Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner and the Lack of Ethics in Politics and Media

I had done my best to avoid this whole Anthony Weiner scandal, because quite frankly I just don’t care.  That’s the great thing about elections, he can’t win one without people voting for him.  If people still want to vote for this guy after another sex scandal, then they get what they deserve.

In my personal opinion, this man clearly has no business being in public office.  But again, that’s what makes our election process so great.  The people of New York City can decide whether or not they want someone like Anthony Weiner representing their city.

But then I got online today and saw a link to a story on CNN revealing the name of one of the women who was having this sexting/phone sex affair with Anthony Weiner.

And it just so happens she’s a member of the Facebook page political community — Sydney Leathers.

Upon learning this I decided to watch the video where her “friend” speaks about the incident (CNN at that point claimed they had no success contacting Ms. Leathers), and then I found some more information which helped me paint a picture of what seemed to really be going on.

This story goes well beyond a simple cyber affair between a married man seeking to become Mayor of New York City and a woman.

While it seems Ms. Leathers (as well as some of her associates) want to portray themselves as political activists, it’s clear from the onset they saw this as a way to make money.

Her “friend” also runs a large political Facebook page (I’ve decided not to mention his name to avoid giving any further publicity to his actions).  His comments indicated that at some point these two were conspiring to use the communication Ms. Leathers was having with Weiner to make “thousands and thousands” of dollars.

But then I asked myself, “Why is someone else speaking for her?  Why is she hiding from CNN’s request for an interview?”

Then that’s when it hit me — Ms. Leathers must have decided to venture out and make money on her own, so her “friend” decided to out her publicly to build some fame for himself before she could do that.  Because once she did, he wouldn’t be of any use to the press as it relates to this story.

And then I saw where Inside Edition got an “exclusive interview” with the elusive Sydney Leathers.

Meaning, she held out to get paid for an interview.  Being that CNN, Fox News and other major media outlets don’t pay for interviews, she found someone who would.

Then I saw a woman sit there, after having some kind of cyber affair with a man she knew was married, and try to talk like she’s someone with strong morals and ethics.  A woman who claims to be a “political activist” encouraged a man who she knew was married, and a public figure, to have a cyber affair with her — then turns around and tries to profit off of it.  Then she has the nerve to hold out to get paid for an interview where she talks about the disgusting pictures, texts and phone calls she had with Anthony Weiner — pictures, texts and phone calls she participated in and encouraged.

First, a true political activist wouldn’t have participated in this.  Second, there’s a big difference between breaking a story and writing about it on a website, and saving transcripts (and photos) in hopes of leveraging them to make “thousands and thousands” of dollars at a later date.  That’s borderline entrapment.

And while Anthony Weiner clearly has issues, lacks morals and ethics, as well as has no business holding public office — I view the actions of Sydney Leathers as even worse than Weiner.

Basically it seems like this is how it broke down:

  • Sydney Leathers, who apparently idolized Weiner, participated in a cyber affair with a man she knew was married (a public figure that she should have reported on instantly when this began, being a “political activist” and all).
  • Something must have gone wrong, because somewhere along the lines she soured on her feelings for Mr. Weiner and decided he was a scumbag (according to her interview he called himself a dirty old man, which she said she initially disagreed with, but then admits now that he is).
  • It seems some of the individuals she was working with weren’t getting what they wanted from the information she had shared with them regarding her affair with Weiner, so her “friend” decided to publicly out her on CNN as a woman who was participating in the affair.
  • CNN (and I’m assuming other media outlets as well) weren’t able to contact Ms. Leathers.
  • Suddenly Inside Edition posts advertisements for an “exclusive interview” with Ms. Leathers (an interview she was most likely paid for).

So this woman had the audacity to go on national television, seeking payment to do so, to condemn the married man who she was having an affair with because he was “breaking campaign promises about changing,” which she apparently felt lacked ethics and morals.

I’ll word that another way.  A woman who claims to be a political activist had an affair with a man she knew was married.  She then talked about how much money could be made with some of the people she worked with.  Following that, when somebody who also claims to be a political activist wasn’t going to get what he wanted from her, he then outed her to try and claim some fame from the story — before she eventually sells her interview to the highest bidder.

Welcome to the unethical world of fake activists, shady bloggers and borderline extortionists.

And while I won’t (and haven’t) called any Facebook page or blog out by name (besides Ms. Leathers of course) — trust me when I say there are quiet a few which operate with this same level of unscrupulous behavior.  People trying to blackmail other individuals, backstabbers, plagiarism, fraud — it’s far more common than you think.  I got into this over a year ago and the stories and behavior I’ve witnessed in this “business” is often more appalling than honorable.  It usually makes the worst behavior on any kind of trashy reality show seem tame by comparison.

But this particular situation has an extra level of ridiculousness and defines “irony.”

A woman, Sydney Leathers, wanting to be paid for an interview to discuss her “relationship” with Anthony Weiner — a man she knew was married — talking about being appalled by his ethics and morals.

He’s a scumbag, there’s no debate about that — but trying to profit from some sort of affair in which you were a key participant, by acting as if HE was the only one who lacked ethics and morals.

Simply pathetic.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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