Starbucks Asks People To Stop Carrying Guns In Their Stores, Outrage Ensues

starbucks-gunsYesterday, Starbucks posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

“Today Howard Schultz is respectfully requesting that customers no longer bring weapons into Starbucks stores, even where local laws allow.”

They also included a link for people to read more about why they are asking people not to bring guns. The outrage from self-described Constitutionalists was immediate and as usual, about as intelligent as a scurry of rabid squirrels. Here’s just a few great comments from their page, spelling and grammar errors left intact:

“Any company that makes a public statement asking me to give up my constitutional rights in order to do business with them has drastically underestimated how much value I place on my rights.”

“Starbucks, it’s over. I will comply with your “request” by not entering your store. Thanks anyway, but I will pay my money to a company that understands the Constitution of the United States.”

“You claimed to be “neutral” when it comes to my 2nd amendment rights, implementing the “local laws” however now that you request that I cannot uphold my right in your stores, you have just lost a valuable customer. I’m sure your business will not suffer, because all of your “mommy’s” will come back. However I am very disappointed in your choice to go against your word of “staying neutral.” Thank you, and nice doing business with you.”

“If you do not support gun rights please get the hell out of our military bases!”



“To your CEOs suggestion…NO THANK YOU, I will continue to bring my firearm in to Starbucks whether open carry or concealed, so that libtards continue to be scared of armed citizens.”

“Well Starbucks Coffee just said they would not allow anyone to open or conceal carry a firearm in there stores anymore ,, SO SAY GOODBYE STARBUCKS !!! Your Coffee was over prices and not Very Good Anyway But my Rights are PRICELESS!!!!!”

“Stupid stuff today, Starbucks. Worst move you could have made. You piss off gun owners (many already pissed off that you made gay-ism a corporate value) and didn’t do enough to appease the few lefties that cried in their coffee. So you gain no support, and lose a lot of it.”

“I am really saddened by the news that Starbucks is not welcoming guests who carry firearms which is an infringement on 2nd Amendment rights. It also tells me that Starbucks management is willing to forfeit civil rights to protect their bottom line profits. So they really don’t care about people as much as they care about people’s money. I guess this means that local law enforcement personnel will have to go somewhere else for their beverages since they all carry firearms.”

“Just thought I would let you know as of this morning I bought my last coffee from Starbucks. If the 2nd ammendment means nothing to you and guns are not welcome in your stores then I will no longer support you. It was one thing when you denied the American Troops coffee but this goes too far!”

So what prompted this polite request (not a ban, although it’s obvious a bunch of people failed reading comprehension) by  Starbucks? It seems that recently there was a “Starbucks Appreciation Day” event in which gun owners were carrying guns to local Starbucks (even in Newtown, CT) to show their support for the business since Starbucks allowed customers to openly carry weapons in states where it is legal.

“Starbucks is allowing us to lawfully carry firearms in their store. Recently, they have been the target of unjust attacks from certain groups that do not support our right to bear arms. We will thank starbucks for standing up for our right to bear arms by going there on Friday, August 9th.

We ask that if you choose to carry a firearm during this event that you follow all local, state, and national laws; and if you choose not to carry that you wear pro-gun rights apparel.”

In a nutshell, people from both sides of the gun debate were using Starbucks as a pawn in their fight – and Starbucks wanted to stay out of it. They simply and politely requested that their neutrality in this issue be respected and that people would stop bringing guns into their stores to make a political statement. They’re a privately owned business and 2nd Amendment rights do not apply on private property; but once again, it’s quite clear that too many gun nuts just don’t grasp what that amendment actually means or where it is applicable. I’m a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but I don’t feel the need to strap on an AR-15 and take it down to the local coffee shop just to prove a point.

The internet is already clogged with articles from a bunch of news channels, many of them falsely claiming that this is a ban. Again, let me make this clear: Starbucks does not want their businesses being used to hold gun rallies, they want to sell coffee. They do not want a bunch of people standing around with guns in their store simply because they can, and that is their right as a business to say so. If these gun nuts are really that upset and actually take their business to local coffee shops, that’s a win-win for everyone.


Facebook comments

  • Pipercat

    After reading those comments, maybe cutting down on caffeine isn’t such a bad idea…

    • langranny

      Maybe people who own guns shouldn’t be allowed to drink coffee. After all “smelling the coffee” indicates being aware of the truth. Gun nuts are unable to comprehend anything but their own selfish need to own something to kill other human beings.

      • Pipercat

        Going around heeled is just a way to mitigate the fear many feel in these interesting times. Some are under the misconception that the weapon they pack will some how make them invincible. Regardless of the reasons, packing heat is a double edged sword. I personally have no desire to live in some Tombstonesque throwback world of gunfights in the streets…

  • Road

    Pissing off gun nuts carrying guns? Haha Everyone needs to settle the hell down. They aren’t banning guns, just requesting that people don’t bring them in. Guns are banned from government buildings, hospitals, clinics, etc. – where is the outrage over that? Silly gun nuts.

    • fearlesskris

      Oh, you haven’t read some of the horrific comments about the Navy Yard being weapons free (it’s not, there are armed guards)…

      • Road

        There are armed guards all over the place. I just wish people would stop, read, think for a few moments, and THEN start talking. Honestly, 1/2 the problem is people not thinking or taking the time to verify information. Some people are just too jumpy and ready to attack everyone else.

  • potatobug

    I especially like the last one who whined “law enforcement will need to go elsewhere…” Well sweetheart if you had read Starbucks’ letter you would see the part about “…. unless you are law enforcement personnel.” Gun nuts are so myopic.

    • fearlesskris

      And really seem to have difficulty with the written language…

  • Kristine Cole

    Interestingly (though I am sure the Regressives don’t understand this) is that the only “person” who can infringe on your Constitutional rights is the government – not private businesses. Just saying.

    • Dem

      This is actually not true. Restaurants actually have the right to refuse service to anyone. no shirt no shoes no service, too drunk no service. Why do you need to bring a gun into a starbucks anyway? just leave it in your car

      • John E. Conway

        Not true, actually, this is a common misconception. It depends on the state you are in. In Oregon, or instance, If you serve the public, then you must serve all members of the public and are not allowed to discriminate. There is a bakery that is in hot water right now for refusing to make a cake for a same sex wedding because of that law.

      • Glimmer

        I believe you are the one with the misconception. Refusing to serve someone for being too drunk or threatening behavior comes under health and safety laws. It’s perfectly legal to remove someone from your premises or refuse to serve someone for breach of health and safety. Refusing to serve someone because they are a same sex couple comes under bigotry.

      • John E. Conway

        I as not sure what your point is, In Oregon it is illegal to refuse to serve someone before of their sexual orientation if you serve the public. Bigotry isn’t allowed. Like I said, depends on the state you are in and the laws that cover it. I cant speak for every state, I dont know all the laws of every state. I know in some states, you do have , in general, the right to refuse service to anyone. In others, like Oregon, you are limited. Yes, the health and safety concerns are enforced, that is obvious and common sense, i didn’t think I would have to point that point. That would not be a just “Any reason,” that is a very particular legal reason. Now if someone needs to have everything thing spelled out for them: yes, if you are too drunk, they can refuse to serve you alcohol and if are belligerent they can ask you to leave for disorderly conduct, and there are a multitude of other, legally defined, reasons they can refuse you service. but those are not just “any reason” as is so commonly referred. So please forgive my lack of clarity, you you need a spotlight now?

  • Pat

    Is it just me, or does it seem like America is getting crazier and crazier, and more out of control everyday? I am ready to move to another country where there aren’t so many gun lovers looking to pack. I feel like our safety is threatened anywhere we go, because some nut is packin’, and he is pissed off about something, so if you are in his way, look out. F’ing crazy!

    • Beth Trader

      Kinda my thoughts for a while now. Already making plans for my escape. They have civilized aka socialized healthcare too 🙂

      • SinginDiva721

        If you don’t mind me asking, where are you looking to move? I know my boyfriend and I have been seriously considering re-locating to Canada. Good luck! 🙂

      • dick greyson


      • Indyprof

        I can’t help but agree with the sentiment – However, I have to say that it pains me to say that, as a retiree and Viet Nam era veteran, I find this sentiment figuring in my plans for my future. It pains me more to see the vitriolic division in this country today. I am the grandson of immigrants as I would guess are many others, and yet many of these same individuals rail against any of the new wave of immigrants (who don’t look like them) as interlopers and cheaters. It makes me embarrassed for my fellow citizens…and so I, too, am looking elsewhere…

    • Almost

      America getting crazier and crazier? Naw. Ever hear of McCarthyism and the Red Scare? Crazy was and continues to being doing just fine.

    • Poncho

      Come to Mexico! We have incredibly strict gun-control. Granted, it does next to nothing to prevent criminals from getting guns, but it’ll ease your simpleton mind knowing the government doesn’t trust you with a hunk of polymer and metal.

      • Pat

        No thanks, Poncho! Talk about a bunch of corruption! You stay down there with the rest of your thug’s and steal, rob people, and sell drugs to make a living for yourself. Me and my simpleton mind are much too smart to head South, we would much rather move North!

  • Dave Manly

    property rights? you know nothing of property rights nor what the intent of them were to be. How about …. with all that edjumacation you have you tell us about how we LOST our property rights and where it began? more dolt bullshit for a paycheck… you know….. nothing…. you are a spin doctor like Oreilly

  • Beth Trader

    I also request that you not bring them into my home or where I work. I am ultimately safer for it. I also have more peace of mind. Thank you.

    Planes fall from the sky too. But I accept that risk and board one anyway. I accept the risk that some nut job just might kill me as I go through my daily life….I suspect it could happen even if people in the vicinity have guns because they are ‘exercising their second amendment rights.’

    Just knee-jerk reactionaries…. just the personality I would prefer to NOT have a gun around me and mine.

  • Lori

    If I see someone with a gun in a public place, I would immediately leave and my business would be lost.

    • fearlesskris

      I would do what the folks in Portland, OR did when some jackasses decided to openly carry their semi-automatics – bar the doors and call the police. Couple of 20 something year old guys came out of backwash Oregon – brainless.

    • Road

      I would guess that a lot more people that share your view will now be more likely to go to Starbucks knowing that so many gun nuts are fleeing. I, personally, would more than welcome stricter gun control but also do not have a problem with people carrying guns. It’s when they have them “out and proud” or constantly want to talk about their guns, shooting accuracy, etc. that makes me unsettled. But we are both in the 80% that want stricter gun laws. The sad part is that the NRA has such a tight hold on our politicians. Makes me sick.

    • dick greyson


  • Hopw

    What a bunch of whiney Gun totin idiots that a lot of people do not agree with. You CAN carry your gun, now respect my right to see that it is hidden so I do not have to worry about someone trying to take you out to show how big and brave they are and catch me in your crossfire. As soon as you people leave, Starbucks will get more of us who never go there because the coffee is strong. Good riddance.

  • Hopw


  • kissyface

    i don’t drink coffee but the more i hear about starbucks, the more i like the business

    • Pat

      They serve very good teas too.

  • Betty Martin Renolds

    Why don’t these gun nuts carry their weapons into the bathroom and when they get ready to wipe their butts, grab the gun instead of the paper and shoot themselves in the arse.

  • mytdawg

    I would think Starbucks has the “right” to ask people not to bring deadly devices into their stores. How come that “right” that they assume (and have been blatantly lied to about) the 2nd amendment gives them is the only right that matters? What about people’s right to not get assaulted for having different beliefs?

  • CooperMV

    The gun nut comment I found most disturbing was the “I will continue to bring my firearm in to Starbucks whether open carry or concealed, so that libtards continue to be scared of armed citizens.” Which is undeniable proof that this person carries a firearm simply to intimidate people, not for self defense, but to terrify fellow American citizens… This is the person we will be reading about next, for inevitably he will take his aggressions out on one of us “libtards” and he will use his precious gun. I have witnessed firsthand the anger of the pro-gunners, it goes beyond constitutional rights, for them it borders on religion, their gun is their God….

    • Pat

      Sorry, but couldn’t resist,…………………………………..their gun and their p*nis is their God. 🙂

    • LateNightLarry

      Their gun is also their penis substitute… makes them feel “adequate”. They feel inadequate when they don’t have a gun strapped to their hip and an AR-15 slung over their shoulder, and a dozen high capacity clips for each in their backpack.

  • Helen Davila-Martin

    Why not have a nation wide policy of no guns in the stores. I never ask my toddler if he ‘wants’ to do something. Plenty of companies have a blanket no gun policy. Is it me or was this just a way to stir up the nut job pot???

  • rcasha

    “What, no gun? What if I don’t like the coffee?” 😛

  • John

    I am tired and disgusted by the avid name-calling on both sides of the issue. Whether or not, you agree or disagree, we will not bridge the gaps between us until we show a respect for the other person and a respect for his/her position. In order to come together on any issue, let’s stop the name-calling and begin to show some respect!

    • raggedcompany

      Just because I’m not stooping to their level and calling them names, it doesn’t mean I respect them.

      • John

        A lack of respect for the other side’s values and beliefs is a part of the problem. It creates the “I am better than you are” attitude that, then, becomes too great of a chasm to bridge.

      • raggedcompany

        I can’t respect people who would seek to negate the rights of others because of their beliefs and values.

      • fearlesskris

        No. People who do not desire the ability to rip apart human flesh with their ammunition actually are better people. There is not a single soul (save a member of our well regulated militia – police and military) who actually needs to carry a weapon into a private coffee shop. Gun owners have become more filled with blood lust and more threatening. It is almost as though these massacres have worked them into a frenzy – if those 20 tiny bodies, torn limb from limb by gunfire, don’t change hearts and minds, what will? Only standing up for what is right and confronting this sick attitude will help. I have no respect for those who argue for public carry of any kind. Have your guns in your own home, take them to the range, or put food on the table for your family – fine. Do not bring them into the vicinity of the public.

      • dick greyson

        Its small mindedness like yours that keep fueling the flames of this debate. Most CCW holder are never seen or felt by the regular unknowing public. If some jackass is walking around stroking his gun then yeah he or she is and idiot and needs a spanking. You on the other hand live under the umbrella of safety that we CCW provide for you every day. I never have my weapon out or even known or even close to being know. I for one am tired of you people forcing your agenda on me a law abiding citizen. When did you become more divine than me? How are you more knowledgeable than I. I went to school, I went to the military, I went to agency, I went to foreign countries and protected my fellow americans here and abroad. I know more about temper and intent and willful misconduct and saving someone from life and limb. You act as if we proclaimed gun nuts are all just some jackass with a 12 gauge or an AR-15 in our gun rack on a pickup truck. You are intolerable and I wish you could carry around a sign that says let them rape me I’m good without your protection. If I ever inadvertently save your sorry ass life then you are not welcome.

    • Suzie

      If only this would begin with our politicians, maybe it would carry over to us ordinary citizens.

    • Adam

      I prefer the Patton Oswalt approach: You have to acknowledge everyone’s beliefs and reserve the right to go, “That is f**king stupid.”


    I would hate to live my life as paranoid and in fear as these people do. Do they even leave their bunkers?

    • Road

      Only for coffee!

    • LateNightLarry

      Only to prance around Starbucks with their penis substitute on their hip…

  • Len Woelfel

    “They’re a privately owned business… ” Not to split hairs, but not exactly. They’re a publicly traded company.

    • Squirrel

      Private, meaning not Government owned.

  • Shannon McKee Trego

    “So what prompted this polite request (not a ban, although it’s obvious a bunch of people failed reading comprehension) by Starbucks?”
    I would venture to say several of them also failed grammar comprehension and spelling.

  • John Engle

    The carry laws here in Texas are clear – any property owner can decide if they will let guns in their establishment. Restaurants and companies do it all the time. Most of the large companies downtown do not allow weapons in the building. People need to get over it. There is nothing in the Constitution guaranteeing you the right to carry. Own is not the same as carry. Get over it or make your own coffee at home. There is nothing unusual in this request. And I am a gun owner.

    Even if it was your right to carry – your rights stop where other people’s rights start. I don’t know of any CCFL laws on the country that force business owners to allow firearms on their premises. They have the right to choose if they will or not.

  • willie

    I bet none of these people and most “2nd amendment right enthusiasts” have never actually read the Constitution. A lot of the time their arguments fall short, pretty much because they can recite it, sure, but when it comes to reading comprehension, well, several adults should have been “left behind”

    • Pipercat

      Furthermore, they recite the words, then disregard the subsequent precedent(s) decided and set after the fact.

  • Iowa Barb

    I can tell you that employees of stores do not feel safer when someone is openly caring a gun. One clerk was terrified of a man who came into the store with his gun in the open – kept his hand on his gun the whole time, even when he was checking out. She was just waiting for him to rob the store. I mean really is this necessary? Was he just trying to look like he was important or something. With so many nut cases out there it terrifies me that one of them is legally being allowed to carry a gun around. When he gets ticked off that his service is too slow, you are driving badly (in his opinion), you are infringing on his rights or what ever – boom. They say that if you are carrying a gun and someone starts shooting at you, you probably will not have time or presence of mind to shoot back anyway.

    • fearlesskris

      I think guys like this do the gun holding/stroking thing in public because they’ve found it’s socially unacceptable to do the same thing in public with their “manhood”. It’s all about the d*ck waving with these guys.

  • Teresa Frey

    WOW I feel safer at a starbucks now! To bad I don’t like their coffee. At least no gun toting tea baggers will be in there

  • Wow, not only are they making their stores gun free, but they’re purging the idiots from their clientele. Sounds like a win-win situation.

  • Dylan

    You’re all really annoying; You do realize that if you sit here complaining and poking fun at another group then you’re pretty much doing the same thing they are by bitching at starbucks.
    You all seem to have this thought that you’re superior or something, even the way the article was written has an arrogant tone to it.
    Honestly, I’m not trying to be an asshole, but this is just how it seems, especially because you can’t speak for all gun owners when you say they carry for a political statement or to intimidate others, unless you know every single gun owner, that’s not for you to say.

    • Squirrel

      Thats why Generalizations exist, so that you wont have to talk to EVERY member of a group. Most will suffice.

    • fearlesskris

      It’s not at all an equal thing. Most reasonable people do not need or want a deadly weapon on their person or anywhere in the vicinity. Because, I have my own rights – the right to not have your bullets rip through my flesh. I hope that discussion and debate will eventually win the day and responsibility will prevail. It certainly isn’t today – the gun owners are crazier and more threatening than ever. I will step up to challenge each and every one of their insane claims to their own private arsenals. None of the founders envisioned this kind of country, none of them. It’s turning into a bloody horror show and we’re sick of it.

    • reallyred

      “To your CEOs suggestion…NO THANK YOU, I will continue to bring my firearm in to Starbucks whether open carry or concealed, so that libtards continue to be scared of armed citizens.”
      Quote from above! Pretty clear this is intent to intimidate based on political beliefs! This may not be all gun owners, but seems to be the mindset of those fringe few that give the “responsible” ones a bad name!

  • RJB, PhD

    I’m a proud, and responsible, gun owner. But seeing as how I’m not an armed robber, a gang banger, or a cop, I fail to see the need to walk around with my gun strapped to my person all day. Actually, if I were to exercise my right to carry a concealed weapon for personal protection, I wouldn’t want a potential robber to know (Robber thinks: ‘She’s carrying in her left pocket, i’m going to grab the gun, then rob her with it.’).

  • Jess

    …..they just ask you not to bring guns in their store. No is forcing it. Its a request. Chill

  • Mike Morrissey

    Did Starbucks seriously believe the gun nuts would leave their guns at home simply because they were asked? My response has nothing to do with the gun-control debate. It’s about sound company policy. If Starbucks’ policy is to ask the gun nuts to leave their grande penises at home, there should be consequences for those who don’t. Every sound company policy has repercussions for people who don’t follow it. That is just sound business sense.

  • reallyred

    So… apparently, Starbucks has no constitutional rights? But they are, according to the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, a person and are afforded the same rights as an individual. Odd that a fear-mongering gun-toting constitutional patriot only recognizes his rights as being infringed. Rand Paul should be standing up for Starbucks… he stands up for businesses denying people of color service. Seriously the hypocrisy and sheer stupidity of this mindset makes my brain hurt!

    • fearlesskris

      I completely agree with this – however, “gun toting constitutional patriot” makes no sense. They are not patriots of any sort – most are stroking those weapons planning and hoping for the downfall of our good country. And I speak from the experience of many long conversations and debates with these people. Some of it is so bloody minded it’s just sickening.

      • reallyred

        THEY think they are constitutional patriots. That was meant more in a snarky tone than anything, because these individuals ARE NOT mental giants and really have no clue about the constitution, only what their revisionist overlords want them to believe it means.

  • Mike Morrissey

    The hammer of a firearm is called a “cock.” Coincidence? I think not…

  • Jim Chavez

    “To your CEOs suggestion…NO THANK YOU, I will continue to bring my
    firearm in to Starbucks whether open carry or concealed, so that
    libtards continue to be scared of armed citizens.” this guys goal isn’t self protection, it is to scare people with his/her gun?

  • Michele

    people who spout the most about their constitutional rights being taken away are the least knowledgeable about their constitutional rights

  • Roger L. Moore

    I’m MUCH more likely to go in Starbucks now. Not only am I glad to not be around the guns, but I don’t have to be around the idiots out there hiding behind one!

  • E_chin

    >wants to “stay out of it” and remain neutral in the gun control debate

    >issues a statement regarding the carry of firearms in their stores

    seems legit.

  • Luke McGrail

    As a gun owner myself, I’m glad Starbucks told these lunatics not to use their locations as a place to rally. These ‘patriots’ don’t understand the first thing about responsible gun ownership or what the 2nd amendment really says or means. Frankly, if I’m carrying, I don’t make a big deal about it nor do I go advertising it. The people who do that are the ones that are insecure about themselves and are trying to prove how tough they are. Frankly I say good bye and good riddance.

  • Just sayin’

    I understand and accept 2nd Amendment rights but why does someone need to take a weapon to get a cup of coffee!!!!!! The proliferation of concealed and open carry permits is beyond being a gun owner. The new “wild west” mentality is scary. And it’s said the statistical odds of being shot by a gun is 5 million to 1. One case in point, yesterday two guys, both with LEGAL concealed carry permits and registered weapons, killed other on the street in a road rage dispute. They were both apparently law-abiding citizens until they chose not to be law-abiding. I expect more of this kind of crap will be happening on a regular basis and innocent people are going to get caught in the middle of it. (You can throw in the need for expanded background checks, limits on ammo magazines and restrictions on military-style weapons, plus background checks at gun shows.)

  • frankelee

    A nice sized sidearm keeps ’em from running a cafe then whining at you for sitting there too long. Which should be a crime.

  • Jake Gold

    Starbucks is a good Jewish run business

  • Make yr [email protected] @ home, Gunoids.

  • Make yr [email protected] @ home, Gunoids.