Sunday Proved How Mentally Tough and Hardworking Hillary Clinton Really Is

When I first saw the video of Hillary Clinton unable to stand on her own, visibly wobbly and being helped into a van, I was fairly concerned. In politics optics often matters more than context, so Clinton looking clearly unable to stand or walk without assistance on the heels of her political opponents pushing asinine conspiracies about her health takes “bad timing” to a whole other level.

Naturally, this video caught fire, spreading all over the Internet with the right-wing media gleefully celebrating what appeared to be a very sick Clinton. Because, you know, it’s always better to hope that someone’s health is in bad shape so that you can use that in an effort to defeat them in an election, rather than simply winning because your candidate is better. Then again, “decency” left the conservative media many years ago.

Like with most things, the eventual facts that came out completely debunked the nonsense being peddled by the right.

Soon after this video had been shared all over the Internet, it was revealed that Clinton actually was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, which was also the cause for her infamous “coughing fit” many on the right used to claim her health is poor.

The moment I read the report where it was revealed she had pneumonia, my concern for her turned into more admiration than I had before.

While I’m sure many on the right will still claim her having pneumonia is “proof” her health is poor, anyone trying to claim that will only prove how ignorant they are. Not only is pneumonia an illness that anyone at any age can get, but it’s nothing to mess around with.

Yet, despite doctor’s orders to stay home and rest, there she was in New York City on the anniversary to 9/11 to honor those who lost their lives and the heroes who saved many others. Not only that, but pneumonia isn’t something you catch like a cold, where one day you’re fine and the next day you’re sick. This is something she’s probably had for a few days if not a couple of weeks.

My mother has had pneumonia twice and both times she went a couple of weeks feeling tired and run down before finally giving in, going to the doctor and being told that she had a very serious illness. So, I’ve seen firsthand (as have many others) how this illness works and the toll it takes on people.

But despite her having this illness, she’s still been out there campaigning, giving speeches and working hard to become our next president. Even after being told she had pneumonia, she still got out there and did what she could until, on Sunday, her body clearly was telling her that she needed to take it easy for a couple of days.

Some out there can dislike her all they want, but you have to be a truly petty and deplorable person to not respect someone who’s tough enough to do what she’s been doing recently all while having a very serious illness that can knock people half her age right on their butts.

I’ve already seen her critics and the crazies on the right claiming that the pneumonia diagnosis is a lie to coverup much more serious issues. That’s why these “demands” from Donald Trump and many Republicans that she release her entire medical history are pointless. If she does something like that and her records support what her doctor has repeatedly said, that her health is great and she’s more than capable of being our nation’s next president, her detractors will simply claim that they were altered or rigged. These people will only believe the information that they want to be real.

It’s exactly what I’m already seeing pertaining to her pneumonia.

Either these anti-Clinton fools are claiming that her catching this illness is “proof” her health is poor (which is ludicrous considering anyone at any age or in any health condition can contract it) or that the diagnosis, itself, is fake and the video proves she’s suffering from serious medical issues.

All that being said, what Sunday showed is just how hardworking and tough Hillary Clinton really is. She’s been out there doing one of the most physically exhausting things many people can do — running for president — with an illness that often confines people to home or their bed, too weak to do much of anything.

While the nature of politics certainly played a part in her decision to ignore her doctor’s orders and stick to her scheduled visit to New York City on 9/11, that has nothing to do with the fact that she’s had this illness (though it hadn’t been diagnosed prior to Friday) for at least a little while now and has still been out there working hard campaigning.

I’m sure none of this will matter to her critics. They’re either going to continue to believe their conspiracies, attack her for not disclosing her pneumonia prior to Sunday (as they’ve already been doing) or say that she only went to New York City for a photo-op despite being diagnosed with pneumonia.

But if you ask me, the fact she’s been able to be out there campaigning like she has despite having this illness proves that she’s perfectly healthy. If she were truly as feeble and unhealthy as these idiotic conspiracy theorists claim she is, then there’s absolutely no way she would have been able to be out there campaigning like she has been while also fighting an illness that often hits people so hard they can barely get out of bed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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