The Sony Email Hack, the Media Hypocrisy and Why Americans Should be Worried

Over the last couple of weeks numerous stories from information that was discovered from the hack of Sony’s emails have flooded the internet, and some of these stories have even made their way into the mainstream media.

But I just can’t help but wonder, whatever happened to ethics, integrity or morals? Especially in media.

Oh, I know. They all sold out to the almighty dollar and what’s “best for revenue.”

One main issue I have is that these news outlets reporting on stories from these hacked emails are actually empowering this group who our government now says was from North Korea. And I think that encouraged others to then issue threats against the actors, Sony and the movie theaters causing a delay (if not eventually a full cancellation) of the release of the movie The Interview. 

And I can’t help but view these people reporting on these stories taken from these hacked emails as absolute hypocrites. Because I highly doubt that if any one of these people were to be hacked in the same way that they would be fine with that. The truth is, we all have personal messages, conversations, emails and all sorts of other communication that we don’t want the world to see. And if you say you don’t, you’re lying.

It’s the one issue I had with the Donald Sterling story. Now I’m not defending the racist at all. Once what he said had been made public there was no going back. His ignorance couldn’t be tolerated and I’m glad he’s no longer owner the Los Angeles Clippers. But the issue I had is that a private conversation he had in his own home, recorded without his knowledge, was used as a weapon against him.

Are we going to have to start frisking friends and sweeping our own homes for wiretaps out of fear that something we say or do in our own homes might be used against us? There’s a lot of talk about the “fear of government spying,” which is valid on some levels, but this kind of stuff I fear a whole lot more. Because these sorts of things are happening with more frequency.

And what’s worse are these media entities who’ve been reporting on these stories. Because like I said, I can damn sure guarantee you that these sites and companies wouldn’t be running headlines on their websites about the controversial information that they’ve sent internally that could be leaked if they were to get hacked much in the same way as Sony did.

If ethical journalism actually still existed these people would have been made aware of this information and ignored it. Because while it might have been “headline worthy,” the means by which it was gathered lacked all integrity and broke the law. In fact, this hack was worse than others because it’s clear that it was a malicious attack directed at the company because they made this movie.

To put it bluntly, this was a cyber attack apparently from some sort of North Korean entity that many members of our media empowered because they really wanted that “headline worthy” story. Then Sony further empowered them by caving into canceling the movie’s December 25th release date, possibly at least partially out of fear that these hackers had more information they were going to release. Is this how we show our power as a nation, by empowering a bunch of cowards in this way?

But when I get right down to it, the biggest problem I have with all of this lies with the hypocrisy of the “outrage” from media companies or websites (and even some of the people reading these stories) that I can guarantee would not want personal emails or private correspondence of theirs to be made public.

People who’ll stand up on a pedestal and judge others, who I damn sure know wouldn’t want to be judged themselves if the world was ever given access to their private information.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Ernesto DelMundo

    Yeah, I am gonna weep real tears and play a mournful violin solo for Sony Pictures. Just kidding, I am going to root for North Korea to go after Disney next.

  • froxgirl

    I’ll bet Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams would disagree with you. Plus: how stupid can you get? If you reside in a corporate entity, you don’t own your emails. Maybe that’s wrong but everyone knows it. Email is not there to be your confession diary.

    • Nancy B

      But if you reside in a corporate entity, the corporation owns your emails, not hackers in North Korea. How stupid can YOU get?

      • froxgirl

        The hacking sucks, but apparently internet security was not as high a priority at Sony as paying actresses less than actors, was it? The bigger point is what assholes these studio execs are.

      • Nancy B

        Everyone already knows most corporate execs are a-holes and that females are paid less than males in the movie industry. So, no, it is not the bigger point. But points for the most ludicrous diversion argument of the day.

      • OkayDoc

        So what evidence do you have that the N.Korea did the hacks?

        Oh right, non-existant evidence stated by the very same news channels you criticise.

  • Nancy B

    Totally agree. A hacker is a hacker. Whether it’s your credit card info, or your/your corporation’s emails. It’s information they are not entitled to see. The media should respect that.

  • Jim Bean

    I feel like puking.

    When Sarah Palin’s emails got hacked, the Left (figuratively) organized tailgate parties to celebrate. Gawker ran full length articles complete with screen shots of her email pages, individual personal emails, and family photos.

    But when the Left gets hacked and their emails expose their hidden bigotry, they are suddenly filled with righteous indignation and break out into discussion groups to address the issue of the ‘ethical’ breaches associated with hackers disseminating hacked information.

    The Left exhibits a level of shamelessness and hypocrisy that is immeasurable in its enormity.

    • leona doan

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      • Frank’s Vertical Chins

        leona doan,

        You sound like ‘regressive tea party shemale’, only with proper punctuation and sentence structure.

        He makes those kinds of claims, too.

        Just wondering, are you his “girlfriend”? And do you hide that income from the IRS, too, like he does?

      • Cuffook Regressed

        Hey Frank,

        Have you seen that loser Cuffman trolling again? He is touting the fact that he has ‘a healthy relationship’ with fat arse Amanda Marcotte. What a fookin loser.


      • Frank’s Vertical Chins

        I think he and regressive shemale are one and the same.

        Narcissistic liberal freaks with inferiority complexes.

      • Cuffook Regressed

        I agree. Cuffman got super fat. He needs to lay off the free shite down at the barn. Too many Doritos. Holy Cow. Next thing you know, he will have 12 chins. LOL

    • Cuffook Regressed


      These libtards are amazing. They protest thugs killing cops and now this. What a joke.

  • Pipercat

    Nonsense, this all about sloppy data security procedures at Sony Pictures. The fallout that comes from negligent security practices are inevitable and should send a message to other corporations to tighten up their security.

    All the false equivalencies in world will not change that fact.

  • Gary Menten

    The NK’s are doing everyone a favor here.

    1. They’ve just tipped us off as to their cyber war capabilities and invited retaliation over something as strategically irrelevant as a Seth Rogan movie. That isn’t very smart.

    2. They’ve spared Seth Rogan and Sony pictures the embarrassment of having the film flop at the box office.

    3. They’ve spared the public from another Seth Rogan movie.

    • Pipercat

      Number 3, is a wonderful thing!

  • OkayDoc

    You’re american arent you? I can tell by your sheer hypocrisy. You talk of journalistic ethics yet at no point do you highlight that there is no credible evidence that the hacks were perpetulated by N.Korea.

    The fact of matter is that just like every other time before this had the shoe been on the other foot then americans would be threatening way more than acts of agression.

    The double standards of americans that the rest of us have to suffer is despicable, all because americans despise integrity and freedom of speech