Stephen Colbert Perfectly Slams ‘Crazy’ Trump: ‘Thank You?,’ No, ‘F*ck You’ (Video)

I haven’t written about him in a while, but last night Stephen Colbert absolutely unloaded on Donald Trump following his decision to ban transgender Americans from the military.

“I really think he’s off his meds,” Colbert said. “Because he went from crazy to cruel.”

The Late Show host then read the three cowardly tweets Trump sent out where he blamed his decision on “consulting with his generals and military experts” who advised him that the military cannot “be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military entail. Thank you.”

“‘Thank you?’” Colbert replied. “F*ck you.”

Colbert then mocked the fact that during his campaign, Trump promised to be a huge defender for the rights of the LGBT community.

But he didn’t just take aim at Trump. He also made sure to take a shot at Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender Republican who, at times, has spoken highly of the current “president.” Colbert mentioned the tweet she sent out where she asked “what happened” to the promise he made to fight for the LGBT community.

“Caitlyn, I don’t know if I’m the first person to break this to you, but he is a liar,” Colbert mocked.

That’s a point I’ve made on several occasions, even here recently, about Trump supporters who are “shocked” that he’s acting like himself. I’ve been infuriated by people who’ve supported him who’ve acted surprised that his administration is a circus, he did something terrible that even they can’t defend, or that he blatantly lied about something during his campaign.

That’s who he is, has been, and always will be!

Were these people not paying attention when he belittled POWs, denied saying things he was on audio/video/tweets saying, or when he was caught bragging about being a sexual predator? I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for people who’s spent much of the last two years defending one of the most horrific human beings I’ve ever seen who now want to act like “he’s gone too far” because he finally did something that negatively impacted them.

Colbert then suggested the reason why this decision came when it did was Trump’s desperate attempt to distract everyone from the fact that “repeal and replace” is failing miserably.

The idea that Trump sends out these tweets to distract people is something that gets mentioned a lot, and rightfully so. However, while I agree that makes sense, and I do believe he’s crooked enough to attempt something like that, it’s hard for me to imagine someone as incompetent as Trump had this “master plan” to announce his barring of transgender Americans from the military just as the GOP’s “repeal and replace” efforts went up in smoke.

I’ve seen no pattern from Trump to indicate that anything he does is “well thought out or calculated.” His behavior is more representative of an impulsive, unhinged madman who can’t control his emotions.

Either way, Trump’s decision on Wednesday was one of the most disgraceful and appalling things I’ve ever seen. With most estimating around 15,000 transgender Americans already serving in the United States military, Trump’s decision effectively tells them, “Thanks, but no thanks — we don’t want you here.”

There’s never been a president in U.S. history who’s shown as much disrespect to our military as Trump. A draft dodger who mocked POWs, attacked Gold Star parents of a fallen American hero, to now this disgusting display of hatred and bigotry in telling thousands of men and women currently defending this country that he doesn’t think they belong there.

As Stephen Colbert said, f*ck you.

Watch his comments below via CBS:

Allen Clifton

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