Republicans Are Sabotaging Iran Nuclear Talks With Help From Israeli Spies

I recently proposed that we should rethink the aid that we provide Israel after Congressional Republicans wrote a letter to Iran in an attempt to sabotage nuclear peace talks. That letter, which was also signed by long-shot presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal, stated that Congress ultimately would have to approve any deal – or in other […]

Meet The Republican Congressman Who Is Angering The Tea Party

I almost miss Michele Bachmann – almost. Other than appearing in “Sharknado 3” (which apparently needed a little dash of cuckoo) she’s been out of the limelight, and other Republicans have had to pick up the slack saying crazy things in her absence. Don’t worry, they’ve been doing a fine job of it, but they’re […]

Republicans Now Want You To Have A Photo ID When Using Food Stamps

Republicans in Congress are proposing a new law that would require photo ID in order for recipients of food stamps to use their EBT cards. At first, this looks like another attempt by conservatives to harass the poor and marginalize them like recent voter ID laws have tried to do. Unlike voting, making the argument for […]

#Breadbags And Bootstraps: Joni Ernst Insults Our Intelligence In Her State of the Union Rebuttal

Republican first-term senator Joni Ernst was picked by the GOP to deliver their rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Tuesday evening. Senator Ernst was relatively quiet before, and during, the State of the Union, something many of us wish could be said of Rep. Steve King, also from Ernst’s home state of Iowa. […]

Steve Scalise And The KKK: An Uncomfortable Match Made In Louisiana

The Steve Scalise story just keeps getting more and more interesting. It certainly hasn’t helped him that Kenny Knight, an admitted racist and close associate of David Duke, has tried to make excuses for him and say that Scalise didn’t speak to that Neo-Nazi conference in New Orleans back in 2002. By the way, this […]

GOP Congressman Introduces Bill To Abolish Gun-Free School Zones

When American voters handed over control of the United States Senate last November in a fit of apathy, I knew that the Republican Party would point to it as a mandate from voters and proof that our country wanted their policies as they would attempt to push their agenda down our throats. Sure enough, Congressional […]