old, I stumbled across it and was marginally offended by the (perhaps) click bait title. I am a personal believer in the literal six day creationism account described in Genesis because I have researched the subject after God by the action of his Holy Spirit revealed to me that creationism is both true and supported by scientific fact. Before you tell me I am stupid and I don’t understand science I will say to you that I’m currently studying a masters degree in Chemistry, I understand science perfectly well. Unlike a lot of Christians these days, I have no problem believing that God was capable of creating the universe in six days and there are scientific things in the Bible, particularly in the Book of Job where the water cycle, dinosaurs and pterodactyls, how rock is changed underground and even the natural global warming effect is mentioned.
    I have quizzed many who take evolution as fact how to explain evolution happened when it has been proven that the only changes (mutations) that occurs in DNA is either a loss of information or a scrambling of the amino acids at the base level. Natural selection can only occur in a pre-existing population, it cannot transform one species into another. The mechanics of a simple cell are outstandingly complex to the extent we don’t fully understand it yet and I believe an experiment was performed replicating the atmosphere of early earth to see if complex life could have formed abiotically. The only amino acids produced were of a certain type (I think it was right handed) which would be massively insufficient for life to form as life as we know it needs an equal mixture of both ‘right and left handed’ amino acids. There is other evidence I could go on about here.

    • Walter Bernhard

      Sadly, no, you don’t know much about science.Blonde hair and blue eyes are a mutation, for one thing. If beneficial mutations were impossible, life wouldn’t exist because DNA regularly mutates. Furthermore, abiogenesis (the primordial soup idea) is not the same as evolution; they are two separate theories. For more information, go take some classes on geology and biology, and maybe that will fill in the gaps in your learning.

  • kjfdgh

    think about it though. If there was nothing in the universe- in fact, the universe wasn’t even there- and now people say that our perfect planet was just a result of a random explosion of non-existent material… seems like the evolutionists are the stupid ones here

    • Walter Bernhard

      Where, in the Theory of Evolution, do biologists try to tie the development of biological organisms on this planet to some “random explosion of non-existent material”? Perhaps you shouldn’t be bandying about words like “stupid” when you clearly don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  • ScottandShannon Staudt

    I don’t understand why so many people who believe in God (me included) can’t accept that we were wrong about the origin of man. The Bible doesn’t say that we are 4,000 years old. A man said that. The bible said that we came from one man and one woman, and doesn’t say when and doesn’t say how modern we looked or anything- just that we have an origin point of a man and a woman. Archeologists agree, we are all related to a single ancestor in Africa and then later another line out of the Middle East. How does that comprimise spirituality? It only compromises spirituality if you can’t grasp that God is big enough to evolve people through millions of years- if your God isn’t big enough to do that then why are you worshiping him? The God that I believe in can turn a single celled organism into a fish, then give the fish legs and have it crawl out of the oceans, then at some point create primates, which evolve perfectly into humans- because that is how much I truly believe. When people get butthurt over evolution in favor of creationism I truly believe that God does a double face palm and utters “Oh my me”…complete with celestial eye roll. I hate that people pretend they KNOW definitively, science is necessary, it is not anti-God

  • BobC

    “most creationists are simply too stupid to understand what science actually is.
    It would be more accurate to replace “most” with “all”. All creationists are morons.