The Simple Truth: President Obama is Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand

obama-isis-1A few years back I worked with a guy who was probably a genius. In fact, he often struggled in life interacting with people because his brain simply performed at a higher level than the average person. I remember asking him what his biggest belief was in making life decisions and he always, without fail, told me “think of the bigger picture.” And while I’ve always tried to be a big picture thinker, knowing him when I did helped me understand it a little better.

He always told me the biggest issue he faced when dealing with people was that he’d see things in a bigger scope that most people simply couldn’t follow. While many people tend to not see beyond a particular moment, day, week or even month, he operated with a sense of “is what I’m doing now the best course of action to set me up for success not just now, but later on.” He used to tell me people would come to him for advice every once in a while and often walk away angry because what they wanted to hear wasn’t usually what they needed to hear. He was actually one of the first people who made me aware of the fairly obvious (though I was young and had never really thought about it) human characteristic of adoring people who tell them what they want to hear, or what they understand, while condemning those who don’t. Most people really just want to be assured of what they hope will happen rather than take a good long look at what’s best for themselves in the long run.

And while he wasn’t right about everything, he was fairly brilliant when it came to a lot of things. I will say as a young person at the time, this person – who I haven’t spoken to in years – made a profound impact on how I viewed life going forward.

Which brings me to President Obama. While I’m not calling him a genius, I do think he’s extremely intelligent. I also believe that his tendency to use “big picture” thinking while drafting policy is something most Republican voters simply can’t understand.

Take “Obamacare” for instance. It’s not a “fix health care today” law. In fact, the law itself is made to grow and evolve over time. My belief is that it’s a springboard to true socialized medicine. But, as it is now, it’s a long-term outlook on our health care. While many Republicans want to look at the “now” aspect of the Affordable Care Act, they seem unable to grasp the reality that as more Americans get health insurance, giving them access to preventable care, this lowers expenses down the road for everyone. If people can prevent very costly heart attacks, strokes or other debilitating health issues now, that’s an overall savings for practically everyone from consumers to health insurers to doctors who now have more patients. Quite literally, improving the overall health of Americans will improve the health of this country. It even makes sense for our economy. If workers are healthier, because they have access to quality health care, that means there will be fewer people calling in sick to work, showing up sick to work (putting other employees at risk) or relying on government programs because their health conditions (that were preventable) render them unable to work at all.

But to see all of that requires “big picture” thinking and Republicans seem unable to understand anything beyond the spoon-fed bumper sticker talking points they’re given by the GOP and the conservative media.

Minimum wage is another issue you see this with. Republicans constantly paint it as a “job killer” (it’s not) while also rallying against the millions of people who are on government assistance. Funny thing though, a good portion of the Americans who are on government assistance have jobs. If we made sure that no American working full-time had to rely on government programs just to survive, instantly we would save our country hundreds of billions of dollars over the years. Not only that, but when Americans have more money, they have more to spend. And what’s the biggest driver of economic growth? Consumer spending. More consumer spending means higher profits and higher demand, which means – more jobs. 

But once again, when it comes to Republicans and explaining job creation, anything outside of “tax cuts create jobs” is often too complex for many of them to understand.

The same goes for war. When it comes to ISIS, Republicans just want to send in troops and “crush the terrorists.” They’ve hammered President Obama relentlessly about how he’s handled the entire situation. See, to many of them, they just want to go in guns blazing because that’s what sounds good. But as we’ve learned by our previous war in Iraq, going into these situations haphazardly without a plan leads to absolute chaos. Remember, the existence of the ISIS we see today is a direct result of Bush’s Iraq War.

When it comes right down to it, I really do believe a huge part about why so many of the non-racist Republicans are against President Obama is because many of them are simply unable to grasp his “big picture” thinking that drives a lot of his policies. That requires intelligence and far too many conservative would rather just be told what to think by Fox News. They want their policies to be so simplified and catchy that they fit on bumper stickers.

It’s like I’ve often said, Democrats are trying to use science, math, reality, history and education to reason with people who deny science, don’t trust math, create their own reality, distort history and often devalue quality education.

And that’s a big reason why we’re not getting anywhere in this country.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Dennis

    This president has a very difficult time telling the truth. Don’t mistake that for genius. Or racism for the folks who are weary of listening to him any more.

    • wvawmn

      repeat trash you hear some talking head say. get your own mind

    • Jillz

      You might have a point if anyone had ‘listened’ to him in the first place. But they didn’t – the Republican Party made it their mission to obstruct him at every turn to make him a “one term President”. So I guess no one will ever know the real ‘truth’ of the matter – it’s too clouded in Republican lies and propaganda.

    • Pennsylvanianne

      I’d like you to name one lie Obama told. If it’s keeping your old healthcare, that one doesn’t count because allowing people to continue bad and worthless healthcare policies that don’t cover hospital stays would be immoral. So go ahead and tell us another “lie.” We are all waiting for that one.

      • chair jackson

        also, obama mistakenly assumed that when there was a minimum set for insurance coverage that the insurance companies would improve the plans to meet the minimum. i don’t think it occurred to him that they would cancel the plans. but at least those people can now get better coverage through obama care. 🙂

      • Pennsylvanianne

        It’s not a lie if the man can’t foresee the future!

      • Jim Bean

        Sorry, friend. A lies is till a lie regardless of the motive behind telling it. They ALL count.

        For 70 more Obama lies search ‘All false statements involving Obama’ and use the Politi Fact link. (And I suspect that it is just you, alone, who is waiting.)

      • Pennsylvanianne

        They may count, but a lie that costs thousands of lives (WMDs, anyone?) is a whole lot worse than an inaccuracy that saves them.

    • chair jackson

      found those weapons of mass destruction in iraq yet??

      • Jim Bean

        Yes. Per the NY Times, the Pentagon has received more than 600 reports of chemical exposure by servicemen. Here’s an excerpt. (And, what happened that you weren’t aware of this?)

        [More than 600 American service members since 2003 have reported to military medical staff members that they believe they were exposed to chemical warfare agents in Iraq, but the Pentagon failed to recognize the scope of the reported cases or offer adequate tracking and treatment to those who may have been injured, defense officials say.

        The Pentagon’s disclosure abruptly changed the scale and potential costs of the United States’ encounters with abandoned chemical weapons during the occupation of Iraq, episodes the military had for more than a decade kept from view.]

        The Obama administration not telling the truth. Its not the first time THAT problem has come up, is it now?

      • felipe63

        You mean all the old pre-1991 chemical weapons he made with precursors sold to him by the Reagan/Bush admin?

        There was no active WMD program in Iraq in 2001-03 as the Bush admin claimed.

        If you’re going to cite an article, you need to consider all the info, not just cherry pick the stuff you need to rationalize your ‘points’. It’s intellectually dishonest and you’re not very bright if you think you won’t be called on it.


      • Jim Bean

        The text that I gave you described the weapons as ‘abandoned.’ The intellectual dishonesty is coming from you when you ‘cherry pick’ around that.

        Furthermore, if it took 10 years for information about the abandoned ones to leak out. Who knows what is yet to leak?

      • regressive teaparty trash

        Halliburton bought them

      • Matt Savage

        Let me try real hard to help dog shit stupid people like you with the WMD thing.

        A man commits a home invasion robbery on his neighbor. He uses a gun to murder his kids.He is put on parole. He repeatedly forces his parole officer out of his house…bit at the time the prosecutors office is run by an incompetent liberal jack ass more interested in screwing his interns than being in charge (that would be Clinton and YEARS of treaty violations).
        A new prosecuted is elected. And a huge crime wave hits. Our parole once more plays his stupid games. Says he has a gun, kicks out his parole officer …again.
        This time the swat team roles out and serves a search warrant.

        It is utterly irrelevant if they find the gun, or not. The search is still justified. So, while you’re commenting on an article about getting the “big picture” maybe pull your head out of your ass.

  • New Gallup poll results this morning….

    As New Enrollment Period Starts, ACA Approval at 37%

    Story Highlights

    -Americans’ approval of Affordable Care Act now at 37%

    -Approval among independents and nonwhites each fell six points

    -Since its 2012 peak, approval has been lower than disapproval

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the Affordable Care Act’s second open enrollment period begins, 37% of Americans say they approve of the law, one percentage point below the previous low in January. Fifty-six percent disapprove, the high in disapproval by one point.

    Clearly this is because the American people just don’t understand our genius-level president and the crap sandwich he’s selling us.

    Read the whole thing.

    • Jim Bean

      That’s exactly what Allen is explaining to us. We’re just too freakin’ stupid to know what’s good for us and we should be eternally that we have Allen an O to save us from our ‘stupid’ selves.

      • Yep.

        Allen is jumping on board the Jonathan Gruber crazy train.

      • Jim Bean

        I’ll tell you Ed, I’m fascinated by, and have been observing the liberal phenomenon for years now and I’m no closer to understanding it than when I began. Tell me what you think. Do you think these people actually believe in the arguments they offer up or do you think THEY think that the people they are making the argument to are too stupid to see what’s wrong with the arguments?

        Its very difficult when you can’t tell whether the person is just jerking you around or whether they are really that disjointed intellectually. Are they all smart like Gruber or all stupid like his victims?

      • I’ve given up trying to understand, Jim. I’d just be guessing.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        hey brainy jimbo– did U read the historical article I suggested??
        no? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • Travis Russell

        I personally think this. Liberals truly believe that the ends justify the means. When they say we are stupid for not liking Obama, his policies, Obamacare, the notion that the man is a genius, a god or whatever…what they are actually saying is, you are really to stupid to see the truth or you are too stupid to like what I like, so we have to lie for your own good.

      • Rick Flash

        You’ve proved that over and over.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        amen rick— amen

      • Gerald Lane

        Are the 56% the same people who hate obamacare, but love the ACA?

      • Reason

        It’s not like Americans want lower premiums (something ACA doesn’t provide) or anything.

    • Bonnie Harris

      and yet, over 100,000 folks have signed up in the few week or so of the open enrollment period….

    • Jo Clark

      And YET 81% of people find their ACA coverage either excellent or good. Ponder that.

  • Jillz

    *laughing at the comments already*

    Republican voters, many of which watch a “news” program that has admitted to telling the truth less than 20% of the time (and then take that ‘news’ as ‘truth’); and whose chosen political party has made an art form of lies and propaganda, criticizing the President for “lies”.

    Oh the scandal.

    • strayaway

      The Emperor’ New Intelligence-

      “”But the Emperor has nothing at all on!” said a little child.

      “Listen to the voice of innocence!” exclaimed his father; and what the child had said was whispered from one to another.

      “But he has nothing at all on!” at last cried out all the people. The Emperor was vexed, for he knew that the people were right; but he thought the procession must go on now! And the lords of the bedchamber took greater pains than ever, to appear holding up a train, although, in reality, there was no train to hold.

      -from “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen

      • ML

        That was really stupid.

      • strayaway

        I thought that claiming the President was too intelligent for mere mortals to understand was stupid in the sense that claiming the Emperor had no clothes was stupid. Nice of you to elevate the President’s train though. And the big picture? I was wondering if it was the corporatists’ big picture or the big picture from some sort of third world interest group perspective. Maybe they are one in the same.

        I’m a moderate on all this thinking that Carter was very intelligent but Obama is at least more intelligent than W. Bush. Too bad though that Obama isn’t able to keep up with Putin. My guess is that Obama’s IQ is somewhere between 115 and 130 – above average but not world class or good enough to get into most med schools.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        “keep up with putin”???? really? U don’t like how Obama– in bed with Saudis VIA payment( by Saudis) for our jets bombing ISIS/ISIL — has russias precious OIL dripping at nasty lows? Saudis get to squeeze Russia/Venezuela/ Nigeria/ iran/ competition ( and as they are the biggest oil players; they withstand this price war the best) Obamas sanctions have Russia fumbling– notice how Ukraine isn’t on FOX “news” anymore? ( also– where is the umbrage reversal for those OBAMA high gas prices / now drastically lower? remember FOX “news” chastising OBAMA for those high prices? now? SIIIIIIIIII-LENT)
        OH,,and until U can score VISAVIS the Stanford -binet IQ testings u cannot “guess” obamas IQ.
        shall we all “guess” yours?

      • strayaway

        I see things differently. US oil company stocks are down too. Obama helped rekindle the cold war and reunited Russia with China. Even Colonel Custer couldn’t manage to screw things up that bad. Russia can just as well sell energy to China as Europe, deal in Chinese and Russian currencies, and unload its dollars to create inflation in the US. I predict that the renewal of the cold war will have incredibly expensive consequences to the US. If you’re a Fox viewer, I’ll take your word for it that for whatever reason Fox isn’t covering the Ukraine situation. Too bad Obama opened the Ukrainian can of worms by helping finance the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government according to Dennis Kucinich. “”What I’d do is not have USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy working with U.S. taxpayers’ money to knock off an elected government in Ukraine, which is what they did.”

        Nice though that you are crediting Obama with lower gas prices. I guess if Al Gore invented the internet, Obama can be credited with the fracking technology lowering oil prices. He has a Peace Prize too. I was guessing Obama’s IQ as I stated. I was trying to be generous and nice. This article was about Obama’s intelligence but without any handle except, in the author’s opinion, Obama is “extremely intelligent” and “I’m not calling him a genius.” Genius is defined as 140 IQ so if the author doesn’t think Obama is a genius, the high end of my guess is close to the author’s guess. Shouldn’t you also then criticize the author for not considering Obama a genius or does the space between 131 and 139 IQ seem about right to you? While we are at it, why can the author state for certain that Obama “highly intelligent” without attaching meaning to that phrase but the rest of us can’t guess, in your opinion, at a meaningful IQ number to go with the term “highly intelligent”?

      • Nothing the us did lead to Putin, a KGB man through and through, to reinstall a police state in Russia. .

      • strayaway

        Nothing I wrote suggested that I liked Putin although I am more concerned about the emerging US police state and what that means to us. I mentioned Putin in reference to Obama’s relative intelligence and mentioned what Kucinich said about the US helping overthrow Ukraine’s elected government. Putin took advantage of the resulting disorder. Had our “highly intelligent” President not had a hand in overthrowing governments in places including Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine, our foreign policy would be tidier and we wouldn’t be back in an expensive cold war. Progressives should be concerned because if military spending has to increase, the money can’t be spent on social programs.

      • You impute a lot of action on Obama’s part in the Ukraine and Egypt that I just dont see.

      • strayaway

        I quoted Kucinich regarding Ukraine. Your argument is with him. Egypt was part of the Arab Spring Obama supported leading to the mess in Libya, increased Islamification in other North African counties including Egypt. Women and Christians paid the price. I wonder if that’s what the article meant in terms of “big picture thinking”.

      • Tinkabell

        Obama, and his policies, has NOTHING to do with the price of oil…the huge increase in supply is thanks to PRIVATE companies and individuals that have had to fight this administration all the way. As to his possible IQ…mine was last tested at 142 and that makes me smart enough to know I’m not qualified to be President!

      • He also had nothing to do with prices being high either. Wall Street Traders were setting the price through speculation until the Saudis decided to make a squeeze play.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        It does take common sense and logic more than being able to score high on an IQ test. Obama may be brilliant though we have seen no evidence based on his performance and is still basically an idiot.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        151 here buddy———— tested in my youth ( see: above)
        please help me out here– “if” obamas policies have NUTHIN’2do with the price of oil ( and that postulates into gasoline?) they WHYwhyWHY was FOX “news”-and all of those overpaid regressive pundits— blaming OBAMA for gas GOING up when it was hitting 4$ a gallon???
        hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, can U say: ” both sides of your mouth”?
        oh, and as I follow and use stocks and potions VISAVIS oil and related indices I know that the reason ( main reason) oil is dropping is Saudis continuing to over-produce ( see: above) to screw THEIR competition,,,,,its all about winning and the Saudis hold most of the game

      • JAFO4today

        Your an idiot. Perhaps if obama simply released his education records a good part of the discussion would be put to bed. Especially since it is within his simple power. It’s hard to believe that an individual that says “I” more than any modern president in his own speeches isn’t willing to release his info if it isn’t going to pad his reputation, or legacy. As far as oil, if the pres had taken more steps in the way of production and retrieval oil would have cost a lot less for a much longer time and during more difficult times. As far as your perceived mastermindedness of obama on the current world issues, time will tell. But when you corner a bear they tend to get a little bit more aggressive. I hope you have your selective service number handy if that plays out in a very negative manner.

      • regressive white trash reli

        yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,im an idiot
        I look at FACTS: and your ‘cornered bear’ is cowering,,,, not fighting. OUR economy? best on planet right now; with NO help from white trash regressive scumbag republicans.
        yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im an idiot
        you? you are f*cking “brilliant”
        I like the selective service mention,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, your brilliance doesn’t know that THAT entity has NOT been enforced since 1986
        yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “brilliant” thou be!!

    • Get over your weird obsession with Fox, Jillz. Obama had to lie through his teeth to get his own party to go along with ACA.

      No Allen tells us it’s not popular because we’re all just too dumb to understand how smart Obama is.

      ‘Laughing at the comments’ indeed.

      • Imsloan68

        Understand this: I work full time but still qualify for expanded Medicaid because the job I have pays so shitty. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me and my family in years. If republicans take that away some of them are going to find out that the Second Amendment isn’t just for ignorant redneck teabaggers. Understand that

      • Insane Eliminationist liberal posts death threats on liberal blog.

        Who could’ve guessed that might happen.

        Something about this blog that attracts the weirdos.

      • John

        I agree, surprising amount of conservatives on here. 😛

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Simply to place a wad in your panties.

      • lol

      • peepthis


      • How do you possibly get that? “I” didn’t “sign up” for anything. It is a law, albeit a terrible law, which was enacted by a by a congress too stupid, uncaring or lazy to actually read what was contained in it before it was passed.
        You may want to retake a class on civics to better understand how these things are enacted. It would help keep you from making ignorant statement like this one. 🙂

      • D May

        You have no health Ins, and you didnt sign up? Must be a freeloader?

      • Liberty4ev

        Let me explain something to you. Not every uninsured person is automatically a free loader.

        I had no health insurance between 2007-2012 and I didn’t freeload off of anyone. I paid for every single doc and ER visit, every prescription, everything health care related OUT OF MY OWN POCKET.

        Now I’m without insurance again: mine was cancelled because it wasn’t obamacare compliant). I tried to sign up, but the premium was as much as my mortgage payment, the deductible was outrageous, and although I supposedly qualified for subsidies, the rep could not tell me how it worked. I most certainly can’t afford the premium. In Oct, my spouse lost his job and his insurance so there’s no way in hell we can afford ANY premiums right now.

        And if I do sign up, i probably now qualify for lots of subsidies (freeloading) which I find morally repugnant.

        So I can do the math. I’ll just do without insurance and negotiate payments as I need services.

      • So then Liberty4ev, I guess your plight is a real-world example of two things;
        1. This is what happens when congressmen pass laws before they know what’s in them, and
        2. You are among the fast-growing group of those directly affected by point #1.
        I’ll pray for you and your spouse to get hired soon! 🙂

      • Liberty4ev

        Yes and yes and also among a fast-growing group of people who can do enough math to figure out that this is nothing more than very expensive catastrophic health insurance. No thanks.

        Thank you for your prayers. 🙂 I’m fine though—self-employed and struggling but surviving, and my spouse will be ok. There are plenty of others out there who are FAR worse off than I am so let’s both pray for jobs and better economic times for all of them. 🙂

      • Amen! 🙂

      • Larry Riley

        Don’t pray, vote Democrate!

      • RJ

        Did you not read the part where democrats messed up her insurance in the first place?

      • Tiberius Kirk

        Yeah, okay. larrie!

      • D May

        Your fault

      • Liberty4ev

        My fault for what?

      • D May

        if you dont have heathcare

      • Liberty4ev

        You must have missed the part where I HAD affordable insurance, and it was cancelled because it wasn’t ACA compliant. I can’t afford the new policy (ranging in price from $632-$974/month with a $15K deductible, depending on who you ask). I can’t even get a straight answer on the (immmoral) subsidies I supposedly qualify for.

        I guess it IS my fault that I can’t instantly double my income though.

      • D May

        ignorance of the law is no excuse, and you must make ALOT of money. Your tears are noted.

      • Raymond Marshall

        ok you just LIED i have health care and its through the affordable health care website (no such thing as obamacare) and i got it Aetna Preferred for like 110$ a month and the deductable for the year was 300…three was no insurance at all availible at 632 a month that is insane …what are you paying for the care the house and Health???? and if you don’t have a job well it will be cheaper.

      • Liberty4ev

        Yes it IS insane. That’s my point, and I have lied about nothing. My most recent attempt at getting insurance through the ACA website was $485/month with a $15K deductible. It’s all age and income based. My 21 year old daughter, who I cannot keep on my policy btw, has a premium similar to yours (idk what her deductible is). You must be young too.

        My spouse has been unemployed since October, 2014 so I guess that’s why the premium went all the way down to $485. I am self-employed, my income varies, but it’s not much. We barely made it on 2 modest incomes and we in NO WAY live large.

        Idk what you’re suggesting. Quit working so my health insurance will be less expensive? Sure, that makes sense…

      • El Shylo

        I don’t believe anything you’ve said. All I hear is that you hate that BLACK President & you wish someone would, at the very least, kill him. You’re an outdated F~O~O~L!!!

      • Liberty4ev

        LMAO! That’s what you got out of what I wrote?

        At no time did I ever write or imply any such thing. I wasn’t even talking about obama; I was talking about my personal experience with health insurance. Reading. Is. Fundamental.

        For the record, I disagree with the president on most all of his policies and actions. I don’t hate HIM; I do hate many of the things he’s done. It has nothing at all to do with his race (which is mixed, btw, so to be clear, I disagree with both the black half and the white half equally). I have NEVER, EVER wished the president any harm and most certainly do not hope someone kills him. Sheesh!

      • El Shylo

        As I sit here & read your comment I’m telling myself, “this guy doesn’t even have the cojones to say what he really means”, what a guy what a guy. No, you’re directing all of your ‘displeasure’ at everything the president has done for “EVERYONE” in this country so you don’t have to say that so & so N—–, has taken away my country, which really means that so & so N—–, who does he think he is.

        Liberty4ev, your living in a dream world created by those like you, for you & not for anyone like me. That dream world, in this REAL WORLD, no longer exists & will never exist EVER AGAIN, we’re making sure about that.


      • Liberty4ev

        Everything I’ve said is precisely what I mean. At no time have I, or am I making any insinuations about the president’s race. His race has nothing to do with the discussion. Only the simple minded resort to accusations of racism when they can’t discuss an issue or refute a point.

        You might try actually READING (and comprehending) what I wrote.

        And um, whaaaaat? Dream world? Created by me and “those like me”? What in the world are you talking about?

      • El Shylo

        LMMFNO (with all due respect that is!!!!) Now, Liberty4ev, if I’ve missed read you, I apologize, however; why do my senses & better nature tell me that you’re the one that’s full of it?’ That is to say; You may not have wrote anything that actually states that our GREAT PRESIDENT is a BLACK So & So (N—–), however; the manner in which you make your arguments & state your opinions are definitely suspect to me & many others on this thread.

        That being said; let’s get into your ‘opinions’ about what this Great BLACK President has done for this country & what he has been BARRED from doing for our people (black, white, brown, whatever) due to these RepubliCONZ INTENTIONAL ATTEMPTS at DERAILING this INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT man’s presidency?

        Please Liberty4ev, let’s start anew & you go first.

      • Gary

        He isn’t black, racist. Now enjoy watching that white man get inaugurated, boy.

      • Sean O’Keefe

        If your spouse lost his job you should be signing up for Medicaid. I did when I lost my job in Dec. I put my whole family on it and it has been wonderful. I paid two dollars for an eye exam and a single dollar to have one of my daughter’s teeth pulled. So if you’re not taking advantage of your rights as an American citizen and blaming the president for it then you’re not just too stupid to understand the president your just too stupid!

      • DeeDee777

        Well, aren’t you lucky that you don’t have *multiple* pre-existing conditions that need coverage? Aren’t you lucky that you aren’t disabled and in need of SSDI/Medicare/Medicaid?! Aren’t you lucky that you weren’t born with a neurological birth defect, had 17 neurosurgeries that left you with scar tissue on your brain that eventually caused a seizure disorder as you grew older, and then had an accident that left you with the lasting effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury, leaving you permanently disabled?! smdh It’s not “freeloading” when you have so many medical problems . . . and so many medical expenses to go along with those medical problems . . . that you just can’t afford to pay for any of it on your own. And it’s not “freeloading” if you also can’t physically work a full-time job to get “employer-sponsored health insurance” anymore, and you can’t afford to pay the premiums for “insurance for one” with your complicated medical history. Thanks to the ACA, I *have* Medicare & Medicaid. Take the ACA away, and there goes my Medicare & Medicaid benefits, too.

      • Liberty4ev

        To whom are you talking? Try reading my post again.

        I was accused of being a freeloader because I didn’t (at the time I wrote this comment) have health insurance. That was factually incorrect—I paid out of pocket for my medical care. All I said, that you apparently find offensive, is that my PERSONAL opinion is that I find subsidies morally repugnant. I don’t recall accusing anyone of freeloading.

        And aren’t I lucky? You know absolutely nothing about me. I have my share of chronic health problems, thankfully not as severe as yours, but still, causes me plenty of problems, including impairing my ability to work, and far more interaction with the medical community than I’d like. So for me now, I caved and signed up for the ACA, I am low income, premiums are not too bad (they only went up 122% this year, what a deal!!), but the deductibles I have to meet are very high, so I STILL have to pay LOTS of out of pocket medical expenses.

        Further, I never, ever said anyone in a situation such as yours should not get assistance, subsidies or “free” care. Never. I have absolutely no problem with a safety net and assistance for those who can’t care for themselves, or are in a dire situation such as yours. I do think you’re being a little hyperbolic though. I have a sibling and brother-in-law with tons of medical problems, pre-existing conditions, disabilities, can’t work, etc., they’re on the same thing you are, and it doesn’t change one way or the other, nor do they get kicked off of anything if the ACA goes away. Totally separate issues.

      • What makes you think I don’t have health insurance? Is this another example of Obamacare supporters trying to fabricate numbers? If so, then join the line at the end (it is rather long).

      • D May

        If you have health Ins you have OBAMACARE! Line not that long

      • Holt McQuatters

        You should have broken the law if you truly believed it was a bad deal..stand for something or fall for anything.

      • I don’t think you understand how this law is implemented, the conditions of ‘acceptance,’ how and why someone is enrolled, and many other facets of this garbage.

      • D May

        get rid of your Obamacare you dont need it

      • 🙂

      • Raymond Marshall

        you don’t understand cause you don’t have it you have not presented any credible evidence to prove your point you are just complaining

      • El Shylo

        And you did read all of it, correct? Let me ask you, if you will permit me, what is wrong with the ACA Law? If you convince me of it’s “TERRIBLE” effects, I’ll become a devote RepubliCON DeceptiCON IMMEDIATELY. However; if you cannot logically, within acceptable reason, common sense & prudence do so you become a devout DEMOCRAT. What say you? Another thing, it’s not our fault that Congress is filled with DumbAzz RepubliCONZ who are only interested in lining their pockets by way of doing the bidding of the 1%. Whose large problem is that? Your side for letting it happen to begin with, yes? To include; should you people, (DeceptiCON RepubliCONZ) continue with this farce you call ‘American patriotism’ & continue to insist with stupid shit like “Jesus Christ” himself wrote & delivered the Constitution of the United States to the Forefathers of this country, well, what else do you expect from the thinking side of this nation? Be a thinker not a reactor. One last thing, compare your statistics from before ACA when insurance companies would deny anyone health benefits & let them die versus the ACA today & what it’s doing for millions of folks. THINK DON”T REACT!!!

      • If the ACA law is so great, why are so many states trying to figure out ways to avoid enacting it?

        If the ACA law is so great, why are so many businesses trying to figure out ways to avoid enacting it?

        The problem, El, is that almost NOBODY has read all of it.

      • El Shylo

        Then please do not initiate your original comment as to attempt tp say that you, somehow, someway, has. Now to the meat of the matter; the reason certain states & businesses do not want to ‘enact’ the ACA leads back to one simple answer: like Mitch McConnel & Boehner & a whole lot of other DecptiCON RepubliCONZ have said “we’re not helping that BLACK so & so (N—–) with anything & we are going to do everything we can to make his presidency fail”. Everything to the point that in future history books he’ll be noted with an asterisk (*) as to say that “he really wasn’t a ‘real president’ & much more of an anomaly. So much so simply because DeceptiCON RepubliCONZ can’t accept they got their azzes whooped by a BLACK MAN!

        By the way, the so-called god of Israel, the god you believe in, the man known as Jesus Christ was also a BLACK MAN & so were all the other important characters of the book so-named the bible. How about the ACA now?

      • Did I ever make the claim of reading the whole text? If so I don’t remember doing so. Please ‘help a brother out’ and quote me so as to refresh my memory. Besides, most of the people who voted for it didn’t read it either.

        As far as your fantasy about McConnell, Boehner and others, they are only specific people and not in charge of how their respective states authorize capital expenditure. The people who ARE responsible are the ones who share the numbers and, unlike politicians, the numbers don’t lie.

        Jesus is not the God of Israel – where did you get that from? His physical ancestry is Semitic, not African (there is a difference). Then again, it doesn’t really matter which race you think He is descended from – does it?

      • crabjack

        Yeah, pretty much the definition of trolling…

      • Dee Dee Rydberg

        What are you talking about? “Wad in Your Panties”
        Whats up? You got your Balls in a bunch??? Just reach down and work them around. Maybe your thinking might come clearer??

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        To My Liberal Friends:
        Please accept with no obligation, implied or explicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2011 but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere . Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishes.

        To My Conservative Friends:
        Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

      • Shane


        Merry Christmas!

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Shane, have you ever seen a larger gathering of escapees from the asylum as you find on this Loony-Toon site? I am old enough to recall when these folks used to be institutionalized.

      • Shane

        I try to keep the vitriol for the progressive (regressive?) in check during the Christmas season in the spirit of fellowship with my fellow man, I know God loves liberals too.

        However, I will admit that this site is a veritable gold mine of moonbat tears.

        In the hopes of educating a few of the moonbats on this site I will say this.

        The freedom we enjoy in these great United States, often taken for granted, was afforded us by the sacrifice, and aggressive use of force of better men than me. To you, and others that have lived, bled, and died serving this nation and it’s citizens. Thank you. May God bless you and your family this Christmas.

      • Chris Morris

        See, what I’m gathering is that, based on the opposition to all people being a level playing field, even in spite of pre-existing conditions, that Jesus is telling you that if a person can’t afford Health Insurance, they surely deserve to die.

      • Shane

        Not really sure how you came to that conclusion but I understand that deduction and inference are skills that require practice so in the best liberal tradition I give you an A for effort.. I know your trying, keep practicing.

      • Chris Morris

        My inference and deduction, and forgive me if I was wrong – I was just waking and getting to work, and also addressing multiple viewpoints – was that the ACA was a bad thing, or that liberal or progressive instruments that force a person to pay more than they feel they should, despite possibly benefiting the largest group of the demographic, are also bad. Also, addressing your comments via sacrifice, that those preaching this should practice it for themselves. Having a brother who is a west point grad and who has served two tours, I rather tire of that one. So, basically, instead of sounding smart and also arrogant as an empirical expert on a subject, ask whether or not your argument truly aligns with your quasi-religious argument. You are pretty cute though, I will give you that.

      • Raymond Marshall

        Though you could have said Happy Holidays 🙂

      • Bwin51

        I know you think you’re being clever, uncharacteristically so for a typical Republican who suffers from limited thinking, but you have correctly depicted the reality that needs to happen for the human race to continue to exist. So, even though you wrote these words with hate in your heart, ignoring your intention, I thank you.

      • AF Sarge

        Wow you’re funny. Nothing Curmudgeon typed has to change the things that they believe is true. The first Amendment wasn’t written so Progressives alone could push their ideas and force everyone else from talking. You don’t have the right to ban my ideas because you are a bigot anymore than you have the right to take any of the Inalienable rights granted by my Creator.

      • Dan Patterson

        HA-HA You’re about as funny as suicide pact.

      • Fuerza


      • Whycan’twegetalong

        Many of whom were former Obamacrats disillusioned with the lies, distortions and sophistry. Check the election results, if you don’t believe me.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Ah yes, the election results of an election in which barely over a third of the voting population voted and in which every single ballot initiative up for vote went overwhelmingly progressive. My, that’s convincing, ain’t it?

      • Laura

        Yes, it is. The people that truly care about our democracy voted. Those who care only about themselves didn’t bother.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Bullshit. We don’t have a democracy. If we did, politicians wouldn’t consistently ignore the will of the people to do the bidding of the billionaires. We have a fascist oligarchy.

      • regressive white trash reli

        so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, when U got crushed in the past 2 presidential elections THOSE voted ‘ didn’t care”???

      • Laura

        In both elections, nearly half of the people voted against him. Sadly, many more didn’t vote because the republican candidate was not conservative enough, Had they voted, O would have been crushed. This is what happens when the leftist media convinces conservatives to run RINOS. Obviously a good winning strategy. Shame on us. Obama won primarily because he was black. He got the vote of most minorities, because he was a minority, and a large percentage of whites who wanted to show how non-racist our country is. As with most politicians, he lied to get elected. However, he was far beyond a liar, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The leftist mainsteam media did their best to keep the public uninformed about his true nature. But, there was enough out there for anyone who truly cared to know that his policies were not in line with our country as a whole. Again, shame on us. The damage he has done to this once great nation, will take decades to undo. He is currently trying to legalize millions of new leftist voters to ensure that the true principles of freedom never again emerge in our country. A progress utopia is one in which all are equally poor except the ruling class and their cronies. Take a look at the defunct USSR. That is the progressive vision.

      • Larry Riley

        Two Term POTUS! ha I love it!

      • Allen Santee Summers

        Let’s give Conservatives their own country and see how long it takes for them to go to war with themselves over different religious interpretations… Oh wait, already happening in the middle east.

      • RJ

        You do realize the differences between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives, right? That’s rhetorical BTW, I already know the answer based on your generalized and intolerant comment. If you gave a country to the people who are socially liberal and fiscally conservative their own country, It would be great IMO. Fiscal liberals are as damaging as socially conservative extremists . Just wait and see what happens when the people who don’t understand how an economy functions realize the money in their pocket is only worth it’s weight in toilet paper. Foreign countries are getting sick of taking our worthless dollars and giving us actual products in return, it’s not going to last forever.

      • Laura

        Christians have gotten along just fine for thousands of years without killing off each other. You would probably find that certain religions dominate in particular states. Which is fine so long as the power is vested the states, as was intended. Let’s give the liberals their own country and see how long it takes for them to starve to death, in the cold. or the heat, as they all stand around in idol worship to their leaders, with their hands held out for their fair share of…nothing. Why work when it’s all for free? There are many examples from around the world, including our own, of the detriment of socialist/communist policies.

      • Raymond Marshall

        you live on fantasy island??? the only Liar to get elected was Bush…look at the stats look at what has been accomplished and Rescued the Auto Industry in this country….the affordable care act WORKS…they said they could get the unemployment in the country down to 6 percent buy 2016 its 5.5 now in 2014 and while Republican Congress fought tooth and nail to make his presidency fail he continues to accomplish more than most before him…the true LYARS are THE CONSERVATIVE NEWS OUTLETS the PREY on the fears of poor white people…they laugh at you while they rake in millions and use the scary black man and Jesus to keep you in line

      • Laura

        Actually Obama said in 2009 that the stimulus package would lower the unemployment rate to 6% by 2012. That figure does not include the 92 million who have dropped out of the workforce and includes people who have part time jobs, and who like me took a 25% cut in pay in order to get a job. This recovery has been the slowest in history.
        IMHO the government should not have bailed out the auto industry. I am personally against the government giving my hard earned money to rich corporations and banks.
        The affordable care act does not work for me. It has priced me out of the insurance market.

        You misunderstand the motives of most conservatives. Most conservatives want everyone to succeed. We would institute a school voucher program so that poor inner city school children would have an opportunity to escape bad schools. Without a decent education, one cannot succeed in our society. Single parent households are one of drivers of poverty. We would institute policies that would encourage 2 parent homes rather than singe parent homes. No politician that I have ever listened to promoted fear of black people. I am sure that they are out there, but they would never get elected by conservatives in most places if it was known.
        For over half a century liberal policies have failed the poor and the black community in particular. You should consider a change.

      • Laura

        In 2008 61.6% of eligible voters voted. Obama won 52.9% of the vote 47.1% against. 47.1% is nearly half
        In 2012 voter turnout was 58.2%. Obama won 51.1%, 48.9% against, even closer to half. In 2012 minority voting was up and white voting was down. In fact in 2012 a larger % of black voters turned out to vote than whites. It was the first time that has happened. And still he won by a smaller %. In both elections a large portion of conservatives did not like the candidate, and did not vote. Romney was even less popular than McCain so conservative turnout dropped.

      • Michael J. Fell

        The United States of America is a Republic, not a democracy.

      • Laura

        You are correct. However I used the word democracy due to the fact that I was referring to the elections which are democratic. For your edification the only difference (which is significant) between a republic and a democracy is the constitution which ensures freedoms that a majority cannot vote away. Our country has been reduced to a democracy as our politicians ignore the constitution and the supreme court refuses to uphold the constitution, both in direct disregard to the oaths they took. P.S.- piss off!

      • Michael J. Fell

        The President is elected via the Electoral College. That is not a democratic vote. The U.S. Senate was originally voted in by the respective State Legislatures, not a popular vote, so that was not a democratic vote. Only the House of Representatives was elected by a popular vote within their district.

      • Laura

        No kidding! Thank God for the electoral college or else the 2 coasts would rule our country. If the senate were still elected that way, maybe they would represent the states rather than the federal government.
        What part of the mid-term elections was not a democratic vote? Tired of discussing semantics with you. Once again, piss-off!

      • Michael J. Fell

        After you learn the difference between a democracy and a popular vote we can have a logical, rational discussion, until then you can lick my crack.

      • D May

        for those who keep score at home, our govt is democracy

      • Michael J. Fell

        The United States of America is a democracy to uneducated, ignorant people who believe what they hear on TV.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Actually, it’s a federal republic, but can also be called a representative democracy.

      • Michael J. Fell

        It’s not a federal republic, it’s a constitutional republic.
        United States Constitution:
        “Article 4
        Section 4

        The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

        It doesn’t say representative democracy, it says republican.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Sorry, but you’re wrong. It’s a FEDERAL REPUBLIC.

      • Michael J. Fell

        Let us know when you learn to read. Until then just shut up.

      • jonathan

        I hate when people complain about Wikipedia. Even a year ago. You can’t just willy nilly edit things. It will be taken down within the week if not sooner if it doesn’t have a source attributed. Let alone people who wrote that original article will take down the non sense. And plus part of learning is being able to discern BS information from the real. It’s like that everywhere. EVERY bit of information one obtains is f-ing edited by someone. Whether a pastor, a news anchor, a teacher, a professor or an online encyclopedia or even a textbook encyclopedia.

      • Michael J. Fell

        Excuse me if I take a direct quote from the U.S. Constitution as a more valid source of the fact that the states in the U.S. are guaranteed a republican form of government over a post from Wikipedia. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

      • Kriegar

        It’s hardly a valid source when every single word is constantly redefined. It’s a reference book for lawyers, not a source.


      • Michael J. Fell

        Spoken like a typical, fully indoctrinated “progressive” useful idiot. If you were to actually READ the U.S. Constitution you would know that is is the Supreme law of the land not “a reference book for lawyers.”

        Of course you would believe every single word is constantly redefined. For “progressives,” redefining every single word in the English language to suit your America hating radical agenda is a full time occupaton.

      • Kriegar

        You’re so fucking stupid, you backward, nonprogressive, less than useful idiot, that you assume you know who you are talking to, and what they are about. But I know you, and your interpretation of the Constitution is only good when it sticks to your agenda-of-the-moment. You people are all the same. When the Constitution is contrary to your agenda, you hate it, dismiss it, ignore it, or seek to destroy it. You don’t know jack shit about it, and you cannot disseminate the promise of it, from the reality of the situation today. You, my dear friend, sound like the typical conservative Repugnatard. “This is MY ‘murrica, till other people try to exercise their constitutional right too!”

        So, I won’t be the thing that you backward, illiterate,. ignorant, chauvinistic, bigoted racists hate so much. I will not be “politically correct”, rather, i will be as rude and blunt as you ignoramuses usually are, and tell you to KMA, you friggin’ retarded hillbilly, and GTFU. And now, baby, you can STFU.

      • Michael J. Fell

        I’m truly in awe of the loving, tolerant, inclusiveness of your reply.
        Never mind that it’s filled with unsubstantiated hateful rhetoric, red herrings and strawman arguments.
        It must suck to be you.

      • Kriegar
      • Michael J. Fell

        Once again, NOT the U.S. Constitution, but some random online “source.”
        ROFMAO! What a maroon!

      • Kriegar

        Hey, fucktard, get a life. You are the typically ignorant, uneducated, relative marrying repugnatard. And, once again, you don’t know jack shit about what you are trying to talk about. Go troll someone else, you useless fuck, and get a life-and a diet.

      • Kriegar

        You friggin’ idiotic retard. It does not HAVE to be the Constitution. Moron. It’s a DICTIONARY. Jesus f’n H Christ.

        I think you had better be the one to SHUT UP, you idiot.

      • Orson OLSON

        Er, it was a Republic. Now it’s an elective Kingship with “Dear Leader” at the top. Which Is why I left.

      • jonathan

        More an obligarchy. The “elected” leaders who are elected through rigged means in every single aspect on campaigns funded by billionaires. Those billionaires are who controls the country. Through lobbyist, bought off politicians and just generally being rich in a country that praises wealth and strives for it. But thing is not everyone can be wealthy so the wealthy have made it rather hard for anyone not already wealthy to attain more wealth. It’s not ruled by a “king Obama.” I’m amazed how much he’s actually done in such a broken system. Point is: even with this comment being 8 months old I hope you see it’s not really the power of the presidency that’s this country’s problem. It’s the rich who own that presidency and even more so, the Congress. Who you know, actually pass laws.

      • peepthis


      • Jeff Johnson

        Republicans would never win a single election if it weren’t for their gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, election fraud, and cheating. They haven’t got majority support on one single issue.

      • D May

        who said it was stolen? That was 2000 & 2004

      • Raymond Marshall

        You are talking about VOTE FRAUD and GERRYMANDERING you are talking about Republicans…talking about disenfranchisment of the right to vote …your are talking about republicans…free yourself of your hate and you will find youself independant or democrat but republicans are hypocrit pedifile false christian and evil

      • mjw1952

        And yet you all fail to recognize that Obama’s election was an actual mandate because he was the candidate. And he won by over 1,000,000 votes. And the House democrats actually received over 1,000,000 more votes in 2012 but lost due to gerrymandering. So no there is not republican mandate.

      • a567and8

        Amen! You’ve got that straight. As manipulated as the election was and as much as people were discouraged by the craziness of the repulse, the turnout showed how progressive most of the US actually is. Progressive in this context = common sensical!!!

      • dickwadd

        I don’t remember Obama being on any ballot.

      • a567and8

        His initiatives and presence were.

      • D May

        Yes all those bad things he as done eh? Name one!

      • regressive white trash reli

        bad thing Obama did? Hmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, howabout he kept his “funny sounding” name and he stayed African looking to annoy white trash regressives who claim he is a monkey or sub human mongrel?

      • fifthdentist

        This was the THIRD election that Republicans were on track to win the Senate, but they fucked up the first two because they ran nutjobs who couldn’t keep their crazy mouths shut (See Akin, Todd and Angle, Sharron). This time they tried a new strategy: make the nutjobs mostly keep their mouths shut. (The sneaked in that batshit insane Joni Earnst. But hey, that’s Iowa for ya).

      • regressive white trash reli

        lowest % turnout in 72 yrs…….
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we all know how loud U white trash regressive tea party lemmings wailed when 2010 happened—” were taking back our country”
        then– 2012 made u cry louder in your silence
        non presidential (year) elections do this–
        enjoy your being skinned alive in 2016

      • D May

        (D) got millions more votes, great point

      • Solstice1319

        Very interesting, John. Apparently it does not matter to you what lmsloan68 posted? Do you not understand that to be a threat of violence?

      • regressive teaparty trash

        hey ed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        his point is valid
        why is it “OK” for white trash regressive “cliven bundy” patriotic tea party scum to promote the veiled 2nd amendment threats; but when a lefty/liberal does it you smugly seethe?

      • Jerry G

        I say that if the left wants a shooting war, I for one would be glad to supply it. It’s coming time to do it, lets just get it over with.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        ive read some of your comments to others,,so allow me to open here with:
        hey scumbag regressive white trash loser——— do you R..E..A..L..L..Y.. “think” that your inept/inert/flaccid redneck militia will do ANYTHING to OUR military if U chowderhead low IQ scum ” wage war” in OUR COUNTRY?? really??? shotguns and rifles and big tire trucks?? wow— OH I 4GOT: our military will drop all their training and weapons and NOT take orders from their superiors( see: lengthy jail time/ loss of military family benefits) just to help the toothless overweight “patriots” who LOVE sarah palin and SMALLER govt ??? really?
        PRAISE (21st century schizoid Caucasian) JEEEESUS!!! bring on the new “civil” war!

      • Jerry G

        Nice try at stereotyping, douche fuck, but it doesn’t apply. You’re worthless, and a dipshit of epic proportions. Go eat a bullet, dick licker.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        brilliant reply!!!
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the audience is totototally applauding

      • Jay Rasco

        Name calling with vulgarity is the sure sign of a weak mind forcibly trying to make itself understood. Nice try Jerry.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        Troll, troll, go away, come again some other…..wait, no, just go away. No one here cares what you “think”.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Impressive vernacular. Your mommy must be so very proud.

      • Tom Paxton

        We thought the same thing when we invaded Iraq. Never underestimate 6 million rednecks with weapons, that’s the largest army in the world.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        and the collective IQ of a tegu
        ,,,,,,with a serious alcohol consumption problem

      • Laura

        @tom_paxton:disqus Your estimates are low. Many non-rednecks would join in.

      • Laura

        A bunch of goat herders seem to do just fine against our military, as led by our current pansy-in-chief. Seems to me a bunch of rice farmers did well too.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        politically yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, militarily we destroy our enemies
        Vietnam and Afghanistan prove this. our politics kept us from obliterating them both- very common knowledge . Vietnam especially
        allow me to ask: do YOU sincerely believe that any insurrection perpetrated against our government here in USA by some shotgun and rifle-wielding toothless white trash religious scum would have any chance of doing ANYTHING against our (worlds finest) military???

      • Henry

        For a woman your attempt to talk like a “man” is pitiful.

      • a567and8

        Wellllllll…..if necessary………

      • regressive white trash reli

        really? U think our troops will lay down their weaponry to help white trash religious scumbags overthrow the government who PAYS those same troops???

      • Jay Rasco

        Large minds talk about Ideas and principles, Mediocre minds talk about events, Little, tiny minds talk about people and make snide remarks about others and shooting them. Good job Jerry G.

      • Jerry G

        Jay, pay attention that the a-hole liberal started the name calling. That’s all. Not that I give a shit what another liberal thinks, but the air is clear.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        awwww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, seems jerry G makes friends rather easily with his lachrymose comments: eh?
        poor white trash jerry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, crying

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        Typical ammosexual response. Utterly devoid of any intelligence.

      • Jerry G

        And your mom felches other men. So there.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        That’s ALL you got? Lame.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Isn’t it interesting (and telling) that your only response is to attack with vulgar and offensive comments? Doesn’t say much at all for either you or your position, does it?

      • regressive teaparty trash

        did ja’ “think” that your precious GOP would actually HELP all of America; or just white trash regressive wealthy religious elitists?

      • Jerry G

        I’m not a Republican. Chew on that, brain dead liberal. Sorry about the redundant statement there.

      • blueeyedsong

        Are you under 13?

      • Jerry G

        No. A proud 14 inches. Soft.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Are you advocating violence, because I’m pretty sure that if you are, I’ll report you to proper authorities for investigation.

      • Jerry G

        “Whhhaaaaa!!!! Are you advocating violence? Because if you are, I’m going to report you to the proper authorities who themselves kill children with drones, and laughingly enjoy sending soldiers to fight for Exxon and Mobil and Haliburton. The same authorities who railed against violence against innocents but are now gleefully fulfilling their mandate. WHHAAAAAA!!!!!!”
        Grow the fuck up, Jeff. Stop living in this happy crappy world where Oblowme is a peacemaker. He’s the biggest criminal and killer on the planet. You just don’t have the guts to acknowledge it.

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re clearly mentally ill, and therefore I will be reporting you and your abusive nature and your publicly advocating violence. Have fun with the investigation.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        jerry has his sarah palin slippers on as he types
        eating his Benghazi breakfast

      • blueeyedsong

        Uninformed FoxBot! The Repubs LOVE war and being the single largest arms exporter in the world! The fact that you pair that with soliciting violence against those who disagree with you let all of us know that you are operating on a very low plain of thought. Get some help for that anger, please, before you implode.

      • Jerry G

        Allow me to remind you that it’s not just the filth of the GOP that loves war, it’s the Dems, too, Blue. Obama is a Dem, he is killing children with WAR MACHINERY just like George Bush did. Until you Dems start protesting what the guy that you like does, when it’s PRECISELY what the other guy did, you will have zero moral ground to stand on. You Dems are every bit the filthy war mongers that the GOP are, you filthy fucking animals.

      • Tom Feuhrer

        with goD on their side . . .

      • blueeyedsong

        Some of you Teatards simply have never gotten over that you lost the Civil War! Can’t accept that your ideas are small minded, selfish and certainly not thinking of the “greater good” for all American Citizens. It’s not a punishable offense to think differently. Humans have been like that since the beginning of time.

      • Jerry G

        Pay attention, Junior. It was one of you leftards that opened the violence spigot.

      • ww40

        I have absolutely NO interest in the greater good. I am however interested in the greater freedom. In a choice between freedom and security, pick freedom every time. Something you liberals do not and will not understand. Maybe you aren’t smart enough. Or maybe you just like getting the rest of society to pay your way for you. Here’s an idea, you want the government to pay for your healthcare, go to work for it, then it will. You don’t want to have to pay for your family’s healthcare, stay single and childless and you won’t have that problem. But DON’T ask me to support you if you. Because I truly don’t care what happens to you.

      • blueeyedsong

        Are you kidding me?! That shows just how much you know about Democrats. First of all we have an entire spectrum on our side just like you do on yours. I’m a Conservative Democrat. I have worked my whole life and still work for every thing I have, even though I’ve never earned a large amount.I am very proud and I have never gotten and do not get anything at all for free. I pay for health insurance through and employer, am paying on my house, taxes etc…I agree with R’s on a couple of things, but their lack of compassion for others and allowing their extreme right wing to set their agenda is why I would never vote for them. Expand your mind by listening and trying to understand that it is not WE who are your enemy but the selling out of our government officials on every level.

      • Laura

        Your brand of compassion has created a permanent underclass, and generational poverty. Your brand of compassion has created a shcool system that makes sure that the people you “care” for will never stand a chance to get what you have, Education and a firm family foundation is the key to success, Liberal politics deny this to the poor.

      • blueeyedsong

        R’s aren’t for any education except Privatization so their kids don’t have to go to school with the “others”. Give me a break. Privatize schools, Privatize Social Security Privatize everything, even wars.

      • Joseph Meyer

        This is all mostly drivel, article, comments, and all. But I cannot let this particular bit slide. Lost the civil war? Lincoln was a Republican, the first president belonging to the party that was formed to fight slavery and preserve the union. How many fingers?

      • Kalar Walters

        I hate to burst your bubble, but Lincoln did not have any intention of freeing the slaves. It was ultimately a war maneuver to collapse the south and win the war.

      • Joseph Meyer

        I guess all those speeches and debates are just hallucinations? It still wouldn’t change the fact that the Republicans were on side that won, not lost, the civil war.

      • Kalar Walters

        I suppose you don’t realize that ideology has swapped places since then.

      • Joseph Meyer

        If you are referring to the “Nixon’s Southern Strategy” canard, it doesn’t even bear up to the most cursory examination. You can keep repeating it, but it doesn’t make it true.
        Nor does it address my original point, which was to challenge blueeyedsong’s assertion above: “Some of you Teatards simply have never gotten over that you lost the Civil War!”
        If those of you on the left would put half as much effort into actually informing yourselves as you do showing contempt for those with whom you disagree, you might reach different conclusions.

      • Kalar Walters

        I don’t believe I said anything whatsoever about Nixon or any “Southern Strategy.” The fact remains that much of the ideologies of the two parties have switched over time.

      • Joseph Meyer

        You may consider that to be a fact. I don’t.

      • beowolfe

        You’re proof of the contention of this article. I know you won’t think so, you’re just not smart enough to understand.

      • Jerry G

        Whatever, chief. I’m not going to get into a pissing match about how smart you are versus how smart I am. That turns into, “Oh yeah? Well my daddy can beat up your daddy” really fast with you liberals, because you have nothing in the way of ideas. Here’s what I understand. Government DOES NOT WORK. The same government that you want to control your life can’t deliver the mail on time, can’t keep our streets safe, and can’t educate our children. They can’t even win a war against a bunch of savages using mid 20th century weaponry who are riding horses. And this race hustling punk Obama doesn’t have the moral backbone to EVER do what is right. He just whines. But hey, he’s a liberal.

      • Russell Hanson

        You right wing nuts head out and start shooting we’ll join you later.

      • J.t. Alwin

        By weirdos, you must mean methhead trolls like yourself. “Ooooh, when we make threats with guns, it’s fer freedum, but when you do it, you’re insane!” Hell, go ahead and start a conservative revolution. Half of you would be wiped out before you figured out how to take off the safety.

      • Larry Legassey

        Or we could send them all cleaning kits, this would take care of half of them. they would either shoot themself or someone next to them.

      • moiraregis

        only if you include written instructions–

      • moiraregis

        most of them would be too obese to break into a decent dog trot, much less run–

      • regressive white trash reli

        correct———-I WISH they would TRY 2 start a ‘revolution’ so our military could erase those low IQ bloodlines

      • Bob Finlay

        It attracted you, Ed.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        And RWNJ trolls.

      • moiraregis

        You’ve made that abundantly clear all by yourself.

      • DaveHarrison69

        Something about this blog that attracts the weirdos.

        Yea your here right?

      • peepthis


      • SickOfConservatives

        Yes, you’re here.

      • strayaway

        You might not mind that jobs were shipped abroad or that millions of legal and illegal aliens are allowed into the US to compete for remaining jobs at lower wages. Not getting the big picture, as mentioned in the article, you don’t seem to question why your job “pays so shitty”. However, you are grateful that President Obama has thrown you some crumbs, paid for with someone else’s taxes and higher policy prices. Meanwhile, the 1% are getting richer at a rate faster than during the Bush administration. So what are you going to do with your gun? Steal someone’s flat screen TV?

        Nice touch looking down your nose at “ignorant redneck teabaggers”. You are positioning your self with respect to them as they position themselves with (blacks). You aren’t rich but at least you are better than they are. Meanwhile, the 1% have the money and pre-select our presidents.

      • Imsloan68

        First of all, you don’t know a damn thing about me, what I know and what I think. I am aware of corporations who ship jobs abroad and I take action in my life accordingly. I work for shitty pay because the economy in my area is still pretty depressed, so if I’m grateful for anything, then yeah I’m grateful I have a job at all. If you have a problem with me Having insurance at the expense of someone else’s tax rate, then why do you vote for politicians who dig in their heels and refuse to raise the minimum wage? Because they tell you they hate brown people? ( I make slightly above minimu, and that would raise my pay as well) (Nice try BTW with yr fake outrage over the 1%, I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter myself, who did you vote for?)
        As far as “crumbs” you refer to, I just got free Doctor’s apps. And medication for a $15 co-pay. I’m not sitting at home expecting a handout. I work for a living. If you want me to pay more in taxes, then stop supporting fake right wing populists who Appeal to your bigotry by railing about brown people then refuse to help people like me by raising the minimum wage

      • strayaway

        I know what you wrote, responded to it, and now you confirmed what I previously wrote. The economy in your area is depressed largely because jobs were shipped overseas where they could be done cheaper. Your President is now trying to fast track the TPP. Clue: that won’t help your situation. I sympathize with your situation but don’t think that blaming your problems on “ignorant redneck teabaggers” is going to improve it. Raising the minimum wage is fine. Even Republican states voted to do so when allowed as voter initiatives. I like higher minimum wages because they will eliminate the need for some welfare and shrink government bureaucracies needed to distribute that welfare. Higher minimum wages will actually bring Americans out of the woodwork presently not looking for jobs paying illegal alien caste wages so higher minimum wages might be bad for “brown people”. You don’t seem to understand supply and demand. The doubling of indentured servant IT workers the Senate passed amnesty plan will legally bring into the US to replace higher paid US workers won’t involve Mexicans. Eventually, automation will replace a lot of those minimum wage jobs like ATM’s and self service grocery lines. To the extent possible, I vote for constitutional conservatives like Ron Paul in answer to your question although I voted for Ralph Nader. I have voted for third party candidates in most presidential elections because I don’t think corporatist puppets like Obama or Bush (or Jeb and Hillary) represent me. Bernie Sanders though is a big step up from Hillary the warmonger.

        You are receiving a handout though. I’m not blaming you or asking you to give anything back but try to open your eyes to how affordable health care could be if workers could demand instead of beg for higher pay and benefits and/or if the Obama administration had allowed Vermont to have an affordable Canadian like single payer system. You would have to acknowledge how supply and demand works first though. More workers competing for fewer jobs equals lower wages.

      • Frank Ciccarelli

        Excellent post.

        I think we should have FREE or guaranteed health care & FREE college tuition … You can call it ‘Socialism’ or
        or a drunkards dream if that makes you feel better.

      • strayaway

        You are delusional if you think health care and tuition are free. Someone pays for it. I’m ok with state colleges subsidizing everyone and single payer health care like Vermont tried to institute if that’s what voters in a state want. For the most part, those aren’t powers delegated to the federal government however. By the way, why do you think working class young people should be forced to pay for the educations and birth control pills for their future bosses? Why not instead apply supply and demand to the equation to drive up wages so things like college and health care were again more affordable to more people? Why must progressives be so supportive of the 1%ers’ corporatist agenda?

      • Frank Ciccarelli

        You lost me at ‘delusional,’ friend …

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re delusional if you think that we benefit as a nation by refusing to provide healthcare and education to every citizen. In the case of healthcare, it’s exponentially more costly to force people to wait until they have a catastrophic illness or injury than to provide healthcare coverage to all, so that illnesses can be treated BEFORE they become catastrophic.

        As for eduction, there is a direct, inversely proportional link between a person’s educational level and crime. The less one is educated, the more likely they are to commit crime, and the more violent those crimes are likely to be. It costs FAR more to imprison people than it does to educate them. Use your head.

      • strayaway

        Healthcare can be better addressed at the state level per the 10th amendment. Vermont tried to pass a truly affordable Canadian like single payer plan but the corporatist (un)ACA bureaucrats wouldn’t allow Vermont to do so. Massachusetts had already passed Romneycare. I voted for the last two millage increases that showed up on my ballot but want to shut down the redundant US Department of Education. You mischaracterize me partly because you do not seem to understand limitations placed on the federal government by the Constitution. I am all for better education and believe states and local governments may advance those things as they do public highways and fire departments. So you should get past your presumptions and educate yourself as to what the 10th Amendment says even though half the Republican Party and 95% of the democratic Party and their judicial appointments choose to ignore it.

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re delusional if you think that we don’t all pay to have an uneducated, uninsured society. This is the #1 problem with conservatives, imo. You have no ability to grasp the concept of the term “investment.” To you, the only thing you see is “cost,” and no return whatsoever. The national highway system, which has brought us literally trillions and trillions of dollars in commerce return on investment, would never happen today, thanks to you blind ideologues who don’t grasp basic economics.

        Consider the FACT that an educated society produces greater economic production to a given society than an uneducated society, and also consider the FACT that education level and criminality are inversely proportional, which means that the more educated one is, the less likely to commit crime, and the less educated, the more likely to commit crimes, and the less educated, the more violent those crimes will be.

        This utter inability to grasp the most basic concepts of societal economics is precisely why you conservatives are incapable of responsible, effective governance, but then again, why would anyone expect someone who openly despises government to be able to govern effectively?

      • strayaway

        You’re delusional if you think I claimed “that we don’t all pay to have an uneducated, uninsured society.” Where did I advocate an uneducated society? I’ll read the rest of you post when you back up you allegation.

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re delusional if you think you’re making a shred of rational sense.

      • strayaway

        I guess you couldn’t back up your allegation. Say and repeat as many times as necessary, “Koch Brothers, Fox News, because he’s black”. It will reassure you.

      • ritpg

        Frank, why is it that you folks look only on the demand side of things and never what it takes to supply that demand. You’ve been talking for so long, there’s no way you can relate to the hard-working slugs paying the exorbitant taxes and fees that mitigate your bad life choices and maybe even a little laziness.

      • GL

        Why not raise taxes on the people who already have enough to buy an archipelago in the mediterranean?

      • ritpg

        What the hell are you talking about!!!

      • GL

        You don’t want higher taxes on the working class to pay for education and healthcare. I respect that. Why not raise taxes on, say, all income past one million dollars per year?

      • Jerry G

        Get rid of income taxes and institute a sales tax. Then EVERYBODY pays, and you’ll get a bunch more out of the rich.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Brilliant idea! That way, a billionaire only pays a teeny, tiny fraction of their income in taxes, while the working poor and middle class pay an enormous percentage. Seems fair.

      • Jerry G

        But isn’t equality what you’re after? If Donald Trump pays, lets say 12% is the number, and the welfare mama pays 12%, what could be more fair than that? And wouldn’t 12% be a whole lot more than the alleged nothing that you libs say the rich pay already?

      • Jeff Johnson

        12% of millions or billions is a helluva lot different than 12% of $10,000, not that someone like you would ever grasp something like that.

        Someone earning middle class or below wages is already living check to check for the most part. A consumption tax on them is drastically regressive and punitive, compared with someone who’s got excess wealth to piss away at will.

        Meanwhile, don’t look now but the real welfare queens are the Mitt Romney’s and Donald Trumps, who rake in hundreds of billions per year in corporate welfare handouts. Oopsies. Guess the fox and the limbaugh forgot to mention that, huh?

      • Jerry G

        What makes you think I watch Fox or listen to Limbaugh? Neither. I don’t have cable, and don’t listen to radio. Dangerous assumption, Jeff.
        Here I’m going to shock you. I’m completely against ALL welfare, including corporate. There is no place for it in a capitalist society and it should be gone.
        Now, as for “regressive” tax policy, that’s merely a buzz word. Even assuming minimum wage for a full time employee, that’s over $15k a year. Are you telling me that if somebody took home that entire amount, they wouldn’t be able to make it on that? Reality check. If we got rid of income taxes, prices of every commodity sold would go DOWN, because businesses would have more wiggle room in pricing product due to decreased regulatory costs. That goes for manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, every step in the chain. There would also be an increase in competition in the retail sector, because people would have MORE MONEY to spend, which would bring an increase in competition up to the manufacturers. All of that would increase the number of jobs available as well as increase the average wage of the worker.
        Now why don’t you and I get off of this name calling and wild assumption about one another jag and discuss like adults? I’ll await your reply.

      • GL

        Not quite. It’s actually been proven that sales taxes impact the poor more heavily than the rich, being a larger percentage of their total budget than that of the rich.

      • Frank Ciccarelli

        I stand by what I said …

        Canada has a single payer health care system. France, ditto. Germany has free University or trade schools. Scandinavia, Belgium, free health care.

        It’s not ‘where do we get the money?’ We’ve got the money. It’s how do we parcel it out …

        & try to relax a bit
        No-one’s attacking you that I can see.

      • rouge1

        Move loser.

      • Jerry G

        That’s mature. The liberal way is always “MOVE”. I thought you idiots were about ideas and discussing. AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You’re so fucking stupid.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Nice, intelligent response, as usual. I believe that you have a mental health illness, but lucky for you, that’s covered under Obamacare. Seek help.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        best part? jerry G called rouge1 a liberal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and rouge1 is a ” conservative”(regressive)
        they are the brilliant type; aren’t they?

      • Jeff Johnson

        Well, they certainly aren’t voting republican because they’re smart or aware of what’s going on around them, that’s for sure!

      • regressive teaparty trash

        they vote republican because they hate a black guy in office/ and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, their scummy pastor told them to

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        And what are Progressives progressing? Their own accumulation of wealth?
        BTW, I like that you’re alternating your excessive punctuation usage.

      • Elizabeth Arroyo
      • regressive teaparty trash

        jerry G,,,,,,,,,,O jerry G—
        ROUGE1 is a regressive white trash conservative( as you are) and he went after frank C by his crybaby post of “move loser”
        and,,,,,,,,,,,,,your incredibly brilliant ass did NOT ( see: DID NOT) realize ROUGE1 is a conservative & U called him a liberal!
        we LOVE love LOVE when U low IQ cretins in the rightwing of the discussions show us how blazingly ” brilliant” you are!!

      • Jerry G

        I’m agnostic, a non believer. So far, you fucking retarded asshole, you’ve gotten everything wrong about me. What a douche. How does it feel to have every one of your instincts be absolutely wrong? Retard.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        sounds like u didn’t enjoy my showing you your “brilliance” in your pertinacious reply to ROUGE1
        “instincts” you say???

      • Ron Shackelford

        My grandmother was first to tell me that people resort to cursing when they don’t really have much to say.

      • Jerry G

        How is this medical care “free”?

      • Jeff Johnson

        It’s free to the consumer, because those countries are bright enough to know that having easy, free access to medical care LOWERS the costs for all, because people tend to get treated BEFORE an illness appears or becomes catastrophic. In the US, we’ve been deluded into believing that simply because it doesn’t get paid out through public funds (i.e. taxation), it’s somehow better, but facts prove otherwise. We pay twice what any other industrialized nation pays, per capita, and a large part of that excess cost is directly due to the fact that millions do not have coverage. It’s that simple.

      • Jerry G

        Again, explain in what economic reality how it is free.

      • Liberty4ev

        Oh dear! I see that economics is not your forte…smh

        Do you have any idea what the income tax rate is in the countries with “free” health care/university/whatever?

      • Jeff Johnson

        Are you referring to the government taxes or the for profit corporation’s taxes? Because, we’re being taxed either way.

        Or, didn’t they not teach you that in Econ 101?

        Private companies are terrific at making widgets, but they fail beyond measure at the public commons, society’s infrastructure. Do we live like cavemen or like a civilized society?

        Libertarians want to be cavemen again.

        Liberals know how to move forward.

        Move to Texas, secede, and finally cut yourself entirely off the government teat, pick yourself up, and do something with your life. Take all of your anti American, taker, ignorant right wing tools with you. We’re sick of propping you red states up.

        How’s KS, MI, WI doing these days, btw? Economical speaking, economics wizard.

      • Liberty4ev

        I was referring to individual income taxes in the European countries that give away all these “freebies”. Point being, somebody pays for all these freebies. When government takes the fruits of one’s labor to give to someone else, that’s theft.

        Not sure what I said that inspired your ridiculous rant but it has nothing to do with what I was talking about. I know lots of libertarians; not a one wants to be a caveman.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Oh, so I guess you get 100% of your Healthcare, education, vacation time (6 weeks, minimum), maternity AND paternity PAID leave, and banking for free then, I take it?

      • Liberty4ev

        I am self-employed. I pay 100% of my and my family’s health care out of my own pocket. Back in the day, I paid for 100% of my education by working my way through school, with part-time jobs. I either sent my kids to private school or homeschooled them but that didn’t absolve me from paying taxes for the public school system.

        Vacation time? WTF is that? Paid maternity and paternity leave? LMFAO! Surely you jest. Like I said I’m self-employed. If I take time off for any reason, I do not make money. Period.

        As a self-employed micro business owner, I am acutely aware of all the taxes, fees and compliance obligations (ie: more $$$$) that are taken off the top of the money I earn with my own labor. You ought to try it sometime—it’s a REAL eye opener.

        The government skims a ton off my income; so much so, I can barely eke out a living. Just exactly how much more do you think I “owe”?

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re dumb as fuck. This fascist, capitalist, corporatist, militarized system only works for complete psychopaths.

        We’re all being robbed blind by the corporatist oligarchs, and you’re so Fucking stupid that you’re blaming the poor, the middle class, unions, women, black people, brown people, other religions, political parties, when it’s







        Wake the fuck up, idiot.

      • Liberty4ev

        Where did I blame the poor, the middle class, unions, women, black people, brown, people, other religions, political parties for ANYTHING?

        And why are you so angry and hateful? Geez, I was just trying to have a discussion but obviously, that’s not possible.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Your ideology blames the poor, blacks, women, the middle class, gays, Muslims, Obama, EVERYTHING, except the corrupt economic system around us.

        It’s time for us all to wake up now.

      • Liberty4ev

        LOL, so now you know my ideology. I think not, but go ahead, tell me what it is.

      • Elizabeth Arroyo

        Why you mad?

      • Mark Harris

        Hey Jeff. You really are the dumb fuck who doesn’t get it. Im sensing you’re so angry because you’re jealous due to the fact that you are either living in your parents basement or a complete bum. You really are clueless when it comes to business ownership, taxation, cost of benefits for small businesses in America in fact you probably don’t care as long as you’ve got your hand out for something free and it is being filled. Take your anger somewhere else like to your parents house for not raising you with a more quality outlook on life or better yet challenge yourself. Go out and start a small business like I did to better yourself and you will understand where business owners are coming from. Don’t just sit on your ass and name call out of jealousy and ignorance do something good for yourself and family!

      • Jeff Johnson

        Any business owner not bringing home at least $250k after taxes who votes republiCON is a complete idiot. The GOP has NOTHING for you, fool. Their entire focus is on the upper 1%, and in particular, the upper 1/100th of 1%. They don’t give a single shit about anyone in the lower 99%.

      • outerheavenrevolt

        so basically you want to help keep every one poor ?

      • Jeff Johnson

        Huh? I’m not a republican, so no, I don’t want everyone to be poor. I want a livable minimum wage, as it was designed to be…had the minimum wage been indexed for inflation at the time it was introduced, it would be around $20/hour right now. I want an end to the republican war on unions, because as unions go, so goes the middle class. I want free education for as far as a person can earn it, because an educated society is more productive, earns more in their lifetime, and is far less likely to commit crimes against society, therefore, overall, education is a vast investment that pays back many times over throughout the lifetime of the educated person. I want this ridiculous $1 trillion in student loan debt flushed away, so that graduated students aren’t shackled with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that they cannot get out from under, even through bankruptcy. It’s ridiculous and punitive to the overall economy, because these young adults often cannot purchase cars or a house because of it. Idiotic policy that benefits nobody but the banksters. I want an end to corporate tax loopholes, so that we can capture the $400 billion in annual tax revenue that’s lost to overseas tax shelters. I want a transaction tax on every stock trade, not only to drive more revenue but to slow down some of this insane trading going on. I want Gramm-Rudmann repealed and strong regulatory oversight brought back, to prevent further banking collapses. I want a decade-long, $5 trillion infrastructure investment program that includes massive investment in solar, wind, tidal, geothermal energies. I want subsidies and direct funding to build both electric and hydrogen fueling stations all around the country. I want implementation of electric, solar powered highways. I want high speed rail. NONE of this will ever happen as long as republicans are in power. They want to completely destroy the middle class, eliminate all good paying jobs, and create an America with two classes: peasants and lords.

      • outerheavenrevolt

        you just want to keep the poor from making something of them self and have a set idea of 250 k being too much money so better tax the fuck out of every for trucking welfare while they are making 30k a year and make sure they never have a chance to save any money.

      • Jeff Johnson

        How is providing free education, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, and creating millions of good paying jobs “keeping the poor from making something of themselves?” Are you high? And, the 250k AFTER taxes point marks the cutoff between the upper 1% and the rest of society. I would consider it to be upper middle class, personally, but regardless, it officially means that you’re in the upper 1%. I would raise the top marginal tax rate back to pre-Reagan level of 70% and bring back the estate tax as well. The nation seemed to do pretty remarkably well while those policies were in place.

      • outerheavenrevolt

        you mean providing government indoctrination would normally cost us something more than the taxes we pay ? “Are you high ? ” isnt a real rebuttal. no it doesnt mean you are the upper 1% I think you are confused or just stupid.

      • outerheavenrevolt

        glad you support socialism.

      • Jeff Johnson

        It certainly seems to work in other countries.

      • kurtsteinbach

        I really think these wingnuts, still don’t know what socialism really is. Nor do they understand that they are supporting fascism. Like the article said, conservatives cannot see or grasp the big picture. . . .

      • melora

        I was talking to a neighbor earlier today. He is an older man in his late 70s. He told me when he lived in NYC he got $75/m in food stamps. He moved to Idaho, it’s that same Federal program, and he gets $16/m in food stamps. So to all those people who worry about food stamp users buying seafood and steak, don’t worry too much about the ones in Idaho.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Really? How does asking those who can afford it to pay their fair share to support the society that’s allowed them to build their wealth prevent anyone else from doing well?

        Are you unaware that the decades of this nation’s greatest economic growth occurred under strong regulatory oversight and top marginal tax rates between 70-91%? Corporations paid fully 25% of all federal tax revenue, yet somehow, magically, still managed to survive and thrive.

        Go figure, right?

      • kurtsteinbach

        I know Jeff. The nations of Europe tax their rich much more heavily and their corporations too, yet somehow those countries still manage to have profitable corporations and have many millionaires and even several billionaires. I wonder how that can be? I guess social democracy really can work and is not just a liberal pipe dream, except in the U.S., apparently. . . .

      • outerheavenrevolt

        how about ending the foreign wars Obama continues to expand ?

      • Jeff Johnson

        The Bush/Cheney wars, you mean? Yeah, let’s put an end to them, finally.

      • outerheavenrevolt

        I didnt know bush and cheney have been in office for these past few years. and gettin involved in other conflicts in all kinds of ways.
        you fuckin moron.

      • Liberty4ev

        Your guy could have ended every war everywhere and brought the troops home from all corners of the earth on his first day of office. And what has he done? Be truthful now…

      • Jeff Johnson

        First, he voted against the illegal war in Iraq. Secondly, he managed to get us out of there and mostly out of Afghanistan.

        if he’d have immediately pulled all troops, things would have instantly collapsed into a complete catastrophe and you wing nuts would’ve eviscerated him (rightfully so this time) for it. He did precisely what needed to be done.

        Bush and cheneyCorp lit that entire region on fire.

      • Liberty4ev

        The ME is not a complete catastrophe now??? LMAO!

        I’ll agree that bush/cheney lit the entire region on fire, but obama’s done nothing but pour gasoline on it. He’s a WAR MONGER, killing brown babies with drone strikes, wreaking chaos and havoc all over the ME—-a nobel “peace” prize totin’ WAR FREAKIN’ MONGER! Get your head our of your partisan arse and wake up to the FACTS!

      • Liberty4ev

        Bingo! What happened to the anti-war left? I guess it’s ok when Their Guy is a warmonger. Cognitive dissonance much?

        Maybe if the Military Industrial Complex (funded by the Fed’s printing press) didn’t have to be the world’s policeman, we’d have the funds to have “free” healthcare, education and so on.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Speaking of clueless…

        Small businesses have been getting screwed for decades, thanks to republiCON tax and trade policies that favor large corporations and nothing else. Anyone who’s not bringing home (after taxes) a minimum of $250k and still insists upon voting republiCON is a flat out idiot. It’s that simple.

      • Ben Dover

        Calm down Jeff before you pop a vein. I see when you do not agree with someone you resort to foul language and name calling. Seems par for the course given your earlier comments. I am not sure where you are from but I really suggest you stop listening to other liberals and the talking points they are feeding and try to expand upon knowledge around the world than what someone has force fed you.

      • Jeff Johnson

        I am calm. I just happen to have zero tolerance for idiots, and it appears these days that every single republican voter is a flat out idiot.

      • Ben Dover

        Jeff to play devil’s advocate do you not think possibly that those Republicans might think the same about you as you have said you do of them? While we may not all agree on the current politics at hand I find it does me no good to think il of someone. It is not worth it and the probability of changing their thought process is slim. Good luck to you and enjoy.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Dumb fuck. Those socialist countries that you’ve been indoctrinated to despise and fear provide every person with:

        *six months minimum paid vacation
        *Paid maternity and paternity leave
        100% paid for Healthcare, including drugs and surgeries of all kinds
        *100% paid for education for as far you you can go
        *100% paid for comfortable retirement

        Now, tell me again how much better off you are than those people, dumb fuck.

      • Liberty4ev

        Never said I was better off, just said someone is paying for all these “freebies”. That’s a fact.

      • Pete L

        So do you think all this would change if a REP would be in office everyone is paying it and using it. your paying all those taxes as you said and not getting any of those benefits

      • Liberty4ev

        Absolutely not!!! Here’s the thing: it’s NOT a repub/dem issue. That’s a false paradigm. Both parties are pretty much the same, and THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US!

        They BOTH use the Fed’s printing press to finance wars, freebies to Wall Street, corporate welfare and other things that have absolutely no benefit to the average citizen. BUT!, the average citizen gets to pay for all this either directly via taxes or indirectly (and hidden) via the inflation tax.

        I’m an ancap/voluntaryist, but sometimes I think we’d be better off with a benevolent dictator than the crap we have now.

      • Liberty4ev

        Absolutely no! There is too much government intervention in our private lives, regardless of who is “in charge”. Besides, there is very little difference between the parties. They both suck.
        Further, I don’t want to get things from the government. I want to be left alone; to have the FREEDOM to choose whatever I want.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Here’s another fact. It’s a helluva lot cheaper doing that stuff thru government taxes than allowing corporations to tax us by forcing us to but their for-profit bs. For Healthcare alone, we pay double what any other industrialized nation pays, yet we leave millions uninsured.

      • Liberty4ev

        Only governments have the POWER to tax and they do so via force. Corporations do not have that power other than to buy congresscritters to do their bidding (that still does not give them the power to tax you).

        No one is forcing you to buy anything. YOU have the power to CHOOSE to NOT purchase anything at all from any corporation if you wish, and the only consequence is that you don’t use their product.

        Try not paying your taxes…

      • Guest

        Why are you BOTHERING to argue this with someone who can’t complete a single post without calling you a “dumb fuck?”

      • Liberty4ev

        I think it’s rather funny. So many from so many sides become unhinged if you don’t drink their particular brand of Kool-Aid. He can call me all the names he wants; it does not make it so. It’s more a reflection on his small-mindedness.

      • Ben Dover

        Isn’t that the truth. I have been reading the post and it seems the only ones calling people names are those that call Repubs “intolerant”. It seems to me they are the ones intolerant when others have a differing view then their own or someone else speaking out actually makes better sense to everyone else except for them. What is the old saying, You can argue with a rock…?

      • kurtsteinbach

        Yes, the people in those countries in Europe get those things. they also all pay for those things. According to what they are able. That is what people have governments for, to govern and do things that are so big, that each person cannot do it himself or herself. You did not build the roads, bridges, highways, or byways in this country. you do not and cannot maintain them on your own. Businesses do not do things, except for profit. They have never done more than the law requires in whatever nation. They do not ensure safe workplaces except as the law demands, which is why laws and regulatory agencies exist to keep those safe workplaces in place,. You’re still not seeing the big picture. . . . Thanks for being an object lesson that proves this article accurately and precisely described conservatives.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Oh, and not one of them paid a single penny to prop up a single collapsed corporate bank either.

        What a monstrously failed economics system, huh?

        Dumb fuck.

      • Liberty4ev

        Huh? Who is “them” and wtf are you talking about?

      • Elizabeth Arroyo
      • Larry Riley

        Your gonna owe a ton soon as you or one of your family members become ill, don’t hope it on ya, but stats show it will probably happen, then depending on the illness, could cost you a fortune, paying all your health cost out of pocket, must be one of the 1%…what you doing here!

      • Liberty4ev

        What do you think I do, live at the doctor? LOL You can easily negotiate reasonable fees for doctor visits when needed, and if you have to go to the ER, they will work with you so you can pay your bill. Fortunately, my son and I are healthy and we work hard to keep it that way. I do realize that something can go horribly wrong at any time but what do you suppose I should do? I freakin’ don’t have the $$$ to pay the premiums!

        1% er…don’t I wish. If I were, I’d buy myself a few congressmen!

      • disqus_2HKH8lqbx3

        You paid your way through school with part time jobs? You graduated in 1970? 1960?

      • Liberty4ev

        Yes I really did. Graduated in 1979. My school was cheap back then, but wages weren’t much either. It took some sacrifice, but I managed, and still had fun.

        Incidentally, one of my kids is paying her way through school right now. It’s going to take longer than 4 years to get her degree but she doesn’t want student loan debt.

      • melora

        I saw a report the college costs are over 1,000% of what it did about 20 years ago. Back in the late 1970’s minimum wage was $3.25 and that had more buying power than what minimum wage is now.

      • Liberty4ev

        I don’t doubt that at all. My first job paid $1.90/hour. I got all the way up to $2.45/hour during my college years lol. Tuitition was a whopping $212/semester though. (that is not a typo).

        What you said about buying power is SPOT ON!! All this taking sides, arguing, and fighting would go away if people would take the time to understand the monetary system–how money actually works, and how the Federal Reserve devalues the dollar. Throw in the fact that ANYTHING that is subsidized increases prices to the consumer. This causes great harm to the middle class and working poor while the 1% benefits.

      • Liberty4ev

        Sorry, I forgot to address some other things. I have to pay for a business license, taxes on my fixtures and assets, extra insurance and more property taxes for my vehicle because it’s used for business purposes, specialty licensing fees and taxes along with the cost of the classes and tests I am required to take to earn such; business banking fees and the list goes on and on and on…

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re dumb as fuck. Do you not know they mitt Romney pays less in taxes than you do? Wake up, idiot. Crack a book. Learn something about what’s going on around you, dumb fuck.

      • Mark Harris

        You have no clue what Mitt Romney pays in taxes. Obumma played that whole tax deal because he knew simpletons like yourself would believe it. If Mitt Romney broke one tax law the IRS would be on him like your unintelligent brain on crack. What Mitt does do is take advantage of every credit or deduction within the law and uses them. At least he is running sucessful companies that pay taxes and grow the economy unlike his democrat counter parts who have never done anything except draw salaries from us the tax payer. If Obumma could start and run businesses like Mitt Romney he would but the fact is he’s not smart enough to so he works in the political system and extorts you and I. The guy is a complete failure and we all no it.

      • Jeff Johnson

        We don’t know hi entire tax story, because he refused to turn over all of his returns, for some odd reason (so that dimwits such as yourself would be lulled into believing that he paid his fair share, when he didn’t). We do know that for the year he did turn over, he paid about 13% effective federal tax rate, which i less than I paid. Nice, huh? His “successful” companies devour and destroy other companies, btw, using tactics that used to be illegal, until republiCONs came along and changed that. Btw, simpleton, last I checked Bill Gates was a reasonably successful democrat.

      • disqus_2HKH8lqbx3

        Do you have any idea what the per capita income is in those countries.

      • Liberty4ev

        I have a general idea. But why; does it make any difference? My point is that the government is taking a huge chunk of peoples’ income to pay for these “freebies”–far more than is taken in the US.

      • Winsome & Wiser?

        Just think of the bureaucracy of all the form fillers, checkers, insurance forms, pricing policys, that can be done away with. GE would love that overhead reduction in healthcare IF they went to a UK NHS type system. However those who like the extra costs etc are expected to whine and complain. However there are some negatives to the system . .

      • krontekag

        SIngle payer health systems are terrible. People die of dehydration in hospital in the UK under the NHS system. My parents both waited for months for operations under socialised medicine. During that time my mother developed other issues related to the non-treatment of her first issue.
        Single payer – bringing everyone down the the same level with rationing. But hey, fairness right?

      • Jeff Johnson

        Oh, good thing nobody dies in our for-profit system, huh? We have among the worst outcomes in the entire industrialized world, including the leading WORST for newborns. Not that anti-human conservatives give a rat’s ass what happens to an actual, living, breathing human.

      • krontekag

        The point is Jeff – socialised medicine is NOT an improvement. It brings everyone down to the same, lower level. So we can all suffer the same crap service, rationing and stagnation of innovation together.


      • Jeff Johnson

        Funny how nations with socialized medicine (including our own example of medicare) have significantly better outcomes for far less outlay though, huh? If it’s such a dramatic failure, how come the facts say otherwise?

      • Really_seriously_now

        But then we won’t have the money for the really important things like Wall Street Bailouts and Mega Corp Subsidies. Get your priorities straight. These things are far more beneficial to the American public than an affordable wage and health care. Gee folks get a grip on what is really important. 😉

      • ww40

        If you think the Canadian health care system is so great rent a movie that came out some years back called, if I remember correctly, Barbarian Invaders. Made in Canada. You won’t have such a good opinion of after that.

      • disqus_2HKH8lqbx3

        I think the country is Denmark. The happiest people in the world. Health care and education paid for by taxes.

      • Tikidoc

        Exorbitant taxes? We rank 25th of 34 developed nations, as far as percentage of income that goes to taxes and fees (including social security).

      • Antony Davies

        I agree. But why stop there? We should have free food, free cars, free clothing, free housing, free gas, free electricity.

        The problem is that what we should have is not the same as what it is possible to have.

      • Frank Ciccarelli

        Whoa! Back the truck up. I didn’t say create a Utopian wet dream.

      • Andrea Lynn

        Why not? Qatar provides all of those things (other than clothing and food) for all of its citizens. They ALL live like kings over there.

        I’m not seriously suggesting we should give everyone free housing, cars, clothing, et. al., but a healthy, educated society benefits the nation as a whole and it benefits future generations because people who are healthy and educated increase overall productivity, thereby increasing advancements in a broad range of fields – from plumbing to aerospace to neuroscience to cancer research. How is that bad? Long-range thinking requires the ability to see (and accept) the short-term pain it might cause in the beginning.

        When you never look past the end of your nose, it’s difficult to see such things as more than a socialist plot to turn the country into a fascist state. And such thinking results in nations failing. Badly. It’s happening now, it’s so obvious just from reading comments on articles such as this one. So much fear and hatred, without any real attempt at understanding or analysis of future benefits.

        Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Goodnight, folks!

      • Jeff Johnson

        Or, to your point, how about if everything around us costs $1 million? You want a loaf of bread, you pay $1 million for it. You want a car? You pay $1 million for it. You want a house, $1 million. You want a new pair of jeans, $1 million.

        It’s fun to play ridiculous straw man argument, isn’t it?

      • JohnGalt

        free BMWs, too!

      • Frank Ciccarelli


      • Tom Paxton

        This is a standard in most of Europe. Most do call it Socialism, but if it works who cares? Europe also has strong trade unions that will take the people who don’t qualify for college and train them so they can get paid well.

      • frediano

        I think if you stick with the caps, it will arrive sooner.

      • Preston Montfort

        Nothing is FREE.

      • ritpg

        Just out of curiosity, do you live in a red area or blue area? I’ll bet it’s blue. And when I say area, I mean the city or town you live in, not the state.

      • rouge1

        If they raise the minimum, you as a loser would be the first to go. How do I know you are a loser because you make minimum wage and must be out of school and in the workforce. I made minimum wage in grade school, by high school I was way over minimum wage and never looked back. Also if there wasnt 10 million low skill workers let in by your benevolent government your wages would be way more competitive. Then you wouldn’t have to beg for crumbs before the masters table.

      • Jeff Johnson

        The minimum wage was initially designed to be a living wage, and, if it had simply been tied to inflation, it would be over $20/hour today.

      • Tom Paxton

        Dude, raising the minimum wage is a band aid on a bullet wound. The problems go much deeper then that. Everyone that owns stock in a corporation that manufactures in China – myself included – are as much to blame. Everyone wants cheap TV’s and cell phones but don’t realize that is why they can’t find a decent blue collar job in the USA.

      • MikeAT_ACW

        “I work for shitty pay because the economy in my area is still pretty depressed, so if I’m grateful for anything, then yeah I’m grateful I have a job at all.”

        OK, your area is depressed, got it. Here is the idea you may not have thought of, move! My home state, Louisiana, was depressed at the time I left (1998) so I moved to Houston and have been employed ever since. I don’t know where you live, but if you have stayed there where you can only get minimal pay for your labor, get your ass out. Go to South Dakota or Texas where oil is bombing (In spite of the best efforts of B Hussein Obama) and pay is very good. I’ve found many people’s limitations are self inflicted. Get by yours.

      • megi sholla

        You as dumb as fuck . if you think the name is bad you better go suck his dick.How dare you call my President like that.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Good paying jobs have been shipped overseas because of republican tax and trade policies. Illegal immigrants (of which the number is down, btw) enter the country to gain employment by illegal employers in this country. Period. We don’t have an illegal immigrant problem. We have an illegal employer problem.

      • strayaway

        You better check your facts. President Clinton signed NAFTA making it a law. President Obama has passed another three free trade initiatives including one with South Korea. President Obama had a Democratic Congress for two years that did nothing to reverse NAFTA although Obama ran against NAFTA in 2008. Instead, he is trying to fast track the TPP.

        We do have an illegal alien problem displacing US workers, lowering wages, and soaking up social service resources no longer available for Americans. However, I strongly agree with you that the way to address immigration reform is to punish employers who profit by breaking laws. I understand too that some Republicans have been less than helpful in stemming the flow of cheap labor and punishing those employers.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Actually, republicans tried for years before Clinton to get NAFTA passed and failed. True it was Clinton who did it and liberals have assailed him for it ever since, but let’s not pretend that our wasn’t something that republicans wanted desperately as well, shall we?

        We don’t know where tpp will go but we do know that republicans are once again strongly in favor.

        Wages aren’t falling because of illegal aliens. They’ve got jobs that very few domestic employees would want. They’re falling because tax changes made under bush actually incented companies to ship good paying manufacturing jobs overseas. 60,000 factories have been lost since, along with millions of good paying jobs.

      • strayaway

        Yes it was Clinton who mad NAFTA law. It is Obama pushing for the TPP. One explanation I read was that since so many jobs were sent overseas, unions have collapsed. Democrats used to be highly dependent on union contributions. Now, Democratic leaders have to go to the same sources of campaign funding as Republicans so they serve the same masters in things that count leaving only things like gay marriage and abortion as differentials.

        Wages are falling significantly because of illegal aliens. The meat packing industry, for instance, was unionized and provided good wages and benefits. That has changed. Foreign workers are brought in to work at low wages and with few benefits. The same thing is happening in construction. Americans will do any kind of work but they won’t necessarily do them for illegal alien wages. The simplest ways to increase wages would be to institute tariffs and to severely punish the cheating employers who profit by hiring lower paid foreign labor.

        IT wages haven’t gone up for eight years because corporations bring in plane loads of lower paid foreign IT workers as indentured servants. This is legal. The Senate passed bill would double the number brought in. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is laying off thousands of middle class Americans and spending millions lobbying for the House passage of the Senate bill and in support of Obama’s amnesty dictate.

      • Jeff Johnson

        I disagree that wages are stagnated and even falling for some because of illegals. For one thing, we have fewer illegals today than in years. And again, the vast majority of them are doing work that most Americans don’t want anyway, so it’s moot, except to the farmers who illegally hire them.

        The foreign IT workers are here on green card, and are completely different. They’re not illegals.

        You’re right about tariffs. We need to tear up there stupid trade policies that have only benefited the corporate masters and go back to implementing tariffs to level the playing field and get factories opened up here again. We also need to roll back Reaganomics by raising the top marginal tax rate back to 70% after 30 years of misery, it’s finally time to admit the abysmal failure and move on.

      • strayaway

        According to the wall Street Journal as of Sept. 14. ” “Since the recession ended in 2009, median incomes are down 4%, back to levels last seen in 1996. … Since 2009, incomes have risen only for the top 5% of earners” so wages have gone down.

        That is BS about only doing work that Americans won’t do and an insult to American workers. Americans will do any sort of work and do it well but maybe not for Illegal alien cast wages. Only 2% of illegal aliens are agricultural workers. Try construction or meat packing, less and less unionized US workers and more and more unionized poorer paid illegal alien workers.

        Of course IT workers are here legally. My point was that they are brought here to displace US IT workers and work for lower wages.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Stagnating wages for the lower 99% has been the norm ever since Reaganomics went into effect. That’s nothing new at all, and let’s not forget that, after Clinton had ever-so-slightly reversed some of the idiotic policies of that dreadful “plan,” Bush II put it on steroids, and nearly destroyed the entire economy in doing so. We’ve been under the shackles of Reaganomics since 1981, so it should come as no surprise at all to anyone that the middle class is still shrinking, poverty is still rising, and the wealthiest of the wealthy are doing exponentially better. That’s precisely what the system was designed to do.

        The majority of illegal immigrants hold jobs in four fields, food preparation, maintenance, construction, and manufacturing, but the vast majority of these jobs are held by native citizens.

        4% of illegals work in agriculture. According to the National Agricultural Workers Study, 25% of crop laborers are US citizens, 21% are H-2A legal immigrants, and 53% are illegals.

        Again, the problem isn’t illegal immigrants, but rather, illegal employers. If the illegal employers weren’t hiring illegals, they wouldn’t be coming here for work now, would they?

        That said, none of this was by accident. We’re where we are today specifically because policy written by the oligarchy has made it so. We’re being systematically converted into a third world debtor nation, because that’s what the oligarchs wanted.

      • strayaway

        Before you wrote, “I disagree that wages are stagnated and even falling for some because of illegals.” Now you are trying to couch Obama’s failures in the perspective of past Presidents. The one percent has, in fact, accelerated its success relative to the rest of the population under Obama compare with under Bush.

        The vast majority of those jobs are still held by Americans because Americans vastly outnumber illegal aliens. The problem is that illegal aliens displace American workers and suppress wages. I don’t blame the illegal aliens. I blame politicians like Bush and Obama who are the puppets of their corporate sponsors.

        Agricultural workers also include farm families who own and operate their own farms and are being displaced by corporate farms brining in cheap foreign labor to compete with.

        I agree with you last paragraph 100%. That is the point from which both parties should proceed.

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re forgetting the fact that Obama has been unable to get virtually anything passed since his first several months in office, due to constant republican obstructionism in the Senate. Not to say that he wouldn’t have expanded on bush policies regardless, but, save for a few items passed early on in his presidency, we’re still governed under bush Cheney policies. Big shock that it’s not working for anyone but the upper 1%.

        I grew up and lived for years in farm country. Massive farms squashing mom and pops is nothing new. That’s been going on for decades. During the 80s, banks tripped over themselves to provide easy credit to any farmer that asked, and many went under as a result (remember “farm aid?”). The farmers with credit and cash left over after the blood bath scooped up the land that the mom and pops lost during that disastrous period. Today, very few small family farms are still in operation. Those that I personally know have long since leased their land to bigger farms.

      • strayaway

        So what? Most presidents don’t get everything they want our of Congress either. That goes with the job. That’s the difference between a president and a dictator. The blame it on Bush thing is getting thin. Bush could use the same excuse to blame Clinton somehow. It just doesn’t fly after 6.9 years. sorry.

        A agree with you about the problems in farm country.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Actually, the blame Obama for Bush policies is what’s getting thin. And no, Bush couldn’t blame Clinton. Clinton handed over a massive and permanent budget SURPLUS, and Bush immediately destroyed that and turned it into a massive and permanent DEFICIT remember?

        Had Bush simply stayed the Clinton course, we could’ve paid off the entire republican debt by now, shored up SS and medicare forever, provided healthcare for all, and be well on our way to having our entire infrastructure rebuild and ALL of it would be paid for.

        Instead, thanks to multiple rounds of budget-busting tax cuts (most of which remains in place to date), two unnecessary and extremely costly wars that weren’t paid for and are still piling debt on to this day, a massive and entirely unfunded federal mandate for medicare Part D, and of course, the republican great recession which we still haven’t fully recovered from, thanks to republican obstructionism, we continue to add debt to this day, albeit much less, since the deficit is now a mere 1/3 of what it was when Bush handed it over.

        Let’s not pretend that we’re where we are today because of Obama policies. That’s just plain ignorant and foolish. We’re in the current deficit and debt situation specifically because of Bush/Cheney policies, almost all of which remain firmly implanted to this day. Sorry.

        And, let’s also not pretend that every president has to deal with the sort of blind obstructionism that Obama has. No POTUS has EVER faced the sort of obstructionism and utter disrespect and contempt as this president has. None. HUNDREDS of bills, including many that would’ve created millions of good paying jobs and closed some of these idiotic corporate tax loopholes, have been killed in the senate, including many that republicans are actually in favor of, but simply cannot allow themselves to offer Obama anything remotely resembling a victory. What they’ve done is nothing short of outright treason, making the entire nation suffer so that they can create the image of Obama as a failure. It’s despicable.

      • strayaway

        Bush was bad. He ran the debt to $5T in 8 years. Obama seems to be worse having run up the debt $7.9T in 6.9 years. Its way too late to be blaming Bush for Obama’s shortcomings. About 70% of US troops killed in Afghanistan have been under Obama. When did Obama ever call for a tax increase to pay for his wars or Bush’s wars when Obama was still a Senator. Relative to Bush, Obama not only increased the debt more, he has expanded Bush’s police state, initiated a couple of wars his own, goofed up foreign policy in North Africa and the middle east, rekindled the cold war, and made the 1% richer at a faster rate. To top it off, last night he very publicly attacked the Constitution even by his own standards.

        In 2010, defending his inaction on immigration issues, Obama said, “I’m president, I’m not king. I can’t do these things just by myself.” That’s all changed, and the Constitution lies in tatters as a result.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Come on, man, you’re not even dealing in reality world now. You’re doing nothing but parroting off idiotic, false rightwing talking points.

        Bush left office with $11 TRILLION in debt (ballooned from the $5.6 trillion that Clinton handed off, which was entirely Reagan/Bush debt) and a whopping $1.4 trillion annual deficit for as far as the CBO could predict, thanks to his budget busting policies of endless debt spending.

        Obama has slashed that deficit to $600 billion and falling, and has the growth in federal spending to its lowest level since the 1950s (Eisenhower, the last republican president to produce a balanced budget).

        Economic policies are STILL bush’s, which are Reaganomics on steroids, except for a TINY raise in the top marginal tax rate (which has been instrumenal in reducing the deficit, btw).

        “Constitution in tatters?” That’s just plain dumb. The previous administration is the one who began tearing apart the bill of rights. This POTUS has done nothing but what I’d predicted 10 years ago would happen with the next POTUS…they would continue the same policies of abuse of civil rights. Republicans just had the opportunity to vote to reign in the abusive NSA, and refused to do so, so put that one squarely where it belongs…on republicans .

        Obama has signed fewer executive orders than most presidents of modern times, and about 1/2 what the previous president signed, but no problem with his orders, right? Not a peep from repubs while Bush was signing them in a blizzard flurry. Suddenly, the black man takes office, and his signing of a fraction of the amount of exec orders is equal to “tearing the constitution to shreds.” Get real, and stop being a tool.

        I’m with you on his ramping up of drone attacks and general military mayham around the world, but again, this idiotic “war on terra” was launched by the previous president, last I heard, and he himself announced that it would be a permanent war. Go figure. Cold war ends, permanent war on a tactic begins. Same bullshit. Feed the military industrial complex monster, at all costs. We’re now spending about $1.5 trillion PER YEAR on that gigantic, wasteful money toilet. It will break us, and probably fairly soon. This is entirely unsustainable, but to blame Obama for it is absurd. This is the direct result of the war profiteers, and nothing else.

        As for immigration, Obama has it 100% correct. The senate passed a bi-partisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill 1-1/2 years ago, and the house refused to take it up for a vote, specifically because they know it’ll pass, and, once again, as always, they simply refuse to allow Obama a single victory, because he’s just simply the wrong damn color.

      • strayaway

        Obama may have reduced the annual deficit by raising taxes ( Oh look, Democrats have a new solution to everything : raise taxes) but unfortunately he will be remembered as the President who nearly doubled the national debt. Blaming Obama’s problems on Bush is pathetic after 6.9 years. If the policies are still those of Bush, whose fault it that? Obama even had a Democratic Congress for two years. With His-whininess, the buck always stops with Bush. What a bunch of losers his acolytes are.

        The “Constitution in tatters” remark was actually a quote by Joe R. Hicks, former executive director of the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. I could give you a link if you would like. Bush describe the Constitution as a “gd piece of paper”. He was frustrated. Obama, also frustrated, just overrides it. I should say overrides it more often than Bush.

        The how many times Obama signed executive orders is a weak talking point. All of Bush’s executive orders put together won’t have the effect of the colossal attack on the Constitution Obama orchestrated last night.

        Libya and Syria weren’t and aren’t orchestrating any terror directed toward the US. Obama was wrong to war on either. He had no right to do so. They have nothing to do with our war on terror. What might break us is a renewal of the cold war Kucinich partly blames on Obama.

        How does Obama have it right? He is acting as a dictator. Just because he is frustrated gives him no right to change the law. the color excuse is lame too. First blame his failures on Bush. if that doesn’t work, it must be because of his color. You will have to somehow work the Koch brothers and Fox News into this somehow when your first two excuses for this sorry president fall flat.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Alright, Dr delusion. Which specific Obama policies have doubled the national debt and what has been done to shut off the rampant bush deficit spending policies? Be specific.

        And, why is Obama a dictator for exercising his constitutionally lawful right as executive to issue executive orders, but no previous president who did the same was?

        He had a democratic congress for a mere handful of months in his first year in office, btw. You know…the months when he saved the us economy from republican destruction, finally got us long overdue Healthcare Reform, and saved gm from itself, among other things.

        Since then, republicans have blocked everything. We’d be back in surplus by now, had republicans not had the ability to kill every bill that came along. And, you can bet your ass that his skin color had everything to do with that. Why else would republicans block build that they’d previously supported? Wake up. The gop is the party of racists.

        I’m totally with you in this endless war bullshit, but if you think that’s all Obama, you’re high as a fricking kite. That’s the military industrial complex war profiteers talking. Again, wake up.

      • strayaway

        The debt was doubled as a result of all spending not one or two items. But let’s consider the Iraq war that Sen. Clinton enabled by voting to give Bush Congress’ power to declare war. When on Paul was running for president in 2008, he estimated that it would take him 6 months to remove our troops from Iraq. Senator Obama meanwhile promised that if elected he would bring the troops back immediately meaning probably six months. He lied and kept them almost as long as he was allowed to. So one of the big expenses was keeping the Iraq war going. He voted to give Wall Street banks something like a trillion dollars. He gave his union friends another half trillion in his stimulus package that built very little infrastructure. On crhistmas Eve, 2009 he transferred bad bank paper to taxpayers at full face value. So that is part of the national debt attributable to Obama.

        Obama has no power to legislate. I realize that he is trying to change the meaning of words but he made a huge change to immigration law which is again a power given to Congress not the executive branch. Presidents have no constitutional power to override acts of Congress and write their own laws. I will quote the Constitution if you wish but expect you to quote the part of the Constitution allowing Obama to override laws, ignore laws and legislate when he gets frustrated that Congress isn’t doing his will. Congress never passed an enabling act allowing him to legislate. That was Germany in 1933. You are insane to tolerate Obama’s usurpation of Congress’ powers. Wait until some Republican uses the Obama precedent to end Social Security. I guarantee you that some Republicans will be writing nonsense saying their president had the power to do so like you are.

        The majority of whites voted to put Obama into office in 2008. He is just as half black now as he was then. That factor hasn’t changed. What has changed is that not as many voters are buying his act.

      • Jeff Johnson

        jesus dude, back away from the Fox and the Limbaugh, for christ’s sake. You’ve been gulping way too much of the wingnut kook-aid, I’m afraid.

        The vast majority of the debt that we’ve taken on since 2001 has been from 4 specific debt-inducing policies, all of which were brought to us by Bush/Cheney. Very stupid tax welfare handouts to millionaires and billionaires, two illegal and entirely unnecessary wars and occupations, an unfunded federal mandate for Medicare, and the republican great recession. Period. Without those four disastrous policies, we’d still have the Clinton surplus carrying us along. Stop making shit up and stop pretending that reality isn’t real.

        Congress did NOT authorize war with Iraq, btw. That resolution was predicated on the War Powers Act of 1973 (unconstitutional, btw), which specifically stated that the only way that congress would authorize military action in this manner was if the president either proved that we’d been directly attacked, or that we were under immediate threat of attack. That’s why the administration spent so much time lying repeatedly about Iraq being tied to 9/11 and that they were going to bomb us with a nuke tomorrow. The white house completely failed to prove either case. Beyond that, the UN never gave approval, so it was also a violation of international law, and, by extension of that, a violation of constitutional law as well.

        Obama has been railed against, hated, blocked, disrespected, and shat upon more than any president in US history, specifically because of his skin color. The racist core of the party of racists simply will not allow the nation’s first black president to be seen as a success. The ridiculous, foolish uproar over executive action is about this racism. They don’t want him to do anything that can improve anything, therefore, when he utilized his CONSTITUTIONAL POWER to write executive orders, the racist GOP falls apart at the seams. He cannot write laws, but he most certainly can fine tune them with executive orders, just as every president before him has. Get a grip and stop smoking the right wing crack. You’re starting to look rather dumb.

      • strayaway

        I don’t know how many years its been since I’ve heard any passing Limbaugh and I seldom watch television.

        Why did Obama permanently lock in half of Bush’s tax breaks for the rich when they were about to expire? In the long run, Obama has given more tax breaks to the rich than Bush having done so. I’m not surprised. Those Bush wars became Obama’s wars when he refused to take bring our troops home as soon as possible.

        I did not say that Congress authorized war on Iraq. I wrote, “But let’s consider the Iraq war that Sen. Clinton enabled by voting to give Bush Congress’ power to declare war.” You seem to be having a bad time with reading comprehension.

        Do you really believe that Obama has “been railed against, hated, blocked, disrespected, and shat upon more than any president in US history?” Get real. Bush had his share, Johnson could hardly give a speech off of a military base because of hecklers. and Nixon was driven from office. The “uproar over executive action is about” Obama’s violation of his oath of office and preserving the rule of law – things you are unlikely to care about or comprehend.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        read ” AMERICAS CONSERVATIVE ROAD TO DESTRUCTION….A BRIEF HISTORY” posted aug 10 2014 on THE BLUE ROUTE by bruce bacon,,,,,,,, let me know what U think

      • regressive teaparty trash

        u are totally correct!!! please read ” AMERICAS CONSERVATIVE ROAD TO DESTRUCTION,,, A BRIEF ORY” posted aug 10 2014 on THE BLUE ROUTE by bruce bacon,,,,,,it completely edifies as2how this has taken place

      • Guardian

        I did not realize that they had too many employees at McDonald’s or farms or construction jobs that pay low. I worked with ‘illegals’ in Colorado who were brought there for the resort of Vail by the truckloads because they couldn’t find anybody in Vail or nearby to work for those awful wages. I also know that our vegetables and fruits would be far more expensive if it was for them. The 1% are getting richer ( and listen really hard because it has to get through all your propaganda) because our Republican governors are breaking unions, giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy( I live in AZ and I know these are facts) as well as cutting education so no one can climb out of poverty. I am watching every state that is doing this one at a time . Meanwhile the debts are growing because they do not have enough to pay the debts with their ‘gifts’ to the wealthy corporations, and also the private prisons for profit. They are getting more and more in debt… and yet saying they are needing to cut education and btw … the illegals are the problem. Wake up .

      • strayaway

        Republican governors don’t have to break unions. You confuse a symptom for the cause. The law of supply and demand dictates that surplus labor will reduce wages or at least stagnate wages all by itself. Republican governors are more like opportunistic pests taking advantage of a surplus advantage situation. If there was instead a labor shortage, employers would be forced to raise wages and workers could better organize to DEMAND higher wages.The 1% get richer by sending jobs overseas and flooding this country with cheaper foreign labor, legal and otherwise, to destroy unions and high wages. They get richer by pre-selecting our presidential candidates so we get insipid choices like McCain/Obama or possibly Clinton/Bush who serve Goldman Sachs and the the other corporate interests.

        Why not instead consider the interests of US workers instead of illegal aliens? You don’t have to be en economic traitor serving the 1%. I would gladly pay an extra 25 cents or whatever the amount would be to purchase a head of lettuce instead of paying unemployment and welfare benefits to fellow Americans. It would save me at least that much in taxes and/or increased federal debt. Only a real demand for labor will empower US workers to garner a larger share of the US economic pie. I realize it might make you feel good imagining that you are taking good care of your foreign pets but if you are really interested in US workers’ benefits, work to make sure there is a shortage of workers and support replacing income taxes with tariffs to the extent possible. Join the Peace Corp if you want to help foreigners. The creation of the federal income tax enabled the 1% to transfer their import taxes onto the backs of the middle class as income taxes and made it more profitable to replace US workers with imported products.

        This isn’t just a matter of illegal aliens. The president and many Republicans support the Senate passed amnesty bill which would over double the number of foreign IT workers allowed to come here as corporate indentured servants. Bill Gates is lobbying to support this legislation as he lays off thousands of US IT workers.

        Instead of saying illegals are the problem, it is more appropriate to say that greedy employers and importers are the problem. They receive no more than the occasional slap on the wrist for profiting from their hiring illegal aliens and are encouraged to hire foreigners and ship jobs overseas. My suggestion would be to incarcerate the CEO’s of say Tyson and Marriot for hiring illegally and heavily fine their companies. If it was in their interest to double wages to hire unionized Americans, they would do so. Many Illegal aliens could find their own way back home. Round-ups of illegal aliens would not be necessary if CEO’s were instead rounded up.

        I am an almost lifelong union member and I support unions. That is one reason why I oppose cheap foreign labor legal and otherwise. That is why I opposed NAFTA and the TPP Obama is trying to fast track while supporting tariffs to replace some income taxes.

      • Guardian

        You fool yourself. I heard the talk, discussions which convinced some (my sister included) that the reason the unions were not necessary was because they ruined the automotive industry for one. Many much more learned people denounced that lie. It was poor management. When the going the going got rough the workers gave up benefits. If you think we can have a middle class without unions you don’t know your history and you believe greed will not win. We had an economy, lifestyle much like we are headed toward now before unions. THey created a middles class and eventually child labor laws. So you can pretend that the rich don’t want that back… but you delude yourself. THey want it all on the backs workers, benefits and no middle class. The states again that now are not recovering are the ones that have no bargaining power. Economists have shown this who are not partisan. Illegals are not the problem but rather scapegoats which you buy. Yes we need reform. But not by belittling the very workers who have given us so much cheap labor. The lies the GOP tell are unconscionable. I understand how the companies threaten sending work overseas. Well we have trade agreements that many have defaulted on and they should be followed through on. You are trying to say we have to have no middle class because the labor is too much and it must go overseas. You have very little belief that better agreements can be made and I suspect it is because you really don’t believe we should have a middle class. I am finished with this discussion . I am considering the workers far more than you are. I am watching the governors (32 right now) who are in Koch brothers ‘ pockets and either you are not very wise or you believe in McCarthyism. Everything is being taken away and privatized at the cost of the American economy. Arizona is such a case study. We have had so many cuts, and corporations making tons and our education suffers, the poor, the private prisons are awful…..We have had Republican leadership for 30+ years….(Napolitano only Dem governor in all that time…. all red congress as it was with every other governor). Rich are richer. Poor are poorer and we are extremely in debt. No Dem. leadership. Read “Wrapped in a Flag” by Claire Conner. I doubt you will because you so believe the American worker should be treated like dirt so the companies make more and more and more money. It is called greed. What you say about the illegals is just a plain lie. As I have said, I have seen them brought up from Mexico by the truckloads and paid dirt wages because the corporations can’t get anyone else. I saw it . Over and over and over. If that is your value, well it sure isn’t mine. BTW nobody but Obama wants TPP. It is not a done deal. And end of story.

      • strayaway

        Reread the last paragraph of my previous post. How you can imagine that I am anti-union is puzzling. Unfortunately, don’t exist because someone waved a magic wand. They exist largely because workers had management over a barrel. If management wanted workers, it had to pay. But letting in cheap foreign labor and shipping jobs abroad has the effect of poking holes in the economic balloon allowing workers to organize.

        Do you have a reading comprehension problem? No, I am not”trying to say we have to have no middle class because the labor is too much and it must go overseas.” I wrote, “The 1% get richer by sending jobs overseas and flooding this country with cheaper foreign labor, legal and otherwise, to destroy unions and high wages.” If bringing up cheap labor by the truckload isn’t your value, then help us stop it instead of promoting it by working with illegal aliens and against US labor. Stop being a tool of the 1%.

      • cheesemaster

        Yeah, don’t take away my free stuff! Or I’ll shoot! Yes, we understand your mentality quite well.

      • Robert Tulloch

        F%^k you. You too stupid to get a decent paying job is your problem. The best thing that happened to you is stealing other folks money? Again, F$%k you.
        As for the 2nd, step out from the shadows a$$hole.

      • wendy

        Decent paying job? Its not the 80’s

      • JohnGalt

        Yeah, no one since the 80s has had a decent paying job! 😉

      • GL

        Well, none of the working stiffs. The corporate bullshit artists? Yeah, they’ve done pretty well.

      • wendy

        To clarify; good jobs exist, but the supply/ demand ratio has dramatically changed. Working hard is not enough anymore. My husband mhas received rave reviews for a multimillion dollar company. He finally got his first raise after 8 yes. 1.75%
        This after a 6% cut because of economy.
        Sign of the times.

      • Imsloan68

        Splutter, splutter, you make me laugh little man

      • Carin Seyler O’Brien

        That’s awesome for you. My insurance Premium went way up, and now I can’t afford to go to the doctor. I can’t afford to take any of my kids to the doctor. I just got zapped with a $1000 bill for a few stitches. I don’t know how I’m going to pay that bill.

      • Frank Ciccarelli

        You made a good point up until you started with the 2nd amendment crazy talk .. then you look nuts. I don’t think you are, but you might want to ease up on the Rambo …

      • JohnGalt

        perhaps you should get a better job?

      • GL

        Yes, because “better jobs” still exist. You screwed my generation out of them, Herr Gilt-Nicht-Mehr.

      • JohnGalt

        I’m 33….

      • GL

        Funny… you talk like you’re 73.

      • JohnGalt

        Folks under 70 *can* have a good job 😉

      • GL

        Yes, but unfortunately for most of them, Daddy can’t get it for them, so they’re screwed out of it. Literally, the person who did the screwing was the wrong one for them to get a good job.

      • JohnGalt

        My “daddy” left when I was a toddler. My mom encouraged education, and it paid off for me.

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        No Your gimme generation has screwed yourself out of good paying jobs with your liberal arts degrees. I have a friend in upper management in a major IT firm who always has plenty of Engineering positions to fill but cant fill them with qualified people. You expect a lot with little to no effort, your generation is lazy and incompetent. Spare me the excuses and get your ass out there and gain a skill that will sell at a higher rate in the labor market shit head.

      • GL

        Well excuse me for being raised by people who instilled a disdain and fear of minimum wage jobs in us. “You don’t want to flip burgers for the rest of your life, do you?” “You don’t want to gut chickens for the rest of your life, do you?” “You don’t want to…” “You don’t want to…” It gets to a kid. We begin to think that these jobs are beneath us because our parents — YOUR GENERATION — have told us that they’re beneath us.

        And in addition, how dare you tell someone that they should drudge in a job they have no interest in or talent for? If you don’t like your job, no matter if it pays $10 an hour or $10,000,000 a year, it will feel like a chore, your performance will be “scraping by”, and you’re not going to put in the kind of effort an employer wants to see. Maybe your friend in upper management is just part of a shitty company that can’t sell a job to save its life. Ever think about that, assfucker?

      • Imsloan68

        Ya think? I’ll keep you posted

      • Jerry G

        Not only would I take away your “insurance”, which I am paying for, not YOU, but common sense would dictate to make sure that the rest of the “gimmees” that you enjoy at my expense be taken away also. Forcing you to stand on your own two feet would do you more good than any government program.

      • origwwotp

        Ah. The satisfied pigs at the public trough. Problem is, that trough is going to go dry as people paying your share drop out of the work force, as they have been for six years. The number of people in the workforce is the same as in the ’70s. Think about that for a second. That’s the real triumph of Obamacare. Just another method to increase the dependent voters, break the middle class, increase the poverty, and increase the controls exerted upon the people by the government. I guess you’ll be rudely surprised when Obamacare starts enacting its ‘cost controls’ on you after age 60. No socialized health system in existence doesn’t have a cost control board that rules whether you get new knees or a wheelchair. Guess which costs less?

      • duanesawyer

        Sorry, but you are wrong about those employment “stats” you pulled out of thin air. US employment in 1970 was 66.5 m full time, 11.9 m part time, in 1975, 71.5 m / 14.7 m, 1980, 81.7 m / 17.3 m and 2012 was 115.6 m / 27.3 m.

      • rouge1

        Another keyboard warrior in her moms basement. You sure you have a job? If I had a job as you just stated I would get a better one.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        what do U do for a living as your employment; sir?

      • Richard_L_Kent

        Understand we’ve been practicing longer than you have, most of us have military service, and are in a bad mood. Your call. PS. Get your g.d. hands off my wallet. Its contents are not yours.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Maybe you need to educate yourself so you can get a job that doesn’t pay so ‘shitty’?

      • Nick H

        Obama’s lies SAVED lives and REDUCED to deficit while the Bush and Reagan lies COST American lives and INCREASED our debt.

      • gvanderleun

        We understand and frankly we don’t give a flying fuque.

      • So your answer to lack of material possessions is violence?

      • rick

        So, you are threatening anyone who doesn’t agree with you with lethal action. How intelligent does that make you sound.

      • Laura

        I also work full time and make decent wages. I pay a lot of income tax. I do not qualify for a subsidy. I cannot afford the insurance on the exchange. Even if I could afford the premiums, I could never use it due to the $6,000 deductible. Should I feel good that my taxes have bought for you something that I cannot afford to buy for myself?

      • retiredbobinFla.

        Then take the expanded Medicare and have your brain examined!

      • Les Caswell

        wow divide and conquer works pretty slick doesnt it!!! haha

      • Mike Pickett

        REALLY ??? I assume health care in pre-Obamacare America was a problem for your family. How does a $200+ monthly insurance premium that requires up to the first $6000 in medical bills per person to come out of your pocket before the first insurance dime is paid help? An total outlay of $7500- $8000 before any insurance help is hardly affordable.

      • moiraregis

        Don’t you know that threats of violence are the sole and sacred province of redneck teabaggers? also, you are required to be a Christian–

      • Rick Carney

        And everybody whose insurance went up to pay for your ignorant ass are just collateral damage.

      • Dirk

        Imsloan68 Death threats, lies, and racial insults all in one post. And it’s the conservatives that are racists. Lol, liberal fail.

      • Joseph Hansell

        The Second Amendment never was “just for” ignorant redneck teabaggers. Understand THAT.

      • billyoblivion

        Your family didn’t have HI because you chose a career that pays crap.

        My family had health insurance because *I* studied extra in school and got a career that paid enough I could afford health insurance.

        There’s a word for people like you.


      • Liberty4ev

        What an arrogant statement! You must be very young. I too studied extra in school and got a career that paid enough that I could afford health insurance, among other things.

        Then, the economy went south, and there are far fewer jobs in my profession, far, far fewer. Add to that, being over 50 with experience and education is actually a job-search handicap these days.

        Furthermore, the ACA system CREATES parasites with subsidies and all the “freebies”. I was tooling along just fine with an affordable insurance policy I paid myself until it was cancelled. I can’t afford the (outrageous!) new premiums. If I choose to comply with the law, I will get subsidies/become a parasite.

        I suggest you have a little compassion for your fellow human beings and eat a large slice of humble pie. Then contemplate the maxim, “there but for the grace of God go I…”

      • Klaus Flauten

        Ha ha. You said “teabaggers”. That’s hilarious.

      • NightCerf

        Reported to law enforcement.

      • Imsloan68

        Go fuck your mother

      • NightCerf

        Reported to my mother. LOL!

      • Patty Donovan

        Why don’t you bring it on you dirty monkey. Youre a welfare scum who’s sucked off the system your entire life .

        Understand this : you were burnt at the stake before and your headed back !

      • Jeanie Webb Davidson

        Well, you should ….he robbed Medicare to help fund it….and the taxpayers pick the rest…..try getting an education and a better job … isn’t our responsibility to pay for your insurance.

      • Imsloan68

        Really? You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? Guess what I still have my benefits. Got a better job though. You teabag idiots love talking tough. What are you going to do about it?

      • Jeanie Webb Davidson

        Those Redneck Teabaggers are paying for your insurance…..ignorant ….really? If you are so damn smart…pay for your insurance like we the ignorant do….

      • Imsloan68

        No one in this country is suckling at the govt tit harder than red state teabagging rednecks. They don’t pay shit for taxes, the blue states do. Jesus, what a worthless brain dead idiot you are

      • CobrayRPB

        The left has an obsession with Fox because they dominate the ratings. They have double the viewers of CNN and MSNBC. Well according to Gruber we are all stupid anyway, perhaps that’s why.

      • SBRon

        Apples & oranges! The latter both make an attempt to bring us the “news”…the former is “entertainment”!!

      • Byron Shutt

        MSLSD and the Communist News Network? Hahahaahahahah

      • SBRon

        Fuxx News viewers are less informed than those who watch no news at all…look it up!!

      • Byron Shutt

        Look up a study sponsored by George Soros minions? Can you idiots do a little of your own research? Why don’t you google George Soros and find out how much he spends to influence LIV like you.

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        Umm because he is a LIV you might have to actually spell it out for him.

      • SBRon

        Sorry, I’m fully aware of all the dirt Soros digs up! Not influenced at all…

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Thanks for the morning chuckle.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        “dominate the ratings”
        hey regressive,,mcdonalds DOMINATES that type of ‘food’ sales; and meghan trainor is ‘dominating’ music sales………..
        your point of 'dominating' is noted– and fueled with these delightful comparisons
        enjoy your big mac

      • CobrayRPB

        Your frothing beta male tirade makes a comment I already forgot I wrote all the more enjoyable. Your impotent rage is adorable

      • regressive teaparty trash

        seems like u didn’t like the comparison
        facts do injure the regressive white trash republican lemmings

      • CobrayRPB

        Your comparison is childish and simplistic at best. You think you are clever but you resort to name calling and bomb throwing then claim victory. Try growing up, junior.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        my comparison is accurate; but is seems U dont like them; ergo— your lachrymosity endures quite noticeably.
        ====================================== underscore my statement here is YOUr the infantile one “name calling and throwing bombs”
        cry back soon

      • Byron Shutt

        Is that the tolerance of the left you are so famously known for? Hahah vile.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        that’s your comeback??
        sheeesh: I was hoping for a better opponent…
        oh well–
        here is an easy one,,,,,
        where did CAIN get his wife??

      • JAFO4today

        And obama won the most votes, so I’ll just chuck that in on your little attempt at intelligence. It’s also nice to see you are stating you’ve never listened to Top 40 music, eaten at McDonald’s, and of course never stepped foot in a Wal-mart…

      • regressive white trash reli

        yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have eaten at mcd’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ive listened to “top 40” —
        NOTE: when I was a teen.
        Walmart? naaah,,,,,,,,,,,,,I buy my food at restaurant depot ( im a self employed chef; YOU need a tax ID to shop there )
        anytime you care to expostulate your “intelligence” with mine,,,,,,,,,,,,, lemme know
        shall we start our symposium with comparing REPUB vs DEMOCRAT policies over the past 25 yrs…and the RESULTS on all americans during that time?
        you can go 1st———-

      • GL

        Their viewers also, according to every reliable source, have double the age of the viewers of CNN and MSNBC. They may have a majority share, but that share’s going to start meeting their maker pretty soon thanks to all the common plagues of the elderly: heart disease, stroke, alzheimer’s… or just plain living to be too dang old for the body to support anymore.

      • CobrayRPB

        Or Rahm Emmanuel can just execute them after age 75. I would wager there are more senior citizen Republicans being forged than Democrats. Sure there are the die hard senior citizen leftys out there but when you reach a certain level of wisdom, rational thought pervails. I didn’t see too many older folks at those occupy protests and one day those goons will grow up and see themselves being taxed into oblivion and change their tune. On second thought it might happen sooner when they see what the inheritance taxes take out of their future nest eggs.

      • Byron Shutt

        Not when the uninformed grow up and find outt
        they are being scammed by the elite who view them as idiots ie. Gruber.

      • GL

        You keep bringing up this “Gruber” person. I smell a dog whistle.

      • Byron Shutt

        I smell ignorance….the virus that keeps the Progressives happy.

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        I am still trying to figure out why the left thinks the right ‘only” watches fox just because they have a different opinion. I rarely get my information from any one source but have been accused of being a fox news lover. I think it is because they have such small minds they cant comprehend someone making an informed opinion based on facts gathered from historical context, reliable economic and policy studies, and by following the actions from Washington via primary sources. I guess its just further proof that the left has to be told what to think.
        Furthermore I believe the left hates FOX not because they don’t report the truth but like you said they dominate the ratings because it shows that the country is still conservative by a large percentage and that scares the hell out of them. They only won these last two elections through the stupidity of those voting based on race only and fraud. But I guarantee you now that the left has decimated the foundation of our country with unworkable anti constitutional governance……the conservative majority will not allow it to happen again. It will be a several generations before you see a progressive dem in the white house again.

      • CobrayRPB

        Very well stated m’am. I never thought about the subject in that manner. Thanks for your comments!

      • Jillz

        I don’t have an obsession with FOX, but it seems a lot of Republican voters believe verbatim what they hear on FOX. So yes, it does make it funny when I hear righties talking about the President being a liar. Maybe he is – who knows? What we do know is that FOX News viewers don’t have the greatest ability in recognizing lies when they hear them; and that many Republican voters are FOX News viewers.

        So yeah, laughing indeed! 🙂

      • michael hamilton

        Not at all like the one hundred percent truth that comes from MSNBC right?

      • formerroadie

        Deflection is a poor form of argumentation.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Not according to your mentor, Saul Alinsky and practiced by party heroes Obama and Mrs. Bill Clinton.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        not particularly bright,,,,are you?

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Naw, just twice as smart as any liberal maggot which by the way is not very hard to be.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        I will agree that U are indeed twice ( perhaps thrice) as “smart” as a maggot liberated from a well eaten corpse
        fly away O free insect!

      • Jillz

        I really couldn’t tell you – we have to pay for that channel here so I don’t watch it either.

        From what i’ve read though, most American “news” broadcasts are peppered with opinion. FOX is just more highly peppered than most. Furthermore, considering they went to court to win the right to lie, I think it’s safe to say they (FOX ) are not a reliable “news” source.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        As you left wing lunatics do the truth from the talking heads at MSNBC? Nice try.

      • Jillz

        Nice try what? Exactly what part of my comment is it that you’re disputing? That American news is more opinion than news, generally? Or that FOX went to court to win the right to lie?

        I don’t even get MSNBC here, and haven’t once watched it. I’m really not sure what left wing lunatics watch as I am not a lunatic. I’m pretty sure you watch FOX though 😉

      • ritpg

        Why is FOX News the only news outlet talking about Gruber? Because Gruber is irrelevent? Gruber is the irrefutable, in-your-face manifestation of the Obama administrations propensity to lie through their teeth because useful idiots like yourself can’t get it. You could never have an obsession with FOX News because you don’t watch it. Conservatives, on the other hand, read everything they can get their hands on – that’s why I’m reading this left wing rag – because they don’t believe what they are told to believe. They work hard enough to figure it out for themselves.

      • Jillz

        Are you actually trying to make a case that FOX News is a reliable news source? They (FOX) already debunked that one in court for you.

        You say you can read? Here’s a word:


        They admitted to it. Use your reading comprehension and Google it for yourself. They aren’t “news”. Sorry for your loss if that’s your main “news” outlet.

        Hm. Every time FOX has a chance to slam the President in any way, they jump on the opportunity. Gruber is great for them for this purpose. The reason FOX is the only one talking about him? Gee I dunno – usually when FOX focuses in on some new scandal it’s to perpetuate further lies and propaganda about the President so I can only assume that’s why they are the only ones talking about Gruber right now.

      • Byron Shutt

        You mean like reliable news sources like NBC and ABC who have yet to report on the Architect of Obamacare calling Democratic voters ‘stupid’? ‘Lack of transparency is a huge advantage’…….Now tell me who is uninformed? Or how about Cheryl Atkinson resigning from CBS because of their refusal to inform the American people of what the Obama administration is doing?

      • Jillz

        Oh i don’t doubt that FOX is reporting on Gruber non stop – it fits their ongoing dialogue – a gift from the sky for them. I’m also not denying the issue, or Gruber’s comments – I even believe him!

        I’m also not defending other news outlets – they all seem to make opinion more important than the facts.

        What I am saying is that FOX has been proven to lie over 80% of the time. I didn’t prove it – THEY did – in court! They fought for, and won the right to lie. They cannot be relied on to be fair, balanced or even honest.

        I disbelieve over 80% of what they say and I disrespect their despicable methods and hate mongering 100% of the time.

        If you* want to be taken seriously in a discussion – use a real source to back up your points – not the shills at FOX.

        And as for your question as to who is uninformed? I already said – a study was done that proved FOX viewers were less informed than if they watched no news at all. And from what I’ve seen, I do believe that!

        *you as in the general you – I realize (Byron) that you were responding to my reply to a different poster.

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        And you are informed because you get your information from forward progressives blog? LMFAO

      • Jillz

        ??? No I am informed b/c make an effort to look beyond the talking points and I have the ability to see and consider both sides of an argument. I get very little of my political “news” from television, and when I read something that sounds unbelievable, I follow up and seek further information.

        I respect any person that posts respectfully and shows that they can have a reasonable debate, regardless of whether or not we agree on the issue(s) being discussed. By doing so, I am able to hear (not just listen) to both sides.

        I stay away from most right wing blogs though b/c I actually feel dirty after reading comments on articles on some of those sites.

        I do enjoy the articles at Forward Progressives, though. You must too if you’re here! 🙂

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        No actually I find this site repulsive its as about as accurate and informative as the opinion section of the Onion news. But I always like to read what the left is preaching in the comments section, usually leads me to check out things I didn’t know that as a Conservative I’m suppose to believe in. Its actually quite comical to see the commentators on here bitching about what they “believe” a conservative does or believes. The truth is you guys have it wrong 90% of the time. Thats just a consequence of you getting your information from blogs like these. If you actually sat down with a conservative and let go of all the garbage fed to you through blogs like this you would probably find out that a large percentage of ideas we have and beliefs ect really are not as evil as you think. The truth is right or left we all want the same thing or the same outcome we just have different ideas about how to get there.

      • Jillz

        It’s really amazing – I was reading your post and thinking the exact same things you are saying, but replacing Conservative with Liberal. And you hit the nail right on the head:

        “The truth is right or left we all want the same thing or the same outcome we just have different ideas about how to get there.”

        There has to be more tolerance and at least ATTEMPTS at mutual understanding from BOTH sides – politicians be damned – they have managed to pit citizens against each other instead of being united.

        Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it and totally agree with what you are saying (but from the Liberal side, of course).

        Have a great day 🙂

      • Crystal Gayle Osborne

        ritpg…… EXACTLY

      • regressive teaparty trash

        would this “information” regressives get ahold of– through such hard work– include Obama being born in Kenya/ Obama is a muslim wanting sharia law/ Obama is coming 4 your guns / republican administrations ‘spend less”/ Iraq had WMDs/ our deficit is going up?/ Obama wants to be king of America / cliven bundy is a patriot/ democrats are waging a war on Christians/ ebola will kill us all? ( kinda silent after the election; eh?/ Benghazi is a coverup?/ minimum wage increase is a ‘job killer’?/ Obama takes too many vacation days?/ Obama uses more executive orders than Reagan or bush?/
        dem’ there kinda ” facts”???

      • Liberty4ev

        I’m not a conservative but I wholly agree with your assessment of “reading everything you can get your hands on”, which is what I do, and why I’m here. I like to think for myself and form my own opinions. I am utterly blown away when I enter one of these echo chambers, and find so many people just spewing their side’s talking points. This right after they tell how brilliant they are…

      • J.t. Alwin

        You just proved out point for us. Thanks for making it so easy!

      • SirMethos

        You don’t need to be “obsessed” with Fox, to know that they very rarely tell the truth.

      • Jay Rasco

        Ed your reponse pretty well proves his point! Sorry but the truth hurts!

      • JAFO4today

        Jay, actually the inverse is true, only the stupid people voted in support of the law. Not the other way around. You’ll notice that a majority of those that voted in support of the law are no longer in politics. And it wasn’t for a lack of money or paid propaganda on the part of those who have lost.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        Well….I’m certainly laughing at you right now……

      • Jeff Johnson

        I find it perpetually humorous to see the shameless hypocrisy of republicans howling over Obama’s alleged “lies” about the ACA, while they casually ignore the monumental pile of blatant lies told by the previous administration that led us into two disastrous, completely unnecessary and staggeringly costly wars of aggression.

      • JAFO4today

        And you simply forget that obama is merely passing those costly war spending habits from the previous administration over to support his obamacare fiasco. Hence not doing the Nation or its Citizens any favors.

      • hotfishnora1

        Are you kidding? The PPACA is a republican baby. Obama didn’t have to lie, the democrats just knew that is not what the Democratic base wants. We want single payer. The PPACA doesn’t go nearly far enough! But…here you are giving us proof of your subversion, another easily lead sheeple… Read something.

      • JAFO4today

        Wow! I just relish the lack of intelligence and reliance on talking points by libs, dems, & progrs. What you are lacking is some simple abilities called, situational awareness, or frame-of-reference. the Repubs offered up a plan that is similar to ACA as an alternative to Socialized Medicine during the Clinton Administration. Sorta least of evils idea there. But you’ll notice they never put it up. If you want socialized medicine, go get involved with the VA healthcare system. You’ll get all the big gov’t, centralized care you can handle.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Dumbass. Fox is a complete fraud, sold to only the dumbest of the truly dumb.

        Congrats. You must be republican. Happy you.

        Your mother is humiliated.

      • William Carr

        No, Ed. Obama didn’t lie.

        Your simple-minded repetition of Gruber’s comment doesn’t equate to proof of “lying”.

        Gruber isn’t a politician, and apparently understands little about how the lawmaking process works.

        Remember, he’s just an Economist.

      • Ablejack Courtney

        Hey Ed Roso, Jillz never mentioned Fox; You did. YOU recognized Fox as the “news” program being truthful less than 20% of the time.
        It’s no wonder Allen Clifton considers you “too dumb to understand.” – Once again, your words.

      • Guardian

        Excuse me …. Ed Roso… I knew exactly what I was getting with ACA. I am very happy. And I have chatted with so many Republicans that spew lies ….. Fox fed. So unless you have ACA, and realize that even people who do not get subsidies can often find rates more reasonable than on the traditional market because it is such a great competitive marketplace, you don’t know what you are talking about. That is generally true. So get over yourself and start doing your own research. Read. Turn off FOx. It is a lying network. And you buy the propaganda. The thing about propaganda is people who do not do their own research and reading independently of one way of thinking are extremely more susceptible to propaganda. Read. Everything. Investigate.

      • Copeland D Greg

        So I’m on disability and on ACA.
        if the Republicans take office and if they’ve dismantled ACA
        I’ll probably still need Healthcare, and rely on the Republican healthcare insurance plan !!!
        You wouldn’t happen to know what the rates are on it ? If you do please text me back and let me know and what does their plan include. I know they have an excellent plan they’ve been working on it for 6 years !!!
        What do you mean they have no
        F in plan, the Is this how they plan to govern our COUNTRY sounds a lot like Russia are the Republicans Communist ?

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Did you graduate from clown college or did you come by your sense of humor naturally?

      • Jillz

        I had no sense of humour until I started reading comments from conservative blog posters! Now I laugh my head off all day long – glad I can make you laugh (or smile) too 🙂

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Thanks for the laughs. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

      • Jillz

        I’ll take a mental liberal over a heartless conservative any day of the week!

      • Jillz

        You’re welcome! 🙂

        I’ll take a mental liberal over a heartless conservative any day of the week!

    • Michael Tefft

      I’m laughing at you and this ridiculous article. The “news” program you are talking about is MSNBC right? Or maybe you mean CNN. Both fit the description you give. As for political party, you must mean the Democratic party, the poster child for lies and propaganda. Your hypocrisy is something to behold.

      • Jillz

        Yeah, maybe you should read the posts you reply to before replying. The “news” program I’m talking about is FOX. I also said that other news programs also share opinions as news and that I don’t watch MSNBC. I SOMETIMES watch CNN but they have also lately become too histrionic for my taste – must be the Murdoch touch 😉

        As for political parties, no, I am most assuredly speaking about the Republican party when I talk about lies and propaganda (and in case you’re an extremist, my statement does not imply that the left is the unattainable standard of perfect that you on the right seem to like so much). That said, the poster child comment was about the State of Kansas and was in regard to trickle down economics.

        Try to keep up, ok?

      • JAFO4today

        Jillz you know nothing of propaganda. Especially If you think only conservatives use it.

      • Jillz

        Really. I know nothing of propaganda. And exactly what has led you to this conclusion? The fact that you don’t share my opinions? That’s a pretty great conclusion based on nothing!

        BTW I don’t think you’ll find a post ever where I say the left doesn’t use propaganda as well. They aren’t nearly as good as it, but they do it. I don’t deny that, and very clearly said so when I pointed out that the left is not perfect either.

    • John Isom

      Cite where Fox has admitted to lying over 80% of the time…ill get a cup of coffee and await your proof…thanks

      • Jillz

        My deepest apologies, I mixed up my stories. FOX didn’t admit to lying 80% of the time, they just went to court to prove that they didn’t have to tell the truth.


        The “80% lies” is from PunditFact (PoltiFact) which showed FOX News rated 80% between “half true” up to “pants on fire”. They rated 20% between “mostly true” and “true”.


    • Whycan’twegetalong

      Funny how many of us are preferential posters with the Washington Post, NYTIMES, Toronto Globe & Mail and BBC….and also read FOX since they offer the greatest diversity and counterpoint to the NPR media libs. ….keep clinging to your delusions, it cost you the election big time.

      • Jillz

        LOL You keep clinging to your delusions too, ok? Democrats lost the election due to voter apathy (um, approximately 1/3 of eligible voters voted I believe?) NOT because of Republican policies. It’s the only way Republicans can win – low voter turnout. Keep listening to FOX News so they can give you their ever diverse counterpoint though!

      • Liberty4ev

        Idk, I think both parties suck BUT I personally know several solid dem voters who voted for obama twice, but this past election, they voted all repub solely because of how the ACA has affected them. Anecdotal for sure but still…

        Also, don’t get so wrapped up with voter apathy/low voter turnout. There are a bunch of sheep voters who wouldn’t know or be able to discuss an issue if it ran over them. The only come out for national elections when the prez candidates are promising more bread & circuses.

      • Jillz

        Voter apathy/low turnout is the only way Republicans can win. I’m not wrapped up in it – it’s just the way it is and now they (Dems) will have to deal with the results of their apathy for at least the next couple of years. *shrugs* If you’re happy with the sociopaths you elected to the majority in the House and Senate, more power to you – enjoy!

      • Liberty4ev

        I am not happy with either party. They’re all sociopaths.

      • Whycan’twegetalong

        Apathy??? I call it maturity, your students and illegals wised up and realize Obamacrats don’t deliver what they promised…..or else the Dem’s let people like you run the campaigns and you’ve totally pissed away your voter base. oh b.t.w., thanks for the victory.

      • Jillz

        You tell yourself what you need to. Republicans can’t win an election without cheating (gerrymandering) and suppressing votes (they call them “voter ID laws”). Enjoy your theocracy!

    • Rick Carney

      You are one ignorant puppy. I guess you kept your doctor only because you had quite a bit of money. And really believe there has been transparency.

      I’m betting you can’t even explain Obama’s foreign policy. C’mon! Make it up.

      • Jillz

        I’m ignorant b/c I recognize FOX News as infotainment while they trick conservatives into thinking it’s news? pffft lol

        I kept my doctor b/c I live in a country where years ago the government recognized that citizens had a right to health care – I’ve never been at risk of losing my doctor because of money (or any other reason). For citizens having to choose between healthcare and bankruptcy is uncivilized.

        No governments are fully transparent with the general population and if you think they are then you better rethink the direction of your accusations of ignorance.

        I didn’t comment on Obama’s foreign policy, or make any claims to be overly familiar with it so I’m not sure what side of left field that part of your comment is coming from.

        However, as a foreigner, I continue to be disgusted with the disgraceful way conservatives have been treating the office of the President of the United States of America.

      • Rick Carney

        Jillz, for some reason you think Obama is so intelligent that people( republicans ) don’t understand him. Most likely the fact is that you still are too ignorant to recognize why that statement is intellectually baseless and lacking any logic. Who cares if you are a foreigner.; is that your excuse?

      • Jillz

        Excuse? Why in Heaven’s name do I need an excuse for … something … anything???

        I think you have a serious problem with reading comprehension, to be honest. In reply to my post about FOX News and their viewers’ hypocrisy, YOU bring up my doctor and my knowledge about foreign policy, the reply to which you brush off as if I brought it up as some kind of … excuse??? … for something???

        And when I give you direct answers to your specific points (which were not related to my original post to begin with), you then move on to randomly accusing me of thinking President Obama is too intelligent? lol And even better, I’m supposedly ignorant b/c I don’t agree with you that your President is a dummy? omg haha If you’re going to call me ignorant for something, can you kindly let me know which statement it is that you find “baseless and lacking any logic”?

      • Rick Carney

        Jillz, just keep on pretending you answered specific points.

      • Jillz

        Let me see ….

        I responded specifically to your red herring about healthcare ….

        I responded specifically to your red herring about foreign policy ….

        I responded specifically to your red herring about government transparency ….

        Even though none of your responses were actually in reply to what I said in the first place.

        Loved your last response though. It helps to demonstrate that those that can’t respond with intelligence … just come to a baseless conclusion and change the subject. lol *rolls eyes*

        Are you able at least to respond directly to my question, “Which statement is it that you find ‘baseless and lacking any logic'”?

    • moodydon

      Question: MSNBC has around 55,000 viewers and they are liberal. The tell all the best of Obama does and never anything negative about Obama, yet only 55,000 viewers. Various hosts of MSNBC programs have been let go/replaced because the low ratings..
      Why the low ratings?

      Question: Fox has really high ratings, yet they tell the truth only 20% of the time. Why the high ratings?

      Question: Obama said: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” and you know the rest of the quote… The Washington Post gave Obama 4 Pinocchio’s for this lie. More recent, they gave him some more Pinocchio’s for his lies on Keystone. Why the Pinocchio’s IF Obama does not lie?

      Question: How many times on the last 6+ years has Obama said ‘he learned of a problem just like so many Americans, he read in in the newspaper. He just said that to Bill Plante last weekend. Do you really believe Obama had NO forewarning of the pending problem?
      By the way, IF you watch that video clip, Obama is fighting back a smile as he says he learned of the problem the same way Americans learned of this problem…

      Obama lies more times than he tells the truth…

    • Stephen Diehm

      Lke the video-tape incident concerning Benghazi? You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor? The border is secure. I could go on, this is what YOU consider intelligence over outright lies? Bizarre.

      • Jillz

        Um, repeating the propaganda I’m talking about proves my point. You gave yourself away when you mentioned “Benghazi”, one of FOX’s longest running manufactured “scandals” in recent memory. Just in case you missed it, even the Republican driven inquiries have now proven that there is and was no scandal there. As a matter of fact, didn’t it come out that when additional security was requested for the embassy in Benghazi it was refused by Republicans? You might not have heard about that yet though – I’m sure FOX didn’t give it a lot of coverage!

        As for your other “examples”, we can talk about them when you’re ready to realistically acknowledge the extent that Republican obstruction and seditious rhetoric has contributed to those (and other manufactured) issues.

        You call me bizarre while you’re supporting the Republican policies, and perpetuating their lies and propaganda that are turning your country into a violent, third world country.

    • elHombre

      You have to stop projecting, Jill. It will make your head softer.

      • Jillz

        LOL This word, “projecting”. I do not think it means what you think it means!

      • elHombre

        Sure it does, but it’s nature is such that people, like you, who do it don’t necessarily recognize it.

      • Jillz

        You point out exactly what I said that you think is “projection” and maaaaybe you get credit. Otherwise, you’ve only proven that you really don’t understand what projecting is.

        “Weird obsession” ? I can own that one, I guess. But projecting? Uh uh. Not in that post. It was all about FOX and only FOX, the liars and misleaders of 47% of the American population.

      • elHombre

        “47% of the American population” are misled by FOX (sic.)? Bwahahaha! 47% watch Fox? Bwahahaha!

        A partisan prevaricator projecting the trait onto others.

      • Jillz

        omg I have to laugh at you too.

        First, the statement of mine you pointed out was not from the original post about which you accused me of projection.

        Second, the statement of mine that you pointed out is not “projection”. I will admit to exaggeration/hyperbole (because even I don’t believe EVERY conservative is stupid enough to be fooled by the propaganda being spewed by the idiots at FOX as “news”). But it’s not projection.

        “A partisan prevaricator projecting the trait onto others” – <– THAT, my friend, is what is known as "projection".

    • rgray222

      Which Obama lies do you want to discuss.

      “If you like your health care you can keep your health care, period.”

      “The average health care premium will go down by $2500 per year”

      “Bergdhal served with honor and distinction”

      “Benghazi was the result of a video”

      “I will go line by line with the budget and cut waste”

      “Not one dime of Obamacare will go for abortions”

      “Stimulus money will be used on shovel ready jobs”

      “I didn’t set a red line in Syria”

      If you need more specific examples that are many to draw from. The list just goes on and on and on, unlike any president that this country has ever seen.

    • steve yates

      Lying? Yea, lets talk about liars.

  • chair jackson

    i’m a liberal democrat and not sure i totally agree. regarding the ACA, for example, it was a republican plan created by the heritage foundation and first signed into law by mitt romney. i think obama embraced this plan because he was hoping republicans would support it and there would be less of a fight. he was wrong about that, and i think there were better options available [like single payer]. he also tried to pander to the republicans by extending the bush tax cuts which we all knew would increase the deficit and hurt the economy. so, obama tends to do what he thinks is politically expedient, or at least what he thinks will show the republicans he is willing to compromise.

    • Jim Bean

      We’ll see about that. He’s staring at a historic opportunity to compromise and work with Pubs on immigration right now.

      • Jillz

        He’s been there and done that and it didn’t work – Republicans will hate him no matter what.

        I’m pretty sure he will continue to try to work with them, but I hope he also continues to stand up to their dirty little tricks (as in – let’s see how many clean bills they send him to sign).

      • buricco

        Yeah. You can’t compromise with bat-guano crazy.

      • Reason

        No, he hasn’t tried. He’s in a pickle now that he cannot further damage the country.

      • GL

        How, exactly, is the country “damaged”, and what, exactly, are your solutions to each of these “damages”? Please be specific, cite numbers, and cite examples of where your theory has worked, and please be prepared for counter-argument.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Try or start? You seem to be pretty mixed up on the definition of cooperate. Cooperation is not “My way or the highway”.

      • Shane

        It is in the democrat party, cooperation means “fall in effing line” Obstruction is defined as “Standing up for your constituents by opposing and stopping legislation contrary to their beliefs”

        Believe it..

      • Jillz

        Do you mean opposing and stopping legislation like universal background checks for guns, which a majority of Americans support?

        Or the Republican legislator in Texas who has ok’d fracking after constituents voted against it?

        Or are you talking about the opposition to marriage equality which is also supported by a large number of Americans?

        Or are you talking about my personal favorite, shutting down the government, affecting: the country’s credit rating; closing government offices/services that people need to access, and giving the workers from those offices a little vacation from their pay cheques instead of just working WITH Democrats by submitting a clean resolution?

      • Shane

        Damnit, you’re right. I am switching parties please forward me a copy of the moonbat instruction manual.

      • Jillz

        LOL I should have known better than to expect an actual, reasoned response.

      • Jillz

        ^^ Right. I think you need to tell that to Republicans.

        And I am very clear on the meaning of the word “try”: Obama TRIES to work with Republicans and would likely be successful if only THEY tried back.

        Republicans are already talking about shutting down the Government again – and (omg lmao) even before they do it are already TRYING to blame it on Obama.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        ” clean bills” jimbo…” clean bills”

    • Hanna Moy

      Thank you. Someone with sense.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Forget dogs and cats. Neuter all your liberals and democrats.

  • matthew g

    Thought this was an Onion article. Too easy, dig deeper.

  • openminded_montanan

    I’m not sure if it is a matter of higher intelligence or lack of desire to see anything but a personal perspective. I used to think that providing clear and logical evidence to make an informed decision about issues that affect us all would actually bring thinking citizens around to support the best solution. However, between tribalism and cognitive dissonence, the ability to see clearly in today’s political climate is completely overtaken by whose side you might be on. Logic and evidence, be damned!

    • Reason

      Cognitive dissonance is left-heavy

  • CobrayRPB

    He is so smart yet he spent millions sealing his records from college. Either his grades were poor or he is afraid people will find out how little he did. When he lead the Harvard Law Review he contributed nothing. When he was a so called Constitutional professor he was just a guest lecturer. Aside from a little community organizing and having his memoirs ghost written at the wizened old age of 35 he hasn’t accomplished much. Without that teleprompter he sounds about as smart as his buddy Biden. 57 states? Corpsemen? Granted, those are gaffes but still, what has he said that is so brilliant? He used the race card to get elected and had the mainstream media cheerlead for him and cover up his stupidity. He truly is a hothouse flower that wouldn’t survive outside of its tiny little microcosm

    • Karen Myers

      A sitting president who appears, against horrendous odds, to have done a remarkable job in turning the ship of state back onto a steady tack, away from two useless wars, while eliminating major terrorist threats along the way, and who has begun the healing of a seriously injured economy, actually moving it ahead on an admittedly slow but steady growth curve.

      President Obama is trying, against all the corporate special interests best efforts to stop him, to attend to the most injurious inequality gap in this nation’s history, in order to preserve the middle class. And is doing this, all while maintaining a punishing lack of revenues, due to a stifling tax regimen that has remained so since his election to office!

      Added to this, he’s had to fight with an intransigent extremism (Tea Party) within his own Congress, that has only one purpose it seems… To destroy him regardless of the damage to the nation!!!

      The GOP has employed every single dirty trick in the book and then some, and do so to filibuster relentlessly, any and every single attempt by this administration to govern effectively.

      His unbounded courage in the face of these odds is admirable. It would certainly crush almost any of his predecessors, with few exceptions!

      • CobrayRPB

        We are talking about Obama right?

      • regressive teaparty trash

        certainly not about any recent GOP president

      • Paper Boy

        It’s possible you fainted at an Obama campaign money raising rally.

    • Jeana D Gannon

      Millions spent on sealing school records??? HAHAHA! It didn’t cost him a thing. Ever heard of FERPA? It’s a law.

  • Jason Vickers

    I’m sorry but Obama is not that smart. He’s proven that over and over again. A smart person would work with others and not think he was always right. Obama is a bumbling idiot.

    • So, if you think you’re right but you go along with people you know are wrong (and have been proven to be wrong time and again), THAT’S what the President should do? More Tax Cuts to the Rich? Destroying the Heartland by piping Canadian Oil Tar to Texas to be sold to the highest bidder? Considering parents of children who were born here to be in the same deportation line as illegal hardened criminals? Stop providing health insurance to MILLIONS of Americans? Send in troops to battle enemies hidden in with the local population?

    • GL

      A smart person would also realize when the others have no interest in working with them… which is exactly what the President has realized is going on with the Republican Party. They don’t want to govern right now, because anything good will be attributed to the President who they tried so very hard to unseat in the 2012 election. A President whose most vehement and frothing detractors tend to use the color of his skin as a reason to despise him — a reason that, to them, is valid (it’s not, but they think it is in their own reactionary way). President Obama knows that the Republicans aren’t going to work with him, so he has figured out that rather than wasting energy trying to get people who are violently opposed to his presence in the Oval Office to talk to him, he’s decided to do what little he can through Executive Orders in order to at least get something done.

  • Bonnie Harris

    wow! the reich wingers have taken over this comment section….i guess nothing gets them riled up as someone writing about how incredibly Smart our President is….geesh!

    and yes, he IS very intelligent, and charming, and gracious to deal with the overwhelming about of hate, ignorance and lies spoken about him….if you are going to Disagree with his policies…great, feel free…but the hatefulness and mis-information is truly sad AND laughable…

    • Reason

      If you have political views you like, you will keep your political views. Period.

    • Joe Lovell

      Heck, a “reich winger” wrote the article.

      • strayaway

        Spot on. Compare President Obama’s use of his magic phone and pen with the Enabling Act of 1933, Artilce 2. “Laws enacted by the government of the Reich may deviate from the constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat. The rights of the President remain unaffected.” Translated into Obamaspeak: “Laws enacted by the Executive may deviate from the Constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Senate and House. The rights of the President remain unaffected.” I jest. There is of course a big difference. Our leader just goes ahead and acts like Congress passed a de facto enabling act and Congress, for the most part, plays along.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Can you prove his vast intelligence by anything other than the claims made by the knee pad wearing liberal lame stream media? Lies are easy as you can see from Gruber and his parrots in this administration. I believe that all of you who placed a vote for Emperor Obama in 2008 and 2012 are the stupid folks he was referencing.

      • Bonnie Harris

        my point is proven ^^^

        and why should i have to “prove” his intelligence? have you attended Harvard? did you pass the bar? were you the President of the Harvard Law Review?

        most likely not….but these are only a few examples of why we say that most of you who hate this President do so because of FLAT OUT RACISM…why should this man (or I) have to PROVE his intelligence? and frankly, you’ve (and all the other racist haters) been given 100% PROOF of his qualities, yet you continue to blather on about “we don’t really know him” or whatever garbage is spewed….the bottom line is: he doesn’t follow your carefully constructed caricature of Black folks (or mixed folks, like him) and so he must “prove who he is” to you because you have been brainwashed to think that no Black folks could achieve what he has accomplished….

      • When all else fails, progressives revert to accusing opponents of Obama of racism. My, how original. 😉

      • GL

        When all else fails, conservatives revert to accusing progressives of playing the race card. My, how original. 😉

      • strayaway

        Only when progressives play the race card as Bonnie Harris just did.

      • GL

        See, the problem with that accusation is, a lot of the more vehement and frothing hatred of the President is, in fact, because he is African-American. Look at the “birther” movement — his name, the color of his skin, and the fact that his father was a foreigner mean that obviously the birth certificate from Hawaii is a forgery. Or look at everyone who calls him a Muslim — why would someone look at another person and assume they’re of a Middle Eastern faith? Possibly because they associate dark skin with “foreignness” and “being Muslim”.

        So in terms of the most rabidly vocal members of your party… yeah. They’re racist. It sucks, but you have to deal with it. Sort of like how I have to deal with the fact that my state is being run by a set of regressives who want to drive us back to the stone age. It sucks, but I have to deal with it.

      • strayaway

        The majority of whites voted for Obama in 2008. Some of that had to do with McCain being such a lousy candidate but maybe some whites voted for him because he was half black. Obama just didn’t pan out as President so the tide turned against him. I don’t want to speak for blacks but when 94% vote for Obama, I assume race has something to do with that too. I don’t know this but wouldn’t be surprised that racial preference also had something to do with his admittance to Harvard and becoming the editor of the Harvard law Review. Wondering about such things might not be PC and considered racist but racial politics works both ways. Bonnie Harris does make one good point though is accessing Obama’s intelligence. Obama is as least as smart as everyone else who has passed a bar exam.

      • Byron Shutt

        BS There are many Black Conservatives that would be doing a much better job than this poser but hey…..they can’t be heard because of the ‘tolerant’ left won’t let them off the plantation .

      • Byron Shutt

        I wonder what he studied at Harvard? I wonder what his dissertation was on? I wonder why I cannot find that information? Are you not curious?

      • Bonnie Harris

        no, because it’s out there already….see if you can pronounce it: Constitutional Law.

        and just as a curiosity, did you wonder what either bush(es) or reagan or any other president studied in college? probably not…

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Please remove you blinders and seek professional help. It may already be too late. Check with the rest of the flock and see if you can reach consensus as it’s obvious you cannot form an independent thought and are forced to parrot the DNC daily talking points.

      • Bonnie Harris

        you must be referring to yourself…classic projection…nice job, you are officially a teabagger…

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Nice attempt at using the Alynsky rules. Pretty childish retort don’t you think? Even liberals can usually do better. You must be a young one still learning how to become a full fledged nutter. You have a good start however.

  • I have always argued, since the election of this man, that there are only two things the republican opposition “hates” about him; First, his race. Second, his intelligence!

    • Reason

      You argue incorrectly and ignore the damage that has been done to the economy in the long term.

      • formerroadie

        What damage? Evidence please.

      • ML NJ

        Unless you live in the DC Metro area, I suggest you check out the “For Lease” signs at the strip malls and industrial parks near you.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Try $18 trillion in debt and climbing. Simple enough for your limited intellect?

      • strayaway

        Only $7.9T of that amount is on Obama’s ledger. Still that’s $25,159 of debt handed to every man, woman, and child in America. I would have preferred that everyone in my household would have received a check for that amount. It was bad enough that Bush lowered taxes for the rich. Obama made half of the temporary Bush cuts permanent and raised taxes for our children who have to pay interest and principle on his spending.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        As Abe Lincoln stated “…you can fool some of the people all of the time”. Obviously he was speaking of the stupid people Gruber was referring to. The democRAT politicians in Congress and those who elected them and Obama into office.

      • strayaway

        Democrats have largely replaced working people with dependency constituencies as their voting base so they have an interest in growing such constituencies. However, there is a lot of fooling people with false promises on the Republican side too. Social conservatives are forever made promises about marriage and abortion and wind up getting corporate favors and foreign wars instead.

    • RIconservative

      That’s nice for you. That way you can take the imaginary high ground and not have to actually think about the issues. Most fanatics think that way.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      DR.? PHD in old English Literature?

      • Byron Shutt

        PHD? Professional Hole Digger.

    • Shane

      Damn you sure got us figured out, did you think up that whole racism thing on your own? Very impressive…

    • rouge1

      Or lack of intelligence and all the lies. But I am American not republican or demacrat. I think both parties have stole power that belongs to the people and I am tired of one party excusing their criminal behavior because the other party does it. I think they should all be held accountable for their actions.

  • Mark

    I’m independent, unaffiliated, or the type of person politicians try to woo. So consider that when reading my comment.

    One has to reach pretty deep into the bag of BS to come up with this trash. I don’t doubt Obama is an intelligent guy. I’ve never doubted that. But to say he is too smart for those dumb racist Republicans …. seriously?

    I have to cringe on this statement: “When it comes right down to it, I really do believe a huge part about why so many of the non-racist Republicans are against President Obama is because many of them are simply unable to grasp his “big picture” thinking that drives a lot of his policies.” Great. In this author’s mind, Republicans are either racist or stupid. Honestly, I cannot imagine how deep one has to reach to come up with such a statement.

    This article is ludicrous. Full of it. Worthless. Opinion columns like this drive me … and other independents … away. About the one thing I can agree with is the roots of ISIS can be traced back to the 2003 invasion (which I questioned at the time.)

    I did not vote for any Democratic candidates in this past election because I thought the ones running on my ballot were full of it. (Voted for one Republican and one independent.) After reading this sludge by a “progressive,” I am glad to not be supporting the cause.

    • Bonnie Harris

      right….then why are you on a progressive website? another rethug that say’s “i’m an independent voter”….and yes, this editorial IS the truth…when haters spew garbage…i have yet to deal with any rethug or “independent” who actually talks about Real Policies…rather than “he’s destroying the country” blather….yeah, independents who mimic exactly what they are told….

      • Mark

        Why am I on a progressive website? I like to take in as many perspectives as possible. If all one takes in is perspectives from a narrow set (Fox News and tea party sites or MSNBC and Huffington Post and progressive sites) then one misses a ton of viewpoints. I for example do not care much about the 2nd amendment debates but I feel I should read both NRA perspectives and the opposite side so that if and when gun related measures appear on my ballot I’ll have a diverse set of viewpoints to consider. I generally prefer the progressive way of telling news over the tea party way and all of their … interesting lingo. But one has to wade through a lot of BS in any politically oriented website.

        When did I say the President is destroying the country, economy, etc? I’m not a big fan of him … but the only recent president I really liked was Clinton. Whenever I see polls which indicate that Obama is the worst president since (insert arbitrary date), I cringe. People generally look at the past fondly and the present negatively. I bet you’d find similar polls for the last two or three presidents.

        When you call me a “rethug”, you do realize that is as much of a turnoff as when a tea partier calls me a “sissy” or “libtard”, right? I vote not just for who I think is right but also for which viewpoint attracts better people, discussions, and ideas. I’ll definitely remember your “rethug” comment in 2016 when I consider which candidates will get my votes. Associating with somebody who calls a non-Democrat a “rethug” is every bit as undesirable as associating with someone who calls a fellow American a “libtard”. There is a reason I remain independent.

      • Bonnie Harris

        well, i hope that you actually do look at policies/platforms before voting for a candidate…though, i’m suspicious of the “dems were full of it so i voted republican” comment….i’ve become jaded/tired of that independent label when the next thing that is said comes directly from faux noise….

        in my experience, those who say “i’m independent” regularly say exactly what they are told by the corporate/reich wing media…including the opinion that the President is dumb, is destroying the country, runs the largest deficit of any other administration, etc. etc. etc….also, when attempting to discuss facts, they (and i mean repubs/reich wingers) always shift to insults when the facts contradict their own pov/opinion….

        finally, yes, it is true what the writer said….for the typical republican, the fact that this President is so intelligent runs 100% counter to the brainwashing they’ve had about Black folks…we are all dumb, lazy, etc….and so, here is this man who’s accomplished what NO ONE thought could happen and automatically it must be because he cheated because “everyone knows Black people cannot do ________”….also, why would the republican power structure meet right after he was elected the first time to focus on his becoming a one term President? there has been no other President who’s had to endure such nonsensical, disrespectful, and RACIST treatment….

  • Paper Boy

    When President Obama is giving an impromptu speech, his most used word is “uh,” and many of them.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      shall we go over the GOP representatives from gw bush to palin to rick perry and beyond???

      • Paper Boy

        Hey, it’s this web site that brags that Obama is so very intelligent. But repeated use of the word “uh” is mundane and indicates uncertainty.

      • Paper Boy

        It’s already been said that certain GOP politicians are not so elegant, and nobody said they are intelligent. So save your fingers and avoid redundancy.

  • Travis Russell

    Obama has said a lot of unsmart things: there are 57 states; Canada has a president; “Austrian” is a language; America is “20 centuries” old; Arabic is spoken in Afghanistan. He’s called the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) the Maldives, and declared it would be “unprecedented” for the Supreme Court to invalidate a law passed by Congress. If this is a demonstration of an Ivy League education and superior intelligence then I am glad I went to ASU and got my inferior education …

    • miketothad

      Bagger please,
      50% of the GOP base doesn’t even know what GOP means.
      The real GOP country club knows you Bush amnesiac idiots will buy anything.

      • Travis Russell

        dickhead please. I did not say Bush was smart I just simply pointed out the same type of stupid statement Bush made, So did Obama. If the man is a genius well then I am freaking Einstein.

      • miketothad

        You didn’t HAVE to say, moron. Don’t flatter yourself.
        You don’t have a clue what you’re yapping about, and educationally Obama shits on you.

      • Travis Russell

        You know nothing about me toad. just because your 5th grade education does not stand up to Obama’s does not mean mine does not…go crawl into a hole where you belong…

      • miketothad

        Bagger, please.
        I know all there is to know about you, politically. You’re a another man’s pet. You’re spoonfed hatred of Obama, and you swallow it unthinkingly, regardless of policy. You’re a tool.

    • Imsloan68

      ASU? Are you the guy on the porn site who gave all the people herpes?

      • Travis Russell

        Yep, thats me…I got the hepes from your mother…

  • miketothad

    I love the reaction from the low-IQ right wingers, here.
    Nothing hits home like calling them exactly what they are:
    Dumbass disposable trash, and lapdogs for the REAL GOP country club.

  • Byron Shutt

    The truth and Obama should not be used in the same sentence.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      correct— using the word TRUTH to describe the destruction of America 2000-2008 is far better suited; donnncha agree?

      • Byron Shutt

        Blaming Bush? I guess the race card is next…..Pathetic.

      • miketothad

        Bush amnesia?… Willfully ignorant.

      • Byron Shutt

        Weren’t you still riding a trike during those years?

      • Byron Shutt

        As the wheels are flying off this unlawful administration I will just sit back and watch the apologist scramble……and they do… putting time back in a bottle…..very amusing.

      • miketothad

        Unlawful? Wheels flying off?
        That actually happened under Bush. I guess a moron like yourself would have preferred the trend of record job losses Bush left us with.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        remember what bill oreilly said to letterman on an interview midway through 2009—
        ” its been over 90 days; so You ( we) cannot blame bush any longer”
        bill oreilly: FOX “news” ( and GOP) shill 2 the max

      • regressive teaparty trash

        pathetic is your evasion of what I just stated—- or: did 2000-2008 NOT happen? ( oooops; am I playing a ‘race’ card here also?)

  • Peter from WI

    I guess if your willing to allow the government to force you to pay for something, you may think Obama care is wonderful. If your fine with a corrupt government lying to its people to ease the pain of true tyranny, well then I guess you deserve it. Most liberals I know are snobby, pushy and believe they know everything. You know what, I let them think that and snicker at them knowing they are a special kind of stupid. Not much you can say to them that they don’t already think they know. But in all reality, they are the sheep being lead by the wolf into slaughter. I love articles like this, its a great way to gauge the stupidity of the left.

    • miketothad

      I’ll keep an eye out for those “death panels” and “WMDs”, moron.

      • Peter from WI

        Ooh yeah, and the ability to name call at the drop of a hat shows real maturity. Your the perfect liberal specimen mikey. By the way, those WMD’s have been found. And when your mommy needs that operation to save her life but she is too old to waste my money on, they will get her real comfy and allow her to slowly (but comfortably) DIE.

      • miketothad

        I’ll call you what you are, idiot. Oh RIght!
        I guess they found those WMD over in right wing dipshit land, because you’re the only imbeciles in the world buying it. My Mommy? So glad you’re so worried about her more than your own, stupid.

      • Peter from WI

        Funny, we the majority are buying it? Get to bed now mikey, im sure school starts early for you tomorrow. God bless your soul.

      • miketothad

        HAhahaha!! You mean you and your 90% white low-IQ “conservative” base in support of tax breaks 95% of you don’t even qualify for? The REAL GOP country club wouldn’t spit on a nobody like you. They’re already trying to hand you and your mommy’s Social Security earning over to Wall St.! God help you learn to READ, Jethro.

    • Paper Boy

      You might consider wandering over to MotherJones and Politico where the manners are more civilized.

    • Rob Bailey

      My gauge of stupidity is the use of “your” versus “you’re”.
      Guess what. Your stewpid.
      Think that “free” healthcare prior to ACA was free? Then ‘your’ really stewpid.
      Signed, you’re favorite pushy lib-rel.

    • wendy

      Not taking sides but want to point out that the government MAKES one pay for all their needs…food, shelter, car insurance…so its not so unusual to be expected to pay our own medical bills…

  • DalenCheryl Kaskey

    This article has to be the biggest crock served up, to this date. Anyone who believes it has my sympathy.

  • William Keiser

    ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’ – Upton Sinclair

  • gaultfalcon

    It takes brilliance to create things. A run of the mill moron can destroy things. What has Obama created?

    • Rob Bailey

      Hmmmmm. Dow at 17,500. That’s a bit better than in 2009. Unemployment at 6%. Little better than 11%. Gays now have equal rights in many states. Chances of another few thousand American kids dying in a made-up war in Iraq? Down. More Americans with Health insurance not showing up at the ER for much more expensive care? Up. Deficits? Down.
      Thanks for playing.

      • gaultfalcon

        He didn’t build that Rob. His words.

      • Rob Bailey

        He also didn’t fuck it up. You can’t have it both ways. We had a run of the mill moron who did fuck it up. Now you people want another one…

  • smuldoon

    Being the President of our Country is a thankless job.Constant backstabbing,rumor mongering,out right lies and on and on it goes.1 thing our Presidents very rarely are shown,respect.These days most(if not all)Presidents do not have much(thanks media)of a chance from the get go.Republican/Democrat,doesn’t matter.The 2 major parties are the Hatfield/McCoys of the day.Can’t agree on anything,not good.Stays status quo and eventually we’ll all be in a heap of trouble.

  • nutsinavice

    Part of the problem is that the Republican part is driven by the investment community that can’t think beyond the next quarter and their understanding of value is based on the appearance of value in order to raise share price, not anything that resembles quality or true value. It’s all hype, smoke and mirrors, and denial.

  • Phillip Causey

    how utterly foolish, as a very smart republican, our problems with him stem from the fact he has walked all over the US Constitution, he has encouraged racial hatred, he has lied in bed with our enemies, and to be quite frank, we are not ok with socialism at all, Socialism is kin to communism, and thanks but no thanks. The Progressive movement is dead, the American people voted you out.

    • Rob Bailey

      English isn’t your first language, eh.
      Bushie execute twice as many Executive Orders as has Obama. America IS a nation that relies on ‘socialism’ (read Public Highways, infrastructure, and the Medicare and Social Security you partake in, not to mention defense), and that ‘dead’ progressive movement got your President elected to two terms. Hillary will be your next President, and Liz Warren after that. A few single-issue zealots caused Dems to lose in this year’s national elections, cause no one turned out and the cons played their “ISIS is going to behead you while you have bloody Ebola poop while Obama takes your guns and Medicare. Oh, and Obamacare” strategy to get out their base. Congrats.

    • tracey marie

      where and when…specifically. Next time use spell check or have a friend help you. The 50’s called and want’s their old words and fears back

  • Hanna Moy

    It is so sad that a program as far-right and dependent on the private sector as Obamacare is seen as a springboard to socialism. Maybe you will have socialism in a million years, then. Until then, Obama will keep appointing wall street types and bowing to corporate lobbyists and covering up torture. If you want a stronger left, we need more grassroots organizing through unions so that Obama can’t betray unions and get away with it. That is how Americans forced Roosevelt, who was not all that left wing, to out through the New Deal. Lack of a labor movement now is why Obama’s version of the New Deal transferred money to the wealthiest instead of the struggling. Check out “Friends without benefits: Obama’s betrayal of labor” a few years back in the huffington post, or any Matt Taibbi articles. It is true that Republican poor people are just hurting themselves voting Republican, but they also just believe neoliberal economic arguments and honestly, they have probably not been that exposed to any other arguments unless they had an extremely broad education – Harvard students had to stage a walkout of their economics class to get taught about diverse economic models, for God’s sake. Republican politicians are wealthy ivy league elite who pretend to be the salt of the earth while enjoying the fruits of their corruption, but Democrats are moving further and further right and the left needs to be critical enough to pull them back, instead of putting up and shutting up in the hope of keeping Republicans out. The further right Republicans move, the further right Democrats move, until we are where Republicans used to be. Things moved to the right because of an organized campaign funded by the right and the Koch brothers to complain and shift the narrative until things were far, far right. Let’s shift things to the left through a real left wing grassroots movement through, for example, unions and student groups (ie the opposite of the tea party, which was not grassroots) instead of fawning over Obama, or worse, Hillary Clinton, who is basically just a soft Republican. Let’s not forget that a Clinton passed the defense of marriage act, and repealed Glass-Steagall.

  • kas_wolf

    Wow. Just can’t believe there are still people out there more stupid than 0bama himself.

    Please, do not procreate. Your gene pool needs to dry up.

    • tracey marie

      that is all you can come up with, a lame and childish snarky comment. Child

  • “Unemployment checks create jobs” ~ Nancy Pelosi

    • LMK

      And it’s true, too.

      • Gosh, you leftists are so utterly brilliant….we need to expand the system of handouts….pay more people not to work, for longer periods…we’ll fund it all by…um….

    • tracey marie

      they do, at the grocery store, the retail stores, the plumbber etc…the money is spent in the community, when money circulates it does creat and maintain jobs

      • Golly gee, you leftists are so utterly brilliant….we need to expand the system of handouts….pay more people not to work, for longer periods…we’ll fund it all by…um….

  • Travis Russell

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if our federal government borrows $85 Billion every single month.

    I vote Democrat because I care about the children … but saddling them with trillions of dollars of debt to pay for my bloated leftist government is okay.

    I vote Democratic because I value tolerance …except for others’ opinions that I dislike,

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s better to pay billions of dollars to people who hate us rather than drill for our own oil, because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it is okay if liberal activist judges rewrite the Constitution to suit some fringe idiots and kooks, who would otherwise never get their agenda past the voters.

    I vote Democrat because I believe consenting adults can engage freely in every activity except capitalism.

    I vote Democrat because I believe that corporate America should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their shareholders. They need to break even and give the rest to the federal government for redistribution.

    I vote Democrat because I want to outlaw cigarettes and legalize marijuana.

    I vote Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted, so long as we keep all of the murderers on death row alive.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if my Nobel Peace Prize winning President uses drones to assassinate people, as long as we don’t use torture.

    I vote Democrat because I believe people, who can’t accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday, can predict the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Chevy Volt.

    I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended.

    I vote Democrat because I believe the oil companies’ profit of 3% on a gallon of gas is obscene, but the federal government taxing that same gallon of gas at 15% is decent and okay.

    I vote Democrat because I believe a moment of silent prayer at the beginning of the school day constitutes government indoctrination and an intrusion on parental authority ….. but sex education, condom distribution and multiculturalism are all values-neutral.

    I vote Democrat because I agonize over threats to the natural environment from CO2, acid rain and toxic waste ….. but I am totally oblivious of the threats to our social environment from pornography, promiscuity and family dissolution.

    I vote Democrat because I believe lazy, uneducated stoners should have just as big a say in running our country as entrepreneurs who risk everything and work 70 hours per week.

    I vote Democrat because I don’t like guns ….. so no one else should be allowed to own one.

    I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between welfare and the rise of illegitimacy.

    I vote Democrat because I think its perfectly okay for our leaders to mislead and outrageously lie to the public to get sweeping legislation such as obamacare passed.

    I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between judicial leniency and surging crime rates.

    I vote Democrat because I believe you don’t need an ID to vote but you do to buy beer.

    I vote Democrat because I believe marriage is obsolete, except for homosexuals.

    I vote Democrat because it’s great to call everyone else a racist and resort to name calling when confronted with the facts that do not support my agenda.

    I vote Democrat because I think AIDS is spread by insufficient funding.

    I vote Democrat because I think “fairness” is far more important than freedom.

    I vote Democrat because I think an “equal outcome” is far more important than equal opportunity.

    I vote democrat because I would rather hide in a class room while others fight for my freedom.

    I vote democrat because I’m not smart enough to own a gun and I need someone else to protect me.

    I vote democrat because I would rather have free stuff than freedom.

    I vote democrat because it’s perfectly okay to me that leftist mainstream media is biased and withholds relevant newsworthy truths from the general public.

    And lastly, I vote Democrat because I’m convinced that government programs are the solution to the human condition, NOT freedom.

    • LMK

      Oooh! A list!

      – Counter-cyclical fiscal policy is not at all controversial in economic circles. It is absolutely fine that the government runs a deficit in the middle of a wage crisis.

      – Investment in education, infrastructure, healthcare – these things grow economies long-term. Growing the economy is what enables future generations to pay back the debt previous generations already accumulated (coughcoughReagancough).

      – Why would anybody support opinions they don’t like? Do you do that? That’s a goofy thing to expect somebody to do.

      – Progressives favor energy independence through renewables to slow the progress of climate change. You know, like, with inventions and new industry. How America used to do stuff.

      – Judges interpret laws. Judges interpret the Constitution. It’s their job. Also, conservative judges are and always have been WAY more activist about rewriting law.

      – Capitalism is rarely consensual. Behavioral economics. Asymmetries of information. Oligopolies, monopsonies. Government regulation is the only thing keeping capitalism even remotely consensual.

      – Incorrect. Progressives have no beef with a company’s right to make money.

      – Outlaw cigarettes and legalize marijuana … yeah, sounds about right. Maybe don’t OUTLAW cigarettes, but … yeah. Pretty close.

      – We have executed hundreds – probably thousands – of innocent people over the years. That’s cause to stop and think about whether we should be executing anybody. Meanwhile, you would hold women down and force them to have babies against their will? You can round up a posse to do that. I’ll have no part of it.

      – You won’t catch many progressives defending drone strikes.

      – First of all, the Chevy Volt is SO COOL. Second, yeah, I trust experts. Climatologists with PhDs, not Whip Manly with your local weather on the 1s. Different group of people.

      – You won’t catch many progressives supporting government censorship of anybody. But it’s my free speech right to tell somebody to stop bullying somebody else.

      – Oil companies are the wealthiest, most profitable institutions in human history. Their margins on a gallon of gas aren’t the issue. What matters is the negative externalities they force the rest of us to pay for. Like climate change. Or Deepwater Horizon. Or politically-induced stagnation in the science on renewable energy.

      – Not forcing people to pray is in the Constitution. I thought we were big into the Constitution. And sex ed and condom distribution reduce teen pregnancy. They’re the only things that do. If you’re pro-teen pregnancy, then that’s a whole ‘nother conversation. Also: do you, like, oppose multiculturalism or something?

      – I see no threat to our cultural fabric from “promiscuity”, no. Pornography carries some baggage, but I probably see different issues with it than you do. But sex, porn, and divorce are just not as big a threat to America as sea level rise. Ask the citizens of Miami what they think about that question.

      – First of all, there are plenty of stoners who work 70 hours a week. And yes, they do get the same say. It’s called a vote. It’s how a republic works.

      – Guns are fine … in rural areas. But you have to understand that a gun means something different in SE Washington, or the South Bronx – or Newtown, Connecticut – than it does in rural Montana.

      – Yeah, because there is no correlation. And also, are illegitimate children, like, a national crisis?

      – What was that? I couldn’t hear you over all that hyperbole.

      – Crime rates aren’t surging. Crime has been steadily declining or flat since the 90s.

      – Correct. Can’t kill somebody while under the influence of democracy.

      – Who said marriage is obsolete? And WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU CARE WHETHER GAY PEOPLE GET MARRIED? It has, like, literally no effect on your life.

      – See this entire list.

      – We allow AIDS to spread if we do not sufficiently fund the fight against it, yes. But we’ve actually been pretty successful lately. Not that there’s not more to do.

      – Fairness is roughly as important as freedom, yes. That’s why we have courts.

      – My friend, if you think this country provides people with equal opportunity, I have a trust fund baby I’d like you to meet.

      – I come from an Army family. My brother is just back from Kandahar. I think it’s a huge problem that only 1-2% of this country has any exposure whatsoever to the wars we’re fighting. But it’s a problem across the political spectrum.

      – Are you … calling people dumb cowards for relying on the police? Really?

      – Are you offering me free stuff? Because nobody offered me any free stuff.

      – You would have me read Breitbart? They of the Shirley Sherrod episode who couldn’t keep their Loretta Lynches straight? Or maybe WND, who are convinced that the President is secretly a gay Kenyan murder-Muslim? Right wing media is not “newsworthy truth”. It’s a farce.

      – Government programs absolutely are the solution to a whole bunch of problems. And implementing those programs is not somehow a curb on freedom. This is a way more fundamental disagreement – one that we’ve organized the entire American left-right divide around since Hamilton vs. Jefferson. So all I’ll say for now is … nyuh-uh.

      There! That was fun!

  • Whaddya want me to do?


  • RIconservative

    How sad. It’s like reading a cult member’s manifesto. The author is trying so hard to convince everyone, and himself, that his adulation and love of his leader is so pure, and everyone else just can’t understand it because they are not intelligent enough. This is the kind of guy who was first in the Kool-Aide line at Jonestown.

  • Roger Cotton

    So, Obama is a genius?

    Provide evidence. Because his policies have failed, his investments in Green Energy (with our money) all failed, his attempts at reviving the economy have failed, his foreign policies have failed.

    All he does is lie and blame others.

    For a genius, he’s not a very smart person.

    • tracey marie

      actually you are wrong
      what policy has failed?
      green energy, the fund is booming and ALL money loaned has been paid back plus BILLIONS more.
      Our economy has revived, housing, jobs, investments have risen and are much better then they were pre-crash. Wages has not grown, that is a corporate policy endorsed by the right.

      He does not lie or blame others, he just bothers you because of the obvious. He is a “black man in your WH” we saw the shirts at CPAC, repub rallies and teabagg rallies.

  • Amelia Al

    Yet your fellow stupid White Americans still vote for Republicans. White people are ruining this nation just as they’ve ruined the world, caused wars and poverty in every part of the world they’ve invaded. They are the real terrorists in this world.

  • LMK

    I will start by saying that this old boss sounds like a superior twit.

    I will continue by saying – as an avowed progressive – that smart people exist on both sides of the political divide. Paul Ryan, David Brooks, Tom Cole; these are Republicans – in a couple of cases unambiguous conservatives – that have intellectual horsepower to spare. And I’m sure that there are more. These people, I am sure, disagree with the President not because they “don’t get it”, but because they have thought about it and they just disagree.

    But I will conclude by saying that there absolutely is something to this. Opposition to President Obama has always been, and likely will continue to be, driven principally by emotion. Dumb, incomprehensible, partisan emotion. Conservative opposition to the individual mandate is dumb. Conservative opposition to the President’s proposed grand tax bargain was dumb. Conservative frothing-at-the-mouth over suing the President, or impeaching him, is dumb. When mainline conservatives shout about Eric Holder being the gravest threat to their gun rights in history, then stammer helplessly when asked why they believe that, it proves the point. The bulk of the opposition to President Obama is mindless – is dumb. It’s not a policy thing – understanding the specifics of policy aren’t necessary for this sort of opposition. It’s like Frankenstein (or at least his monster): OBAMA BAD!!!

    Of course, Frankenstein’s monster was actually brilliantly intelligent himself, but people just wouldn’t give him a chance. So maybe not such a great metaphor.

    • Shane

      I disagree, and I will speak only for myself. My opposition with the president is enshrined in my view of what liberty is, and what has made this nation great. Let’s hypothesize that President O has the country’s best interests in mind, (which is debatable) that being agreed upon as the premise for this debate, I disagree wholly with what he believes is best for the country, and if by occasion we agree on something as being best for the country, we undoubtedly will disagree on what the best method for achieving that something is.

      He believes government is the answer, insomuch that he is willing to restrict the liberty of the citizenry because of his belief in the benevolence of the government.

      I believe liberty is the answer, and restricting it in the overwhelming majority is the wrong course to take. We can’t come together when we hold such opposing views.

      Contrary to what liberal talking heads like to believe and, seem to burp up about conservatives, rednecks, throwbacks, knuckle-draggers etc we’re not the simpletons they so desperately wish to relegate us to. Our view’s on the United States, the role of government, and the definition of liberty are so opposing to theirs that it is easier to condemn the personage rather than debate the issue.

      Shane – Conservative Christian

      • LMK

        Having a baseline philosophical disagreement with the President’s agenda writ large is not at all what I was talking about. That’s your right. The questions you’re raising here are foundational, Hamilton vs. Jefferson-type questions. And they should be asked and discussed. I’m not here to assert that, if people just thought about it hard enough, everybody would vote for Obama. (Though that appears to be what the author is saying.)

        But this approach – the reduction of everything to first principles – threatens to miss the trees for the forest, so to speak. To take an example: I have never understood, from a policy perspective, conservative opposition to Obamacare. It is, fundamentally, a market-based, personal-responsibility emphasizing, non-governmental way to solve the problem of uninsured, underinsured, and free-rider healthcare consumers. The person who truly had faith in the power of government to handle this problem would have done Medicare-for-all and been done with it.

        Now, I understand the POLITICS of opposition to Obamacare. But the basic structure – subsidies, mandates, marketplaces – is the LEAST intrusive way for government to solve very real problems, like medical bankruptcy, skyrocketing health insurance premiums, and the uninsurability of millions of Americans with preexisting conditions.

        Another question altogether is whether you think government has any business trying to solve these problems in the first place. That is a coherent position to have. It is not coherent to call Obamacare a “government takeover”, since we know what a government takeover would look like (Medicare-for-all). And it’s also not coherent to insist that the American healthcare system was doing just fine before Obamacare (it was demonstrably bad at delivering healthcare to the majority of Americans). But if that is your position – that government has no business trying to improve healthcare outcomes – then let’s be honest about what we’re talking about here.

      • tracey marie

        you are a simpleton…you spouted sound bites and liberty freedom and other such nonsense without even one honest example of how your freedoms, liberty and how government is the answer example in your rant…care to try again or will your sign off of being a “christian” explain everything?

      • Shane

        I think you entered the conversation from the wrong perspective, try reading it again without the preconception that I am engaged in an angry rant directed at LMK, as that is not at all the sentiment my post was intended to engender.

        If you can do that we might have a civil discussion, even putting aside the fact that you called me a simpleton right out of the gate and implied that liberty and freedom are nonsensical concepts.

        I am subject to preconceptions as well, in fact, mine would be the fact that I have avowed myself as a Christian is what garnered a reply from you, and your subsequent disdainful tone. In which case I have serious doubts as to the usefulness of sharing opinions with you.

      • tracey marie

        not at lmk, just a sound bite rant full of zero substance and lot’s of racist opinions. I am sdistainful because you posted a long rant with no facts or substance

      • I disagree. Shane was actually quite specific about why he believes Obama is in error.

        It comes down to your primary trust – which some people call ‘faith’ – and where you place said trust. Liberals nearly universally place their trust in other people (meaning government). Shane places his trust in God. I do too. In fact, we are in very good company, as the overwhelming majority of the leadership of this nation placed their trust in that same God when they formed this union.

        It should be painfully obvious that the further we get away from the inspiration and ideals of God and His Word, the further we stray from the very principles which provided for our unmatched blessing and prosperity as a nation.

      • tracey marie

        rotflmao, thanks for the belly laugh. shane is a racist tool

      • Typical liberal response. When you can’t answer intelligently then devolve into name-calling.
        How sad.

      • Shane

        Matthew 7:6

      • rgr that.

      • Shane

        That we are endowed by our Creator (singular, proper noun) with certain inalienable rights, is not just turn of expression, but a credo our founders lived by, as should we. 😉

      • LMK

        See, this is actually something else that I’ve always been interested in – the justification for linking religion to conservative policy. Not whether you’re allowed to make the link – why you think policies are good or bad is your own business. But the substance of the link.

        Both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament predate the very idea of capitalism by millennia. And the theocratic monarchy in old Judea was, by all accounts, economically similar to other states of the time (which is to say, heavily taxed with borderline planned economies). And Jesus of Nazareth, if you take his pronouncements on wealth and poverty seriously, was a borderline Marxist (“Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled.” – Luke 6; “Go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” – Mark 10). He was even expressly in favor of progressive taxation! (“Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury. For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.” – Mark 12).

        So it seems completely fallacious to me to suggest that the Bible, in any of its iterations, is a pro-free market text. If anything, it is ANTI-capitalist. This isn’t to say that I’m not a capitalist – I totally am. But I’m definitely not a laissez-fairist or a neo-liberal. And, if you take the Bible seriously, neither were any of the important figures in the Jewish or Christian traditions of the time. I mean, the Garden of Eden was not a free market, and there were some pretty harsh regulations in place. If I remember correctly, the wages of violating those regulations were death.

        In short, the Bible seems well in line with progressive priorities of increasing taxes on the rich, providing credits, support, and especially food assistance to the poor, and generally lifting up the station of the less fortunate. Jesus tried to do it with sermons, progressives are trying to do it with fiscal policy.

        And as for the notion that a limited-government republic is somehow biblically ordained, the only two Biblical forms of government – the only ones God ever approves of, anyway – are an oligarchy run by divinely ordained judges and an absolute theocratic monarchy. The only republic in the Bible is Rome. Let’s just say the only republic to appear in the Bible is not the good guy.

        (Don’t misunderstand me: I’m an American Jew, wholeheartedly a social-market capitalist, and I’m not here to advocate an absolute monarchy. I just don’t think the Bible is a good thing to point to when you make the argument for why Tea Party-style “limited government” is better than the progressive vision of social democracy.)

        But the intelligent debate is good. I’m not here to shut these things down. Attempts to shut them down are not constructive.

      • Shane

        We could have a very long drawn out conversation about this. I will make a couple statements. The Bible, is a book of word pictures, not simplistic statements. Also, the Bible is intended to point the way to salvation, not reform society.

        “”Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled.” – I don’t think Christ was talking about food here.

        “Go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” – This is to say, if you are called into the ministry, to serve Christ as a disciple yes? Worldly treasure only serves to corrupt men.

        “”Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who
        are contributing to the treasury. For all of them have contributed out
        of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she
        had, all she had to live on.” – This one seems pretty self explanatory, it is much easier to give for those who have wealth than those who are poor. So her contribution was much more significant as she most likely hadn’t the money to spare, and yet knew even still others were even less fortunate than she. Christ wasn’t suggesting the rich should pay more, only identifying true generosity rather than obligatory.

        All that aside (it’s really irrelevant to what I said)

        My statement can be simply explained by saying “Because our rights are afforded us by something greater than man, no man can deny us our rights, because it is not man’s will that we have freedom, but rather God’s.”

        It has nothing to do with Theocratic governments or any of that nonsense. If a person is an honest believer in liberty, and the rule of God, there is no way on God’s green earth that we would be willing to allow any government to legislate, nor be in charge of, the tenets of our religion.

        as a final note I am not a schooled theologian and my interpretations of Gods word are my own, I believe inspired by god at my entreatment.

      • LMK

        I would get such a huge charge out of a long drawn out conversation about this. I understand if you wouldn’t though.

        So I will set aside the source material, too, since I agree wholeheartedly that each person’s reading of the Bible is his or her own.

        Getting to what I take to be the core of your point then – and correct me if I’m restating it wrong: because our rights come from God, the government is not within its power to roll them back.

        Fair enough. But to me, this begs the question. Which rights are God-given? What counts as a rolling back of those rights? Property rights are taken as a given in the Bible, it’s true, but so is taxation. Free speech isn’t a Bible thing – blasphemy is punished throughout – but the Constitution protects it here. So does the right to free speech come from God?

        These are just examples, but these sorts of questions of why I find trying to tie religion into policy so problematic. Because ultimately the Bible – the only holy texts Jews and Christians can point to – predates the contemporary left-right divide in the U.S. by an eon. (Unless you’re a Mormon, I guess.) To apply our terminology, the Bible is at once Communist, Fascistic, liberal, conservative, socialist and Tea Party-ite.

        So if you set the Bible aside and just focus on questions of faith, you’re back to square one again. Self-identifying evangelical preachers picket the funerals of the victims at Sandy Hook because they think homosexuality is an existential threat to the republic. Catholic bishops hold dual English-Spanish mass at the U.S.-Mexico border because they think our immigration system is inhumane and unethical. Catholic republicans chastise American politicians, threaten to deny Democratic politicians communion, become Prefect of the Papal Supreme Tribunal, then they’re demoted to running a charity. Protestant preachers promote equal rights for black Americans one decade, then they’re the driving force behind voter ID laws the next.

        I don’t even necessarily disagree with the premise that our rights are God-given. But you and I might disagree about which rights those are, never mind how best to enforce them. A faithful person like myself might think that we have an obligation to protect and preserve the planet we were given, and that our obligation to protect the poor or the elderly from despondency, starvation, and sickness demand that we exercise our collective governmental sovereignty to pass laws to make those protections real.

        So all of this basically serves as a reminder that there are true believers – honest, faithful, good-hearted people – on both sides of this debate. When people like the author start calling the other side stupid (or when we start wondering aloud whether the President actually cares about the country) we undercut the entire process. Which I think is a shame.

      • Shane

        If we are discussing the basic divide between our philosophical views, I think it could be simplified alot as what you alludeed to, we’re going to disagree with A) What rights are, and B) What a right actually is.

        Your post is full of example driven statements, which like anything, statistics and the like, conclusion are drawn based on our philosophical beliefs and subject to the presuppositions of those beliefs. So lets put all that aside and speak only philosophically as that is in essence our interpretation of the world and perhaps the only possible way we may agree, or agree to disagree on anything.

        I think our philosophical view of freedom, and the rights of men could be well explained by interpreting the statement from the Declaration of Independence that started this conversation.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
        that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
        that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

        The right to life, which means that all men are entitled to existence, and this cannot be arbitrarily taken away by anyone, nor any group. It does not mean that we are all entitled to a certain type of existence, nor standard of life. These things we must provide for ourselves. If you do not take the responsibility to exercise your right to live, then the logical conclusion is that you exist, only by the charity of others.

        Liberty, this one is pretty easy. We are free, sovereign individuals free to live our lives by our own accord and under our own direction. We are not subject to the will of a so-called ruling elite. This means so many things. I am free to live as I choose just as you are. Which means I am free to reject your lifestyle choices and disassociate myself with it if I so choose, for any reason at all, or for no reason whatsoever.

        Pursuit of Happiness; The United States is probably the only nation in existence where this is even possible for the vast majority of the citizenry. There are no dogmatic entities that rule over us restricting us from pursuing those things that bring happiness. No socialistic, theocratic, or fascist regimes dictating how we must live.

        The above can only be put in practice by a moral, and benevolent citizenry as anything other than that will seek to twist those concepts into something to suit their own worldly ambition. I believe that a moral and righteous citizenry is only possible through a strong and committed faith in God and His wisdom. Without that, all things are at the whims of morally bereft men and will inevitably devolve to tyranny.

        It is even debatable that you could look at the state of our nation today as with every passing day we move farther away from, and further reject God, our government and those who are interned like corpses occupying it forever govern this nation not by consent of the people, but by consent of their own twisted perception of who they are and a quest for self determination through power rather than through service to God.

      • LMK

        Happy to pick apart big language. And I agree that the preamble to the Declaration is a very helpful place to start.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

        So the thing is broken down into three “self-evident” truths, right? 1) People are fundamentally equal to one another. 2) They have rights that cannot be taken away. 3) These rights include, but are not limited to, the right to life, the right to a free (i.e. self-determined) existence, and the right to pursue a happy existence.

        I reword these things slightly only so as to better translate my understanding of what these words mean. So, to break them down in turn:

        1) The very first American first principle is equality. People come into this world the same as one another. Efforts to stratify folks – to say these people are better, these are worse; these people are right, and these are wrong – are unnatural and immoral. Your rights, your values, your choices do not trump mine, nor mine yours. We have no right to claim authority over one another, because we are all fundamentally the same.

        (I set aside the “men” language because I think it’s an anachronism – people just talked that way back then. I believe that the truest expression of this principle includes women fully.)

        2) Our rights are never lost. Just because one group tries to oppress or curtail the freedoms of another does not make those efforts right or justified. And the fact that a group has been subjugated in the past does not mean that the subjugation was ever justified or that it becomes correct. In other words, rights exist independent of our ability to recognize or protect them.

        3) Some of the rights that we have that are never lost are the right to life – in its simplest form, this is the right not to have people kill you – the right to liberty – the right to decide on your own how to live your life (I agree, easy) – and the pursuit of happiness – you have a fundamental right to pursue a fulfilling existence on your own terms, and you have the right to pursue your own idea of happiness. The phrase “among these” means that this is NOT an exhaustive list – there are other rights that are just as unalienable as these three.

        So this is all pretty non-controversial. Though I do think the differences in the way you and I read these words – and there are already differences – point to how we’re going to disagree as we get more and more specific. (Side note: I think that the fact that we’re already diverging should be a sign that these questions are never going to be, and were never meant to be, easy or obvious.)

        So to take that next step, let’s go from the preamble to the Declaration to the preamble to the Constitution. The preamble is basically a list of priorities, and there are six:

        “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity”

        Going in turn:

        1) So the Constitution acknowledges that it itself is not perfect (it can’t get “more” perfect if it already is), but I think it’s fair to categorize the effort to be more perfect as the effort to exactly embody the three “self-evident truths” from the declaration – equality and fundamental human rights – while simultaneously articulating, actualizing, and defending every “unalienable right” there is, the first three having been laid out for us.

        2) Justice is fairness. If we are out to establish justice, then that implies that justice – fairness – is a fundamental right alongside life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (remember, that list was not exhaustive). Taking as a given that people are not generally fair to one another by nature, we need to take collective action, through the Constitution (i.e. through the government) to establish it – to make it happen. This does not contradict the principle of individual sovereignty because democracy allows us to exercise our individual sovereignty in a collective way. I suspect that you will not much like this interpretation. 🙂

        3) A peaceful, fundamentally orderly, safe society has to come about if people are going to be comfortable enough to pursue all that happiness we were talking about earlier. People cannot live happy lives if they feel threatened – by their neighbors or, yes, by their government.

        4) Further to the above, we can’t lead happy lives if we’re afraid of terrorists or foreign invaders or whatever trying to kill or conquer us. So we will defend ourselves from these threats together.

        5) The welfare of Americans as a whole is a priority for our system of government. “The general welfare” implies all of the equality, rights, freedoms, and liberties we were talking about earlier. It is the government’s job to promote these things. Again, I can hear the small-government conservative wince.

        6) The “Blessings of Liberty”, like the “general Welfare”, is a flowery way of restating the principles of equality and liberty. We want it for us, and we also want it for our children. So we have an obligation not to muck everything up in the meantime, because our kids and grandkids are gonna have to live here, too.

        This exercise is helpful because it reminds us that, at this fundamental foundational level, we have different understandings of what “establishing Justice” and “securing the Blessings of Liberty” mean. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. It’s how we get a “more perfect Union”. I hope you can appreciate that progressives can look at and read these documents, think about them deeply, appreciate and admire them, and come to COMPLETELY different understandings of how best to run the country than a conservative would. The work of balancing and rebalancing these interests is never done. And none of it is obvious.

      • Shane

        I disagree that Justice is fairness, Justice is a very abstract term, very difficult to define in tangible terms and not always fair, but often necessary. – Since you like examples lets take a very controversial one, a pregnancy as a result of rape, it is unjust to force woman to carry a child to term which was conceived in violence, and albeit necessary to terminate the pregnancy for the well being of the woman, it is unfair the the innocent child’s life is forfeit due to circumstances out of the control of the child.

        “I set aside the “men” language because I think it’s an anachronism –
        people just talked that way back then. I believe that the truest
        expression of this principle includes women fully.”

        Why do you have to set aside a certain language in order to affirm to yourself that women are equal in terms of our human rights? Correct me if I am wrong, but I infer from this that you believe there is a significant population who do not believe in a woman’s equality, which is a huge liberal media red herring that to many people are falling for. – Just because a certain group was not equally represented under the law at one point in our history does not mean that we haven’t yet corrected that error, not does it mean we are in a precarious position doomed to repeat it.

        “people are not generally fair to one another by nature, we need to take
        collective action, through the Constitution (i.e. through the
        government) to establish it – to make it happen.”

        Why exactly? Why must there be legislation that attempts to enforce fairness amongst the citizenry? This may discourage some small portion of society not to act unfairly, but will never do anything to change the heart and mind of those who would, and only prolongs any problems associated with it.

        ” A peaceful, fundamentally orderly, safe society has to come about if
        people are going to be comfortable enough to pursue all that happiness
        we were talking about earlier. People cannot live happy lives if they
        feel threatened – by their neighbors or, yes, by their government.”

        I agree with this statement, we will undoubtedly disagree on the methods that should be employed to attain this goal. i.e. not depending on anyone else for your safety within your own community (outside threats such as terrorism and the like being a different issue all together)

        “The welfare of Americans as a whole is a priority for our system of
        government. “The general welfare” implies all of the equality, rights,
        freedoms, and liberties we were talking about earlier. It is the
        government’s job to promote these things. Again, I can hear the
        small-government conservative wince.”

        “The welfare of Americans as a whole” is open to so much interpretation. Promote – interesting term you used here. as government can promote something by incentives for the positive reinforcement of an issue, or contrary the despotic enforcement via restricting liberty (which seems to be the status quo today)

        “The “Blessings of Liberty”, like the “general Welfare”, is a flowery way of restating the principles of equality and liberty”

        These are core principles of conservatism, Liberty and equality, but I will never believe that these things can be forced on our nation by government mandate. We will ALWAYS have those who wish to abuse the freedoms of others. The more we try to legislate and retroactively “FIX” it with the law, the more we lose the very freedom we’re supposedly trying to protect. If that is indeed what out “benevolent” leaders are on about when they talk about “Equality”

      • 🙂

  • jeffkb

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh this morning and this article did that for me…..

  • Progressives are truly legends in their own minds and this article is a prime example of that “superior” mindset.

    • GL

      Your comments are wonderful examples of a person looking down their nose at those they condemn for thinking they’re above all others. What makes you so much better than me?

      • Guest

        GL, it wasn’t who wrote this article, “The Simple Truth: President Obama is Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand”, it was a confirmed progressive, Allen Clifton and his assumption that we “mere mortals” who are not progresives have no comprehension on what Obama is doing, that we should just trust his “great” intellect and let him have his way. BS! Also, Clifton’s “big picture” analogy is way off target. I see Obama’s “big picture” as being the utopia of statism, socialism, redistributionism, egalitarianism,
        government interventionism, centralized control,environmentalism, social
        engineering, and social justice, all of which are threats to individual liberties and the Constitution.

      • Guest

        GL, it wasn’t I who wrote this article, “The Simple Truth: President Obama
        is Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand”, it was a confirmed
        progressive, Allen Clifton and his assumption that we “mere mortals” who
        are not progresives have no comprehension on what Obama is doing, that
        we should just trust his “great” intellect and let him have his way. That’s a very typical attitude for most progressives that I’ve known!
        Also, Clifton’s “big picture” analogy is way off target. I see Obama’s
        “big picture” as being the utopia of statism, socialism,
        redistributionism, egalitarianism,
        government interventionism, centralized control,environmentalism, social engineering, and social justice, all of which are threats to individual liberties and the Constitution.

      • GL, it wasn’t I who wrote this article, “The Simple Truth: President Obama is Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand”, it was a confirmed progressive, Allen Clifton and his assumption that we “mere mortals” who are not progresives have no comprehension on what Obama is doing, that we should just trust his “great” intellect and let him have his way. That’s a very typical attitude for most of the progressives that I’ve known!

        Also, Clifton’s “big picture” analogy is way off target. I see Obama’s
        “big picture” as being the utopia of statism, socialism, redistributionism, egalitarianism, government interventionism, centralized control,environmentalism, social engineering, and social justice, all of which are threats to our individual liberties and the Constitution.

  • Vikon99

    Then why does everything he touches turn to shit?

    Keep sniffing that glue, Allen.

  • ML NJ

    I’ve always been in awe of people who don’t know how to speak Austrian.

  • jack_foobar

    Must be romantic watching you fist your own anus in the mirror. Let us know when you start looking outside your window.

  • brenda

    The reason we don’t like President Obama is because we know that the ACA is a step toward socialized medicine and we don’t want it. WE have the best health care in the world because we let the innovative free market work. The reasons for high health costs is because of Government regulations, insurance companies and other corporations. The ACA penalizes hospitals for readmitting elderly patients within 30 days, cuts payments to doctors and hospitals and does NOTHING to deal with the cost of health care. No OBAMA isn’t a genius he is a SOCIALIST trying to FUNDAMENTALLY change AMERICA and we the “republicans”, “conservatives” and “tea party patriots” are against his agenda.

    • tracey marie

      teabaggers are not patriots, you are racist wailing and carrying misspelled racist signs

  • ObamaSucks911

    Obama is soooo smart…why does he believe in 56 states?

    • miketothad

      57… Get your tired old joke right, dummy.

      • harrisle

        And I thought it was 48. Guess I’m qualified to be President. But then again, maybe not. I was never a community organizer.

  • Bklynnygirl

    Progressives are all Grubers.

    • tracey marie

      learn to spell

      • Bklynnygirl

        like you tracey marie.

  • Shane

    Long live President Obama! The Shining Sun! Whos birth was heralded by a rainbow encompassing the Earth from horizon to horizon! …..

    • tracey marie

      but you say that as a good christian, right?

      • Shane

        No, I say that as a good smart ass which has no relevance to my status in the eyes of the Lord 😉

      • tracey marie

        wrong again, why is it all you phony christians have no idea what christianity is all about. Judgement, racism, hate are all against the religion, you have all in spades.

      • Shane

        You’re projecting your own hate onto me, my comment was a simple snarky remark containing no hate, judgement, nor racism.

      • tracey marie

        care to give an intelligent answer on why the President is wrong instead of deflecting?

      • Shane

        Not particularly to you, but I will reply to LMK’s post later this afternoon when I have a moment as his/her post is well thought out and quite civil. If you’re truly interested in my opinion on the subject (which I doubt after reading your numerous replies throughout this thread) you’ll have to wait until that time to read it there.

        Stay tuned!

      • tracey marie

        lol, so you have a moment to whine….

      • tracey marie

        lol,you are not civil

      • Shane

        **collects moonbat tear**

        Time to take a knee and wait out the clock..

  • ObamaSucks911

    President Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said you’ve got to prove who you are.

    He said, “How should I do that?” She said the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. They cashed his check.

    And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet– hit it onto that target time. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

    And she said to him, “Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?” And [Obama] said, “I don’t have a clue.”

    And she said, “Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills.”

  • Bob Honiker

    Some people said that about Hitler too.

  • Ray Chandler

    What a load. Crap oozes from every word of this.

  • ObamaSucks911

    “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” –attempting to make the case for government-run healthcare, while simultaneously undercutting his own argument, Portsmouth, N.H., Aug. 11, 2009

  • ObamaSucks911

    “We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad.” —Cincinnati, OH, Sept. 22, 2011

  • ObamaSucks911

    “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” –on a Kansas tornado that killed 12 people

  • Okeydoker

    Progressive=clueless moron.

  • bearkat0501

    The “big picture”, really? You wish to apply that to Barack “I just found out about that today” Obama?

  • tracey marie

    looks like twitchy/brietbart or someother racist sight linked to this article

    • A bunch of conservative websites linked to this article as it’s hilarious, penned by a true koolaid drinking Obama sycophant.

      • tracey marie

        racist sites full of ignorance , hate and ludicris paranoia

      • GL

        I find there’s a certain amount of irony in your statement. After all, from what I’ve observed, conservatives worship St. Ronald of the Tax-Cut, and until there was a new President in town George W. Bush was as the second coming of the Christ, and anyone who disagreed with him was unpatriotic and possibly a traitor.

  • This article belongs in the Onion.

    • tracey marie

      or you do with your typical behavior of sound bites without substance

      • As if this piece of utter garbage deserves a substantive response. Get real. This abject failure, not just as president but as a human being has no parallel in human history. I have seen such blind, dumb and thoughtless adoration since WWII.

      • GL

        Funny… I could say the same about Conservatives and Ronald Reagan.

      • tracey marie

        the alzheimers President

      • harrisle

        Pres. Reagan did not exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease until he was out of office for five years.

      • tracey marie

        rotflmao, go with that

      • tracey marie

        and there it is, the racism and hate expressed by all those of your ilk

      • I hate racism

      • tracey marie

        lol, you are racist

      • I am?

  • Carin Seyler O’Brien

    The author truly is an idiot. Do you honestly think we’re unaware of these arguments? That this complex thinking is just too much for us? What a joke.

    • tracey marie

      obviously it is too much for you since your counter argument is nuh uh

      • Carin Seyler O’Brien

        I’m completely wilingl to write a complete counter argument. My primary argument, though, is that if the writer thinks that conservatives are unaware, or unable to comprehend, Obama’s argument, he’s a fool. We know, understand, and profoundly disagree with them. Of course, liberals have to read the works of our more serious thinkers to understand this.

      • tracey marie

        You are unaware, all the comments from your kind are nothing more then nuh uh and racist

      • Conservatives knew all about Obama when he was a candidate in 2008. He came right out and admitted it in “Dreams From My Father” that he has Marxist leanings and pretty much all of his mentors were communists. His mother and grandparents were “fellow travelers”. Plus, he’s totally unqualified for the job! Worst president ever!

      • tracey marie

        lol, and that is why you teabaggs are racists, stuck in the 50’s and wailing about a black family in the WH

      • Typical baseless response, tracey marie, race has not even been a consideration in any of my posts. It’s been my experience that when a progressive can’t counter in a discussion, the resort to racism allegations, totally baseless like yours!

      • tracey marie

        race has everything to do with twitchy and teabaggers, care to give facts about all these so called scarey Obama things or do you prefer vague fear mongering and the denial of the obvious?

      • GL

        I dunno, I’d say that if a President got us into two wars with no way of paying for them, then destroyed the basis of the government’s funding, all while allowing for the deregulation of businesses for whom regulation is necessary in order to keep the economy from leaping off the rails and over a cliff, and he did it all intentionally… I’d say that’s “Worst ever”, at least currently.

      • Carin Seyler O’Brien

        I honestly believe that progressives, especially, have NO clue what conservative, classical liberals, libertarians think. This article is filled with strawmen that doesn’t represent any of the serious counter arguments.

      • tracey marie

        again, nuh uh and nothing more…last chance

  • JohnGalt

    I prefer my condescending liberals to be MIT professors!

    • tracey marie

      so your counter argument is nuh uh. lol, got it

      • JohnGalt

        Was this supposed to be comical?

      • tracey marie


      • JohnGalt

        it’s a fact that it was *supposed* to be comical? Got it! (I’m guessing you ain’t a professor at MIT)

      • tracey marie

        facts scare you

      • JohnGalt

        Yes, what you believe to be facts do indeed scare me.

    • GL

      And I prefer my fictional characters to have surnames that don’t mean “Was once valid”. For those of you who don’t speak German, “galt” is the imperfect past tense of “gelten”, so “John was valid” — but he ain’t anymore.

      • JohnGalt

        I struck a liberal nerve. 🙂

      • GL

        Nah, Ayn Rand just didn’t think about the German Language when she was writing her doorstopper. Gelten, Gilt, Galt, Hat Gegolten… It’s like if someone had called their “revolutionary hero who will free us into future utopia” Mitch Was.

      • JohnGalt

        I’m sure you’ve read it numerous times. 😉

      • GL

        Sorry, I was too busy reading The Sorrows of Young Werther. I did read the Fountainhead, though… gotta love how a woman falls in love with her rapist.

      • harrisle

        Goethe thanks you. Now try “Faust.”

      • GL

        Goethe was a pretty good poet, and I’ve heard good things about Faust. The only question is, do I do it in the original German or do I do it in the English translation?

      • harrisle

        Start with the ‘Gretchen’ episode from “Faust.” It reinvigorates us old guys.

      • harrisle

        Start with the English, then try the German. Poetry cannot really be translated, but the English version will give you a good idea of this wonderful poet. He famously said, “Ah, the German people – so admirable in the individual and so despicable in the mass.” How prophetic his words became in the next century and a half. The new generation of Germans is now living up to the first half of that quote.

  • Scooter

    DORA THE EXPLORER is too intelligent for Republicans to understand.

  • tracey marie

    I have yet to hear any intelligent argument disputing the article. Nuh uh seems to be the only “argument” given along with I can but…

  • I’ll admit, I am too stupid to understand the “big picture” of drone strikes on African children.

  • Jerry G

    This is without question the best example of what I like to call “assholistic” thinking. Anybody who thinks that this thieving animal Obama is a genius should check themselves into a home for the mentally challenged.

    • tracey marie

      animal…no nothing racist about you

      • Jerry G

        The “person” who takes “racist” out of my comment is the racist piece of shit in this conversation. And a moron.

      • tracey marie

        lol,says the animal who lies and denies what it is.

      • Jerry G

        Oh, no. “Animal” is a term I use for barely human filth, i.e., liberals. And there are white liberals who are filthy effing animals.

  • Steve F

    Mr. Clifton’s comments about President Obama are as false and wrong-headed as each and every utterance from the president. Clifton’s article is unmitigated balderdash.

    • tracey marie


  • John Ash

    Ummmm, Barack Obama isn’t even “gifted” (130 IQ), let alone “highly intelligent”, (~140IQ or above, IMO). What gives you the idea that a somewhat above average person is so incredibly advanced that no one can understand him? The problem is, we do understand him perfectly well.

    • tracey marie

      black man in your WH…that is all you understand

      • John Ash

        Condoleezza Rice is much smarter than him.

        That is all you need to understand.

      • John Ash

        But, we’re all so glad you could make this about race.

        Please, continue.

  • sullinsea

    The author has not clue one about what conservatives think about Obamacare. He thinks we don’t understand the long term implications of the ACA which he (unlike Gruber and the President) openly acknowledges. In point of fact, we understood where Obamacare would lead us when Pelosi was still spewing nonsense about not knowing what’s in the bill until after passage. What is beyond the author’s ability to grasp is that we oppose it for the same reason he embraces it. And he hasn’t clue one about why. Those savings way down the road he anticipates? We have concluded those only come if there is rationing (“death panels”) as Howard Dean, Steve Rattner and Paul Krugmann advocate and acknowledge.

    We know there are ways to bring down the cost of health care without sacrificing quality, without death panels, without forcing everyone into a monopoly government-controlled rationed system. But to get there we need leadership that values, rather than scorns, our founding principles. We need leaders who are smart enough to get that the greatest common good comes when individual rights are acknowledged and respected, leaders who have learned the lessons of history – that nothing good comes from collectivizing society in the way the author acknowledges Obamacare does over time.

    President Reagan once said “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” That’s no less applicable to health care. If we “join the rest of the industrial world” in their democratic socialist welfare approach to health care, then there will be no major market economy holding the whole world back, no market to develop future generations of treatments and medications, nowhere to escape for the best treatment in the cases where rationed government systems deem treatment to be unworthy, even if the individual can afford it.

    Rather than speak to the stupidity of Obamacare’s critics, it speaks to the arrogant condescension and presumption of the author, and how it blinds him to the simple truth about what it is we object to in Obamacare.

    • tracey marie

      so basically you are a palin sycophant with no facts but plenty of willfull ignorance

      • sullinsea

        Bwahaha! Oh yeah, sweetie, you pegged me. You betcha! LOL

  • James

    Maybe the American people don’t want a complete socialized healthcare?

    Great job sourcing your claims, by the way.

    Lots of literature out there as to why government control leads to increased prices and shortages.

    • miketothad

      WTF are you talking about?

  • Jared Hoke

    I don’t think its Obamas intellect (which is considerable) but his coolness. I think people tend to admire but not like him … apart from his politics or race, which only deepen the distance, no matter how “unprejudiced” you think you are. Obama is always On Guard; always has his dukes up. Not a great way to make friends. He’s really done very well in an impossible situation, but his native coolness has made it even more difficult.

    • tracey marie

      if he was not ready the goptp would have hung him by now.

  • Cindy Wood Wilkerson

    Too funny.. I bet the writer was one of the Democrats aka “stupid voters” who believed every word Obama said about Obamacare.

  • Richard_L_Kent

    We understand him all too well. Which is why we utterly oppose him and all his pomps and works.

  • The Jug

    This article is satire, correct? Please tell me that there is no one stupid enough to actually write the words, “Obama is too intelligent…” The problem is, Obama always seems to be the least qualified man in the room.

  • The Jug

    Unqualified, incompetent, arrogant, lying, racist, thin-skinned, narcissistic, megalomaniac sums up Obama pretty well.

    Did I forget anything? Yes, I most certainly did. I forgot that he is also self-absorbed, cynical, hypocritical, vindictive, petulant, and lazy

    • harrisle

      You forgot “incompetent.”

  • derek

    The headliner itself is witness of utter propaganda hack stupidity

  • Guest

    Excellent article, but please proofread. “See, to many of them, they just want to go in guns blazing because that’s what sounds good.” It should have been too not to.

    • harrisle

      No. “To” is either a preposition, as in “to many of them,” (referring to the direction of the metaphor following – “guns blazing”) or the infinitive of a verb, as in “to go in.” Whereas “too” means either “also,” as in “I like ice cream, too” or is a negative adjective, as in “In fact, I like it too much.” You have confused the negative adjective with the preposition.
      PS. I teach English.

  • TheElfHerself

    If more people would simply ask, “Who says so and how do they know anyway?” when presented with something in the news we would be much better off. To use an example someone gave earlier: “My job pays poorly, but then I got money from the government, so I’m good.” Questions to ask: Why does your job pay poorly? What is hindering you from advancing? What is hindering you from changing jobs? Is governmental healthcare better in the long run for everyone, or just you? Why? If you had a better paying job and didn’t qualify, would you still prefer the system being put in place? Why? If you hear something strongly opinionated, especially without backup confirmation, question it.

  • Ernest Bellande

    Superb development Larry? Bravo I am wishing your comments reaching the honnest silent majority on both sides . People who truly want to see positive things happen for the country on the long run: the big picture ! As you so put it.

  • Mike Shortall Sr

    Argue this all you want … I’ll conclude that intelligence simply doesn’t ensure anyone can become a competent President. Jimmy Carter – by all reports – was a smart guy too, a great humanitarian, and an absolutely horrible President. Obama and Carter are running #1 and #2 for Worst President Ever.

    • miketothad

      When you apply absolutely no thought to the argument.

  • Susan Sallamack

    I had thought that conservative leaders were just disingenuous – intelligent and educated enough to understand the big picture, but working the angles to gain public office and a public pension for life, as well as whatever opportunities for wealth that fall across their paths. You mean they really believe that bumf they feed their constituents?

  • Steve F

    Why? You asked for it.
    Mr. Clifton is an apologist for the president’s long line of failures by suggesting people who do not believe/accept what the president says and does are unable to grasp his intellectual big picture. This is like saying that the people are too stupid to understand the benefit of Obamacare per professor Gruber.
    How patronizing. We take “if you like your doctor you can keep him” as a gold plated lie from the president’s large intellectual big picture and let’s go through some more:
    The stimulus package going to Union supporters not shovel ready jobs;
    Fast and Furious federal gun-running leading to multiple murders;
    IRS scandal “get to the bottom of this” to not a smidgen of scandal;
    Trading Bergdahl (desertion in the face of the enemy) for 5 top terrorists;
    Benghazi fight that was more severe than and not supported or acknowledged at the time;
    Allowing criminal illegals to stay in the country with serious felonies;
    Opening the Southern border allowing (new virus) sick kids in and quickly dispersing them and infecting American kids in which 9 have died due to political expediency and not medical effectiveness;
    Covertly using his corrupt AG to foment racial discord in Ferguson and
    Professor Gruber paid nearly $6 million by feds for Obamacare deceiving Congress and the American people saying we are too stupid to understand what is good for us–the motto of the president and his merry pranksters.
    There is much more but it is not overwhelming intellect rather simple incompetence mixed with a many times failed utopian despotism.

  • Obama is a phony as a three-dollar bill..deceiving at best..liar for sure, proven almost daily by this guy…cannot tell the truth..should be thrown out on his butt.

  • fred darling

    didnt the last election tell you that he and his policies are failing, even his fellow dems are running away from him after the election was over. i think its time for all the libs/ progressives to try and find a new imperial leader!

  • harrisle

    I had an uncle just like that. I used to visit him in the psychiatric hospital quite often.

  • John Isom

    The level of discourse is a direct result of the writers own words…there are those that can disagree and get along as opposed to the stale ends of the loaf of bread that is on display here….way to incite unthoughtful conversation pal..

  • harrisle

    My first reaction to this article: LOL. My second reaction: time for my nap.

  • Doug Packer

    Oh my gosh, that writer is an idiot! Talk about not being able to see the big picture!

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    President Obama makes RWNJ’s brains hurt from overuse.

  • scragsma

    The irony is unbelievable. Alleging that *Obama* and his followers are the ones looking at the ‘bigger picture’? That makes as much sense as a Three Stooges skit.

  • Whycan’twegetalong

    “the reality that as more Americans get health insurance, giving them access to preventable care, this lowers expenses down the road for everyone. ” Flawed assumption believed by the gullible hucksters like Obama.
    Two examples, mammograms and flu vaccines.
    The first was promoted among women as the ultimate preventive tool; but as evidence of it’s impotence grew, mammograms have lost favor and been replaced by conventional measures..
    The second was either not on time or was for the wrong strain of flu.
    Both were promoted at considerable public expense.
    Remember the old maxim…THE MORE YOU LOOK, THE MORE YOU FIND….and its corollary THE MORE YOU LOOK, THE MORE IT COSTS.

  • gvanderleun

    And in the center of the ring we have world class drooler Allen Clifton once again shitting in his hat and jamming it on his head and saying “What a good penis holster am I!”

    • Daviska

      Well that was colorful!

  • Howard_B_Scott

    I’m glad so many more people have, as the author puts it, “preventable care.” LOL. Oh, the rich irony in that one usage error. It’s a freaking gold mine of irony. The ACA will do damage that is going take years to heal. Any of its good parts could have been done in such easier and cheaper ways.

  • jpb1978

    Ok so i work two jobs because of the economy took my job and made it a minimum wage job and im starting to see most of these jobs turning in that direction because of supply and demand is not keeping in its profit margin because when you use and print money and give it to people who dont need it ,the cost of the dollar goes is probally 50 cent or lower because of our president just reprinting money to larger companies who dont need it. Why do you think the price of gold went to a all time high? Because of the use of manufacturing the dollar. Not to only include now they make stuff so cheap it either breaks or causes cancer. If it wasnt for me paying child support my cost for obama care would be more that i would pay for a regular job which is sad because then it wouldnt do dittily squat anyway to have it because it dosent cover everything. This is mostly why americans are pissed off. Who want to be ran by the governments for the rest of our lives? That just proves that the american way isnt the american way anymore “the land of the free” .Not. So before you say small minded its not about that at all its about people having the freedom of choice not the government will assist you. All because of,the price of a dollar goes sky high and makes a goverment more powerfull that america is. Never saw that comming did you?

  • fergalf

    Is it April first already?

  • Tom Paxton

    This actually makes some sense. It’s not that President Obama is smarter, the problem is an unwillingness to communicate in the same language. That applies to both sides. There is no magic fix for right now, this country has to plan for the next generation. We cannot change the past, only the future.

  • frediano

    Bitter after election spankings much? Was hard to tell.

  • frediano

    Republicans can’t seem to grasp that a $3B/yr Medicare program in 1966 has lowered costs by becoming a nearly $1000B/yr Medicare program today. See, we needed ACA because MEIDICARE/MEDICAID wasn’t -enough- of a good thing. That good thing being, a market destroying ring around-the-rosy third party payer C.F. The GOP is too stupid to understand that 90% of the improvement in mother/infant mortality, as an indicator of general increase in healthcare, that occurred in the 20th century, for all races, occurred prior to 1960– 6 years before MEDICARE and even later, MEDICAID program arrived. The GOP is too stupid to remember the period in America before MEDICARE when there was no general crisis in either healthcare or insurance coverage. You know, back when the elderly were stacked up outside of hospitals like cordwood in the gutters because there were no community organizers who cared about them.

  • frediano

    Progressive Defined: read Scott Nearing’s “Social Religion”, published twice in early 1900s; once as a frustrated Christian, impatient with the ‘progress’ of Jesus’ Mission here on earth, and a few years later as a frustrated Socialist Same book. Same religion. That is, if you are not a Republican, and too stupid to read.

  • Erick Blair

    “The Onion” is a lot funnier than this. Nice try though. And please keep taking your meds. It’s important.

  • gholston

    This is exactly why so many people can’t stand “progressives”. They all think they are certified geniuses and that if you disagree with their world view, it must mean you are completely stupid.

    Welcome to the party of the “open minded”. Bigotry 101.

    • miketothad

      And your “conservative” base is 90% white.
      Nice try, dumbass.

      • gholston

        So? Proving my point really. You guys are obsessed with race. What exactly is the obsession? And the calling someone stupid with the presumption that you are a genius. Good job Mr. “Progressive”.

      • miketothad

        “Obsessed with race”… Bagger please. You’re clearly too dumb to see the how obsessed YOU are with race. The real GOP country club easily manipulates you morons for your addiction to hate speech. They’ve run off everyone else, leaving you as the dimwits in support of tax breaks 95% of you don’t even qualify for. You’re a bunch of imbeciles, at the whim of the “job creators”. I’ll call you what you are, moron.

      • gholston

        I’m sure you are really fun at parties. Stay cool and stay a victim. I appreciated the brief entertainment 🙂

        Try working on a new schtick, you big dummy moron imbecile stupid guy, you !

      • miketothad

        You’ve got nothing.
        Nice try, Jethro.

      • gholston

        No you ! Reflect !

      • gholston

        Mike the bigot assumes I’m a country boy.

        Liberalism/statism/progressivism was cool in the early 90’s at least. Now it can barely get you laid.

      • miketothad

        Gholston the moron thinks that being a politically ignorant hick is limited to rural people.
        Getting laid?
        Wow… You Bush amnesiacs really DO have the political sophistication of pre-teens.

      • gholston

        You made the assumption.(Jethro)

        And we have a winner. ding ding ding.

        Now go get mad at the Koch brothers for funding PBS and NOVA.

      • miketothad

        NOVA IS a PBS show, Dumbass.

      • gholston

        Where did I say it wasn’t, Sherlock? Did you skip kindergarten?

      • miketothad

        LOL… I’m getting psychoanalyzed by a moron who stands for absolutely nothing but another man’s greed.

      • gholston

        Says the guy who stands for a party who represent people that want something for nothing : GREED

      • miketothad

        Just like I thought… Just another civically ignorant disphit who doesn’t know the difference between political discussion and hate speech. So that’s what happened under Bush, right? Everybody decided to get lazy and go on welfare, right? Blame the poor and the unemployed for the economic collapse, right?
        It’s already clear you morons run on gossip and ignorance, but thanks for putting it on display.

      • miketothad

        Read a book… Oh… Is that where they taught you morons to deny science and that education should be unfunded? Don’t flatter yourself, trash.

  • So, this is just another version of a closed-minded progressive saying, “if you don’t understand it, I can’t explain it to you.” For example – raising the minimum wage will increase consumer spending? How does that work? Increased wages make products more expensive to produce and either raise prices or export jobs to hold prices down. Taxes to support all these “free programs” are also a burden for businesses – higher taxes, higher prices, fewer jobs, more subsidies – at least until the cycle can’t be sustained. Several studies have shown that with all the programs available to the working poor, that the equivalent wage in the private sector is around $30 bucks an hour. If you are going to calculate a true income, you have to include ALL income, including payments from the government. The entire Fox News Network gets about a million and a half viewers a day – the broadcast networks get about 4 million, so who has the greater reach?

    More people getting health care does not reduce costs for everyone, especially if the “lower costs” are because taxpayer money is being used to subsidize payments or the “more” are on Medicaid…and how about those cheap policies and their $6000 deductibles? Weren’t those supposed to be the “substandard” policies that the evil insurance companies were selling?

    I find it interesting that the author criticized the Republicans for not being able to think about details even as he praises Obama for never giving details. I typically find that people who tell me that I can’t see the “big picture” are really telling me that they are the ones who don’t know what the hell is going on. “Big picture” is just a phrase used when people can’t explain what the “big picture” is.

    It is just easier to ascribe opposition to Obama’s proto-communist tendencies by calling the opposition racists and the non-racists stupid. This article could have been written by Jonathan Gruber.

    This article is just an exercise in one-sided thinking by someone who feels justified in castigating another group for one-sided thinking. In other words, standard postmodern, progressive, wishcasted make-believe. Progressives stop reasoning the moment they reach a stage that makes them feel good about something and never take anything to its ultimate conclusion. It would do everyone good to remember two things – government has nothing that it first didn’t take from someone and there is an economic principle called the TINSTAAFL principle – there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    • gholston

      The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

  • PackFan1

    Whoever granted the author his degree in Political Science should be sued for educational malpractice. I haven’t seen so much Leftinista nonsense since the days of Gorbochov.

  • daviedave

    laughing at the arrogance.’they want their policies …to fit on a bumper sticker.” As if Hope and Change is deep political thought

  • Michael Jones

    You people had better lay off the cool aid before it’s too late!

  • Dell Martin

    I’m not sure if the president is a genius, but he is without doubt a brilliant man. I’ve known a few brilliant people in my lifetime, and although they weren’t “full of themselves know-it-alls” they were smart enough to know they were a few steps ahead of the average person. The president is criticized for not working with the repubs in congress, but we do know he has tried and I think he just doesn’t have patience with some of the idiots that miraculously find themselves in elected positions. And yes, he absolutely has a vision for a better America that has compassion for the less fortunate and encouragement for those working hard for a better life for their families. Although I believe in free speech, I do wish the fools on fox noise would be held responsible for the outrageous stories they dream up. The sad truth is there is a segment of the population that actually believes the craziness and it just adds fuel to the fire. They are angry to start because a black man has reached the pinnacle of success by any definition and when they hear the lies screamed by a hysterical Hannity or O’Reilly, they get driven into a frenzy. And they all have guns. God help us.

  • Willie Mae Washington

    Ha! Ha! “Progressives” must have missed Dr. Jonathan Gruber’s cinematic debut this week. Who indeed thrives on stupidity, on subterfuge, and on the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY. Dr. Gruber is the greatest entertainment since Joe Biden, but Gruber is a really BFD. And he made million$ in the process. (So much for all the crocodile tears shed for income disparity.) And Pelosi and Obama just don’t seem to remember who he might be! Ha! Ha! Stupidity? Lying? Transparency? What’s your defense? Bush and Cheney were just as bad! Yeah, you’re right: Barack Obama is as crooked and stupid as Dick Cheney and George Bush. That’s about the size of his great Hope and Change. Go and read Hans Christian Andersen’s story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. That was written about your Obama.

    • miketothad

      You folks really are too stupid to realize how you all parrot the same ignorant shit.

  • Julie Houchin Laurie

    Though this article proves nothing about the intelligence, or lack thereof, on either side of the aisle, the comments most certainly reveal a lack of kindness, respect and basic human decency across both sides.

  • argghhh

    wow. and hahahahahahahahaha

  • ww40

    The only time Obama is the smartest person in the room is when he alone.

  • Jerry Lavoy

    Let me be clear: Obama has a slew of cronies that scheme up his method(s) of attack to foist his agenda upon the American people, regardless of whether or not they actually support it. Jonathan Gruber has already shown us what was behind the curtain so to speak. I tend to believe that what he described in passing the ACA is the standard operating procedure for Obama and his lackeys, so i think “Intelligent” is not the adjective I would choose.
    Yes Mr. Clifton, you stir the pot. Good for you.

  • Larry Legassey

    So what do you think of the study that found that the brains of right wingers may be less highly evolved? Some of the comments below sure prove that this article is spot on.

    • harrisle

      What study was that? You got it backwards. That study showed that the brains of left wingers are less highly evolved. Your comment, and the article above, prove it.

  • Daviska

    “It’s like I’ve often said, Democrats are trying to use science, math, reality, history and education to reason with people who deny science, don’t trust math, create their own reality, distort history and often devalue quality education.”

    History: The Republican party was founded to fight slavery. Republicans freed the slaves. History: Gov. George Wallace (D) fought against integration in the 60’s. History: The first elected black congressman, Joseph Rainey of SC, won on the Republican ticket.

    I find it funny that people think the Democratic party is the “Progressive” party.

    To clump any group of people, whether it is Rep or Dem, black or white, rich or poor, in any one category shows bias and small-mindedness.

    • harrisle

      Funny how the latest batch Republican winners were young, minorities (such as

      • Daviska

        It makes their heads spin like the girl on the Excorcist!

  • gym124

    Hard to believe this hack has a job. Obama campaigned on the claims that, in his words, “I want to fix health care and Social Security”. Look it up. Now, it’s a living, growing program? That’s denying what it is- a band-aided failure. If his plan was great, it would have been accepted more widely, regardless of who presented it. Can’t very well claim the Republicans blocked everything, either- the Senate has been controlled by the Democrats.

    • Rob Bailey

      Look it up. The data shows that Red States are by-and-large less educated. Lower-income net-takers. And doodey-heads.

      • gym124

        And the states with Republican Governors have higher employment, as well as better recent employment gains. The Democratic Mayors and Governors tend to sop up as much Federal money as possible, but they also try to spread it thinner because there seems to be no end to the number of programs they try ti initiate. Yes, people have needs but they don’t need perpetual handouts. They need a major shift in their mind-set. Look at the US vs Europe WRT Math & Science- European schools try to determine what the students do well at a much earlier age than in the US, which often waits until 12th Grade. That’s a problem because the US has so many kids dropping out of school well before then, so they’re never evaluated. Lots of people have no real interest in Math or Science and they may well be good at it- the problem may lie in making it interesting for them. The panel on a local show I watched last night was discussing this and one woman, who has several advanced degrees in Math & Science said that she talked to several people who had a choice between working for places such as Starbucks, rather than a job like welding. That’s taking the easy way to the same starting wage, but it’s a very short-sighted view of where each job can take them. Welders are in very short supply and making over $100K is common. That’s almost impossible to do at Starbucks.

        I went to school with several kids from Europe/Asia and most of them were immediately placed in advanced classes. One wasn’t, but it really didn’t matter that it took a year because once they tested him, they decided the school had nothing in Math & Science that would challenge him, intellectually. Nice guy. Brilliant, too. He had already covered the material in our Freshman Algebra class in what was his 3rd Grade.

  • Liberty4ev

    This is satire, right? LMAO!

  • blkLight

    It’s sad that a majority of people from both dominate parties and ideologies making immature attacks versus engaging in healthy debate :/ THIS I feel is what hurts us as a nation. Instead of collaborating, we use derogatory attacks and play the blame game too much. As far as I’m concerned, both parties and all politicians whom are associated or not with these parties, are responsible for the state of the country. However, the ultimate responsibility falls on us, the people. Though individually we lack direct say in the shaping our laws and functionality of the nation and states, we contribute to the foundation on which these are shaped, our society. If all we do is put our head in the sand or bicker back and forth without intellectual progression, then what can we really expect the leaders that reflect our ways?

  • Chester Davis

    I had to stop after skimming some of this article. While many Republicans probably are too dumb to understand the implications of the ACA, they really object to the simple fact of what they consider unreasonable government intrusion into economic activities. The mere existence of the ACA, and not any long-term or short-term problems.

    • Chester Davis

      Yes, I really compared new healthcare regulations to forcibly sterilizing people. (For the record, I do support the ACA but I do not support sterilizing people on welfare)

  • David Niven

    This is the silliest piece I’ve read in quite awhile. The President is an extremist idealogue. If he had been honest with Americans about what he planned to do to transform America, he would never have been elected twice. While there are some benefits to the ACA, they could have been arrived at in a more cooperative manner, as could more productive efforts to address illegal immigration. He has no real interest in addressing anything cooperatively, as he believes his way is right, and that anyone questioning his way is an idealogue or a racist, or both. He has failed in leading this country and managing the government, and I expect he’ll continue to set the country back further over the next two years. The next President will spend much of his or her time fixing what this President did to the country, not for it.

  • John Jennette

    These “discussions” are great fun….like a hockey game…just free for all fights….interesting and very funny many times…

  • John Jennette

    Obama’s reported IQ test results were 128(less than 2 SD above average)Possibl borderline MENSA member but not that bright.Even though I don’t care for Hillary she is smarter than Obama.

  • Kalar Walters

    I’m quite pleased with myself that I’ve seen his brilliance from jump street and wasn’t the least bit surprised by the attitudes taken on by the right. I was born and raised in the south and I’ve been around a good long while. Their attitudes have exposed not just their ignorance (hence, fear), but also their bigotry. They couldn’t match him on an intellectual level so they had to tear him down in the only way they could: Dehumanize him and accuse him of every sleazy thing they could think of. They had a whole new cadre of voters join their ranks from among the worms that came out from under their rocks after his first election; people who probably never paid any attention to politics before. The GOP embraced them and has been manipulating and exploiting them ever since. President Obama has done the Presidency the way it’s suppose to be done. Maybe that’s why some people were/are afraid of him. They’ve never seen it done right before. mho

  • Whycan’twegetalong

    A mandate built on false premises, lies, deceit, deception, and weasel words is no mandate, but a crime.

  • He is also too compassionate for their cold hearts

  • Wendy Hart

    I agree with you Allen; I believe most Republicans can’t see past the end of their noses. Plus, they’re too busy still trying to oust Obama. I mean, another Benghazi investigation. How many times do they need to be told, there. was. NO. conspiracy. Or cover up. There was nothing TO cover up.

  • Tom Feuhrer

    It’s true, folks with lower intelligence quotients don’t comprehend that others are smarter, it’s beyond their scope.

  • culp

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read. Liberals are so disconnected from reality that it may be a lost cause.

  • Dan Bucciarelli

    You mean the guy who paid 634 million for a website that wouldnt work? Wise up “progressives”

  • David Kent

    Obama reminds me of Abraham Lincoln. Like Lincoln, Obama sees the bigger picture and the path to the future. They both also had to fight an obstinate secession from the Union, as well as infighting within their own party.

  • fahrender

    If you’re serious about your claim (Obama is too intelligent for Republicans to understand.) then you are the one who doesn’t understand. Republicans’ interests lie elsewhere. Obama is not intelligent enough to get around a minority party (plus the DINOs who give the Republicans the muscle they need to block Obama’s agenda). Obama was not smart enough to hammer things through during his first two years. He lacked boldness, plus he and Rahm Emanuel shat on the Progressives and young voters who got him elected. That was stupid. Huge mistake. That’s how he lost the House in ’10. Obama sided with the banksters and with the “Health Care” Industry. That was also stupid. I’m not an Obama hater. I wanted his administration to do well. As a politician, Obama is not that smart. He’s gotten better – but very slowly. We’ll see if the last two years works out for him. I’ll believe it when it happens.

  • fahrender

    As Columbo would say …..”Just one more thing…..” The people pulling the strings have us fighting with each other, name calling, vague and not so vague threats, etc. Why is this happening? The people who pull the strings have a proven strategy, summed up in the phrase “Let’s you and him fight!” Meanwhile, the working class and the middle class (both Democrat and Republican, Tea party and Progressives) get screwed. Is your rectum sore? Stop blaming each other and look for ways that all of us can benefit. It has nothing to do, per se, with party. It has a lot to do with how the bought media (on both sides of the fence) help keep us divided. “Too Intelligent”? We are not unless we figure that out. Too intelligent? WE are not intelligent enough to find a way to make democracy work for the majority.

  • Guest

    The biggest problem is that Republicans DO understand Obama. If more Democrats would try to figure out what’g going on this country would be much better off. The midterm election showed a lot of Democrats ARE figuring it out. Republicans didn’t win so big just on Republican votes.

  • Texasconservative

    The biggest problem is that Republicans DO understand Obama. If more Democrats would try to figure out what’s going on this country would be much better off. The midterm election showed a lot of Democrats ARE figuring it out. Republicans didn’t win so big just on Republican votes.

    • Michael Reed

      I don’t think you understand how elections really work or what the result mean. With less than 33% of eligible voters voting, republicans won a huge majority on congress based on gerrymandered districts from a group of voters that only make up about one fifth of the voting population of this country. That is hardly a “mandate” from the voters…

  • Brian Hughes

    I sincerely would like to thank the author. I have not laughed so hard in years.

  • Rick Carney

    What a pompous, arrogant, and condescending piece of utter nonsense this article is. The writer has some real serious narcissistic personality issues.

    He paints with such a broad brush except he has no paint. And he draws conclusions supported by no facts ; what a charlatan.

    • Michael Reed

      I can agree the he generalizes the arguments; But, can you dispute any of the claims with facts of your own? Please give me an example.

  • exfl

    Obama is a chess master, and the republicans think the game is checkers.

  • Donovan Crawford

    Cain killed Abel (children of Adam) out of jealousy over a sacrifice when he (Cain) could have simply traded crops for sheep. I guess intolerance and poor communication has been our legacy ever since.,

  • Damian

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” ~

  • Trailer

    Clearly, life is too intelligent for this writer to understand. What a moron.

  • Kinnison

    How come such a smart man, a trained Harvard lawyer and a former law instructor at the U. of Chicago, can’t comprehend a fairly simple document like the U.S. Constitution? Particularly the separation of powers parts.

    • Michael Reed

      In what way does he not understand the Constitution or the separation of powers? The implication being that he has not upheld the Constitution, yet, you can not cite a single example of an act where he did not uphold the Constitution.

  • Mike in VA

    You should write comedy. The truth is, CLiffton, people DO grasp the big picture liberals paint. It uses the same 50 year old medium and canvas for the eyesore we are forced to look at today..

  • Michael Reed

    Impressive. I think you’ve summed up in a matter of a few paragraphs, ideas I’ve tried to convey, unsuccessfully I might add, for years now. Thank you for a really nice piece.

  • John Webster

    Hell, a fifth- grader with an average I.Q. would be too intelligent for a Republican to understand!

  • JAFO4today

    Allen I can only state that you aren’t a Genius because you are unwilling (that’s a behavior) to understand the conservative perspective on any of the above issues you mentioned. Socialized Health Care, the reason the healthcare system is so messed up before ACA is due to too much government regulations in areas it’s not needed. If socialized healthcare is supposed to be so wonderful, why is it the VA, a small microcosm of socialized healthcare, such a disastrous institution?. Minimum wage, more economists see it as a problem than a solution. ISIS, Obama’s lack of intelligence on world affairs and military strategy is the main cause that has paved the way to their destructive success. Nice to see you demonstrate through this article that you are more partisan than intelligent.

  • Jerome Taylor

    This article is right on point!!! Thanks for the insight and truth!!

  • llcisyouandme

    You argue that Republicans can’t see past their noses. I argue that greed holds no bounds, any reward today totally absolves them of any future costs. Witness frackers pumping radioactive, poisonous, mutagenic crap into the ground(water) the way industry used to pump into the rivers lakes and oceans, instead of growing solar, wind, etc. Witness climate change deniers. Witness destroying the middle class with economic policy, which is turning the US into another Mexico. Every place we’re (and it is all of us in the same boat, regardless of who is steering and who is rowing) ignoring the future for the sake of now has greed as a base.

  • Jonathan Conroy

    If this article resonates positively with “liberal” readers, then we as a nation have a problem.

  • Pete thomas

    I AM not a well educated man but we should look at the pass and no what’s good for our country GUNS don’t solve our problems love DO if I can do the right thing to be your friend why NOT,like why should a man work all his life and have to put his entire savings in doctors care my FATHER worked all his life,and we had to get a lawyer to STOP them from taking everything he worked for he wouldn’t take the meds and he said he rather be dead, I no lots of my FATHER friends,went to the nursing home and lots every thing they had, if we could love our brothers and sisters in the United states of America wecould love people a round the world. And let them fight against each other and they would fight for us also,but we are a selfish nation that don’t want to understand and don’t want no body to show us WHERE we making a mistake. So we parish only come lack of knowledge

    • Gorpman

      Good points Pete. Not sure if I understand your message completely. Guns don’t solve problems but love does. I would agree except in certain cases regardless of how much love you show someone they will still want to kill you dating back to Cain and Able. Strategically as well as historically, as a nation we will always have to have a strong National Defense in order to be sovereign. I would agree if we as a human race could come together and not let things like envy, jealousy, pride, lust, and greed exist then we could all live in peace. When we figure out how to eliminate these human emotions from our society we will truly be the utopia that John Lennon envisioned. As far as your father working all his life only to have his money go towards his healthcare at the end of his life I’m not sure of your point? Are you upset that he was over-charged? That the cost of life is not worth the cost of care? That Medicare or Medicaid should have covered all the costs?

  • Gorpman

    I think if you believe blindly that one person see’s things so much clearer because of their intelligence that you concede due to your own ignorance than you deserve the government you receive. The biggest arguments with the authors reasoning is preventive care is only effective when you have a society that is compliant and educated. Working in the healthcare industry I see it everyday. Seventy-five percent of the patients are reactive versus proactive when it comes to their healthcare. Think about how many people you know go to the doctor under the age of 40 for routine check-ups and preventive care (where preventive care is critical). On top of that how many are compliant with medications and following a healthy lifestyle. As far as minimum wage is concerned it was never meant to be a living wage. Minimum wage is just that, an entry level wage paid for entry level employment. McDonalds and WalMart were never meant to be a career path. You could give everyone in the US a million dollars (literally with this trillion dollar social budget) and in 10 years you would more than likely have the same social divides. Because you will always have those individuals that will excel and achieve, those that do just enough to be content, and those that will be dependent upon others to survive. Spending does drive the economy and jobs drive spending. So by the author’s reasoning increasing wages and taxes on corporations increases their profits in the big picture. Corporations should be able to hire and sustain operations and profits while spending more because that money is coming right back to them. How’s that working for our government? Do we not do this as a nation, a government, and should we not see a budget surplus? Or is this another big picture thing that will be happening with sustainment down the road? The problem with spending is when is not done responsibly (within one’s means) it only compounds the problem. I think the author tips his intelligence and motivation in his summary when he states, “the non-racist republicans.” I wonder what percentage he is referring to when he applies his own bigotry in this statement?

  • kbeth

    I’ve been saying about the same thing for a few years now but the conservatives I’m surrounded by can’t seem to grasp these most basic simple truths. One thing that stands out in the Bush administration, they never seemed to consider the consequences of their actions or look at all the options.

  • TheBigPicture

    LoL! The Big Picture! End Times! I’ll move out of this country to live in Africa before I let anyone put a chip in me.

  • bigcatdaddy76016

    When you appeal to the dumb and lazy general public for votes promising FREE things, like phones, social security checks and the ability to MOOCH off the government, it doesn’t mean you’re intelligent, it means you’re desperate for vote…twice.

  • Dan Sullivan

    There has not been a leader this naive, arrogant and ignorant since Chamberlain, he is so narcissistic that the fact someone may disagree with him is beyond his ability to accept. This guy actually thinks his shit don’t stink.

  • Michelle Wells

    Right on the Mark again!

  • mikeiv

    Sadly, I think may of Obama’s challenges as a politician are exacerbated because of the ridiculous nature of the political process. He’s more academic than politician and academics tend to be more open to seeing the nuance of challenges as opposed to constant deal making.

    I do, however, think the author is a bit misguided to suggest that it’s only the Republicans that are suffering from a deficit of long-term thinking. It certainly isn’t as the bi-partisan passage of the Omnibus bill just showed us. To be sure, it’s the weight of big money in politics that drives the short-term thinking. It’s tough to argue that most political decisions are driving not by long-term national interest but with the short-term strategic interests that best aligns with the national interest along the longest time horizon.

  • Mike Angelastro

    I notice that the comments by the “cons” do not address the ideas in the article. Could it be that they don’t comprehend them? Maybe. Tends to support the thesis of the article.

  • all the way

    Thanks bud, check is in the mail, been a long time since I’ve heard such rubbish

  • RIconservative

    LOL!!!!! This is a satire site, right? Liberals can’t actually be this obtuse, can they?? I nominate this article for the best inadvertently funny article of the year. Allen Clifton, you did a wonderful job of showing how idiotic someone looks when they claim that anyone who disagrees with them only does so because they are dumb. Oh the irony…

  • Melissa Knopf

    Such arrogance……

  • What an elitist article. You have he mentality they had in England when the royal family elite ruled.

  • billyoblivion

    No, Allen, you’re the idiot. Seriously.

    We understood what Obama meant when he talked about “fundamentally transforming” this nation, and we looked at the nations he and his followers liked (Cuba, Venezuela), and what the nations they USED to admire were like when they admitted to admiring them (China, Vietnam, USSR) and we shuddered.

    We don’t like Obama because we don’t understand him, we don’t like him because he’s a glib, facile lying progressive who is using racial and class warfare to divide the country and turn it into another socialist hell hole.

    But either YOU are too stupid to see it, or you’re part of the problem.

  • Michael J. Fell

    How hard is it to understand that barry husein soetoro is a fork-tongued, two-faced, back-stabbing, pathologically lying Marxist who would have never been elected dog catcher if he had an honest bone in his body?

    On his very, very best day in office, barry makes Richard M. Nixon on his very, very worst day look like the most honest, most highly decorated Eagle Scout in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy.

  • mrhollio

    Funny, I met a man on the street the other day. His clothes were shabby and he was pushing a shopping cart filled with cans and cardboard. He was shouting all sorts of things about how the world should be. I stopped him and we talked. He had the same problem… no one seemed to understand him – he and only he could see the “big picture”. All the crazy people walking around “his world” were missing the grand scheme, the big picture the “truth”…. Folks, BO is just a man, not a king, not a god, he has his own ideas – no better powers to see right and wrong than anyone else – no ability to foresee the future. In fact as with the senate and the house, he is no less self-serving than any politician in power. Give up your blind devotion to ANY politician and realize these are all men and women are not representing us. Take the money out of politics and may THEN we would see who is really looking out for our best interests….the Emperor has no clothes!

  • Deo

    Obama is a true member of academia & constitutional scholar who needs a teleprompter to speak, no common sense & doesn’t follow or abide by what constitutional scholars preach & teach! Jimmy Carter loves him as now Jimmy is not the worst president ever!

    • Chris Morris

      Once again. Your words get nothing done. You expect that you would do a better job, as if he hasn’t done wonderful things. The wool has been pulled over your eyes. Question: What is the best way to insure that your party retakes a governing body?? Make it seem as if the person in charge gets nothing done. Block him at every avenue possible. It’s all politics, yet you seem to think your party is immune from resorting to such tactics while being the most guilty of them at the same time.

      • Deo

        I don’t have a party since I’m an Independent & I think all politicians are no good bums but it is just that some are bigger bums than others & Obama is the biggest bum of all!

      • Deo

        I’m an Independent as both traditional parties blow as well as all the politicians in them! It’s just that one parties politicians blow more than the other!

  • jukk0u

    The path to socialized medicine…hmmm… capitalism has helped to create and maintain this nation and your lifestyle, yet so many “progressives” seek to remake it into a socialist economy and society. Why not just go somewhere that already embraces your leanings and leave the U.S. (us) well alone. We clearly do not measure up to your standards.

    • Chris Morris

      I’m unsure as to why you are so in love with complacency. What is “it” that makes this country so great, capitalism so wonderful? The only arguments I hear are vague, intangible ideals that, to be honest, no one can truly define. If you are speaking about Reaganomics, well, that’s just sad. I lean toward an equal playing field for every person regardless of status, wealth, or privilege. That’s really all there is to it. if you expand and expound upon that, you’re fine. What I don’t understand is how a governing body of generally elite, “legacied,” older white men is supposed to set laws that are realistically equivalent to what’s actually happening in this country rather than the black tie affair they would prefer were the case.

  • Jim

    What a joke. Obama is easily the least accomplished president in modern times.

  • Vince Gotti

    The simple “truth” is most “progressives” apparently are not even intelligent enough to build an honest trolling website. And you represent that well. Don’t think too hard you might break your last brain cell. Thanks Mrs. Straw. Have a thoughtful day.

  • Brady

    Isn’t stereotyping and generalizing an entire group of people totally against your beliefs? But I don’t know I’m just a southern, republican redneck who didn’t go to college……Oh wait, I went to Duke. Where did you get your useless poly sci degree from? Obama is a socialist and borderline communist. Obamacare benefits the poor and the lazy, it’s awful for all hardworking honest Americans. The goal for this country should not be equal results; it should be equal opportunity. Obamacare punishes successful individuals by equating them with underachievers who in most cases have no one to blame but themselves for their shortcomings and position in modern American society. I could go on and on about how liberals are actually the ones who are too stupid to realize the truth about modern day America. Y’all are blinded by y’all’s own false senses of self righteousness and entitlement. Y’all have created a scapegoat culture where individuals are bound to groups who all blame each other for their own individual problems. But I’ll stop myself here because I could write an entire book about this.

  • Meresa

    When the race card no longer works..

    Oh… but… um… he’s… um… too… uh… *smart* for you to understand

    Yeah that’s the ticket!

  • Klaus Flauten

    Seattle raised its minimum wage to $15 per hour and a number of Seattle-based restaurants are closing because they can’t afford to pay that rate. Am I creating my own reality by pointing this out?

  • JohnEffKerry

    Without ignorance and arrogance what would the Liberals have?

  • ThePatrioteer

    “In fact, the law itself is made to grow and evolve over time. My belief is that it’s a springboard to true socialized medicine” – Yeah, it works in some places, where most of the population pays taxes, the total tax wedge is upwards of 60% of someone’s income (tax wedge means all taxes paid, income, sales, etc), and the populations are small. It does not however work in a country where the population is large (US, UK), a lot of people don’t pay taxes (47% in the US), and where someone doesn’t want to give that much of their pay to a government that squanders what they forcefully take regularly.

    Minimum wage. Yeah, you raise the wage of someone who does a job that requires nothing more than unskilled labour, essentially a job a trained monkey can do all the while lowering the buying power of people who have spent years honing a skill, and working their way up the pay ladder, due to increased costs of companies doing business. Yeah, make everyone who worked at something essentially a pauper while giving people with no skills a big wage. Makes no sense.

    As for ISIS, it didn’t start in Iraq, in fact it grew out of Muslim Spring, which Obama and Hillary applauded. Iraq is a target because it was left weak and undefended by the current idjit in the White House.

    Also, look at the wars we have actually won since WWII. NONE. Korea, still there over 60 years later. Vietnam, loss. Gulf War, a cease fire that lasted 12 years with no actual victory, and we ended up back in the same place a little over a decade later, Afghanistan, being drug to a standstill because of stupid ROEs. What do all of these wars after WWII have in common? They were fought in the court of public opinion not on the battlefied. A product of liberalism and their brand of peace.

  • saunan

    Here’s the big picture: The dominant group of activists in America has spent the last 50 years trying to make some people comfortable instead of responsible. Now that the results are in, and things are worse rather than better, those same activists want to blame responsible people for being responsible.

    The responsible people have funded every single government program that was supposed to make America better. We paid for Affirmative Action, Community Policing, Food Stamps, Low-Income Housing, Free Phones, Free Internet, Free Lunch, Free Health Care, etc. etc etc.

    What have we received in return? #BlackBrunch protests, immigration protests, health care protests, free college protests, anti-police protests, affirmative action protests, etc. etc. etc.

    The activists will never stop telling the responsible people just how awful we are, but us responsible folk are getting pretty damned tired of it.

    Yeah, this isn’t what you want to hear, but could you just stop walking around angry all the time?

  • james griffith

    The problem is with the greedy rich driving up oil prices! Gas prices at the pump is what crippled this country! The rich don’t care about anyone but themselves! Heathcare is all about drug companies getting rich. They don’t care if you get well. They make and push drugs to keep you sick!! They have a cure for cancer and other diseases but they don’t want us to know about it cause that would stop them from making money! It’s all about making money!! They are so greedy!!! We have laws written by our for father’s that say that a leader of this country that lies and betrays the people they must be impeached! ! But it’s gotten so bad that people in Congress are so afraid for their life that nothing can be done about these leaders that betray us and kill hundreds of people! !! 911 was an evil plot and bush should have been brought up on charges of murder!!!! Open your eyes and see the real big picture !!!

  • leopard888

    A president for all the people is not someone many on the right who claim to stand behind the constitution favor. It’s clear and precise. This president has made them stare down the barrel of their own absurd hypocrisy and he’s done it with brilliant resilience. History will shine it’s light of truth on President Barrack Hussein Obama.

  • Jeff’s Politics

    Ive been saying this for the last 6 years

  • Thomas Hunt

    How would anyone go about judging the intelligence of a person like Obama who in incapable of telling the truth.

  • Laurie Hemmer

    Its true, he is so smart they cannot handle that. Jealousy and racism has taken over their party.

  • Trey Kendall

    Jimmy Carter thanks the Lord every day for Obama. We have a new worst one ever and a complete and total lying failure.

  • The Gimlet Eye™

    obama’s ONLY interest is to weaken America by creating division, opening our borders, and deliberately weakening our economy and our military , all while giving our enemies free rein abroad and under-cutting our allies – especially Israel ; the ‘revenge’ against the West envisioned by his own father as he expressed in his book ‘ Dreams From My Father ‘.

    He is like the shop-keeper Leland Gaunt in the movie ‘Needful Things’ – a stranger with a murky past who sets up a curio shop, and convinces assorted townsfolk that he has what they want. But what they actually get is something altogether different. Envy, division, and hatred ensue, leading to death and destruction.

    Time to stop this evil POS

  • anna marie

    and let me guess, you think his intelligence of destroying the United States as we know it iS his most intelligent plan of all ??
    There are many people who know what a wigger talking smack is and you certainly have to be one that does not.

  • Terry Ritter

    I better get that health care because this type of left thinking going to make sick. Oboma has made this country a low income and weak world power and a joke to the world and don’t get me going on how he caused a race separation between black and white and our alies world wide and Christian’s around the world oboma what a joke He’s made the police to be the bad guys so remember when you need help call a thug see how far that gets you .

  • Mock

    Idiocracy in our lifetime where dumb is the new smart

  • libertarianwoman

    This is about the dumbest thing I’ve read in several months! Let’s pick just one statement (it would take a year to go through the entire thing): “most Americans on government assistance have jobs”. THEN THEY SHOULD NOT BE ON ASSISTANCE!

  • Donnie Schroeder
  • Michael Anthony

    You Democrats say that the America people support what Obamas done by electing him twice. Yup you’re right. But there multiple footnotes to the reason. Just three examples is that media was 110% behind Obama. That is a lot of cover fire. Second, he got elected twice because is black and 95% blacks voted for him. He promise to usurp the constitution and grand millions of illegals status – that brought out millions of Hispanics. And the an another major group because Obama and this has been proven with facts Obama is bi-sexual and he brought out the gay LGBT block. Oh yeah he won.
    But Americans woke up and after just two years of see what damage seen what damage can do to the country the lost the majority in the house the very next election. And you lost some Senate seats.
    But the rest of the is in the numbers. So please understand that Americans finally are waking up on just how much damage you are causing for America
    Here are the numbers;
    2014 was a historic year for the GOP thanks to Barrack Hussein Obama.


    · 54 U.S. Senate seats, the most since 2006
    · 246 House seats, the most since 1946
    · 31 govern ships, the second highest GOP total since 1920’s
    · 4,100 + state legislative seats, the highest GOP total in history
    · 69 of the nation’s 99 state legislative chambers, the highest total in history
    · More than half of the nation’s Lieutenant Governors, Attorney Generals, Secretaries of State, and State Treasurers are Republicans.

  • Sir James

    With most whites, it’s “NEVER” been about Obama’s race, but mostly his communist/Aliinsky’ite upbringing. Adolph Hitler was intelligent, too, but he used his high IQ for sinister projects. Obama (with no future elections in sight) is just now showing what & who he is all about. God help us all.

  • tuxguys .

    I just did a Danny Thomas spit-take!
    This empty suit can’t even speak off the cuff!
    People who disagree with him (not just Repbulicans) do so not because we don’t understand him, but because we DO!
    (Is Clifton drinking his Kool-Aid laced with LSD? Is that why he really believes this ridiculousness?)

  • Roger Cotton

    Obama’s incredible intelligence must be the explanation for his failures of policy on every front. There is absolutely no record of this man’s “brilliance,” yet Progressives swear that he’s the second coming of Einstein.

    What Obama exemplifies is Affirmative Action meeting the Peter Principle; with typical Progressive accreditation of his bona fides (despite lack of any accomplishment).

  • My wife and I are now paying $800 a month for much worse health insurance than the policy we had before Obama “fixed” everything.

    Russia rattles sabers, China threatens, Iran’s getting the bomb… Let’s just hope he doesn’t get any smarter.

  • Yolanda Brooks

    It is so easy to oppose any and everything. I’m still waiting of the Republican’s proposed solutions based on their values. Firstly, I understand Repubs want smaller government…Dems I think want more effective government regardless of size. Repubs want more tax cuts…so tell me what do plan to spend on a smaller revenue stream? Seems they do not want healthcare for all, no minimum wage or living wage…yet want to show strength by war without caring for the Vets. Do they value education? Do you want clean air and water? Their answer seems to alway be, ” leave it up to the private sector”…Well the private sector cannot provide what we all share such as roads, bridges, affordable education, and affordable healthcare..etc There is no profit or return on their investment….So again, what are your proposed plans..or is the plan “Not to have a plan” but bash anything that supports an investment in our Society. Be honest Repubs if you believe in Darwinism and Survival of the Fittest…say so and present your plan to establish such…but stop pretending that you care about issues that you truly do not care about….such as Affordable Health care for the masses. I’m not calling Repubs dumb or ignorant…I say they are being disingenuous when they cry something is a failure when that seems to be their desired outcome. They seem to simply not care about the same things as the Dems, yet too cowardly to admit it… because they know they still need the masses to VOTE them in. They do not want to make it clear that the masses will be voting against their own best interest…or the best interest of our Country as a whole.

  • Michael Fain

    You know, Karl Marx was lauded for his intelligence,too. Of course he was also never successful at anything he did, either.

  • Allan Erickson

    The lives of a few thousand American soldiers in Iraq are just pawns in Obama’s maniacal chess game.

    • Michael Davolio

      I’m sorry … WHO first sent the soldiers to Iraq? And then ignored their needs while they were there? And then ignored them still again when they returned home?

      I know that Republicans tend to have short-term memories, but really!

  • Allan Erickson
  • Richard Eric Edwards

    You can all trash Republicans all you want but you can’t see reality. Reality is that our nation has no money. How do you continue to give away so much when you have nothing remaining to give? Democrats need to wake up and understand that the cost of not paying the bills on the Federal level will be catastrophic. Sure, you’re happy now, but you will feel it with the rest of us when the bottom falls from beneath our feet. And by the way, unicorns aren’t real.

    • Michael Davolio

      And yet, we keep borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund, instead of ending the Bush wars. Go figure.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    corporate fascism is nuanced, why do you think they need a 4 million person army of Federal bureaucrats.

  • shovelhead77
  • Gene D Johnson Jr

    You said,¨A few years back I worked with a guy who was probably a genius. In fact, he often struggled in life interacting with people because his brain simply performed at a higher level than the average person.¨ Well Alan you just were overwhelmed by an easy cliché

  • mrtapeguy

    Allen had some credibility when he called out the left’s hypocrisy on Muslims. Now his “insight” is that people who disagree with Obama are either racists or stupid. Sounds legit. There simply can’t be a single salient reason to disagree with this man’s policies.

  • mrtapeguy
  • Richard Spence

    I agree that Pres. Obama is a very intelligent man and well suited to the job. So why does he insist on saying the Co2 issue is the major cause of climate change? Without any partisanship or political axe to grind I personally don’t see why he persists in this position when I has been clearly demonstrated that Co2 is not the climate change culprit? No big picture will change this fact so why not just avail himself of the available scientific facts and focus on more pressing issues?

  • Max Arenstein

    This article over simplifies the issue a lot I think. There are people like this on both sides of the aisle. It feels like a Republican issue because the top (loudest) people on their side oppose President Obama out of hand and try to justify their position with their own party’s rhetoric. There have to be Democrats that blindly follow the President in the same way. History will be a lot kinder to President Obama than some people are today.

  • Patty Donovan

    Obamatard is the scum of the earth and a horse’s ass has more brains. This asshole writing this is a twisted mentally impaired imbecile!

    • Michael Davolio

      You couldn’t have made the author’s point more clearly. Thank you.

  • Roscoe

    LOL… that’s a hilarious headline.

  • Buzzz

    …Simply put, I’m still one of the Coolest people in America… ( :

  • Dantes

    Oh, God, the delusions of the would be grandeurs…

  • Afterburner

    Obama is to intelligent for republicans to understand? well I at least understand that revenue and profit are not interchangeable that Austrians do not have their own language that the US is only comprised of 50 states that Charleston , Savannah and Jacksonville are not on the Gulf Coast but then maybe I don’t have the big picture socialists do.

  • Hardworker50

    “Remember, the existence of the ISIS we see today is a direct result of Bush’s Iraq War.”

    Remember, the existence of the “many Islamic armies” we have seen throughout the history of Islam is a direct result of {choose from an endless list}.

  • Ed Hoffman

    If Obama is so smart, why is Chicago, particularly the communities he was an organizing, such a failure?

    If Democrats are so smart and their policies so good, why do they fail so badly when they have absolute control? Chicago is a Democrat disaster. Granted not as bad as the Democrat disaster in Detroit. That list of Democrat failures is very long.

    If Democrats had a clue, why are the places they have had absolute control for generations not all shining examples of their wisdom?

    I love their silly simple-minded “solutions” that don’t pass the laugh test.

    Gun crime – primary cause is accessibility of guns. Guns are easily accessibly everywhere in the U.S., but gun crime rates vary by orders of magnitude. Correlation does not equal causation, but causation requires correlation. No correlation then you have no causation.

    Obama is not brilliant. He is just so close-minded he is not open to the possibility that like most people, he is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. If he were open to the fact he is not all-knowing, he could have been brilliant.

  • rgray222

    The writer misses the entire point, conservatives and republicans understand the now nature of health care and they certainly understand the long term ramifications of health care. There was no need to break the entire system to accommodate the minority. Even the democratic leadership has stated this fact. No matter the issue, terrorism, health care, guns, the economy, if your big picture thinking is out of focus you will get it wrong every time. The perfect example, after 7 years the economy is still struggling, wages have actually gone down. Try as hard as you want to blame Bush, this is the result of Obama’s ill conceived and out of focus policies.

  • LMW51

    It is your opinion that Obamacare was a springboard for “socialized medicine”. Wow. Did you come up with that all on your own? Had you been listening, really listening, to the opponents of this 2000 page bill with its now thousands upon thousands of pages of regulations, you would have known that that is exactly what they were saying. This didn’t “fix” health insurance. This redistributed health insurance which is exactly what “socialized” anything does. That “big picture” thinking – of destroying the employer offered health insurance system we had to replace it with a national/socialized system – is exactly what opponents were seeing, but here you are, saying that “Obama is just too intelligent” for Republicans to understand.

    While most of those who voted for Obama were believing him when he said “you can keep your plan and your doctor and treatment center” a majority of Republicans were out here saying…”no, that won’t happen…everyone will lose their plans because the grandfathering clauses are too narrow in scope – a $5.00 change in premium or a slight change in a deductible will result in a loss of grandfathering and the loss of a plan, and doctors, and treatment center.”

    While a majority of Democrats believed that “the average family will save $2500 per year on premiums, a majority of Republicans were saying “no way, who is going to pay for all the “free” health insurance and the up to 26 year olds who are now going to added to our family plans? And sure enough, the Republicans were right, our employer plans went up an average of $500 per plan year for three years before Ocare was even offered on the exchanges….

    The rest of you, who are now facing higher premiums, higher deductibles and co-pays; those of you who have lost your HMO’s and PPO’s this year and been forced into High deductible Savings Accounts because Obama thought those plans were “unfair” and so should be taxed at an additional 20%….well, maybe O is too intelligent for you all to understand…that you are to be sacrificed on the alter of the “big picture”.

  • bill_jackson

    yea, keep thinking that the people who disagree with you are idiots. That’s what is wrong with the Democrats (and the President). They don’t think that people disagree with them on policy issues, no. they disagree because they’re too stupid to know what the F is going on.

    It’s a personality trait that I can’t stand in the progressives. But hey, enjoy talking to yourself and your other highly intelligent folks instead of trying to understand why others truly disagree with you. It’ll get you far in life.

  • Brian

    “Hey, let’s tell Republicans we’re smarter than they are and insult them! Surely they’ll see how right we are!”
    I’d like to thank you liberals for continuing to ensure Trump wull get the whote house and Congress wil stay Republican. You do an amazing job at makimg Americans hate you.

  • fafhrd
  • legend zero

    You people are all delusional. It’s a prize fight and you’re at the weigh-ins hurling insults at the opposition and exclaiming that your guy is going to be the winner. Both crowds are too stupid to see who the real winner is. It’s Don King. The guy that’s not even in the fight.

  • Paul

    Brushing aside the utter pompousness of the author, I must admit to agreeing in part: the guy must be a genius to have outsmarted himself as often as he has.

  • pbr90

    The clues are in most of what he says. His self discipline has been amazing!

  • Paul Rush

    Is that why his transcripts are hidden? He’s afraid he’ll be a rea life Harrison Bergeron? Lol!

  • AtomicMountain


    The premise of this article, “[Insert Liberal’s Name Here] is just too BRILLIANT for Republicans to understand.”, has been around FOREVER.

    I swear, College professors must have a working dream rig from the movie Inception, and they plug all of their students into it to plant this idea deep within their sub-conscious as the final step in the “Progressive” indoctrination process.

    Inevitably, some smartypants College senior whips this “original thought” out at Thanksgiving thinking they finally have the silver bullet they’ve been looking for to finally put Dad in his place in front of the whole family.

    It’s infantile.

    At dinner parties, Hillary creates minions by saying Saul Alinsky is just too brilliant for Republicans to understand. Obama says that Bill Ayers is just too brilliant for Republicans to understand. Al Gore is just too brilliant for Republicans to understand. Jimmy Carter is just too brilliant for Republicans to understand.

    Tom Cruise believes that L. Ron Hubbard is just too brilliant for people with low thetan levels to understand. Castro, Stalin and Mao tell everyone that Marx and Lenin are just too brilliant for the bourgeoisie to understand.

    And on and on…

    Break out of your trance, Progressives!

  • Chad Kimel

    The country is in turmoil because people non-progressives are stupid.

    Sounds like a bumper sticker to me.

  • DefiantDeity

    The idiot who wrote this article already admitted to not being the sharpest tool in the shed (he would be lucky to even be in the shed) and referenced working with a person who is intelligent. So we have an admitted average intelligent person attempting to tell us how great obama is all based on what he/she/it thinks?

    Is this real or is this an article from The Onion? This person has no evidence and simply states, “I do think he’s extremely intelligent”. He believes this based on what evidence? Could it be obamas superior college transcripts that we all have seen? Oh wait! Or how about how he was such a master of the Constitution and law that he lectured on it as a professor at University of Chicago? Ooops, that ended up being another made up untruth about obama. Is there anything that points to this guy being intelligent or competent at anything in his life? Everything he has touched has become a massive failure. Foreign Policy, Obama care is a disaster with everyone pulling out, the job market is garbage (unless you are one of the low intelligent people that believe in the UI report but have no idea how it is tallied). Funny how last week must have been one of the worst weeks this idiot president has had. Gun control failed (haha) SCOTUS struck down his unlawful immigration practices, and then Brexit happen after he went over there and attempted to threaten them to not leave in April. The world laughs at this joke of a president but only the sycophants on the left cannot see him for the failure that he truly is. Now they are writing hilarious garbage filled articles such as this in a pathetic attempt to reaffirm what they wish to be true.

  • Con10tious Adventurer

    In the market place of ideas, this article is a sure lose, just like its protagonist.

  • Hay NonnyMoose

    It’s a shame that the author didn’t include his picture. I’d really like to see what a person looks like who believes what the author said.

  • Tiberius Kirk

    Obummer, smart? I wonder why he won’t release his transcripts? This has to be the stupidest president that ever filled this office. Of course, this so called writer may be as stupid. He must have written for SNL.

  • beetsville

    I challenge anyone to give me good reason why it should be any of the government’s business how mush a person is willing to sell their time.

  • Chatter Box USA

    How’s that “big picture” health care thing going now?

  • Lord_of_Lotion

    Oh I trust the math alright. $1800 a month for health premiums? I trusted that all the way to the voting booth and voted a straight Republican ticket! No one gives a crap about the long term when you’re eating beans and rice because your insurance costs more than your mortgage. Nice job screwing the pooch, Democrats!

  • David C Kelder

    Someone is confusing arrogance with intelligence. If you don’t understand this, we are not supprised.

  • Dale Eisenacher

    That piece of feces is a complete idiot! He is a terrorist that destroyed our country! He is very lucky that Liberals have single digit IQs, proven by the fact he has been destroying our country for 8 years! Anyone who has been educated after the 80s, have not been educated, unless they where privately educated, or schooled in another country! Morons like Obama and the DNC terrorist network, have used the schools to program liberal idiots!

  • Dale Eisenacher

    He will be able to use all that intelligence while getting bent over the shower stall by Bubba liberal in prison! Maybe he can yell some Muslim chant that is to intelligent while getting Bubba run up inside him! If intelligence means being a terrorist and a murderer, then he has plenty of intelligence! It wont help him in court once the truth is out! It will just prove what idiots that Liberals are, letting a terrorist destroy our country for 8 years!


    So you are saying Baraq Obama knew 8 years ago he would be America’s worst president EVER.

  • Ol’ Gener

    It’s not without irony that the dumbest people in the world believe that President Selfie-Stick is just too darn intelligent for us rubes in flyover country. These are the same people who thought that endlessly and baselessly slandering their fellow Americans as “white supremacists” (or worse) for the past ten years would translate into a victory for them at the ballot box. They either completely lack any sense of self-awareness or they really are as magnificently stupid as the tone of this article would suggest.

  • RedRaider

    Sorry, but the founding fathers were smarter than Obama and they didn’t provide anything in the Constitution that provided the authority of the government to make you buy anything or to take care of you in any way. It certainly didn’t provide for any socialism, which you admit is what Obmacare leads to. No, you and Obama are not intelligent enough to understand the Constitution.

  • Kevin Bess

    Republicans now control more seats across the entire united states at all levels of government than they have in the last 100 years….you didnt have conservatives switching parties but democrats did in droves lol……Trump landslided hillary and if you take away California and new york and its a complete spanking period. Funny how new york and California issues driver license to illegals to help there cause not that they would require an id to vote or anything .