So What Exactly Does Ted Cruz Stand For? The Answer is Simple – Only Himself

ted-cruzThere are a lot of Republican politicians I don’t really care for, but few reach the level of absolute disdain inside of me that Texas Senator Ted Cruz does every time I see his name mentioned.

While I might not support — or like — many conservative public servants, I can at least find some level of “professional respect” for those who stand up for their beliefs.

But Ted Cruz is a snake — pure and simple.  He’ll slither and coil himself around any idea or talking point he can if he thinks it will benefit his political career.

While most politicians are trained to say and do whatever it is they think might get them the most votes, Ted Cruz seems to be someone who would sell his soul for one — especially if it means he could be President.

Everything he’s done since being elected Senator seems to be a catalyst for a future presidential campaign ad.  A complete sideshow of pandering to his right-wing base in hopes of landing the GOP nomination in 2016.

But he’s not the only one who’s behaved in such a manner — Rand Paul is no different.  The only real difference I see between the two, as it relates to their public behavior, is that Rand Paul still tries to pander to his dad’s cult-like followers.  He seems obligated to live up to his dad’s “legacy” so he tries to remain somewhat close to those lines, though he’s strayed from them.

Ted Cruz doesn’t have to do that.  He just focuses on pandering to the far right-wing elements of the Republican party.  And by doing so, he’s shown time and time again that he just doesn’t “get it.”

Sure, Cruz makes for a fantastic poster boy for the GOP.  Well, the tea party wing, at least.  He knows all the right-wing talking points, he panders to their Obama fear mongering and he quickly took up with the political movement that “Obamacare” will be the end of all human civilization.

He’s even gone as far as to say that we should “shut the government down” until “Obamacare is defunded.”

Which just sounds fantastic — if you’re a Republican voter who doesn’t have a clue how our government works.  And judging by their behavior during the debt ceiling debacle of 2011, most of them don’t.

I mean let’s face it, this is the party of “Drill baby drill!” — yet they’re apparently completely unaware of how oil is traded on the global market.  Commodities futures pricing is apparently “liberally biased” as well.  Isn’t that the “go to line” for Republicans whenever reality or facts don’t support what they want to be real, but isn’t?

This is also the party of “birthers” which is doubly ironic considering Ted Cruz’s father isn’t a naturally born American (in fact, he was an illegal immigrant) and Cruz himself wasn’t born in the United States (he was born in Canada).

Oh, but it’s okay now — Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship.

But doesn’t that singular move show just how shallow and pathetic Ted Cruz really is?  Is being an “American” that cheap of a term to him?  Does he have no loyalty or pride about his past?

For a man of his age to suddenly renounce his natural-born citizenship just displays what a callous and unscrupulous human being he really is.  He should be proud of where he came from, not disowning it.  And if he was so ashamed, why did he wait until now to renounce his citizenship?  Sounds to me like his pollsters probably told him being a Canadian citizen would be used against him during the GOP primaries, and would impact his chances of winning the nomination.

However, it’s just extremely ironic that Ted Cruz is a potential favorite for the Republican presidential nomination coming off the years of the “birthers” attacking President Obama.  Ted Cruz was born in Canada!  A fact that is indisputable.

Heck, Obama had to provide birth announcements and 2 forms of his birth certificate and still many birthers claim he’s not a “real American.”

Yet I bet many of these hypocrites would vote for Cruz if he were to win the Republican nomination.

Cruz strikes me of a man who specifically ran for Senate to use his seat in Congress to run for President.

A man who wants to shutdown the government to “defund Obamacare” — something anyone who knows anything about government will tell you makes absolutely no sense.  Who was born to an immigrant and himself immigrated to the United States as a child — yet opposes sensible immigration reform.

This man is the cartoon character tea party Republicans would create if Fox News developed an animated series.

He stands on stage and gives speeches that ignite the crowd.  He tells them what they want to hear and gets them to stand in unison with thunderous ovations.  He can travel around the country and have right-wing voters eating up his every word.

The problem is — most of it doesn’t make any damn sense.

Sure, telling a group of right-wing Republicans, “I would rather shutdown our government than see Obamacare ruin our nation” might get a huge reaction, but what good does that do when the reaction is based on ignorance and your statement has no substance?

Yes, he might gain some popularity and feed his own ego with the conservative praise he’s sure to receive as a tea party darling.  Yes, he might think he has it “all figured out” as it relates to 2016 and his quest to become the next President of the United States.

But he might want to rethink his strategy, because we’ve seen this story before.

You know, a tea party darling who uses catchy phrases, panders to the far right radicals and bases their entire career off conservative talking points instead of actual facts.

Trust me, you know Sarah Palin.  How’d that work out for her political career?

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Obie

    Well written, thanks Allen for educating the miseducated folks out there that sees Ted as the 2nd coming….

    • standbehindtheyellowline

      The big problem is…..You can lead them to the article, you just can’t make them read it, comprehend it and soak it all in. LOL

  • Karla Ibsen

    Am I correct in my belief that Ted Cruz cannot be president because he wasn’t born in the United States? I thought the constitution forbade that.

    • Brian

      Karla – the Const. refers to ‘natural born’ Am. citizen. That’s pretty much (although not universally) accepted to mean Am. citizen by birth, as opposed to naturalized. And there are 2 ways to be ‘natural born’ – one is to be born on US soil, no matter who your parents are. The second is to be born abroad, with at least one of your birth parents being US citizens at the time of your birth. That’s where it gets a bit sticky. The law has changed a number of times over the years – so it’s the law that was in place at the time you were born that governs. It was only until recently that you could get automatic citizenship through your mother. Gender bias ruled for a very long time – such that your father had to be a US citizen at the time of your birth in order for you to qualify for citizenship. So I’m hoping that Teddy did his research and determined that when he was born, his mother could bestow citizenship on him. Actually I’m not hoping that. I hope that someone challenges his qualification all the way to the USSC, because I’m positive that the Court would rule in his favour. Then the way would be cleared for me to run for POTUS against him. Like Ted, I was born in Canada and I think it’s only fair that 2 Canadians should run for President … but I won’t renounce my Canadian citizenship.

  • mojones1

    And Sarah had an advantage Cruz doesn’t have. She was physically attractive. Both are complete idiots.

    • Half-Evil D

      And now her plastic surgery is starting to collapse, so she doesn’t even have that going for her any more:)

    • Derek Pryor

      Attractive? Sarah Palin? In what universe???

      • Fabj

        I don’t like her either, but lets not pretend a good portion of the country didn’t find her attractive. Her brain makes her ugly as sin but mirrors do her justice.

      • Anon

        if only mirrors reflected one’s inner beauty – then every one SP gazed into would explode

      • Fabj

        If she looked like Janet Reno we would have no idea who she is.

      • kqs

        better than michelle bachman… who looks like a botched sex-change operation to me.

  • leoingle

    Glad I came across this. I needed a good laugh. I haven’t read a article this misleading in a long time. I’m from Texas and know this guy inside and out and have followed his career way before he was in the Senate. This throw up from the mouth in this article is hilarious. I love coming across articles like this about Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. It reminds me how scared liberals are of a true, grassroots Conservative.

    • Monkey

      Nobody I know is scared of either one. We all think they are huge assholes, that’s all.

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      Well, that explains everything.

    • Rightie=Tightie!

      It’s awesome watching you righties looking for a new Messiah!

    • louis

      since your from texas why dont you do the rest of us a favor and take one of those guns you love to tout and put the barrel in you rmouth and squeeze the trigger. ted cruz and rand paul are the exact opposite of whats good for this country.

      • patsijean

        Not appropriate, louis.

    • goprftards

      I too live in TX, watched him campaign and debate, read up on him, and follow his lunacy now. He is a giant piece of excrement slime snake nut job!

    • wilbur

      this is so much BS that I almost threw up at reading it

    • John Cross

      We are not afraid, sir, because they havr zero chance of getting elected in the general election, However, they might fuck up the Republican party for 4 more years. I say YEAH!

    • DownriverDem

      Did they pay you to post this? Texas is going to change politically before too long. It will turn purple then blue. Cruz is a whiny sounding RWNJ. Folks here disagree with him politically, but are not scared of Cruz or his ilk. The American people across the land will not vote for Cruz for president if he were to get the repub nomination. Please proceed.

    • sfwmson

      well, leoingle, I’m happy you had a laugh, but where is the rebuttal? where are YOUR facts and links and opinions that would cause me to believe you? You say you have watched his career way before he was in the senate. And? Yes? Go on?

    • TheMetalMan

      Glad I came across your comment, leoingle. Conservatives have laughed at Liberals for a long time because of how stupid they, the Conservatives, are. It, too, is quite entertaining.

    • Steve

      More right wing rhetoric. You are simply stating opinions and trying to pass them off as facts. I know this guy inside and out too, and I am convinced he is only out to promote himself and only serving his own best interests. Someone close to him told me that he hates America and wants to become President so he can make the US a part of Canada. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • Amy Albert

      Enjoy your gravel paved roads.

  • MaryLF

    Well, the difference is that Canada is actually a part of the U.S., being physically connected to it, while Hawaii is out in the middle of the ocean somewhere and not really a part of it at all. See? 😉

    • Airstreamingypsy


    • Mainah

      OHHhhhhh! Now I see. BAAHAAHAAAA!!!!!

  • MsYellowDog

    Oh well,Hitler was,after all,not a German but an Austrian. And yes,it can happen here.

  • patsijean

    I love the Raphael Cruz supporter (I’ve decided to use his first name, not his nickname) who giggled and said that she didn’t really believe Canada was “a foreign country”.

  • JohnnyD

    “Cruz strikes me of a man who specifically ran for Senate to use his seat in Congress to run for President.” Is that not what Obama did? Obama was elected to US Senate in 2004, Senate terms are 6 years long, he was elected President in 2008.

    • John Cross

      Do you really think ANY politician does not fantasize about being President? Or that Obama could have been so cocksure in 2004? Stupid. Fact, Obama was lucky, just as Carter was in 1976 and Reagan was in 1990, etc. etc.etc. No one can predict who might be a Presidential hopeful even four years ahead most of the time. All this shit about Obama’s Mama faking his birth certificate so he could be president (as if ANYONE would ever believe a Black man could be President in the 1950s), just go suck eggs and STFU and stop wasting my time…

  • BestandBrightest

    Cruz us 100X smarter than Palin, or little Allen Clifton for that matter. Total non-sequitor

    • sfwmson

      do yo have his test scores handy? can you prove even one letter of your claim? please do.

    • nolaredhead

      My dog is smart too..doesn’t mean I want him as my President.

  • Tamarack

    “This man is the cartoon character tea party Republicans would create if Fox News developed an animated series.” Good one.

  • John Cross

    Poor Cruz. He does not have a chance in hell. He is trying to ingratiate himself by appealing to the most racist segment of the population–and he is HISPANIC! Reminds me of when I was campaigning for Obama and an old lady was telling me how her coffee club was leaning towards Obama even though he was Black. “Well, at least he isn’t Hispanic.” She said. LOL. That was just before I introduced my Mexican wife! He will get 0% of the Hispanic vote either. They are not stupid.

  • decreator

    The saddest thing is the ones with their heads in the sand. Know he’s a
    crazy sleazeball bastard , yet still support him just so they can be
    Anti-Obama. Those idiots are what’s wrong with this country. They know
    nothing!. Have no facts, no clue, just the mad up reality sold to them
    by corporate news. God forbid they read or do some legitimate research
    of their own! Or acquire enough of an education to actually understand
    what they are fighting against. Which in most cases, is their own best

  • Cavco

    The only thing tat confuses me is whether we r talking bout Ted Cruz or r we talking bout Obama when he was running for office. Liberals have no problem expressing themselves in such an ugly mean spirited manner. Apparently, hate is all most liberals r good for when comforted with the truth.

    • mojones1

      Are you serious?? Really???? Evidently in your trolling you have missed the comments left by your fellow citizens of Trollville. Hateful and ugly and all too often racist misogynistic and homophobic.

  • Barbara Garrett

    He’s just contributing to the further erosion of the Republican Party. Let him walk himself and all his followers right off a cliff.

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    I llike the idea of Cruz being what FOX would come up with if they were developing a TV show. That defines him well.

  • Multnomah

    TEA PARTY is not grass roots movement it’s funded by Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers. All the ideas and undermining of our government is led by deep pockets that have an agenda that doesn’t serve the people or the country. The people it exploits are angry, people that don’t understand who is manipulating and controlling them. Murdoch and the Koch brothers are establishing an Oligarchy which is government controlled by Corporations and the 1% control all the money. So forget about being upset with the ignorance of some people, what we need to be angry about is Corporation controlling our legislation and elected representatives by suppressing the voting rights and redistricting.