Like the Spineless Coward That He is, Paul Ryan Appears Ready to Run Away and Hide From Trump

Say what you want about Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and I’ve most certainly said plenty over the last several years, but he’s not a stupid person. He’s a very intelligent, calculated individual who doesn’t make a move without weighing the political consequences of it. This is someone who’s clearly been building most of his political career toward eventually running for president.

Unfortunately for him, Donald Trump came along, putting him in a no-win situation that’s taken him from “darling of the GOP” to a disliked “establishment Republican who doesn’t want to make America great again.”

While Ryan’s mostly backed Trump, make no mistake about it, he knows full well that this “president” isn’t qualified or mentally stable enough to hold that office. That’s probably what sickens me most about the sniveling weasel.

When Trump ascended to the top of the GOP, Ryan (like all Republicans) had two choices:

  • Bow down and sell out to him, putting party over country. — or —
  • Stand up to him, call out how awful he is, and put the duty of protecting your country from threats, both foreign and domestic, ahead of party loyalties.

Obviously, like most other Republicans, Ryan chose to bow down and sell out to Trump.

And now, if the reports are true (though he denied them in a statement), like several other Republicans, it appears Ryan is set to cowardly run away, choosing to “retire” from Congress after the 2018 midterms, rather than continue having to deal with Trump.

Great, right?

They all helped elect this nightmare, only to tuck their tail and run. They’re sick of having to make excuses for, and defend, someone who the majority of the country voted against because they know full well he had no business being “president.”

Some people are trying to say that since Ryan’s successfully passed tax reform, he now feels he can walk away feeling “accomplished.” Others have said that since he never really wanted to be Speaker of the House, even long before Trump was “president,” being put in that position has made him miserable.

Don’t believe any of that.

As I said before, Ryan is a very intelligent person who doesn’t do anything without calculating the political implications of doing so. Don’t doubt for a moment that he still really… really wants to be president. He just realizes that, as it stands now, too many conservative voters, especially Trump supporters, view him as toxic and hate him almost as much as any Democrat.

On the flip side, he’s also aware that Trump’s a sinking ship who’s going to pull everyone who continues to defend his inexcusable behavior down into the dark abyss along with him.

If Paul Ryan runs away, which seems very likely at this point, he’ll be doing so to try to create some distance between he and Trump while taking that time to rebuild his image. It’s likely he also doesn’t want to be someone from his party who might eventually have to be involved in removing this “president” from office. A move that would essentially be “career suicide” for many Republicans, especially those who might want to run for president one day.

Ryan seems to be wanting to go away, hide, and let the Trump dumpster fire burn itself out while the nation suffers through it. That way when he reemerges later he can try to claim that he was never fully on board with all the horrible aspects of Trump, let alone any of the ramifications that are coming from the on-going investigations into his campaign, while still hyping the fact that they passed tax reform while he was in charge.

It’s not going to work, but that seems to be the “plan” that makes the most sense — because that’s really the only option he has at this point.

He knows if he ties himself to everything Trump’s going to do between now and his last day in office, his political legacy will forever be tied with possibly the worst and most corrupt “president” in United States history. Yet he also knows he can’t stand up to Trump, because if he does that, he’ll enrage the majority of conservative voters who still strongly support this “president,” which will kill any hope he has at winning a future GOP presidential primary.

Ryan’s only real course of action is to run away, hide on a dairy farm for a while, and hope for the best when he emerges later to rebuild his pathetic excuse for a “brand.”

It would be a fitting congressional ending for a hypocritical scumbag like Paul Ryan. A Republican who helped elect a man he knew had no business being “president,” who’s now going to scurry off and hide because he doesn’t have the courage, or the balls, to stand up to Trump and is hoping he won’t have to deal with the political ramifications of being forever linked to possibly the worst “president” in history.

To that, I have this to say: No matter when Paul Ryan retires, then decides to resurface again, I’ll make damn sure everyone remembers that he played a pivotal role in helping elect a self-admitted sexual predator and a national disgrace to the presidency.

History will not forget those who helped put Trump into office.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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