So You Voted for George W. Bush? Then You Should Just Stop Talking

For over 4 years I’ve listened to Republicans bash President Obama.  Hell, I’ve listened to liberals sometimes bash him as well.

Now I’ll be the first to admit Obama isn’t perfect, and he could have definitely done a few things differently, but when I see these conservatives who voted for George W. Bush call Obama the “worst President in history”—I just have to laugh.

I mean, really?

We recently came off 8 years where a President took us from a strong economy and a balanced budget, to the worst economic collapse in 80 years—and the people who voted for this clown (most voting for him twice) have the nerve to call President Obama the worst President in history?

People can dislike President Obama, they might disagree with him, heck they might even oppose nearly every policy he’s supported—but for someone who voted for George W. Bush (especially those who did it twice) to believe Obama is the worst President in history, it’s just comical.

These are the people who threw a fit over Obama’s stimulus bill in 2009, which he passed to create jobs in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression, yet voted for the man who passed three stimulus bills and was the driving force behind the TARP bailout (aka the “Wall Street Bailout”).

Hell, they generally complain about all of Obama’s spending, acting as if they’re die-hard conservatives, when Bush doubled our national debt during his 8 years in the White House.  And again, don’t forget Bush inherited a strong economy and a balanced budget—Obama inherited a country on the verge of complete economic collapse.

Then there was the whole ordeal over Solyndra, and the $535 million spent during the Obama administration on a green energy plan for a company that eventually went out of business.

Now, $535 million is a lot of money.  But let’s not ignore the facts—the plan for funding for Solyndra actually began under the Bush administration.  Yes, the official funding was approved under Obama, but the wheels were already turning to fund this company and their green energy initiatives.  So if Obama is guilty, Bush is just as guilty.  But of course, they only blame Obama.

So you’re telling me Republicans threw a fit over the government wasting $535 million?  I bet they were just furious over the $1 trillion we spent on the war in Iraq which produced exactly zero weapons of mass destruction.  Oh wait, that’s right, they re-elected George W. Bush.

Hell, at least Solyndra actually produced something in its 6 years as a company.

Then there’s always Benghazi.  You know, that place 95% of Republicans can’t find on a map.  After Fox News told conservatives they needed to care about this attack, suddenly they were calling for the instant resignation of Hillary Clinton and the impeachment of President Obama.  Now don’t get me wrong, 4 American deaths are tragic, but it just reeks of hypocrisy to see an entire political party up in arms over these deaths when they voted for the man who started 2 wars currently tallying over 6,500 Americans deaths between the two (and tens of thousands more permanently wounded).

So if 4 deaths in Benghazi, Libya warrants an impeachment, what do the over 4,500 deaths in Iraq call for?  Well if you’re going by recent news, apparently your very own Presidential Library in Dallas and possibly renaming a highway after you.  Yes, a stretch of highway here in Dallas is possibly going to be renamed the George W. Bush Memorial Highway.

Oh, how can we forget the “big government President Obama.”   Him and his “socialism.”  Always trying to “take away our freedoms.”  Where were these people when Bush pushed for, and signed into law, the Patriot Act?  Oh that’s right, they were gearing up to vote for him again in 2004.

The whole line “Obama has resided over the record high oil prices” is another one I always laugh at.  Oil hit record highs of $147 per barrel in the summer of 2008 (it currently sits around $93 per barrel), with gas well over $4 per gallon nationally.  The only reason why gas prices have “gone up” under President Obama is because as our economy collapsed at the end of 2008, so did oil prices.  As the economy has improved since Obama has been in office, oil prices have risen with an improving stock market.  A stock market which has set new records, by the way.

Then there’s the ridiculous rhetoric that Obama is “always on vacation.”  Pay no mind that Obama is on pace to take fewer vacation days than both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.  Maybe we should focus on the 1,020 vacation days Bush took during his 8 years in office.

I’ll do the math on this for everyone:

8 years in office x 365 days per year + 2 leap years = 2922 days

That comes out to 35%, or 2.8 years, of Bush’s entire Presidency he spent on vacation.

But they want to say Obama is always on vacation?  Please.

We can always cover the claim that Obama is the “Executive order President.”  Which is of course another right-wing con.  If he abuses his power issuing Executive orders, then Bush and Reagan really abused their power—considering he’s on pace to issue fewer than both of them.

Do you remember after we killed Osama Bin Ladin and Obama decided to visit the site of the 9/11 attacks?  Oh man, Republicans went nuts.  “Look at Obama, just trying to get a photo-op!”  I guess those people missed the whole flying onto an aircraft carrier in a flight suit with a giant “Mission Accomplished” banner hanging in the background in 2003—you know, almost a decade before  the war actually ended.  That wasn’t a photo-op?  Hell, just how many thousands of dollars of taxpayer money went into that little stunt?

I’m going to go ahead and stop there.  In fact, look out in the future for a “Part 2” on this because there are many  more I could have covered.

But it’s just ironic when those who voted (twice!) for a man who doubled our national debt, started 2 wars costing thousands of American lives, ran up our deficits, ruined a balanced budget and presided over running the economy so far into the ground it nearly completely collapsed…..

They have the nerve to call President Obama  the “worst President in history.”

Give me a break. 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • You can’t reason with these people. they think we’re crazy too. I don’t know what to do. You try to reasons with them. show them their “facts” are lies or just plain wrong………….and they just get mader at you and make rude comments. Any idea’s out there? I can’t keep my mouth shut or my typing fingers quiet any longer. I comment to all who post on my FB page, only to loose some friends

    • Been trying to figure that out since I left the Republican party in 2004. My mother is one of those who even when I show her exactly what is wrong with her “facts” and what the facts actually are instead of what she is repeating from Hannity or Rush. It is sad when she resorts to throwing insults, but I think it comes from the fear that has been trained into them. Fear manifests as anger and hate. That is why they get so confrontational. I remember being that way. There isn’t much you can do as long as they are afraid they will continue to behave that way. I don’t think there is anything you can do. Funny thing about cults is most don’t realize they are in one. I would say look into articles on how to rescue people from a cult. But like all things they have been conditioned through fear that it won’t be easy to get through to them.

  • Delky

    Mr. Clifton, thank you so very, very much for your article which says it all so well and which says the things that we all have been thinking but perhaps could not say as incisively as you have done.

  • Let’s not forget the SUPERGOP Reagan!!!! He supported the Brady Bill head and ears!!!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    That’s it keep running the sheep in the direction you want them to go so your dumb ass views can continue to bring down this country. Lets keep the real issues hidden and keep the non-issues in the foreground. BHAAAA BHAAAAA

    • Gandalf

      Way to argue against the points that the author actually brought up. You are a disgrace to that handle

      • Awww yeah, Gandalf comes to town, and he brings the FIREWORKS.

      • I am so sorry, I’m hyper and bored. I have to be getting as annoying to you as these guys are at this point, haha.

  • John Gavel

    Why are we still talking about Bush? Hasnt obama been president for 5 years or so? Move on Allen- put your energy elsewhere. Like looking into the reasoning for signing bills such as Monsanto Act

    • John Gavel

      Or the govt being able to review your emails wout obtaining a warrant

      • Who passed that bill the Congress, Republicans. Who defeated the bill in the Senate, Democrats. Who said he was going to veto the bill? Obama. Shut up.

      • John Gavel

        Ohh well seeing as congress is made up of the senate n the house you obviously have no clue what u are talking about- either do the 12 people who liked your comment. So i gladly tell you, shut up and get an education. Obama has signed orders, executive orders, allowing cispa like laws to be enacted, not to mention ndaa.

        And sandra- google obama administration teams with at&t, then get back to me hun

      • AntiGOP


      • John Gavel

        not to mention congress (senate and the house) has been controlled by democrats since 2007- but thats just a fact so whats that matter. Sad part is there are many uneducated individuals in the older generation- its pretty sad but I guess you guys didnt need to graduate high school to get jobs back in your day right Sandra?

      • John Gavel

        Well Jay, I think everyone knows congress is split now (lame duck session). I was speaking about when laws like FISA amendments of 2008 were signed, democrats controlled congress. They allow for large gray areas in warrant-less wiretaping and surveillance. Monsanto act is a whole other story, Obama she said was going to veto that law- he signed it? I have no idea what she is talking about or if she even knows what that bill is about- democrats could be blocking all of these things which they opposed under Bush, what Obama ran off of. Yes we can. Although they are doing nothing to stop it, they are only adding to it and allowing more of it

    • John…the week was totally about Bush and his library, get it?

      • John Gavel

        Ohh i thought it was because bush and obama had equal approval ratings

  • tstanley14

    Being a partisan asshole on either side is counterproductive. This whole article is as bad as anything Fox News would put up, just on the other side. Give US a break.

    • Bob

      Yeah, how horrible, someone ACTUALLY TELLING THE TRUTH. What a dick wad!!! 😐

    • martin0641

      False equivalence. The difference here is that the article that Fox puts up for consumption, if you research the issues, turns out to be false or at least a misrepresentation. It’s not two “teams” both doing the same thing and are thus both guilty of the same crime, it’s one side blatantly lying to their constituents and pandering to the dumbest common denominator to achieve political victory. Republicans have taken the language of the left on television shows, but they use it to sound legitimate because they KNOW their audience won’t take the time to do ANY fact checking, and thus people assume it is true. Why do you think the Koch brother had to start their own “institutes” to churn out “scientific” papers that said whatever they claimed? Because no real organization with integrity could be found to support their bullcrap, so they just manufacture it now and idiots can’t tell the difference. It’s a wolf in sheeps clothing, and the costume is very poor fitting and obvious, but that’s how low the bar actually is for these people.

  • Gustybv

    THANK you

  • The direct comparison for Benghazi is not the Iraq War, but rather ther 12 embassy bombings that killed 60 people during the Bush Administration that no one cares a whit about.

    • The Republican issue with Benghazi is based on the fact that there was an ongoing threat there. That threat was played down because it didn’t fit the political narrative Barry wanted for his reelection bid. Hillary WAS notified contrary to her sworn testimony before Congress. She even signed a memo to that effect. Barry didn’t respond to this threat and an Ambassador was KILLED as a result. There were opportunities and resources that remained unutilized while the attack continued. Since then, the victims of the attack have been discouraged from discussing it.

      • Gandalf

        Republicans ignored the warning that Bush received about 9/11 before his reelection because it was played down due to the political narrative that Bush and Cheney wanted for his reelection bid.

      • Maine2Florida

        Ignored warnings about 9/11 before his RE-election? You really are a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Considering 9/11 happened 8 months after he was sworn in the FIRST time… only person ever warned was Clinton.

      • Gandalf

        The previous President briefs the President-Elect on such issues, in case you weren’t aware. Also, it has been reported time and time again that Bush had sufficient advance knowledge of the attacks to have done something about it. My point was that many Conservative voters ignored the fact that he had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, or simply “forgot” about it, during the 2004 election season.

      • Slartibast

        No use trying to give perspective for a closed mind

      • stevie

        funny how these fox sheeple only believe what they’re told and when confronted with facts they recoil in abstract terror. they’ve also been told that benghazi is going to be “obama’s watergate”… they’re so brainwashed they can’t even tell when we’re laughing at them …. Bwaaahaaha

      • Tim

        Signed? Do the research and comment back.

  • Gandalf

    Unfortunately, Fox has their viewership trained quite well. They will ignore all of the above information and begin ranting about Benghazi or Operation: Fast and Furious or any other thing that has happened during Obama’s time in office that Fox has told them to rant about, whether or not they know all of the information. Many of those on the right have selective listening and selective amnesia, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future.

  • Chucky

    No, you misunderstand. We don’t begrudge Obama his vacations, we wish he would take longer ones.

    • Because then when you continue the incessant moaning and groaning you’ve been doing for 5 years, you’d actually be having a LEGITIMATE REASON?

  • Jim_Profit

    This whole article is basically like “Yes I know Democrats and Obama did X wrong but since Bush did Y wrong it’s ok”. If you can’t see the hypocrisy in that, especially regarding a man who ran on “change” as a campaign slogan then I can’t help you.

    • That’s not even remotely what the article is. Reading comprehension, man.

      • Jim_Profit

        Yes it is. Did you even read the article? It’s full of these points:

        “Now I’ll be the first to admit Obama isn’t perfect……”

        “People can dislike President Obama, they might disagree with him, heck they might even oppose nearly every policy he’s supported—but…….”

        “Then there was the whole ordeal over Solyndra, and the $535 million
        spent during the Obama administration on a green energy plan for a
        company that eventually went out of business.
        Now, $535 million is a lot of money. But………..”

        “Now don’t get me wrong, 4 American deaths are tragic, but…..”

        “We can always cover the claim that Obama is the “Executive order
        President.” Which is of course another right-wing con. If he abuses
        his power issuing Executive orders, then Bush and Reagan really abused their power…….”

        “Do you remember after we killed Osama Bin Ladin and Obama decided to visit the site of the 9/11 attacks? Oh man, Republicans went nuts. “Look at Obama, just trying to get a photo-op!” I guess those people missed the whole flying onto an aircraft carrier in a flight suit with a giant “Mission Accomplished” banner hanging in the background in 2003….”

        This is such childish logic. It’s acknowledgement that Obama did bad things but it’s ok because Bush did something else bad. This, from a man who ran on “change” and was going to be a different candidate is just as bad as the previous guy. Such a shock that he didn’t use that “change” slogan during reelection.

      • Wow, you really have no idea how sentences work, do you? It’s not apologizing for the negatives in any capacity. It’s pointing out the hypocrisy that’s rampant in the concept that the Republicans in question complain on a massive scale about stuff that Bush did too.

      • Jim_Profit

        Ok great and the author is doing exactly what he is claiming Republicans are doing by making it seem ok that Obama did what he did. For this article to have been remotely honest it would have equally bashd Bush and Obama but it did not. It just slandered one side and made it seem like the other side did no wrong which was my point. This is the fundamental problem of these ultra partisan sites. It’s easy to point out the hypocrisy.

      • I’ll say it again: He’s not, not, NOT saying anything Obama did was okay. He literally SAYS that he isn’t saying that. What he is saying is that if you liked Bush, and say you hate Obama for things Bush also did, you are a hypocrite. That’s it. That is his entire point. There’s nothing else to it. I can’t make it any clearer than that.

      • Jim_Profit

        He is saying indirectly, I acknowledge Obama did something bad but it’s ok because Bush did this that was bad. He does this to show how apologetic Republicans are yet ironically he is apologetic of what Obama is doing which is the same. I posted all the examples above. I dunno how I can make it any clearer. I almost feel like this article is satire due to its tremendous hypocrisy.

      • WackoBuckshot

        WOW! Jim, I have sat here and read everything you have posted here in response to others. There are just a few issues I have to voice.

        1. Why does anything have to do with black, white, yellow, orange, purple and so on. Seems like many people in the Republican party love to break down races. It shouldn’t matter if the criminal was black or white or hispanic! They are HUMAN.

        2. With the amount of people that have tried to argue points to you, you just dont get it! NO ONE is saying that certain issues are right or wrong, they are saying that Bush did stupid stuff, just as Obama has done some stupid stuff, BUT, if you are going to complain about the things that Obama has done wrong, why didnt you then or dont you now complain about the wrong that Bush has done? (trust me, Bush screwed the country’s people worse that anyone EVER HAS) It is a simple issue to grasp, but you just dont get it. And let me say this to you, as a person who has no specific political affiliation, I AM NOT SAYING THAT BUSH’S WRONGS MAKE OBAMA’S WRONG RIGHT! Had to put that in there so, God forbid, You stop repeating that to everyone you speak to. Republicans seem to think that everything Bush did was great, but yet, everything Obama does is wrong. This is sad and can be pegged as racism or just plain stupidity.

        3. Like most Republicans, you need to always assume that someone is saying exactly what you get from it. (see #2) Please, stop assuming!

        4. Why dont we all just agree that there are people from both sides, Republicans and Democrats, that have only passed things that benefit them! (by lining their own pockets or pushing their own agendas!)

        That is all I have to say. Too much hate and “looking out for number 1” in this world. We need to band together, stick together and do what we can to help OUR COUNTRY! We need to do everything we can to get the idiots out of office that only care about what is best for them and their own parties! We need to abolish political parties and start doing things for the “People’s Party”!!!

    • Gandalf

      You missed the point, then. It’s not about saying that “it’s okay”, it’s about saying that Republicans have selective memory regarding Bush’s years and are bashing Obama for things that Bush did while completely ignoring that fact. The article is designed to address the ridiculous claims by the right that Obama is the worst president in history, not to state that the mistakes he’s made are “okay”.

      • Jim_Profit

        Why are you people generalizing on this site? We are all not part of some same thinking hive mind. Have any of you actually went out and met conservatives besides the ones you see on TV? Try talking to us, you’d be shocked at what you could hear. This, coming from an agnostic Republican who couldn’t care less if gay people married.

      • You have to generalize in order to save time sometimes. If we went on to discuss every conceivable type of person imaginable, we’d be here all day. The fact is that by and large, we are separated into two sides. That’s the effect of a bipartisan system. Even if you disagree with the policies of your own party, counting yourself among their ranks means that you’re likely to get lumped into the same category. It’s just the risk of including yourself in a group. Nice deflection away from Gandalf’s actual response, by the way. You’re pretty good at that.

      • Jim_Profit

        I already addressed Gandalf’s question below since you asked it already. I assumed he’d be smart enough to scroll down and read it. I guess you have less faith in him then I did.

        “You have to generalize in order to save time sometimes. If we went on todiscuss every conceivable type of person imaginable, we’d be here all day.”

        Statically black people commit more crimes then whites. Are all blacks criminals then? According to your logic yes.

      • Good lord. Right, well, I’m done with this. I THOUGHT I was having a somewhat heated discussion with a fairly reasonable person, but… wow. Talk about a freaking leap. Have a nice day, man.

      • Jim_Profit

        Ok so you admit your logic is flawed? Great…toodles.

      • Oh, okay, you’re THAT kind of guy. Last word= winner? Okay, cool. I’m bored. I can sit here and talk longer than you. This could be fun.

        My logic is not flawed. The difference between the two is a little something called free will. No one should be generalized or judged based on things beyond their control. That would include gender, race, age, nationality. However, when you CHOOSE to belong to a specific group, yes, you run a risk of being generalized. It comes with the territory. I, for example, run the risk of being generalized in the category of “liberals” even though I don’t really think of myself as one. The fact is that I have a lot of liberal views, and I express them openly. That gets me generalized. I accept that and move on.

        *hits his side of the chess clock* Your move, Profit.

        ((God, this is fun, you even have like, a villainous name.))

      • Jim_Profit

        “Oh, okay, you’re THAT kind of guy. Last word= winner?”

        You say this after telling me off and saying goodbye and coming back after I respond back to you. Wow there is non stop hypocrisy coming from you guys today huh?

        My point had nothing to do with race and had to do with crime. What I said is a statistical fact. No one forces anyone to do crime. That is totally up to the choice of the criminal. Thus if the trait of criminal is found more in blacks, according to your logic we label all of them as criminals……to save time. Let’s just save time here and this war of twisting words around and hearsay and blah blah and just agree that generalizing is wrong. I don’t think this is a bad thing to admit to at all.

        Also if you have liberal views you are a liberal. I dunno why this logic is wrong? The generalization is that liberals are all socialist, OWS hippies which is not true. Only the small but loud minority is. Same with Republicans who think rape babies are gifts from Gods. But we all like to play that MSNBC/FOX news game where we see the outlier and like to act like it represents the majority huh? Because that’s the easy way out. Thinking in terms of black and white and not shades of gray. I can tell you I personally do not play this game and do not respect anyone who does. The world is much more complicated then you think. I see good in both the left and the right but as I consider myself a conservative my ideals ally with Republicans for better or worse. That said I am able to argue and point out the hypocrisies in the right. That’s why sites like this amaze me. What do we learn from this site? It’s just partisan hatred. An echo chamber created by one angry man. What do you get from this? Do you actually learn anything here? Don’t you enjoy having your thoughts and beliefs challenged?

        That’s a slight rant and a little off track. Just wanted to get it all out there and try to make my point of view as clear as possible.

      • It’s a generalization because I also have *gasp* CONSERVATIVE VIEWS! Oooooh this just got interesting! That’s right: I’M NOT A LIBERAL. WHOOOOSH. That was the sound of amazement. I LOVE having my beliefs and thoughts challenged. I relish it, and I change them accordingly. I think about each and every issue individually. On some topics, such as gay marriage and taxes, I find myself very liberal indeed. On a number of other topics, like gun control and state’s rights, I find myself to be decidedly conservative. I don’t spend time on this site. I came here following a link my friend sent me, because I think hypocrisy is interesting. NOW who’s generalizing? KYLE OUT. *drops the mic*

      • Gandalf

        You did not address my point. You have skirted around it and made excuses about the author’s focus, which I will remind you is made quite clear from the title of the article. In any case, I expected that you would be courteous enough to respond directly to me and continue the discussion between the two of us rather than assuming that your response to someone else would be adequate when it barely addresses my argument. I see now that I expect too much.

      • Jim_Profit

        Dude I can’t even copy and paste my post because disqus won’t allow it. It blocks posts that are identical usually. Kyle is making the same arguments you are so i’m not going to regurgitate the same stuff. Also I responded to your post directly above so your pretentious rant about being fair is wrong.

      • Gandalf

        Then reword it so it’s not identical. It doesn’t take that much effort to do so.

      • Jim_Profit

        Or you can, you know scroll down and read it. It doesn’t take that much effort to do so.

      • This statistic is real but the conclusion you allude to is false. Comparing numerically per 1000 Blacks have a higher percentage of committing crimes as compared to Whites. The statistic never reported that all 1000 Blacks used in the study were criminals. “Are all Blacks criminal then.” Which in my opinion is a more damaging and dangerous part of your argument and a obvious but constant trait I find in Conservative views. It is the ease Conservatives have with taking one bit of information using it to completely blanket and secure their beliefs, not facts. In fact the statistic is flawed when used to support its original claim of Blacks being inherently more criminal than whites. It does not take into account RACIAL PROFILING by law enforcement, The failure of our Govt. WAR ON DRUGS fought in the inner city rather than concentration on importers, manufacturers, or major distributors, and the PROFITEERING AND PRIVATIZING OF THE PRISON SYSTEMS. Don’t get me started on NYC’s flawed and failure of Stop and Frisk which victimizing Black and Brown men in disproportionate numbers, when compared to White men. It has been my experience that Conservatives use racial lies and untruths regularly to support their inherently racist views, not facts. If more Conservatives have racists view than Liberals, are all Conservatives RACISTS?

      • Gandalf

        I am aware that you are not a hive mind. You are straying from my point, in that Republicans (in general) ignored the fact that Bush had prior warning of 9/11, which was ignored, and reelected him anyway. I have family members that are Conservative, and although many of them fall prey to the fear-mongering generated by Fox News, there are a few who do not. You bash me for my poor word choice, assuming that I am generalizing every single Republican/Conservative in my statement, and then assume that I do not personally know any Conservatives. In effect, you are making the same sort of generalization that you are accusing me of.

      • Jim_Profit

        I addressed your point below regarding this article. To address other things….

        “Bush had prior warning of 9/11″

        Presidents get thousands of warnings a day regarding terrorist attacks. 99% of them are false. Clinton had the ability to kill Osama Bin Laden and turned it down. The Russian government warned Obama that the Boston bomber guy was a problem. He ignored it. Are they wrong? No but hindsight is 20/20.

        ” I have family members that are Conservative, and although many of them fall prey to the fear-mongering generated by Fox News, there are a few who do not.”

        Good I have conservative family too and we educate ourselves and work hard and don’t buy into FOX News or what network news tells us. The fundamentals of conservatism have nothing to do with FOX News what so ever.

        “In effect, you are making the same sort of generalization that you are accusing me of.”

        You just said that you have some family that is conservative therefore you ca speak for all conservatives. You did just do what I said.

      • Gandalf

        The President does not receive a warning about a terrorist attack unless it has some solid foundation in fact. They certainly do not receive thousands of terrorist warnings per day. Only certain government agencies, such as the FBI, receive terrorist reports of that magnitude. That’s why we have these organizations. They filter out the false claims and pass on anything substantial.

        You are putting words in my mouth. I did not say that my familiarity with Conservatives allows me to speak for all Conservatives, I merely stated that I know Conservatives, rendering your directive to meet any Conservatives irrelevant. You should also note that I mentioned that some of the Conservatives I know do not buy into the talking points spewed out by the far right. Perhaps you should read everything two or three times, as it appears that your reading comprehension is lacking.

      • That’s what I’ve been SAYING!

      • Jim_Profit

        Nope every day we get hundreds to thousands of warnings of possible terrorist attacks and there are hundreds to thousands of suspicious persons of interest that the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security monitor. It’s up to them to figure out how serious these threats are. Like I said most of them get ignored just like Obama did with the Boston Bombers (a point you ignored of course) but that is not his fault. For the most party our country has been safe since September 11th.

        Ok so you agree that you shouldn’t generalize about all conservatives. Great. Now let’s go back to when you said this:

        “You missed the point, then. It’s not about saying that “it’s okay”, it’s about saying that Republicans have selective memory regarding Bush’s years and are bashing Obama for things that Bush did while completely ignoring that fact.”

        and let’s agree that this statement is wrong then since you and the author are generalizing about how all Republicans feel about Bush. Generalizations of any kind are bad. Agreed?

      • Gandalf

        The difference is that Bush had the report for 9/11 and did nothing about it. My point was that the President himself does not receive hundreds or thousands of reports per day about possible terrorist activity. The FBI, CIA, and other relevant organizations do. Another instance where reading comprehension is a good thing to have.

        I already mentioned that my original use of “Republicans” was poor wording. You may continue to focus on that if you wish, but I’ve already admitted fault with my word choice. There’s not much more I can do about that. Perhaps you should realize that there was no intention to generalize.

      • Jim_Profit

        “I already mentioned that my original use of “Republicans” was poor wording.”

        Good thanks.

        The Obama administration was warned by the Russian government that the bombers were a problem. They dropped the ball on this. Do you have the same opinion regarding Obama that you do with Bush? If you say yes I respect your opinion and will agree with you that our government failed us both times. Otherwise……..I dunno what else to say here.

      • Gandalf

        From what I understand, only the FBI was warned about the Boston bomber. I have heard no indication that Obama or his cabinet were personally aware of the suspects. However, if that changes, then of course I will be of the same opinion. Otherwise, I will be of the opinion that our intelligence system needs more work.

      • Vicki

        Regarding the Boston bombers…yes, we were contacted about the older brother possibly being involved with terrorist activities. The warning was not ignored, as you put it. The older brother was then interviewed and his background was investigated. He was found to not be involved with a terrorist organization or have any ties to terrorism at that time. To the country’s knowledge, we (the USA) were never notified again of a potential threat regarding the brother. What more were you expecting us to do? We can’t put him in jail just because we want to. What should we have done since you seem to have all the answers.

      • Jeff Johnson

        You’re full of shit, regarding the Boston bombing. The FACT is, we don’t know what Russia told the FBI, we don’t know what the FBI learned in interviewing the elder brother, and we certainly don’t know that Obama was even made remotely aware of any of it.

        However, we DO know that Bush received and ignored over 50 separate warnings of impending attack, prior to 9/11, including dire warnings, not only from the existing President Clinton, but from his national security staff.

        I’m sure that even you will recall the infamous PDB of 8/6/11, right? The one entitled, “Bin laden determined to strike within US,” that Condi Rice claimed never existed (“Nobody could’ve known…”).

        As for Benghazi, perhaps it’s time to interrogate congressional republicans, and particularly John McCain, who willingly stripped away hundreds of millions of dollars of state dept funding. McCain himself was highly concerned about the effects that these cuts might have on security, yet he went along with them. Why? Why were congressional republicans allowed to put our embassy personnel at risk? And, why have they refused to examine what their budget cuts may have done to security?

        If you truly believe that our nation is “safe” since 9/11, you’re apparently ignoring the fact that two dozen nuclear power plants lie either on fault lines or downstream from major dams, ammonium nitrate and black powder can be bought without license or background checks, 40% of all firearms purchased are bought without a background check, 30,000 people die from gun violence every year, and we’re literally drowning in toxic chemicals that are causing rampant increases in cancers, birth defects, and chronic diseases. Terrorism isn’t the only threat that faces the world. You’re an ignorant fool.

      • This, coming from an agnostic Republican who couldn’t care less if gay people married.

        So what about being Conservative do you side with, just trying to get your point of view I guess. For me I am very financially conservative and like to keep my money, my money. But as far as the way I lead my life it is very Liberal. I guess I probably fit more into the Libertarian party but it is very hard to vote for a third party because they have no real chance at winning.

      • AntiGOP

        “Try talking to us, you’d be shocked at what you could hear.”

        Believe me…I’ve tried…as soon as you feed them hard core facts…they run and hide.!!
        Every time…without fail.!!

        Oh I don’t want to talk about it anymore…

        As far as being shocked…I stopped being shocked by conservatives when I heard the name Sara.

        That did it for me.!!!

      • MartiB

        Amen brother! Some people wouldn’t know a cohesive argument if it bit them in the behind!

    • AntiGOP

      “Bush did Y wrong it’s ok”

      No that wasn’t the point…the point is flat out the hypocrisy of blaming everything on Obama.
      It’s amazing how conservatives have totally erased their brains of Cheney/Bush.

      Obama’s 19 trillion debt…what bullshit..!!

      Where were conservatives when Americans needed an unemployment extension, well they made sure there was a TARP for bankers to keep their jobs and million dollar bonuses.
      Where was the TARP for real HARD working Americans…

      Conservatives were out selling the big bad entitlement bullshit.
      No solutions to the Weapons of Mass Lies.

      The Weapons used on our own people. TARP
      Troubled Asset Relief Program

      That left millions out of work, millions in foreclosure and so many more WONDERFUL records of the like in History.

      That wasn’t bad enough…You all wanted Sara in the White House.
      You people and your destructive ideology are fucking nuts if you think that was going to happen.

      Now it’s the Trumpster.

      17 candidates defeated by calling them all what they were… liars.

      Trump University = Fraud & class action
      Never ever was a certified UNIVERSITY…end of story!!

      Currently IRS tax audit and won’t provide America with his taxes.
      Which will show without a doubt he’s a con, fraud and a Mass Liar.

      You all want Trump in the White House.


      Because you think he cares about something more then Donald Trump.

      Trump is a Dictator and everyone knows that except for conservatives…because that is in fact your ideology.

      Ronald Reagan 7 attacks 94 Americans DEAD
      George Walker Bush 13 attacks 60 Americans DEAD

      Barack Obama Benghazi 4 Americans DEAD and mass lies and political witch hunt costing 8 million in investigations.

      Where were the lying conservatives for Reagan & Bush…
      Nowhere to be found…

  • Unfortunately, much of this ignorance and denial comes as a result of racist sentiment among the president’s detractors. While there are a few who simply don’t like him because he’s not a republican, or for other genuinely non-race related political reasons, I believe the vast majority of the opposition to the president is driven by racism. What’s interesting about this is that none of the racists are even remotely aware of the true reason behind their hatred and disapproval of the president- they’ll give you excuse after excuse and make a valiant effort to deny their own racism, but that’s exactly what accomplished racists do. Apparently, there is still hope, however- Obama did get elected to a second term despite all the racist buttholes trying to prevent it from happening, so maybe we’re getting somewhere.

  • Like my mom used to say, “2 wrongs don’t make a right.” Reading through this article & the comments, I can’t help but see extreme anger on one side, with insults & “shut up.” Does freedom of speech only apply to one side? Of course not.
    If this country is going to improve in any way, shouldn’t it begin with a willingness to tactful dialogue? Yes, W had his share of faults. O isn’t perfect, either. Can we move forward without the hostility? If not, will we move forward at all?

    • LAX-SAN

      after failing to protect us from 9/11 and starting two wars w/o an exit strategy, ruining our economy, passing the patriot Act, we can move forward only by learning from the past and not covering up Dubyas mistakes. I hope his library isn’t run by Faux News.

  • Ilovemymac

    Obama is no better but no worse then bush they are all after power. Obama is bad so was Clinton bush sr and jr.
    You can’t say one is errrr then the other. No president should be bailing out anyone nor issuing executive order.

  • Lebron

    Do you feel better now Clifton?

  • Dale

    Mr. Clifton, this was a tremendous piece of writing. Reading it was like therapy. I could not have said it better. Everything was just dead on. These issues are what I’ve been complaining about for a long time. The hypocrisy out there is so palpable it’s disgusting. In a two-party system, which I dislike, I’ve got to hope one of those parties returns to sanity. But I’m not holding my breath. Again, bravo.

  • Diane

    well written Mr Clifton. the people who support Bush and hate Obama have short term memory, and…many dont do their own thinking or research anything they hear. they hear what they want to hear. I just dont get how they dont even see how much better things are getting. blinded by hate. sad.

  • Carol

    He (Bush) is a pretty good painter. Just wish he would of went with that instead of going into politics. Did a lot of damage to our almost perfect economy that Clinton left us.

    • John Gavel

      Clinton left us with subprime mortgages and dont forget to credit the republicans for balanced budget act

  • Very good article, you didn’t mention the health care act that the republicans perverted and are now trying to get rescinded. Obama wanted health care for all and had to settle for the perversion of the bill to get it passed.

    • John Gavel

      Democrats controlled congress during that time- sooooo?

  • MartiB

    My problem is this: conservatives (and living in an extremely conservative town, I know many personally, work beside them, consider them my friends) like to howl about “big brother” government. The cornerstone of the book that made “big brother” a household phrase is misinformation. The job of the main character in Orwell’s “1984” is to rewrite history. Both sides do it, but, I gotta admit, Republicans have it down to an art form. Say it loud enough and long enough and people will believe it. Doublethink is alive and well in the 21st century!

  • Maine2Florida

    Written like a true liberal.


    Politicians seem to have nack for ignoring the anticipated attacks on American soil. Pearl Harbor, 9/11 WTC, now Boston. Our investigative agencies and Washington leadership even fail us when they have been given advanced warning of possible terrorist threats. These results are are unacceptable. Hopefully the new bush w, library will include the known facts of Dubyas failed policies.

  • Nobody

    I don’t think any Republican disagrees with the fact that W. made some big mistakes, such as the stimulus packages you pointed out. The difference is many of us ‘evil republicans’ have learned from those mistakes and yet we see Obama trying to make THE EXACT SAME MISTAKES passing stimulus legislation and spending tons of money. We all know that doesn’t work. And yes, W. is the proof! Ye why does Obama continue to follow the path laid out by the president liberals hate so much?!?

  • disqus_QJpGb5mhJW

    ght wing has gone nuts in trying to get the Dems out of the White House. They spent the first 4 years of Obama’s term to make him a one term president. And the name calling coming from the right. Reminds me of a line from a Barry McGuire song “Eve of Destruction”…………”Hate your next door neighbor but don’t forget to say grace.”

  • Your also forgetting Bush’s photo op “jogging with rescue workers” after hurricane Katrina. Those rescue workers needed to do their “photo” while flood victims were sitting on roofs waiting for their rescue.

  • Gammy

    The author makes perfectly valid arguments here and I agree with them all. Just one thing though, how many present day liberals would have been picking apart ever aspect of George Bush’s presidency and howling at him for using a photo op or taking too much vacation but might now sit silently when Obama does the same?

  • SaNcheNusS

    why does this matter now? Yes, gbush is an Idiot. Okay so how do we make it better? Oh lets write about how stupid he was again.

  • The ad hominem and strawman is strong with you.

  • Howard

    Yeah, this is one of my buttons . . . . Everyone was sooo outraged at Regan (yeah he’s no hero, and no I don’t care that he’s dead) The whole iran contra-covert operations deal almost got his fanny impeached and then . . . . .wait for it . . . Whos’ the next president? yeah, former head of the freakin CIA George the worst . . . You get what you vote for

  • memeremalek

    Everyone who says Pres. Obama could have made better decisions should just friggin’ run for President themselves. That’s ridiculous. NO ONE who has not sat in the Oval Office as an acting Pres. has any idea exactly what the choices are, the so-called better choices. No one gets all the facts that he does or sees any situation from the perspective he does. We all only have a sound bite, a thumbprint of ALL the facts at hand. Like post game sports commentators, everyone’s an expert, everyone would have done it better. It’s all bunk. He does the best with what he has at that time, which is not the same as what we can see from where we are. And, he’s working with more political obstacles than any Pres. in recent history. Bush walked into a healthy economy, balanced budget & surplus deficit. Obama walked into an economy in free fall and a country spiraling into an abyss. Hell, I’m shocked that anyone of his character would even want the clean-up job he ran for. We’re damned lucky he has the tenacity & noble intent that he does & is not surrounded by the blood sucking heartless goobers Bush was. I don’t blame everything on Bush. Look who was advising him, the war mongers. Oh yeah, and Osama Bin Laden was still at large. Pfft!!

  • Joanne

    You Liberal’s are sooo blind and not see what is happening with your Royal Highness Obama in control of our country…. MORE people live on welfare than ever before, we have NO RESPECT from other countries anymore, they all laugh at us and walk all over us, we are becoming a Socialist Country, his administration has to be the most corrupt in history, the so called President takes more trips than any other and if he doesn’t his wife does, and yes and lets not forget GOLF!!!! He is never around when the Congress is discussing and passing IMPORTANT bills, he is off playing!!! He is going to break this country. Do you want to live in a third world country, that is the road he is leading us down! WAKE UP!!! I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ONE WORD FROM ANY OF YOU THAT VOTED FOR THIS JACKASS BAWLING WHEN OUR COUNTRY HAS FALLING APART!!! What happened to our morals and why are we growing away from the Constitution!!! I blame this so called President, by the way is NOT my President, of all the name calling and hatred that he has permitted to happen as he is the one that promotes this!!! GROW UP LIBERALS!!!! Can not wait until all his WONDERUL IDEA’S become reality and your pockets are empty!!!! JUST SAYIN!!!

  • Petzl

    I guess those people missed the whole flying onto an aircraft carrier
    in a flight suit with a giant “Mission Accomplished” banner hanging in
    the background in 2003—you know, almost a decade before the
    war actually ended. That wasn’t a photo-op? Hell, just how many
    thousands of dollars of taxpayer money went into that little stunt?

    Just the F-16 alone costs thousands of dollars an hour. To redirect an aircraft carrier group? millions.

  • randy

    I would believe what you said about Benghazi if a few questions were answered. Like —-Why did Obama go to bed without any updates, why were no forces mobilized ( even if they were far away), what exactly did Clinton know, why was the video still being blamed 2 weeks later, and finally- why were the talking points changed from the truth to a lie? The number of deaths is irrelevant, Bush didn’t just leave them to die like Obama did.

  • James Redfern

    so the point of your article is that obama can do anything he wants and be as horrible a president as he wants because we can always say “bush did this” or “bush did that”? so your point is actually that you will ALWAYS accept terrible leadership because of your hatred for bush, correct?

  • Mary Dante

    I know a woman who has no med coverage is “poor” and her last heartattack run to the hospital cost her over 6k out of pocket and she is against Obama and all he stands for including Obama care..wtheck?