Speaker Paul Ryan Gets Called Out for GOP’s Incompetence on Health Care (Video)

Paul RyanAs we all know, most Republicans fiercely oppose the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). They have literally spent years fear-mongering against the law to such an extent that most people I meet who oppose the law do so based on things that aren’t even true. From death panels, to microchips to lies that the law would torpedo the economy – at some point one would think Republican voters would think to themselves, “Hmm, why hasn’t anything my party has told me actually come true?” Then again, that would require critical thinking, which typically isn’t a quality found in many of those who vote Republican.

Well, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan got called out straight to his face on Face the Nation on Sunday over the fact that Republicans certainly do love to try to repeal the law, but they’ve yet to propose any plan to replace it.

“You said that you wanted the Republicans to offer an alternative [to Obamacare] to the president,” host John Dickerson said. “One of the first things you did this year, though, was offer that repeal. How is than an alternative?”

“It’s not,” Ryan laughingly responded. “It’s why we have to come up with an alternative. So, you’re right about that one.”

“Will you?” Dickerson countered.

“Absolutely,” the Speaker said. “My goal, I don’t know how far it will go given we have a filibuster and a guy named Obama who’s not going to replace Obamacare, but my goal is that, we as Republicans, if we don’t like these laws, don’t like the direction the country is going, I think we have to be more than just an opposition party.”

“We have to be a proposition party,” he continued. “So, if we don’t like this, we’ve got to show how we would do things differently. And we really think Obamacare is failing, whether it’s premiums, restricted access, high deductibles, families losing the insurance they wanted to keep. People are hurting and we need to offer a solution. So, yes, on this and many other issues, we need to offer alternatives. And that’s exactly what I intend on having us do.”

Amazing, isn’t it? Here we are, seven years into Obama’s presidency, and Republicans still don’t have a comprehensive plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. That in and of itself shows you how completely full of it they are. This isn’t about the ACA being a terrible law (though it’s far from perfect), or even wanting to try to fix our health care system, this is about playing petty partisan politics with the lives of Americans. The GOP has controlled Congress for a year now, and in that year they’ve done absolutely nothing to propose an alternative to the ACA. All they’ve done is – once again – vote to repeal it…. with nothing to replace it with.

You’re telling me, in seven years Republicans haven’t been able to come up with a single, credible alternative to the Affordable Care Act – seven yearsAnd these are people who think they can lead this nation?

Another question. Why is it only when Democrats took the steps to address our broken health care system that Republicans – coming off eight years of a Republican in the White House and a Congress mostly controlled by them – suddenly began caring about doing something about health care? Again, seven years later and they still don’t have a plan.

This begs the question: How gullible does someone have to be to believe Republican nonsense?

Watch his comments below via CBS News:

Allen Clifton

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