So the People Who Elected George W. Bush TWICE Want to Call President Obama Incompetent?

george-w-bush-idiotI’ve had a rule for a while now that’s pretty simple:  If you voted for George W. Bush twice, you’ve lost your ability to be overly critical of another president. While many Republicans might want to paint President Obama as the worst president in United States history (a claim that’s based on nothing more than right-wing propaganda) the fact that these people elected George W. Bush — twice — negates their opinion about any other president as far as I’m concerned.

The rhetoric has really turned up following the issues “Obamacare” has experienced since its launch.  Many conservative voters, media pundits and politicians are now claiming that the issues with the rollout unequivocally prove that President Obama is incompetent.

Wow, really?  They want to claim this one thing absolutely proves his incompetence?

If President Obama is now truly incompetent because of this, what the hell does that say for George W. Bush?

Does the Iraq War and the fact we didn’t find a single weapon of mass destruction ring any bells?  Over 4,000 Americans died in Iraq fighting a war that was based on a lie.  Not only was the entire Iraq War predicated on a lie, but to this day, George W. Bush continues to claim that the war wasn’t a mistake.

What about Hurricane Katrina?  You know, that “little” hurricane that nearly wiped out New Orleans and much of the Gulf coast.  People went days without food and water.  Nearly two thousand people died, many from malnutrition after the storm had passed due to a lack of basic resources the government failed to properly provide.  Thousands piled into the Silverdome, living like refugees for days because the government hadn’t properly prepared the city, or responded in a timely and efficient manner once the storm had passed.

Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina turned out to be as disastrous as the storm itself.

Then, in an ironic twist of fate, we have Bush’s Medicare Part D rollout that experienced many of the same issues the Affordable Care Act has experienced — especially as it relates to the website.  Hell, when it came to the disasters following the Medicare Part D launch, lives were actually on the line as many Americans faced the possibility of not being able to have access to prescriptions their health depended on.  Luckily, during that disaster, Democrats chose to help fix the program instead of standing on the sidelines celebrating its issues like Republicans have done with the Affordable Care Act.

And then we can’t forget the horrific condition Bush left our economy in.  Eight years of Bush’s policies left us with an economic crash not seen in nearly a century.  Then again, what was Bush’s “economic plan” to begin with?  Basically to cut taxes and deregulate, then depend on the “good will” of greedy corporations and opportunistic investors.  Seriously, that’s basically the entire Republican economic ideology, Bush just went along with it.

These are just a few of the major examples showcasing Bush’s total incompetence.  It would take me all day to list every single thing he did that made this country look foolish.  Hell, I could just paste transcripts to over half of his speeches to prove what an imbecile he is.  (Though I will give him this — at least he was never caught plagiarizing from Wikipedia.)

So, when conservatives go on endlessly about the “incompetence of Obama,” I can’t help but laugh at their blatant ignorance.

Because when their party elected George W. Bush — twice — the last thing they should be doing is calling someone else incompetent.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Todd

    The Silverdome was in Pontiac Michigan the Superdome is in New Orleans

    • dylan

      And the Astrodome is in Houston.

      • surfjac

        and Chromedme is a transformer.

  • KGRabbit

    Any one that voted for GW the first time brought them into the “you are on my radar for stupid” group, a second vote confirmed their insanity and was proof beyond doubt leading to dissociation and censure in my circle. If you weren’t smart enough to see psycho and liar, you weren’t smart enough to breath or breed. His admissions of “hearing Jesus” of being “told by G-d to run for POTUS” marked him as delusional if not eligible for commitment to a mental hospital, at least for observation if not treatment. He was a dry drunk, a cocaine abuser, and an AWOL/deserter from the Air Force Reserve. Criminally insane is how I saw him and still do! Jail him do not laud him!

  • Tim Leonard

    Superdome, not Silverdome. But you can buy the Silverdome…cheap.

    • Stevie Thaxton


  • PissPrincessKim


  • Tracy Garrison

    When I read this, I “hear” that the government didnt take care of the people that knew for a week, a storm that changed the direction of the Mississippi River was coming, and chose to stay and wait to be rescued by an incompetent government. The whole system is broken, all of the politicians are puppets on a string without an original thought in their brain, or a clue what its like to chose between paying your electric bill or buying gas to get to work. With that being said, what ever happened to personal responsibility? I know Im not hanging around waiting for a hurricane, and depending on the government to take care of me.

    • carolgardner

      Some people did not have the means to leave the city and were stranded. Don’t be do judgmental.

  • sdavis

    News flash. Both are incompetent. Both have gone out of their way to help big banks and big businesses while doing next to nothing for the middle class. Obama at least says the right things like “Our national mission is not to profit off student loans.” while at the same time they JUST MADE 42.5 BILLION DOLLARS off of student loans. Let me know when his big fancy rhetoric of change we can believe in starts being backed up by actual change. From where I’m sitting 2013 looks no better than 2008.

    • Larry

      Look Dumb -bo; Obama can only propose legislation, it has to pass BOTH houses. Just Remember Congress holds the purse strings. As long as there is a GOP majority in the House, NO meaningful changes to any financial legislation will occur

      • Stevie Thaxton

        President Obama did a lot of incompetent things when he had full control of congress in 2009, & 2010. Lately, he has started calling his signature item Obama care the Affordable Health care Act of 2010. Both of them cannot think outside the box, or think for themselves.

      • Gerry Mander

        yeah….about that. Fact is the Dems never did actually have a “voting majority” in the House, look it up.

      • Stevie Thaxton

        I did look it up. The 111th congress they had 257 seats, the GOP held 178 seats. It only takes 218 seats to have a voting majority, and to control the speaker post. I cannot believe you think that. Why???

  • Terence

    In the past I use to think that the average joe would have similar sentiments as the writer of this article. It just seems the common way to think. But I’m proven otherwise each and everyday. It saddens me to see a country that lays 80% dormant as 800 troops are taken to an unjust slaughterhouse on a monthly basis. Then go into 80% uproar over minor issues! false issues! and misconstrued issues.

  • Why5ks

    The new lie being told by trolls in rebuttal to defenses of Obama and ACA is really funny. When I defended ACA against a troll I was accused of being a LIBERAL, I know that is supposed to be an insult. When I explained that I was actually a moderate who leans slightly conservative I was told and I quote, “No true moderate could defend Obama’s Socialist agenda. If you are a true moderate you belong with GWB because that would make you a RINO like him.” GWB a moderate and a RINO, they are rewriting history faster than Dick(head) Cheney. Then when you refute the claim of Socialism with the fact that Wall Street has had the greatest 5 years in history and that corporate profits are at an all time high, they then claim that it’s because the Fed is printing money and flooding the market. You counter that with the facts that there is no need to print money because interest rates are so low and if they were printing money like that then there would be uncontrollable inflation. There only retort is that the high price for gold is proof that the Fed is doing it. I’m so tired of having to explain genetics, biology, history, economics, finance, basic law, international relations, religion, and breathing to these Teabilly idiots.

  • Libby

    Worst President ever!!!

    • Stevie Thaxton

      Why is he the worst president ever?

      • Finnegan

        Yes, please give us your facts and sources.

      • surfjac

        Were you alive, breathing and conscious?
        If yes, then it would be obvious.
        If no, it would still be obvious.
        You know what the funniest “bushism” so to speak about Iraq was? They would pay for the war with Iraqi oil….the Chinese invested in the oil infrastructure over there and guess who got it? Here’s a hint…it wasn’t US.

  • Delbert63

    Katrina was a natural diaster, most of the folks who stayed in New Orleans were Democrats that weren’t smart enough to leave, despite busses being availalbe to get them out. Obamacare was the brainchild of the President. He created it, and Pelosi said, “We need to pass this so we can read it and find out what’s in it.” The Dems are not the brightest bulbs on the tree…

    • Larry

      Blake – You Probably voted for Bush-Twice. I wouldn’t be bragging about “bright Bulbs”

      • Delbert63

        Larry – you probably voted for Obama tiwice. I wouldn’t be bragging about “bright Bulbs,” if the light is on at all.

      • gloria

        Blake, the folks who stayed in New Orleans during Katrina were poor and didn’t have the money to leave. Get a grip, GW was a total idiot and couldn’t help himself!

      • Stevie Thaxton

        Gloria, that city’s Incompetent mayor had hundreds of school buses he could have used. Duh they put them at the Superdome instead? Congress, & the president should have declare a take over of the city, and sent 10,000 federal troops in, & got the people out. If I was president I would have done that.

    • theabby

      You really shouldn’t talk about “bright bulbs”, dimwit…”Obamacare” was the brainchild of the Republicans and the Heritage Foundation; it was NOT created by Obama.

      • Delbert63

        Typical liberal, deflect blame of your beloved emperor and call people that disagree with you names. Who rammed it through a Democratically controlled Congress and Senate with NO Republican input?

      • Neil C.

        Typical GOP, project your incompetence on the other side.

      • Delbert63

        Obama the community organizer’s incompetence on all fronts dwarfs anything the GOP does. Obamacare, the website and the actual law, are just the tip of the iceberg of his inexperience. Grow up and have an original thought that doesn’t come from Barry’s teleprompter.

      • Neil C.

        Blake, that telepromter comment is so original! Did it take you all day to think it up and then kiss yourself in the mirror once you did? I think you’re the one who needs to grow up. And have a thought that Rush and Fox don’t fax to your momma in the morning.

      • melloe

        More misinformation. There were 186 additions by the Republicans in conference about the ACA. Not all were excepted, but the mandate ( the thing they scream about ) was. Sorry, fox lied about hat.. Imagine that?

      • Stevie Thaxton

        Melloe, they were not allow to remove anything from the law. How many additions were excepted? Which ones are they my friend? This flaw healthcare law was design by one political party rule. In a few years from now you will be voting straight republican. lol

      • Stevie Thaxton

        That is why it has been tag Obama care. Also, you can call it Pelosi care, & Reid care. President Obama has this It’s my way, or the highway. Republicans are evil, and he knows what’s best for us. He wants to block the other political party ideas. Why???

      • jdunaway65

        Actually, the “my way or the highway” statement was originally stated about GWB, during his (or Cheney’s) tenure.

        And as far as the “Obamacare” title is concerned, the law is OFFICIALLY called “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” Which has been shortened to accommodate our ADD mentalities to the “Affordable Care Act,” and was denigrated by Republicans as “Obamacare.”

        President Obama, instead of taking umbrage at the term, actually embraced it during the debates with Mitt Romney (who actually signed a bill into law in Massachusetts that REALLY resembles the ACA).

        But don’t let those pesky facts get in your way…

      • Stevie Thaxton

        Why does he want to block the other political party ideas then? Also, the so called Patient Protection and affordable Care Act was sign into law on March 23, 2010. IT IS A ONE POLITICAL PARTY RULE LAW!
        Obama has that it’s my way, or highway state of mind. Finally, it has not work very well in Massachusetts, and they bring that up to defend Obama care at the federal level. How are they going to pay for our subsidies, and still provide a strong national defense? China has their Air defense zone, and they are not our friend. Obama lacks common sense, and has to much book sense. He cannot think outside the box. My friend I’m only concern with the present, and the future. IF YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO THE PAST BE MY GUEST.

      • Stevie Thaxton

        ” Obama care” was the brainchild of the power craving Clinton’s their knock off from the 90’s. They have distance themselves from him, and they both have shut up. Also, Bill threw him under the political bus the other day over the keep your health care plan, if you like it debate. If it was the republicans brainchild then like you say theabby. You should be inform no republican voted for the law in 2009, & 2010. Nice try lady, but you better do your own research.

      • theabby

        They didn’t vote for the health reform bill because it has the name Obama attached to it!

      • Stevie Thaxton

        He sign it March 23, 2010. They voted against it before then. So his name not attach to yet, but it is now. I respect the man like him I’m married to a black woman also. I’m a white little old West Virginia country boy. I do not want him to be hit with the phrase the president who screw our healthcare system up. LBJ you think of Vietnam, Nixon Watergate, Carter Iran hostage crisis, and Clinton Monica Lewinsky get my point now Abby???

    • melloe

      Couple things wrong that stand out, other than the stupid stuff, The buses that were to take the people out were not set up, the driver and controller skipped out leaving them setting. People who had their own transportation did leave, but most of the poor could not. More, but not worth going into.

  • Neil C.

    But…but…Bush was in the past, stop complaining about him the GOP whines.

  • Lawrencect

    By definition a Politician has to be corrupt and incompetent, anything else would be impossible.

  • Jorge Kopel

    I find it funny that both sides are still arguing who is more incompetent. I find it funny that all this time is being wasted on the same old, same old politics. Everybody wants some kind of change, but people still notoriously vote party instead of for the change they want to see. I find it funny that people are still in the game of name calling from behind a computer screen instead of showing up at a political rally and fundraisers for the candidate best suited to their agendas. Basically, I find this whole online argument going on in the comments to be ridiculous. No wonder the world looks at us and laughs. They don’t laugh at who is in power, they are laughing at us, the ones who put them there.

  • Wmvjr

    The Mayor and the Governer were the Responsible Parties in the Katrina, They did nothing that they were supposed to do People were promised buses, got none the Flooding came after the Katrina had passed, The City and the Stated Failed the residents of New Orleans, The feds could not step in unless they are asked. Ray Nagain was a Joke.

    • surfjac

      Katrina was photo op for bush, that’s all.
      a President wouldn’t have waited and would’ve acted. bush wasn’t a president but a puppet and no one told him what to do except to look concerned while looking out of a window at clouds.

  • Stevie Thaxton

    I voted for George W. Bush twice, and President Obama once so what does it make me? Bush did not over reach on a flaw healthcare law. Nor did Bush go after green energy which is not cheap. As well, he did not scare both small, & big business into not hiring. Allen Clifton, Katrina was screw up at the local, & state level. I might need to tell you both that mayor, & governor was almost voted out of office, or did not seek re-election. Finally, Bush made these two major mistakes. 1. Went along with the democrat’s on the idea of allowing anyone to have a home loan. 2. He waited to long to go into Iraq, & remove that nut leader that we supported one time many years ago. I might add that little fact. President Obama does not understand how can you fund the government economy, if you do not fix the real economy? So your rule does not apply to me. You democrat’s do no wrong, and republicans are evil as you democrats point out. That is why I’m a register Independent.

    • Gerry Mander

      Stevie sure spends alot of time on Dem boards….paid troll???

      • Stevie Thaxton

        I do not inhabit hills, or caves lol. I’m a culinary cook, & kitchen aide at a old folks home. No I understand both political parties their strengths , and weakness of both.

  • Nathan Frigerio

    Look folks, if one party is against any change, whatsoever, (read conservative) and it’s members need to act as if they believe in creationism, claim the earth is 8,000 years old, and say they have a mandate from God in order to win primaries, then there is a fundamental problem. I’ rather have leaders that at least try to help, even if they are dumb and over-reach. Knowing the ACA would bring further derision, and a bulls-eye, the Prez still did it. Why, because he has guts. Republican voters have none. The civil rights marchers had guts, did the conservatives that beat, stabbed, and killed them? Neo-cons are the same gutless twerps that stood behind the bullies in the schoolyard. Liberals were the ones standing in front of them.