Stop Calling Donald Trump a Christian, Because He Damn Sure Isn’t One

There are a lot of things people can say about Donald Trump, but calling him a Christian shouldn’t be one of them. Over the years I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with the phrase “Christian” being thrown around as if owning a bible or going to church makes someone an actual “Christian.” While everyone is free to call themselves whatever they like, to be a Christian means you actually have to live a life based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. The faith is based upon a very specific person and a fairly specific set of values and guidelines one must follow in order to be considered an actual Christian.

There’s a big difference between simply believing in God and actually being a Christian. In fact, most of the religious nonsense Republicans blather on about doesn’t even come from anything remotely related to Jesus Christ or anything He said or did. The vast majority of the religious rhetoric they like to cherry pick to push their political agenda comes from the Old Testament. Issues like abortion and homosexuality are two things about which Jesus Christ never spoke.

However, do you know what Christ did condemn? Things like greed, judging others, selfishness, anger, hostility and ignorance.

While I’m not going to be as brazen as to think I can speak for what Jesus Christ might say about Trump if He were alive right now, I say without hesitation that He would find “The Donald” disgusting and appalling because there’s almost nothing “Christian” about Donald Trump.

Did I miss the part where Jesus Christ said it was okay to belittle and degrade women? Not only is Trump on his third marriage to someone who’s much younger than he is (who just happened to be a model — which I’m sure had nothing to do with it), he’s committed at least one affair and has a lengthy history of sexist comments about females.

Then last I checked, I’m not sure Jesus Christ would be too big of a fan of an egomaniac who brags about how much money he has. Not only did Christ often speak out against greed, but I’m fairly certain He’d frown upon arrogance, ego and Trump’s constant gloating about his alleged “success.” In fact, when you look at the “Seven Deadly Sins,” Trump matches up pretty well with pride, gluttony, lust, anger and greed — five of the seven.

And there’s absolutely nothing Christian about the pathetic and childish ways he calls other people names. Following him on Twitter is basically like following a spoiled, bratty 13-year-old with the vocabulary of a 7-year-old who has severe anger issues. It’s embarrassing this man-toddler has behaved this way yet still managed to become the presidential nominee for one of our nation’s two largest political parties — ironically (and hypocritically) the one that calls itself the “party of Christian values.”

Then there’s always the endless list of bigotry, racism and blatant, hateful ignorance on which he’s built his entire presidential campaign. After all, this is someone who heavily pushed the racist “birther” conspiracy theory well before starting his presidential campaign by calling most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.

How “Christian” of him.

Let’s also not forget that almost nothing he says is remotely true.

The bottom line is, there’s nothing Christian about a rich, dishonest, egotistical racist blowhard who degrades women, pushes hate, calls other people childish names while building an entire presidential campaign on bigotry and vilifying millions of people.

So please stop referring to this repulsive man as a “Christian,” because he damn sure isn’t one.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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