Stewart to Obama: You’re Running out of Time to Confiscate Guns, Throw People into FEMA Camps (Video)

jon-stewart-final-interview-obamaWhile I am a big President Obama supporter, a part of me is looking forward to the day when he’s no longer confined to the constraints of the Oval Office and will be in a position to say more of what’s really on his mind. I’m sure that after being the most personally attacked and politically scrutinized president in modern U.S. history (if not ever), he’s going to have plenty to say once he’s no longer living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Well, in his last appearance before The Daily Show has a new host in a few weeks, the president sat down with Jon Stewart to discuss everything from feeling more comfortable saying what’s really on his mind later on his in presidency, to the Iran deal and the overall chaos in the Middle East. Though not before Stewart reminded President Obama that he was running out of time to carry out some of his most nefarious plans against the American people.

“You don’t have that much time to take away Americans’ guns, declare martial law, and put hardworking Americans in FEMA camps,” Stewart quipped. “If you’re gonna do that, you’d better get started.”

It’s a joke many liberals have been saying the last year or so as the president’s time in office is quickly coming to an end and literally none of these asinine conspiracy theories conservatives have been pushing against him for years have come true.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving before me,” Obama exclaimed.

The two then discussed the Iran deal and the overall situation in the Middle East. While I’m not going to transcribe the whole back and forth (the entire interview is definitely worth watching below), I did like how President Obama made sure to point out the tendency for Americans to get too caught up in soundbites rather than substantive discourse on issues that impact every single one of us.

“I think what’s understated is the balkanization, the splintering of the media generally, so it’s hard for us to have one conversation,” Obama said. “You’ve got folks who are constantly looking for facts that reinforce their existing point of view, as opposed to having a common conservation.”

And he’s exactly right. Far too often, with both liberals and conservatives, I’ve seen too many folks who don’t seek out facts – just information that confirms what they want to be real. They get caught up in these “echo chambers” where the only information they expose themselves to is that which they already agree with while simultaneously shutting their minds off from any opposing information that might disprove their previously held notions about a particular subject.

Toward the end, Stewart brought the interview back to a more comedic level, asking President Obama what advice he might give to “future President Trump.”

“I am sure the Republicans are enjoying Mr. Trump’s current dominance in their primary,” Obama said.

“Anything that makes them look less crazy,” Stewart responded.

If you’ve got some time, the whole interview is definitely worth watching. It’s just nice to see someone of intellect talk about the Iran nuclear deal as opposed to the right-wing fools I’m constantly seeing bashing something that I’m almost certain the vast majority of them haven’t even read.

You can watch the entire interview (in 5 separate parts) below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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