Stop Calling These Idiots in Nevada an “Armed Militia” – They’re Just Lunatics with Guns

nevada-ranch-wannabeI’ve absolutely had it.  I’m sick to death of people calling these fools in Nevada an “armed militia” who came to stand against the big bad federal government to “defend the rights” of Cliven Bundy.

These people are not a militia.  They’re nothing more than a bunch of gun happy, right-wing radicals who hate the government and converged on Cliven Bundy’s ranch in a proud showing that they support a man who refuses to pay fees that multiple courts have upheld for violating federal law by letting his cattle illegally graze on federal lands.

They’re not a militia, they’re idiots.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines militia as:

Militia: a group of people who are not part of the armed forces of a country but are trained like soldiers; a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency; a body of citizens organized for military service.

A bunch of random anti-government fanatics converging on a scumbag’s ranch in Nevada because he refuses to obey the law doesn’t fall into the category of any those descriptions.

For some reason these anti-government radicals believe that a group of people getting together to shoot their guns in the woods constitutes a militia.

It doesn’t.  All these people do is prove their mental instability by showcasing their paranoia as it relates to our government.

Think about it.  These Nevada idiots really believe that because the Bureau of Land Management backed down when they realized that violence might break out, due to their idiotic behavior, that somehow they’ve “won.”  That alone proves how ignorant these people are.

If the government wants to seize Bundy’s cattle that have been illegally grazing, or even arrest him, they can and will.  A handful of idiots with guns aren’t going to stop the government from enforcing court upheld federal laws. 

The government backed down because they don’t want this to escalate into violence.  Not because they can’t crush these fools with ease, but because this really isn’t an issue that should lead to violence.  But if these people want to continue to go around pretending to be some “armed militia” standing in the way of the federal government carrying out a court order that says Cliven Bundy has repeatedly violated federal laws, it might eventually lead to violence.

And that’s when these morons will realize that a handful of mentally unstable people suffering from some kind of paranoid delusional disorder doesn’t equate to being a “militia,” and they damn sure aren’t any match to go up against the federal government.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Somehow I get the impression that somewhere along the lineage of these folks, incestuous relationships were practiced. How else can we justify this type of abnormal behavior.

    • oldngrumpy1

      Family reunions are a great place to hook up in many states.

  • Adam Smith

    Two lesson I’ve learned in life that have served me well

    1. You can’t fix stupid
    2. You can’t understand crazy

    These so called militias are both.

    • Stephen Barlow

      The key ingredient to being a ‘fully baked’ militia is organization. And the last time I looked ONLY ALL WHITE groups got Federal protections for their 2nd Amendment abuses.

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    “I’ve absolutely had it.”
    And what are you going to do? Get Pajama Boy and go teach em a lesson?

    • Melinda Craig

      Pajama Boy has used brains instead of his ‘big gun’ to keep America from suffering more blood shed in unnecessary conflicts. I for one appreciate this. Especially due to the fact they stated they would put their women and children on the front lines to be killed first.

      There is nothing Patriotic about that. at all

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        “Especially due to the fact they stated they would put their women and children on the front lines to be killed first.”

        Like so many “Liberals” you seem to presuppose and “be cool with” a scenario in which the federal government was going to exercise the Waco option and kill every civilian protester in attendance and then raze the place.

      • Melinda Craig

        xpat, but they didn’t do that did they?? What a wild imagination you have. Is that the outcome you were hoping for?

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        The outcome I desire is one where the government leaves law-abiding American citizens alone. These days that gets you branded a terrorist by the authoritarian, increasingly totalitarian Left.

      • Melinda Craig

        Clive Bundy is not a law abiding citizen. He has mooched off the land that belongs to all of us for 20 years. He’s been ordered twice, by the LAW to remove his cattle from public land and he’s failed to do so. How about I take 200 head of cattle and move it on to his land? Would he have to right to remove my cattle? That is the same thing he has done to US the taxpayers.

        If you’ll notice even the brain dead Tea Party are backing off of this. What does THAT say?

      • Melinda Craig

        72 hours of illegals slipping through, oh that’s your concern now? Obama has deported more illegals each year he’s been our President than Reagan granted amnesty to. Our priorities are to get our economy back on track. Something y’all seem hellbent and determined to obstruct with your sill ‘I hate this President BEE ESS’. Armed to the teeth, you betcha, there was already word that the hillbilly militia was going to be on hand.

        the Koch brothers are Azs Clowns who have spoon fed YOU the BS you’re talking about now. Research their history to see where their true loyalties lie. Now that the Harry Reid involvement MYTH has been debunked y’all are having to eat a bit o crow aren’t ya? ASxhat.

  • aka Eric Blair

    Why is that moron pointing his rifle at Federal Agents? Why isn’t he either in custody or laying on a slab in a morgue?

    • PRIME79

      Because white people.

      • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

        “Because white people.”

        You are a Deep Thinker.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That actually explains EVERYTHING. WHY aren’t the White Sheriffs and cops who have vowed to NOT enforce Federal Laws NOT being rounded up as Seditionists and jailed under the Patriot Act?

    • strayaway

      A better question is why the federal government Pinkertons are aiming sniper rifles at citizens and a land use bureaucracy deploys militarized swat teams with armored vehicles. Wouldn’t it be simpler to get a warrant, arrest Bundy, and put him in custody the next time he shows up at the feed mill or gas station? Why the show of force and intimidation? One would think that the federal government would have learned its lesson when Clinton assaulted the Waco compound with a tank and incinerated 68 people. Again, why didn’t they just arrest Koresh when he made one of his frequent trips to town? It’s interesting to see the occasional gestapo reflex perspectives of some of the ‘progressives’ here.

      • ZAc

        Koresh never left his compound. Are you a whackjob anti-American apologist? And they were authorized by the courts, including a known hard line conservative judge to impound the cattle and sell to settle Bundy’s outstanding debt. And this fool hiding behind the jersey wall has NO business aiming a rifle at Federal Agents….

      • strayaway

        Korash never left his compound after it was surrounded but he regularly went into town prior to that. That is why, at the time, this question was brought up. Why was it necessary to incinerate 68 people using the tank to bang into their building, with women and children inside, when the local police could have just grabbed him? Why are you such an apologist for the police state? A warrant should be issued, an arrest made, and Mr. Bundy should be convicted by a jury if he is indeed guilty. There is no need for the gestapo like theatrics by the government of the guy posing with the rifle. He, too , should be arrested if he violated a law.

      • Thomas Milligan

        You seem to have forgotten that prior to the major catastrophe at Waco, there had already been a gun battle in which federal agents were killed. At that point, the government had no choice but to go in with overwhelming force.

        And as to the “gestapo reflex,” perhaps it grows out of the fact that when the nation’s real injustices are called out from the left side of the political spectrum, eventually the protests are broken up with just that sort of overwhelming force. You seem to have forgotten what ended the Occupy encampments.

      • strayaway

        You correctly call the Waco action a catastrophe. I just read a Wikipedia article, “The Waco siege”. The government laid siege to the compound on April 28. “ATF agents stated that they heard shots coming from within the compound, while Branch Davidian survivors claimed that the first shots came from the ATF agents outside. A suggested reason may have been an accidental discharge of a weapon, possibly by an ATF agent, causing the ATF to respond with fire from automatic weapons. Other reports claim the first shots were fired by the ATF “dog team” sent to kill the dogs in the Branch Davidian kennel.” This began the seige that lasted for 51days and resulted in a tank pushing its way int a compound filled with women and children incinerating 68 people. This was unnecessary as “Although the ATF preferred to arrest Koresh when he was outside Mount Carmel, planners received inaccurate information that Koresh rarely left it.” So I think the federal actions and apologists of that action and the Swat teams, snipers, and assault vehicles at the Bundy Ranch are indeed examples of a “Gestapo reflex’.

        You are also correct that that the federal government (under which President?) took down the Occupy movement.

      • Claudine E. Capriotti

        Wikipedia was your problem to begin with!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Of course he went into tow… to regularly meet gun dealers smuggling automatic weapons and explosives into his compound. Only those WACO children were innocent. ALL the adults deserved to be murdered by their own leaders, simply for being ignorantly blind enough to follow ANYONE who keeps a harem of underaged girls and stockpiles illegal weapons.

      • strayaway

        “ALL the adults deserved to be murdered by their own leaders”

        Again, blood thirsty notes from progressives. Sigh…

      • Jim Strathmeyer

        hint: there is a warrant, they’ve threatened to kill anyone who comes for him

      • strayaway

        I haven’t read about any warrants for his arrest but let’s say there is one. Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait for Bundy to come out to arrest him than to risk a possible shoot-out with massive fatalities like at Waco. He is effectively under house arrest until he decides to surface anyway. You progressives are really blood thirsty.

      • Melinda Craig

        Bundy brought his 54 grandchildren to the ranch. Was he planning on putting them ‘out front’ too if the shooting started? We know who the WACKO’S are in this scenario, and it’s not our government.

      • strayaway

        I don’t know. Why should there be any shooting anyway when they could just arrest him the next time he goes to town? Last year, there were over 4,000 swat team raids in the US. Federal law mandates that local police make arrests on such charges. I think so many swat raids and the federal government breaking its own laws is WACKO. I am impressed with Mr. Bundy for having 54 grandchildren though.

      • frivolous01

        Because that runs the risk of putting innocent bystanders in harm’s way. If they go to his home, the only people there are people that are involved. If there is a shoot out in town when they try to arrest him then non-involved people could be injured or killed. It is about containing and controlling the situation and the impact to the public as much as possible.

      • strayaway

        Ruby Ridge and Waco make a mockery of your first point. But why even arrest Bundy if no judge has signed a warrant for his arrest? Since Bundy has been ignoring rulings and the federal government claims Bundy owes a million dollars in grazing fees, it would be a simple matter for a judge to sign a piece of paper. Surely, there is probable cause. Issuing a warrant seems a better place to start than a Waco like raid you seem to prefer. Second, federal law requires that the local police authority make any such arrest. Third, I’m unaware of any Constitutional authority existing allowing federal agencies like the BLM or DOE to have swat teams and armored vehicles, or for the federal government to own land for purposes other then those laid out in the last two paragraphs of Article 1, Section 8. From what I’ve heard on the news there are good reasons to sign a warrant for Mr. Bundy’s arrest. Unlike you, however, I want this done in a manner consistent with both federal law and the Constitution and I dislike expansions of federal police state powers.

      • frivolous01

        Ruby Ridge and Waco actually prove my point. In both situations the people that were there chose to be there. I think you are confusion criminal and civil law. Bundy was ordered to pay fines and fees, and he was ordered to remove his cattle. Those are civil penalties, you cannot be arrested for civil matters in the USA. We don’t have debtor’s prisons here. However, there was a court order to enforce the injunction and round up his cattle. That was the purpose of the federal agencies going to his ranch. As for the armed presence, I think it is perfectly appropriate to show up with armed law enforcement when someone has indicated they will resist lawful court orders with violence. The people who serve these orders are sworn law enforcement officers that are legally required to carry firearms when on duty. As for the land issue, there is two hundred years of legal precedence for land ownership by the government. Get over it. Finally, please do not presume to think you have any concept of what I do or do not believe based upon one paragraph in a comment section. It just makes you look ignorant.

      • strayaway

        So your first point is that the children included among the 68 people massacred in the Waco massacre, “the people that were there chose to be there”, deserved to die because they chose to be in there. I thought they were after Koresh because, among other things, he was having sex with the children and all the women. Might as well get rid of them too or were they ‘collateral damage’ in your Gestapo playbook. Yes, we do do debtor’s prisons here. Consider guys who get way behind on their child support.
        If a judgment has anything to do with a criminal case – “as in nonpayment of fines and/or probation fees stemming from a misdemeanor or felony criminal case – then you could be arrested and taken to jail.” I assume that owing the government a million dollars or grazing misdemeanors qualifies. In any case, Bundy’s land probably can’t be transferred or sold without the government being paid.

        This isn’t about just collecting $1M of back fees at this point. Otherwise, why would the government have spent possibly more on its Bundy operation than it sought to collect? This seems, more and more, like a pissing contest with people like the federal authorities more willing to pull out your knives.

        Reminder; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and SEIZURES, shall not be violated, and no WARRANTS shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, AND particularly describing the place to be searched, AND the persons or things to be seized.”

      • frivolous01

        Basically this conversation is over. I can’t figure out if you are really that ignorant or if you are deliberately twisting my words. Honestly, I don’t really care because there is no value in debating someone like you. I suggest you read up on a couple of things; logic and law. You are woefully deficient in your understanding of both of these.

      • strayaway

        I, in turn, suggest you read up on the Constitution and morality. You are woefully deficient in your understanding of both of these.

      • Claudine E. Capriotti

        Written by who? The Real Founding Fathers or Louie Gohmert the head of the TRAVELING TBAGS AND KING OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT FRINGE??????

      • strayaway

        I amended your first sentences to read, “Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Warsaw Ghetto actually prove my point. In these situations the people that were there chose to be there.” All those little kids in the line of fire as collateral damage. After all, “They chose to be there.” I realize I’m laying it on too thick but those kids didn’t choose to be there and the spouse of the Randy Weaver was taken out by a sharpshooter when she came to the door holding her baby. Mother’s Day is a good day to bring that up. Unlike you, I disapprove of all the violence.

        The round-up was on federal land rather than on the Bundy Ranch as you claim. But this was not about collecting money. The proof is that the federal government, from what I’ve read, spent more money trying to collect what Bundy owed than than what he owed. It would have been so much easier to put a lien on the Bundy property with interest than to bring in a SWAT team and armored vehicles and set up “free speech zones”; none of which are helpful to rounding up cattle.

        The last two paragraphs of Article 1, Section 8 spell out what the federal government has delegated powers to buy land for. That goes back more than two hundred years before land was stolen from Indians by legal precedence.

      • Claudine E. Capriotti

        Boy, we are blood thirsty? LMAO! You sir are a very confused being….. Seriously? You are on the side of the ORIGINAL *W A R M O N G E R * JOHN McCAIN

      • strayaway

        You either don’t know anything about John McCain or have terrible reading comprehension of whichever post of mine you read. Which wars, torture, overthrows, have McCain and Obama disagreed on even if McCain sounds crazier?

      • Stephen Barlow

        BEtter question is: WHY are groups of armed WHITE people who live in other states, AIMING LOADED WEAPONS at Federal Agents with impunity in Nevada? WHY are they not in JAIL?

        if they were Hispanic and protesting the abduction of lawful American citizens of lawful visa holders with LOADED or dead.

      • strayaway

        I don’t know. Maybe they should be arrested assuming they were aiming loaded weapons at federal agents. That’s never a good idea and is probably illegal. Do you have any racist theories about a lack of melanin causing such behavior? Maybe if they were Mexican drug dealers, Eric Holder would have given them automatic weapons.

        You realize though that US drones killed 55 people in Yemen last Saturday? On the one hand we have WHITE people who might, or might not, have aimed loaded weapons at federal agents (zero dead) which I don’t condone even if it had to do with a lack of melanin and on the other hand, federal policy killed 55 brown people and the press hardly covers it. Go figure.

      • Stephen Barlow

        You are a celebate idiot. No WAY you have enough brains to be a f*cking one.

    • Mr Smith

      These guys aren’t as much morons as they are “Domestic Terrorists” engaging in acts of “Terrorism”

      The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

      Domestic terrorism:
      Terrorism practiced in your own country against your own people;

      • Citizen

        Oh yes. Because the government would never commit domestic terrorism…using the definition listed above.

      • Mr Smith

        Bundy is in violation of the law and several court orders spanning 20 years of his crimes. The government is legally entitled to use violence and intimidation against him and its not for political aim, Its to get a freeloading thief to pay his bills, bills that are in excess of 1 million dollars. What I would assume the government is going to do in this case is tack the fines, cost of enforcing the law, salaries of everyone involved and the 20 years of cost he has incurred on the government onto his property tax, if he doesn’t pay they will seize his farm and all of its assets. All legal, fair and square and I pity the dumb asses that fire the first rounds at law enforcement personnel.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The latest is that Bundy’s family NEVER owned that ranch before BLM jurisdiction. They purchased it in 1948. Three generations of land poachers… how many of their kids have parents whose are brother and sister?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Not in such a blatant a way as pepper spraying sitting students on campus… Even WHITE students.

        Did you hear about the COP in Oakland, who was awarded by a majority white jury, more in damages than all the 25 people he pepper sprayed on National TV received for damaged and civil rights violations during the OWS 2 years ago. He claims PTSD from HIS OWN ACTIONS have crippled him and cost him a career.

        So he jumps on the welfare bus, FOX News calls him a hero, and those who actually have permanent physical damages from this man’s ASSAULT, get pennies on the dollar for exercising multiple First Amendment Rights in public.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Preferably the latter.

  • John

    Cilven Bundy has no one to blame but himself for not taking his Viagra as his doctor ordered.

  • wheldon rumproast

    Precisely why the feds should NOT have backed down to these criminals. D-bags had women with them? Did they have them chained down? If not, they could have left. If they chose not to, they were part of the problem. Smart money would have given everyone…including journalists and hangers-on…1 hour to vacate, or become a statistic. Then: follow through.

  • ta2t2o

    The Right is now doing damage control. They hitched their wagon to this guy initially thinking it would be a good political football. Then when nutcases started getting tied to this cause, and Mr. Bundy started doing interviews, even the sheep on the Right couldn’t back this guy. Hannity pushed it trying to call these guys Patriots – which didn’t hold up with other historic comparisons. Now you have the “cleaners” being sent in on O’Reilly last night trying to diffuse this and create some distance. They’re trying to rationalize support that can’t be rationalized and they ended up on the wrong side of this issue. Once they realized it, it was almost too late – they’re now tied to this group of people committing terrorist threats against US law enforcement officials.

    The irony is that there were a decent amount of militia folks who came up from Arizona threatening these officials. Imagine if there were a group of Hispanics threatening border patrol in AZ because of the treatment of immigrants trying to cross into the US. These same militia wouldn’t be protecting the criminal – mainly because the wouldn’t be old white Anglo-Saxon Christians.

  • Fedupwithyou

    I want to see what you do when the government comes for your land. Are you just going to hand it over along with all of your belongings? Just look at them and say “OK” and then walk away with your tail between your legs? Coward.

    • mamajulia

      It isn’t Bundy’s land. Apparently you haven’t been paying attention.

    • Kelly Cowan

      It is Federal land ass hat. Before your get your fake big man complex in a twist, at least get the facts straight. Fed up with you and your delusional paranoid ilk.

    • pinballsdoll

      It’s always helpful to know what you’re talking about before you post

      • Thomas Milligan

        Not a requirement among “conservatives” They get to make up their own facts.

    • DavidD

      My family bought the land legally,we pay our taxes and only use it for enterprises that are within the law,tree farm and in the past cattle.
      Unless the state uses imminent domain to get the property we don’t have anything to worry about.
      Your paranoid fantasies were you are the hero is a delusion worthy of an eight year old not an adult.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Everyone seems to be missing the point. While these armed citizens have taken a stand against what they believe is an unfair judicial system, they may be wrong in this issue but they are right that there are two systems of justice in our country. The oligarchy are not treated the same way as the rest of us. The oligarchy gets to exploit public land, can break the law without consequences on a grand scale, get richer, and no one goes to jail. And yes, people die in poverty without adequate health care due to this increasingly unfair system. The plutocrats currently own and control all three branches of government. While these people in Nevada may be domestic terrorists, the vast majority of domestic terrorists are in Washington in positions of government. I don’t think these people are morons, but they are obviously very angry at what is happening to our country. Take a good look, this is the future.

    • mamajulia

      Did you see the “militia” members being interviewed on Fox? I did. They could barely put a single sentence together to explain why they were there. Just empty buzzwords. They weren’t angry at the oligarchy. They were just sh*t-stirrers, spoiling for a fight. All they wanted was an opportunity to brandish their manhood substitutes. Old Hatchet-face Greta was promoting them as heroes. Utter bullhockey. I agree, the plutocracy is out of control. But this Bundy loser is no victim; he is an arrogant scofflaw and a thief.

    • Steven Michaels

      The point about oligarchy is well taken but democracy will rise again. It always does. However I am not convinced these terrorists have any idea about that or it’s meaning . I do believe that through misunderstanding of the law and what it is… and misunderstanding their rights, they have been encouraged and to some degree led by media such as Fox news into believing this is a proper course of action. Look at the response given even on our discussion boards. Perhaps something needs to be done about the responsibility of our rights. Yes you have the right to free speech but you also carry the responsibility of that speech Perhaps there needs to be some sort of “truth in speech” responsibility. Politicians should not be permitted to lie to us and political adds should be responsible for truth in advertizement. Perhaps opinion pieces should have to advise us of known facts and then advise of their opinions about such matters. May we need to demand a little more responsibility

    • YouandWhoseArmy3D

      Cliven Bundy gets to exploit public land, can break the law without
      consequences on a grand scale, get richer, and he doesn’t goes to jail.

      You are defending someone who is doing exactly what you’re against. Not sure how you missed that.

    • Patrick Scott

      If it was this simple. You are right in the BIG picture, and too many can’t see the big picture. Look at most post and those that are anti government are against the President. Not that the policies he has instituted are so bad but that those with the most money have been giving control of our media, politicians and schools. They have pillaged our natural resources all the while calling any one that raises an alarm a liberal extremists or economy terrorist. That company in West Texas that blew up last year killed and injured a lot of people but in TX a business can not have insurance if they get a million dollar bond. The company had that and filed for bankruptcy after the blast. The property damage was in hundreds of million. The quality of life value is just as high but the owners are not liable because they followed the laws that are so watered down. Why because TX doesn’t want frivolous lawsuits so they instituted limits and gave companies free reign. Get away from the social issues and you’ll find more of us agree than disagree.

    • DavidD

      When they picked up the gun they lost any chance of me looking at their problem.
      These guys are self appointed vigilantes outside the rule of law.I didn’t vote for them and they do not have my consent to enforce their personal agenda with the force of arms.
      When a coyote gets after my stock I shoot it and hang in one the barbed wire to warn the other coyotes.
      Outlaws should get the same treatment when they violate the public peace.

  • Kelly Cowan

    Domestic Terrorist, Insurrectionist Traitors.

  • wat

    Not to disagree with the article or anything, but what exactly is the author thinking?

    April 15 – “Anti-Government Militia Considered Using Women as Human Shields, by Allen Clifton”

    April 17 – “Stop Calling These Idiots in Nevada an ‘Armed Militia’, by Allen Clifton”

    This article even begins with “I’ve absolutely had it. I’m sick to death of people calling these fools in Nevada an ‘armed militia'”

  • Scaramongus

    Some people are calling this “Civil Disobedience.” How could showing up with guns be civil disobedience. It is armed insurrection.

  • Lia Hrey

    They should have loaded them on buses and put them all in jail, all they were was assisting a thief and a mooch while he shows no respect for the ranchers around him or our American way of life! The State should give all of his land back to the rightful owners, the American Indian, if not he should pay up or shut up. Bundy is pathetic and the people that condone what he’s doing are terrorists!

  • rossbro

    Armed assholes. And, yes. Why isn’t the idiot aiming at Feds in jail???? Why isn’t Bundy in jail. Why does the Gubmint keep backing off???. Defy a Court Order, go to jail. Pay fees or go to jail. Move cows or go to jail.
    Take the cows and his land. Sell them to pay past-due fees. Stop allowing this scofflaw to keep thumbing his nose at our laws.

  • Poor Richard

    That is probably what the loyalists said in the time of the Revolutionary War. It is in fact a privilege given by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Let me quote it for you before you call me all sorts of names. “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government” D.o.I.

    Then, read it however you like, but the fact is that it was the militia that overthrew the British government, because the colonies did not large enough army, and it was the populous that took up their own arms to confront a gov’t that they construed as oppressive.

    Given your response to this event, I imagine you would be one of the people who were content with British rule, and oppression.

    Final word, just because a group of people do not go through basic training at a military camp, does not mean that they are not trained. Most of these men are probably very well trained in firearm use, and squad tactics, and I would not be at all surprised if many had military backgrounds.

    • Citizen

      The feds know this. Someone higher up remembered American history and took the “Armed Militia” seriously. As a moderate, let me break it down for you paranoid progressives. A large number of those militia are former military, people who leave the service after 4-6 years voluntarily. Very well trained in firearms. A smaller number are former special forces who are very well trained in tactics AND firearms. I have spent a lot of time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those bureaucratic “Land Managers” armed with automatic weapons, sporting sunglasses, camo and the almost requisite beard? Highly trained operators, former SEALS, Delta Force, take your pick. Now do some math. Think of all the armed citizens of America who are fairly competent with a firearm. Now think of all the armed government feds…has it sunk in yet?

      The feds underestimated the people they were trying to intimidate. As a moderate, I am more afraid of the Progressive government who feels the need to send multiple SWAT teams to tell a guy to pay his bills.

      • DavidD

        You are not a moderate if you support armed insurrection against the rule of law.
        The 82nd lard ass brigade has no chance against a disciplined military force.
        Don’t let your fantasies get youself killed.Your family I hope loves you and needs you.You need to find another path than picking up a gun to get your way.

    • freeopinions

      The militias were basically ineffectual in the revolution, and were more involved in occasional guerilla skirmishes than in any major battles. George Washington commanded the Continental Army, professional soldiers, not a bunch of farmers with hunting rifles. Furthermore, without assistance of the French navy, the revolution would have been over very quickly.

      Your view of the role of armed amateurs in the Revolutionary War is highly romanticized.

  • Donnie

    Please send in enough people to stop these lunatic militias in Nevada. Bundy and these cowards need to be arrested and especially these militia. Is it not a violation of the law to threaten a Federal Agent with a gun? What should be done is to review all the photos and identify the ones pointing weapons at the Federal Agents then find them and charge them. They are domestic terrorist and should be treated as such.

  • MLR

    Personally I think domestic terrorist moochers is more appropriate. I guess Mitt Romney was spot on when he said people want hand-outs and free stuff, but little did he know he was talking about his own base. People like Bundy rail against the “govamint” but expect free stuff from the “govamint” and refuse to pay taxes and mooch off taxpayer money from other hard-working Americans who do pay their taxes. It is not fair to the other ranchers that ARE paying their grazing fees and I can’t believe people like FOX News and other conservatives are treating these people like heroes. Bundy and people like him are the true welfare queens that conservatives always accuse liberals of being!

  • republic84

    I dont get what the big deal is, there are a group of terrorists with the potential to endanger US citizens. The government has asked nicely, now its time to send in the national guard and “persuade” them to set down their weapons and kindly be introduced to their new deluxe accommodations at the nearest federal prison. This is absurd, our laws are what separates us from some third world war zone, this type of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated not even for 1 day. Arrest them or shoot them already.

  • thereisnospoon

    It’s sad watching people to the extreme right or left. Both sides hate the government unless their guy is in office. then it’s always ” take my rights away cause we’re on the same team”. Look I even have a bumper sticker! Unless you have a lot of money or influence you are not on their “team”. Focus on individual rights and change laws to make it easier to fire/ replace incompetent government officials. If you think your a “conservative” or a “liberal” you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    • cecilia

      precisely. the problem is from scum like the koch bros.

      the solution is upholding the Constitution and the rule of law.

      and get rid of idiotic BS like ‘corporations are people’

    • Krassdaddy

      Calling people names and grouping them up a mindless criminals and traitors and stating the government is fair and just and the an order by a federal court is in the best interest of a private citizen… is equally as bad as assuming the government is infringing on the rights of exploited citizens and will use deadly force to silence opposition of anyone who disagrees with those in power…
      . It would be nice if only facts and records of each side could gathered and reviewed and a sincere attempt to tell both sides objectively instead of regurgitating the edited or partial information fed to you by sites or shows that have your same political bias and falls in line with your personal views.

      It’s easy to be told what to think than to learn how to think.

  • Stephen Barlow

    If these guys were BLACKS, the Fedswould have minigunned them from helicopters, as if they were Caribou and Palin were hunting them.

    Where is all the pepper spray we saw used on PEACEFUL, UNARMED OWS protesters?

    If the new Black Panthers were marching through State Capitol buildings with long guns slung or brandished as these maniacs are doing, how long would it take for FOX NEWS and all the wingnuts who failed in Republican primaries to call for the National Guard and SWAT teams?

  • Les Preece

    What would we call them if they had turbans on their heads and demanded the end to the government? I believe the word is terrorist.

  • legitimatedebate

    I 100% agree that these people don’t count as a militia, that Bundy needs to pay his taxes, and that the feds are right for not letting the issue escalate into a shooting match. Mocking people for their lack of education and possible mental instability is wrong in my book, though. The sad states of universal education and mental healthcare in America are at the root of a lot of our problems, and recognizing them is an important step towards working to fix them. Let’s not blame people for not having access to quality education, and let’s not continue the stigma towards mental illness that makes people afraid to admit when they’re suffering mental health problems and seek help.

  • Diane Win

    The TRUE Militia is clearly defined in Article 1,Section 8 Line 16 of the US Constitution, which reads, “[The Congress shall have Power] To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;” Teddy Roovevelt signed into law the National Guard Act roughly 110 years ago that officially created the National Guard AS the 2nd Amendment Militia.

    Those anti-government paramilitary gun fetishists that play army in the woods while getting drunk and masturbating with their guns while fantasizing about showdowns with Government Agents/Troops. Those thugs are nothing more than the insurrectionists, as mentioned in Line 15 of that same Article 1 Section 8, :[The Congress shall have Power] To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;” The Government is fully authorized to use the TRUE 2nd Amendment Militia, the National Guard, to put them down with whatever means necessary.

  • Greg Van Ho

    The crazy people at the ranch give true patriots a bad name.