Watch: SNL Predicted and Hilariously Mocked The Sarah Palin Channel in 2009

palin-tea-party-wheel-of-fortuneThough this is an older video clip, it’s possibly one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in quite some time.  It’s a segment from a 2009 episode of Saturday Night Live where they brilliantly mocked the possibility of a Sarah Palin channel and what it might broadcast.

A segment that’s even more funny today considering Palin has indeed started her own network called the Sarah Palin Channel.

The segment is essentially mocking the fact that Palin is someone desperately seeking attention to remain relevant.  Which is basically what she’s done since quitting half way through her first term as Governor of Alaska in 2009.

The segment lays out several “featured shows” like Tea Party Wheel of Fortune depicting a playing board laid out spelling “Obamar is a Terrist.”  A clear jab at the tendency for tea party conservatives to be terrible at spelling and grammar.

Another “show” is titled Elites where statements made by individuals like educators and scientists would be altered to sound like the voice of the teacher on Charlie Brown.

The skit also features several other “shows” that are equally as hilarious.  You really just need to watch the whole thing, it’s worth a few minutes of your time for a quick laugh.

Though the funniest part of this entire thing is that it’s obvious this entire skit was done to blatantly mock how ridiculous Sarah Palin is, yet five years later the Sarah Palin Channel ended up becoming a reality.

And sadly, even as ridiculous as these “shows” they listed in the sketch were, I can’t imagine that they’re that much more outrageous than the real nonsense that I’m sure will flood her actual online channel.

Because let’s face it.  This channel isn’t about her trying to make a difference in this country.  It’s about her desperate need to keep herself in the national eye and stay relevant.  Which, sadly, she still is with far too many conservatives.  That’s why individuals like myself and others still keep tabs on what she’s doing.  It’s not because we care what she says or does, but because she still has a lot of impact on tea party Republicans.  And, unfortunately, that means she still has impact on our government.

Watch the segment below via NBC

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Ellen H.

    Tina Fey really did a good job impersonating her. That was hilarious.

  • Jim Bean

    The Palin channel is backed by TAPP, a digital media company run by Jonathan Klein and Jeff Gaspin, two powers that used to be, respectively, at CNN and NBC, and who were quick to recognize the opportunity to collect $9.95 per month from liberals who derive great satisfaction from any opportunity to make fun of other people and those liberals in the media who need to buy a subscription in order to access and use what she says against the GOP.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      im willing to wager that many more regressive white trash republicans will pony up the 10 bux2 see palin in her glory.
      but hey jimbo- that’s a great idea!! annoying more regressives with facts about her NON facts!!

    • LeeToo

      liberals are too smart to throw their money away – we’re getting clips for free!

      • Jim Bean

        I won’t disagree. If you’ll be throwing money away, it will be someone else’s.

      • LeeToo

        i’m saving my sarah palin money and throwing it to the food bank. because i’m a liberal and am too smart to waste the money i work so hard for on drunken rants by has-beens

      • Jim Bean

        Do you know any liberals at all who are not ‘too smart”?

      • LeeToo

        i know a lot of really, really smart and successful liberals and conservatives.
        sick to effing death of painting all libs with the romney brush
        sick to effing death of painting all cons with the limbaugh brush
        most of us meet in the middle and try to ignore the fringe – like ms. palin. unfortunately, the fringe scream the loudest

      • Jim Bean

        She remains front and center only because liberals keep the spotlight focused on her.

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    how do I save and send this?? I want to overlap it on huck(ster)abees show

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    I will give palin credit as she parodied herself well

  • Eg Kbbs

    Uh are you sure this isn’t Michael Palin ?

    And Jim Bean, the way cable works, if the cable company picks up on her network, ALL their subscribers would pay the subscription fee whether they want to or not. And there are some owners of Cable Companies (such as Sinclair Broadcasting) which are well known for pushing the far right agenda.

    • LeeToo

      it’s an online channel – not a cable channel

  • boiler8292

    To Sarah’s credit, she was pretty good when she appeared and handled the jokes with Tina Fey and others with humor.

    • Christopher Smith

      No, she really wasn’t. She really didn’t do anything other than show up. She couldn’t handle the rap they wrote for her and the cast had to improvise to cover for her screw up. Why did she show? She wasn’t going to miss out on TV time.

      • boiler8292

        SNL isn’t the natural appearance location for a Republican nominee. I’ll give her credit for that. I doubt if many votes shifted to McCain, so the tv time might not have been the best investment of time for that. In contrast I can’t picture Senator Obama at the Grand Old Opry.

      • Christopher Smith

        Sorry, but she did a poor job. As for it not being a natural appearance for a republican, again, this is not new ground either. Nixon was famous for how well he handled his appearance on Laugh-In. Palin did miserably.

  • katherine norton malek

    Tina Fey is a better SPalin than Sarah Palin. Tina for President in 2016.

  • Leo Espinosa

    I LUV IT!!!!

  • christianh

    To quote the vernacular… That bitch stupid…

  • Medium Rare

    If you don’t think Sarah Palin is a good sport- go gargle with vinegar!