Strong & Presidential Clinton Crushes Inept Trump During Commander-In-Chief Forum

It wasn’t a debate, but the Commander-in-Chief forum Wednesday night was the first glance at what we have in store in the upcoming weeks — and let me just say that I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming debates. Not only did Hillary Clinton look well-prepared and very presidential, but Donald Trump’s performance was an absolute disaster.

When Clinton was asked a question, she offered detailed, precise and thought out responses to questions that weren’t easy. Not only was she grilled about her emails and her vote on Iraq, but she was asked about issues with the VA and how she plans to stabilize the Middle East. While I wouldn’t say she was flawless (it’s difficult to do that in a 30 minute window answering complex questions), she still presented herself as someone who knows what she’s talking about and is ready to lead.

Then there was Trump — wow. Not only did he advocate for war crimes by saying that a part of his Middle Eastern strategy would be to “take the oil” of a sovereign nation, but he essentially admitted that he didn’t have a plan for ISIS when he said, “When I have a plan” — suggesting he doesn’t yet have one — when Matt Lauer pressed him on his plan to defeat the world’s largest terrorist organization.

Furthermore, he offered next to nothing as far as specifics go when he was asked questions.

Both candidates were asked to talk about their specific plans, attempting to avoid attacking their opponent — yet the vast majority of Trump’s answers were nothing more than the usual attacks against President Obama and Clinton rather than offering any substantive answers to any of the questions he was asked.

One of the most embarrassing moments for Trump came when Lauer asked him if he really believed he knew more about ISIS than “the generals” (something he claimed earlier in his campaign), and he essentially talked down about our current military leaders, clearly implying he knew more than they did.

Another absurd couple of moments for Trump came when he not only tried to claim he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning (he didn’t) and he said that Clinton’s decision to go into Libya was a disaster — even though he’s on video saying we needed to remove Gaddafi.

Not only did Donald Trump avoid directly answering basically every question he was asked, but the pathetic answers he did give were vague, filled with empty talking points and proved that he’s absolutely unqualified and unfit to be this country’s president.

If what I saw tonight is a sample of what we will see in a couple of weeks during the first presidential debate, I am more excited than ever — because Hillary Clinton is going to absolutely destroy him.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Michelle Fusco

    Matt Lauer is a sexist ass. Hillary Clinton is brilliant. Drumpf is a buffoon.

    • john austin 316

      This lying, corrupt, greedy, criminal, hag, in failing health, who is absolutely obsessed with power who won’t hold a press conference because she is scared of real questions about forty years of criminal behavior replete with scandal after scandal. She thinks she deserves to be President.
      She is the candidate for the party of corruption, lies, racism and intolerance ,who are prone to violence and even murder. The candidate who colluded with the DNC to cheat to beat one 74 year old crazy guy in the primaries and sold favors to Muslims while Secretary of State. The wanna be empress, who lies to congress, the FBI and the American people over and over and then lies about her lies and gets a pass every time because she is above the law. She is the darling of a complicit media and hordes of brain dead sycophants who will stop at nothing to get her elected.
      Secretive, shady, and closed off; Deceit, subterfuge, and concealment are the hallmarks of her campaign and the democrat party as a whole. Her arrogance and apathy are unmatched. Vote for her and vote for unlimited illegal immigration. Vote for the third term of the worst President in U.S. history. Vote for more police murders, rampant BLM racism and the support of Sharia Law. Vote for her and vote for trillions more in debt and even less security than we have now. She has proven over and over that she will sell out this country in a second for personal gain. She cares only for personal wealth and power. She is the biggest POS to walk this earth……………..We are faced with the most critical election in our history, there is no denying that.I am not crazy about either candidate, but those are the 2 choices we are faced with, and you cannot deny Killarys proven corruption and lies, and the damage she has already caused our country. Her disregard for our Constitution is epic, and she aims to take away more of our rights. She wants a “nanny state”, as do most liberals.The Supreme Court are all ancient, and if Hillary gets in, she will appoint Libs to the bench and there will never be a cons on the Supreme Court bench again. Is that what you want ? It would be a continuation of Obama’s policies and directives, just more extreme. I, for one, do nor wish that upon my children and grandchildren. Trump has not done anything to help destroy our country ,economy or our rights. Electing him cannot be any worse than what has been happening the last 8 years. A vote for an official, who is not a career politician , who is not owned by corporate America and the MSM is a chance we must take. It is the only option to save America.

      • bfg

        I take you don’t care for Hillary?

      • Angelinardavis3

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      • t albert

        And yet she is the best candidate we have–bright, non-sociopathic and antisocial; intelligent and –yes–I can deny her alleged “corruption and lies” because they are extremely trumped up by threatened folks who deny what is the the truth! Now the facts we have about Mr. Trump’s behavior a a businessman and citizen of the this country would make any rational-minded individual very fearful that he gets within 100 yards of the Whitehouse…

      • Grace

        Oh you poor, deluded individual. You need to do some research on her. It is not hard to find and many of us were around when she and Bill were in the WH. Everywhere these two have been there has been scandal and dead bodies. I know it sounds too incredible to be believed, but look into it and see if you still feel the same way. She is a puppet for NWO and George Soros. They are looking to wrap up Agenda 21.

      • Nancy B

        Ooops! You must have posted on the wrong site. Your un-fact based opinions would be better swallowed if you head on over to Breitbart.

        But since you asked . . . while I feel the Supreme Court should be apolitical, it isn’t. So I certainly would prefer more liberal judges on the Supreme Court.

      • Michelle Fusco

        You are as big a buffoon as Drumpf. Typical white male. And as a matter of fact, I do want Hillary to nominate all the liberal judges that she can.

      • gingerpal

        Now that comment shows your utter stupidity.

    • calvin

      Ha, you can’t even comment without using the typical liberal word of the day. May I present, “sexist” for $200.

    • Grace

      Yes, she is brilliant while wearing an earpiece. It was so obvious. She was like a board, straining to listen and repeat. It was lies anyhow, so it really doesn’t matter.

  • Carlos Faldi

    He didn’t answer a single question… Zero, Zilch. What bothers me is that none of the stupid participants held their point requesting the answer…

    • Deceived

      Liar, you certainly catch on fast…. just follow your leader. She lies so much she believes her own lies.

    • Sonya Ki Tomlinson

      Trump lied through his scheming teeth. Disrespected the military
      generals. Disrespected women in the military. Said that we should have
      illegally looted Iraq’s oil. Cuddled up like a traitor to the Russian thug
      Putin. Disrespected our Commander in Chief President Obama. The laundry
      list for Dirty Donald is endless and stinks to high heaven!

      • Carlos Faldi

        Unsuscribe please

  • Deceived

    You lying pukes, you are just like your friggin lying God! Anything that you anti american pukes say means the opposite. Interpretation…..When you say crooked hillary won and Mr. Donald Trump loss, it really means Won big time and shillary took another nose dive. How much are you getting paid by Soros to spread this garbage. You need to tell him that the patriot americans know his game plan and he should look to another source because Sal Alinsky’s rules for radical playbook isn’t working anymore. Flunky Obama ran it into the ground.

    • t albert


    • strayaway

      Judging from all the ‘kill the messenger’ attacks on the moderator because he asked the wrong questions and the out of context mentions of Trump’s Putin contents, Trump won.

      • Betty Pietro

        NOPE, she won/ At least she answered the questions

  • Paul’s Page

    Allen Clifton, You’re an idiot and your Editor is even more so, for even publishing this bullshit. Lmao. What a bunch of “got your head in the fu¢√€n sand” type of people. U guys r a joke!

  • paulsack

    I didn’t see the show, but from what I see in these comments, Ms Clinton must have come across very well. you can tell by the level of hate and insanity in the comments from the tRUMPites. Wow,, such hate,, and all based on years of lies. If one of you would ever actually read about what Hillary has been accused of,, and what was actually proved,,, you would be ashamed of yourself of allowing yourself to be so ignorant.
    But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by people that want a fascist dictator instead of a president.

    • Grace

      It wasn’t proven because, either witness ended up dead or documents went missing. There was many more that was proven, such as her acquiring the files from the FBI of all her opponents. It is you who should be ashamed by not looking into this further. It was also proven that she fired everyone in the WH Travel Office so she could bring her friends in. The head guy was accused of stealing and he later fought in court and they all got their jobs back and he got his reputation back.

  • Rick246

    I don’t know what you were watching but if you thought Hillary looked good or presidential; you have your head up your 4th point of contact!

    • strayaway

      The earpiece Hillary was wearing reminding her of her talking points kept her from doing a worse job. A photo showing Hillary wearing her in ear radio in on line. Perhaps it is the same earpiece Huma asked about on 9/24/15, as revealed by wikileaks “Did u take your earpiece or do I need to get it?” Hillary is not only a lying corporatist warmonger, she is a cheater.

  • Brenda Halansky

    I wouldn’t elect Hillary to be dog catcher! She is not fit to be president with all the lies she has told and all her criminal activity. It is against the law to destroy evidence (bleaching her emails) she deserves to be in prison. I will vote for Hillary to go to prison but NEVER for president!

  • Maureen LoVecchio

    Yeah it sure helps to have an earpiece in your ear with someone dictating your answers to Lauer. Her lying & cheating have NO ceiling!

  • Alana Alexander

    So.. How. Much did Hitlarys campaign pay for that piece of complete science fiction and fantasy?
    Trump is going to crush her in the election.. And we will dismantle those who try to steal the election. America is awake and we are WATCHING!!

  • Jim Harrington

    Did you watch the same conference I saw? Because the one I saw she performed badly , even with getting fed answers through an earpiece.

  • Ronnie

    Earpiece. Bahahaha. And adult diapers! Lol

  • Sandi Stewart

    Are you crazy? NBC poll shows Trump won at 61% compared to Hillary at 35%.

  • k in Ma

    As a long time dem and armed forces family member, I have 2 concerns about perceptions.
    One is the earpiece…that has to go. Prompts during replies slows and disintegrates her answers so obviously.

    Second, the reply to the marine on the email security issue – no matter how you interpret it, the answer insidiously calls the man either a liar or an incompetent to contradict his assertion that he would serve time for the same actions and she declares her actions as ‘consequence free’. The man is a professional. It is not prudent to call him on his experience when hillary has none in the military.
    I offer this as constructive criticism as a constituent. I know people will get angry but fixing mistakes is a good thing.

  • viragsandor90
  • viragsandor90
  • RealKiwi

    There appears to be an object of non biological origin in her ear,
    What could be the purpose of such an instrument?
    I thought her answers were evasive and generic,
    I actually thought Trump was much more convincing and demonstrated
    that he can think on his feet in a way that Clinton can’t

    • Priscilla Zink

      What, specifically, (meaning what particular question or topic) did you find inspiring in Trump’s performance?

      • strayaway

        Unlike Hillary, Trump didn’t cheat with an in ear radio.

        Unlike Hillary, Trump isn’t trying to revive the cold war and welcomes detente with Russia. He said, “the beautiful part of getting along, Russia wants to defeat ISIS as badly as we do. If we had a relationship with Russia, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could work on it together and knock the hell out of ISIS? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?”

        Last week we learned that “CIA-armed militias are shooting at Pentagon-armed ones in Syria”. That’s the title of a 3/26/16 LA Times article. Hillary’s policies in Syria, and other places failed magnificently. Wouldn’t it be a nice change to elect a President who would work together with Russia to get rid of ISIS instead of funding militias who are aligned with ISIS against the Syrian government and each other?

      • RealKiwi

        Thank you Priscilla for the question
        A topic I thought Trump gave a good account of himself was on
        Veterans Affairs and offering fully funded backup redundancy through private healthcare and I think he showed genuine resolve to make a difference. I felt though Clinton talked big on this issue but as a heavyweight mover and shaker behind the scenes both her and President Clinton could have bought to bear that influence to a better outcome than the present state of affairs.
        I get the impression rightly or wrongly the government administrators want a Democrat elected primarily to avoid change
        in the form of accountability on their part.
        I think Clinton has betrayed trust under the charter of the office
        she has held.

      • Priscilla Zink

        Thank you for your reply…with apologies for taking so long to acknowledge it. (I had to go back and replay the video of the forum.) Although I am not a Trump supporter, I certainly agree with him on the issue of VA health care…as I am sure do most Americans. But is not what he proposes already in the works under the VA Reform Bill signed by Obama in August ($10 billion to provide private health care for veterans who cannot be seen within 30 days and $5 billion to hire additional VA doctors and nurses)? While not a complete and final solution, certainly it is a start?

  • gingerpal

    Just read some of the comments. This country is finished if Hillary wins; I can’t believe there are so many ignoramuses in this country. Apparently America has been dumbed down, by the democrats, now they will remain in power. SMH