Some Bernie Sanders Supporters are Now Bashing, Harassing and Attacking Elizabeth Warren

While most Bernie Sanders supporters I’ve encountered have been great people, there’s no denying that there’s a small portion of those who support him who’ve developed quite the infamous reputation for being hostile, sexist and often very bully-like.

Again, not all… but when BBC – a foreign news organization – writes an article about this particular group of supporters, it’s fairly difficult to say it’s a myth created by Hillary Clinton people. In that actual article there are comments from Sanders supporters who even admit they have felt the wrath of this particular group of rabidly aggressive Sanders supporters.

Here are a couple of quotes from the BBC article written on January 28th:

Some say Sanders is the symptom, not the cause – the “Bernie bro” is just an old troll with a new name. Indeed, Sarah Jeong, a journalist who is the frequent target of sexist attacks, has received so much vitriol in the name of Sanders she set her Twitter account to private – even though she too is a Sanders fan.

Kathleen Geier, a freelance contributor to The Nation and herself a Sanders supporter, says while she has gotten her fair share of ugly online comments from male Clinton supporters, the level of vitriol coming from what she calls a “tiny minority” of Sanders boosters troubles her.

“I think they’re doing harm to the cause,” she says. “I haven’t seen people treat Obama supporters like this, or supporters of other male establishment candidates – just Hillary. So it’s definitely misogyny.”

Even just a few weeks ago Sanders’ own campaign had to address the issue on Twitter, sending out this tweet:

So, for those who claim this is all just something that’s been conjured up by Hillary Clinton supporters, or the “media that’s trying to take down Bernie Sanders,” think again. Because it’s definitely not a myth when Sanders’ own campaign, and a foreign news organization citing actual Bernie Sanders supporters, are addressing this very real issue.

Or if you doubt all of that, just check out this lengthy list of hostile comments I compiled from one article that talked about nothing but unifying to defeat Republicans in November.

Well, this rabid group of Sanders supporters has apparently found a new target: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

No, I’m not joking.

Apparently because she didn’t give in to their demands endorse Bernie Sanders prior to Massachusetts voters going to the polls on Super Tuesday (even though she is in no way required to endorse a candidate by any particular date, nor does anyone know for certain if she supports Sanders over Hillary Clinton anyway), some Sanders folks took to her Facebook page to bash and attack her for not endorsing their candidate.

Here are a few of the comments on her page (unedited by us):

Elizabeth Warren I am starting to doubt my support for you. You should have made a move before Super Tuesday.

Bernie was in a fight for his life and you were nowhere to be found. I thought you truly cared about stopping the Corporate Control of our Government. I thought you cared about all of us struggling to make it and losing the battle to the Oligarchs. I guess I was wrong.

Why not just throw the whole country under the bus so that you can be VP?

Big time sell out. You play politics while Bernie puts his entire heart out. Must be a human trait, cower to big money. That is what you did.

Don’t pretend to be for the people, when you can’t even make the simple choice of endorsing Bernie. Seriously, what a let down. Sad thing is, you don’t care.

You have lost my endorsement. I discovered Bernie because I was following you.

I’m very disappointed, Senator Warren, that you talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk… a presidential candidate comes along who stands for everything you’ve espoused all your political life, and you choose to ignore him. Very disappointed, and disgusted that Washington D.C. can sap the conviction out of someone like you.

Well she was a Republican, like Hillary. Maybe she could relate to her.

Where were you Elizabeth? Bernie is out there fighting for what you used to talk about. You’ll not have our votes. Neither will Hillary.

Shame on you. I really believed you would be the first person to back Sanders. Are you being bought or threatened?

One thing I learned from Elizabeth Warren: if you want to get a movement going, don’t get involved unless it suits your best interest.

I hope it was worth it abandoning your progressive values by not supporting a man like Bernie Sanders who has impeccable integrity. You really hurt the political revolution last night by staying silent. Good luck getting reelected after you turned your back on your constituency! We will not support cowardice any longer.

Trump owes you a big thank you. Your arrogant refusal to endorse Bernie has a very high cost.

Warren is a wuss. Her silence will not be forgotten.

Elizabeth Warren, you’ve disappointed all of us. Seems your actions are currently working to secure a victory for Trump.

Yeah elizabeth your silence really cost this country alot. As a mass voter im gonna find it hard to vote for you come re-election time. So upset with you. You like to talk the talk about wall street but when someone comes who will fix it you stood silent on the sidelines and bern lost by a point.

Elizabeth, you hid when we needed you. We feel betrayed. If you did for Bernie what Harry Reid did for Hillary we’d have one Massachusetts. But you didn’t do a damn thing. And we hate you now.

Your silence is deafening. Congratulations, you’ve thrown what you believe in under the bus. You had a chance to be courageous, and you choked. Disgusted by you.

What ever Clinton promised you, will always have sleazy strings attached to it. This debacle may cost you your job.

What a phony! Letting Bernie Sanders lose by 1% without even lifting a finger to help the real progressive movement! Apologize and endorse #BernieSanders2016

I don’t understand it. You fight for the progressive cause for years, you fight the criminal establishment, you tell people to stand up but when it really mattered you remained silent. If Trump wins the general election – and he will if Hillary is nominated – you will have contributed to that disaster for humanity.

I have officially lost hope in Senator Elizabeth Warren. I have officially removed my support completely.

Senator Warren: I will no longer support or contribute to you or your campaigns. I think it unconscionable that you can continue to condone the corruption in Washington by NOT endorsing Bernie Sanders.

I sincerely hope that another progressive runs against Warren so that she can be voted out of office as a reward for her cowardice. I understand Warren is in a difficult position, but this is a time for courage.

Warren has failed the test …she doesn’t stand up for what she believes which equals to being a coward or a fraud.

Your unwillingness to endorse Bernie prior to Super Tuesday indicates to me that your fear of pressure from Hillary friends on Capitol Hill “trumps” your commitment to the progressive cause. I have lost faith in you.

You have let all progressives down. Sanders can still win, but if he doesn’t that’s on you. And when Trump defeats Clinton that will be on you too. You’re a sellout. Your endorsement will not save Clinton and we will not vote for her. It’s worthless now.

Is she really part of the establishment? How can she, as a representative of the people, as a self proclaimed progressive, not publicly endorse Bernie Sanders? Do you think she owes Clinton some political favors? hmmmm.

Elizabeth Warren why did you not have the backbone to endorse Bernie Sanders over Hillary ? Afraid she will still win and then she would be out for your blood ? Self preservation over morals and values?

Elizabeth are you a neo-liberal? I guess so…..playing the people with your faux liberal agenda. That’s a Trump card. (Source)

I’ll stop there, but there were many…. many more.

First let me point out what an endorsement is since many of these people don’t seem to understand. An endorsement is supposed to be significant because it’s a particular person (or politician) making a decision for themselves as to who they do or don’t want to endorse. For people to demand an endorsement is, well – asinine. If you bully and put pressure on someone to endorse someone – then it’s not really an endorsement. All you’re doing is trying to intimidate them into telling you what you want to hear.

Secondly, Warren doesn’t owe Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders a damn thing. If she doesn’t want to endorse either prior to the nominee being picked, guess what? She’s free to do just that.

What these comments tell me is that many of these Sanders people don’t really care what Warren really thinks, they just want her to agree with them. Because an endorsement is supposed to be about you admiring or trusting someone enough to trust them at their word. It’s not supposed to be about you only trusting someone when they do what you want them to do.

Because the truth is, had Warren endorsed Clinton – these Sanders folks wouldn’t have said, “Wow. I guess maybe I’m wrong? I love Elizabeth Warren and trust her opinion so maybe I’m not being entirely accurate about Hillary Clinton. After all, Warren is someone I admire and believe fully that she would endorse the candidate she really believed is best suited to be our next president.”

Oh, no. 

Instead, had Warren endorsed Clinton, these types of Sanders supporters would have called her a sellout, a fake and a charlatan. Not because anything about her had changed, but because she – of her own free will – didn’t do what they wanted her to do. That or she was “pressured” to endorse Clinton. Because, well, to this group of Sanders supporters everything they disagree with is apparently a conspiracy by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the “establishment.”

Which is evident by these posts. These aren’t people who really care about what Warren really believes. What these people demanded is for Warren to do what they wanted based on their opinion – not hers. Which, again, negates the actual purpose of an endorsement.

Here’s a crazy idea: Maybe Warren likes both candidates? Maybe she sees strengths and weaknesses in both and believes that either would make a great president?

Believe it or not, it is possible to like more than one candidate. Even as a Hillary Clinton supporter, I would gladly support Bernie Sanders as the nominee. My viewpoint is that Democrats have two great candidates. I simply prefer Clinton for reasons I’ve stated numerous times.

But for this hostile group of Sanders supporters to attack Elizabeth Warren is absurd. The truth is, Elizabeth Warren has done more in four years in the Senate than Sanders did in the 21 years before she arrived. The only reason why many people know of Sanders is because he’s ridden the coattails of her leadership. Hell, if she had run for president this year Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have even polled above 10 percent anywhere outside of Vermont. The main reason Sanders has a lot of the support he currently enjoys is because she didn’t run for president.

So, spare me this nonsense about how Warren owes Sanders something.

She’s a strong, leading female senator who came in four years ago and brought with her massive progressive changes to the Democratic party. She doesn’t owe anyone an endorsement. Nor should anyone demand or try to bully her into giving one.

That’s ridiculous. And these people do a disservice to Bernie Sanders, a really good man and a great senator, by behaving like this.

I’m almost certain Bernie Sanders would rather not have the support of those who would bash, attack, bully and harass someone like Elizabeth Warren simply because they didn’t get their way.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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