Stop Calling Ann Coulter Names, Seriously

Anytime I am forced by my fellow liberals into defending Ann Coulter, I get very pissed off. Although, in truth, I am not defending Ann Coulter. I am defending my transgender friends, and the transgender community. But I’m still pissed off. We, and by we I mean liberals and progressives who still fucking do this, have got to stop calling Ann Coulter “Man Coulter,” and “Stan Coulter.” Or “Trans Coulter,” or calling her a “tranny.” Do you know why it has to stop? Because we’re not hurting Ann Coulter one bit, we’re hurting an already vulnerable segment of society: transgender women.

First, some statistics on being a transgender woman in the United States. In 2012, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs released their annual Hate Violence Report. According to that report, 53% of all anti-LGBT homicides were transgender women. FIFTY THREE PERCENT. And of that 53%, the majority were transgender women of color.

Last April, a 16-year old teenager in Florida shot a transgender woman named Coko McDonald. Police determined the teen, Tavares Spencer, shot Coko because she was transgender. On June 3, Lex and Terry, syndicated radio show personalities, referenced the shooting on their program:

There’s a teen that shot a tranny after finding out that it was a man after they had a little sexual encounter.

A co-host responded:

I don’t blame him. I would have shot his ass too.

Cemia Acoff, whose brutalized body was discovered in a pond about a month after her disappearance, was described by The Cleveland Plain Dealer as a man. The first headline read:

Brutal slaying marks the end of a Cleveland man’s fight for acceptance.*

*That headline was later changed to read “Clevelander.”

The second headline was:

Oddly dressed man found in Olmsted Township pond identified.*

*That headline was later changed to read “Oddly dressed body.”

GLAAD, and other advocates for transgender women, were outraged, and rightly so. Both articles used mugshots of Cemia to accompany the text, and in the second piece, the name under the photo is Carl Acoff. The entire handling of Cemia murder by “journalists” is something with which the transgender community is all too familiar.

The New York Post is infamous for their horrific treatment of transgender people, especially women. Their “reporting” on Claudia Charriez included the words “he-she,” “tranny,” and called Charriez a “pre-op transsexual hooker.” The Post has called transgender children “she-men,” and characterized murder victim Camila Guzman as “transgender hooker…Rodrigo Guzman.” Throughout the entire piece on Guzman, the Post uses male pronouns.

Transgender men and women attempt suicide at an alarming rate: 41% of people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming. That’s nearly nine times the national average. Transgender people are verbally attacked, demonized, demeaned, discriminated against, assaulted, raped, murdered, and they are hated. Hated by “feminists,” hated by right wing “Christians,” and now, if not hated, at least not considered by, liberals and progressives.

If you really want to learn all the shit transgender people go through in this country, click this link. Trans is a magnificent website for the transgender community, allies, advocates, and anyone who wants an insight into what transgender men and women deal with. You’ll learn about TERFs-those “feminists” I mentioned above, trans history, politics, you can listen to podcasts, and there’s even a humor section. An article I just read Thursday highlights a real feminist, Poppy Northcutt. Poppy speaks with Cristan Williams about trans women in the feminist movement, and her own ideas about TERFs.

Conservatives have called me a “tranny,” maybe because of my short hair, or perhaps they thought that would make me cry. It didn’t, it pissed me off. I know transgender men and women, and they are bright, empathetic, funny, and they are fighters. Using hate speech to attack me doesn’t harm me; it harms the transgender community. When Todd Kincannon wrote that transgender people should be locked up in mental hospitals, it harmed the transgender community. Funny thing-it was Toddster’s little fanbase who called me a “tranny.”

And when liberals and progressives call Ann Coulter “Trans Coulter,” or “Tranny Coulter,” or state she’s a “transvestite,” you’re hurting the transgender community. Ann Coulter doesn’t give a shit about your comments or your names; she makes millions of dollars a year, inciting you to do exactly what you’re doing. But my friends care, my friends who have been yelled at, called freaks, and the transgender community cares. Why? Because your names for Ann Coulter sound a lot like the names bigots and haters call them. Is that what you want to do? Call Ann Coulter-who is, as I have written on many occasions, a truly horrible person-names that hurt vulnerable people?

In my ideal world, people like Ann Coulter would be relegated to the dust bin of history. Since that’s not happening any time soon, why don’t we split the difference, and relegate all those horrible, hateful, transantagonistic words to the dust bin of history instead?

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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  • Jim Bean

    Its refreshing to see a die-hard liberal chastising liberals for being more guilty of the transgressions they accuse others of than the ones they are accusing. Its a start.

    • Emora

      “More guilty.” Not even close, Jimbob, not even close.

      • Charles Vincent


        /points to
        “John Bollen Jim Bean • 10 hours ago
        No booger-eaters needed here. Go back to the Limbaugh forum”

        Please wake up and smell what you’re trying to shovel.

    • Jimmy_Sr.

      Who let you out of your cage again?

    • John Bollen

      No booger-eaters needed here. Go back to the Limbaugh forum

    • SLM

      LOL – what a croc – no liberal is even close to being 1/2 as bad as the “best” conservative. And we liberals take ourselves to task all the time because we are sooooooooooooooooo far more honest and seeking truth and fainess – what would REALLY be refreshing is to JUST ONCE see someone on the “right” take another on the “right” to task – but that ain’t gonna happen – too many lies, too much corruption and all y’all are in on it or choose to be blind to it.

      • Jim Bean

        Its somewhat uncommon to meet someone so unashamedly head over heels in love with themselves.

  • Guile Williams

    Name calling is what kids do. Sad that adults need to be reminded that.

  • Sandy Greer

    Bravo! This is exactly the kind of article the author should write.

    BTW, I’ve been forced to defend people I didn’t care for either, at times. Agree, it’s ‘distasteful’ and goes down hard.

    But cream always rises to the top.

    • Charles Vincent

      Only if its whole milk…

      • Sandy Greer

        Cats like milk.

  • katherine norton malek

    Calling Ann Coulter names is SO easy! She elicits it. Nevertheless, One does not need to offend transgender ppl to call her names. Referring to her as a transgender person is not insulting, therefore does not accomplish an end goal. In lieu of likening her to a group of creative, sensitive, intelligent, accomplished & authentic ppl does nothing to besmirch her, I suggest using: sub-human, inhuman, cold hearted self absorbed ice queen, dunderhead, bride of Satan, frustrated politician wannabe, brain twisted sociopath, verbal vomit spewer, Rush Limbaugh’s dream girl, Glenn Beck’s calendar pin-up chick ….. there’s just no end to what you could come up with in describing her. How about NOT insulting or hurting others while trying to insult & hurt her. Of course, she can’t be ‘hurt’ per se…. she has no heart & thus cannot feel emotional pain. There’s no emotion in her DNA. So, let it rip.

    • Why do we have to insult her at all? A couple of things on your list are veering close to sexism. Subhuman? Sociopath? Calender pin-up chick? I don’t think so. For one thing, you are no psychologist and cannot diagnose her on an Internet board. Why not tear down what she SAYS and leave her alone personally?

    • cwaigl

      First of all, she isn’t transgendered, so what on earth are you talking about when you say “referring to her as a transgender person” — she isn’t, so stop the demeaning nonsense. Insulting your political opponents on the basis of their looks and presentation has no place whatsoever among political progressives or liberals. It’s a declaration of intellectual and ethical bankruptcy. Each time you do this, you insult the less-than-perfectly attractive women within your own camp as collateral damage. Each time you do this, you deal a blow to women’s participation in politics. What’s more important to you — expending the least effort thinking up reasons why Coulter is *actually* objectionable, or doing the right thing ethically?

  • John Bollen

    Right, so saying Ann Coulter looks like a man or a tranny is inciting violence against the transgender community? Boy, thats a bit of a reach there I think. They are saying that about her because they know SHE, and her mouth-breather Tea Tard fans, won’t like it.

    • Colin Donahue

      Incorrect. What the author is saying is that when you use those terms and comparisons YOU are hurting people in the transgender community. You aren’t gonna hurt Coulter, she revels in that shit, but by impugning her by saying things like that you are by implication saying that being a transgender person is something that is bad. Get it now?

    • SLM

      john bollen – you REALLY missed the point – go back and reread it. She did NOT say calling ann coulter a tranny is inciting violence – she DID say that this grp suffer so much we should not insult them – when you call some vile repugnant person a name, i.e, tranny, retard, pig – you insult the tranny, retard, pig way more then the vile repugnant perosn. If you were trans genger maybe you get the point – it might be too much of a streatch for you.

    • sharpcarnival

      since you use tea “tard”, I doubt you would understand the rationale behind this article, prejudices tend to go with one another

  • It also drives me nuts to see progressives call Ann Coulter, or Sarah Palin, or any conservative woman, “slut” “cunt” “bitch” et al. That really should be beyond the pale. You can hurl plenty of insults by saying your ARGUMENTS are stupid, asinine, ridiculous, and so on and so forth, without dragging the person and their gender into it.

  • Boring as usual

    Yawn. Yet another boring, poorly written article by Erin. Her lack of education really shines through in her poor choices of diction.

    • SLM

      Boring as usual ?? change it to stupid as usual

    • Sandy Greer

      There are no rules to writing. Only to be able to lay words to an abstract idea in one’s head.
      It’s an art – like any other.
      If what is written meet with approval, all well and good.
      But the greatest tribute is that it be read. Which you have done.

  • Beverly Brown

    Damn, I haven’t see any types of statements for people to stop calling the president the N-word. As far as I am concerned she is a poor excuse for a woman.

    • rossbro

      You mean ‘ poor excuse for a human’ ?

    • Christina Johnson

      Y’know, the only way for a woman to be a poor excuse for a woman is to not identify as as a woman. That’s not to say that they a poor excuse for a human being. That’s just to say the only people who are women are those who identify as such, and anyone who doesn’t identify as a woman is a poor excuse for one. I hope that makes sense. I’m really, truly not trying to be a smart ass. 🙂

  • The best name you could call Anne Coulter is “Who?”

    • Mike Williams

      No, no…There is a nice Dr. with that name and that would be cruel to him.

  • Bess Moore

    What IS Anne Coulter?? Really??? Besides a disgusting bitch!!!

    • Thanks for proving the article’s point.

      Let’s rephrase.

      “Who IS Ann Coulter? Really? What she says is disgusting!”

      See how easy that is?

    • Well. Apparently I hit a nerve. (I do remember what your original comment said, and it didn’t include the phrase “dumb ass.”)

      You’re not advancing your cause by calling me names, you know. Especially since that’s the entire point of the article.

  • Kari Hope

    Grow a spine!! You’re not the only ones who have been the target of this bitches misogynistic attitude. We women have been subjected to cruel name-calling for decades. Get over it!

    • I don’t quite understand who you’re talking to, but why should women, or trans people, or anyone else, “get over it?” That veers close to saying, “boys will be boys/nasty people will be nasty people, and nothing can be done,” and we know that’s not true. Instead, why not make the name-calling unacceptable?

    • Glenn Olson

      Used to be, ‘grow a spine’ meant ‘speak up for yourself.’ I’m curious when it became synonymous with “just put up with ignorant behavior in silence.”

  • Jillymo

    I usually refer to her and limbaugh (peas in a pod) as ignorant, soulless, scum … which I will standby.

  • cdubb1545

    Social acceptance comes from acceptance of one’s self. No word is derogatory until it is associated with negative social connotations. Allowing individuals the capacity to accept themselves for who they are is the key. You can’t legislate morality and social conscience, the individual must be built to withstand the bigotry.

    • Sorry, I think that idea is ridiculous. The bigotry should be stopped. Just like it’s unacceptable to say “nigger” and “faggot” in public anymore; certainly people still think and say it in private, but they know there will be consequences, and swift ones (i.e. they might be reprimanded and/or fired), if they were to call a black co-worker “nigger,” for example. Why should anyone have to put up with bigotry?

    • Glenn Olson

      Words only have meaning within that context of social connotation.

      And personally, I would rather have the freedom to recognize bigots by the words they use than have the bigotry masked by erasing the meaning of the words they’re using.

      Also, I’m curious: who’s asking for legislation on this issue?

  • Tyler Garrett

    Call me childish, petty, rude, what ever you like. I will still refer to her as “Coultergeist”.

  • Katie

    Name calling is for conservatives. Most of them don’t have a leg to stand on when debating so they resort to name calling. We are better than that.

    • Mary Pitkin

      While I’ve never used the terms referenced in the article.. I totally agree with the author.. but bottom line.. I agree with this reply. I always say that the TCOTs always revert to name calling.. usually sexist, degrading name calling..because they don’t have anything positive or intelligent to say. We definitely are better than that.. and we have facts on our side!

  • John Squire

    Nobody “forces” you to defend that hateful being—you just happen to believe garden party manners and semantic choices outweigh the hate and bigotry this vile “person” spews to enrich herself. At least OWN your lack of perspective and priorities.

    • Christina Johnson

      So… its okay to suggest that being trans* is something undesirable and ugly because Ann Coulter has masculine feathers?

  • DrMichael

    I still think transgenders are mentally ill at best, but someone with a penis masquerading as a woman is going to receive a violent reaction from a man if they’ve done something intimate without revealing their so-callled “nature” first. That is a normal reaction. I might be a Democrat, but you’ll never convince me that someone born with a penis is female!

    • Christina Johnson

      And you’re part of the problem. Newsflash! If you walked by me on the street, in a grocery store, on a college campus, or in a park: You’d never know I was trans. And it’s not a masquerade because we are the gender we identify as. And that’s the consensus of BOTH the MEDICAL and PSYCHIATRIC communities. Also the consensus of the medical and psychiatric communities is that we are, in fact, not mentally ill simply because we’re trans, and that it is more effective treatment for us to live as the gender with which we identify rather than attempt to live as the gender we were assigned at birth for the comfort of nameless, faceless cowards like you, *Doctor*.

    • Bebold29

      Aren’t you fortunate to have been born in the correct body? I was born in a female body. Otherwise I would have to be transsexual as well. I guess you should be saying thank god/dess you didn’t need surgery to be who you know yourself to be. Its as simple as that to me. I have seen enough transphobia today to fill a lifetime. Even from lesbians. Its appalling. I don’t get it. What do we gain by hating people? BTW, phobia IS a diagnosable mental illness so you might want to be careful.

  • Christina Johnson

    A few people on this article appear to be missing the point. Let me clarify.

    By calling someone trans* and using it as a negative term, you are perpetuating ignorance about the trans* community and our struggles. Which invariably leads to violence against us, whether that would include physical violence or the restriction of our rights, both of which are prevalent across the US and around the world.

    That said, here’s another statistic: 11% of the general population are veterans, while 25% of the trans* community are veterans. I think its funny and ironic that we give more for the country as a community, and yet we are treated like second-class citizens with no thought to the potential that we offer.

  • Emily Crosbie

    It just like how as I was growing up, anything or anyone bad was “Gay” or “Homo.” It isn’t used as much anymore but still crops up from time to time. As the author says, don’t call them names that suggest being a minority is bad but still call them out for being a horrible person.

  • Florence

    First off, the writer of this article is presumably not a trans woman, so she had absolutely no right to use the word “tranny” in this article, regardless of her intention.

    As for the article itself, I totally agree. The liberals who say these things clearly hate trans women and think of us as less than human, and think that calling someone a trans woman is an insult. These liberals are just as violently transmisogynistic as conservatives like Coulter.

  • cwaigl

    Thank you. I feel exactly the same about Sarah Palin. Since moving to Alaska I’ve been aghast at how many of my friends, whose politics I broadly agree with, seem to expect me to join in their sexist snickering about Palin. Heck, I think she’s an under-educated and vindictive nitwit who was in over her head in national politics and is now embarrassing herself trying to carve out brand in right-wing commentary, but no, I won’t reduce her to despicable monikers (“caribou barbie”) and uninformed remarks about seeing Russia from the living room. (I am tempted to unfriend anyone who makes that joke again.) This from people who have clearly no concept whatsoever of her record in Alaska, which was actually surprisingly reasonable and pragmatic. Alaskans call her “the quitter” because she fulfilling her ego on the national stage was more important to her, so when she got bruised, she didn’t finish the job she had started in the state she was supposed to be governing. And yes, even I would much rather have her (well, what she used to be) than the current guy.

  • JudgeX X

    This tone and language policing business has to stop. If namecalling of any sort still has enough effect on you that you have to write entire articles about it, I think you’re being overly sensitive.

    Relax. It’s gonna be okay if someone uses a misogynistic term to describe Ann Coulter. They don’t mean it about all of womankind/transkind, just Ann Coulter. Calm down.

    Getting “outraged” over a transgender person being referred to as one gender as opposed to another is ludicrous, too.

    Can you just stop getting outraged altogether? The state of being of “outraged” has really been abused and overused for about 30 or 40 years now. Just stop.

  • Joe Randazzo

    We can still call her stupid, right ???

  • Russell J Tharp Jr.

    I’ve always used the term “ho” for ann coulter. I think it fits.

  • HannaH43

    I personally have always found her quite intelligent quite charming and amusing and most the time correct in what she

    says hundred percent. Of course not. No human is perfect. Well maybe me

  • poppaDavid

    Coulter once said that women should stay out of politics, and has been trying to prove it by example ever since.

  • republic84

    This is a well written article. We should stop stooping to the level of people like Coulter. People like her should be barely an afterthought.

  • Zedsdead

    I disagree with 99.99 percent of what Ann Coulter says but have never felt the need to call her derogatory names. Never thought about it till I read this article.

  • Marcus Shelton

    And this is why conservatives consistently rhetorically kick progressives asses up and down the field. Progressives spend way too much time wringing their hands and clutching their pearls over bullshit Instead of fighting the enemy on all fronts

  • Windell Cotton

    Okay I’ll say something nice. She has a neck that “ROCKS!”

  • SpaceCadet Williams

    I just call her Trash.

  • pnllsprkf

    never even knew she was transgender-just thought she was pure ugly in and out–nothings changed in my opinion

    • Askjrsk

      Michael Obama you’re talking about. He’s just half the man he used to be. Ape in high heels.

  • Dennis

    I don’t care about being PC. If you have a penis you are a man. Beyond that, the ridicule is uncalled for

    • Bebold29

      When did the trans community become the enemy here? Clearly some people here need to study up on why transexuals exist. What it is really all about because its not about peni! Guess the point of bashing has proven true right before our eyes. Of issue here are three destructive women. Not ugly women. Not pretty women. Just women.

      Joan Rivers called Michele Obama a trans I think because of her muscular arms – she was a comedian and hopefully thought she was being funny. It came down on her hard and brought out more anti-trans rhetoric and hatred. Did somebody here actually say they don’t blame the kids for shooting the trans woman in Florida and they would have done the same thing? Am I in america anymore?

      Of course trans people and all gender queer people suffer for that. Same with saying all Irish are drunks. It hurts the Irish community. How can it not? I feel ashamed of the bigotry showing up here.

  • I would never insult the transgenders and call her that….but I do call her other things lol.

    That trailer park white trash reject…..well I will stop there and be nice.

  • J. Hallett

    But she can call other people names like idiotic and narcissistic and it’s OK?

  • George “Kingfish” Stevens

    The only thing worse than a TeaBaggers is a PC WEENIE !